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The Barnesville news-gazette. (Barnesville, Ga.) 189?-1941, June 19, 1902, Image 5

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Yoti’l Have to Hurry if you would keep up with the crowds that visit our store daily, purchasing the many novelties we are offering to the trading public. We haven’t time to mention the many articles we carry in stock, neither do we quote prices in print. We make the price over oxxr counters when the goods are shown. Here you have an opportunity of comparing price with quality, and we state right here that if after comparison you don’t find that we sell as cheap, or a little cheaper, than the other fellow, we will not insist on selling you, for we want every customer who visits our store to feel satisfied that they are getting full value for every penny they spend with us—we had rather miss a sale than to have a customer dissatisfied with a purchase. Upon this theory we are building up a trade that we feel proud of, and one which we flatter ourselves will stay with us. We carry in stock almost everything that is usually found in a General Store, but we would call attention especially to our stock of SHOES and SLIPPERS. We have a line of custom work that cannot be excelled in quality, style and finish, and the prices which we are offering them will be of interest to you. Wash goods is another special featxii’e with xxs for the summer trade. It is worth yoxxr time to call and see the many new and novel things we have in this department. y We Give Green Trading Stamps. Yours to serve, Barnesvllle Mercantile Company. Since moving into our new store our trade, though highly satisfactory before, has almost doubled in volume. The people appreciate our efforts to provide them with everything they need, and have learned to regard our place as their headquarters. The wants of the trade is our constant study, and, without presumption, we claim that our years of experience and unlimited cash reserve puts us well in the lead of all professing competitors. Having reaped the rewards of a mammoth spring business, we will devote the next two months to Warming Up Things in Warm Weather. So, without regard to any certain day in the week, or any certain hour in the day, the process of price-cutting will be continually going on. EVLRY DAT WILL BE BARGAIN DAY, and the same prices will prevail for Ba.m. as for 6p. m. Our line of WHITE GOODS, EMBROIDERIES and LACES has caught the trade. This stock is still unbroken, and no customer can afford to overlook it. As to SHOES, remember we have the exclusive control of L. M. Reynolds men’s fine shoes, and show Golding & Co’s, ladies and children’s fine shoes and slippers. No use to say we keep everything. No use to say we discount the other man in price. No use to promise more courteous attention. But suffice it to say our pleased customer is our best adver tisement. Always come to see us. BARNESVILLE MERCANTILE CO. PEOPLES BANK OF BARNESVILLE, Successor to Barnesville Savings Bank. OFFICERS: DIRECTORS: C. O. Summers, President. C. O. Summers, Dr. J. P. Thurman, Vice-President. J. C. Collier, A. M. Lambdin, Cashier. W. C. Stafford, J. P. Thurman, J. L. Fogg. Does a general banking business on a sound and conser vative basis. W e respectfully solicit the accounts and busi ness of merchants, farmers and others. We are ready to make loans on good collaterals. Careful attention given to the interests of our customers. R. P. Becht, Pres. E. G. Becht, Sec. & Treas. Chas. Becht, V-Pres. • Honest Pianos at Honest Prices. Becht Piano Cos., Manufacturers and Dealers In High-Grade Pianos and Organs. STEINWAY & SONS., HOBART M. CABLE, SOHMER & CO., STEGER & SONS, SINGER, Pianos. BURDETTE & MILLER, Organs. us for Catalogues and Prices, Special prices for the holidays. BELL PHONE 1565 ENGLISH-AMERICAN BUILDING ATLANTA. - GEORGIA. THE BARNESVILLE NEWS-GAZETTE THURSDAY, JUNE 19, 1902. The Pitts=Gray Cos. For Sale or Trade—Nice cows with young calves, several to choose from. B. H. Manry Goggansville Georgia. FOR SALE-My residence and sur rounding 50 acres of land in Barnes ville. W. K. Wii.kinson. Prof. Homer Carriker, of Molena, is inthe city a guest of friends. Prof. Carriker is a graduate of Gordon Insti tute. FOR SALE or Exchange my residence and 50 acres of land surrounding it in Barnesville. W. K . Wilkinson. For Sale - Wili sell my house and lot in Barnesville reasonably. Can give possession July sth 1902. Address Mrs. J. H. Connally, Blue Ridge, Ga. Little Misses Grace Neely, of Val dosta, and Edith Fletcher, of Forsyth, are visiting Mrs. Z. T. Maxwell, on Brown avenue. The Best Place in Middle Georgia for a Nursery, Dairy and Poultry farm for sale or exchange. W. K. Wilkinson, Barnesville, Ga. Don’t tie the top of yonr Jelly and preserve Jars In yS/iJ *5- the old fashioned way. Heal I them by ttfe new, quick, .. -v J absolutely sure way—by a thin coating of Pure MISA Relined i'aralline. Has nlllT ha KAI no taste or odor. Is !■ Ml, I b'F'lrfl air tight and acid proof. Easily applied. R Useful in a dozen other EF t i'W ways alxiut the bouse. RJvV l w/ Full directions with Vt Bold everywhere. Hade by . suNQtHb on J'tewartville Notes. The prayer meeting was largely attended Sunday night. Mr. Willie Reeves and Miss Sal lie Cannafax spent Sunday after noon with Meansville friends. Miss Lizzie Neal, of East Atlan ta, is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Eubank. Miss Lilia Faekler, an attractive young lady of Meansville, is the guest of Miss Sallie Cannafax this week. Messrs Otis Reeves andMurdick Vaughn attended the singing at Piedmont Sunday evening. Mr. Glen Shehee passed through the city Sunday afternoon. Mr. Aldredge gave, an interest ing talk to the Sunday school, Sunday evening. Quite a number of our young people will attend Barnesville eommencent Tuesday night. Misses Nora Shockley and Mat tie Williams attended the singing at Hope Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Hall spent Sunday in Barnesville. “Tidman" Mr. J. P. Clements, of Strouds, was in the city Saturday. Mr. Albert Hightower, of Macon, is visiting relatives here. Mr. G. G. King, of Thomaston, was in the city Thursday last. Mr. Z. T. Abercrombie, of Strouds, was a visitor here Friday. Mr. Yate Hudson, of Atlanta, spent Sunday in the city with his parents. Miss Maude Butler returned home last'week after an.'extended visit to Atlanta. ~ i Mr. W. H. Parker, of Strouds, attend ed the lecture of Tom Watson Friday evening. Mrs. Ivy, of Forsyth, is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. W. E. Culver, on Brown Avanue. Handkerchiefs at low prices. Wilkinson Miss Lucile Faith, of Atlanta, is the guest of hisses Ida Hamil and Fannie McLean this Week. Miss Nell Marchman, of the Rock, is the guest of Miss Anna Stephens, on Thomaston street. Prof. W. P. Ellis, of Oakland arrived in tjie city and is at the home of his parents on Elm street. Mr. Bartow Willingham, of Forsyth, attended the funeral of Uncle Morgan Howard here Saturday. Ribbons and combn, cheap. Wilkinwon. Misses Dora and Eva Warde, of Mil ner, are the guestsof Mrs. W. H. Cham bers during commencement. Miss Bertie Jackson, of Griffin, ar rived in the city Sunday and is now the guest of her brother Mr. Ed Jackson. Miss Salome Redding, of Cuthbert, arrived in the city Saturday, and is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Carl Anderson. Obi. and Mrs. J. F. Redding returned last week from Indian Springs where they have been spending several days, Miss Ella Moore, of the Rock, is spending sometime in the city visiting Mrs. Mittie Wright, on Zebulon street. 25 cent niz gilt 20 ctw Wilkiiwon Mr. W. R. Turner arrived in the city Thursday, from Athens, where he has been attending the University of Geor gia. Mr. and Mrs. James I'. Hardy have returned from an extended visit to their children in Atlanta and Gaines ville. Mr. Seymour Evans and his sister Miss Annie, of Plains, Ga., are the guest of Mrs N, L. Bush, on Elm Pro 4 I'.ftrl Anq/r'rson spent several days oi last week attending the com mencement exercises of Emory Col lege. .Mr. \V. H. J. Foy.of Egypt, an old Gordon Institute Cadet, is in the city visiting .Mrs. E. R. Stephens, on Thom aston Street. Miss Emmie Rawls,of Haralson, Ga.,, is the guest of tier sister Miss Merle at the home of Mr. \V. D. Berry on Brown Avanue. Miss Bessie Haines, of Atlanta, ar rived in the city Sunday and is to be the guest of Miss Jennie Kate Mills during commencement. Miss Lawrence Moore-, of Griffin, ar rived in the city Sunday and will be the guest of Mrs. J. L. Fogg while at tending the Chautauqua. Misses Clyde Doe, Allie Smith, and Ophelia Bridges, of Griffin, are the at tractive guests of Miss Ida Bennett on Forsyth street for some time. SOMEWHAT PERSONAL. Mr. Edwin Maddux, of Forsyth, was in the city this week. Prof, and Mrs. E. A. Pound, of Way cross, arc visitors hurt* this week. Mr. James Abercrombie was in the city Monday taking in Commencement. Slippers and Oxfords at low prices Wilkinson Mrs. J. 11. Lifsey, of Yatesville, is the guest of Mrs. R. R. Carter this week. Miss Bessie Middlebrooks, of The Rock, was in the guest of relatives here Sunday. Mr. A. A. Rose, of The Rock, attend ed the commencement exercises here this week. . Assortment towels low' prices Wilkinson Mr. W. A. Mil tier, of Florida, is visit ing his son, cadeF Frank Miltier here this week. Mr J. 11. iff liner, Pike’s popular sheriff, was a pojnniencement visitor here Tuesday. Shoes at Rock bottom pricey Wilkinson Mrs. Y. E. Bargeron. of Stillmore, is visiting her parents ’lmre, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Graham. Mr. John Hagan, of Atlanta, spent Sunday in the city with Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wellmaker. Three times three, important num ber nine, 12 —9. Gospel Voices no 8. Multiplication of Songs, many. Sec your hook man or call on E. T. P. Miss Sallie Candler, of Gainesville, has been the guest of Mrs. C. E. Lamb din on Greenwood street, while attend ing Gordon Institute commencement. Miss Lizzie Thurmond and Miss Edith Mercius arrived in the city Sunday, from Jacksonville, Fla., where Miss Thurmond has been visitng for several months. Miss Annabell Matthews, of Gaines ville, is an attractive guest to Miss Nettie Matthews. She will remain here during commencement and Chau tauqua. The Fayette County Musical Conven tion will hold its next session at Beth any church near Fayetteville, Ga., on sth Sabbath in June inst. and Saturday before. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Martin, of Macon, came up Sunday to visit the hitters mother, Mrs. S. If. Brown. Mr. Martin returned home but Mrs Martin will will remain several days. Misses Lizzie Gregg, of Atlanta, .Mary Good ruin, of College I’arK, and Mrs. U S Bradley, of Atlanta, are the charming guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stafford during commencement and Chautauqua. Mr. C. If. Humphrey went to Savan nah Monday to attend the Banker’s Convention held there this week. In his absence Mr. Bunwoody of the Exchange Bank of Macon lias charge of the Citizens ham . Prof, and Mrs. Homer Bush, of Cuth bert, arrived in the city last week and are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Porch. Mrs Bush has been quite sick but her condition is very much impro veds which is very cheerful news to her many friends here. Lawns and dimities, cheap. Wilkinson Miss Lottie Aikin, of Culloilcn, is spending commencement with her sister, Mrs. W. H. Mitchell, on For syth street. Mr. J. A. McCrary is in Savannah this week attending the Insterstate Bankers Association as a representa tive from the First National Bank of Barnesville. Fount Drinks.. Wt 'T'HERE is nothing so very refreshing these long, hot summer days as an ice cold • drink of something from a fountain where everything is clean and nice, and the ser vice is pleasant and agreeable. Such a place is found at Our Fount. Soda Water, Phosphates, Coco Cola, Gingerale, Gems, Sherberts, Creams, 6cc., at Wright’s Drug Store. C. M. Baily spent yesterday in Atlan ta. Mr. I'. F. Matison, of Jonesboro spent yesterday in the city. Mr. Homer Carreker, of Molena, was in the city yesterday. Mr. C. Gainer Turner, of Macon vis ited relatives here this woek. Editor C. L. Lifsey, of Thomaston, was u visitor here yesterday. Mr. Coroielle Marchman, of The Rock, spent Wednesday in the city. Mr. Leon Brooks, of Molena, was a visitor here during commencement. Mr. Robert Middlebrooks, of The Rock visited friends here during com mencement. Dr. F. It. Graves left today for Mc donough where he will conduct a reviv al. Mr.Aile Middlerooks, of The Rock, attended the commencement exercises Monday. Htrnw hata, cheaper. Wilkinmm. Mr. T. W. Hardwick, of Sandersville, is the guest of I)r. C. 11. Perdue while in the city. Miss Estelle Allen has been the at tractive guest to Mrs. J. W. Vaughn on Elm street. Misses Bertha and Clyde Boynton, of Griffin, are visiting Mrs. M. S. Howard for a few days. , Miss Mattie C. Hammond, of Thom aston, is the charming guest of Mrs. J. T. Hunt this week. (Hit edge polish 20c ta WilkliiHon. Mr. W. V. Lifsey, of Montgomery, Ala., was a prominent visitor here dur ing commencement. Mr. Jesse Suddeth, of Opelika, Ala., is in the city, the guest of his sister, Mrs. J. A. Wellmaker. Remember Wilkinaon’M shoe guarantee . Miss Marie Hudman, a charming yonng lady of Ope.lika, Ala., is the guest of Mrs. J. A. Wellmaker. Mrs. Gussie McKinney, of The Rock, was the guest of friends here during commencement. Hp(*-ial (wit im trunks. Wilkinson. Misses Louise Tinslee and Lucille Hollis, of Forsyth, are the charming guest of Miss Grace Porch. Captain F. R. Jones, judge of the military contest, was the guest of Col. J. Q. Nash while in the city. Mr. Curtis Barrett, of Meansville, is spending the week with Mr. R. R. Carter on Greenweed Street. Mrs. Lou la Kendall Rogers arrived in the city Saturday and is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. McCrary. Col. Sain lfewlette passed through the city Tuesday enroute for Missouri where ho will remain for sometime. Window shades cheap Wilkinson . Mr. Thad Adams, of Montgomery, Ala., has been in the city this week attending commencement as the guest , of Mr. L. A. Collier. Miss Marie Dumas, a charming young lady from Milledgeville, arrived in the city yesterday and will visit the family of chief W. H. Willis on Elm street Misses Scottie and Lucy Crowder, of Griffin, are in attendance at the com mencement exercises, the guests of Mrs. W. H. Pritchard, on Elm street. Misses Lizzie Etta Clark and Bessie Crouch, two attractive young ladies from Oakland, are the commencement visitors of Mrs. W. H. Pritchard, on Elm street.