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The mirror. (Florence, Ga.) 1839-1840, April 16, 1839, Image 4

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JlatchSc** Sanative. FUR CONSUME 1 H>.\. *5 s 5 [T«*4"W /X. « tie 6i '*/«.] tJuiS OFFJN GQtliCKc, of o^irri.u, THE GREATEST OF HUMANBEN EFAC T ftiizens of Xorth anl South A■ eri, \ f t > LoCIS OrK *.X GoEUCivI-., .1. D. .a. Germany. Europe heffiijg . tii i. i,-* - . 1, able hou jr oi aJiii.i'a .new i r. i u.iCTKiSi; to the Science of M--tl.-ji.n- - doctrine wliici. tii«ni it velirtm-utlv >;•. by iutny ot the lacrtlty, [-.a which be r valtiabic member,] lit- prows to be •> e. founded in truth as any doiti me of tt- Writ—a docltine, upon th- v.-ii.y .ffw aro suspended the i.t.-s oi iu,.iioii.s oi i t fH.e, trs i tVii’.elt tie boldly cli 11-tige* In- op • *v><cfs ;j reiute, uc : ngthn is i i . : tyltfi o:c.uiiin'l by l h'nrdfttd -.tale ,<< i r .i Vi tv (or Life Pri a ■’•■/*/ ; ) <f the himi Vj iu : ‘fj*’ oftet secretly tu -king inthe nj/s t a for yea v before tha * * /*•- It .»•/ > u,>l nut i i’the L t igs^£js--and tch!> '< «t ty b,e is ce j.tlrdy, ’'toughnot a t ’■l‘kt’.l -/, cared, as ac> u j is,i u iora si iiiie headache. An irivalu t iffy pit emus dee:ime this, as it ini tarts an import..t lesaou ta tite app ccully healthy of both sex , s, leaching them tint th:- ious foe may be an unobserved inmate of their *-dayey h ruses'” even w bile they ini t gins tlltxnse'v - secure fra . its attacks, teaching tiiem that i'IIE GREAT <il ■ CRET IN THE Y il I’OF PRE 3ER V 1 At; HEAL PH IS t' ) FLU MY OUT THE DISEASE WlliLH is 1 iIE BLADE, AND .NOT VVAH’ ITLL THE FULL GROWN EAR. This illustrious benefactor of nan is also cjtiik-J to our uul'eßued gratitude, ail tn.- gratitude of a vvo.i l, for t ie i ivntii:t of his MA rCiILESS SOV FIVE.— /i.u. healing fiat may justly claim for it such a title, -iace it has so signally tu i npheil over oir great com non enemy /“UONSUM P TION, both it. tu - first an l last stages, -a medicine which lias throughly filled tii,- ra -ctwn in tii* Materia M -li.-:*, and thereby proved hself the 'o.'.qur.KOK of Piiysi wi.\.ss,VjjJ— i .it -,ii in-, tor which all man kind bin have aim iilant cans - to hie s the beneficent ;.aa l of a kin I IVovj.l n i- —n medicine whose won Irons virtues have been so glowingly portrayed ite.i by some of our clergy, in ui'-ir pastoral v.-i.s t i the sir's chamber; bv which means they ul'tc i 1 •- conic t id h tppy iu-triiioonts of cliao - ion and sponde ii y into nope, si Uac>s um m- ilili, and sadness oi irien Is iat j jovl tineas. «? ? q. q *»OELICh r.’S is a ~e Jicine ~t mo' e value to man nan tue vast mines if \ustna, or even the uu ted .ea-ares ol .ittr gloiic, a medicine, which is ob.sincd eijinilli/ from the vegetable, animal m.l mineral i, ingdoms, and thus possesses a turke fold power,- a medicine, whtcli thougu designed as a remedy for consumption solely, is possess ed of a mysterious inllueiice over many dis eases of the f anat system,—a me liei*- which begines to be value I by Phyt/irans ; wL j are daily witnessing its astonishing cu t s of many whom they had te-igued to the g a«pof the Lnsa . iaui.k Grave. DOSE of the Sanative, for adults, one drop; for children, a hah drop : and ior in fants, a quarter drop ; the directions exil.ii - ing the manuer of taking a bail or a quartet drop. q 5 q «? q q A certificate from three members of ti * MEDICAL PROFESSION in Germany, in Europe. \Ve, the undersigned, practitioners of me dicine m Germany are well aware licit, by our course, we may forfeit tite friendship m some of tlte faculjiy, but not of i's benevo lent members, who are uninfluenced by -el fish motives. Though we shall refrain from an expression of our opinion, either ot the soundness or unsotirulness ot Dr. Goelicke’s new doctrine, we are happy to say that we deem his Sanative too valuable not '*» he generally known - tor what our eyes behold and owr ears hear, we must believe. We hereby state, that when Dr. Louis Offon ttoelicke first came betore tlte German public, as the pret mded i; covcrer ofu -iew doctrine and anew medicine, we hel llt i the highest cout-vm t.b'dmvmg, a i.l op-- v pronouncing linn to ie abase impostor and the(>rinceot quacks. But, on nearing so much j aid about the Sanative, against it and for it, we were induced, from motives of cu riosity merely, to make trial of its reputed Virtues upon a number of our must hopeless patients; and we now deem it our boon leu duty (even at the expen e of our sell inter est) publicly to acknowledge its efficacy in curing not only cox-umntion, but other ft- r ful ma' hieh we have heretofore be lieved to bj incurable. Our contempt for the discoverer of this medicine wis at '(ire swallowed up ii our utter as o cshti cut it th«*e unexpect and results; and, as ntr-..«ds for our abuse of tiini, we do frankly confess to the world, that we believe him a philan thropist, who does honor to the profession, and to ourcountiy, which stave him birth. The recent adoption nf tnismedi iue into some of our Eu o lean hospitals ts a snfft ient gu irantythat it performs all its pro nUes. It neet I '. I not our testimony lor wherever ii is used •>. is its own be-t w itness. HERMAN ETMUhLKb, M. D. WAI«TER V YN GAU /!’, M. 1). ADOL RIII S YVERNER. M I). Germany, December 10, 1338. bbb b b h Post Office Chaplin, Windham, Cos, ( on. July *O, 1638. Sir—A most wonderful cure has lately been effected, through the vi» j*-s of Dr Go elick’S Sanative, t n the case of an eld riy gcntle.uan. who was far *• in aud wasted a * iv itt CONSUMPTION, and musider and PAST, RECOV ERY.’.fd s ,F \ M i L > PHYSICAN. ll p is u i,v on - - dviiy speaking, a WELL MAN. Isa . hi n myself a lev days since, iiu-u njßinv w,fh \ >" wife starting on a jo' r i v to th we.r i put of this sta'e. He • -cri u-.s n-s *e.- from the very jawsot rt'-ito. ad b<r< i v ery to health solely to the a-toiush'.na vir tues of the Matchless Sara: ve. || ris n man possessing a suiit prnportv. !>tir. savs he, -I WOULD YY’ILLINGLY P\Y ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR v SINGLE BOTTLE OF’ IT, IF I Col U> NOT PL .CHASE H H R A L!> PRICE. To hi-i tin v-'ni'liic is above nil value. WATER GOODE LL. P. M The above 'le liniue for « de, by THOMAS GARDNER. Agent. Florence..lari. 26 Congress passed ala v restricting the re muneration for carrying th" mad upon rail- Wddjtn nfft ntoYo than poj gjile. THE GOOD SAMARITAN. A C* - A 1 EAST. s i.L nations, runt the remotest ages, I V nave liad ships, but Columbus only mund out liit way to America. Before the time ol the great .'Spamsli i avigator people were only eu.ibled to paddle ab. ut the shores. I J’tst so with the Lite Mcoicines It i» but two .fort years since 1 first ventured upon | n unknown ocean, and 1 have discovered ..e precious obj< cl I was m se rch of— IK.Mj IH. V egetable medicines were in ■ i.l, um when I commenced my seattli. i i> t- -h use wa-. not. lfy the list* ol tiem ii.ivo nos on y p issetl trotn the dejected i|. i,rot!ie li.tie ne.iily and active titan t. i 0.. S-. but comparatively speaking, I hai wed my yotitfi. l ea tiiu«. with «om mi. in my own experierce, advise w it*.-; I . fell-iw-citizens. Does the render w i tne VEGETABLE LIFE Ml \ it INKS are suitable to lot own case 1 I i iv- o.i .ile at mv o-iice. 3G7 Bro idw„v, litin dre Is of letters, Iroin some of the most re s.pecta'de oilmens of this iny native land, voiu.itsiilv ottered in testiinouv of th* vir r o-i of V GOOD VEGETABLE .'IED IG iNE I’.-rsoos wins t constitutions have been nearly ruined by the “all infallible' mineral preparationsof tlieday, will b-ar me witness, that the Life Medicines, and such only, are t ! ie true coma-to permanent food health. John Moffat. GENET! \L RE-MARKS RELATIVE TO M fFFAT’S LIFE Pi I. LB AND PILJSNIX BITTERS. These me Heines have long b-rn known and ippreci.n'pd. for th-trexiiaor linavv and i:n ie h ite p iwcrs of resulting perfect health to •i-i-.nis -uscring u <ier nearly every kind of lise ise to iv tic i th- human ft amt* is lia'i’e. In iMvhind of certificated instance* ilv-v have even n'rcurd ‘Uileicis from the vcr. v r:e es >n uatime'v grave, alter ail tit deceptive u<>-trains ol til"’ da v h 1 1 utterly (ailed; and to tinny tltousaiuls *St« have per na.icnilv seemed that mdiorni enjoy* uent of health, vvithoiif which life its-li'is but a partial blessing. So etc.if. indeed, ii.; tii.-ir eUicney invariably and infallibly proved that it lias appeared scarcely less t ii niirn'-iilnus to thorn- who were rwiac 'jn iinted with the b■ r ifully philosophical oiineiples upon v.tuc.t 11 * *-v are componn dt-il, ii upon whit It they consequently act. It was to fl.cir it aniiest and' sensible ir-tiou in (mn. vit)!.'tiie spritigs and channels ( life, and *:111 >t• i ' th-m -vith renewed tone and vigor, that ney v .-i e indebted for their . v!l ti- iv. isb i -,v“i| upon them at the , . m ~,,-ous vei|ue-t of several imlividlials vlioie lives they It 111 obviously saved. 1 pro pro tor r- i<ie- in the opportuni v ,'f-,i leo by ltie universal (Infusion of the ,’v press tor ttlaceiug Ins \ I*.• *E lAl> f, E LIFE i>| [,LB within the knowledge and r i-li of eve v oi livi Ilia: co.ii’iiunitv. ITnl'.Ue the "host of ptrnieiotis quackeries, w hich boa-t ol'able ingredieuts, the (.tie i’ll is are purely and solely vegetable, in i contain neither Mercury, Antimony, Vrsrne, nor a v mineral whatever, l hey are entin-iv c mpose I-l c\t.acts 1 roni rare and po'vertu! plants, the virtues of whi n, though lo g known tosev rii Indian tribes, and re e-ntiy to some rminet t ; h irmaceati-al -h niist*, are aitoge.her unknown to the ig norant oreten li-r* to n-d and sci nee: and we.e u v r before ad u uhtered in so happi- ly eflieac ous a com tna ton. Their tii -1 operation is to loosen from the , oats of the stomach an i bow “Is, the various tup auil t rrniities constantly setting a round them; and to remove the hardene iec-s which collect in the co'ivoliitiO is of th.e .mall inte nin* s. Other me die i e i only par ~! i- ,1a ise the leave such collected ms is behind as to produce habitual cos t v i■ -s with all its train of evils, or sud ie.dinrr: ce a, with its imiuinCtit d.ins. rs. • , n s tact is well known l > ah regular anat , ~i is, uno exam) ie the bowels at'- :,- r ; and hence the prejudice of these w- 1 i fc,lined men against 'lie quack medi eiiies of the age. The second eflect o( the VEGETABLE LIFE IMLLS is to cleanse the k.dnevs ane he bladder, and by thts i,cans, the liver and the lungs, the healthful action of which enti ely depends upon the ■ "nliiriiv of the urinary organs. Ihe blood, which takes its led color from the a i mev of the liver and the lungs before it passes into the heart, being thus purified by th m ind iin iriihc lby fn and coming from a dean stomach, courses freely through the veins, renews every part of the system, am irnim haiitlv moiitrsthe bat nev of healthy in the blooming ch-ek• The following are itinon.F the distressing variety of hir-Ml diseases, to whir!, the \e grtable Li e Pills are well known to be in fallible : DYSPEPSIA, by thoroughly cleansing the tir-t and second stomachs, and creating n flow in I pur ■ healthy bile, instead ol the stale .ul ..-til km I :-F/ifn/rnry.l a pd uion of th- 11-ait r^sofa-petite. Hear - h, „ ,-d Had or Restless -rs 1 -temper 1 x ty Ln tor, an I U ffiac- MB/. which „ ~, (Vint >in .I'D snepxn. will vanish, a- a natural con equeuce nf its cure. ripe ness, by cl ansin ' the wli. le ,cn th of the ir ir ti.ies with a solvent process and without vi deuce all voleut tntrges leave the imwpls <*os vp wi 11 *i : • iw ® r and C o e,o, bv removing the sharp acrid fluids bv which tl -s- complaints arc occa sioned. a-ul t>v promoting , '- p lucrative se creti.m ofthe mucas tnetnhrane Ftrers oj all kails bv re toriug tbe blood to a reg ular C !- iii .'i >n through the process ot per sp r .tion in some cases, and the tl.or"ug • -i i on o: ad i-it sti ,al obstructions in oth riu- LIFE PILLS have hcen known to corn ;i ! .eumut!sm permanently in three wc -ks. a ! 1 Clod ill half that time, by remov iii -1,-.; i- 1 mmatton from the tnusejes. I , -,.-nts of ti ie joints. Dropsies of all ) >N freeing and strengthening the kid nev* and bad ler ; t t«y operate most de li *it full v on these i nportant organs and 11- , C h'v everb m found a certain remedy forth • worst c i-f -of H nd. Also, Worms, ,iiv ,| shidgt -g fro n the tnunn rs ot the bow )-!.; t'ie sfitny matter to which these crca tn. --a Ihu- ; •!.<' Mil and consumption, by ; the ait v-ssels ofthe lungs from which even slight cofils will not removed becomes har d- ii . i j., off it ies thus’ dreadful diseas es. n-ee.r, and bnerterate Sores. by th* perfect purity which these Lite Pills </iv- to the blood, and all the humors; Scorbutic fCt apt one, and. Bad Complexions. I bv th- ir alter iiiv.- effect upoitt the fluids that feed tlte -in. tho morbid state of which oc ; c'lsion- ail fv upt ce lontjdt’ints, Salow, C lou | and i and other disagreeable Co,uj,tenons ' The use of these Pills lor a Very short time, i will effect an entire cure of .'<ilt rheum, , Erysipelas, and a striking in*-rovcireut iu | the Clearness of the skin, laimmon Colds and Infl ena will liways bo tired by oue dose, or by two. ven in tbe worst cases. Piles, —a< a re for this most distressing and oh-oin ite mala'dv. tbe Vegetable Life Pills d-serve a distinct and emphatic rc k commendation. It i- well known to hun, itift'da 10 this City, that tbe JProjnietor of these invaluable Pill*, wae himself afflict, ed with this complaint for upwards of thir ty five years, and that he tried in vain every remedy prescribed within the whole com pass ot the Materia Medica. lie however, at length, tried the medicine which he now otters to the public and he was cured in a very short time, after his recovery had been pronounced uot uuly improbable, but abso lutely imposible by any human meaus. DIRECTION FOR USE.—The Pro prie'ur of the Vegetable Life Pills does not iciilow the base and mercenary practice ol e quacks ui the day, in advising persons o take his Pills in large quantities. No ood medicine can possibly be so required. * iiesc Piiisare tube taken at bed time every ( lit, for a week or tovtiiight, according to the obstinacy of the disease. The usual o-e is from 2 to 5, according to the consti ion of the person- Very delicate per l -ms should begin with but tw“o, and in crease as the nature of the case may require; those more robust, or of ve y costive habit, may begin with 3, and increase to 4 or even o Pills, arid they will effect a sufficiently happy change to guide the patient in their feuther use. These Piiis sometimes occa sion sickness and vomiting though very sel dom unless the stomach is very foul; this however may be considered a favorable sym ptom. as the patient will find himself at once relieved, and by perseverance will •oon recover. They usually operate within 10 or 12 hours and never give pain, unless the bowels are very much encumbered. They may be taken by the most delicate fe males under any circumstances It is how ever recommended, that those in later per iods of pregnancy should take but one at a time, and thus continue to keep the bowels open, and even two may be taken where tbe patient is very costive. One pill in a solu tion of two table spoons full ts water, may be given to an infan* in the following doses —a tea spoon full every two hours till it op erates ; fora child from » ie to five years of age, half a pill—atid from live to ten one pill. TIIE PfKENIX BITTERS, nreso cal led, because they possess the power of re storing the expiring embers of health, to a glowing vigor throughout the constitution, ns the Phoenix is said to be resto ed to life from the ashes of its own dissolution. The Phoenix Bitters are entirely vegetable, com posed of roots found only in certain parts of flic western country, whic h will i H fallibly cure FEVERS AND AGUESof all kinds; will never fail to eradicate entirely at] the ef fects of Mercury, infinitely sooner than the most powerful preparations of Sarsaparilla, aid will immediately cure (he determination of BLOOD TO THE UK \D ; never fa.l in the sckneesinritfi'/it to young fcm alee tmi\ will be found a certain remedy in all cases of ner vous ilt bii-ittj anj weaknt .vs ot the most im paired constitutions. Asa remedy for Chro n'cand Inflammatory Rheumatism the effica cy ofthe Phoenix Biiteis will be demonstra ted by the use of a single bottle. The usu al dose of these bitters is half a wine -lass lull, in water or wine, and this quantity may be taken two or three time a day, about half an hour before meals, or a less quantity may be taken a ali times. To those who art* afflicted with indigestion after meals, these Bitters will prova in valuable, as they very greatly increase the action of the principal viscera, help them to perforin their func “ lions, and enable the stomach to discharge into the bowels whatever is ofiensive. Thus indigestion is easily and speedily removed, appetite restored arid the mouth’s ofthe ab sorbent vessels being cleased nutrition is la • liitated, and strength of body and energy of mind are the happy results. For farther particulars of MOFFAT’S LIFE PILLS and PHIENIX BITTERS, apply at Mr. Moffat’s office No. 367 Broadway. New York, where the Pills can be obtained for 25 cents, st) cents,or $1 per box -, and the Bitters for or $2 perbottle. Numerous certifi cates of ( he wonderful efficacy of both, may be there inspected. In some obstinate and complicated cases of chronic and inflammatory Rheumatism, Liver Complaints, Fever and Ague, Dyspep sia, Palsy, Pilts, injuiies from the use of mercury, quinine, u 7 other i/tsiases of lona standing it may be found necessary to take both the Life Pills and the Phoenix Bit ters, in the doses before recommended. N. B.—These Pills and the Bitters will get all mercury out of the system infinitely faster than the best preparations of Sarsapa rilla and are a certain remedy for the rush ing of blood to the head or all violent head aches, tic doulevieux, tic —All persons who aro predisposed to, palsy, Ac., should never be without the Life Pills or the Bitters for one dose in time will save life. They equalize the circulation of the. blood, draw all pressure from the head, re store perspiration and throw ofi'every impu rity by tha pores of the skin. ITe affine medicine for sale by THOMAS GARDNER, Agent Anri I 1. 1:0,0 51 STOCK FOR SALE. IN consequence of other engagements re quiring my personal attention, l offer for sale my stock in trade at Boxat.kie, the stand is equal to the best in the countv. — The stock consists of such articles as are usually kept in a country store, Dry (foods, Hardware, HATS, BOOTS AND SHOES, and til. many articles to form an assortment. r l he above stand is in the 24th district of Stewart county, connected with the Post Office known as Chisholm’s P. O. For terms apply to the subscriber on the prem ises. ' JAMES M. MILNER. The Lands are now rented for the third oftheir productions—Cotton, corn and fod der. Feb 6 44 GIN MAKING^ fll Ilh subscriber reiqiecilully informs bis A triends and tbe public generally that lit- is prepared to manufacture. eOTTOdV (ii.vs, on the most approved plan, and with the best materials. He will warrant Hit work to perform as Wei *. as a,> y ‘* o ' ,e ‘ n tlic State, and t s9ould a ny Gin fail nffwork well, put up by him, Ee will obligate himself to take it down and put nuolher in its place free of charge From his long experience, he is confident he will be able to give general satisfaction to those who may lavor him w tih their patron age. Repairing done at the shortest notice, aud in a uea* and workmanlike manner. \VM. SHIELDS. Lumpkin, Ga. March 15, 49 4t NOTICE. A LL persons indebted to the estate of John J. Sims, late of Sumter county, deceased, are requested to come forward and make payment; and those having demands against said estate, wall presentthem terms in of the law. J. W. COWART, Adm’r. Amcricns, March 16 6t 49 Lee Sheriff sales. WILL be sold ou the first Tuesday in MAY next, before the Court House door ot Lee county between the legal hours of sale, the following property to wit: Lot of Land No. 41) in the second dis trict of Lee couny, levied on as the property of Abraham hingsy, to satisfy a tt la iu favor cf Win. F. Bond, and one ti lavs, “aid King sv in favor of Bond A Sheffield, issued from a Justice Court of Wilkinson county levied on and returned to me by a cousta ble, property pointed out by I‘iaiutilL At torney. Lot of Land No. 109 in dis trict of Lee county, levied ou as the pro party of John Marshal aud Ezekiel Abbott, to satisfy a fi fa issued from a Justice Court of Jasper county, in favor of V iilium Aim ris, tor the use of Robert Bull vs. said Juki Marshall and Ezekiel AUbett, property pot. ted out by Janies Abbett levy made and re turned to me by a constable. One yoke of Oxen and cart, two stacks of Fodder, fifteen hundred weight, more or less, and one two acre Lot in the S. E. corner of Lot No. 240. in the 13th district of Lee county—-levied on as the property of John to satisfy a ti fa issued from the Su perior Court of Lee county in favor ot liar risen Jones, vs. said John Sherrard and Sam uel BilJivant, property pointed out by Sam uel Sillivauf. Also, Lot of Land No. 228 in the 12th dis trict of Lee county, and also a part of two Lots, Nos. not known, well improved, con taining two hundred acres more or less, the place whereon James Huckaby now lives, levied on as the property of James Huckaby to satisfy a ft fa issued from the Interior Gourt of Lee county, in favor of Davis Smith A Cos. vs. said James Huckaby A George W. Huckaby—property pointed out by George W. Huckaby. Also, Lot of Laud No. 180 in the Ist district of Lee county, and two half acre Lots’in the Town of StarksviUe Nos not known, levied on us the property of George W. Huckaby, to satisfy a tl fa issued from (be Inferior Court of Lee couutv in favor of Davis Smith A Cos. vs. James Huckaby and Gemge W. Huckaby, property pointed out by defendvnt. Nathan Bankston’s interest in lot of land No, 39, in the 11tii district of Lee county, it being a share of one tenth part of said lot, lo satisfy a Fi Fa issued from a Justice court ot Coweta county, in favor of Silas Lau rence. v.-, said Bankston-—Levy made and re turned to me by a constable. Lot of land No. 220, in the 12th district of Lee county, levied on as the property of William H. Harrison, to satisfy a Fi Fa is sued from the Inferior court of Habersham county, in favor of Jns. Smith, vs said Har rison—property point' ll out by the plaintiff. Lot of land, No. 204 iu the 2d district of Lee county, levied on as the property of Peter 11. McCaskell, to satisfy a Fi Fa issu ed from the Inferior court of Lee in favor of Mordieai Alexander, vs George W. Huckaby, and Peter H. McCa- keli-—prop erty pointed out by George \V. Ilm kaby. Cot of land No. 199. inthe 12th district ol Lee county-—levied «n as the property of Jas. Bradley and George Mitchell, to satisfy three Fi Fas issued from a Justice court of Jasper county in favor of Thomas Broddu* ?ssaid James Bradley and George Mitchell - -property pointed out by plaintiff, I vyntade and returned to me by a constable. One house and lotin the town of Starks ville No. the place whereon the Rev. Win. W. Manuel now lives, levied on as the property of George W. Huckaby. to sat sfy a Fi Fa issut <1 from the Inferior Court ot Lee couuty, in favor of Mordieai Alexan der, vs George W. Huckaby and Peter H. McCaskell, property pointed out by plain tiff. Also, lots of land No. 174 No. 12, and No. 37, ij the 13th district of Lee county, levied on as the property of .Michael Madden, to satisfy a Fi Fa issued from the Superior Court of Sumter county, in favor of .Ternigan A Lawrence vs said Madden, property poin ted out by Thomas C Sullivan. A. DYSON, Sheriff, March 21, 1838. Also, will be sold at the same time and place, Lot of Land No. 22!) in the 15th district of originally Dooly, now Lee county, levied on as the property of Robert G. Ford, to satisfy a fi fa in favor of the Inferior Court of Lee county, vs. B. O. Pearson, William J. Ford, and Robert G. Ford—property pointed out by defendant. One yoke of Oxen and cart, levied on as the property of John Cain, to satisfy a ti fa issued from the Superior Court of Lee county, in favor of Harrison Jones, Adtn’r. of the estate of Lewis Bond, dec’d. vs. said John Cain. D GOFF. P. Sheriff. Man h. 91, Jtß39 51 Steirart Sheriff Sates. \\T IL L be sold, outlie first Tuesday ?» in-MAY next, before the court louse door in the town of Lumpkin, Stewart coun ty, between the usual hours of sale, tlie Ibl low iug property,|to wit: One lot of laud, No. 64, in the 33d dist. Stewart county, taken as th propet’y cf Wiley Burk to satisfy sundry Fi Fas, issued ot -ofa Justices court ol Heard county in favor of C. B. A .1. T. Brown—-levied on and returned to me by a Constable. Also, No. 113. in the 19th district of Stew art co. taken as the property of Robert J. Bridges, to satisly sundry Fi Fas issued out of a Justice court of Stewart county in fa vor of A. P. Rood A Cos. and others, pro perty levied and returned to me by a Con stable. Also, No. 10 in the 32d district of Stewart county taken as the property of B. Swariu gim, to sitisly sundry Fi Fas, issued out ot a Justice court in favor ol J. Lampkin and others. Also, No. 197, in the 24th district of said county, taken as the property of James Beard, to satisfy one Fi Fa, issued out of Stewart Inferior Court in favor of John West, vs Reuben Roach James Beard and Winwright L. Stewart,security. M. M. FLEMING Slt’ff. March 28, \LL those who are indebted tothees . t-rte if Samuel Willia*. s, late of Stew art county deceased, are hereby oufu-d to come forward and make immediate p-.yinent, and those having demands against said es tate, are required to render them in accord ing to law. K E. CROCKER, j LOVERD I‘RYAN, I T. FOK IN j executors. W BOYNTON, j Feb 3 HI 6t \IM ILL be sold at the subscribers house wf in Sumter county on the fourth day of May next, all the personal property of Rachel M. Smith deceased, consisting of one two year old Filley, one Loom, six head of Geese, some few Hogs, bouse hold and kitchen furniture, and many other articles two tedious to mention. Terms of sale made known on the day. DAVU) A. NEYLAND, Adm’r, Mtfch fa, 1639 51 Sf.t Adoiiiihti atoiV A i (lie Court nouse in Faker coumy.- will be sold ou the nrst '4 uesday to August next, by au order of the Inferior Court ot Lee county, the tollowtog describ ed LoU of Laud, belonging to the estate ol the late Lewis Bund, deceased, uii sold for the bent-m of rite heirs and creditors ot said, deceased, .tod tu effect a istrioution ; a pan ol which lo:s comp!Be the Baker'plants non.---Sales to continue liom day to a- v u til the whole is sold. It-rtiis made k;,o\.. on the day ot sale, viz: Lots 347 2d, 214 and, 187 2d, 137 2d, 136 2d, 1452d. North half of 215 2(1, 186 2d, 144 2d, 354 gd, i4- -*d, '73 2d, 148 2d, 334 2d, 223 2d. 138 2d. 226 2d, 213 2d, and 192 inthe 2d District ot •alter, originally Early county ; and ~1 o -ots 186 3d, 163 3d, 205 3d, 234 3d. 137 :>< , 133d, in the 3d District of Baker, former:-, ar y county ; and also. Lfds 10. 100, 21, 6ti. nd 257, in the seventh district of Baki-i formerly Early county ; and also. Lots 40 and 197, in tin* 12th district of Bakei com. ty. formerly Early, and also lot 78 in-the firs district oi Baker county, formerly Early. Also, on tlte first Tuesday in Septembe. next, will (resold, at Starksvitlc, Lee coun ty, before the Court-house door, the follow mg Lots of Land belonging to tne said de ceased, and sold lor a similar purpose, viz : 216, 200. 217. 214. 166, 230, lsG, 199, 202. 185, 56, 184, 203, 141, 215 and 201, in the si cond district of Lee county, a part of winch lots comprise that valuable plantation known as the Fowl-town settlements and also lot 203 in the third, and the north half of lot 217 in tite first district of county. Also, on the first Tuesday iu October next, before the Court bouse door in Irwinton Wilkinson couuty, tlte following Lots n Land belonging to -ai id -c ■a-* -• f. a part • f which comprise the Wilkinson plantation, sold for a similar purpose, viz: 214 4th, 149 23d, 96 4(L, 28 4th, 313 4(l*. 123 4.h, 174 4th. 262 3d, 124 4th 25 I th. 26 till. 29 Ith 30 4th. 282 sth, 263 stli, 286 stli. in: 1 It, lrtl st;i, 185 sth, 297 4th, 300 4th. 3 M. 349 3d, 35(1 3d, 53 3d, 354 3d, 311 lid , 342 14ib, 347 4(h, 34 sto. 45 sth. 267 sth, 296 4th, 289 sth, 309 4th. 299 4th, DO 4th. 279 sxlt. 196 4th 167 4th !74 4:h, 151 sth, 160 sth, 130 sth. 209 4th. 207 4th, 94 4ri . 91 4th, 92 4th, 210 sth, 178 23d. iff 4tii 24 4th, 275 4th, 169 4th 278 sth, 400 12th, 18 22i1. 114 sth, 115 sth, 136 s»h. 167 4th 92 lO'h. 272 4th, 252 4th. 263 4th, 260 4rh, 2494th, 247 4th, 231 s(h, 231 4'h 233 sth. 237 sth, 2 6 4th, 330 4th, 28 4'h, 207 s’ii. 174 4th, 175 4th, 1684t1i. 209 sth, 326 ", 211 sth, 182 sth, 46 sth. 159 3d. 159 23d 326 23d, 1 Lot, No. not known, sth, 55. aeres ; 1 lot in the town ot Irwinton, 4 acre ; i lot in V. iikinsen, No. not known, 101 j - eres; 1 lot No. 36, ‘Vaction, 3d, GOJ ar-es a part of la* No 90. in the 4th, 20 ai r s n parcel of land!l66, 4th, containing 50 acres ; part of 169, in 4th, containing 70 acres; part of 206, in sth, coiitaing acres; all the above lots of land lying in the districts an nexed to each niriiber. Tin* said several sales of land to continue from day to day until the w hole is sold.— Terms of sale, one third the twenty fifth dav of D cember next, th balance in two equal annual instalments. H. .TONES, JOSEPH BOND, Adm'rs ot Lewis 80l and, dec’d. March 23, 1839 51 eowtf ON Satuiday the 4th day of May next, will be sold at the late residence of Samuel Wi lines dec’d. between thirty five ami forty head of Cattle, one yoak of Oxen, a quantity of Laid and some Fodder, a id perhaps other articles. Also will be sold on the first Tuesday in June next before the Court House do r in Lumpkin, one Negro girl, by the name of Malinda about thirteen years of age, all sold as the property of Samuel Williams deed, ngreablv to the last will and te«taini'iir of said deceased. E. E. CROCKER. I LOVER I) BRYAN, , TOMLINSON FORT, > rsl WILLARD BOYNTON, \ March 19, 1839 49 ADM INISTRA TOR s SAL E. U! ILL be sold on the first Tuesday in July next at the Court House door in the county cf Sumter, lot of laud num her fifty, in the twenty eighth district offor rtierly ,ee, now Sumter county. Sold as the property Willis Jernigam deceased, for the benefit ofthe heirs and creditors of said deceased, terms made Known ori the day of sale. BRYANT JERNIGAN, Adm r. Amercus, Feb. 9,1839. 45 WILL besuld.on the first Tuesday in JULY next,at the court housedoor in town oi Americas, under an order ofthe Honorable the Inferior court of the county ofSutnter, while sitting for ordinary purpos es, lot of land No. 357, in the‘2Bth district, of formerly Lee, now Sumter county—sold as the property of John B. Cannon, deceas ed for the benefit of the heirs and creditors, of said deceased. HENRY DYKES, Adtn’r. April 4th 1839, 52 VS7TLL be sold, on the 20th of MAY ti next, at the house of Clement Bryan, late of Randolph county, deceased, a quan tity of Corn and Fonder. It will be nut up in lots to suit purchasers, aud on a credit until the 25th of December next; putcha sers giving small uot- s, with approved se curity; L. BRYAN. ? Ex’rs D. C. BRYAN, $ L!t rs ' Aprils 1839. 52 4 LL persons having demands against the estate of Clement Bryan, late ot Randolph comity deceased, will presentthem for pa”inen; in terms of the law; ami those indebted to s ; d estate, will please make pay ment immediately, to L. BRYAN, f F , D. ) . BRYAN. xrs ' April 8,1839. 52 6t 1.3 OU R Montes alter date application will be made to the honorable Inferior Court ofSureter cotin'x when Sitting for or dinary purposes, for I- ave to sell the real es fate of Uriah Call r deceased. W ALTON VV. FULLER. Adm’r. V t " :o im MONTHS liter and te application will be made to tbe honorable the m ‘erior court of Sumter county, when sitting for ordinary purposes, for leave to sell a part of the real - state of Edmund Jones, minor of Wiley Jones deceased. WINN K 4' .)< >NE.S, Guardian. Feb. 4. 1839. 45 1^3 OUR MONTHS after date application will be made to the Honorable Inferior Court of the county of Sumter while set ting for ordinary purposes, for leave to sell lot number fifty in the twenty eighth dis trict, of formerly Lee now Sumter county to be sold as the property of Willis. lerniganjde ceased, lor the benefit of the heirs and cred itors of said deceased. BRYANT JERNIGAN, Adm’r. 4 \mcricus- Feb. 9, 1839 43 4tn STEWART Sl PERIORCOURT >- FEB. TERM 1839. Pope &, Lam, Oc .‘lark M. hleuung, dc j i>e.l Robertson, .. . I hill for Discovery, U ,lliam Solomon, k tuluj <y ununcuj,, Joitu Martin, lOtin L am, aud I Vrtfiur A. Morgan, j ■ 9 ap|»eariug to this court, that John CLain, on.- ol the tieieudams to tne satu bti, of cunipUtul, tcsiucs out ol the limits ol State, On motion, ot the Solicitor of complainant on.end, that service be pence ted, by p u^! i ..lion once if month lor four months, , u e el the public gazettes ot tins State. ’ A true extract from the minutes ot Stew rt Superior court, February term, 1839 ELIJAH PEARCE, Clerk April 1,1839. 1 HORGIa, Sumter Couuty—March v " Perm, 1839—Interior Court sitting tor ordinary purposes, in said county : & It appearing to the Court, ou the petition ot Stephen Bivins, by his attorney, Edwin R Brown, that Ishanr \Yest, late ol said coun ty, deceased, while in lite, made aud execu ted to said Stephen Bivins, Ins bond, in t h* penalty of six thousand two hundred aid !U J dollars, under the hand atm seal ofsaid .'han. YY est, deceased, dated the thirteenth >! iy oi December, in the year of our Lord e - tileen hundred and t) irty-sevet , p , , . ol wimh is file <1 in the ( !. rk s ( f, •Jitiom dto make good and lawful titles to said Bivins, to three si vet;.! lots ot iaDrt , 0 “it : litre, hundred and two, and two hun red amt seventy t i iit, and two hundred ud sixty-t»vo, in the fifteenth district iff ortnerly Lcp, now Sumter coin.ty. when me last payment, (Ini g cue tin- "iweutv •ih day ot December, in the \cur ot our Lon! eightee hundred and tiiittv-eipht.l lould he made, ami-aid YYYs having de al led this life without e nqlyin wffj r! e condition- of this bond ; It is*iher<fore or ie» . that > itma iihvi, • and 'i on . Mam ''•oi istrators o said Y\ est dei eesed, and ii other persons interested in said estate, and show cause, (it any they have, at the ext term ol tins Court, after t i applira tnm has been published three ninths, in <> '• ot the public Gazettes, and in ti e pub ■ (dace.- in the county, why said Samuel vies n i s.n . i homas Mann, as admin (aims a atores.iid, should not b* direet to make titles to said three lots of land, •aid Stephen Bivins accotdmg to the ten ra'd co- ditions ofsaid bond, else, said Samuel iv sand said Thomas Mann, ad mini trai rs a aiurt-aid will he lim i ted so o do. on ail Stephen Bivens no king it > ear r at said la t payment above speci fieii, it is been duly made. T.m ex from t)i minutes. E. NUNN, c. c. o. Match 19, 1859. 52 m3iu LAW notice: r |T!!E undersigned have associated theni s stives in tine PRACTICE OF LAW, under the firm ot Bull de Mitciikll, and w ill attend promptly to all business end lis ted to their care in the Courts of the loi low ing counties, viz. Stewart, Sumter, Muscogee, Lee, G.t. and Randolph, Barbour, Ala. J. L. Bull may be found at his office irt Florence, and J. M. Mitciikll, at his office in Lutnpkin, Stewart co. Gsi. JESSE L. BULL, Jamesm. Mitchell. Feb 1 ■ 47 6t .1. A. E 2. JIACO.V, ATTORNEY AT LAW, STA3KSVILLE. LEE bGUNIY, PtC'RGIA. \\/ ILL attend the Courts of the CJ i AT TA HOOCH EE CIRCUIT. Nnv. 25 35 1 v WILLIAM li MAY7~ Mtornrv at Lau, STARKSV ILLE Lee county, Ga. will practice in ah the eouuties ot the Chat tahoochee circuit. March 10 43 ly IVaifo’i A: Hhay ing associated themselves, in the Practice of Medicine & Surgery, respectfully offer their Professional services, io the Citizens of Florence, and the stir rounding country. Their charges shall be regulated by a majority of the Physicians of Stewart County. One or both, may always, 6e fount! at their office on Broad Street, lately occupied by the Gem gin M irror. March 25 1,-39. 50 Dr. WH». ?I. Klaiilu ick, LUMPKIN, GA. (1 AN, at all times be found by those wish -d ing'liis services, at his office, or the house ot M. McCullar, Esq. when not prof ession-’ly engaged. Jan 26 42 Drs. R. & 35, WI LL E AII A) hm perr -ucutiy located (ice in - A A selves in FLORENCE, nspectii.hy tender their professional seiviees to the ci tizens thereol and the surrounding country. From the success which lias hetetofbre attended their practice, they flatter tlietn selves that they will be «• <«bled to give gen eral satisfaction to theii patrons. One, or both, may be found at their office when not professionally engaged. Jan 20 42 Florence academy. f | - lit. exercises ot the Aiaie Department A ofthe F'oreuce Academy, will com mence on Monday next, 7th tnst. utmer the superintendence ot Air. Glorok J. Mc- Glkskky, who conies well recommended as an instructer ot youth. The following will be the rates ot tuition, pot quarter: Orthography, Reading ami Writing §4 00 do do do with Arithmetic, 500 English Grammar aud Geography, 6 00 Higher English Branches, 8 00 Languages, 10 00 The Female Department will commence on the same day, under the direction oi Miss Maroaue'i Hakvkv. Oi Aliss Har vey’s qualifications the Trustees deem it um nei essaiy to speak, as hey are too well known to require any recommendation Ironi them. The terms ol tuition, will be the same as state above, and lor Drawing and Painting. 12 00 Needlework an extra charge of 3 00 Board can be had, for males and females, tu tite most respectable houses, at reasona ble prices. Jam 5 39 BY THE TRUSTEES. "dissolution. rpHF firm of Rood & Seymour is this J day dissolved by mutual consent, tlte business will be settled by either ot the late firm. A. P. ROOD, C. B. SEYJJOU*. Lffutpltiu. filp -l&i T?3?: *4.1