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Waycross weekly herald. (Waycross, Ga.) 1908-19??, February 29, 1908, Image 4

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• M"Mi 11 M 11 • 11 tTM ! r* • •• • t» ffftf • M ■ rt niMrtl r*uMrtm Wone than an alarm of lira at aMcht la the inetallc cough of croup A . - iJujiging dread to tno household. M w? £1 1 i £! - Cartful mothers V:e?p Foley’s Honey j ™ w * -»ad Tar in tho House and give It a' /♦Jj« flrHt sign cf danger. Foley** Hon- • **y nod Tar ba.t a-m-d many lire* and 41 Ja the only safe preparation lor **iU<.rea a* it ccutatu* no harmful £ rtrvz*. -*.ii dlUggb.lf, “The Atlanta, Blrmhu:! Snntlf Railroad lUuS calmt .proven the moat popular r..S Issued la the SotuV Jn-i-. .Jinand for &m><- < b»m tr.ubod a second euitk it: i* il Copy call be ntcurei is : i#.‘vn cents (7c) In slam H. General Piiasenv' Restaurant] .:.tic C ast Mb? Dc{ Open Day and Night WILSON* BENNETT * LAMDIN, ATTORNEYS ANO COUNSELORS AT LAW tooora) Practice la All *fc# Courts. State and Federal, vrsycro**, Oa» -sp**aa ^NO CASE ON RECORD. 'here i . no case on record of ph i t told r -.ultlnt; in pneumc.' consumption after Foley's Ho. Tar lias b.-csi taken. H cough and breaks up the <• It j quickly, ftcfiine any b»i< the, a/- _ Hu* Foley'rt lioiwy and Tar In a j ,lew package. All druggist?. racKCd baud!, it is luiruodlatfa Aikuitt, fia. /» you knew that Plnesalvi JxMlzed acts ilkh a p.iifi-e in li/g our foils toma Con tnl . e f* antiseptic. For . ufr. burns, [j ; * Oft. W. K. MEEKC, DENTIST - - OFFICE—Front Room Up Stair* cf Walker Building. ;,'fc« Phone 373. Residence 275 DR. H- M. NOLAN, Plet Limited to RJCFARD t. SINGLETCM, Contrjctor and Builder, Pb-ins and Estimate* Furnished on draw- < relief. *•’1.1 by Cheroke.j Pharmacy Heart Strength Ttrort Htwnirth. or flenri tt.«Ictimm. mean* .Wrv# You can get the best Red Bliss and Early Rose seed Irish potatoes from Wood £c VarAcdoo. Seiqj in your orders early. H tMnrrth.orI!-nrtU.nlrTjw»H.i.vrn».'''rv# If.# ■ • • iSsSgigiiiiWeaK Women Uf« nerv'r-th# t5#rdtoi;, or Il.nrt N«: ye i fltTvrrtli. B tf. (Men liny i IblMfotcum ‘~*hniilr nand mint h A#H})tr, i..on» «-<»» lewurtii. WiUKiutU. > ri.'I, kuP lhe fioini Heart fbeet Sr<r« ttMir This dearly rxfUin* why" m » m^dlriu* ' ' mntl ve has In lh<* fast Omm */» i ■IrPinif JI,-*rO. I>r.*h« alt Ihu c la* Iwart dist/. r» { porolsr in rtpilnji- i nioi'C to thi-s# #rij tra- r,vrro> ra. It l.uiM*; Wm»rth« a.. it *»rT»i* real. *i mUn*» h«rt help. W v..H,u lutv «m,, HmU. >lroii'; UU p-*t!i»i. wem.rjii n tin »o .nervus—riKatiuIib JBinra M iwedjd. with Dp. Shoop’s .Restorative Naturally n >o.ieu uaiu'n l;.jl girl ,s n)’ to him—which ‘*x- i r»Vi*....t *liy sdi the world iovet a lover. To weak and ailing womm, them fa at lrait •nC way to help. But with that, war, two (moment* nuo ! must ho cninb.'"u>1. On.> i.« local, on« I* conoltiv tut both at a tusvo.Unt, L .th e^i inUaU _ , I>r. hhoop's Night Cum is tlie Iyxsl. Hr. 1 Jir. khoop’*)p'«t'initi\". r>m fVrfi-titiitlnriil. nrh Tuc tunnnrybr. Hh«*>i»'j»N tyh U'ithtmr. wtrtoctvU .tenuvl rou-rhot of all ucrvu, implies, doe# It* i‘*«3 nifc and inflam al weaknex icon* membruno BUppo'.ifory maody. while I)f. Hioop'a U>ttorativu is wholly an mmrnal tr ment. Thu Restorative nacl.c; tlirou-hout entire ayorm. 0mkU.1t the re;. •- all tissti' 1 , atwJ all hkVKl aline':;. Th« ’'Night Cum", ta its m.r = w<rk whileyt>ualeep. It:sx*>'•**- H inurou# aurfacu*, hi ai.» h a I .. diachargui, while tho RortQirtlro, exciirnMmt. giy.*# reoewrd vigor and ambition, builds up wasted tisvn-s, briuglng about mitnvi d nneigth. vigor, and i-m-u TaLo I>r. hlea»p'S !t.-.:nr»tlve—Tttl iuuorMuiJd—n.,n general toni* «u tha triteta. for poJUv- local help, uso os well Dr. ^hoop’s Nig'M Cure “ALL DEALERS” Application, j l Hr ere Street. ’Phone 6Su r. 1; LUDLUM- M D - Mtieo Limited to the CAR, EYE, NOSE AND THROAT. Office Over Redding Pharmacy, lour*; ’J tv ll: 1 io f>/S*j»tl*ya 9 to 1 <■' jycroa*. Georglft. For. ALL Kind OF PLAST2R1NC i=co D, J. PdeCANN, CONTRACTING PLASTERER. Phono 217. Hex 81. V7AYCR083. OF Grenotlthlc Ctdewalk* A gpecUtty. YOUR BUILDING WORK BLIILDIMG MATEWALlI yaso ■wrawigi || PALACE BARBER 3H0P. Mery fit., Redding Block. First-class, Courteous Workmen tr mrve 70U. Your patronage wlU br appreciated. GUS REYNOLDS. Prop. Cl R LOVELACE. Dentist ’Phone 304. Office over Star Clothing Store. DR. A. FLEMING, Physician And Jurgson .... Oillce Over Central Pharmacy, taut Avenue. Residence Phone, -MO. Office Phono 308. \VJll bo satisfactory— everything els being equal If you specify White Rose lime, Atlas Portland Cemen: an.! Acme' Wail Plaster. We buy 1 •arpe quantities and are In position to qnoie low prices. Quality and a t il count are cur key words. Tele phone 186. V. N. PARLEY HARDWARE COmV : szKaiaroia^rT'f C. D. MYERS, BUILDER. Superintendence * and Percentage Work a Specialty. Convret* And Fire Proof Construction, RESIDENCE PHONE. 333. OFFICE PHONE, 161. OFFICE NEW HOTEL. TWO UNWELCOME VISITORS HEBE. At this season LaGrippe and Pne umonia cause more deaths than con sumption. Foley's Honey and Tar cures la grippe coughs that may result in pneumonia over night. Do not take chances with a cold when Foley s oncy and Tar will quickly cure it. entrai Pharmacy & Union Pharmacy. SIMPLE REMEDY FOR LA GRIPPE j I.a grippe coughs ore dangerous 1 as they frequently develop Into pneu monia. Foley's Honey and Tar cot only stops the cough but heals : id strengthens the lungs so that no 1 ir i.u* results «e»d be feared. The r<-„ nine Foley’s • Honey and Tar 'contains no Harmful drugs an.l Is In a yellow .a. ;.ago. Helm-© rulstltuten. For ~M ‘‘ f.t all Druggists. , ‘ Health Coffee'* i:» reaiy ilie cloaert CoHee imitation ever yet produced Thm Is t.i - flnegt Coffee Subsun.:•.- ever made, has recently been produc ed by Dr. Snoop of Racine, Wis. Net a grain of real Coffee in it either. Health Coffee Is made from pure ED FOR LARGER OUARTERS IN THE HEW BUILD- 0 MR. L. V. WILLIAMS ■ LETS I WILL BE TEM- ORARILY LECATED AT MY RESIDENCE NO. VI MILLER STREET. OR THE NEXT I HAVE LEASED MY FORME CF cereals, with malt, nuts, etc I AND UNTIL THE OFFICE BUILD MG I Really It would fool an expert—who might dring it for coffee. No twenty or thirty minutes boiling. "Made i u niintue" *ays the doctor. Ti) Waycross-Gro. Co., Mutual Gro., C SUFFL'PING AND DOLLARS 8AVI ■ cuts ucaled by Duckllu a aulve. It hr.-i raved nie su1 atl dollar*, li. In by far tlie KEEPING OPEN HOUSE. very body is welcome when w i. and we feel that way only our digestive organs are v. >ro;,er!y. Dr. King's New Lift ‘emulate tho cctlon of the stomach, •nn't help feeling good when ho iiaes hose pills. 25c at all druggist*. To slop that pain In the hack, that iftness of the»joints aril inugf.Ies, take Plneules. They are guaranteed- Don’t suffer from rheumatism, bacck- ache, kidney Rouble, when you get 10 day’s treatment for $1.00 A single dose at bed time proves their merit. Get them today. Sold by Cherokee Pharmacy. DON'T FAIL TO HAVE YOUR TEETH FIXED WHILE THS3E PKICiS AR£ ON. ALL WORK GUARANTEED. TEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAIN OS CENTS PER TOOTH. OR. DHNIEL, © enlist, ^ WAYCRC3S. GA. : I exclusive waycboss agents % ie DeWltts Little Early Risers, pleasant little pills. They are easy cak^. Sold by Redding & Co. If you Lave Catarrh, rid yourself of this repulsive disease. Ask Dr. Shoop of Karine, Wls., to mall you ;t trial box of hin Dr. Shoop'i CGLUMBIH Phonograph gompany | ...E!G SHIPMENT... +*<y PHONOGRAPHS AND SUPPLIES ^ INCLUDING THE CELEBRATED * •!> 20TH CENTURY PHONOGRAPH V ’~ZEZ AND SPECIAL RECORDS UK, W. H. QUILLIAN, PIIYBICYAN AND SURGEON, Resldenre 25 Reed street, ’Phone 13, Gfllce Phone 305 RedCInu’s Drug Store. Guano l Guano! The well known brands of the SAVANNAH GUANO :CO. PINT-LAND. LONG STAPLE COTTON GROWER, ♦!- v a ^ ^ *1’ *5* ^ *5* v *1* •f v * I* * 'A* 1 •{. %• Y ^ ^ V V Ctarrh remedy. A simple, single test | Jt. will surely tell you a Catarrh trutuj j well worth knowing. Write to-day. j Don't suffer longer. All dealers. \x DeWItt’s Carbollzed Witch Hazel i i Salve is especially good for piles. | V Sold by Redding & Co. « WE ALSO HANDLE THE Wonderful Indestructible Records F». ¥/• LONG, WAYCROSS SEWING MACHINES SUFPLY AND REPAIR HOUSE Rort Barber, of Elton, Wls., cay ‘l ’nave only taken four doses of yourj W. L. HINSON & CO. UNDERTAKER AN'D EM CALM ERG, ’PHONE 64 AND 413 Kidney and b'adder Pilla and they' TH e JUMPING OFF PLACE, have done Tor mo more than any oth-j "Consumption had me i nit- grasp; V er medicine *ias done. Mr. Barber an d 1 pad almost reached the jump- •t* refers to DeWItt’s Kidney and Blad-i| ng G ff p | aC c when I was advised to jder PHD. They are sold by Redding:try Dr. King’s New Discovery; and *4* j & Co. I f vvnttr to #flv rlcht now. it saved my NEIGHBORHOOD FAVORITE. Mrs. E. D.* Charles, of Harbor, Maine, speaking of Electric Bitters, nays; “It is a neighborhood favorite here with U3." It deserves to be a DIAMOND COTTON FOOD, 3H ANP POTASH- FOR SALE GY US. mVER & SIRMHNS | rfLaxua. jtcuunxBis JACKSON GRIMES SHOEMAKER- NEXT DOOR TO CITY CLERKS* OFF'.CE, JUST BELOW THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK. ALL WORK GUARANTEED THROUGH Pullman Service —via — Southern Railway SHORTEST LINE. BEST ROUTE New York, Kansas City, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Birmingham and St. Augus- tinc. For further information ' and Reservations, wilte to G. R. PETTIT, Trav.~ PassJAgt 7 Ma- con, Ga. C. C. THOMAS. Attorney And CounccUor At loiw ROOM 24 LOTT HITCH BLDG. Wav cross, fin. Farm For Rent. Twenty acre farm for truck farm- i j lug. Good notifle and outbuildings, - j two miles from Cue city and In sight | j of court house. Apply 10 D. B 5 j Willlap.s. Piuesalvc Carbollzed act.j like a poul tice, draws out Inllamaticu and poison. Antlceptlc healing. For chapped hands «ps, cuts. bums. Soli By ••• Cherokee Pharmacy. '!lfn , "lmSrovement t Sn'Nvmr rt'e «orywhere. • It gi™.-quick I first botle, and after tP'tlnp one dozen 5aatai 1 trtilm'* I ^ P "* a ' ' IVCr con ' Flalnt ' •bottles I was a well and h.ppy man malnutrition, again,” says George Moore. of Grimeeland, X. C. As n remedy for coughs and colds and healer of weak, sore lungs and for preventing pneu monia New Dlacovety Is -.npreme. 60c and $1.C0 at All drugglat... Trial bottle free. NOTICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS. Wo are pcasci to unnoaiico that Vn ! ey's Honey art! Tar »or coughs, colds jana tuns troubles Is not affected by • he Xationa Pure Food anl drugs law ;as It contains uo* opiates or other ; .a.n.ful drugs, and wo rccomend It | u a safe runted? for children and j aduits. I -3'old by Central Pharmacy and Union ’harmacf. t HOW TO AVOID PNEUMONIA* | Yon can avoid pnrumcnla and other serious results fror a cold by taking Foley’s Honey and Tar. It stops the 1 cough, heals the lungs, and expels ithe sold from the tystem. Refuse any hue the anoint la the yellow package. Oeetrai Pharmacy k On tea Pbansoey. Kodol Is n sclentlfflc preparation, of vegetable adds with natural dlges- ranta nnd contains the samo juices found in nh healty stomach. Kach dose will digest more than 3,000 grains of gooj found. Sold by Redd- dlng, & Co. Bee* laxative Cough Syrup for coughs, coma croup nnd whooping cough grows in facor daily Mothers should keep it on hand for children It Is prompt relief to croup. It is ntly la>wtlvc, vlug the poison and hlegm from tho system. H gives lm- ediato r^lef. Guaranteed. Sol! by ••• Cherokee Pharmacy A SENSATION. The marvellous curative properties of Foley's Honey and Tar has proven \ renso -Ion in many cases’ of severe "ourhs and colds that had refused to yield to other treatment Foley’s Honey nml Tar will stop your cough herl the tuags and expet the cold 'rum your syatem. Contains no harmful drugs. AH druggists. A weak stomach means weak stom ach nerves, always. And this Is ai- iO true of the Heart and Kidneys. It’s pity that sick ones conliuue to drug the stomach or stimulate the Heart or Kidneys. Tho weak nerves, not th" nr?aw* not t»ve organs tUsmselvcf need t! is helj». This explains why Tr. Sboop’s tteBtoratlvo ha^, nnd la promptly helping so many sick ones. It gees direct to tbs cause of these dlst-nrcs. Test this vital truth, and see. All dealers. nervousness, weakness and general debility. Its action on the bloou, ns a thorouxlier purifier makes it especially useful ns a spring: medicine. This grand alterative ton ic is sold under guarantee at ail druggists. COc. FOLEY’S KIDNEY CURE oley’s Orlno Laxative Is a new remedy an Improvement on the laxa tives of former years, as it does not gripe or nauseate and Is pleasant to take. It 1s guaranteed. All druggists . WHAT EVERYGODY WANTS- K vet body desires good health, w.'.lch is impossible unless the kidney urv healthy. Foley’s Kidney Remedy co*recta Irregularities nnd cures ail •-.« nf kidn. y and blader disorders. Tako Foley’s Kidney Remedy at once and prevent Bright’s disease and dia betes. All dealers. Kennedy's 1 nxatlvo Cough Syrup acts gently but promptly on the bow els. It stops the couga by soothing the throat and lung Irritation. Sold •by Redding and Co. I MISTAKE CORRECTEO. WILL CURE YOU Correct the mistake of risking pneu of any case of Kidney orj n,(in,a b >' neglecting a cough or com T51 0 JJ-- wh , ea Foley’s Honey and Tar will not JSiaaaer disease tnct IS not ■' only Stop your cough but expel the 1 ccld from ' Do an ^ *' s tne ant ^ sefest throat and ^ . . . - . « . , lung remedy. AII1 druggists. not risk having Bright s Dis- j Take DeWItt’s Kidney and Bladder Pills. Th*v promptly relieve backache and weak back. Sold by Redding & Co. It will be unnecessary to go through a painful, expensle operation for Piles If you use Man Zan Put up In col lapsible tube with nozzle, ready to apply For any form of 'PUe, price SOc Sold by ^ ^ CbtrokM Pharmacy. cine. Take it at once. c having B ease or Diabetes. There is! nothing gained by delay. 50c. and $1.00 Bottles, UNION PHARMACY. Stop that 'tickling Cough! Dr. Snoop’s Cough cure wll surely stop It, and with perfect safety. It Is so thoroughly harmless, that Dr. Stoops cells mothers to uao nothing else even with very young babies. The wholesome green leaves and tender • stems of a lung healing mountain ous shrub furnish the curative pro- jperties to Dr. Snoop’s Cough Cure. It calms the cough, and heals the sensailve bronchial, membranes. No opium, no chloroform, rothlng Tarsi* used to Injure or suppress. Deuand Dr. Shoop’s take ao other. All De lators.