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The Barnesville news-gazette. (Barnesville, Ga.) 189?-1941, April 03, 1902, Page 13, Image 13

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SPECIAL: 2000 cakes Buttermilk Toilet Soap -t per cake, .’XC Barnesville’s Largest and Middle Georgia’s Greatest Store. t THIS season we are making the greatest display of new merchandise in our history. The business in all parts of our great store was never better.' Everything purchased by us must be of standard quality, and when you shop here, rest assured that you can get nothing but reliable merchandise, fully up to standard in every way. The lowest prices that brains can conduce, and money create, are here waiting for you. MILLINERY DEPARTMENT. Main Building, West Main Street. The newest creations in Millinery Art are only shown by us. Our Easter display w r as equal to the largest Atlanta stores. We have double the size of store rooms this season, and if you desire the latest and newest Millinery be sure and pay our Millinery Department an ■ f early visit. DRESS MAKING. Kennedy Building Annex. This department is still under the management of Mrs. Emma Varner, with eight assistants. The highest class of dress work only is turned out. We make special prices when dress goods, linings and findings are purchased of us. >namnannaannonnßßMnn SILK DEPARTMENT. Main Building, West Gain Street. It is surely worth your time to look at our great stoek of silks. Heavy 36-inch Black Taffeta Silk $ 1 00 Heavy 20-inch Black Taffeta Silk 50 Heavy 22-inch Black Taffeta Silk 80 We also have colors to match at above prices. All of the new Silks in Grosgrains—Moire Velours —Peaudesoies —China’s—Rhadimeres, and fancy waisting silks are well represent ed in our Spring 1902 stock. We are also showing a great line of Washable and Foulard Silks 25 to To cts. "• N♦. .-<*> ■ p dress goods department. I ' Main Building, West Main Street. , * Some times there is a difference in dress goods; a difference in quality; a difference in width; a difference in style. If you stop at our store we can easily show you these differences. All of the new weaves in Woolen Skirtings, Cropons, Fazettas, Plaid Back Skirtings, Granite Cloths, Broad Cloths and Hop Sackings are displayed on our counters. No store can show a larger or better line of woolen dress goods than you can find on our counters this season. A word about our White Goods, Wash Goods, Etc. To say that we carry a larger stock than the entire town is ex pressing the thing mildly. Elegant and sheer white Lawns : 5 to 2o cts - Genuine French Organdies 1;> to 2octs - In printed wash goods our collection is beyond all previous showings. We extend a cordial invitation to the farmers of Monroe, Pike and Upson counties to visit our great store. We want your trade for either cash or time payments. v i J. C. COLLIER CO, Barnesville’s Leading Store. J. C. COLLIER CO. THE BARNESVILLE NEWS-GAZETTE, THURSDAY, APRIL 3, 1902. A FEW NOTION ITEMS Carried in Our Large Notion Stock. Dress Shields 10 and 15 Leather Belts 10, 15 and up to 50 Satin Belts 25, 50 and tip to $1 00 Metal Belts 50, 75 and up to $1 00 Ladies Purses 25, 50 and up Tooth Pow'ders 5, 10 and 25 Hair Brushes ;•; ;.,y ;...... ...25, 50 and up Rubber Combp ; *.O 5, 10 and up Horn Combs 10, 15 and up Kid Hair Curlers 5 and 10 , Witz Hazel 5 and 10 Large Bottle Ammonia 10 Box Fine Soap, 3 cakes .1..10 1 24 Sheets Note Paper 5 24 Envelopes Tj..;...; 5 Pair Scissors 10, 25 and 50 Box Shoe Polish 10 Bottle Colgate’s fine handkerchief extract 25 Box face pow der 5, 10 and 25 Box best Talcum powder 5 Box Rice powder 10 Ladies’ Belt Buckles 25 FURNITURE AND MATTING. Second Floor and Kennedy Building Annex. Our stock of furniture covers ten thousand square feet of floor space. Bed Room Suits, Side Boards, Rocking Chairs, Easels, Pictures, Union Shades, Lace Curtains, Porteires, Cornice Poles. WASH GOODS DEP T. flain Building 1,000 yds Printed Organdies 55 cts. 5000 yds Figured Dimities 5 cts. 5000 yds Printed Batiste 10 cts.> Hats. Its a good idea to buy your hat at the same place as you do your suit. None better than Hawes or Collier’s straws. Ladies' Shoes. This store is a veritable slice market, the place for you to come for your needs, any kind of shoes. Our reputation in Ladies’ fine shoes will uphold the statement that our shoes stock comprises the “smartest” and cleverest of tho shoe markets. The Oxfords in patent vici and kid'have that “snappy” appear ance —not an obtainable quantity in lots of slippers—nobby styles, any last of the season. Here’s where we win, They wedf. Come any kind of feet that will, we have the fit. Ladies’ genine Ideal patent Kid, 4 straps sandal, one half French heel, beaded, The newest slippers of the season $ 3 00 Ladies fine kid, 3 strap sandal, French [heel, quite a favorite with the young ladies’, for dross wear _ $ 2 75 Extra special Ladies’ Oxfords, a good style heel, fine kid leather pa tent tip, comfortable heel $ 2 (X) Ladies’ southern tie for dress wear in all the smartest last and best patent and kid tip, fine kid $ 2 50 Specially priced Ladies’ Oxford in a very desirable last and heel, good dongola kid . $ l 50 Ladies’ 3 strap sandal specially priced for the seasons,selling at .$ 1 00 Lest ye forget—“ Blue Steel” shoes —Collier’s guarantees. Children's Shoes. Mothers, we come to you with a little* talk on little peoples shoes. You are buying the little ones shoes now, but some day things will have to change. They may have little shoes to buy for your chil dren’s children, a good, beginning makes a good ending at Collier's shoe department. They are fyom the grown up children to the littlest ones. ‘ - Infants Oxford or shoes, good quality 50 fine kid Oxfords and sandals, ill all the newest lasts, etc...; 50 to $2 00 Come to see us first or last,we’re sure to sell you. Men’s Shoes. New “kinks” in men’s grojiml wear. You know what new means at the Collier stores —nothing newer in New York, Barnesville or any other place. We’re showing more lasts, styles, and kinds in Men’s Shoes than ever before. Not only the new but the good things. For instance, our $8.50 Shoe; they are better than some people*’' at $5.00 —Nearly as good as ours at $5.00. See them below. Mens’ handsewed Valours Calf, rope stitch, fancy foxing, British last, has just a little swing to it $ 8 50 Mens’ Vici Kid, for dress wear, skibo, British, and merit lasts* and some few toutches for the style ' 3 50 Chrome Calf Patent, dress toe, hand-Bewed, fancy, foxing $ 8 50 Genuine Patent Vici, Booth stock, best made ,low' cut' $ 8 50 “Blue Steel” Patent Leather at $ 3 00 (you know what a Biue Steel is; they’re at Collier’s.) Extra special, “Blue Steel” vici J)ong4la—soft, flexible $1.50 Blue Steel box toe, solid leather. They are good @$ 1 50 White’s red leather Brogans $ 1 50 Clothing! We put more style to the square inch and more wear to each suit than the usual clothier We’re unusual in this style, quali ty—price all right. We don’t cut the quality to give you a price, nor the style to give you the quality. Its all in. A man that’s out fitted at Collier’s cross town store is tin,* kind that you look at twice. He’s dressy ! He’s genteel. A good suit, fiannel effect, stripes and cross plaids $ 7 50 Extra fine quality suits, all colors, in the latest worn flannel and worsted, flannels, Etc, sl2 50 A splendid unfinished worsted, blue and black, guaranteed all wool sls 00 Specially prined clay worsted, all wool, sl2.sogoods $lO 00 SPECIAL: 500 steel rod Umbrellas, for 10 days.^J 13