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The Georgia mirror. (Florence, Ga.) 1838-1839, November 03, 1838, Image 4

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HEW STOKE. THE subscribers offer for sale at their store in Florence, (the one formerly occupied by Jer nigan. Laurence Ac Cos.) 3 well selected stock ot FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS, Hardware and Cutlery, Among which may be found the jblloicing a r twles . 200 ps. fancy Print*, 50 „ Furniture do. 50 „ assorted Cambrics. 75 M ~ Muslins of every variety, 100 „ 3-4 brown Shirtings, 75 „ 4-4 Sheetings, 25 „ 4-4 do. line article, 25 „ 4-4 bleached do do 25 „ superior English Cloths, assorted colors, 15 „ 4-4 Merinos, assorted, o do. double width, 5 „ Circassian, Carpetting, „ fine do 10 „ Sacking, 20 doz. Napkins, ALSO, A LARGE AND ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OF* Hats , Caps, Boots and Shoes , Domestics, Sattinets, Cassimers, Bro linen Drillings, white do. bro. Holland, Vestings, Diapers. Russia Sheeting, Osnaburgs, Ladies and gents, kid Gloves, gents buck do. Silk and cotton Hosiery, Suspenders, A splendid assort Bonnets Ac Bonnet Ribbons, Thread and bolt Laces, do. Insertings, Bob inet, Grecinet, AN ELEGANT SUPPLY OF SILKS, SATINS, FRENCH MUSLIN, CHALLY,CHALLIETTE, Silk, Bombazine and Satin Stocks, Black Satin Bosoms, Collars, Arc. Acc. Together with a complete and splendid assort ment of SUMMER CLOTHING, Among which area few THIBET VESTS, a new and superior article for wear. LIKEWISE, A GOOD SUPPLY OF Bridles, Saddle*. Ha Hi* sals, HO USINGS, S77K SI r PS, RIDING WHIPS, DRIVER’S WHIPS, Ace. All of which will be sold on such terms as will suit purchasers, who are respectlully invited to call. McKEITIIAN, WIMBERLY & Cos. Oct. 6 28 NEW STORE. THE subscribers would respectfully inform the inhabitants of Florence, Stewart county and the adjoining country, that they have refitted the store formerly occupied by Mr. J. M. Miller, and more recently by Wm. Stafford, Esq. on Centre street, where they are now opening A NEW AND SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF OHY &OOOS. HATS, BOOTS. SHOES, & BROGANS. Ladie* and ?2i**cs Bonnet*, Hard and Hollow Ware, WAGON AND CART BOXES. Ac. Arc. The above stock Ins just been select! and from the New York and Boston markets. AHM>, n 1-A.uui.' STOCK OF GROCERIES , Viz. BACON—HAMS, SIDES AND SHOULDERS, Flour, FjtirSugar A* (offer. BRANDY, RUM, WHISKEY, WIN US AND CORDIALS. All of which they offer for sale on the most rea sonable terms. ANDREWS Ac BEMIS. Florence, August 1 19 N. B. We are daily expecting PAINTS, OILS and WINDOW GL ASS, and a large as sortment of BOOKS and STATIONARY, ME DICINES, BAGGING and ROPE, Ac. A 6c B. ~' NEW GOODS! THE subscribers, in addition to their former stock have received a fresh supply of Dry Good* and Cutlery, from Charleston and Augusta, making then as sortment tolerably good. They are now oflering articles suitable to the season, on as good terms as any in the market; in their stock may be found Challys, Challictts, Silks, Muslins, Grass, Brown and Irish Linens, Fancy Prints, French Callico, French Muslins, a splendid article, Diaper, Nankeen, Domestics, Checks, A variety of gentlemen and ladies Hose and half Hose, Shoes, Hats, Cotton Cassimere, With a variety of other articles not enumerated. Our customers and the public generally are invi ted to call and examine for themselves. June 9 11 GARDNER Ac HARVEY. FORWARDING AND COMMISSION BUSINESS, lit the City of St. Joseph, Fla. The undersigned have formed a i IT copartnership under the firm of h' , v t J? ANDERSON STARR Ac Cos. for conducting a Forwarding and Commission Business, and have undertaken the construction of Commodious Warehouses in St. Joseph, lola, and the Chipola Depot, for the stor age of Cotton and other agricultural productions. We pledge our best exertions for the interest of all concerned, and respectfully solicit a share of con fidence from the public. W. ANDERSON, .T. B STARR, Ac W. E. ANDERSON. August 11, 1838 20. DRS. R.W.&Z. C. WILLIAMS, HAVING associated themselves in the PRAC TICE OF MEDICINE, respectfully ten der their professional services to the citizens of FLORENCE and the surrounding country. From their extensive acquaintance w’ith diseas es appertaining to a Southern clime, they flatter themselves that they will be enabled to give com plete satisfaction to their employers. One, or both may be found at their office at all times, when not professionally engaged, conse quently those who will honor us with a call, may always expect prompt and immediate attention. Florence, April 9 2 Attorney at Law, FLORENCE, STEWART, COUNTY, GA April 16 Is Saewart Superior Court August Term 1838. Allen Fletcher ) w . k Libel for devoice. Cynthia Fletcher. ) Rule to perfect service. IT appearing to the Court by the return of tbe Sheriff that the defendant Cynthia Fletcher is not to be found in said county. It is ordered that service be perfected by publication in one of the public gazettes of the State once a month for three months previous to the next Term of this Court. ALFONSO DELAY NY, Plffs. Attorney. The above is a true Extract from the minutes of this Court, Sept. 24th 1838 27 E. PEARCE, Cl’k s. c. GEORGIA —Bumter C ounty. WHEREAS Joel Joiner applies to me for letters of administration upon the estate of Guilford Joiner, late of said county, deceased, These are therefore to cite and admonish all and singular, the kindred and creditors of said de ceased to appear at my office, within the time pie scribed bv law to file their objections, it any, why said letters of administration shall not be granted. Given under my hand at office in Aniericus this 2nd day of October 1838. JACOB W. COBB, c. c.o. 29 \¥7"ILL be sold before the Court House door vv in the town of Lumpkin, Stewart county on the first Tuesday in December next. Lot of Land No. 43 in the 23d district ofsaid county, sold under an order of the Interior court ot Stewart county, being the real estate of Geo. Shaw, deceased for the benefit of the heirs and creditors of said deceased. Terms made known on the dav. JOHN BLACKSHEAR. Adm’r. Sept. 22 26 irYTILL be so!<1 ’ agreeable ro an order tlie ▼ V Inferior Court of Stewart county, while sitting for ordinary purposes, on the firs: Tuesday in JANUARY next, before the court house door in the town of Lumpkin, Stewart county, all the real estate of John A. Shilling, late of Stewart county, deceased, viz. one Lot of Land, No. 31, and the north half of 33 and32, all in the 33d dis trict; also eight negroes. Terms made known on the day. WILLIAM B. SHIRLING, ) . , . TAMES WEBB, $ " Sept 3,1838. 24 \I7TLL be sold on the first Tuesday in DE- W CEMBER next, before the Court House door in the town of Americus, Sumter county, within the lawful hours ot sale, Lot of Land, No. two hundred and lortv seven, in the 28th district formerly Lee, now Sumter county, the same be longing to the estate of Philip Troy, deceased— to be sold for the benefit ot the heirs and credit ors ot said deceased. Terms made known on the day. NANCY TROY, Adm’x. JOHN PENNINGTON, AdnTr. J illy 4, 1738. 16 ~ADMINISTRATOR’S SALE. WILL lie sold on the first Tuesday in DP CEMBER next, be,for* the Court Hou>- door in Early county, agreeable to an onfi r ot the Inferior Court of Stewart county, when sitting as jCuuit «i Ordinary, apart of the roa. estate of James Gillespie, deceased, of Mississippi,, viz. Lot No. 103. in the 28th district, and Lot N0.369 m the 26th district • rly cot Lot No. 267, in the 19th district of Decatur coun ty Terms Cash. RICil’D KIDD, Adm’i. ' Oct. 1,1838. ADMINISTItATORS SALE. A GREEABLE to an order of the Inferior f "\ Court of Stewart county i when sitting for ordinary purposes, will be sold on the first Tues day in January next, within the legal hours of sale, before the Court House door in Lumpkin, the negroes belonging to the estate of Timohy Carrington, late of said county, deceased, towit —Mariah, a girl, about seventeen years old, and Kesiah a girl, about eighteen years old; sold for the benefit of the heirs and creditors of said de ceased. Terms made known on the day of sale. JAMES HILLIARD, Adm’r. Oct. 24, 1838. 31 . EXECUTRIX SALE. A GREEABLE to the last will and testament IA. of James Parker, late of Stewart county de ceased, will be sold to the highest bidder, on the first Tuesday in January next, at the Court House door in the town of Lumpkin, two tracts or lots of land, to wit—Lot No. 216, in the twenty third district, and Lot No. 37, in the twenty first dis trict, both in the county aforesaid. Terms of sale made known on the dav. MARTHA PARKER, Ex’wc Lumpkin Oct. 20 1838 31 171 OUR months after date application *ill be made to the Honorable the Inferior Court, of Sumter county sitting for ordinary purposes for leave to sell the real estate of Guilford Joiner deceased. BY THE ADMINISTRATOR. Americus Oct. 2 1838. 29 months after date application will be made to the honorable the Inferior court ot the county of Sumter, whilst sitting for ordinary purposes, for leave to sell all the real estate o Philip Troy, late of said county, deceased. NANCY TROY, Adm’x. JOHN PENNINGTON, Adm’r. July 4, 1838. 16 FOUR months after date, application will bf made to the honorable the Inferior Court cf Stewart county, when sitting as a court of ordina ry, for leave to sell the real estate of James Gilles pie, late of the State of Mississippi, deceased. July 2, 1838. 15 RICII’D KIDD, FOUR MONTHS after date application will be made to the honorable the Inferior crurt of Stewart county, when sitting for ordinary pur poses, for leave to sell the land and negroes belong ing to the estate of John A. Shirling, deceased, late of said county, for the benefit of the hefts and creditors of said deceased. WILLIAM B. SHIRLING, } , 1, JAMES WEBB, $ rs * Sept. 3,1838. 24 FOR SALE OG pieces best Kentucky bagging. JL vfVf bales best ” Rope JeRNIGAN LAURENCE & to Sept*. 22il 26 ts VALUABLE PROPERTY i on S+MLilu. FOR the purpose of closing the estate of Asaph R. Iliil, late of Stewart County deceased. The subsnber will sell at private sale, one third or the whole of the following property, viz. ONE COMMODIOUS NEW STORE HOUSE AND LOTS, The well known stand of Hill Laurence & Cos. Lumpkin Ga. Also 34 acres Land adjoining said Town, handsomely situated for private resi dence. Also the well known, Phcriaix 31 old. Furniture And Lots, in the Town of Florence, at present occupied by Mr. A. Burnett. Also the large framed, WARE HOUSE AND FIXTURES, In the Town of Florence, at present occupied by Jernigan Laurence 6c Cos Also two unimproved Lots, in said Town, Nos. 108 and 109 in square !!• high elevated ground for building. Also two settlements of valuable pine Lands, con taining 740 acres, 3 miles from Florence. Also 8 Lots in the city of St. Josephs, amongst which are Lots to suit the merchant or the settler. Also 27 shares of the Capital Stock in the St. Josephs Rail Road & Canal Company. Also one fine Sad dle Horse. Any of the above property will be sold on ac commodating terms, by application to the sub scriber at Florence Georgia HENRY W. JERNIGAN Ex’tr. and part ler of A. R. Hilldeceaed The Subscriber will sell several valuable settle ments of Land, from 202*) to 1000 acres. May 25, 1838 9 11. W. JERNIGAN. Columbus Enquirer and Southern Re corder will please give the above three insertions and forward their accounts for pay ment. 11. W. JERNIGAN. LOTS IN FLORENCET" FOR SALE. /feriL The su^)scr ** ,er offers for sale on ac (’*■* commodating terms, several Business and Residence Lots in the town of Florence, beautifully situated, and one improved lot with a comfortable dwelling house, on the same for sale or rent. Persons wishing to settle in Florence and are desirous of purchasing Lots for business or residence will do well to call and examine mine as they will be sold on very liberal terms. Florence is rapidly thriving and in a short time must become a place of immense bu siness, situated as it is in a healthy section of the country, surrounded by wealthy and industrious planters. I would also remark that the citizens are ma king arrangements to have fine schools established both Male and Female—which are now in opera tion. A fine female Academy is in contempla tion which will shortly be completed when Flor ence will be enabled to compete successfully with any town in Georgia for advantages of this kind. The subscriber also offers for Sale on liberal terms 600 acres of land with some improvements on the rood leading from Lumpkin to Irwinton, 5 miles from the former place. The situation is beautiful and healthy, the water good. Persons wishing to purchase orview the premises will call oft Mr. J ames P. Matthews near the place who is my authorised agent for the sale of said lands or to the subscriber near Florence. JOHN T. B. TURNER. July 28, 1838 18 ALABAMA LANDS FOR SALE. TV - HALF 9 14 30 lN • S. half 4 14 30 N. half R 14 30 N. half 7 14 30 S. half 7 14 30 S. half 6 14 30 S. half 11 14 29 S. half 20 18 28 *S. half 34 19 28 N. half 36 19 29 S. half 36 19 29 W. half 29 16 26 N. half 6 16 30 E. half 21 22 26 E. half 22 13 23 N. half 33 20 26 S. half 32 18 28 W. half 26 15 24 S. half 29 16 25 E. half 2 18 25 Any of the above Lands will he sold on terms to suit purchasers, by application to John D. Pitts, Esq. Florence, Ga. or to the subscriber, at Ma con. J. COWLES. July 26 18 The Columbus Sentinel will publish the above. VALUABLE LANDS FOR SALE. The Subscriber offers for sale a vai vifejO&yU ua t>le TRACT OF LAND whereon wryAfiP he now lives, lying in Stewart county, _.dLs*. one mile and a half from Florence, containing 1,000 acres, of which there is between 200 and 300 acres in cultivation. On the premi ses there are comfortable houses, a good GIN HOUSE, superior GIN and GEAR. Also, a FIRST RATE SAW MILL, which has only been in operation about six months; surrounded by an inexhaustible quantity of pine timber, near several towns, situated on the Chattahoochee riv er. The land is rich and level. I have good spring water, and a healthy and beautiful situa tion for a residence. Any person wishing to pur chase will call and view the premises. JOSEPH REESE. July 28 18 eotf LANDS FOR SALE* THE subscriber offers his settlement of Land for sale: Three Hundred Hr res, on the waters of Lannahassee creek, second qual ity. oak and hickory land. Good houses on the premises, with one hundred acres cleared, in a nice state of cultivation. Said land is near the old Lannahassee town, say three miles. Any person wishing to purchase a good settlement of Land would do well to call and examine for himself as there can be four or five hundred acres purchased adjoining my land to make a settlement. Gallon the subscriber at Lannahassee. Oct. 6 28 JOSEPH M. HARPER. Siiank \otes, NEATLY PRINTED AND FOR SALE AT THIS OFFICE Town Sol* for Sale. THE Subsribers will sell on the first Monday in January next, some valuable busiuess Lots on the West side of tiie Chattahoochee, just above Florence, immediately opposite the Ferry The situation is beautiful for the location of a town—and from the increasing wealth of the coun try bordering on the Chattahoochee—those v\] u purchase lots w ill be handsomely profitted bv tl e investment of their money. What w ill make this town more profitable is that it is located immedi ately above Florence which we have no doubt will greatly enhance its importance, as weli as add to the property of the former place. Terms will be liberal. Florence Oct. 13th 1838. MATTHEW AVERF.TT * ROBERT W. WILLIAMS* 29 ts ~LOSfT ONE NOTE of hand on Lewis Grimes for Twenty Dollars, payable to Harper A: Urey one on T. C. Pickett made payable to Robert Reynolds for hire of negro for forty dollars and seventy-five cents; one on said Pickett, given to myself, amount not recollected; one note on Blount Trotman for twenty dollars, payable to Harper rte Grey; one note on William Join on tor fifteen dollars and fifty cents, payable to Har per & Grey; one note on Anion Y. Lunsford fir eighteen dollars, payable to Harper & Grey; one note on Jeptha Pickett for twenty-four dollar payable to Harper A Grey; and one on Wibi;ui Shaw for eight dollars, with a fcredit not recollect ed. I forewarn any per« >n from trading for the abo- e notes, or the drawers from paying to any but m\* self. Any person finding said noD's anil deliver ing them to me. ()•• a »1 v friend, so that I can git them, shall be amply rewarded. ' .lOM-il'it M. HARPER. Lannahassee, Stewart c.o. .1 uiy 19 27 LOST, F3> Y the subscriber, on the 4th September las? -FJI a common size leather JP or Let Hook, containing two notes for 630 each, on Gillis Jack son, of Lumpkin, made payable to the undersign ed ; one on Isaac R. Jackson for S2O, made paya ble to DeLaunay Ac Gaulding; one on David and Arthur Reed, made payable to the subscriber for 9 or 10 dollars; one due bill on James Milner for '9, made payable to Win. S. Howell; and one on Win. S. Howell for s3l. given by him to the. undersigned. The dates of the above notes are ot recollected, excepting the two 30 dollar notes, which were due last Christmas. The Pocket Book contained tnanv other papers not reeollec?e 1. Ml persons are cautioned against trading for any of the above notes, and the makers of the same from paying them to any other person than the subscriber. LABAN MORGAN. Oct. 18 30 NOTIC'D A LL persons are hereby cautioned againsttra -cjl ding for two promissory notes, given hv the subscriber to a man calling himself Amos Brown, from Burke county, one of the Notes was given sometime in September last, for one hundred dol lars, and payable the Ist January, 1839; the other was given at the snine time for $l5O and due the Ist January, 1840. with a ci. o '- : * of $25 upon it.— The above notes were giv- n, a lot of land lying in Randolph county, being No. 81, in the 6fh dis trict of said county. The land having been frau duientlysold by the said Brown, I am determined not to pay the above notes unless compelled by law. ' WEST LAIN. ' Randolph co. Oct 17 4t 30 ’Took" at” THIS! - I FOREWARN all persons from trading with Larkin Reynolds or hie negro wife Rhody, he having quit my bed and board without any provo cation and taken Rhody with him, and removed to Randolph county, 1 will not pay any of their debts unless compelled by law. Oct 12 30 ' ELIZA REYNOLDS. BUNAWA Y NKGRoU RAN AW A\ from the Subscriber, on the 13th of September, a negro man by the name of WARREN,about 25 or 26years old, having lost some 01 his fore teeth. It is presumed that he has shaped his course for Charleston, S. C. A libera! reward will be paid for his apprehension and safe keeping, so that I get him again. Oct. 2, 1838. 4t BYRD M. GRACE. P . S.—Letters will reach me either at Colum bus Ga. or Henry Court House, Ala. “notice SI OCK HOLDERS in the Florence Company are requested to meet at my office on the Ist Tuesday in January next, to receive my annual report, and transact the business of the Company. H. W. JERNIGAN, Agent. Oct 18 30 3t Notice to Ijot Purchasers. A GENERAL MEETING of the Stockhol ders in the Florence company will take place on the Ist Tuesday in January next, at which time payment will be expected. H. \V. JERNIGAN, Oct. 18 30 3t Agent Florence Cos. LOOK OUT FOR A STORM. rriHK subscribers having disposed oftheirstock J- of Dry Goods at Florence and Lumpkin, they take this method to inform their customers that all notes and accounts that remaiu unsettled alter the Ist day of January next, will positively be placed in the hands of an officer for collection •*- We will allow the HIGHEST CASH PRICE for COTTON in payment for any debts due. JERNIGAN, LAURENCE & Cos. Oct 6 28 | We are authorised to 3 announce ISAAC L. STREET . MAN as a candidate for Sheriff 0 Stewart county at the next elec tion. Sept. 8, 1838. 24 _____ SLxJfegj-— >, We are authorised to annouuce LEWIS WlLLlAM ■gpiiiljjSSr as a candidate for Tax Collecto of Stewart county at tbe electio n Januaiy next. Sept. 8 24 We are authorised[ to f|ggg2> announce WILLIAM A. BELL a candidate for Receiver 01 ** Returns for Stewart county at. election. Sept. A, IWJN -