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The Barnesville gazette. (Barnesville, Ga.) 187?-189?, February 07, 1878, Image 2

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ikuncofiilc feette. PUBLISHED BY J. C. McMICHAEL. BAMESVILLE, GEORGIA. THURSDAY, - - FEB. 7,1878. Deni. Pierce M. 13. Young, of Georgia, has been appointed by the President to represent the cotton States at the Paris Exposition. r i is a lacy telegraphic corres pondence going on between W. E. Chandler and E. A. Burke concern ing an agreement reduced to writing at Worm leys hotel, which made Days President. The agreement doubtless will be made public. Governor Colquit, a, few days since commissioned Mr. \Y. T. Newman to go to Washington and make an elfort to secure more arms for the State of Georgia, The matter having been brought before Senator Hill, he call ed on the Secratary of war who promptly issued an order to the Gov ernor of Georgia for two hundred stands of the improved patera of government arms. The Louisiana lieturning Boaid, must meet stern justice if the State couits of Louisiona can administei it. In the frenzy of the Returners they have done everything in their power to escape the law. When all chicanery and dodging could not shield them from arrest, and their cases, were brought to trial before the State court, they appealed to Justice Bradly to transfer their case to the L T . iS. court, The telegrams bi ing us intelligence of Bradley’s de cision, which is averse to the Re turners. After hearing all the facts and records in the case, he declines to interpose. They then must meet their fate, let it b good or bad. Hon. B. 11. Hill, in his letter to tlie Atlanta silver “lunacy” the men to whom lie mainly owes hiselccti n to the United Stales senate, justifies his opposition to the silver bill and defiant ly t 11s his Georgia consiituen's that “n > a nount of clamor, abuse or slan der, foieign or dome-tic, from either thoughtless or designing people, cm drive me one i ch from the discharge o ! what I know to be my duty.” ‘'Our Ben did net talk in that tone to ihe m inkers of the Georgia legis -1; lure wh n lor two mortal lion "s he sited and plead to them for their votes to make him senator. i lie pri ic and ambition of his soul then was to tinly and faithfully r. p iv sent ilie*}) ople ol Geoigiain the na tional councils as no other man in Georgia but himself could represent t: em. He del not believe 'hen that lour-fif lis of th ( j e pie of Georgia we e either knaves, tools or lum tics. 15 it .r. iill lias a five years lease of office now. He lies reached the gal of his ambiti n. Georgia lias has n thing more to give him and he ca:i afi'ov.l to Kick down the ladder by wh ch he clin bed to his present eminence.—Savannah Xews. Charles Nordiioff: About the intrigues anil swindlesof the Return ing Board, Air. Chandler, accords ing to liis own account, knows on■ -ugh to make him a good witness, ami about that is h< ped lie will tell a1 ho knows. The Administration does not trouble ’tseif about the members of the Louwanna Return ing Board. The President holds his place by the decision of the Electoral Commission and not by any frauds which may have been committed in Loui-anna. If wrong was done there ho will not protect t'.e wrong doers nor seek to stand between them and exposure and pumshment for their crime. The concealment of wrong-doing might embarrass him; its discovery and punishment certainly would not. The Eastern War. Last. /Saturday brought the Eas tern war to a close by an acceptance of terms. A St. Petersburg telegram states that Russia has accepted Austria’s proposal of a conference for settling the European question resulting from the war* A telegram lrom Cairo announces that the Grand Yisier of Turkey lias tele graphed to the Khedive that a prac tical armistice was leady for signa ture. The Sultan telegraphed the Czar accepting the peace conditi ms and aski and the Czar to stop the ad vance of the Russian Troops. The Czar replied that he was about to give orders to that effect. The ar mistice and peace preliminaries were signed and military movements stop ped. Another bloody and terrible war hasbeen’en tel. The horrors and mi fieri ngs and cruelty of this t ;e ast, perhaps has no equal in his tory. There i- great satisfaction at the settlement of peace preliminaries, The following are the conditions of the protocol: i. Piie erectionjjf Bulgaria iato a principality. !. A war indemnity or teu’itory in c mponsafion. . j 3. Tha independence of Roumania - Servia and Mentenegro with an in crease of territory for each. 4. Reforms in Bosnia and Herze govina. o. An ulterior understanding be tween the Sultan and the Czar regar ding the Dardanelles. C. The evacuation of the Danubean fortresses and Ereeromn. Hobart Pasha lias received orders to hold the fleet in readiness to sail as it is believed for the Piraeus. Melicmet Ali Pasiia has been ap pointed to the command of the troops m Crete aud Adashides a Christian has been appointed governor of the island. Peter Cooper. The well known founder of Cooper Institute, of New York, which has been such advantage bene to those who nave reaped the (its, now contemplates establishing a similar institution in South Carolina, as we learn from a New York cores pondent of the Cincinnati Enquirer Before the late civil war there flour ished at Limestone Springs, Spirtau burg County, South Carolina, a young ladies’ seminary, the proprietor of which grew very rich. When the war broke out he loaned all his means to the Confederate Government, and a little later was bankrupt. Since that time, the school-building and its surroundings have been for sab. To the present owner, Thomas 11. Bo tnar, a large sum of money has been loaned for four years by Mr. Cooper, who holds a mortgage upon the prop erty, with the privilege of taking it in part payment at the end of that time, ‘‘if meanwhile, ho finds it to be suited tor his purp iso.” Mr. Coop er has written to Govern w Hampton asking upon what conditions the State would accept the gift of the property, which consists of ten build ings and 800 acres of land, upon winch should be maintained a man ual labor institution, or a school of science and art, similar lo the one which now exists at the Cooper Union in New York To this letter Governor Hampton has replied in very cordial terms, thanking Mr. Cooper and assuring linn that the Legislature would accept almost any conditions, About the only condiii m Mr. Cooper will impose, he says, is that no taxes shall be assessed on the property for any purpose. He be lieves that in a short time the institu tion which he contemplates as a possibility would become self-sun porting. Washington, I). C. Feb. 1878. The current of Congressional affairs w, s slightly disturbed by the litile disagreement between Senators Blaine and Hoar. The dispute was ostensi bly over the parts played respective ly by Maine arid Massachusetts in the war of 1812, but t ie real casus belli was the vo e of the Massachusetts delegation in the Cincinnati Conven tion. It is conceded that the Bland Sil ver bill will pass the Senate by a two third vote. That the President will veto the bill is feared by its friends but many say he will sign it with the understanding that the Government shall continue to p.y the interest on the public debt in gold. The female suffragists are Hill besieging congress As the women of Jas.-achusetts alone pay taxes on $131,000,000 of proper ty who can say with justice abut they should not have a voice in legisla tion. Among the contributors to art in the Capital Mrs. Fla.-sett, stands in the front rank. She is an American lady who has struggled in the thorny and uncertain paths of art, until she has touched tiie topmost round in the golden ladder of fame. Before the lire this lady and her husband pos sessed one o the most valuable stu dios the one continent in the great great and then the wealthy city of Chicago. And now the trees are tripped of tin ir leaves the new State Department building is beginning to show something of its vast extent and l eauty. The work on the building is not progressing in the railroad style of Mullet, but as fust as is con sistent wicli defection and the amount of the appropriation availed for the pm p ‘se. '1 he south front is entire ly complete, and is imposing in its vast proportion and commandingjelevation. When complete this building will throw the Treasury building near ii emirely in the shade, not by reason of its greater beauty but from the fact that a portion of the latter is sunk some feet b low* the grade of lie street and in Older to enter the really beautiful northern front you are obliged first to descend an area alter passing through which mount another, flight of steps before reach ing the entrance. All’s. Myra Clark Gaines visited the General Land of ti eto consult with Commissioner M illiams n in relation to a claim which she presents for upwards of 19,000 arpents of land granted and confirmed to her father, Daniel Clark in 1801 and in 1 St<4 by the Board of Land commissioners. The grauts are in Missouri, within seventy-three miles of ISt. Louis. The tracts ag gregate about 17,000 acres. Mrs. Gaineswishes to ascertain to whom patents fur these lands haye been is- sued. Francis Murphey, the great ti mperance Reformer opened the campaign, at Lincoln Hall on the Sabbath and three thousand persons idled tiie street who could not gain jidnii tance. The greatest entlnisK asm prevailed lion. R. A. Hatcher M. C. Mo. presided. A choir ot 140 singers made the great Hall ring, with Gospel Temperance songs, A great work in the interest of Tem perance is now sweeping over this city. Howard univer itv under its new President \V. W. Patton, L. L. I). founder ot the (_hic go Advance, has a hopeful future, ibuiee the panic in t 1873, the I rustees have paid off 890,000 of indebtedness and are now arranging for the payment of the last dollar of obligations resting up on the Ii s'itutiou. Its buildings Campus and out-ide improved prop erty and vacant lands will with the revival of business become immens iy valuable* It lias a large class in loth the Theological and Medical de bartments. This is one of the few I institutions whose doors are open alike to male and female, white and colored. Anew printing process, is the latest invention by which the reporter can take notes in full copy in type, at the rate of 200 words per minute. \ person can learn the pro cess in one week so as to transcribe with occuracy and dispatch. A wit ness can be furnished in ten minutes alter leaving the slaud with a perfect printed copy of his testimony a feat ure really appreciated by Judge Coun cil, and Client. Fax. WASIIIVUTOV NEWS. Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson, hap presented and Congress has acceptes Carpenters painting of ex-President Lincoln and his cabinet. Tiie cabinet has decided that the coinage of the trade dollar shall be resumed at the Philadelphia mint. Davis, of North Carolina, an e.\- Cnptain of the Confederate army, introduced a bill in the House to re peal Section 4.71 G of the Revised Statutes, which is as follows : “No money, oil account of pension, shall he paid to any person,or the widower children of heirs of any deceased person who in any manner voluntar ily engaged in aide! or abetted the late rebellion against the author ity of the United States. r Southern men are in earnest in the desire to have this section repealed, for the purpose of putting an end forever to the senseless clamor of the Kti'M cans about the purpose of the Dem ocrats. A rumor in Washington to tlieef leet the Secretary Sherman and Sen ator Matthews have been indicted at New Orleans, in connection with the proceedings of the Louisiana Return-, ing Boaid, is creating some excite ment. The statement is made that Sena tor Conk ling is possessed of dispatch es which passed between Washington and Columbus during the Electoral proceedings and that some of them —partictilary those sent in the last stages of tie count—indicate that Hayes knew the bargain which had been made with the Southern Demo crats, and approved of it. The Senate ratified the treaty with the Samoan Islands. It provides for the cession to the United States of a naval and coaling station on the isl ands over which entire jurisdiction is ceded, and admits United States ves sels an i goods free of duty except a slight tonnage tax. It also establish es a kind of a protectorate over the islands by our Government. Ale tor received by one of the Republican Representatives from Louisiana from one of the President tial Electors, and dated New Or leans, January 27th, speaking of t he prospective movement there, says : “It is proposed to convict.the Re turning Board ; next, to indict Elec tors with Kellogg— the Electors as accessories after the fact and Kellogg as an accessory before and after.” the letter adds : “If the President knows what is healthy for him he had host bo stirring around to save old Mad Wells, for he swears he won t stand much more nonsense. The old man is getting his mad up.” Air. Goode, chairman of the House Committee on Education and Labor has been instructed to present a res olulion calling on the President to confer with foreign powers iu ref erence :o so revising our commercial relation-? with China as to prevent the unlimited importation of Chi nese. The State Department at Wash ington has received official informa tion that the Turkish blockade lias been extended to the port of Durazzo, on the Adriatic The bill appropriating two hun dred thousand dollars for the erec tion of posts for the protection of the Itio Grande frontier, passed the House. In the House flic following bills were introduced and referred” By Air. Davis, of North Carolina, reducing the tax on brandy made from peaches or apples. By Air Shelley, of Alabama, fora commis sion to inquire the best means of destroying the cotton army worm. AH’- Hooper, of .Mississippi, moved to suspend the rules and pass a bill authorizing a special term of the circuit and district court for the southern district of Mississippi, for the purpose of tning eases atisiug from the seizure of timber alleged to ha\e beeu obtained by depredations on the public lands. It was defeated by a \ ole of yeas 145, to nays 97. not two-thirds in the affirmative. A motion to suspend the rules and to instruct the committee on wavs and means !o report a graduated income tax, was defeated by a vote of IGG to 80, not two-thiids in the affirmative. In the Senate Mr. Beck spoke* in support of his amendment and Air. Bayard in opposition to the silver bill. , 'I iie Gaulois states that it has au thenic information from Berlin < film re-establishment- of the triple alliance Russia, at the request of Germany, having modified the conditions objec ted to by Austria. A Canadian missionary at Formasa has been attacked by mol s at Tatnp siu and threatened with death if lie remaine !on the island. He refu ,and to wiiho taw, aitiiongh the Chinese officials declared that they were pow erless to protect him. The Merchants’ National Bank of Fort Scot, and the Topeka Bank and Savings Institution hivecoliaps ed under the financial pressure. The schooner Ella Haynes, with a cargo of salt from Pr jv.dence, went ashore .it Plum Island, Long Island Sound, and before assistance could reach her sank, and all on hoard per ished. General Joseph E. Johnston has consented to run for Congress from the district represented by lion. Gilbert C. Walker, ami which em braces the city of Richmond. 1 bo conflict between Governor Pope Ilennessy and toe Hong Kong com munity still continues the former in sisting upon absolute reforms in the tieatment of the Chinese inhabitants which has liiiheito been pronounced scandalous. Russia s answer lo Austria's note has he.n received at Vienna audit recognizes the fact that the present or future situation betwe.n Russia and Turkey aie subject to modifica tion, and are noi definitive until sanctioned by the powers. F armers should congratulate them selves that they are not the only men in the country, who are suffering with burdensome indebtedness Not a day passes, but the telegraphic dis patches biirg us intelligence of mer cantile firms going into bankrupt cy While visiting a city in our State some days since we learned of com promises at a very low per cent on the dollar being made secretly, dims men break, and yet the public at large know nothing of their fail ure, They even compromise their indebtedness secretly and continue without law or juiies, aud even the the pubiic pulse is not agitated by their go down. Now at the begin ning of the year, keep out of debt and you will not be sold out. If you do nut make anything, you will not have any debts to pay. The loss of the steamship Metrop olis, was a hat rowing and terrible af fair. One hundred and sixty out of the two hundred and sixty passen gers, laborers and employs of the contractors of the Brazil Railroad were drowned and their dead bodies are lying upon the beach for a dis tance of two miles from the scene of the stid disaster, it is stated by a survivor that the cause of the disaster was the unseaworthiness of 'the ves sel. This ill-fated steamer was, pre vious to the building of Jim Fisk’s palace, steamer, the favorite on the line between New York and Provi dence, was one of the largest and fin est steamers afloat in those days. Like all steamboats of her class, she carried her boilers on her guards, which probably, with her age, con tributed to produce this feaful disas ter. She was built in 1854, and was 2,219 tons r> gkter. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. GRANITE HALL, FRIDAY AIG1IT! In consequence of the BIUI-LiTANT SUCCI'SS of the Ti HUB They vi 11 p ay again for the Last TIME at the Low PlilOE of admission, with an entire Change of Programme! 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BtJRKE &■ BON, Dealers in PciintSj Ohs 9 Giciss, Brushes, Yaleutiue’a Tarnisheg, and AOasiiry’N Paint $ Third Street - - - - MACON, GA. SchofiehVs Iron Works, MACON GA. MANUFACTURERS of STEAAI ENGINES. (FROM 4 TO 40 HORSE FOWER.) 41 so WqE/\j TifUESififiq Efiqi^s, Prepared to mount on any Farm Wagon. Grist Mills, Cotton Presses, Cane Mills and Syrup Bolers, Shaftings, Pulleys, Prompt attention paid to rep ring Alois an 1 Machinery. END FOR CIRCULAR. leb7 -* j. S. SCHOFIELD & SON. i GEORG IA —Pi ke County. TO AT L WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. TUe creditors ii vd next of kin of Mrs. Martha A. j Fuck lor. lute of said county deceased, are hcre ! by notified to be and appear at my office on the first | Monday in March next to show cause, if any exists, : why au order to sell the one-fifth interest of the mill property known Williams mill belonging to the estate of Mrs. .-.a tha A. Tackier late of said County d-jc’d shou.i not be sold. Given under my hand and sial this the stli day of February 1878. T. J. BLASINGAME, Ordinary. Pike March Sheriff Sale. WILL be sold before Court House door, in the town of Zebulon, Pike County, Ga., on the first Tuesday in March uext, between the legal hom'd of sale, the following property to-wit: One house and lot in the town of Barnesville situ ated ou the Macon & Western Rail Road aud ad joining lauds of -Jerry Justice, F. X. Banks aud other -, containing four acres more or less. Levied ou as Lie property of Barney Green by virtue of and to satisfy two lifas issued from the sSßrd district G. M. One in favor of Livingston and Rumble, the other H. C. Hanson Vs Barney Giv en. The said Barney Green holding bouds tor titles from Jno. H. Pound with part of purchase money unpaid, lhop erty pointed out by plaintiffs attys. Levies made and returned by 8. lb Fox aud W. A. Prout, C. Tenant in possession notified AIAO, at the same time and place the west half of the lot of land no. one hundred and thirty (130) in the Bth district, of originally Monroe, now Pike County, containing one hundred acres, more or less. Levied on as the property Of J. A. J. Williamson, by virtue of and tojsatisfy afila, issued from Pise Superior Court in favor of H. H. Strickland as J. A. J. Williamson, principal, and J. H. Mitchell securi ty an stay fond. Property pointed out by plaintiffs atty. Tenant in possession notified. ALSO at the same time aud place the lot of land No. thirteen (13) in the 7th distl' ct of originally Monroe now Pike County, contain ng two hundred two aud one half acres, more or less, levied on as the property of Frauds Riviere. By virtue ol an to satisfy a lifa issued from Upson County Superior Court in iavor of Richard lleviere as Fran cis Riviere, the defendant aud tenant in possession notified. WILLI.iM BALUiETT. deb. stli 18/8- Sheriff, Pike Postponed March Sher iff Sales WILL be sold before the court House door, in the town or Zebulon, Pike Go.Ga.’on the first Tues uiy In March next, between the legal hours of sale, the following property to wit. Ali that portion of lots of land Nos. two hundred aud fifty tour and two hundred aud seventy-three ly ing northwest of Elkins creek, and all of lot N.. two hundred and seventy-four in the 15th dist. of originaly Monroe now Ptkecounty. All con taining lour hundred and seventy-five acres, more or less, levied on as the property of Thos. .1 Alford, by vlrtue of and to satisfy a Ufa issued from Pike superior Court In favor of Robert Pilk. intoii Guardian xe vs, Tlios Alford levy made by W. n .McLendon former sheriff of said county. Tenant in possession notified Feb. sth 1878. WM. BAKETT. Sheriff. Cl EORGIA Upson County Ordinarys Office. *To all whom it may concern whereas Mrs. F. E. Woodson of said slate and County applies to the Ordinary for letters of administration on estate oi Joseph 1> Woodson deceased late of said county and state, these are therefore to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred and credi tors of said deceased, to be aud appear at my ofii 3 within the time, prescribes by law and show cause, (it any they have.) why let ters of administration on the estate of said de ceased should not issue to the applicant. Given under my hand and official signature this Jan. 4th 1878. AMOS WOORRILL. Ordinary. Upson Sheriffs Sales. WILL be sold on the first Tuesday In March next, within the legal hours of sale, before the court house door In Thomaston, Upson coun ty, Georgia, the West half of lot of land No. 33 except lu acres off of the Northwest corner—being 91 tj acres more or less, In the 16th district of said county of l pson and sold subject to the right ot the widow to take dower In one-tlilrd ot said land. Levied 011 by virtue of and to satisfy a Ufa belonging to M. K. Bethel. Ex lx of B Bethel, deceased uliieh was Issued from the Justice Court 537th district In favor of B. Bethel Execu tor of John Thompson deceased, against G. T. Tllman. Levy made a by lawful constable on said land as the property ol the estate of G. T. Til man. Tenant in possession notilied. ALSO. at the same time and place, one horse wagon, of the Smith and summers make also one sorel mare about nine years old, named Fanny and levied 011 by virtue of a Ufa Issued from Upson Superior Court in favor ot W. R. Murphey & Cos, vs. Sam Stafford levied on as the property of Sam Staf ford. Property pointed out by Plaintiff in said lira to satisfy said Ufa. feb2-tds ,1. l> BLASINGAME, Sheriff. (T EORGIA—Upson County.—Whereas Rebec -31 ca Smith, administratrix of the estate of \n derson sujith deceased, applies to the undersign ed Tor lei fere drnnissory from the administratrix ship. Therefore all persons concerned are hereby re quired to show cause (It any they have) why said adm’rtrlx, on uve first Monday in February next (Isis) should not be discharged. Given under my hand and seal of office, this the 10th. day ot Nov. 1877. UOVIO-3UI AMOS WORRILL, Ordinary. (1 EORGIA—Upson County.—Ordinary’s Office If of said county —James and Thomas G An drews Executors on the estate of W. g.- Andrews having petitioned to be discharged from said ad min is! ration. All who .ire concerned are required within the time fixed by law, to show cause, if any thev have, why the s tld James and Thomas i; An drews should not be discharged according to the prayer of their said petition., outlie first Mon day in March Isrs. decs-3m AMOs WORRILL, Ordinary. bt Us do your .Job Work. ATTENTION FARMERS ! O Having located In Barnesville, and intending to make the Cotton Business and Fertilizers A Specialty, ! t 0 purchasefr 0“ me. I sell the very REASONABLE TERMS. 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COMB AND SEE US. Merchant S kSunow s '““"ffinyiSfAuif'm r S* ev ? 3 ’ oneof the Dost |yjami sitisf not iotf guaraEttSh a our STff Sh^V^el 5 ' 0 ! 1 ' S* urn, nd will give It hla oeraoaAl attention ’ 11 years expefleSoa, has charge ot the March Mortgage Sh riff Sale. \\ T 1,3 before the court house door in the *°wn of Zebulon, Pike county. On., on tlie l l Mch uox( he;v > the legal hours or sale, the following property to wit ■ One double seated buggy. levied on as the proper ty of .hi ,a A I ouml, by virtue o' ami to satisfy a mortgage Ufa issue! from Pike f uperior Court, in far or of the Howe Sewing Machine Cos. vs. Juda A. onnd and Z 11, Pound. Prop, tv pointed out in said mortgage fifa. WILLIAM BARRETT Jan. 9th, 1878. 8w Shoriff. (! EJC)H< 1 1 A —Pike (Jotstr. To all whrm it may concern: The creditors and next of kin of J.W. Johann, late of said conn s arc V' n ‘ bv notified to+te and apoear , at mj office on the first Mon lay in February next, to show cause, if any the.v can, whv penaa nent administration, on the esi re of said tie 'eas ed should not be granted to K. c. Me Daniel of Spalding county, or some oth- r tit and o roD€r , person, as said estate 1- now unrepresented •;iv ! lifh H-f my baild and o;ticlal signal ure this Dec Jan:s-4w T. J. BLABINOAME, Ordinary. GEOR'orlA—Pike County. Mrs. Carri' 1 Parks ’ s applied for Frun ton of personalty and • •n.liig ~.3 a, .t aa d i i'- tioa of Homestead, aad I win' puss upon the same at 10 o’clock A. M.. on the Ist day of FeD ruary lsio at iny office in zebulon, J 1 cu BLASLN gam k Ordinary, 1 , QEOljlGIA—PtTce (Jaunty. To All Whom it Mat Concern • The creditors of Mr-s. Margaret! McKinley late or said county, deceased, are hereby notified to ho and nppear at my office, on the first Monday in hebruary ne\f. to show cause, if nnv exists m h.v permanent letters of administration on the SijW 'breased should not i)e vested In the clerk of the Superior Court of said Cost tv or SSSrIWSJStW- " r ”'“ | Sl2n,tnre TANARUS, J, ordinary. GEORGIA—Pike Cor:>7 v. el "1 r nn'.nv'n 1 ' ! lA '\2PP 11^(1 ‘orexemption of 1 t J If', SPf ttng apart and valuation W- oYI ti nn a tn d I ,,'' ul] P ass Pon the same, at 1877 Ut v’S I 1 ‘i’rp. first day of December, csk, ut ni} office In Zebulon 1. J. BLaSINGAME, Ordinary. O PATE Oh GEORGIA—Pike County. k , A Whereas, James R. Campbell, Adm,r of ’Jo?! - .. , , c: ’ n > dec'll, represents to me. In ills pel 1 tion duly filed, that he has fully administer ed said J no. C. McLean’s estate: Tills is. there fore fo , Re all pci-sons concerned, kindred and creditors, to dam- cause, if anv they can. why said administrate] should no* be discharged from his adiulmsirati .1. aid receive letters of dlstals slon on the first Monday in January. 1878. Witness my hand and ofiiial signature Sept, 'lid, 1877. TANARUS, J. BIASING A ME,' Ol'OiilW. 1 0 4 A D. <km ' n* acres, owned, oceunicc te , a "d -i„u lr ' r 'dilJ selves, it is e ;V ■ -J entirety is the Kst ■ kind not only ffi tlis^Ji ed FRFF re ing P rtce Ustot Ah,., id FREE to applicants. "llUt;* David Landreth & Warehouse, Nos. 21 &28 s sixtw r*" — fj. If KEDEUIC S. HoiITON 1 , Ih , ' Mattie i'. 'horton. | lu i T ’(••Sr.' that the defendant L ft e 2* county of l ike, and h furth tr J? Is not in the state; n<-/ fi l > peariii % dered that said dereuitmi D p mw “ ,, ‘ ',.' 4 V the next term of be consider, din di luultmirth, eb * 'Gtt " to proceed ; and It w fun^ Ride he published in the tt • " once a month tor four monthf A true extract from •, rior court. y AV^Mhiv' l t— • Y : N. E. Wood j FuJU A S- r 111 Pike Josiah Wood. f U T T appearing to the Court hv o A sheriff that the defendant a ' re, "m m this county, and it furthering does not reside in this State• counsel ordered that said de’riL “ Q answer at next term or UiFcST 1 J case be considered in default allowed to proceed; and li An,',! ti,e del A; this Rule be published in the t u* roraw ’^ ? “- zette ouee a month for lour 2 \rt J ‘ s M'te Tlie GEORGIA KURSEET, AICJISTV, HI., W. K, NELSON, Propriety Offers for sale 25 varieties of T ‘•Amsden’s June” and “Beatrix’^‘ Tr^| m “Darby’s” and “Bustin's OeuiLi',- APPLE TREEfc. ent lr fl l e variet ies of Apple tw . “'ellovvMay” and “Red June and “Stevenson’s Winter.” ’ 1 The famous Wild Goose Plum Llotto, APRICOTS, NECTARINS ALMoytk EVEit BEARING MULBEERyV VARIETIES OF CRAPE V 4 STR AW - -BERRY BLANK AND MANY OTHER TREES, VINES, AND PLANTS OF EVEs BY VARIETY. Send for cheap Price List. Address, W. K, NELSOX. Augusta, k 1 lie f.ri-jttrsf .Medical Ilisoovcrr .%ii Creation of Jlan, or ißcelkelon. menremeu lof tlie I'lirhiinu Era. There newer has been a time when tielitM nfi^^i*^kUr t ‘ rom diseases liar,bn:.- r ---• outward o C tVio it is it if disputed fact that over lation of the globe resort to tlie use ol ortiur plasters. Dk. Mekvin’s Capsicum Torous Plastie acknowledge by all who have used them. 1 ml quicker than any other plaster they ever :-:*l tried, and that one of these plast'-rs v ji| real service than a hundred of lii. oidr g c. I All other plasters fire slow of action u:: r- • to be worn continually to effect a :r --with 1 hese it Is entirely flilYerffit; at one is applied the patient will feel ItseiK Physicians in all ages Pave ihoiouD-: : -r a we ll know the i-tßpot of Capsicum ; and a hi. ways been more or lets used as a nudicti £■'* an out wind application ; but it is ol!\ 0; r> cert date that its advantages in a pa have been discovered. Being, liowevi-r. via of the wonderful cures effected 1 v hr, Mrto 1 Capsicum Pokuos Plasters, hlu iin.j sop-" over all other planters, they now actual j pnO them in their practice, for mch (ihe.ises ns matism, pain in the side ami back, and all tti* scß as have required the use if plaoteia s i meat. After you have tried other piaster • liniments, and they have f, iled, anil you i* certain cure, ask your druggists for 1 r. Jfcc Capsicum Porous Plaster. You con liurdiy I*** your own convictions of its wonder;a 1 cffrrtf.' though powerful and quick in its action, ’ rely on its safety for the most delicate pm* • wear, as it is free from lead an : i tht r; material commonly used in the manufiettr dinary plasters. One trial is a sutiii lent pm** of its merits, and one plaster will sell huiaiiaas| your friends. Ask your druggist for Dr. Melvin s fa**l Porous Plaster, and take no other ;or, ourmll of 23 cents for one, jl for live, or for a 'I 1 they will be mailed, postpaid, toanyaddr™**! I United States or Canadas, MANUFACTURED BY TIIE Kovel ty Plaster Works, I Lowell, Mass., r. S. A., [ CJ. E. MITCHELL, Proprietor. Manufacturers of Plasters and Piaster f ei?- i I CiF* Sold by J. W. Hightower it Co- I JiSi^o This standard article is consul cd with the greatest care. , Its effects are as wonderfu satisfactory as ever. . It restores gray or faded hair 3’outhful color. __ iS _ youtiitul color. . w It removes all eruptions, 4 and dandruff. It gives the ■ cooling, soothing sensation Or ga comfort, and the scalp by lta becomes white and clean. ■ By its tonic properties it u? qj !*| tlie capillary glands to then a j|j vigor, preventing baldness, an. ■ ing the hair grow thick and f ■ Asa dressing, nothing h l3 found so effectual or desirable- 1 A. A. Hayes, M.D., State 1 of Massachusetts, says, stituents are pure, and 1 | lected for excellent quality ■ oS consider it the Best for its intended purposes." Price, One Dollar* Buckingham's FOR THE WHISKER 3 * tee This elegant preparation nl ''- relied on to change the cold beard from gray or any °tbei UI able shade, to brown or black. a ;■ . cretion. It is easil3 r applied. 3LI j s e f. one preparation, and quickly a' l fectually produces a permanent which will neither rub nor Wll? 1 . Manufactured by R. P. HALL NASHUA, N.H. laf m Mm w