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The Waycross herald. (Waycross, Ga.) 18??-1893, May 28, 1892, Image 2

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HAPP State Convention la the Gem City. I Mr. D. Utiweit, secretary of the 27th: District Sunday School Association, re tained home on Monday morning from Marietta, where he attended the annual convention of the State Sunday School Association. He speaks in gknriog terms of the “gem city,” in fact he was completely captivated and charmed by the beauty of the place ami the clever people he met there. “Marietta,” , said be, “is one of the loveliest towns of north Georgia. Nestling as it does atltlie foot of the famous Konnesaw mountains, it is one of the most inviting health resorts in the state. The people are hospitable and kind, and strive to excel in enter taining visitors.” The State Convention was received with open anus, and all the delegates were made to feel at home. There were about 150 delegates in at tendance from all parts«of the state, from the mountains to the sea. Mr. John M. Green, of Atlanta, was elected president, Ixitt Warren, of Americus, secretary, and R. B. Reppard, of Savannah, chair- man of the executive committee.' The convention adjourned Friday afternoon. One of the livest men connected with the Superior Court of the Brunswick cir cuit is Mr,, W. M. Toomer, the efficient court stenographer. Mr. Toomer fills his position acceptably to all connected with the courts in this circuit, his work bring quick and thorough. During his short stay in Brunswick Mr. Toomer has made many friend* by his pleasant, affa ble manners.—Brunswick Times. The Congressional Democratic Com- i mitteemen of the new Eleventh District : assembled at Jesupon Wednesday last for the purpose of organizing, and calling a convention to nominate a candidate for the 53nL Congress. The committee vras called to order liy Mr. A. N. Smith, of Tierce, who was the secretary of the committee in the old first District. On motion Mr. J. W. Bennett, of Wayne, was elected temporary chair man. A call of the counties showed that fourteen counties were represented. On motion of Mr. Denmark, of Brooks, Mr. C. It* Pendleton, of towndes, was elected permanent chairman of the com mittee. After a sharp dUctiMdon, participated in by Messrs. Nicliolds, Dunwoody, Beach and Denmark, the following resolutions’ introduced by the latter, were adopted by a v«»te of 9 to 5 : Kesolvcd(l) that a democratic Conven tion of the 11th. Congressional District be held in the city of Way cross on the 29th day of June 1892, at 12 o’clock M. for the purpose of nominating a candidate for the 53rd* Congress. 2. That each county in said District This Gentleman has found the most extensive and complete es tablishment of any lcink in Way- cross. I know of in the county. The other two they referred to had been Alliancemen, but are not now. The late business manager of the Pearson Alliance store was not a delegate. After they commenced voting, I went to the window where they were receiving tickets and asked the ouestion again, trrre tee r*M out anti rmtld not role t and they said jn. This I can prove to the natisfectiou of any one. Please publish the content* of this letter. Yours truly, B. Mills, Pres’t Co. Alliance. Pearson, May 21st, 1892. A regular - MULTUM in PARVO. I I \ II tS;1 Where they make* anything in VI wood from a Pine Plank to an i J Jl f,/ to an Elaborate Sideboard in the r J I highest style of art. good solid ice Q N - Delivered at your door or shipped • in any quantity, anywhere. ELECTRIC LIGHTS For Street Store or Dwelling. We refer to the Jim I.and*burg, who was recently convicted in Savannah for an assault on Mis* White, of Haxlehurat, and who was sentenced to twelve years in the penitentiary, attempted to c&ape from Dale, Dixon A Co’s, mill, where he was at work, on Saturday last. By some mean* he secured a suit of citizens clothes, and made hi* way for several miles along the railroad, luit was finally recaptured, and will hereafter work with ball and chain. SATURDAY, MAY 28, 1891 The Coffee county primaries will be held on Jlhe 18th of June instead of the first Saturday in July, as first announc- The river and harbor bill ha* passed the House of representatives without any change in tha Georgia appropria tions. Brunswick is well provided for and Havannah goes under the contract system. ’ In making their |*resentmenu in Glynn Hu peri or Court this week, the jury read resolution* complimenting Judge Hweat and Solicitor General Brantley, and urging their re-election liy the nezt t LegialaUirc. Brunswick people were very mi eve*-fill in bulldozing a weak-kneed brother into forsaking a home man, and flash**! with their success, they have assayed the* same tactic* on the Second district.— Thomasvi He News.^ >ith the the island this summer come -dry goods for the trip. Brad If you go to to us for your Watson x Co. WHOSE OFFICE AND WORKS ARELIN WEST WAYOROSS. 1 Fancy Furniture, Moulding, all kinds of XVoHcarviug and Turning. Two immense dry kilns. BoueffiVry Lumber Dressed and worked. Stove wood at your door at $1.00 for for two-horse wagon load. Agent for Fay’s manilla building paper. the Hon. H. H. Sasnett, of Waycros*, Ga. t will begin by saying, we uecd no ad- vioe in Appling county from our Way- cross friend (a* he claim.* himself to be). We are all thoroughly bright and gen erally successful - (especially in politics). 3. .We recommend that in those coun ties where delegates have not yet been selected, and where arrangement* have not already been made for the selecting of the delegates, that the Executive Com mittees order primary elc*-tion.* at such times as th>y may think proper, and adopt the same rule* governing in elec tion* for members of the General As sembly, ami that in the said election the entire vote of the county be consolnlated, and that the majority vote of the county shall determine the result; that the said Executive ~ ’ ' * ” such rules cratio and f . r ^ tion of said delegate*. Mr. Dunwoody’* long substitute, which proposed interference with the action of the local Dem ocratic Executive committees in the counties, did not meet with favor i with a majority of the committee, inas much a* condition* might not he the same in the different comities. They took the position that the head* of the (tarty in the respective counties could l»e«t trusted with the management of their local affair*. in other respects the meeting was harmonious and unanimous. Judge Atkinson was on hand watching every movement, and was in constant consultation with hi* friends. abused a little preacher in Brunswick. We are are not prepared .to say whether he did or not, a* we were not-there. Probably Mr. Sasnett was. But we will have to hear it from some other source before we will believe* it. The writer knows Mr. Sasnett well. As for Mr. Turner, we think him a very nice gen tleman, and no doubt Id* superiors are liard to find. We believe him to be a noble man, but we- are not going to vote for him, for reasons too numerous to mention, just now. We believe the lion. Spencer R. At kinson will make an extraordinary good congressman, and we are going to put onerrned A rtnlnmnn is question how the people be Influ enced. V# polliirian i* concemisl with the question how the |»cople may lie in fluenced. From the number of orators and writers who dwell on matters calcu lated to arouse sectionalism and preju- fair contro- principlcs that uuderly • woods appear to lie i* t while statesmen are DRY GOODS, Millinery AND SHOES Committee* shall prescribe as will secure only a l>eino-. fair participation in the selec- dicc, and who avoid open, veiay, on the p ' government, the full of politiaian* scarce. Each day’s . week have chronicled a d nance of the disaster* b valleys of the Missippi i Uvea have been lost by thousand* are rendered I the waters have not nl«itcd yet. In Ar kansas it i* stated tliat ten thousand people are driven from their home* by the waters, and in Iowa five thousand have fled from inundation. Gov. Boies haa Issued a proclamation culling for help. A frightful train robbery occurred on the Jacksonville, Tanqia and Key West Railroad on Friday of la*t week. The north bound fast mail train.No. ?4, was held up by four masked men at Monroe station. Express messenger ftuindent was killed, and soliciting agent Cox was wounded badly. The robln-rs escaped. A special from Paint k a on Tuesday say*: “ Merer nger Saunders is avenged. The bloody corpse of Ilcmy Bedgood, his murderer, now He* in a box ear at the Union depot, and beside it is the lifeless form of Joe Williams, hi* pal, while the third robber is bring pursued five mile* fttmi the city.” ^ Wonder if the offices will go round ! Ben Rtusell for Congress from the 2nd District. Judge Mershon for the Legislature from Glynn. Next! Thk Milk in TnE Cocoaxut.—We are all valiant "champions of Mr. Turner, and incidentally of—ahem! A justly earned recompense for ourselves. Ben was too modest, however, to offer himself on the altar of the people—he waa brought out in regular whoop-la style by the candidate maker* of Albany. The Judge, however, “at the solicitation of many friends” has “consented to al low the use of hi* name, etc." The “el oquence’, and “arduous campaign work” should, of course, be rewarded. Read the Governor* proclamation in this issue of the Heralii. Every good man acknowledges, except when swayed by passion, that u lyncbing it brutal, crnrl nnH barbarous,” and every intelligent man know* that “»er<vn*mi ajbrj, in any ease, Imorrer aggriratml, to jnMi/y the rfr- jhmreqfffie for.” An editor wlio directly, or indirectly, foster* this barbarism, to call It by its mildest name, use* very unworthily hi* position as a moulder of public senti- BICYCLES ON EASY TERMS, Bennett & Weller No. 6 OWENS BLOCK. THAT 1*EARSON MATTER. Figured Lawns, Persian Mulls, Figured, Shantong Porgee, Figured, Canton Crepe, Figured, Elyscc Stripes, Figured, Indian Dimity, Figured, Bedford Cords, Figured, Pineapple Tissues, China Silks, all colors, Crepe de Chine, all colors, India Mulls, Cream, White and Black Bargains in Leghorn hats, flowers and ribbons Try our Twc-Dollar Ladies Shoes and Oxford Tics. They can’t he heat for the Money. Every pair guaranteed. GRAND SALE OF THE RACKET STORE. SELLING OFF AT COST.' I announce to the public of Waycross and vicinity that until the 2f»th day ot March 1 will sell my entire stock, consisting of Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Cap* and Gents Furnishing Goods at COST, to make room for my Spring Stock. I am going to New York some of these days for a Spring Stock, and I need money, and to get it I have marked all the goods in iny store at cost, and if you need some good* come and I’ll show you how goods can la* sold cheap. Avail yourself of this golden opportunity, mid come early, before the grand rush. RACKET STORE A. LIPSHITZ, Proprietor. Don’t Forget the Place. “*352581 Sharp’s Block, Plant Avenue. NEXT TO THE WESTERN FURNITURE COMPANY, Waycross, : Georgia, fob 20 to jan 1 tion went againt him. In the first place the county precincts were all closed to voters except in Brunswick, where Tnr- Auction Dry Goods, Masonic Building, Plant Avenue and Folks Block, near Depot ever brought 4o Waycross. comprising the Latest Style* in Drc-s Fabri Cashmeres, German Plaids and Stripe*, white Goods, Fine Figured India Linens, B Lawns, Embroidered Dremcs, Fancy Flotmre< Laces, Hambnres Braid. Cord and T mine Silk of every 1 description. Ladies and Gents’ Shoes and Hats, Gauze Underwear, Hosiery, Gloves, Hits. Ac. Our Millinery department is complete and an Experienced Lady of Excellent taste to asist in the selection of Hats and Trimmings and make them as Cheap or as Fine as desired. Always on band a Full Line of Table and Toilet Linen, Lace Curtains, Window Sliade*. Matting. Drapery. Upholstery, Tinware. Table and Pocket Cutlery, Etc., Etc. We save money ou everything we sell. No credit; we are after the Cash Trade only. Beach, Ga., May, 23rd 1892. JSfifor llerabt:—Th© store and stock of Lee & Sweat, waa consumed by fire last night. No insurance. The origin of the fire was supposed to be matches and rat*. It is a serious lost to the gentlemen composing the firm. All books, notes and accounts wi saved. The firm were doing a large trade, and they will at once resume basinet* as soon as they can put up a house to con tain stock. Yours truly. T. E. Latham. Will handle nothing but the Best Instrument*. All n»y Instruments are c the Best Makes. No Single Reed Organa in stock. Will not handle an Organ tha has less than two sets Reed* and good Walnut Case*. GUITARS OF ALL KINDS, Banjos in Great Variety, Harmonicas in Quan' Tyson or anyone else that may have as sisted him in the composition of hia so- called denial avows that I have “know ingly misrepresented him ” they tdl a this Act It shall be unlawful for any per son to hunt, kill or take in any manner, any deer in the State of Georgia between the first day of January and the first day of September in any year." Also, “That it shall be unlawful for any person to hunt, kill or take in any manner, or to rob the nest* of eggs or young of any wild turkey, partridge of pheasant be tween the find day of May and the first day of September in any year.” An Important Deeklon. The supreme court derided yestezday the Glenn law, *» It ia called, authorizing the countie* of the state to levy a tax on all railroad property within their limits, to l»e constitutional. This decision means that the counties will realize *oinething like #100,000 Horn taxes levied on railroads, an income which they have heretofore enjoyed. The Heeald’s information in regard to this matter is a letter from the Presi dent of the county Alliance, Mr. Mills. He says: “I saw in the sfuvannah Morning News a communication, signed by Jeff Kirkland, Joseph Bailey ami L. Holzen- dorC They say no man’s rote was re- ftmed or chalengcd. I aav we were ruled out. The chairman said he Itad received instructions from the Chairman of the Democratic Committee. to rule out the j Ocala men. and said he would have to ' do it. To avoid challenging the votes j tities, Fifes, Flutes, Fageolets and Drums. Musical Albums and Jewelry Cases. FOURTH STORE IN THE OWENS BLOCK. Mr friend* are invited to call and examine my Stock. PIANOS, ORGANS, AND SEWING MACHINES OX EASY PAYMENTS. i J. R. KNIGIIT, iiiee Grain, Flour and Butter are Specialties. . Waycross, Georgia