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DONALSONVILLE (GA. 31745) NEWS THURSDAY, OCT. 29, 1964 First stations approved for Georgia’s vehicle inspection law; one here The Safety Inspection Stations” in Southwest Georgia have been announced by Ed Pumphrey, motor vehicle in spector for I’o counties. Pumphrey says other es tablishments- are to be approved sdjjn. the new law requiring inspection of all vehicles on the high ways of the state will go into effect January 1, 1965, As passed by the General Assem bly in 1963, the law specifies that all vehicles must be in spected and all necessary re pairs must tye, an approved safety sticker. can be issued. Without the sticker, a vehicle cannot operate in the state. ... The be located over the state. Car dealers, service station Opera tors and garages will be allow ed to perform an inspection and issue the official stickei, when those establishments have completed requirements for performing such a tMVice. The motorist can choose his own place of inspection, and then choose P lace for having repairs TT mad . B ’ Pumphrey explained. He said a fee of $1.25 will be charged for each inspection, of which the state receives^c^and. the inspector the ~ “This is believed- to be the fairest way of operating such a prog-ram ” Pumphrey com me pumph re since each vehicle ™ spected, motorists sWild go ahead now and start tte pr - cess, to avoid loiiff waiU. with the natural flish raroun(F<4he first of the new year. “We expect to have imately 2,500 inspector,sta tions in the state, but since there are so many vehicles in the state, a person may have to wait around fop service un less many of thern go 'ahead now and have it done, he added. vr’ The Department Os Public Safety will supervise alt of ficial inspection station^,; as a precaution against any possi ble irregularities jor 'violations of the law, or • the ■: iiflep ana regulations as set forth by toe law. Pumphrey says the -law s SEMINOLE HD CLUBS WIN FIRST PLACE The Seminole demonstration council took honors in the hoinemaking division of the National Pea nut Festival fair in Dothan last week by placing first of eight exhibits entered. This division was open to surrounding - -county home demonsttaiioji ' councils and because of limited space booths were ( .Mlloc^ted r on a first come first' serve oasis. Seminole County was the only out-of-state entry. The central idea, family life in personal -religi ous and educational ment, was depicted by scenes suggesting each of these areas of development. Serving on the fair com mittee were Mrs. Jfestg King, chairman, Mrs. Mthjtfpariber, Mrs. Lillian Mrs. Hazel Lane, MJsg Maurice Barnhill, and MrsHDtii. Brack - in. W ♦ ♦ ♦ Mrs. John Cummings and Mrs. Paul Stout spin! a few days in Atlanta ■ - object is solely to reduce traf fic accidents, injuries and deaths, by seeing to it that ali automobiles, trucks and other vehicles are kept in a gpod state of repair. It is to see that each vehicle has good brakes, visibility, lights, and other features' necessary for safety. For over fifteen years, civic leaders, safety groups and safety minded citizens have looked forward to the time when cars would be safe ty checked and unsafe vehicles required to make necessary repairs. That time begins January 1, 1965, Pumphrey says. • Pumphrey says all estab lishments desiring to be con sidered as an authorized in spection station should notify the department of public safety in writing at once. Among the stations already approved are; Donalsonville, Sirmons Garage; Blake ly . Martin and Sons Chevrolet Co-; Cairo, Crew Motor Co.; Camilla, Crow Jackson Buick Co.; Bainbridge, Pete’s Ga- The world's leading acoustical experts made the test, v _ J ’ The U. S. Auto Club certified the results: at 20 40 mph;;.at 60 mph.;; The 1965 Ford rides quieter than a Rolls-Royce! > f Prior to the introduction of the 1965 Fords, the country’s lead ing automotive writers drove the new models at Dearborn. Most of these experts remarked about the extraordinary quiet ness and smoothness of the Ford ride. An automotive writer, in Mechanix Illustrated, said, “If there is a quieter car made in this country, I haven’t driven it.” Quiet Means Quality . . . Since quiet is a traditional measure of car quality, Ford engineers designed the ’65 Ford for maxi mum quietness. To illustrate New Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud 111 during series of tests. this quality achievement, Ford chose to make a documented test against the world’s finest luxury car—Rolls-Royce. Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Inc., world’s leading acoustic consultants to government and industry, conducted the tests under supervision of the au thoritative United States Auto Club. All cars were tuned to factory specifications. The Result... The Fords proved PRODUCTS OF MOTOR COMPANY Test drive Total Performance’ year yet to go .8? M / *’ " -' r <f - - I?IK? MIjSrXMC • FALCOK • FtltUKt • FORD ■ THUMQEr.CICO * DONALSONVILLE MOTOR CO. BM»NE JA4-224F y MAIN STREET ' f WAIs6nVILLE, GA' - ' —rift Fort Mot« T Company-. Rotonda, York World-. Fair—— It happened in ’44... As it appeared in The News, October 22, 1944 Dr. and Mrs. Ray Cowart, of Gadsden, Ala., spent the week end with Dr- Cowart’s mother, Mrs. L. J. Cowart. T Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rich ardson and Anne, of Panama City, Fla. were here on Sun day. They are former resi dents. Captain and Mrs. Bill Hay, of Albany, spent the week end I here. EMlc Bob McLeod is spend ! ing a leave with his parents after spending two years in | Tech. Sgt. Lamar Bivings • was a visitor here last week. Billy Richardson, who has been serving overseas in New Guinea for more than two rage, Leon’s Garage, Hurt Paint and Body Shop, Rich Chevrolet Co., Willis Motor Co.; Albany, Dobbs-Adams Tire Co., Miller Motors, G. Ethridge service station and I. Bynum Service Station. Dobbs-Adams Tire Co., Al bany was the first station ap proved in this distr ic t, Pumphrey said. to be slightly quieter at all speeds. The official test report reads, in part: “At all moving speeds, on both courses, the Fords were quieter than the Rolls-Royces.” The Difference . . . The sound level difference, to be sure, is small—but it is there. At 60 miles an hour, Ford was actu ally 2.8 decibels* quieter than Rolls-Royce. At 40, Ford was 5.5 decibels* quieter. At 20, Ford was 4.9 decibels* quieter. However small these advan tages over Rolls-Royce may be, they are significant evidence of quality—important to anyone buying a car in Ford’s class. Take A Test Drive ... A key— and a warm welcome—await you at your Ford Dealer’s. The key, incidentally, fits in the lock no matter which side is up symbolic of the hundreds of advances you’ll find in any Ford you road-test. Come in and see for yourself. are the universally recognized units for measuring the volume of sound. :■ , . ■ . -k The Total Perlorma ce 1955 |F6rd Galaxie 500 LTD being tccted. Igg Bm W Uli w F , • . ■ • ■ j >■ RE-ENLISTS Army staff Sergeant Calvin E. Lord (left)’, son of Mrs. Ceaton Lord, Rt- 1, Donalsonville, begins a new six-year tour of duty as he repeats the oath of enlistment after Lt Col. Laurence Dantzler, command er, Headquarters and Service Company, U. S. Army Avi ation Center Regiment, at Fort Rucker, Ala., recently Sgt. Lord in 1945, after graduating from Senfiriole‘County High School. His wife, Carolyn, is with hita at the fort. . ' U. S. Army photo years, is at home for a” twenty-. the Pacific. one day furlough. His parents, | Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Gleaton, Mr. and Mrs. Grady of , Warwick, were weekend son, methim itf’’Atj&'tiU ‘ Snd guests of Mr- and Mrs. Hard they returned home Suhday. wick Ethridge. - I I I fit II "I I ■ ■!———* • . v . SOUND LEVEL (All readings in decibels) > ‘-f.. 7. * 'i I ‘i • • ■ - - r~ r^ - ford \ '. . MPH FORD ROLLS-ROYCE QUIETER BY ~l 67.4 72.3 , 4.9 ' 75.9 81.4 5.5 [Si, I 82-6 | 85.4 J 2.8 TEST CONDITIONS: Dry, level, moderately smooth con crete divided highway; light, quartering wind. All cars op erated at steady 20, 40 and 60 mph with all windows and vents closed. TEST EQUIPMENT: Bruel & Kjaer precision octave band ana lyzer, recording through di rect observation and through Nagra precision tape recorder. Data expressed in Perceived Noise decibels. TEST CON DUCTED on September 24, 1964, by Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., the world’s largest acoustic consulting firm. TEST CERTIFIED by the United States Auto Club. CARS TESTED: Two brand new Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud 111 sedans, V-8 with auto matic transmission, list price in,New York $16,655 each. Three 1965 Fords, each with 289-cubic-inch V-8 engine .and Cruise-O-Matic transmis jsion: Galaxie 500 LTD, Citified by .Galaxie 500/ XL and Gal- j/SLlartE] I axie 500 4- lELMJfiI Door Sedan. S