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The Georgia mirror. (Florence, Ga.) 1838-1839, August 18, 1838, Image 4

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THE subscribers have, and will keep constant ly on hand, a large and well assorted stock of FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS, Hardware and Cutlery, Among which may be found the following articles: 200 ps. fancy Prints, 50 „ Furniture do. 50 „ assorted Cambrics, 75 „ „ Muslins of every variety, 100 „ 3-4 brown Shirtings, 75 „ 4-4 Sheetings, 25 „ 4-4 do. fine article, 25 „ 4-4 bleached do do 25 ~ superior English Cloths, assorted colors, 15 „ 4-4 Merinos, assorted. 2 „ do. double width, 5 „ Circassian, ,; Carpetting, ~ fine do 10 „ Sacking, 20 dcz. Napkins, ALSO, A LARGE AND ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OF Hath, Caps, Boats and Shoes, Domestics, Sattinets, Cassimers, Bro linen Drillings, white do. bro. Holland, Vestings, Diapers, Russia" Sheeting, Osnaburgs, Ladies and gents, kid Gloves, gents buck do. Silk and cotton Hosiery, Suspenders, A splendid assort Bonnets & Bonnet Ribbons, Thread and bolt Laces, do. Insertings, Bob inet, Grecinet, AN ELEGANT SUPPLY OF SILKS, SATINS, FRENCH MUSLIN, CHALLY,CHALLIETTE, Silk, Bombazine and Satin Stocks, Black Satin Bosoms, Collars, &c. Arc. Together with a complete and splendid assort ment of SUMMER CLOTHING, Among which are a few THIBET VESTS, a new and Superior article for wear. LIKBWISE, a good sdpplt of Bridles, Sad<lles,Hartiiifals, HOUSINGS , STIRRUPS, RIDING WHIPS, DRIVER’S WHIPS, Arc. Vll of which will ba sold on such terms as will suit purchasers, who arc respectfully invited to oall. JERNIGAN, LAURENCE Ac Cos. April 9 2 CHEAP CASH STORE. THE subscriber has brought on from New York, a supply of Cheap anti fashionable Goods* suitable both to the times and seasou, consisting -of the following articles, viz. Bleached and brown Domestics, White and brown, striped and plain Drilling, Plain do Linen, Furniture, dress and aporn Checks, Plain, fancy and figured Silks, Black, Italian and Gro de Nap do. Printed Muslins and Cambrics, Plain and printed Lawns, Figured, plain, Swiss and Mull Muslins, do do Bobbinett, Bobbinett Lace and Edging, Worked Muslin Capes and Collars, -do Cuffs and infants bodies, do Chil. Lace and Muslin Caps, Irish Linen and Lawns, A good assortment of Frencli and Eng. Prints, Scotch and French Ginghams, Ladies work Baskets, Bead Bags and Money Purses, Silk and satin Reticules, White and brown Cotton Hose, Gents, do do half Hose, Boots, Shoes and Pumps, Bonnets and Hats, TOGETHER WITH AN ASSORTMENT OF READYMADE CLOTHING. ocsides various other articles too tedious to men tion. A. G. MARSHALL. Florence, June 9 11 ' NEW GOODS. fTIIIE subscribers, in addition to their former JL stock have received a fresh supply of Dry Good* and Cutlery, from Charleston and Augusta, making theii as sortment tolerably good. They are now offering articles suitable to the season, on as good terms as any in the market; in their stock may be found Challys, Challietts, Silks, Muslins, Grass, Brown and Irish Linens, Fancy Prints, French Callico, French Muslins, a splendid article, Diaper, Nankeen, Domestics, Checks, A variety of gentlemen and ladies Hose and half Hose, Shoes, Hats, Cotton Cassimere, With a variety of other articles not enumerated. Our customers and the public generally are invi ted to call and examine for themselves. June 9 11 GARDNER & HARVEY. DRS. R.W.&Z. C. WILLIAMS, HAVING associated themselves in the PRAC TICE OF MEDICINE, respectfully ten der their professional sendees to the citizens of FLORENCE and the surrounding country. From their extensive acquaintance with diseas es appertaining to a Southern clime, they flatter themselves that they will be enabled to give com plete satisfaction to their employers. One, or both may be found at their office at all times, when not professionally engaged, conse quently those who will honor us with a call, may always expect prompt and immediate attention. Florence, April 9 2 " LAST NOTICE. ALL persons Indebted to A. R. Hill Ac Cos. H. W. Jerniuan & Cos. Hill, Jerkigan Ac Cos. Hill, Laurence Ac Cos. Jernigan Lau rence Ac Cos. Jernigan, Gachet Cos. and W. D. Hill, are requested to make immediate pay ment as longer indulgence cannot be given. < May 25, 1838. 9 11. W. JERNIGAN, for all Concerned. FOR SALE, BY* the subscribers 100 sacks SALT, for CASH, only. JERNIGAN, LAURENCE <fc Cos. April 9. 1838. Attorney at Law, FLORENCE, STEWART, COUNTY, GA. April 18 ts NEW STORE. rTIfIE subscribers would respectfully inform the j A inhabitants of Florence, Stewart county and the adjoining country, that they have refitted the store formerly occupied by Mr. .1. M. Miller, and more recently by Wm. Stalford, Esq. on Centre street, where they are now opening A NEW AND SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF WKP GOODS* HATS, BOOTS. SHOES, & BROGANS. Lad it** and Jli**e* Bonnets, Hard and Hollow Ware, WAGON AND CART BOXES, Acc. Ac. The above stock has just been selected lroui the New York and Boston markets. ALSO, A LARGE STOCK OF GROCERIES, Viz. BACON—HAMS, SIDES AND SHOULDERS, Flour* hard* Sugar *V CotTee* BRANDY, RUM, WHISKEY, WINES AND CORDIALS. All of which they offer for sale on tlie most rea sonable terms. ANDREWS & BEMIS. Florence, August 1 19 N. B. We are daily expecting PAINTS, OILS and WINDOW GLASS, and a large as sortment of BOOKS and STATIONARY", ME DICINES, BAGGING and ROPE, Ac. A Ac B. FORWARDING AND COMMISSION BUSINESS, In the Cilv of St. Fla, The undersigned have formed a l & under the firm of ANDERSON STARR Ac Cos. s*3**n v *'v4 for conducting a Forwarding and Commission Business, and have undertaken the construction of Commodious Warehouses in St. Joseph, lola, and the Chipola Depot, for the stor age of Cotton and other agricultural productions. We pledge our best exertions for the intcrestof all concerned, and respectfully solicit a share of con fidence from The public- W. ANDERSON, J. B STARR, Ac W. E. ANDERSON. August 11, 1838 20. TyE7TLL be sold on the first Tuesday in DE u CEMBER next, before the Court House door in the town of Ainericus, Sumter county, within the lawful hoursof sale, Lot of Land, No. two hundred and forty seven, in the 28tli district formerly Lee, now Sumter county, the same be longing to the estate of Philip Troy, deceased— to be sold for the benefit of the heirs and credit ors of said deceased. Terms made known on the day. NANCY' TROY, Adtn’x. JOHN PENNINGTON, Adm’r. July 4. 1738. 10 IPI OUR months after date application will be made to the honorable the inferior court of the county of Sumter, whilst sitting for ordinary purposes, for leave to sell all the real estate o Philip Troy, late of said county, deceased. NANCY TROY, Adtn’x. JOHN PENNINGTON, Adm’r. July 4,1838. 10 FOUR months after date, application will be made to the honorable the Inferior Court of Stewart county, when sitting as a court of ordina ry, for leave to sell the real estate of James Gilles pie, late of the State of Mississippi, deceased. July 2. 1838. 15 RICII’D KIDD. FOUR MONTHS aftPr date, application will be made to the Inferior Court of Stewart county, when sitting for ordinary purposes, for leave to sell the lands belonging to the estate of George Shaw, deceased. JOHN BLACKSHEAR, Adm’r. •Tune 9,1839. 11 FOUR months after date application will be made to the honorable Inferior Court of Stewart county, when sitting for ordinary purpo ses for leave to sell the Land and Negroes belong ing to the estate of Bluford Spence, late of said county deceased, for the benefit of the heirs and creditors. JAMES HILLIARD, Adm'r. April 16,1838. 3 FOUR ninths after date application will be made to the honorable Inferior court of Stewart county, when sitting for ordinary purpos es, for leave to sell the Land and Negroes belong ing to the estate of Timothy Carrington, deceas ed, for the benefit of the heirs and creditors. JAMES HILLIARD, Adm'r. April 16, 1338. FOUR months after date, application will be made to the honorable Inferior Court of Stewart county when sitting for ordinary purposes, for leave to sell all the property belonging to the estate of Lewis Dupree, sen. late of Stewart county, deceased, both real and personal. . LEWIS DUPREE,jr. Adm’r. June 25,1838. 13 G E OR GlA—Sumter Count if. WHEREAS Samuel Bivins and Thomas M. Mann apply to me for letters of Adminis tration upon the estate of Isham West late of said county, deceased; This is therefore to cite and admonish all and singular, the kindred and creditors of said deceas ed, to appear at my office within the time prescri bed by law, to file their objections, if any they have, why said letters of Administration shall not be granted. Given under my hand at office in Ainericus, this 16th day of Julv, 1838. 18 ' JACOB YV. COBB, c. c. o I HEREBY' give notice that 1 will make appTU cation to the next Superior Court of Baker conntyA to be held on the 4th Monday in August next, for right of dower to all the lands belong ing to the estate of Jacob Suttou, late of said Connty deceased. JUDITH SUTTON, Widow. Mnv 25,1838. 9td. V K AL E SCIIOO L ]tT!SS MARGARET HARVEY, of Ma -1"- con will open a FEMALE SCHOOL in this place on Monday next, 9th inst. in the new house built by A. DeLaunay, Esq. in the North ern part of town. July 7, 1838. j PAY YOUR TAXES. THE citizens of Florence are notified that their Taxes are now due, and are requested, j (in order that our town may be improved,) to come forward and plank up the Rina. i Aug. 4 19 J. P. ILVRV FA’, Collector TIIE GEORGIA MIRROR. valuable property J OIS S.JJjM:. FOR the purpose of closing the estate of Asaph R. Hill, late of Stewart County deceased. The subsriber will sell at private sale, one third or the whole of the following property, viz. ONE COMMODIOUS NEW STORE HOUSE AND LOTS, The well known stand of Hill Laurence & Cos. Lumpkin Ga. Also 34 acres Land adjoining said Town, handsomely situated for private resi dence. Also the well known, Flincsiix Hotel, Furniture And Lots, in the Town of Florence, at present occupied by Mr. A. Burnett. Also the large framed, WARE HOUSE AND FIXTURES, In tlie Town of Florence, at present occupied by Jernigan Laurence &Cos Also two unimproved Lots, in said Town, Nos. 108 and 109 in square H- high elevated ground for building. Also about $20,000 worth of •f snorted .Tsp rrhandize. Also two settlements of valuable pine Lands, con taining 740 acres, 3 miles from Florence. Also 8 Lots in the city of St. Josephs, amongst which are Lots to suit the merchant or the settler. Also 27 shares of the Capital Stock in the St. Josephs Rail Roail & Canal Company. Also one fine Sad dle Horse. Any of the above property will be sold on ac commodating terms, by application to the sub scriber at Florence Georgia HENRY YV. JERNIGAN Ex’tr. and mrt ler of Y R. Hi'! l-*ee ted The Subscriber will sell several valuable settle ments of Land, from 202-4 to 1000 acres. May 25, 1838 9 H. \Y. JERNIGAN. Columbus Enquirer and Southern Re corder will please irive the above three insertions and forward their accounts for pavment. H. W. 'JERNIGAN. LOTS IN FLORENCE, FOR SALE. SgjgS The subscriber oilers for sale on ac prl ■ eommodating terms, several Business llllllSll and Residence Lots in the town of Flnrenr.p, beautifully situated, and one improved lot with a comfortable dwelling house, on the same for sale or rent. Persons wishing to settle in Florence and are desirous of purchasing • Lots for business or residence will do well to call and examine mine as they will be sold on very liberal terms. Florence is rapidly thriving and in a short time must become a place of immense bu siness, situated as it is in a healthy section of the country, surrounded by wealthy and industrious planters. I would also remark that the citizens are ma king arrangements to have fine schools established both Male and Female—-which are now in opera tion. A fine female Academy is in contempla tion which will shortly be completed when Flor ence wiil be enabled to compete successiully with any town in Georgia for advantages of this kind. The subscriber also offers for Sate on liberal terms 600 acres of land with some improvements on the road leading from Lumpkin to Irwinton, 5 miles from the former place. The situation is beautiful and healthy, the water good. Persons wishing to p: -base or view the premises will cali oft Mr. James P. Matthews near the place who is my authorised agent for the sale of said lands or to the subscriber near Florence. JOHN T. B. TURNER. July 28,1838 18 ALABAMA LANDS FOR SALE. NHALF 9 14 30 • S. half 4 14 30 N. half 8 14 30 N. half 7 14 30 S. half 7 14 30 S. half 6 14 30 S. half 11 14 29 S. half 20 18 28 S. half 34 19 28 N. half 36 19 29 S. half 36 19 29 YV. half 29 16 26 N. half 6 16 30 E. half 21 22 26 E. half 22 13 28 N. half 33 20 26 S. half 32 18 28 W. half 26 15 24 S. half 29 16 25 E. half 2 18 25 Any of the above Lands will be sold on terms to suit purchasers, by application to John I). Pitts, Esq. Florence, Ga. or to the subscriber, at Ma con. J. COWLES. July 26 18 The Columbus Sentinel will publish the above, VALUABLE LANDS ~ FOR SALE. cgdjlSjJljfe, The Subscriber oilers for sale a vai ma&obk liable TR\CT OF LAND whereon he now lives, lying in Stewart county, filial, one mile and a half front Florence, containing 1,000 acres, of which there is between 200 and .300 acres in cultivation. On the premi ses there are comfortable houses, a good GIN HOUSE, superior GIN and GEAR. Also, a FIRST RATE SAW MILL, which has only been in operation about six months; surrounded by an inexhaustible quantity of pine timber, near several towns, situated on the Chattahoochee riv er. The land is rich and level. 1 have good spring water, and a healthy and beautiful situa tion for a residence. Any person wishing to pur chase will call and view the premises. JOSEPH REESE. July 28 13 eotl* LANDS~FOR SALE. The subscriber offers for sale the fol lowing valuable lots of Land, lying in dPyw* a rich and prosperous part ot* the State, mi i 011 very liberal and accommodating terms. No. 91 in 7th district, Randolph. 190 in 10th ~ do 127 m 10th „ do 276 in sth „ do 149 in 2d ~ Stewart. 117 in 18th „ do 149 in 29th ~ Sumter. 215 in 29th „ do 32 in 2d ~ Muscogee. 96 in 6th „ do 34 in 17th ~ Sumter. For further information apply at the office of the Mirror, or to the subscriber, in Appi'ma. Co lumbia county, Ga. WM. GLOVER. August 11 20 5t TOWN COUNCIL. Ordinances of the town of Florence, passed by the Board- of Commissioners, June 25, iooß. rTAHL board of Commissioners met according -L to adjournment, members present, K. W. Williams, J ntcniiant, Joseph M. Miller, Benj. Gardner and William Stalford. Ist. For the preservation of good order, and to prevent the annoyance consequent upon persons being intoxicated in the streets on the Sabbath day, be it therefore Ordained, That no person or persons shall vend any spiritous liquors or any kind oi merchan dize on the Sabbatli day—any person or persons so offending, shall forfeit and pay the sum of ten dollars for each and every offence. 2d. And be it further Ordained, That no slave or slaves shall be permitted to visit the town with out a written pernit from his, her or their owner, or from the person or persons having the direction and control of such slave or slaves; and no slave or slaves, unless living in the place, shall be per mitted to remain in town alter ten o’clock, with out it be specified in the w ritten permit, under the penalty of receiving thirty-lime lashes on the bare back. 3d. And be it further Ordained, That any white person or persons trading with any slave or slaves, for articles other than those pointed out bv law, slndl forfeit and pat the sum of five dollars for each and every one rice,- and shall be prosecuted to the extent of the law in such cases made and pro vided. 4th. And be it further Ordained, That any per son or persons who shall be found fighting or quarreling within the iirnits of the corporat on, contrary to tlie good order and peai e of the com munity, shall forfeit and pay the sum of uot less than Three nor more than Twenty dollars for each and every offence. sth And be it further Ordained, That the Mar shal receive for the correction of any slave which may be sent to him by the owner, or any person or persons having the control or direction of said, slave, the sum of one dollar, Ordained, That the Marshall be authorized and required to prevent all unlawful assemblages of individuals, and any and every tiling calculated to disturb the peace and good order of the com niunity. And any person or persons so offending be brought before the incorporated authorities of the Town, to be punished at the discretion of the Board. Ordained, That any member of Council who shall be guilty of the violation of any of the fore going Ordinances, shall pay double the amount imposed on other citizens. It being requisite to raise a revenue to defray the necessary police regulations for the year 1838, Be it therefore Ordained , That the following rates of Taxation be imposed: On all improved lots in the town of Florence, a tax of 124 cents on every hundred dollars of val ue as returned or assessed. 011 all unimproved lots in said town a tax of 20 cents on every SIOO assessed or returned. On all goods, wares and merchandise, including drugs, medicines, saddles, bridles, and harness, boots, shoes, ready made clothing, clock*, watches, precious stones and jewelry of every description, held and kept for sale in the town of Florence, there shall be paid a tax often cents on every 100 dollars; the person giving in to swear to the high est amount of stock or merchandize which he may have had on hand, between the first day of Jan uary, and the eighteenth day of June. On all retailers of spirituous or fermented li quors, in less quantities than one gallon, a tax of ten dollars, and one dollar to tlie clerk in every in stance for a license. On each male white inhabitant of said town, be tween the ages of 16 and 45, a tax of three dollars as a compensation for road and street duty. On each practitioner of law and medicine a tax of three dollars. On each slave liable to road duty, a tax of $3. On each slave not so liable, a tax of 50 cents. On every free male person of color atax ofs](). On every free female person of color a tax On all pleasure Carriages a Tax of 25 cents per wheel. On all Rond Waggons, Jersey Waggons, Carts and Drays a Tax of 124 cents per wheel. On every Showman and Juggler who shall per form or Exhibit for public amusement, and who charges therefor, a Tax of ten dollars. Op every circus or equestrian company, a Tax of S2O. ' On each and every collection of animals or Birds exhibited for money, a Tax of $lO, and all Showmen or Juggler, proprietors of wax figures, animals or Birds, every circus or equestrian com pany, before they shall be allowed to exhibit, must apply to and receive from the Clerk a license for which, besides the before mentioned sum, they and each of them shall pay to the Clerk one dol lar for a license. And be it further Ordained , that the assessor and collector before entering upon the discharge of his duties shall take an oatli for the faithful per formance of his duty, and give bond and security, j in the sutn of three thousand dollars, and that he j proceed fonvi'h to assess and receive returns of al j property pointed out in the several crdinimces aid ' that after giving thirty days notice in the Georgia j Mirror, he proceed to collect. Be it further Ordained , 'hat all persons who i j shall refuse to give in their taxable property shall b ; double taxed, and after sixty days from the adver | tisement of the collector, execution shall issue against all defaulters as in case of Tax for the ! State. R. YV. WILLIAMS. Intendant. T. GARDNER, Sec. JOB PRINTING. CONNECTED with the office of the MIR ROR, is a splendid assortment of And w’o are enabled to excute all kind of Job work, in the neatest manner and at th« shortest notice of every description will constantly be kept on hand, such as INDICTMENTS. DECL VRAT IONS, SUBPOENAS, JURY SUMMONSES, EXECUTIONS. COST EXECUTIONS. SHERIFF’S BILLS OF SALE do DEEDS, LAND DEEDS, JUS. SUMMONSES, do EXECUTIONS, MORTGAGES, And a great many others for Justices, of the 1 eace. Administrators, Executors.&c. PROSPECTUS. OF THE Soulhcni Literary Messenger. rillllS is a monthly Magazine, devoted rhieH - A to Literature, 1-m occasionally room ai o for articles that fall within ike’ scone *• Science ; and uot professing an entire disdain of j taste'ui s< lections, though its matter has been it wiil continue to be, in the main, original. ' | Party Politics, and controversial Theology a j far as possible, are jealously excluded. Thev'am I sometimes so blended with discussions in hkr/ : tme or 111 morel science, otherwise unobjection able, as to gain admittance for the sake of t },(" j more valuable matter to which they adhere: but I whenever that happens they are incidental , only, not primary. They are dross, tolerated Fitly be cause it cannot well be severed from the sterling ore wherewith it is incorporated. 0 Reviews and Critical Notices, occupy their due space in the work : and it is the Editor’s aim that they should have a threefold tendency—so convey, iti a condensed form, such valuable truths or interesting incidents as are embodied in 1 by works reviewed,—to direct the readers attention to hocks that deserve to be read—and to warn him against wasting time and money upon that large number, which merit only to be burned, h, this age of publications that by their variety and multitude, distract and overwheltnn every undis cnniinat'ng student, impartial criticism, gov erned by;he views just mentioned, is one of the most inestimable and indispensable of auxiliaries to him who dors wish to discriminate.- Essays and Tales, having in view utility or a musement, or both— Historical sketches— and Remimsences of events too minute for History yet elucidating it, and heightning- its interest may be regarded as forming tlm staple of tlie work. And of indigenous Poetry, enough is published—sometimes of no mean strain to man ifest and to cultivate the growing poetical taste and talents of our country. The times appear, for several reasons, to de mand such a work—and net one alone, but many. The public mind is feverish and irritated stilh from recent political strifes; The soft, assuasire influence of Literature is needed, to allay that fever, and soothe that irritation. Vice and' folly are rioting abroad: —They should be driven In indignant rebuke, or lashed by ridicule, into then fitting haunts. Ignorance lords it over an im mense proportion of our people ;—Every spgng should be set in motion, to arouse the enlighten ed, and to increase their number; so that the great enemy of popular government may no lon ger brood, like a port curious cloud, over the des tinies of our country.- \nd to accomplish all these ends, w hat more powerful agent can be em ployed, than a periodical on the plan of the Mes senger; if that plan be but carried out in prac tice ? r I he South peculiarly requires such an agent. In all the Union, south of YVashington, there are hut two Literrry periodicals ! Northward of that city, there a: probably at least twenty-five nr thirty! Is tins contrast justified by the wealth, 'he leisure, .lie native talent, or the actual hteivrv taste of the Southern people, compared with those of the Northern? No: for in wealth, tal ents and taste, we may justly claim, at least, an equality with our brethren md a domestic insti tution exclusively our ow n, beyond all doubt, af fords us, if we choose, twice the leisure for read ing and writing which they enjoy. It was from a deep sense of this local want, that the word Southern was engrafted on this peri odical: and not with any design to nourish local prejudices, or to advocate supposed local inter ests. Far from any such thought, it is the Edi tor s fervent wish, to see tlie North and South bound endearingly together, forever, in the silken bands of mutual kindness and affection. Far from meditating hostility to the north, he has al ready drawn, and he.hopes hereafter to draw, much of his choicest matter thence; and lAppy indeed w ill he deem himself, should his pages, by making ea« h region know the other better contri bute iu any essential degree to dispel the lowering clouds that now threaten the peace of both, to brighten and strengthen the sacred ties of fra ternal Jove. CONDITIONS 1. Tlie Southern Literary Messenger is pub lished in monthly numbers, of 64 large super royal octavo pages each, on tlie Lest of paper, and neatly covered, at $5 a year—payable in advance 2. Or five new subscribers, by sending their names and S2O at one time to the editor, will re ceive their Copies for one year, fob that sum, or at $4 for each; 3. The risk of loss of payments for subscrip tions, which have been properly committed to the mail, or to the hands of a post master, is assum ed by the editor. 4- If a subscription is not directed to be dis continued before the first number of the next vol ume lias been published, it will betaken as a con tinuance for another year. Subscriptions trust commence with the beginning of the volume, and will not De taken lor less than a year's pub* lication. *>. The mutual obligations of the publisher and subscriber, tor toe year, are fully incurred as soon as the first number of the Volume is issued: and after that time, no discontinuance of a subscrip tion will he permitted. Nor will a subscription be discontinued tor any earlier notice, while any thing thereon remains due, unles t the option of the Editor. _ , CARD. To the patrons of the Southern Literary Messenger. The startling cost at which this work has been established, and is sustained, and the backwa d* ness of many subscribers in fulfilling their part of our mutual compact, call indispensably lor an ap peal, not to their liberality—but to their justice- If punctual payments are ever necessary, they at e pre-eminently so it, the case of such ii publica tion, —purely literary—almost wholly original— and destitute of the vital aid which nt-wspapets derive from- advertisements. My all is at stake, in this enterprise.—lt i* a venture, stimulated indeed by some hope of e* molument; but founded largely, also upon the well warranted expectation of rallying southern talents and Southern public spirit, around the drooping and well nigli prostrate banner pf South’ ern Literature. Since it has now acquired claim* upon Southern justice —can it be, that thes are urged in vain ? Subscribers then, who are in arrears—and M them remember, that payment is due in advance , will, I trust, without delay, transmit the mount* they owe to me, at Richmond, by mail, at my risk and cost; taking proper evidence of the tact and date of mailing; and retaining a meinoran dum of egcji note sent. THOMAS W. WHITE-