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The Waycross herald. (Waycross, Ga.) 18??-1893, June 04, 1892, Image 3

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Hfcgerooa ferula. OBeUI Organ of W*l» CMlt jr. Official Organ ©f Charlton County. Official Organ City of Waycra* HERALD PUBLISHING COMPANY SATURDAY, JUNE 4, 1892. ADVERTISING RATES. • htju*. 1 mop mo »l mo lyr 1 Inch 2.001 4.00 2 inch 3.QM 0 00 10.00 I4jW» 2 Inch 4.00 8/J014.GO 2M«* | Col. j C OO! 12.00' 2D.00 ) Col. 10U0.2O.nri 80.0050.00 11 Col. 15.00,30X10 SOjOO 90/11 Examine the ral«-eof*nr fiM-rliw weekly i'ew«f>aprr and jmi will find tnin to U*U-*>-« Transient advertising in*-rted at ♦1.0U per inch first insertion. 50r Milmrquent inw*rtlon. Rmllntt nolkt In local rolnmn** !<*• jut line first insertion; .V per line each «nl«~*- qihiit insertion. Prnfcwional cards *;.<*• per aiiimm January 1st. • For Cheap advcfiNing >*••• * heap t ‘oh Advertisement- to insure insertion week must Win l»y Wednesday of that' Changes male in advertisement*. ins •tour regular nitre, ami for specified time, will be charged for at <*r*l of making said ° Additional role*. will i** •barged for »|i rial position. Arrival and Departure of Nalls A! Rgyerom. PERSONAL MENTION. Jffcw Dowen haa gone North for the sanuner. / Judge Atkinson )ctMe«l through the citv twice this week. \W hear that Rev. W. H. Scrugp* i r roseola. down with the u Mrs. Delavat Mr. Arthur V: of Mr. < has. Cir.i Salisbury is -oiffering irk of <v\Mjiela*. tut has taken the place llondenpyle** frifnd- are glad t< n aide to Ite at hi- i*o-t again, alter ent illness. K. L Hendricks, of lhike. s|ient or two in the citv. Mr. Hendricks’ Dr. I„ C. Matin called on its Tuewla; good man all around his family North t’a them a lino-cl.i-u Dr. .1. E. W. Mr. Wo tiny from school* will hold their * next Friday night. 4»tt retitrncil on Wednfci- Springs, where he has with the Presbyterian idcrn will plainly see l>y flint I trad Watsi Inisiness, ami intend t «v» for the coining week. •s. V. C. Ayer, of Raleigh, X. C\ has been canvassing our town this week • siibseriptions to a fine line of liooks. In* paid for, if desired, on the install- *nt plan. Among them we noticed Thaekerv, Scott, Rulwer, Dickens, Shake- a pea re, etc. An excellent plan forgo ing a library, by paying a small sun •Iltlll v. - WnycrosH lacked »)torting fraternity, l hall nine. This iidouhtcdlv l*el»ind the i this We understand that lunches only will be served at the Wayernss Restaurant during the summer season. Thi* is a great deprivation to a number of the railway employes who have taken their meals there and have Wen so well cared lor under the present able management. t >rgaii York or Savannah. And thaVa ju NV tion from Fob' * to the cure. «i this is: nek of c of some portions of our cemetery. N'eg- Irctnl graves art a sad reflection on tin living. The dead, even in the silence of the tomb, still claim from ns revet W. J. Smith will sell yo very« Mini rip* rls, Miss Kmtui e Murphy, Miss IVarl Lola Johnson ai Only one Judge is just; for only one Knoweth the hearts of men: and hearts alone Am guilty or guiltless*. —SntKowtx AaaoLD. Public Speaking Is sometime* tiresome, but Brad Wat- n Jt Co. speak in a way that they en joy. (to to their special sale, commenc ing Saturday. Fruit of I>s>m Bleach, yard wide. 8c., ladies’ Vest, 8c., Oxford Ties 49c. Oond quality of everything else in proportion. The City of the Dead. IV.ivcWifN, (ii., May .‘JO, 1892. Mr. F/titor : Kindly allow me space the column* of the Hf.k.u.i* to vail the attention of our |**ople in general, d the city authoiities in particular, to » condition of our cemetery. Nearly all the original, or old part of the lot, •nts a most unsightly and neglected a|*|»oaranee. Many of the graves are completely overgrown and hidden from by gro-s and weeds, comparatively few being eare<l for by the loving hands ndred and friends. Nunifiers of them are the graves of persons who have relatives here. They sleep, it may l»e. far from home and friends and kin dred; and it seems to me that it should lie the duty of some one to look after that |iortioii of the lot. Hie Chairman of the Cemetery Committee should at tend to this matter at once, and see that our “city of the dead” is put in a neat^ and presentable condition. • la*t its do this out of resjieet to the dead, and tor the sake of our licautiful city. Very truly, Vim. Xarrled ! You may not be, hut alien you decide to get married come to as for Wedding Trix. llr.Ai. Wa os A Co. Reception Riven the Rifles. hi Tuesday evening the military ox- ienced the delights of home-coming m elegant reception tendered them hy the Ladies Auxiliary to the Rifles. energetic society, comprising many of Wuycross' most charming young la- lies and matrons, is gaining the distine- ion of giving most recherche entertain- nettls, and of a tone and character val idated to make our soldier Imys first in | ‘’“J 14 * ai the arts of jieace, as they iindoulitedly i T e ill lie in war. ' ' I Dur This brilliant little affair of Tuesday j °** Glcmnore Gleanings. Ftiitor Jlrrahl: Our Yankee town,'a credit to Ware county, still grows. Land is cheap, and our old friend, J. 31. Sti- ger, offers to pay the railway fare of buyers who settle here. Our farmers have plenty to sell and are out of debt. In fact the crops grow beyond expectations, it has been so dry. John Korh is building a house to pack his grapes in. His vineyard is well loaded. McKenzie’“A Dote are building j house to pack their eggs in. Mr. McCormack carries home good re turns for his strawberries. Our farmers bring in loads of cabbage and truck of all kinds for sale. Sugar cane and fruit will also Ik* paying t ulies Aid Society has the best [*am and cake for sale every night » a le up of dam cense* of camp life, i cr-decked sup|K*r, wl happiness and cool f our embryo heroes to • bad not MisjH-cted ih. Tin spot Mi* mg, remmis- elegant tlovv- icre bright eves, cuioiiade inspired flights of oratory apable of. Wideman, in a l Captain Farr graceful speech, p with a miniature encampment under which rested what was doubtless a very toothsome cake, and whether the tented field wa* tliul of trieiui or foe the gallant eomnianderr of the Rifl«*s is in*- Acaden Duke, Oa this year’s work on Monday with a moat creditable entertainment under the direction of the principal, Prof. Hendricks. Prizes were awarded in their order of merit to Miss Eva Ik Mc- Cullcy, Miss Lily Thigpen and Master Willie II. Mercer. We are sorry the account reached us too late for a more extended notice. New Enterprise. For enterprise, get up ami get. Brad Watson A Co, are hard to «Uiwn. tio to their special sale, commencing Saturday, June 4, and continuing Todays. Fruit of the Loom Meech 8c. Oxford Ties, good quality, 49c. The High School Entertainment." Tito Public School exercises, which will take place on ami 7%*r*- •htf evening* of next week, at the opera house, will be#funusual interest.. They w ill consist of dramas, recitations, drills, tableaux afld music. Though on count of sickneas and absence of o of the ittiAls the teachers have been obliged t<^k»p out some of the pieces which tvounlhave added to the great surcCM of our ammnl entertainment, the public neol uot fear that thi* year’s work w ill suffer by comparison with the closing ex ere bo of other year*. The WaycnwK school has had no obstacles w hich she has not overcome. We predict for the public a rich treat «u these evenings, and hope that some thing will ho realized to n*dst the com mittee of finance t«» carry forward tlnur plans fi>r thcdieUcnncut of schools, build ings and grounds. D«t not fail to conn* out ami hear what the school* can do in in the way of a rich, rare and rational entertainment for the people. The teachers deserve your patronage ami appreciation ami the (Hi|iiU ami little folks expert it. t'apt. Farr’s response w'ns enthusiasti- •allv received, and call- for Lieutenant lillon were rewarvletl by an able effort ’rom this |N>pular officer. It remained j for Mr. Whelplev to furnisli the real el- ! vMjuenee of the oeeasitm, and if our young ■ning | > vas inspired without previous preparation we have only to wait for time and experience to give us a CUauncv Depew orator in Wayernss. It goes without saving that the Itoys appreciate the handsome recognition given them, not only hy the Indies Aux ilary, but by the other kind friends wUo lend their encouragement t<» their organ ization. Turner aud Atkinson .Seem to be drawing the public atten tion, but we beg to call attention to oui special sale, commencing Saturday, June 4th, and for 7 days. Sinn’s formerly now *2.50; dp *4.00, now *S.*25; do *2.00, now *1.25. Come early. Brad Watson A Cri. Sunday School Convention in Clinrh County. The following is a report of the Sun day schools for the county of Clinch as made during the convention held at Sa lem Church, May 28th and 29th, 1892. It was a pleasant gathering, with good music and fine addresses, and if it was not a profitable meeting no one can see why: Number of schools reported, 13. * Number of officers and teachers, 78. Number of (tupil*, 723. Number average attendance. 419. Number in the church, 285. State of the schools good, and using ternat tonal liltjratnre. L C. Mattox. Sec’y. A Slight Hisnudei standing. Air. Annstroug, tlie Pluenix Hotel clerk, got into a difficulty with conduc tor Ifatugii, of the S. F. A \V. Railway last week, iu which Sir. Hill, a drummer from Savannah, took a lively vocal in terval. It was also rumorvd tliat Mr. Owens tirade some remarks on the snb- jeet. A meeting of railroad men wai The K. af P. Picnic. j held on Sunday in which the matter was The Knights of Pythias, Wakefield j fully invxsUgated, and Mr. Owens ex- Dslge, So. 27, will kohl*Us annual pie- ;**1 fr«vm any blame. Mr. llill’i. nie June 14tit, at IheAValtertown picni** (employers were notitie.1 that hi* farther grounds. j service with them in this section would Transportation will he free. J be to their disadvantage. •tlier Saturday for the purpose of raising funds to improve the M. E. Church. It is already nicely painted through their enterprise. Brother Hartman, our preacher, is a faithful man. Rev. L I). Ellington, our presiding elder, is in Omaha now, at tending the General Conference. He is one cracker that will have seen some thing outside o| the Solid South. He writes enthusiastically over the great corn and wheat fields he saw on his way out. It would do more of us good to look outside of onr own county. We need more attention front our railroad to its local interests. They do oiler any inducements to settlers. The day train being taken off works a great injury to tilenmore. We are vir tually cut off from you, our natural me tropolis, hv Itotli county road and rail- Give ns a straight county road, and we will trade with you, even if the rail- road doe* cut ps off. Progress. Express Robbery Will horrify the public, but we please them by our special sale, commencing Saturday, June 4tb,‘ and for 7 days. Oxford* and Slippers 49c., Fruit of I^oom Bleach 8c., yard wide. Best Ginghams 7Jc„ Pearl Dress Buttons, large, 7^ per dozen. Brad Watson & Co. Death of Mrs. Acosta. The sudden death of this honored lady on last Saturday night, at her home in Blactahear, was a shock to many of citizen* who have long numbered her and her esteemed family among their friends. Xlr. and Mrs. D. J. McIntosh, the latter of whom is a grand-daughter of Mrs. Acosta, were accompanied to Black- shear on Sunday ntoming by a large party of friends, among whom was the Rev. J. R. Rickneli, who conducted the funeral ceremonies. Miss Eva and Miss Mamie and Mr. Tracy Acosta, who have often been charming acquisitions to onr social gath erings, have the tender sympathy of their young friends in their irreparable loss, and to all the kindred of this gra cious lady we extend our deepest sym pathy. - * Hall Columbia. Brad Watson & Co. will raise Hail Columbia during their special sale; commencing Saturday, June 4tb, and continue 7 days w you goods at unheard of prices. All good* guaran teed as represented.^ THREE KiSSE*. R« ItUln'i Oct Cm tut Ox. Ut llud •*- !*»j 6»r It- Margot was a tatter good lookia* waitress in the little inn where SknUron was pawiug the summer. Many a jel bad passed between them, and a bar- dred nonsensical wsgvjrs made 1 hat event uated in nothing. On this occasion, however, there were a Jot of his old cronies present dining with him. and in a spirit of fun he said: “Margot, if yon let yonr-eli U- kissed three time* I’ll give yon a thousand francs * Now. ns SiuJkorn uras old enough to be her grandfather, and as the on!v rea» son why she and her chosen *ureetl»-art, Pierre iilnette. were not wedded war. the want of means, after repress*.i.g •:« • first impulse of natural indignatiou she quiet ly came over to his side with the simple remark “All right. I agree.’ Her ready acceptance of the proposal was met by load shouts cf laughter on the part of his companion j. and if he were uot in earnest in the first place it was now too late to draw hack Ac cordingly. calling the attention of hi* friends to the conditions of the bargain, he located two hearty and artistic kisses. zu the lips of the blushing maiden. Then sitting down with an air of con tent lie continued: ii yon give me the third, Margot, you shall have the thousand fraucs.’’ Tut ready now.” was her answer. Oil. but yon see I’m not,” lie hastily addedrnnd the character of the fraud gradnally stole over the inind* of all present “Then give mo the thousand francs.' “Oh. r.o. not till the thinl kiss is taken.’ Margot had more the air of being cm barra.sMxl than she really was. Making snitable changes in her toilet she went to the local court then iu session pretty waitress was known and respected by all. so that she easily obtained hearing from the judge. Her recital ended, that functionary issued a warrant for Sknlkom. who dnly appeared “The conditions of this wager that if she allowed herself to be kissed three time* yon were to give her a thou sand francs? Yon have already kissed her twice?*' Skulkorn smilingly and confidently admitted the truth of both propositions. “Very good.” commented the limb of the law. “Margot, step this way.’’ The girl did so, and his honor, cominj down from the bench, said: “Have you any objections to my salut ing yon?" The uinid returned no reply and the judge, taking silence for consent, put his arm about her waist and judiciously, as was but proper under the double co bination of circumstances, kissed her. “And now," he announced, shaking himself like a lion refreshed, “that is the third kiss established In due legal form. You have, Margot, in accordance with the agreement, given three kisses; con sequently monsieur will pay you over the thousand francs." It was hard perhaps, but just, and* as he laid down the cash Skhlkoro had a powerful impression that' while stolen fruit might be the sweetest, it was doubt ful whether it was altogether worth its pried.—Philadelphia Times. A Card. Having been informed that there are many ladies who say that they have asked to change their old style trunks to the rollcr-tray, and that we have refused to accommodate them, we l*eg to say that we would like very much to oblige them, but we cannot make the change with credit "to ourselves, the AW/rr- Troy trunks being made in every way superior the ordinary trunk. Very respectfully, 11. W. UorXTREE & Bro. firrkinon'1, l«. . It NOTICE. a prohibit the Blown ... .tnneocssaribr long or 1 kvithin the corporate limits of Waycross, Ga. lie it ordained hy the Mayor ami Council assembled, that from and after the passage By order of tion: May 24th. MB. WH AT WILL IT CURE. nervous debility, female complaint**, general kinplaints when the Dr. John Bull** Sarsaparilla. estore perfect health and strength, qualed as a vegetable blood puriti sure et t rated on the y^cono good effect 'its *' ’ all l ha C. C.GRXCE, W A YCROSS, GA. • We t*cg to announce to the public that we have added a SAYINGS DEPARTMENT To onr Rank, in which we will receive deposits from $1.00 to $3,000. paying interest at the rate of 4 per cent, thereon, per annum, which will In* credited . . FOUR TIMES A YEAR. Namely. January 1st. April 1st, July 1st and Oetolier 1st Save Your Spare Dimes For a Tainy day, ami put them where they will he .safe and earning you something. DIRECTORS: f. V. Grace, Miles Albertson, Warren 1^11, J. S. Bailey, II. Murphy, Lemuel John sou, J. E. Wadley. K-4T* lVposits rvoci p. m„ and the Uitli a lysteni, anti has prov of weakness, sores ami pain. Y ly yourself to ldame if you remain an in valid when this remedy will restore your health. Large bottle (192 tea-spoonbills) $1.00. Sold by druggists. K. B. llohy. Vincennes. Indiana, writes: "I would not give one ItoUleof Bull’s Sarsa parilla for twenty I Kittles of any other blood medicine I have ever taken, • and I believe I have used a barrel of other medicine* for The Only One 1 Printed—Can Word? There is a 3-inch display advertisement in this paper, this week, which has no two words alike except one wonl. The same is true of each new one appearing each week, from the Dr. llarter Medicine Co. This 'Crescent” on everything they make the ’ Knllnuy Car Heating by Electricity: It is reassuring to kjyjjv that the •deadly car- stove," which has played such a ghastly part in hundreds of trage dies. will soon be seen no more. An ad mirable system of electric heating for cars has l**«*n invented, which is so cheap and easily operated that its universal adoption is simply a matter of time. The railway company on whose road this system has beeu tested by a course of practical work speaks of it in the highest terms, and the - traveling public is not less gratified at the comfort safety which is now assured. After the sad experience of the dirty and gaseous condition of the average coal heated car, the absolute cleanliness and ubsence of odors, together with the even tempera ture of a car electrically boded, is a revolution in modern car heating.—New York Telegram. FIXE JERSEY COWS FOR SALE. I offer for sale •> limited muulier of Extra Fine t’ows, fresh in milk, all my own breed ing. Parties desiring a good, uoeile family Cow, can obtain same from the undersigned. - X. F. TIFT. may 14-1 in Albany, Ga. REDUCED PRICES On All of My Millnery Stock. Prices which will suit all. Come and see for your self, and you will find rock bottom prices FOR CASH. All who want first-class Hats, Bonnets, Toques, Ac., should come to see me. I guarantee satisfaction, and prompt attention given. MRS. E. COTINGHAM LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS. Ware County. SHERIFFS SALE. 1 EORGIA-Wakb Coi XT v. . described as follows: Commenting i corner of land owned by Mi nlng aloni " Mollie •ng ■ north about 100 feet, B street, them Parallel street ' nut 100 feet, north along west 57 feel K stm t about 110 feet,or to the land* owned by Wesley Cooper, thence east about 210 feet or to the lands »»wned by Mrs. Mollie Cason, thence south 210 feet or to Parallel street t the place of beginning. Bounded on tl; south by Parallel street and lands owned by U. B. Bryant, Lucy Quick and L. C. Wil liams, on the west by K street, on the north by lands belonging to Wesley Cooper, J. D. Smith and Emma Moody, '* * execution issued from the Superior Court apr30-tds Sheriff Ware County. SHERIFFS SALE. GEORGIA. Ware County. Will be sold on the first Tnesday In June next at the conrt house door in said county within the legal hours of sale to the highest bidder for cash, the Reduced to $i.oc Per Year. THE NEW NATION, A Weekly Paper, Devoted to the interests of Nationalism. Edited by EDWARD BELLAMY, Author of "Looking Backward/' The New Nation also print* tlie People's-Parry $1.00 A YEAR; * CENTS A COPY. Address, THE NEW NATION, 13 Winter st.. Boston, Mass. DAN BROADWAY ENGLISH, Auction Dry Goods, Masonic Building, Plant Avenue and Folks Block, near Depot to uayeross, comprising the I-ate Cashmeres, German Plaids and Stripes, white Goods, Fiin Lawns, Embroidered Presses, Fancy Flounces. Ijiees, Hamh Figured India Linens. Black .. Ilraid. I'orH and Trim Ladies and Gents’ Shoes and Hats, • Our Millinery department is complete and a following property, 1 years old. One of said horses named Mand on to satisfy a mortgage . from the Superior Court of Ware county in favor of R. C. Cannon against C. W. Dedge. Levied on as the property of 0. W. Dedge. ‘•The Hermitage,” Andrew Jackson’ old home, which the State of Tennessee has given fiw a period of 2o years to the trustees of the Confederate Soldiers’ home, wa* formally opened May 18. It has been equipped with all modern con veniences and will accommodate 125 dis abled veteran*. $500 Will be Giren For any case of Rheumatism which can not be cured by Dr. Drummond’s Light ning Remedy. The- proprietors do not hide this offer, but print it Hi bold type all tbeir circulars, wrappers, printed matter, and through the columns of newspapers everywhere. It will work wonders, one bottle will cure nearly ev ery case. If the druggist has not got it, he will order it, or it will be sent to any address by prepaid express on receipt of price, $5. Drummond Medicine Co., 48-50 Maiden Lane, New York. Agents wanted. r 28-2t FOB RENT. A two-stosy brick building. 10 rooms and stores, suitable for hotel or merchandise purposes. Apply to D. B. ENGLISH. City Tax Notice. The books for the receiving of the City Tax returns for the current year will close on the 15th day ofllune next. Those who fail to make their returns hy that time will be DOUBLE TAXED. Tbebookifor the collection of the City Taxes will be opened on Monday. Jane 27th, next, at my office corner of Parker and Eliz abeth streets, daily, from 8 o’clock a. m. to 12 o’clock m.. nntil farther notice. By order of CbanriL W. F. PARKER, City Tax Awaor and Collector, raycKMS Ga.. May 3D, 1832. Keep this Notice. «yfl4t NOTICE. All persons haring demands against the “state of A. R. Phillips, late of Ware county, This May 2, 1892. NOTICE. Ordered and ordained by the City Council of Waycross, tliat tlie city ordinance pro hibiting soliciting patronage for hotels, on the platforms, tracks, cars or between the tracks of the railroads in amended as to embrace within its-scope ai meaning all persons soliciting patronage "drumming” for boarding houses in Way- Extract from Council proceedings of May 10th, 1892. Published by order of the City Council. This May 18th, 1892. W. D. HAMILTON, Hilliard having, in proper form, applied me for permanent letters of administration creditors and next of kin of D. B. Hilliard, in, why permanent administration should not be granted as applied for. Witness my hand and official signature, this May 4.1892. WARREN LOTT May 7-4t Ordim ad a Foil Line of s Fine as desired; i the selection of Hats and Trimmings Table and Toilet Linen, Lace Curtains, Window Shades, Malting, Drapery. Upholstery, Tinware. Table and Pocket Cutlery, Etc., Etc. We save money on everything we sell. No credit; we are after the Cash Trade only. DAN BROADWAY ENGLISH. Masonic Building, Plant avenue, and Folks Block v Waycross, ,11 tf Georgia. BENNETT & WELLER, JEWELERS WAYOROSS. - axionaiA. OFFICERS OF C1URWOX COUNTY. Aaron Dowling, Ordinary. A. O. Go wen. Clerk Superior Court C. C. J. A. Wainright, Sheriff. James Thompson, School Commissioner. LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS Dr J«M BwlV« Warm Destroyer taste good and quickly remove worms from children or grown people, restoring the weak and puny to robust health. Try them. No other worm medicine is so safe and sare. Price 25 cents at drag stores, or sent by mail by John D. Park tt Sons Go, 175 177 Charlton County. GEORGIA, Chabltox Cocjmr.— To all whom it may concern: _ Julia Ca- vedo, guardian for her minor child, Bertha Endra Cavedo. has. in do* form, applied to the undersigned for leave to sell the lands belonging to said minor child. Said appli cation will be beard on the first Monday in Jnne next. This April 14th. 1892. May 7. AARON boWUNG, Ordinary. BICYCLES ON EASY TERMS, For sale By Bennett & Weller, No. 6 OWENS BLOCK. wmmm r ■Hffi ifcij . j; it (ii iialilil ill'