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OUT ON A— LIMB by Bo McLeod I don’t understand it. The Yankees lose the World Ser ies to the Cardinals, and Nikita loses his job. Maybe it was a mere coincidence, but someone ought to look into it. Maybe Lyndon or Barry could make a campaign issue out of it. Since Khrushy’s downfall, our side is having to place station-to-station calls on the “hot line.” No telling who’s going to answer- And haven’t the “experts” been busy since “it” happen ed, telling us what they think it means, ought to mean, does not mean, etc. They’ve been so busy telling it, pore old Ni kita couldn’t get a word in edgewise, if he should want to tell how he saw it. Any way you look at it, it’s a rough year on incumbents. Some folks are fussing about what a dirty campaign it’s turned into being. I don’t know how dirty it is in other places, but it’s been fairly clean here so far. After all, I don’t expect Barry to praise Lyndon all over the place, for if he could praise him, he shouldn’t be opposing him. And why should Lyndon be reluctant to accuse Barry of a few things? Barry’s after his job, it’s natural to oppose such a motive. The trouble is, no matter what one side says against the other, it’s most likely true, at least to some extent. That’s the part that scares me. Mud slinging is bad, but it’s worse when it ain’t all mud. Former President Herbert Hoover is dead. The man who today is the abject of eulogy and praise for a long life of public service has gone the way of all but his mem ory will long endure, as people say he was or was not to be blamed for the ‘Hoover days’ of over 30 years ago. He was president at a cruc ial time in the nation’s his tory, and whether he was the reason or not, he was the in spiration for Hoover gravy’, the Hoover cart, and several other items of his time. One day history will be able to lay aside error and false accusations and decide how much the late president was at fault for the great depres sion that left many a scar in the memory of people. The time is not now. The Red Chinese have an ‘A’ bomb, or they had one un til they went to showing off and exploded the thing. It may not be true, but I heard that stamped under the bot tom of the thing was that old saving, “made in Japan. —O— For what it’s worth: WMGR held a “straw vote” for president this week, and Goldwater received 236 to 6 for Johnson in Seminole, 465 to 9 in Decatur, for a total of 701 for Goldwater and 15 for Johnson in the two counties. That’s pretty one-sided, so clip and hold this until Nov. 3, and let’s see how accurate it is. And also for what it’s worth (a dam low price at that), Al Rouge says watch this one: Terrell County 19, Seminole County 13. 4ft 1 ' '■s' Bmtalamuiillp Single Copies: Ten Cent* Official Organ of County of Seminole and City of Donalsonville, Georgia $3.00 a Year in Advance VOLUME XLVI MASTER FARM FAMILY—A Seminole County family was one of nine added to the state’s honor roll of Master Farm Families in a service at Rock Eagle 4-H club center recently. Their selection was announced by the Cooperative Extension Service of the University of Georgia. Mr. and Mrs. Jno. I. (Phil) Spooner, center, and their sons John Phil Spooner, left, and Jim Spooner pose with the trophy they received. Newspics Indians play final region game when Terrell County comes Friday at 8:00 THE SEMINOLE Indians will play their final region IB west game of the season Friday night at 8:00, when the Ter rell County Green Wave comes to Seminole Stadium. The Indians end their home season on next Friday night, when Blakely’s Bobcats come here for a second game. In an earlier meeting, the ’Cats won from the Indians 19-0. After the Bobcats, the In dians go to Cuthbert for the final game of the year, play ing the Vikings for the second time, too. But the Indians will have plenty to think about this week- Terrell has won five and lost one this season. Last week, while the Indians were losing to Ashburn 26-7, the Green Wave was winning over Vienna 20-7. Blakely beat the Wave 7-0 for their only loss. Coach Denvard Snell of the Seminoles says he will open with about the same lineup as he used in Turner County. He says his squad is in pretty good shape, but Mike Bowen, Paul Brimlow and Harry INDIANS FALL TO REBELS 26-7 Four long touchdown runs by Ashburn’s Rebels handed the Seminole Indians another defeat last Friday night. The score was 26-7. Turner scored first when fullback Mike Williams went 56 yards on a run. Seminole came back with a 31-yard pass play from Bruce Baker to Mike Bowen for a TD, and a pass from Bowen to end John Pumphrey for the point after. The Rebels went back to score 14 points in the second period and 6 more in the third to win. The Indians threatened la er but could not score. DONALSONVILLE (GA.) NEWS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1964 Whitaker have not been prac ticing this week. They are out letting bruises heal, but they will be ready for Terrell.' Snell says the Indians will probably use the ‘l’ formation against Terrell. t- Last year, Dawson whipped Sminole 20-13. 'J y ,*£,7 SEMINOLE BUILDING—Soon there’ll be a little bit of Seminole near the city of Atlanta. Here Dr. Harris Minter waves from a tractor which is being used in the construction of the Seminole Professional Building at 2508 Carroll Avenue, Chamblee. Minter is president of Seminole Investment Company which is erecting the cen ter just off the Northeast Expressway at the Chamblee- Tucker Road. The building will contain 5,000 square feet of office space, with plans for a second floor later. It is expected to be completed by the first of 1965, and will contain six office suites. Housed there will be the Jackson Realty Co., Fenn & King, C.P.A.’s, Frank Disharoon, public-ac countant, Drs. Barnett and Lang, M.D.’s, and Garland C. Cook, attorney. Dr. Minter says the name of the investment comp any and the professional building is a salute to Seminole County. where he lived until nine ’ rs ago. Seminole voters to approve or reject 14 amendments to state constitution THE VOTERS of Seminole County will vote on 14 proposed amendments to the state’s Constitution on Nov. 3, when they go to the polls to vote in the presidential election. The proposed amendments include: No. 1: To create a new State Highway Board and a director of the department. The board would be composed of one member from each congressional district. He would be elected by a caucus of the members of the Senate and House of Representatives in each such district. He would serve for five years, and the director would be elected by the board. It also authorizes the General As sembly to provide for the powers, duties, qualifications and compensation of the members of the board and the director. No. 2: To authorize the General Assembly to provide for the creation of a State Scholarship Commission t o begin a program to provide scholarships to students de siring to study in the para medical, professional or ed ucational fields. It also autho rizes the Assembly to appro priate funds for this purpose. No. 3: Provides a method for the merger, consolidation, division or dissolution of counties in the state- Actual ly there are two methods pro vided for: the General As sembly, with the concurrence of a majority of the qualified voters voting thereon in each county affected, can do this; or, a petition may be filed with the ordinary of a county signed by not less than 20% of the qualified voters of the county seeking such an action. The petition would be pub lished in the official organ of the county, and if a similar petition is filed with the or dinary within two years after such publication, an election will be called, for within 30 to 60 days. No such election would be effective unless 51% of the registered voters of the portion or portions of the county affected shall have voted in the election. No. 4: Authorizes the General Assembly to provide for a program of guaranteed student loans and for the pay ment of interest on student loans for higher education, and to create an entity to ad minister such a program. No. 5: Provides that the General Assembly shall cre ate a State Dental Education Board of Georgia, to super vise the granting of loans or scholarships to dental stu dents who are citizens and residents of Georgia. No. 6: Authorizes the General Assembly, in periods of emergency resulting from enemy attack, to provide for 'succession to the powers and I duties of persons holding of fice in the executive, judicial and legislative branches of state and local governments, when the incumbent may be come unavailable to carry on such duties. Intended to in sure the continuity of govern mental operations in such emergency. No. 7: Authorizes county boards of education to pro vide for workmen’s compen sation coverage for school personnel, and to pay for such coverage from educational funds. No. 9: Authorizes the General Assembly to treat motor vehicles in a different manner from other property for ad valorem tax purposes. It could use a different meth od of evaluating motor ve hicles, and could set another date for returning vehicles for taxation. Designed to prevent “any person, firm or corporation from escaping payment of their fair share of ad valorem taxes on said motor vehicles.” No. 10: This one amends the medical loan and scholar ship provision of the consti tution. Provides credit on a loan or scholarship for ser vice at Milledgeville State Hospital, or at any prison or detention camp or work camp operated by the State Board of Corrections. No- 11: Provides that the General Assembly may autho rize the governing authorities of the counties of the state to assess and collect license fees and taxes upon businesses located in the county but out side the limits of any incorp (continued on second page) NUMBER 25