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The Barnesville news-gazette. (Barnesville, Ga.) 189?-1941, March 26, 1925, Image 6

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MRS. ARMOR COMING It was in Ohio in the winter of j 1H73 when a protest of home loving, cultured women began a “crusade” against the liquor traffic. A number of Christian women, af ter much prayer, decided to inarch to the nearest saloon ami ask the “keeper” to give his heart to God, and cease to carry on the whisky business. As they marched they sang: “Give to the winds thy fears; Hope, and be undismayed; God hears thy sighs and counts thy tearH; God shall lift up thy head.” It took a mighty faith and courage to meak away from the usual cus tom of ailer c and endurance, but “God is the same yesterday, today i ' and forever,” and as in older times, 11< had prepared these women to go Jo h, in His name, to meet and con quer their enemy, a death dealing < :e.ny. Only those who have suf i r <1 Jho anguish and sorrow of a i ruakard’s wife or daughter can feel t.o need of divine help, and the quickening power of divine leader ship, and with all their mind and heart and soul rejoice to say, "where i i1 e leads 1 will follow.” “Gentle women they were these, singing, praying crusaders, and they meant business, when they pleaded with the rum-sellers to sign their pe titions and forever cease to break women’s hearts, blast children’s hap piness, despoil women's homes and destroy manhood’s hopes.” Their most sanguine expectations Were realized for in fifty days it drove the liquor traffic out of two hundred and fifty towns and vil lages, increasing by one hundred per cent the attendance at church and de roioed that at the criminal court in almost like proportion. They were sometimes roughly treated l)iit God's words were sharper than a two-edged sword, and pierced asumlei the many man-given excuses. Who can face these true words, “Woe unto him that putteth the bot tle to his neighbor’s iipe?” God’s woes are just as sure to come as his blessings that we receive each day from his bounteous love. We warn you again today that “the way of the .wicked shall be turned upside down,” and God knows the secret thoughts and the intent of the heart. It is an established fact that nine ty per cent of all crimes are trace- able to whisky. One saloon keeper asked, “How long do you all expect to keep up this kind of business," and their re ply was. ".lust as long as we live, and vo shall train our daughters to work when we are gone." We think God and take murage that he has called and prepared wo men to carry on every phase of the glorious temperance work. That silver-tongued orator, Miss Franc* s Willard, passed through Georgia more than forty years ago j :,d left a t mperance message that V '! 1 . t us long as time. v O'.’.i own Mrs. Mary Harris Armor, called "the greatest woman orator in the world today,” will make an utidrexs in Barnesville April 7, 1925. A cordial invitation is given every Cne to conic and hear her. —Temperance Worker. Watch Your Daughter Augusta. Ga.—“ When I was about fourteen vears of am* I had not prop erly developed and the pains up around my head were so intense that I could not attend school. There were times when I became uncon scious from the suffering. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is the medicine my mother gave me which corrected this condition and I developed na turally into womanhood. My good health of today I attribute to the good work of Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription in my and I cannot praise it too highly. —Mrs. Mary A. Cooper. 1502 Fenwick St Girls, health brings beauty. Do not fail *o take Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription in liquid or tablets, bend 10c to Dr. Pierce’s in Buffalo, N. Y., for trial pkg , and write for free medi cal advice. - \ . IMteci Srnojd . (SX2StsP —Gloves, Silk Hose, Lace Collars, Ribbons and little fixings. Just every little touch to make one’s j Easter Dress smart looking. Silks for Easter— Print* Hold First Place. • Printed Crepes, Chif fons. Flat Crepes and Canton and Silk mixed Crepes, small dainty figures, medium de signs large designs, the unusual designs and sport .‘■tripes. Prices from 95 cts. to s4.<>o vd. lsn’t it more satisfactory to come to a store like ours, where you get a better store service and we stand squarely back of every statement and every article sold? Come to the DE PEND ON STORE for better shopping. CHURCH ANNOUNCEMENTS Aldora Tabernacle (Methodist) “The Church with the Cross and the growing crowd.” GUY T. PITTMAN, Pastor. Next Sunday is the time many have been looking forward to for sev eral weeks. Our meeting starts, therefore the few remaining days need to be spent in earnent prayer, for the meeting, for the Pastor, the Church and the unsaved, that God may get out of the meeting the hings that ought to be achieved. Sunday School H. C. Dumas, Supt. Our Sunday School continues to improve *in many ways as the weeks | nme and go. Many things are be- ( ng worked out that our fathers said •ould nevi rbe done. Kvery depart .nent of the s - hool is growing, not inly in numbers, but also in en ihusiasni. It' you haven’t been to, Sunday School for a few weeks, the rirst thing you do next Sunday morn ing, get ashamed of yourself for not ioing better, next, go to Sunday school, thereby, help as well as watch js grow. "BE A BOOSTER.” Preaching Service* 11:00 A. M. —Subject, “A Revival of Religion.” 7:00 P. M. —Subject: General rules of Methodist church. All those that are not members of the Metho dist church ought to come and see .f the Methodist folks are keeping the rules of their church. Epworth League Mrs. W. P. Dumas. Pres. Our League has now perfected its organization, and is doing splendid work. If you are a young person and live at Aldora. and do not at tend the Epworth League—Well, you ought to do it, that’s all. “You are always welcome at the Tabernacle.” Gingham Special— -1000 yds of newest spring ginghams, 27 in.. 25 cts. quality at 15 cts. 1000 yds of newest spring ginghams, 32 in., 29 cts. quality, at 19 cts. New striped Broad cloths and Pongee, 75c quality at 49c. Strickland=Crouch Cos., Griffin, Ga. BIBLE CLASS MEETING The Woman’s Bible Class of the First Baptist church held its monthly business and social meeting Thurs day, March 12, at the home of Mrs. W. T. Baird and Mrs. Abe Hoyt on Thomaston street. Acting as joint hostesses were Mrs. .1. B. Sims, Mrs. P. L. Gordy and Mrs. Farris Hall. The home was beautifully decor ated in an abundance of spring flow ers. Baskets of jonquils and yellow jessamine and large ferns made very effective decorations. The same color scheme was carried out later in the afternoon in tne refreshments. Mrs. G. R. Freeman, president of the class, presided. The meeting was opened by the singing of the class song, "Higher Ground.” The devotional was given by Mrs. B. H. Butts and Mrs. R. S. Berry. Then the minutes of the last meeting and reports of committees were read. The cl%ss made plans to sponsor the weekly prayer meeting service of the church. After the business meeting a mu sical program was rendered by Mrs. \V. A. Prout. Jr., and Mrs. Arthur Jackson, with an impromptu number by Mrs. Tom Murphey. Miss Orville Tyler then gave a ; reading. The program was followed by a social hour and delicious refresh ments were served. I CLASS REPORTER. TO AUTOMOBILE OWNERS i Beginning next Wednesday. April Ist. 1 will be forced to make a ease against every automobile owner who does not have on his car a 1925 tag. The lime was out on March Ist, but there will absolutely be no extension beyond next Wednesday. All auto mobile owners are hereby notified to this egect. Z. T. ELLIOTT, Sheriff. Strickland=Crouch Co’s. Store Ready With Smart Easter Merchandise —We are <dad to be of service to the Club Women of Georgia. They are our greatest asset, and most* of them know of the splendid service this store has ren dered in years past and you will always find us ready to coopeiate m e\ei> forward movement. \ Good clothes and how to dress well, but not overdress, 01 extia\agantL, hns been a study oi this store for years, and this season we announce without hesita tion that we are better prepared than ever before for Easter and we invite you to see the New Ensemble Suits, Dresses, Coats, Sport Clothes, Shoes, Slippers, Hosiery, Dress Goods, Silks and Novelties for Spring. Ensembles— -0 —As pictured need not have frocks trimmed with the fabric of the coat, and some of the smartest ensembles for this season have coats of wool and frocks df hai monizing and printed silks. The Ensemble idea lies in the harmony of color from Hat to Slippers and we are showing a complete stock all to match. Ensemble Suits Priced from $19.75 to $69.75. Printed Crepe and Georgette Dresses $14.75 to $49.72. Snort Dresses, Broadcloth and Tub Silks. $4.95 to $29.75. Lovely Fabrics —This is one of the largest and best stocks of wash goods in Geor gia. and anew feature this vear. We guaran tee all colors fast. Wash goods bought here will come from the tub just like new, ami cost vou no more than ordinary colors sold elsewhere. 1 I/ 1 I — —. Slippers for Easter —Here is where some say their troubles begin—can’t get a fit or can’t get the shoe I want. No trouble here with all the new combinations in Patent. Satins, Kid and Tan Calf. See some of the style pictures and come in and we will fit you perfectly, and the prices, too, are reason able—s4.oo to SIO.OO. —Plenty of new styles at $5.00, $6.00 and $7.50. —Children’s Slippers in several good styles— to $4.50. —This store is known everyw-here for good shoes, and especially Men’s and Boys’—every pair made for this store. Prices, $3.00 to $12.50. _ Card of Thanks We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude and our sincere thanks for the many acts of kindness, words and deeds shown us during the illness and burial ceremonies of Mrs. King. She never failed in her last hours to express herself, her appreciation, and using her words, “May God bless you every one.” —Mr. and Mrs. W. B. King and family. Mrs. W. J. Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Farris Hall and family, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Cleveland. o More than a billion pounds of su gar is consumed in this country in the form of candy each year. o—— Night Coughing— How to Stop It Night coughing which, through loss of valuable sleep, often makes you feel utterly worn-out and use less during the day, and by quickly weakening the system lays you open to the most dangerous infec tions, can now be promptly checked by a very simple treatment. Peo ple who have hardly been able to rest on account of coughing spells have found that they can sleep the whole night through undisturbed often after the very first trial. 1 The treatment is based on a remark •ble prescription known as Dr. King s New Discovery. You simply take a tea spoonful at night before retiring and hold It in your throat for 15 or JO sec onds before swallowing it. The pre scription has a double action. 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