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The Barnesville news-gazette. (Barnesville, Ga.) 189?-1941, June 19, 1902, Image 1

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BARNESVILLE NEAYS-GAZETTE. VOLUME 35. Will Cut Prices! S. M. Marshburn. From lliis date, prices on all early * # Spring Goods will be cut to the core. You can buy Silk Ginghams,'Merceriz- E& ed Ginghams, Madras Cloth, Covert . . Cloths, Crash, Cheviots, Slipper &c., in < < \ the radius of cost at Marshbums’. \ s j This place is receiving daily new \| j things in the way of White goods, Laces, Beadings, Ribbons, silks, Hosiery Hand herchiefs and Corsets. Marshburn handles the elegant make of Geo. F. Daniel Slipper, and being over stocked will cut prices in half. Come and see the bargains that we are offering and be convinced that we mean busi ness. Don’t forget to call for tickets and have picture enlarged. All work that has been done is satisfactory. ...Get Coupons with Cash Purchase... as $lO gives you a beautiful Tray or Pannel free ! V. O. Marshburn, Manager. Visit Our Fount And Quench Your Thirst with its delicious and refreshing drinks and freezes. Our Stock of Cigars is unsurpassed, and we keep nothing but the most choice selections. Our Prescription Dept. is open to your demands and needs, both day and night, with fresh and pure drugs. W. C. Jordan & Bro., Druggists and Stationers. J. H .BATE & Cos., JEWELERSA ND OPTICIA NS Bate’s Specials! If you should need a Watch, Clock —or for that matter, a Diamong ring— we have a nice line. Come to see us for Cut Glass, Sterling Silver or . Pictures. THE TWENTIETH CENTURY COUNTRY WEEKLY. A BRILLIANT COMMENCEMENT. THIS EVENT BRINGS TO A CLOSE ONE OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL SESSIONS IN THE HISTORY OF THIS FAMOUS INSTITUTION. The thirty-first commencement of Gordon Institute began Sunday morning under happy auspices. The long wished for rain had come and cooled the atmosphere and the gentle winds were still blowing, as the people wended their way to the auditorium of the old institu tion dear not only to the hearts of the people of Barnesville but to thousands of Georgians whose homes are located elsewhere. The services began promptly at 11 o’clock with music by a number of Barnesville’s best singers. Rev. N. B. O’Kelly, who had previously been selected to preach the commencement sermon, was introduced byhis friend and former fellow student, Rev. C. W. Dur den. He read the 14th chapter of Luke and selected the 27th verse for his text, which reads as follows: “And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple.” The subject of the sermon was the “Law of Christ/’ or the law of sacrifice. He showed how this principle was necessary for true success in the physical, moral and spiritual world. He pointed to the lives of Lincoln, Garfield, Whitfield, Milton and many others to illustrate the truth of this teach ing. The sermon was a very strong one, addressed especially to the young and it made a splendid im pression and won for the earnest minister many kind expressions. The Sunday evening sermon was also good, quite a number being even better pleased with it than with the morning sermon. It was based on the passage in first John, where Andrew brought his brother to Christ. There was a large audience present and the best attention was given the message throughout. THE SOPHOMORE EXHIBITION. Monday morning the prize con test among the Sophomore readers and speakers took place at 10 o’clock, and the program was quite interesting. There were in attend ance a large number of citizens and visitors, and all seemed to enjoy the exercises. The follow ing was the program: Terrell Covington, Pensacola, Fla —“Lucian Knight’s Eulogy of Wm McKinley ” Miss Roumania Barrett, Meansville, On.— “Tommy’s Prayer." J Edward Howard, Barnesville, Oa —“Death Bed of Benedict Arnold.” Miss Rosa Hammond, BarnesTille Oa —“The Old Surgeon’s Story ” (} White Jordan, Barnesville, Oa —“The South’s Part in the History of the American Republic Misa Dove Marehman, The Bock, Oa —“The One Legged Goose ” Joseph W Parks, Newnan, Oa —“Speech of John Adams ” Miss Viola Monsalvatge, Barnesville, Oa “Mark Twain on European Guides ” C. Preston Stephens, The Rock, Oa —“The Southern Young Man, The Hope of the Repub lic. B Marcellas Taylor, Meansville, Oa --“The Battle of Waterloo Miss Grace Woodward, Barnesville, Oa “The Legend of the Organ Builder. COMPETITIVE DRILL CONTEST. One of the most exciting feu tures of the week was the competi tive company and individual prize drill contest Monday afternoon. It began at 3 o’clock on the cam pas and was witnessed by throngs of home folks and visitors and notwithstanding the contest lasted until 6 o’clock the crowds remain ed anxiously awaiting the results. Captain Frits Jones, of the Macon Huzzars, was the judge and (Continued to Eighth Page.) BARNESVILLE, GA., THURSDAY, JUNE 19, 1902. WATSON TO SPEAK JULY 4TH. Hid WILL MARK A GREAT SPEECH ON THAT OCCASION. A contract has been closed with Hon. Thomas E. Watson to deliv er the fourth of July oration at the Barnesville chautauqua. He was in Barnesville last Friday and a committee had a conference with Mr. Watson, at which time a con tract was closed for the address. The chautauqua directors have made an effort every year to se cure Mr. Watson as an attraction for the chautauqua, but they have been unsuccessful until now. No man in the south is more compe tent to make a stirring speech on this great day and Barnesville promises the public a great cele bration on that occasion. The bands will play, the whistles will blow the cannons will roar and Mr. Watson will make the American Eagle scream on that day 1 It will be a demonstration worth see ing. No doubt there will he thou sands of visitors here to honor Mr. Watson as well as to hear his matchless oration. It will be a great and glorious day. BLUES ELECT OFFICERS. SHI GRAY IS MADE CAPTAIN AND JACKSON IU’HH 2ND. LIEUTENANT. Pursuant to an order from the governor, the Barnesville Blues proceeded to elect a captain Mon day night. The office of captain was made vacant by the resigna tion of Capt. Tliad Adams, who removed from this place to Mont gomery several months ago. They went into an election Mon day night and everything passed off very quietly. Second lieut enant Shi Gray was made captain without opposition and second sergeant Jackson E. Bush was chosen 2nd. lieutenant unanim ously. Several names had been mentioned for captain but Gray was finally settled upon as the man to run. When they have passed their examinations they will receive their commissions from the gov ernor, which will be but a short time. The selection of these two young men for the aboved named offices gives entire satisfaction, not only to the company but to the entire town. Both are well known and have fine records as military men and as citizens. They have been connected with the military of the town for a number of years. Under the di rection of these officers the Blues will continue to maintain its repu tation as being one of the crack companies of Georgia. The First Cotton liloom. Mr. E. R. Carswell, our popular night marshal, brought around to the News-Gazette’s office last Monday morning a full-grown cotton blossom, the firnt we have Been this season. Besides being a vigilant officer, Mr. Carswell has proven himself to be a progressive farmer, and is to be congratulated upon the pro duction of such an early cotton bloom. Bmti the Kind You Have Always Bought FRESH LOT GOLDEN DENT CORN ...Just Received At... Blackburn’s Drug Store J. W. Stafford & Sons. Specialties This Week.. Summer and Light Weight Clothing At Marked-Down Prices. Bargains in Men’s Hats and Shoes. Just Received DEPARTMENTS^ New Corsets, New Ribbons. Grocery Department. Fresh shipment Shredded Wheat Biscuit and “Force,” two most popular foods for summer. Try them. J. W. Stafford & Sons. L. O. BENTON PRESIDENT. W B. BMITH, Vice-President. J. A. McCRARY, Cashier. The First National DIRECTORS r W. B. SMITH, of j. (}, Smith & Hons. F M. STAFFORD, of J. W. Stafford & Hons. A P. KEMP, 't’hynleian. OTIS A MUIiPHEY, Insuram- . COPY OF CERTIFICATE: Treasury Department. ~ office OF Comptroller of the Currency. Washington, I). C., May 7, 1902 Whereas, by satisfactory evidence presented to the undersigned, it has been made to ap|ear that “The First National Bank of Barnes ville,” in the city of Bartlesville, in the County of f*ike, and State of Georgia, has complied with all the provisions of the Statutes of the United States, required to be complied with before an association shall he authorized to commence the business of Banking. Now therefore I, William B. Ridgely, Comptroller of the Curren cy, do hereby certify that “The First National Bank of Barnesville,” in the City of Barnesville, in the County of Pike and State of Geor gia, is authorized to commence the business of Banking as provided in section 5109 of the Revised Statutes of the United States. In testimony whereof, witness my hand and seal of office, this 7th day of May, 1902. ' Wm. B. RIDGELY, Comptroller of the Currency, ) Seat, or the < Or THE CURRENCY j Bank of Barnesville. NUMBER 21 DIRECTORS : W. H. MITCHELL, with Robert Mitchell. L. O. BENTON, Merchant and Banker. J. A. McCrary, Cashier.