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The Grady County progress. (Cairo, Grady County, Ga.) 1910-19??, September 23, 1910, Image 1

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IN 1912 FOR COLONEL? Rumors Current That Presi dent Will Stand Aside. EDTIOR OUTLOOK WON’T DISCUSS MATTER of all the churches are cordially in vited to be present and make this a Union meeting of all the people. M, G. McManeus, P. H. Herhing, L. B. Powell, J. S. NVkatiieks, R. 0. Bell, Committee. file Believes Now That He Will Controll New York Slate Con vention and That His Policies Will Prevail. New York.—Colonel Roosevelt refuses to break the steadfast si lence lie has maintained in regard to the Taft administration. Asked in his office at The Outlook what he thought of the. report that Taft had practically made up his mind to re fuse to allow his name to be offered in 1912 for renomination in order to clear the way fori Qoosevelt’s re turn to the presidency, he said: “There have been a great many stories printed and there will be a great many more. I can not afford to discuss them.” This was all he would say, and he offered the same statement in reply to a request for comment on President Taft’s Jetter to an Iowa insurgent, made public a few days ago, in which the president declared ‘ that no distinction would he drawn hereafter between insurgents and fegu'ars in the distribution - of fed eral patronage. Colonel Roosevelt’s earliest visi tor at The Outlook today was Lloyd; .. .. .. . • . ' ... Notice Pythians A special meeting is hereby called to convene at Pythian Hall on Mon day night.,next, the 26th, inst., .at 7:30 o'clock. Important. Large attendance requested. This Sept. 21, 1910. Wh. Searcy, V. C. !'. Grisorim, '‘chairman of tlip '\ew York' republican county cdmmikt'ee, with Whom he went over in detail the poli.ical situation in New York state. After Mr. Griscom had left the ex-president' indicated that in spite of any claims the Woodruff' Barnes faction has advanced, he felt that actual conditions favored the principles he advocates, and intimated his belief that his end of the party would he in control when the republican state convention met in Saratoga on September 27. Barnes Raps Colonel. William Barnes, Jr., issued a statement from republican head quarters taking another crack at the colonel, and the colonel answer ed back; saying that he was very happy indeed because he could not number Mr. Baynes among iris friends. Barnes said,that the future of the republican party in this state would either'be doomed or brightened by the platform adopted and the offi cials selected at the state conven tion. “Ibis is tiffs turning-point in the history of the party,” said he. “Whether it will follow the radical policies of Roosevelt and lose the, strategic position it has held in this state for many years as the party of sanity will be seen thenV;’>’ “I am indeed blessed in my . ene mies,” said Roosevelt. “1 am gen uinely grateful to . Mr. Barnes for having unconsciously made the is sue so clear between what he calls ‘Rooseveltism’on the one side and on the other side the boss with big interests which seek to control pol itics as well ns the bosses.” ‘IE CIRCUIT RIDER” corns SUICIDE Dr. Lundy H. Harris, of Board ol Education of Methodist Church, Hero of His Wife’s Story, Takes Morphine. Lett Letter To Host Telling of His Act. Cartersville, Ga., Sept. 19.—Dr. Lundy H. Harris, secretary of the the board of education of the Metho dist Episcopal church, and one of most brilliant educators and preach-, ers in the Southern states, died At the home of Clarence J Slick Rase:;! ol Precious Mem ory iv* ytnr and Grady Coun ties Peniten tiary. U , ■ r, A. D. Oliver, whose career as a banker and develo :er at Climax is familiar to the newspaper readers of this section, 1'm's escaped from the penitentiary and is now probably looking for another good opening in the world’;of high finance. Oliver was convicted on one or more of the numerous indictments against him and sentenced to a term in-the pen itentiary. It seems that ho was sent to Toombs bounty to serve Jiis sentence, and it was from there that he made his ^escape. The Bain bridge Post brings the following an nouncement of his escape: The people of this section will; he interested to know but not at'all surprised,that the famous Oliver has decamped from the penitentiary in the county of Toombs, where he was sent. ThS report had been in circulation for ' several days, blit now has been'practically verified’by the officers, The famous gentleman of the Cromwellian name left very UN . ... H . . .. J^m$imentavv references to the Pine Log, sixteen miles from this l J3 ec( j uir county authorities, making city, Sunday night at 10:45 o’clock I fhnt. Sheriff after taking an overdose of morphine One of four letters written by Dr. Harris before taking poison was ad dressed to Clarence Anthony, his host-and staled lay 11ad taken the _ urvg with ,!ie uXenten: of ending , m(1 up his life. Other letters, which w’ere not opened, were addressed, one to the coroner of Bartow county, one to Dr. W. P. Lovejoy, of this city, and one to his wife, Mrs. L. H. Harris, noted authoress, in Nash ville, Tcnn. Dr. Harris came to Pine Log at the invitation of his friend, Dr. Lovejoy, seeking to regain health. Board was secured for him at the home of Mr. Anthony and he seemed to he improving until last Sunday, when upon being found missing' from the house, a search was made and Dr. Harris was found in a stupor in a cotton field’. Physicians de clared the stupor to be the result of morphine poisoning and every ef fort was made to save his life. Dr. Harris is known as one of the prominent educators in the south, having held a professorship at Emory and Young Harris colleges Mrs. Harris, author of the fajflrous story, “A Circuit Rider’s Wife,” arrived in Carter ville Tuesday mom- Sermon to Knights of Pyhthias By request of Dixie Lodge No. 150 of the Knights of Pythias, Dr. Robert H. Harris will preach a a special sermon for the K of P’s at the. Baptist church, Cairo, October 2, at 11 a. m. The congregations mg. The body will be taken to Oxford for'burial. No inquest was held. BANKER KEPI HIS mm IK m box Owned Stock in Two Banks, But kept His Wealth Secreted, in His Desk. Dublin, Ga.—Although be was vice president and a director in the Bank of Dudley, this county, owned a good block of the stock in the bank and owned stock in one of the Dublin banks, Thomas Haskins, who died a short time ago, had no money on deposit in cither institu tion, hut kept a vtjry large sum in a tin box in an old desk in his room. The morning after the funeral of Mr. Haskins this box was opened and $11,400 in money and notes i hiiiiiuiel never slept to keep him from sleeping. ; The sheriff reidly up against it hard, as every body^ iiiO*f*»j$iectio!i thought that i ijiyer cqfll |b jhrough key MEg .•■»ey Hues. 'I he state that recipes the gentleman will never be forgotten at all. This will possibly close the chapter in Geor gia, but as to other states, may the Lord have mercy on them. ' ■ ■ 7* a m ■ and mortgages to the amount of $18,000 were found. After the death of Mr. Haskins a relative stated that $30,000 ought to be found in the desk. Mrs. Haskins would not open it, hut asked some friends to take charge and count the money. They open ed the box that was kept in the desk and they were very much sur prised to find such a ldrge sum off money and otherjyaluable assets. Mr. Ilaslfins some months ago sold a plantation to a gentleman living then in Atlanta; There was $9,000 due and the purcharser came to Dublin to take up his note. He tendered a check dir an Atlanta bank. This was declined and the money demanded. The hank was telegraphed to and sent the money by-ex press. There was $5,000 in currency, $2,000 in gold and $2',000 silver in the 'package;' Mr. Haskins put the gold in onu pocket, tire cur rency in another and carried the silver to a bank.. The next day he checked it out, however, and car ried the money home with liim. 4. It is not probable that Mr. Has kins distrusted the banks, but he could not break the habits of a life time. Mrs. Haskins very promptly sent the money and notes and mortgages to a bank vault£ov safe-keeping. Proceedings of County Commissioners Board of Commissioners of Road s and Revenues of said county met pursuant to adjournment strueted to see tlajhRoar.okb i!r Company file bond' in .accordance with hid without further. .dql'ny-• and if not check deposited, lie’ Col lected. .j Commissioner Powell reported* that lie had not had time to inves- •tigate the application of Scott Reed, and asked that he bo allowed until next meeting to investigate and re port. On motion it’ was deferred. After hearinj report of Commis sioner Sasser, to whom was referred the application of Mrs. Pinny to have placed on pauper list of coun ty .action was deferred until next meeting of the board. On motion Josephine Pyles was placed on pauper list of county, and to be paid $3.00 per month. On motion ordered that the $4.00 paid Caroline Horton be paid to K. W. Davis to be used for her bene fit. ;* On motion ordered that George Knight he placed on pauper list of county' and be paid the sum of $4.00 per month. Petition of I. O. Spence et. al. for flew public road in Spence dis trict referred to road commissioners of Spence district to investigate and report to next meeting of this board. Petition of B. L. Watson et. al. for new public road in North Cair'o district referred to commissioners of North Cairo district to investi gate and report back to next meet ing of this board. • Petition of J. B. Wight et. al. for new public road in South Cairo district referred to commissioner-?, of South Cairo district to report to »<Vxt, meeti ug of .jhoai$.> Petition for now public road try S. M. Beach et. al. referred to com missioners of Duncanville district to investigate and report to next meeting of this board. On motion tire following accounts were approved and r rdored paid: Account— L. C. Albritten one day’s work as riding bailiff 9 3 00 J. C. Brauy, waiting on J. J. Wells in jail 5'80 J, A. Winn; lining in branch on publicroad .. . . 5 00 J. L. Peebles, expense of car rying Stokes children to in dustrial Home at .Macon.... 15 30 M. L. Ledford, postoge and stationery - 2 25 The Dyson Mfg Co., lumber-. 1 82 fra Higdon, waxine for court J. C. Kincaid, M. D., attend ing prisoners and paupers. . E. G. Harrell, bailiff Superior court — J. W. Blair, five days riding bailiff Superior court R-. L. Nicholsdn, fire days ri ding bailiff Superior court— J. B. Watts, five days riding bailiff Superior court G. G. Akridge, five days riding bailiff Superior court P. H. Herring, Ordinary, or dering school election 1*. G. Ray, reguilding Henry Grady picture.i P. H. Herring, Ordinary, pro ceeding to commit Stokes children to Georgia Industri al Home, • - - 3 50 Foot & Davies, blanks for Or dinary’s office — Grady Counc.y Progress, Sta tionery for Clerk J. G. Peebles, for Finney, work on Jones bridge Grady County Progress, sta tionery for S. C R. F. Whitten, lumber fox- bridge | L, M. Brinson, r'eparing Wal den bridge II. J. Vinson, five days bailiff T. J. Arline. attending small p6x patient. City of Cairo,";; light and wa ter for court house and jail. Marshall & Bruce, blank mar riage licenses Roddennery Hurdware Co., nails and material for fence and jail..... W. J. Willie, convicts sent to At Pine Par& Last Thursday ' : (HE VOUHE' MEH 'll Present: Thomas Wight, Henry Mitchell, L. L. Banvick, Albert, Powell,.!. L. Peel'h& and J- M. Sasser. On motion the chairman was m- Seveval Ladles Were Frightened At Tlife Occurunc. The Young Men Were Arrested ahdPlaced In Jail But Release^ Later on Bond. .Thursday afternoon as Dr. C. J: Kincaid stepped from tiro Const Line train, ffqrn Thonmsvrlle at Pine Park lie was attacked by two young men, Messrs. Griffin mid Ballard, with guns. The guns were thrown on him, lie was hit on\the head and the; gun jabbed in his stomach. The guns were loaded. The young men were drunk and used profane language, 'which to gether with their actions, frightened, the ladies who were getting off the train. One lady was rudely shoved' aside by one of the men, using a gun very roughly in the operatic! u General indignfttiou at their con duct was expressed and rvSVTflflta against both men were fworii ifbff They were arrested and put in the Grady county jail at Cairo Thursday night. Dr. Kincaiil was returning homo fronVThhmasvilie. He is a prom inent physician who makes his honiff in Pine They were tried before ’Squire Hurst Saturday evening and bound over to the city and superior court under $700 bond each.—Ed. 4 50 8 50 11 00 16 00 15 00 15 00 15 00 3 35 1 76 6 90 2 25 1 50 5 75 1 00 2 00 10 00 40 75 11 36 8 40 Foot & Davis, stationery for Clerk City Court — Poulk Bros, for shoes for pris oners... W. T Crawford, per diem at M D. Do1l»,'five days as ri- ingbailiff Superior court.... Jury commissioners, service revising jury list 21 77 60 00 12 00 1 50 60 25 15 00 24 00 M) ■ Mrs. C. C. Skelton, meals 'for W. J. Wells W. E. Oliver, medical service for W. .1. Wells Eugene Glower, medical ser- W vice for W. J. Wells W. A.Walker, medical service for W. .I. Wells 10 00 H. S. Swatts, bringing back prisoners to the county.— 32 20 E. F. Dollar, Sheriff, jail fees.184 20 Mrs. C. C. Skelton, board for nurse for Wells 5 00 Jesse White, waiting on Wells 6 60 Albert Powell, half day, look ing after bridge.. L. L. Barwick, 2 da 6 00 days looking after roads and bridge..... Henry Mitchell, one day look ing after roads and one day looking after small pox.... . . On motion ordered that no more doc tors bills for paupers be paid. On motion adjourned, .until Tuesday, 20th inst. at 10 o’clock A. M. THOMAS WIGHT, HENRY MITCHELL, L. L. BARWICK, ALBERT POWELL, J. L. PEEBLES, J. M. SAsSER, — Commissioners. M. L. Ledkohp, Clerk. Baptist Church Notes- The congregation Sunday morn ing was off fully twenty-five per cent. No upparant reason; fis the day.was fine and health conditions i nthMeoinmlinity are good. The subjfectfhf the sermon was “God’s Constant Guidance.” The Sunday school attendance was fifty-one short; hut the interest was very good. The Sunbeams society held a well attended and enthusiasoic meeting irnmedially after the close of Sunday SCllOoJ. ' r jH|K|H The night attendance was only , fair. The subject was, “No Christ, No God, No Hope.” The prayer meeting, Wednesday night was an occasion of much in terest, the subject being tire parable of “The Talents.”