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The Waycross herald. (Waycross, Ga.) 18??-1893, January 23, 1892, Image 3

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OB. HARTER MEOICIME CO.. St. Lo*»t, Mo. GEORGIA. Cu.vri.tos Oocirrr. Will be mid, on tlic First Tuesday in Mnn-li next, at the Court Hojsedoorln sakl county, within the legal hours of sale, the foregoing property, to-wit: Lots of land Nos. 2.3, 9. 10. 11. 13,15, 20. 22, 2:1,21, 25, 20. 27, 28. 38. 15. 19, 50. 51. 52. .V». 5l». 57. M, 72. 73.71, 75.70.77. 131,135, 1M. Is7 and 201, in the 10th District of said county. Also Nor. M, 11, 12 and 55 in the 2nd District of said county. Levied on as tiie property of \V. E. llurhnpe, under and by virtue of a tax execution, issued by the Tax Collator of said county, for State and county taxes for the year 1891. This .latiu- •iry 4th, 1802. J. A. WAINRIGIIT. Sheriff ClMtrlton (’utility. ROWBOTIIAM A MURPHY. Ii KUOKKK NURMKRI KM. It. H. LEVY, BRO. A GO. I>. B. ENGLISH. GEORGIA. ClIAtILTOX Cocxty. Will be sold, on the First Tuesday in March next, at the Court House door in said county, within the legal hours of sale, to the highest bidder for rash, the following lots of land, to-wit: Nos. 7. 13, 11. 27. 50, 00. 71. 73. 79.8-1. 85, 89. 90, 93, 91, 9(5, 103, 190,110, 112.22.123, 13k, 113. HO. 117, 148, 153, 1ft5, 173. 175, 170. 178, 201.213.218. 222,221, 231, 239. 213. 241.213, 217.218. 251. 270, 274. 275, 283.35 Mid 3Ui in the 1st District of said countr. and 05. 73, 87, 129, 130. 157, 139 and 192 in tin- 2nd District of said county, said tracts, or lots of land, containing *90 acres each, more or less. Said property levied ««n as the property of W. T. Me Arthur, principal aAd W. A. Phil ips. agent, to satisfy a tax execution issued by tlie Tax Collector of said county, for Elate and obunty taxes for the year 1891. This January Ith, 1892. J. A. WAINRIGIIT, Ela-rffChariton Countv. WHY IS THE W. L. DOUGLAS . I ! U _? ,1,0 7- w jth no tack* or wax thread to hurt tha feet; made of the beat fine calf. atrUata and easy. and beeaum tre make more/Sou o/tAU Sported aboea which c°«t from •SJoto«12JJa §£.°8 ! SeSSS5aJ!2MS0t «hoe ever offered at this price; same trade aa eta- coatlmr from M- ,J u to •fuOi S3 ~ £*••*« ruMKinunat Men V*»e and Letter Canter* all war them; One calf, amteM smooth tnalde. heavy three sole*, extern 82^5“^^no better itotwotfcied at H.OYD A ADAME. Hannah. ?S' es a, id Carts Worked Over and Made to Look as Good as New. My Horseshoer is a Thorough Professional, and is Always Heady to do Your Work. B. L. RAGLAND. J. A. JONES. NEW WORK MADE TO ORDER H« lores rue, he has often sworn. - With all hb deeprat soul; lint when we two aie married, ol Will he tninc up the eaal ? At Shortest Notice and on Reasonable Teims. t’whon I buy a hat.' *y the bill * .contras, ami yet tiooa vex my miml: tli» like other girls— go It blind! * —Somerville Journal. ROWS’ *0.00 and ,**1.7.1 abre SSlS«ra.S%!sa3E3BS,“ Ladies pelca are stamped on the bottom of each shot. . rwTAKE NO SVBSTITCTE^C FOR SALE BY GEORGIA. Charlton 6anrrv. • Will be sold, on the Fibt TtLvday in Man* next, at the Odirt House door, in .-aid county, within the legal hours of sale, to tlteldglicsi bidder for cash, 1 the Pillowing property, to-wit: Lots of lands No.' 5, ‘I 12. 28,39, 40. 110. 295,3ML 322.323. 331. ZUl 363, 38G, 306, 407. 109 and 111. in the 1st District of said county. Levied on as the property of G. H. Aubrey, agent for John horsyth. to sat- iafy an execution isMUsl by the Tax Collec tor of said county, for .State and county taxes for the year 1801. This January 4th. 1892. J. A. WA1NRIGHT. Sheriff Chariton Comity. The Herald bespeaks a cordial wel come to this young physician wlio conics lo make his home among its, and to do for us as need arises for his skill. Introduced by .Rev. G. W. Mathews he is sure to be recognized, both socially and in his professional capacity. Card of Thank*. Pursuant to resolution adopted, it af fords me great pleasure to thauk the la dies of Way cross who, by their zeal, un tiring energy and splendid management, contributed so much towards making the Reunion of Confederate Veterans here on the 19th such a crowning success. To them be all the honor and glory for this red letter day in the history of Waycroas. J. L. Sweat, Everything in Stock Warranted to be Pore and Fresh. The Herald gratefully acknowledges the many compliments paid to it from various sources and particularly for the dollars that are an earnest of such ex pressions. * cards Relics of the War. Among the interesting relic* exhib ited st the reunion Tuesday but was a Confederate uniform vest worn by Vet eran Burroughs at the surrender at Ap- Notice. Watomh, Ga.. January' 13,1892. Tha business heretofore conducted.under the firm name of Sharp G>. is this day dissolved by mutual consent. .VII parties indebted to the firm will plea-e come f »r- wanbaiKl make settlement by the first day of February. Parties holding claims ca:i get them cashed Ijy pre-enting same. J. 8. SHARP, jan 19-lt W. YATES. NOTICE. Is hereby siren tliat Emily Gowen. wid ow of Wm. Gowen. deceased, has applied to me for a years support for herself and minor child, out of the estate of said deceased, and I will pass upon the same at ray office at Traders Hill, Charlton County, Georgia, on the First Monday in February. 1892. This December 7th. W91. AARON DOWLING, td Onlinary C. C. Ga. The invitation- and pro for the Ltap Year liall are e a sample of work now done ALD job office. Secretary Boyle had preserved a men omndom book kept by him while in Are Specialtiss. We fill Orders from neighboring towns in lots not less than One Dollar. Address all correspondence to The Western Furniture Company have a fine stock and arc cutting down prices to suit the. times. The Herald Job Veteran Sasuett showed his parole granted in April 1865, and a boyish photograph of himself taken while Irv ing in the Confederacy. Col. R. P. Bud had treasured a Fourth of July oration delivered by himself in 1861, and a fine cavalry sabre «f which he was justly proud aa having borne through the entire war. A special sale at Grace A McNeil's next week. Great bargains in dry goods. Don’t tail to go to the Opeaa House Tuesday night. This promises to be the best play of the season. Homestead Notice. GEORGIA, Chakltos Gocttt. Aaron Dowling as Ordinary. * to me for valuation and setuna himself and family, a homestead 1 the law, and I will pam upon U THE CITY BAKERY, WAYCROSS, G If itvrcrc not for the half column of puns in the Atlanta Journal on that bellicose tittle South American Repub lic, we might venture to remark that the atmosphere around Valpairiao is Chili. - GOSSIP ABOUT THE REUNION. Georgia wa* the first State to do her self the honoiwto mak«* General Lee’s birthday a state holiday. A Narrow Escape. Tht* readers 01 the ilEU.vLl> are u«i- uwmwhod to u=c great. cuUuva iu dol ing Flan: avenue at tho Brunswick « Western “ V,” ax the curved nature of; the track cuts off the view of approach ing train*. Tliosa who do not read the HkkaI.P must take their chances in getting this information, the nian who does not take his town paper ha* the slimmest kind « f a' chance fcr success, anyhow, in anything. Mr. D. J. Taylor, from Mu'cou. lias been ia Wayertas organizing a branch of tin? Knight* of Damon, an insurance organization with headquarter* at Macon. We regret lo Icam that Mr. J. W. Strickland contemplates leaving Wav er*.* to reopen basiiwn, elsewhere, though he contemplates eventually taking up a permanent residence in our little Metropolis. Col. C. C. author of “Driven from Sea lo Sea,” and other popular writings, u fine orator and a splendid talker, will be in WaycruM and address oar citizens on the Living Issues of the IXxv at the Court House on Jan. 29th. Mr. Spangler w completing his adver tising wagon and will soon be on the road, advertising Way cross and her bus iness interests. Worked properly, as we believe Mr. Spangler will do, this adver tising novelty is sure to be of benefit to our merchants. | Mr. (J. A. Farnliam, the popular and i gentlemanly proprietor of the finest rail- | road restaurants in the SoutV at Savan nah, Way cross and Jacksonville, paid j the Hkkai.h u call and u dollar on ; Tuesday. Mr. Farnham is also proprie- ! tor of one of the best hotels in Saratoga, Orran of( harlton ( oimfy. OXE-CEXT-A- WORD. Official Organ City of Wayer**. Judge Merdton said he had “never known ira occasion that eould match this one in perfect organization and beauty of detail.” ARE NOW OPEN ~ IN TIIE OWENS BLOCK. Their took Embraces the latest Novelties in NtftALO He.complimented the ladits ; was :>*t- isfied that the sneers* of their contribu tion was due to unanimity on their part, —each willing to do her part, and n<* anxious to do it all. The Judge under stands the ladies. • quantity of the { Tobacco Seed ms* Herald. Dry Goods and Trimmings. 2 inch! 3-Wj Cj09 10.0M4.00 3 Inch; 4.00 8j00I4.0riai.0O, i CoL 60012D0 30.00 30.00 « CVS. »OOO.I»X» JOJ» 50.00 it coi. poop! Ihe Only One Ever PHnted—Can Von Kind the Word* There is a 3-inch display advertisement in this paper, this week, which has no two words “alike except one word. The S-ame i- true of each new one appearing each week, from the Dr. Harter MedUine Co. Thb bouse places a “Crescent” on everything they make and publish. Look f,»r it, send them the name of the word, and they will return yon Book, Beautiful Uthogmphsor Samples Free. jan23-ly Examine the rates of any first-ela*- weekly newspaper and you will find onn to lie less Transient advertising inserted at $1.00 per inch first Insertion, for subsequent insertion. Beading notice in local columns 10c per line first Insertion; 5c per line each snlw- qnent insertion. Professional cards $>ni0per annum after January 1st. • For Cheap advertising asa Clwp Gulumn. Advertiaementa to insure insertion any week must be in l>y Wednesday of that Week. Changes made in advertisements, inserted at our regular rate*, and for specified time, will be charged for at cost of making said change. Additional rates will he charged for spe cial position. Col. Russel 1 had the left the afternoon speak* and good looks—*.i nkl le eiOfjueuee ter only the i «1 the Judge. dollars per thousand, delivorvii Pine Shingles at two dollars id £5-100 dollars for No. 2. Floor- ovelty Weather ltoaniinx and eil huildinc material at lowest iln-s J. McDonald. McDonald’s It. A- W. Railroad). lm It is The IIkuai.d’s opinion that all Georgia (Colonels an«l Captains, esj»e- eially those in Wnvero-.*, have youth, beauty an^l elisjuenee. It was u witty and efiective request for “the boys in the gallery not old enough to beconu^.soldiers in the Chil ian war nnd who were not in the last war, to keep ati/f.” Who did not feel proud of our Opem House Tuesday, ami grateful to the far- seeing enterprise that provided our little Wanted. Wanted at once, uti experienced Saw File Address ESTATE J. S. DAILEY, tf Daileys Mill*. Camden County. Ga. Letters of Administration. G Ei JIUIIA—Vi a nr. t Jocxtt. To all whom it may concern : James 3 Sweat having, in projicr form applied to n for iiennanent letters of administration c the estate of Alexander E. Philips. Tate said county, this is to cite all and singul; the creditors and next of kin of Alcxand It. Philips to be and appear at my ottlc within the time allowed by law. and sho cause, if any they can, why iiennanent an ministration should not lie granted to Jam M. Sweat on Alexander Philips' estate. Witness my hand and official signatui this 18th day of Januarv, 1892. jan23- It W AURKN LOTT, Ordinary. paying for th SATURDAY. JANUARY 23.11892. Arrival and Departar* of Halls AT WAYCROSS. ARRIVE A. M. From tlie North, Month and West < From Best and West 1 From North - Front Sou tii H ARRIVE P. M. From Macon and Atlanta I From Tliomasvllle. Georgia J Front Waycmsa Air line t DIM PATCH ED. A. M. Mail closest for Wiyrnw Air lane t Mail for North, East. South and West l P. M. Hosed for Savannah, Kant and worth Closed for North, Month ami West Libel for Divorce. Sarali Williams, i The defendent, Sarah Willi required to !*e and appear in next regular term of the Sun beheld in and for said eouni Monday iu April 1KI2. then ness the llonorahl. Judge of said^court ADVEI WISING RATES. irs>b»o IWirr ADVERTISERS COLUMN. For the lienefit of our wlvertUs as well as for information of the public we p/npoae to publish in thi* column each week a full list of our advertisers and to call attention to special bargains olfi-rcd !»y them, in the various lines of trade, and we request our rrmlers in purrhasing front any of the firms named to mention the fact that they rend the olTens «if tlie niiverti.vrs ill tin the IlRa.u.n. We Intend the IIkualu tol tlie medium of communication lietween u« vertlser* ami their patrons. The patrons who advertise in these nil limns an- thoroughly reliable, and part it t they want I. With such u handsome iunl neces sary structure. Did Home one say Judge Brewer's badge wa* only eomplimcntory, be being too yoting by far to have been in the The Waycroas Rifles were the right thing in the right place on Tuesday, and ever}’ otic was proud of their admirable proficiency In drill and their fine bear ing. The Heralh appreciates the graceful compliment paid it hy the sol- The sprite!) - little miss who carried the banner of Illinois, the Queen of the West, presented the eloquent orators with eamillias froth their admirers in It was Judge'Merhlion who said “The Puritans all Htopixsl on the New En gland const, thank God.” And it was a charming Yankee girl’s licaiitiful ramil- lin h> wore so proudly in his button hole. Ah, Judge, was the magnanimity where he spends his summer*. W< are glad to record him as one of our suli- scriber*. Col. Stone, of Jesup, was in town yes terday. If we mistake not the Colonel is preparing for a vigorous campaign as a randidate for Congress on the line of “something better,” or every man to is sue his own legal tender. It is thought that Tom Strickland and Joe Lott will espouse liis cause, and stump Ware county for the Colonel. I’rof. Jeffords, teacher of telegraphy in the Waresboro High School, came to see the Hr.itAi.n Friday. I)r. Butts, of Brunswick, is in the city and admires Way cross’ steady and hand ing wagon, and give us j [art off with bi le will drive through town 1 a look before he takes t* But x with the eloquent oi ck that “All lira* ilr. J. A. Wain right, Sheriff of Charl ton county, paid the lltnALi* a visit on Tuesday. x f, LU DDKS’ A HAflkx. Mavmmah ‘s|K Ct J oldit cater love hath no nun than this, that he lay down his life for his friend. Our efficient represi \ Bird, an old Confederate Vi ras on hand to represent tin'good will ►f the 1Ii.i:ai.ii at the recent reunion. tVo owe our eom-ponilenl | Mr- E. Clark, of tlie Smithville a|iolagy for the obscure |n.sition of, News, has accepted a position with the very interesting notes of bust week,' Tiflon Gazette, which came in almost a, uc were Koine j Mix, .Jewel Johnson, of Newark, N. J., 1 we ulso render him our ho has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. II. grateful thanks for the very kind things i Murphy for the past three weeks, left said of the Hf.rai.H management. Such J Thursday for New York. [•raise is very encouraging iiv the some- | Mr H> M Rolicrts, of Chorleston, S. .inie ii]>-hill work of an editor, whose . ^ spending a couple of weeks in the •trength must lie largely in the loyalty j r j lv >f his friends. The Buys Have a Dance Ir. Geo. Burnside, of Jackconville, barge of the IIehald’s steam press leasant day Tuesday, | a » J fine job work. Mr. Ik II. Thomas, one of the li [■n of Waltcrtown, called on the JlEit- xvatchiug and participating in the ex of the Confederate Veterans, numlier of the boys who trip the light j Ai.n Tuesday, fantastic, concluded to finish off the day j ^p r , j.\ |{. Trent is home nga by giving a dance, and for that purpose J lively as ever. ■net .it the Armory "> c«.m|.letc arrange- | Mrs (i w Unruc, and children sixnt nient... Hut owing to the latent*, of the , |;L „. gumhy wilh fri ,„,,, SUOenvillc liour some difficulty was met with rela- ' tive to music, and when 9:30 o’clock : H. M. Roberts • and no music, the boys’ faces had ! Is in Way cross this week and next assumed an I-guess-we’II-lufVe-to-givc-it- j painting some handsome sign* for The up-boys expression. Herald and for Mr. Spangler’s big new However, after a time Charley got hi* : traveling coach. OFPK KllS OKC HARLTOX COM Aaron Bowline, Ordinary. Shenff i. School • . A. Wainriglit, Sheriff. deceasetl. . applies for Letters of Dismission rrom sail administration, and I will plus upon hi* application on the first Monday in March, 1892, at my office in said *>ounty. Given under my hand and ntneial signa ture, this December 23d. 1891. jan2-U0«l GEORGIA, Charlton CorSv. To whom it may concern. The qpp appointtsl for the purpose of setting a. year's support to Mrs. Julia Cnvcdo and her minor child out of the estate of J. S. Cavodo, deceased, having made a return of tlic prop erty set ajmrt by them in due form, 1-will day of December 1891, AARON D( Ordinary Charit< SHERIFF’S SALE. violin, and Jake was induced to bring to j light from the depths of his iuside jiocket , di his Frcnclwharp, and then the girls en- j h< tering into tlie spirit of tlie occasion, | w every body present enjoyed such a tlance i as would have made old Terpsichore : green with envy. one desiring ornamental painting ihould see him at once, as he leaves ut the completion of the present Y. M. C. A. % Rev. George Mathews of the M. E. Church, will lead the Y. M. C. A. next Sunday afternoon at 4 o’clock. He will, no doubt, give an interesting talk. A good attendance is desired and that railroad men turn out in fall force. There will also be good singing and short talks. Tom*s Vacation. Judging from the reputation of the Ray L. 1 Joyce Company, and its great success recently in Jacksonville, we are pretty sure of a rich treat at the Opera House Tuesday night, the 2tilh. Tlie Standard likens Mr. Boyce to tlie | ♦ — inimitable Sol Smith llus*cll, and highly Take Your Choice, praise* the songs, danceo and humorous ; -The American Farmer id now a-Med and musical specialties in which the play • to our list of premiums. This paper is abound.-. j too well known for its excellence to The banjo playing of A. C. Moore b ! need our praise. 'If you are going to pronounced the finest ever heard in j plant tobacco wc give you two varieties Jacksonville. Then little Jesse Lindsay | of tobacco seed along with your paid up sings and dances delightfully. | subscription to the Herald, or we will our i*eoplc give a px»d tn^jn- a ; you away happy with one of <*cr pn-1 houst * , : neat and useful dirtionarics. Take your ; . ♦ ' choice when you pay your dol lar for the Dr. Wallace Mathews. 1 Herald. tixMitvs. aiid Tiave iu-xv prvH lie wav tl«at will make our plot.- than any other office i FARMERS Why Don’t You Try an Acre or Two in Tobacco? It will, pay you. THE IlERAl.D will furiii.di you sufficient seed for the purpose if you arc a paid up subscriber or if you will send us $1.00 for one vears subscription. We will mail you the seel, iKistage paid. In Ladies Underwear, Flannels, Blankets, Etc. their Stock is Complete. A Full Line of Checks, Jeans, Calicoes and Do mestics at Prices Never Before hnd in Waycross. A cordial invitation is extended to all. BRAD. WATSON & CO. THE LEADING DRY GOODS STORE, OPPOSITE DEPOT. Waycross, - - Georgia. WAGONS AND BUGGIES. We have Just Received a Car Load of Wagons OF TH ».l .'BEST MAKLES, And have in Stock a full line of nies, Road Carts and HARKTESS. Gall ami examine our stock nnd get prices. J. A. JONES Sc CO., Plant Avenue, Waycross, Ga. W. P. LEE, GROCERIES,: M,: GRAIN! Next Door to the north of Lauicr & Youmana, Where, with his SPLENDID STOCK He is supplying the public at Lowest Prices. Call on me and be satisfied. W- P. LEE. Waycross, Ga., July 4-tf. S. L. GUPTON, PROPRIETOR OK THE Waycross Carriage Works, Manufacturer and Dealer In BUGGIES, ROAD AND FARM CARTS ETC. Rp