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The Waycross herald. (Waycross, Ga.) 18??-1893, May 21, 1892, Image 1

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FOR ANYTHING KIJPT IN A FIRST CLASS DRUG STORE, AT FAIR PRICRN, UO TO B. J. SMITH, Druggist, VE LEAD. OTHERS FOLLOW Brad Watson & Co’s Leading Dry Goods Store. Now Spring anil Summer Good* Owens Block. Opposite Depot. « WAYTR06S, : ; GEORGIA. vol. xm. WAYCROSS, GEOROT A, SATURDAY, MAY 21, 1892. NO. 26. A.U. (toweti, ( Irtk Superior i *• J. A. Wain right. Sheriff. JatiM-N Thompso School • I.F.CAI. ADVKRTIHKJIPJTH Charlton Commit. TfJn, guardian fir In concern: Julia fa- • minorchild, Bertha Kndmt'NVfshi. has in due fi»nn. applied to tin* under* icin'I for Imvr h* wll J'"‘ lanni Wlongingtn MiJ minor rhild. Saul appli-! railmi will Is* heard or. tl.c lint Monday in June next rhl* April 141b. May 7. li. FROM THE PARES OF THE EDITOR’S DIARY. this cart* given to tlief offenders against ' DEMOCRATIC YARD STICK, the civil law, the greater imntlicr of fvfitor if>rnin>i Xnr*:—For tlte past whom are from the lower classes and j two years the Alliance Ium l*een mens- not t.een.tnme.1 to the refinement* of ! en-nli.bteo for De.noeratie non.i- .... • : nations by the Alliance yard stick and *' _ j refusing to give them their support re* If it is designed to be in its effects hu* : gardleas of their 1 Nomocracy and fitness ! inanitarian and reformatory, then for J for office if they fittlcd to measure up to i onee we ran lift mtr hut. to the govern-; tlll ‘ reqmremeuis of their yard stiek. tlio I niMit >.< it ,| „„ . i Ocala platform. Ha-* it been fair for I ment ... Havana,-though tve van never | „, p Alliance to apply lifts undemocratic (ARON DOWLING, Ordinary. &4Kfrl ,! POWDER | precision with which our Spanish t'hos- I terfield handeil us into <*ur carriage on j our departure, receiving our American “thank yoils’’ and nods and smiles with dignity and j to candidates 7 Surelv not. What ever elso the < )«*ala platform contains the rallying cry of the Alliance has "been around the railroad and sub-treasury !>lanks. measures wholly impracticable should be broad and Democratic, not narrow and autocratic. V.> do not un derstand that the Alliance man who is a Democrat has undertaken to say that his opponent, also a Democrat, had no right in the Democratic party and with equal justice, why should his opjionent under take to force him out of the party. It would lx* well to remember that while majorities.have the power to deny mi norities their rights and privileges, it is undemocratic to do so,* for as Herbert Spencer proves, history shows that • whies have usually been right. <NEW YORK. X 2 0 X 0- Absolutely Pure. A cream of tarter baking powder. Highest of :dl in leavening strength. /sitrrf r. N. (i'orcrii)iMil Foot! Report. Bovai. It ikim. I’»w in:* ('<>.. loo (Vail Si. N.Y. £ m & ett mg nations, an SAVANNAH AI >V ERTISEM ENTS. - all smile*. Kv to speak in S, with any trace delighted ap|i (r.mtinnod from last Week.] There arc many Americans in the ! hotel, all liew'aUing their helplessness in T speech. . Tfie Cubans, in their narrow, insular. life, find in their foreign visitors both 1 air of a king. It is needle** to sav that 1 ** on » patriotism and class legislation, and I inirmtin* un< , ... , , ., | | * • .j, i... j vet Alliauecmen have liecn applying i smith. p'v.-nr.- ami A. a pc.plv they ; our at m Unl ive eavh f „ r , )t .„„ v . rati .' , Nh» Y..kk lWGuil'ITK Mtn- ) we pmhalft.v naturally raurteoua, which I rarnv.1 Inane an,I pruned a lltlh-bo- jnations more rahhl and extreme than l, ju. School and Hospital, has never l>een said of the English speak-! quet as a souvenir of this grand person-I the rankest of Republican doctrines, i 222-2.10 East Twentieth Strekt. ) ink yous ami nods a«d smiles with * n<1 undemocratic The great tliatin- ,a i" onUw tove in SpffclT IRcwVfll’ghUSgfeaUire”.nVemaor.ey from Re- A WAY (.R0SSIAS IN NE devoted servant, but with the regal ■ publicanism is opposition to eentraliza- ! PROFESSIONAL CARDS Am idieiilo * they «attempts age. | Thev do Kv. nial tal i EDWARD LOYELL'S SONS, SAVANNAH. GEORGIA. •nt, but with I encourage- lent. U X h SB Hardware, Tinware, Plows, Turjiciitine Manufacturer-’ Supplies. I tar. Hand and Hoop IKON. Wheels, Axles and Wagon Material, | (inns, I’is to Is and Ammunition. d!9-lv guide and i Lloyd & Adams. Waycross, Ga. IN YOUM ANS’ BLOCK One Minute Walk from Union ; Depot. a,.. J. W. Strickland, a*, j JOHNSON’S RESTAURANT ! I'In nt Avenue- Convenient IV|h.i, I Mral* ’M «>••!■. IahIkInr WOnt.. Fare Kqiiul to Any 42-a-Ihiy House. Every I’alnm Sent Away SatUfled. We guarantee satisfaction, and solicit llie r of I lie public. All we ask is a DKAl.KItS IN Paints, Oils, Doors, Sash ami Winds. Terra Cotta and Sewer Pipes, BUILDERS HARDWARE, Lime, Piaster and, I fair and Cement. Savannah, : : Georgia. S.le Agents for Adamanl Plaster. I**! preparation in the world for plastering wafts and ceiling*. Write for cineufara. dee ItMy 1S71. The Old Reliable. 1892. HARNETT HOUSE, SAVANNAH. <!A., JvVermr i jiff lit amt itetm. ARTESIAN WELL WATER. Sight-seeing with* terpretcr, we find unsatisfactory. Since the first day we have employed a smart little Cuban who sjx-aks English very well, ami who for five dollars a day acts as courier for our party of four, hiring carriages and boats cheaper than we could do and getting us the entre and passjiorts to many places otherwise in accessible to us. Through his understanding how to go alnnit it, we obtained the unexpected privilege of being admitted inside the ramparts of Morro Castle, a |K > rmissiou frequently denied foreigners. looking ofiic •untrv has its own cere for interment u( the dead, in C only the rich or well-to-do have hea and carriages of mourners, and the mini- j to her of horses indicate, as with us. the wealth and standing of the deceases The poorer people carry the eorp its coffin on their shoulders, or if 011 I 1 and supervision of all tr: 1, but would have the 1 lica ro,H-s pi wed 1 oral government lor the correction of present abuse* which they claim to exist, to go to the extent of spending billions ollars to secure their ownership and il the country from one end to the other with a vast army ot office holders in their operation, opening wide the •s, or if it is j gates for corruption, speculation and de- ler the casket ' bauchery. Such a thing might l»e at tempted under the strong despotic gov- nts of the old world, hut in n free and, three or four on each side, they taki the middle of the street in a little jog- i republic never, trot which they do not hr«ik until they | breath they proclaim, reach the cemetery, more than two miles ; all, special privileges from the city. The female mourners usually precede this little procession in the street ears, the only line of horse And 1 Ha The hold t such doctri have threatened strength. Is not Third party a hel and do they not s parties can nor will Who doubts the truth idling* •rv adherent of the r in these doctrines, neither of tiie old of them: ivocate the these dm <1 comfort this, clain platform, containing without giving aid : enemy 1 Men who d. be Democrats, dccei are misleading the people. It is iiigli time, then, that the Democratic van stick be applied. Call back tho deluded and ratio camp on I id let the test fi candidates i id from all Dcp. and Wha RATES $2 PER DAY. M.-L. HARNETT. At the llAisxfrrr Hiu se, Savannah, (•a., you can get all the comforts of the higli-prieisl Hotels, and save from One to Two Dollars ,M r day.-/.Won lf„mr Journal. sooner the better. I alone constitute the and the Demm-ratie organization can only ho maintained intact and Demo cratic success achieved by strict adher ence to the Democratic faith and teach ings. undiluted bv Ocalaism or anv other WNT It TNB W. L. DOUGLAS llliiMMl«*Mko*.«IUiMt«rk<orirM UmI llyc^r. * " ‘ THU lAISIULIi, H. X. FISH’S European Hotel RESTAURANT, Kavnniinli, (.eoegl:i. S9 Bayssesissssra I nrltaa Ladles' j-ls’tssaisa. FOR SAl.K'llYy .11.11. LKYYItudACOi ■v A MAN £££8450 HIS NEICHBORI MU S37S. Inin Yonrself LUDDcN S BITES, SjiimiI.Gj. Wbu Iut: Nit tbM Um ora attaSny wurU» Th»j in not taOt that ai|. Writ* tut Intraf snCULOrFLBS. handsoiiie. A decided peculiarity in this tropical laud of flowers was the sight of wreaths* and crosses on' the guard accompanied us, and their i graves made of jioreelain flowers and close and suspicions surveillance over us j evidently designed to save the frequent was anything hut comfortable. By the | renewal of fresh offerings. They were previous instructions of our guide we 1 ugly ami still' enough to withstand the were most discreet in our conversation ' ravages of time ami weather. The cata- and refrained from any curious or too i comlis, into which we descended, have minute ius|icctinn of the place. The 1 not liecn used since 1878, and most of tourist’s usual outfit of note-book, enmera the Isslies have ln’en removed, etc., had to bo left outside the walls, so It seems n dreadful custom to thus lav watchful are they of spies, and so jealous , away on shelves and seal up in this dusi- of a foreign, and |*ossib!y hostile, power, geon the liodies ot the dead. It was a gloomy tour, through Morro While on this gloomy subject 1 am ro- t'-wiL, wiikilw '♦|>«ui*U mMmis- i mimlcil ufitirptfal eaverutuis rtiihotiruls clanking at our sides over the pitiless we visited, where is much superstition, stone corridors of this Spanish iniquity, and probably little enough of religiou. When shown the place in which our In a very large and ancient one, used corn-patriots were shot, a few years ago, principally for the poorer classes, we for suspected implication in the last found the slab that marks the only true Cuban insurrection, we gazed at it in si- : grave of Christopher Columbus—at least leuee, almost fearing to think our indig- our guide said so, and we told him we mint thoughts in this horrible place of were willing, as in our country great cruelty and death. , men were liorn and died every day. Only (Militical offenders against the III a beautiful and fashionableeatho- rule of Spain arc confine 1 here, and the*' dral our guide asked that the jewels, end. it seems, is always death. Their worth $300,000, used in processions and accommodations are most wretchcil— on great occasions, be shown us, but the the prisoners, m***t of them Cubans of foe we offered seeimsl to fall short of good families ifuot of noble birth,looking, , expectations and we were refused. U-hind their iron grating, like rats in a Second only to the military cuthiali- hole. Nothing could Ik* seen inside but uient of the |M»ople, is the |w»wer of the a rusty tin pitcher of water and a hard church. The priestly garb of the clergy crust of bread. j s almost as familiar on the streets ns the Formidable as the fort looks, on its uniform of the soldiery, rocky promontory overlooking the bar- When these two expensive and noh- ls»r, i; is said by g.nsl judges to Im» weak producing classes are provided for out of ns a fortification. the earnings of the people, it is little Spanish rule would easily succumb to j wonder that abject poverty is left to the outside invasion, but as for the juior lalmring classes, that only thatched roofs oppressed Cuban, the Spanish heel is on | are their shelter, that education is neg- his neck. To go from one town to an- i lected and liliertv a name whose happy other, he must have a Spanish permit. ! promise occasionally leads large munliers called The Island is patrolled, from end to end of them to death. It will he seen that hv Spanish soldiery. Mounted guards And so, under this tropical sky, portnnt difference bet we meet you on the highways, are sta- • where Nature smiles on her fair | of measurement; the former aims to re- tioned at every cross-roads and are handiwork, we find the curse of a tain its position within Democratic lines; ready at every station to inspect the mental and physical liomlage over all the latter aims to mle out of the Demo- railway trains. They keep down insur- human life, from the Spanish official j eratic p:irt\ all Aliiaiicemen, unless they reel ions, and they keep the )>coplc |*.or who is prostituted by the exercise immediately, by iiipport them. of his own vicious tyranny, to the I gymnastics, rent half-breed who knot they declare for a principle, under their sub-treasury scheme, which would make the government enter into the business of loaning money to a fa- 1 class on a particular kind of sccu- other cit of the published in, the Savann News, is republished in tl at the request of several of nppticatb * Dear Herald:—Dr. C. J. Carter, of Lake Park, and myself, left Waycross, April 10th for Savannah, where we took passage on the steamer City of Birming ham for New York. The state rooms were all occupied. Some of the passen gers having to lie on mattresses in the cabin. We succeeded in getting an in termediate room, which was not as good as we desired, hut as we could do no lietter [without waiting for the next steamer, we accepted it and made the best of it. The table fare was fine, but a number of the passengers did not enjoy it after the first meal, which was served shortly after we started, for as soon as we got out of sight of land they began to get sick and some remained so during the whole trip. A certain .old gentle man, whom I hupiKHicd to lie conversing with the first afternoon on lioaril, in formed me that ho had taken a number of trips on the ocean and that he dis covered on his first trip that a person might lie seasick or not, nt will, and he explained how, free of charge. After that evening we did not see him out till the morning we landed in New York. Cluess he decided to lie sick. Dr Carter and myself felt first rate till the second day, ate breakfast that morniug, but it wouldn’t stick. After that all went well; did not miss a meal. [loved out of The third aiul last night on the icala i steamer, about midnight, the radiator in the dining room exploded, and knocked l 'niet"and 'th'e u in the cabin floor and frightened atic platforms , some of the qassengers terribly. It was of the party, ; said one dude fainted. The writer knew nothing of it till next morning—must have slept quite souudly. We landed in New York about sunrise Saturday morn ing, April 23. A Dr. Aldcn, of Maine, who had been to Havana, and who had attended lec tures here, came upon the steamer with ernment ««* and very kindly walked around with ople. us and pointed out the places we desired >nt\T. to find. We went first to the Polyclinic where they gave us complimentary tl to, and ti,-fcots for two days. We next went to Morning tlic I’ost-CJraduate Medical School, co,minis where they also admitted us free for citizens, ttto ,| avs> We then decided to matricu late at the Post-Graduate. Not that it ;e con- | ias a i,i t . r professors, hut liecausc it ha* KDW * **• HITCH & MYERS, attorneys at law, l’p Stairs Wibon’* Block. WAYCROSS, GEORGIA. J s. Williams. Attorney at Law. WAVCROSt, .... <ikouq| A John «•. McDonald, Attorney and Counselor at Law, WAYCROSS, . . . GEORGIA, OrncK up stairs in Wilson Block. A. (VI I,SON, Attorney at Law, WAYCROSS. . . . GEORGIA R. r. t'ANNON, Attorney at Law, WAY!'ROSS, „ GKO Itlil A. Office up Muir, i„ \v|| wn Work i" tl'o Brunswick Circuit ani clscw here by special contract. Nov l.V0O-ly, «T. L. ORAWliHY, ATTORNEY AT LAW. WAYCROSS, GEORGIA. Oftioo in the Wilson Building. S. L. DRAWDY, ATTORNEY AT LAW. HOMERVILLE, : : GEORGIA. DR. J. H. REDDING, OFFICE. FOLKS BLOCK, ir Hotel Phoenix. aprflO-ly WALLACE MATHEWS, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. WAYCROSS, ; ; : : GEORGIA. jan23-ly incut and the si’ from which 11 lx 1 corrected DR. J. E. W. SMITH, Office at B. J. SMITH S DRUG STORE. Residence Hick* Street. WAYCROSS, - GEORGIA. I)"l A. P. ENGLISH, Physician and Surgeon, WAY’CROSS - . GEORGIA. aST* All call* promptly attended. JJK. D. K. MeMASTBM* Physician and Surgeon, WAYCROSS, - - - GEORGIA. All calls promptly attended to. D R. F. C.FOLKS.PhysicianantlSur- geon, (V aycros*. Ga. ovor J- U. Laxik*'s Jewelry Store, omee hour; from 0 to 10 a. m. Canjie found at my residenei>, comer Pendleton street and Brunswick avenue, Iwlien not profri- sionally engagetl. Jy4.1y DR. RICHARD B. NEW. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office at Miss Reuishart’s, WAYCROSS, : GEORGIA. jan 30-Cun DR. T. A. BAILEY, DENTIST, Office over Rank, On Plant Avenue, WAYCROSS, ; ; GEORGIA. *7. h thi rd Stick” A1 linn pro|s. Pl’l.v ■asurc of lie retaliatory meas: •ratie Yard Stick.” BRUNSWICK AND WESTERN RAILWAY , Time Table. 4 In Effect April 24th, 1892. [Subject M i Change Without XoliraO From Hniti'W i«-w ».» Alkiny. aa\i> i*i»s» »ri». From A11 •any to ltnm-n i< k. N«». 7. No. 3. No. 1. Wily (Daily Ihdly Daily ; K.K j B.K. j j STATIONS. No. 2. No. -i. Ko.12. No. 8- Daily Daily Daily Ihuly E. 8. ■ E. S. It »* *aid that the *igar crop, a main half-breed who knows no high- dejiendence, U forty |M*r cent, of or jiower than priest craft and its value. moiiarehy—a union of church ami state The American |ieop!c, with their that here, as always it has done, perpet- monev and their liberty, must seeni to nates ignorance and stultifies moral this ,hunlene<l |»eople the happiest on growth. the earth. RVmtimusl Next Week.) Slrxnge, L. i. vet, iLul after Morn. |( Castle, we should have it to record that f * 12 s P. M. A. M. : . Brunswick sit 30 s 7 20 .... sit 22 f « 32 ....: f S t2 s S 22 . — f M s S 2B#.. r !) s 44'. A- M.Utt 33 s 9 K)l_„ I « 0 43 W 00» bIO 1» GO OP slO .(Sib I .u la ton -..—... Nahunu..— Ilidmkm Schlaiierv ilU-.... WAYCRtWS >11 W f f> SC t f « 14 | JsU 2i ;.~. 5 30 -lit 3C‘ . 5 23 to a- —- f 4 00 sio 10 HIT.’**! on'. *U 33-. =d:lStr:«a I 43 n 1 10 ,11 51. ~...lVarson, ... -Kirkland-. . S 43 • 7 4i - WillM-oothir . I S i I 4i!.. » 7 30 ft2 35 * 2 nt' ... ftf tl s 2 If J. A. McDuffie, Gen. Pam. Agent. P.W. Angler, A. G.P. .V. Geo. W. Haines Superintendent. after all we saw % iii Havana the model |>rison. It is new, handsome and com modious, and in the minds of Laura and myself will always be associated with the fine-looking officer, in resplendent uniform, who escorted us so gallantly about with an exaggerated courtesy that is a revelation to an American. We left our husbands to fol low with the guide, while this Magnificent presence escorted us up and dowu marble stairs as if we were princesses royal, or something even 1 tour hundred prisoners were The era of statesmanship as a pro fession has come to an end in the South- For many years jwwt the scales of spread eaglism have been going dowu, lower and lower as the scales of business and matters of tacts have gone upward. There arc too many things that pay better for brain and nervous force for an ambitions man than to fool with politics. And besides it is only' commercial success that the public appreciates and rewards. A senator used to Ik* a very big man, but he sinks into utter insig- pared with the average rail way president, and in lsith i«*pular re gard ami salary lie is frequently of refor ent House, who voted for free coinage of silver, are no longer Democrats. The fact_is the writer lias AU standard which he proposes to apply as the true and only test of Democracy, hut as he does not clearly say what that standard is, we are left in doubt whether it is the stamlard of Cleveland, ivith its tariff re form, civil service and anti-silver views, the standard of Hill with its anti-civil aim saian U r *, i ****vice, and pro-silver attachments or d<an froa “ ” ,fon * d h * ,h *- 4hwc **» L^eft 'hv theaverikc ba«- lull piteber. ' ,h ' ,,anJar ' 1 ,,f l>mte«ion win* of prat ,.oU,n oyFrv „rd-,n,l s«h j conftiUon rtron*ly .-.upbraid | Draiocralir ,«rly. .Ylea-nrotl by, ThwIaM.f.Ug drrawl in Gran white bncn .u.u Ibey th( . ^ of (hi , . l,i-n n ^ of i .ny one of th.,o stnn.lnnl. lh<- xrat, „ r anil , 1V ampaUti o„ would nol eniue were cheerfully at work making shoes or a - e 0 f exactness and (acts. «» nno * fta . v ’Vithin the lino*. , so much suffering as many people endure rismetlew. one half the produet of which FonIB A ^ ric , lliag i« ,be people; -•=- ““ throat, the diseasi-s of which the writer is making a sja-cial study. <’ases of .all varieties are not scarce and proficient teachers are plentiful and spare no pains to make everything clear. The clinics take all the time from 9 a> iii. to 9 p. in., except an hour for lunch and an hour and a half for dinner. .So there is hut little time for amusement and sight seeing. < ’nnsequently we have seen hut little of the city so far. \Vo visited Grant Park the first Sun- ntal day afternoon in the city. \Ve hare liecn to the great East River bridge, Central Park and the Metropolitan Mu- which they lielieve to Ik- necessary to S( ., 1UI „f ar t f where we saw some fine the prosjierity of the |M*ople and the in- . statuary and painting and some excel- tegrity of the republic. lent collections of ancient and modern Now it might be proja-r to ask, what . works of art. is the DemiM-ratic Yard t^lick ? Is it The first Sunday evening here we at- the Democratic platform of 1S88? If tended religious services at the Church so, then that very resjieetable element «»t j 0 f the Strangers, where we heard Dr. the Democratic party which followed Deems, who once lived at Carolina. He the leadership of the lamented Samuel appeared to be a fine old gentleman, and J. Randall in his fight for a protective we were pleased with the service. The Democrats, and the nex t Sunday morning we went over in the pres- Brooklyn to hear l)r. Tal mage. But will go to’hear him no more. In the evening we went to hear Dr. Parkhurst at Madison Square, where we heard an excellent discourse—would like to hear him again. We next went to hear a Unitarian, having never before heard a minister of that denomination. The sermon was not a doctrinal one, but was a fine, logical discourse. The last two mentioned were sermons that nourish spiritually and intellectually. One goes away feeling that one is lietter l»y hav ing liecn there. Yours etc., J. E. W. Smith. J R.DRDRK, DENTIST, WAYCROSS, - - . Office up s J)R. JAS. C. KIPPARD. Physician and Surgeon, (late of Pennsylvania.) Sperial attention given to Genito Uriua- ry Surgery. Cun always lie found at Dr E. B. Goodrich* Drug store. April 14-tf. ‘ Democrats i they are tired of the windy nothing poli- they receive themselves. TT.C Mrararf fcr OAprira.ra, want plxin, dranrat ra.l prdara. bo.p.hiI ^ ^ ^ w J..,,,, containing forty «ct. u. -rar, rf* , ^ e^hk n., iron highways.—Borne Tribune. beds, with pot plants- blooming In every i window, and the savory odor of broths and steak* comins from a verv per- i „W. J. Smith will sell yon a LadksOpCTa ’ ft-* - •’f-Ktcbcn. B one . ZJr*. • ’ J Every imlividual * has the national ; with Rheumatism. One of the greatest right to h» «.pinion.. TheHEULD h» | " f , ... I cure for tin* terrible disease, a speedy cn.U-avnrF.ltoh.nnon.zc llooc op.n.nn. rdicf fnm ,VTi upon thq lino* of Jeffersonian principle*, rapid cure. What a blessing! It is l>r. Hifted down there is very little difference j Drummond’s lightning Remedy, price in the ilrairts of the diflen-nt factions— I ft l"Pi l*oW*. *“d *Oi» dni«i»t hu •ii Cra- . . .., „ j not got it, the remedy will be sent to any all are working for a common end—tbe Jldd ^ Bi|on of ; >rice ^ Drummond welfare of the greyest po^ihfe numWr j Medicine Co, Lane, New ..f individuals. Therefore onr platform 1 York. Agents wanted. my!4-2t WARREN LOTT, Fire, Life and Accident In surance Agent, WAYCItOSS, . (IKOKOIA. —Nothing but first-elass companies repre- Time Tried and Fire Tested Fire, Life a I Accident Insurance Com panies, and REAL ESTATE OFFICE, KNIGHT & ALLEN, Waycross, Ga. mrI9 ly J. H. JENKINS & CO., Real Estate and Insurance Agents *•. 75 Broughton Stmt. SAVANNAH, : GEORGIA. mrl9-Rm W. A. WRIGHT, J. P.. And Agent For National Guarantee Co Securities obtained on easy terms. I attention given to the collection of < Post Office" ”** e Building, Waycross, Ga. . D. BOWBOTHAX R0VB0THAX& MURPHY. Architects and Builders. WAYCROSS, - - - GEORGIA. Flam and Specification* Farnished. CHEWACLA LIME. —SOLE A GETTY! FOB— WALTERTOWN BRICK. FebS-tf. Jersey Cow For Sale. J to boy J opportunity t ereey Cow. of the best strain, young, in ftall milk, and absolutely without a fknlt. Inquire at Herald. tf Kill Gxbm—Guaranteed to < W. J. Smith will sell you a patent tip