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Waycross weekly herald. (Waycross, Ga.) 1908-19??, February 22, 1908, Image 4

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WAYCROSS WEEKLY HERA1J5 Xra. Xnuns V. Mumford, Nc 1 Olsen’s Court, Balt Lok. City, Utah, writes: • "Four montfaa ago I become chilled through and through by getting my (oat vet. "The next morning I wee atlff and aore with a severe cold which had aattled all orar my body. The blood eeemed to rtiah to myhesd,eaostagdtssl- uaaa and blinding headaebee. “Ae Boon me Parana wee ra- commended to me I decided to give It a trial and am pleaaed to aay that It cured me after I had need It only two monthe. "I think you here a eplendld medicine and gladly endoree 'People preferring eotld medl- elnea ehould call for Parana tableta. Each tablBtleeqnlra- lent to one average doee of. fim mm *. ■ ' ■ /-IRS. ^ I. D. HAYES Catarrh of Bronchial Tubes. Hr. Wlckilff* R. Smith, editor of The J'otlatch Herald, formerly principal of tho school* at Cameron, Idaho, write*: “For some time 1 suffered with ca- fcirrh ot llio throat and brouchial tubes. “I tried many remedies, hutronld And nothing that would give me relief. Fi nally I tried Peruna. Threo bottlescured me, Bound and well. I believe it will do aemuoh for others m It did for me." latest REALLY KNOW WHAT PE-RU-NA IS. 5- WHO f MS EMMA F MUMFORD MRS. V ALICE J. ' BORDNER. m. 1 WICKLIFFE R. SMITH . Read W. Amory, 837 West Uth St., Sew York City, New York, write, t , . , “Somehow I hare alwaya had a preJtuUoe agHoat tiaed medicine, hot I want to make o • decided exception to fjYor of Pemna. ■ “I c.ogbt a cold laat winter and It aattled in throat J and head, developing a moat peralitent catarrh, which I f eemod to defy all medlclnea until 1 tried Parana. Before I 1 had uied two bottle. I eonildetcd myaelf cured.” Those Who Slander Peruna Know Noth ing About It. THE PEOPLE WHO (JSE IT ARE THE ONLY RELIABLE WITNESSES. The M GLOW. AMCRY Enthusiastic Testimonials This Page. on These' Testimonials Were Given Out 6T Pure Gratitude For The Benefit Received From Pe-ru-na. Gained Thirty Pounds. Mra. Allow i. Bordner, 1311 Maple Ava., Harriaburg, Pa., write*: “I hare found a enre In ?ornna. I cannot recommend Peruna enough, and l also thauk you for yourhind attention to me. I am aa well aa could be ever alnce I began taking Peruna, and will recommend it toothera. 1 only weighed W pound* before taking Peruna: now 1 weigh iya.” v Throat and It coo. Mr%I. D. Kay on, JC37 Druid Hill, Bal timore, MU., write*: “Peruna la ono of tho beat remedies for grippe, cold in tho head, acre throat, ncrvotie headaches, and coughs that haa ever been diacorered. After the u*a of ono bottle in my family I don't feel eafo without Parana In ray house.” In a later letter Mr*. Hay on says: “I am never without a bottle ot Peruna in the houae. i find it good for moot every complaint. I give the children Pemna if they have a cold and it alwaya re lieves them. I don't think I could find a better remedy to give ray ohildreA.” , It la ao eaay to criticize thinga about which tho critic knows nothing. Take, for instance, Peruna. There are plenty of people who aro w illing to aay Perms ta this and that, who never have tasted Peruna, and have no7or known anything about it* effects upon, tho human system. There are people who aay, and proba bly believe, that Peruna is used aa a beverage by aomo people. It would bethoeaaleettblngln tho world to show the falsity of such a belief. Lot any one who reads this go to the drug store and purchase a bottle of Pemna. If, after attempting to use it aa a beverage or to take it In doses sufficient to produoe anything like in toxication, if after putting It to this test such a portion is still of the opinion that Peruna la a disguised alcoholie drink, ho will be warranted in making such a statement. Practically, Peruna cannot be so used. Any on* who knows anything about Peruna by personal use knows that reruns is* medicine. The very label on tbo bottle, giving the prin cipal active ingredients, furnishes in disputable proof that Pemna la a medi cal compound. We will be willing to guarantee that no normal person can or will use Pemna as a-beverago. If any one thinks this remedy can bo so need ono trial will be sufficient to disabuse his mind. Peruna is a great and useful family medicine. It is used in multitudes of homes. It has become a standard rem edy for various petty ailments In the home. Itia especially useful for climatic diseases. It la an excellent remedy for colds. It is a well-tried remedy for ca tarrh In all forms. Wo have a multitude of testimonials recommending it for colds, for bron chitis, for varions affections of tho respiratory and alimentary organa. This la well known to all who know Pemna by actual experience. "Cures All Catarrtial Diseases.” Mr. I. W. Kightlingor, Cambridge, Neb., writes: “I don’t have any more trouble in my throat, and have not had a headache for four weeks. “Peruna la the very medlolne for caw tarrb. There ia no medlolne Ilk* it in the United States, for I have tried a good many before using Pemna. I will keep It In my house to guard against catarrh, as it carts all catarrhal diseases.' 1 ADMIRAL EVANS WILL PROM SERVICE President Will Jump .Capt .Wain- wrlght Ovsr Heads Of 8svsral Senior Officers. Washington, Feb. 19.—It la stated today that Admiral Evans in nil pro bability will not command the United Staicii batth'shlp fleet when it con tinues its journey from Son Francis co to Manilla. Admiral Evans la to retire from service on August IStn, and aa the voyage will not bo completed by that Jato he will turn over tho command to his successor. A roport m tho Navigation Depart ment has It that tho President has practically decided to elevate Capt. Richard T. Walnwrlght to tho com maud of tho great float. Captain Walnwrlght is soon to bo advanced to the rank of Rear Admiral and it is believed that the President will Jump Mm over several senior officers in •rdcr to havo a man to command the fleet who has at least two years ot active service beforo him. This Is also taken as an indication that the fleet from tho Asiatic waters will not be hurried. MR. E. O’HAGAN LAID TO REST IN LOTT CEMETERY. Friends Believe That His Dsath'Was Result Of Accldsnt. Suffered ’Greatly Prom Asthma. The funeral of Mr. E. O'Hagen, uho yesterday allot hlmsolf at 'nls homo on Brower stroof, will bo held ibis af;eraoon at 4 o'clock, (ho inter ment occurred in Lott cemetery. Tho funeral services will bo con ducted at the residence by Revs. H. V. Drewton, paster of Tilnlty Metho- Jh‘t Church, and R. A. Brown, pastor f the Presbyterian Church. Whether tho killing of Mr. O'Ha.ten CONSTRUCTION ON VA8T SCALE SENATOR KNOX INTRODUCED IN HONOR OF THE ANNIVERSARY V/ORST IN CHICAGO HI8TORY SOON TO BEGIN j BILL IN CONGRESS OF THE ORDER. Report Of Week's Industrial Opera-J Dill provides For Establishment Of tion As Given By Incfcx. Twelve New Incorporated Companies. Postal Savings And to Pay In terest Cf 2 Per Cent Columbus, Ga., Feb. 19.—The Geer- By Telegraph To The'Vlerald. gla and Alabama Industrial Index! Washington, Feb. 19.—Senator says in Its regular Issue for this week: "Although operations In all con struction lines have been continued in n unusual degree during tho Winter niontns in Georgia and Alabama, the opening of the Spring season Will wit ness tho beginning of construction Knox this afternoon introduced a bill authorizing the establishment of % Pos tal Savings Banks. Ii is provided in the bill that ac counts may be opened by any person ten years old or over, and no leso than ono dollar to be accepted from Washington, Feb. 19.—It Is stated .bit afternoon that Admiral Evans will bid goodbyo to the fleet Imme diately after the close or the feztlv files la bis boner at San Francisco, and that Capt. WalnwrighL who will 'then be Rear Admiral will hoist h* suicide or wbstf’.or it was an ac-1 municipal and county structudes and cident will probably never be known. J improvements, hotels, school -buildings friends and acquaintances hero I churches, bridles, paving,' sewers, ’ waterworks systems and railroads. In very extensive scale. This will in- « depositor. According to tho bill elude residences, business buildings. Interests on the savings will bo paid at tho rate ot two per cent, and It There Will Also Be A Smoker Tonight To Celebrate The Freedom From Debt Of The K. of P. Hall Atto- elation. * Savannah, 5 Ga., Feb. 19.—This after noon tho Uniform Rank of the Kn&its cf Pythias is parading in honor of tho anniversary of the order. The re cently elected officers of the various companies were installed just before, Is Blizzard New Racing In Middle West Sy Telegraph t 0 The Herald Chicago, Feb. 19.—’The worst bliz zard in the history of the Chicago Weather Bureau, which swept tho en tire west and southwest yesterday, continues today unabated. ic traffic cn the railroads of Mis souri, northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Arkansas and Nebraska is greatly lm- INDICTMENT RETURNED AGAINST WHITMORE. By Telegraph To The Herald. New York, Feb. 19.—The brand Ju ry of Hudson county. New Jersey mi* morning found an indictment for murder in the Em degree against Theodore Whitmore, who Is suspect wd of killing bio wife In Lampblack ■wimp on CfarlsfraaO day. The prisoner will bo arranged today. bMi*. * -W- are arm ta thdir belief la the acci dent theory, thou fit] many circum- nances bear out iho Idea of .ulclde. Mr. O'Hagan was very nervous yes terday morning, liavo been .ulTcrlng severely from asthma the put few lays, though when bo left lit. place ?f bu.lne.. Jest before noon there was no ovldenco that he wu wor ried more limn usual. Two full bottleB of laujinum were 'hand In hi. pockets shortly after ills '•nth, but this is accounted for by fact that he has recently taken , rye doses of the dru, tor tempor- ,.-y relief from suffering. While temporarily embarrassed 0- aaclnlly, Mr. O'Hagen wu perfectly ■;1 'vent, and in all llkllhood the finmn- dll strain would only have been n i.stter of n Short time. SEABOARD TO DISCUSS REDUCTION IN WAGES. mases sued postal savinga banks subject (o the same safeguards aa Is surrounded other public monies. The American battlesdlp fleet was expected at Callad at about 8 o'clock Inis morning. addition to the office buildings to be erected in Birmingham, Ala., as ro- perted In The Index nr Inst week, plans nro announced this week tor the erec tion of » nine-story stool and brlc*. office building In that city. At Syl- "Spinning mill, Gadsden, Ala.; brick vester, Ga, It Is proposed to expend < plant, Macon, On.; cord mill, foundry (30,040 In building a waterworks eye- j extension and hammock factory, An- tem and an eloottie light plant Tlf-jnlston. Ala.; ginnery, planing mill and ton, Ga., boa sold (30,000 ot bonds, s'clngle mill, Wblghom, Ga.; Ice fac- Ide proceeds from which will be used tory, Bessemer, Ala., and lee factory tae parade. Tonight at the K. of V. paled and some ot the lined are made Hall there will be a smoker to cele- impassible by tho heavy, snew depths, bruto the freedom from debt of tho A number of fatalities are reported. Knights of Pythias Association which hn3 built and paid for the homo of the Knights In Savannah. At this meeting Gen. C. A. Cox. tho head of the Uni term Rank of file state and Treasurer of tho Association will be presented RICHARD S. YEATE8, THE STATE GEOLOGIST, DIE8. .with a massive loving cup ns a token j Yeotea, -he Grr,’ of esteem by his Bellow Knights. Ev- diet! t'alj i: 3y Telegraph to Herald.. Atlanta, Ga., Fob. IS.—Richard 8. State Geologist, By Telegraph ta Herald, Raleigh, N. C„ Feb. it.—The off). data ot the Seaboard Air Una Rail road haa retjueated the district prea- dents ot tha machlntata and carpen era unions over their lines to report t Portsmouth on Friday next for a conference with the officials. It la undentood that a reduction In tha wagaa of all the mechanise will he In making municipal Improvements. Albany, Ga., la preparing to build n city hall at a coat ot ((8.000 and Woodlawn, Ala., will conatruct a city hall at the cott ot (1S.000. Two build- Inge wilt be erected for the Univer sity ot Alabama at Tuscaloosa, Ala., and n library building will he Ton- etructed tor the Alabama Polytechnic Institute at Auburn, Ala* A bank building at Easley, Ala. A bank modeled. Church buildings will be erected at Valdoata, Ga, Notaaulga, Ala., Cordate, Ga, and EneltJ, Ala., waterworks system will ba con structed at Lanett, Ala. Eight brid ges are to be constructed of ateel or reinforced concrete ta Jeffereoa coun ty, AlabamA to Industrial Itoca steady and substantial. Among the to bo enlarged, Cuthbort, Ga.; tool worka, Bessemer, Ala.; saw mill and planing mill, Elberta, Ala.; railroad to be extended for distance ot to miles from Jasper, Ale.; coton com press, Amorlcua, Ga 'At Gadsden, AIa; n land company ta. been organised with capital stock cf (75,000. 6lx hundred and sixty acre* of coal land ware purchased at Coaling, AIa At Mllledgerllle, Ga; n tract ot toad will be divided Into residence building lota which wilt Be placed upon the market A building and realty company haa been organ ised at Birmingham, AIa "Contracts tor paring have been awarded in two dues and contract baa been awarded at 8ea!e, AIa, for remodeling county court house. -Twelve new corporations with to- cry ledge In Savannah has contribut ed to the gift wbldii will be presented on behalf of the Knights by Past Chancellor Jacob Gazsn. Gen. Cox does not know a word ot the surprise In store for him and be will be taken completely off bis guard when tne presentation la made. covcral ntonlha. years_ c f age. .' an illr.033 of ValC3 was 59 plant! to he established, at reported tal minimum capital stock ot (1(7,000 by The ladax this week are: jem reported UNLESS GOVERNOR SMITH INTERFERES Willie Rogera, Who Killed Hit Wife Will Be Hanged On Friday In Tha County Jail- Savannah, Ga* Fab. 10.—Willie Rogers, who killed bis wife laTep- tember, 1906, Is preparing for iSftth and unless Governor Smith Interfere ea ha will ba hangad on Friday morn ing to tho county JalL Rogers secs a minister two or three times each day and aoems to have abandoned all hope of escaping the gallown His father goes to ace him freguently to condole with him and is,-1st him to bearing np utdsr the DENIED THAT THAW WILL 0UE FOR DIVORCE. By Telegraph to Herald. New York, Feb. 19.~Emphatic de nials are made by ell interested of tho report that Harry Thaw will do- vorce his wile. Attorney O'Reilly emphatically denied the .Interview Just published and attributed t* him In which be U Quoted aa saying that a divorce oult will be Hied and its action will be baaed on tbs reports that lira. Thaw was seen dining with a prominent. financier recently. Mrs. Thaw also denies that she dined with . him, end Edward R. Thomas, who 1*' I* reported wea the man teen with Mra. Thaw, declared that the report must be e cate of mistaken Identity. His wife says that Ur.'Thomas dlnod - homo on the night to Question, A man may live a long time by tak- graat ordeal through Which hu is pas»-’ tn * *v>maeh but he can ea- great at ture.g on a. ^ ^ ^ ^ - IhlS l