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The Waycross weekly journal. (Waycross, Ga.) 1914-19??, September 11, 1914, Image 7

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WAICR0S8 JOUHJUL. Fifty Barrels of To Go At CUT PRICES ALSO 100 SACKS BRAN AND SHORTS. IT WILL PAY YOU TO SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY PRIDGEN BROS. SUCESSORS TO J. W. S. HARDY Phones 62 & 30 Near Court House CAPT. T. S. PAINE DIES WHILEON VISIT IN MACON Capt. T. 8. Paine, for many years He is survived by two daughters, engaged in the drug business in Way- Mrs. Thomas N. Jelks, of Macon, and cross, died Sunday at a Macon bos- Mrs. Ernest Mann, of Waycross; also pital from appendicitis. He was ill by two sons, Edward Paine, of Tampa, but a short time, although he had not Fla., and Charles Paine, of Waycross. been in the best of health for some 'Captain Paine was one of the best weeks prior to his death. He went to known men in Waycross and bad many Macon several weeks ago to visit rela- friends throughout south Georgia. He tives. was born on April 17, 1839, in Mll- The remains were taken from Ma- ledgevllle and saw four years' active con to Thomasville, where the inter- service in the war between the states, ment took place today. Funeral ser- He was captain of the Oklocknee vices were held in Macon Monday Light Infantry and distinguished him- night self in several important engagements Capt. Paine' was a member of the ot the war. Presbyterian church of this city. He ~ was well known here and throughout QD|T|C|| LOSSES South Georgia. Since the first of this fcWWMI year he served on the city board of tax assessors. Of his death the Ma con Telegraph TO DATE 16,000 f4i capt Tbomu Spalding ' Paine, 76 n > wlr « 10 Th « Journal. rear, of age, died Sunder afternoon, London, Sept. 8.—An official state- after n brief Illness, nt tbe Macon boa- m ' nl ‘«dar show. Brltlah losses to pital. He bad been netting In Mmcon ■>»'• '» lb « “ “ ^ 15 -* 81 daad with bln daughter, Mre. Thomne N. wounded end mltelng. Theee figures Jelks, baring come here from ht> ,nclude 1,0,11 naTal and ,gnd home In Wnrcroei. Ho wne talten ill lust week with appendicitis and re- Happiness Is mostly n matter of the mored to tbe hospital. Innglnntlon. WARE AND CLINCH WANT SOME SCHOOL REFORMS jag; ■ vffrrT.-.rF FBI DAT, SEPT. II, 1014. UPE’S BUNCH TAKE THE LEAD Albany. Bept 5—Before two thou sand fans, Albany lost the third game of the post-season championship se ries to the Indians by the scoro of 10 to 6. The game was ragged, the Albany outfield offering some of the! poorest plays that ever have been displayed on the local diamond, Wil liams letting up in the seventh in ning, when Mayer got a home run with the bases full. Williams was relieved in the eighth by Morrow. Mayer atarted for the visitors and was wild, and when Al bany tied the score he was replaced by Wolfe, who went good until the ninth, when five clean hits gave the locals three runs. When Manager Manush stepped to the plate in the first Inning he was presented with a handsome traveling bag as a gift from his players. LIFE INSURANCE COM PA MEM. BUY A BALE OF COTTON Capital suggestion that—buy i bale of cotton. Tbe proposition is meeting favor with the cotton producers. It is a speedy and fair means by which to dispose of what is called "distress cotton," L e., so many bales In a given crop that the grower feels he must sell in or der to realize the Urgent amount possible per bale and thus be In po sition to cancel many if not all of his debts. The sale of a small per centum of a farmer s crop at \0 cents a pound, middling, will en able him to hold at home or in warehouse the remainder until a better price is obtainable. At the same time, the farmer can secure a loan at bank in a resonable sum on the basis of 8 cents per pound, backed by a warehouse receipt. Waycross ought to step to the front on the "buy a bale of cotton" proposition. Let every man and cveqr wpmau. who can spare the money, Invest In a bale of cotton. 350 will buy a bale which weighs 500 pounds. It is a safe investment Supported by a warehouse re ceipt, it will endorse your note for $40 at bank should you have need for that amount In un emergency. The Journal will gladly assls' In this patriotic business move ment. If, upon reading this article, you feel that you would like to Join the procession, phone uh your name, address ond the numbor of bales you are ready to buy and pay for on delivery. Those purchases should be distributed among the rurmers so that us many as wish to avail themselves of the movement In their behalf may do so. They Are Closely Observing Public Health Conditions. , MANILLA FLOOD He was held in high esteem by his f?lends-and associates. He was twen ty-six years old in January. The de ceased was married to MIbs Alice Townley, who survives him with ono small son, the name-sake of his fa ther. Besides theso and his parents | ho leaves the following half brothers jand sisters: James A. Webb, Savan- !nah; Mrs. W. C. Wall, Norcross; Mrs. KILLS EIGHT i ANTI TRUST B!LL C 0 B 1 sl Iir Monro °- N C i USES SHEETS TO HANG SELF Lawrenceviile, Ga.. Sept. 6.—J. W. Webb, the son of Judge and Mra. John I'. Webb, killed himself Wednesday at the state sanitarium by tying sheets SPLENDIP RUN BY THE FIREMEN together and hanging himself, accord* The Labor Day exhibition by the fire department was enjoyed by a big rowd and the nreman gave a run along Plant avenue that bad all tbe lug to Information received hero Thursday. Mr. Webb was suffering from a ner vous breakdown, which affected him physically and mentally. He was an expert telegraph operator and worked for the Seaboard at Lawrenceviile un til failing health caused him to give up his position. For tho past several months ho had beeu under treatment at various places and was only taken thrills anyone could desire. The alarm was turned in from Tebcau and Plant, and both machine! responded. The small auto connected at the First Na tional Bank corner, while the pump er went to a plug at Tebean and Plant. Tbe first stream of water was turn ed on in 58 seconds from the time the alarm went in. The pumper got a stream going inside of three minutes d demonstrated that the city has equipment that can furnish the desir- SENATE PASSES to Milledgeviilo last Saturday after Jed pressure. In leaving the machines his mind becamo very much affected, to mako the hose connection three firemen were bruised by falling to the brick pavement. W. W. Metzger fell opposite tho First National Bank while W. II. Ulmer and A. C. Hilton tum bled in front of I* Grande hotel. While making a connection at the plug Percy Walker foil but waa not hurt. At one time the machines were running at a speed of 55 miles an hour on Plant avenue, which Is going some. member of the Knights of An examining physician for one of ■ mm hiuvi uj kb , ■ ... . 4 . . . ... . j " mum* waiter P. Webb, Lawrencovllle, and tho prominent life insurance com,.a-1 I th. following brother, and sisters: mode th'^Btonl'ehUig Statement thul‘ R c - fpt. /..-Seven [ Washington. D. C.. Sept. 6-Amend-i JJ r »- *• »°«« d . CUT and ono reason why so many applicants Hmpln0 “ and ono American were cd In many partlculara the Clayton , - ou Wobb ' of Lawrenceviile. ?or InmZce are rejected Is because ?.»«* *„'<*. ■«* Moll- anti-trust bill, which supplements the —^ “ kidney trouble Is so common to the 14 after “ ra nfal ‘ of moro tban ».Sherman law and completes tho ad-, >’^ bl »» American neoDlo and the alrae ma- ' veol< - nc ‘ or 1,1118 to » » es »“ 8c from mlalstratioa'a trust legislation pro lorltv of those whose applications nr - a ° vornor aen ‘ r »> Harrison. During'gramme for this session of congress, rencmrflto Wednesday night and fu- 1 i P , )lat tho forty-eight hours ending nt mid- passed the senate yesterday, to noral aerv,<! * a ,oolt P ,ac0 Thursday night Tuesday 16.4 Inches of rain had to 16, and will bo sent to conference afternoon at 3:30- o’clock from tho where the federal trade commission roaMence of Judge Webb, the services first of the anti-trust measures bcln8 conducted by Rev. R. D. Do Tho remains • i brought to Law* Hcssing real healing and curative properties, would be a blessing thousands. they have the disease. fallen According to this it would seem ^ Ioww 8ec(lonil „ f wcro that % medicine for the kldneys. po.- floodod , dl . pth „ f from lhrc0 five feet during high tide today. The Filipinos were lost from over- _ .. turned canoes and the American Dr. Kilmer * Co l ngh.mton. N. wh01e nani0 „ „ ot , lr , D> w „ drown . Y„ who prepare Dr. Kilmers Swamp ed Laguna Do „ The contor R” 01 - lb0 wc " k " ow ", k,dn ,f •• "l" .pan of tho Drldge of Spain Is report- and bladder remedy, claim that Judg- ^ „ u „ ln g about alxteen Inche. In lag from evidence received from c0 „, equence of the flood , druggists everywhere, who are con- Oovernor Harrla011 ., reporl stantly In touch with tholr customer,, , 10ulei were destroyed In Manilla and also Indisputable proof In the lnd rapld work by govornmenl form of grateful testimonial letters and c „ y auttaorltles prercnt ed loss of from thousands of reliable citizens. „ fe F , vo ttaouland woms „ a „ d cht|d . this preparation la remarkably aue- ren were remove d m rowboats to eessful in sickness caused by kidney h | fher groHnd , „ f goodB , B and bladder troubles. Every Inter- warehouses are estimated at 126,000. eating statement they receive re- dlatr | cU of th0 clty gardlng Swamp-Root Is Investigated br | dge , and atreeU wore damaged and no tctsimonlnl Is published nn- a nd the water flooded tho furnace lese the party who sends It la re- room of th „ atre<!t railwmy and ported of good character. They have company. on file many sworn statements of re- ■ Prom Septcniber j n0 car , wara op . -still Is undor consideration. Re- Woose, tho Interment In the now com ports on both measures aro hoped for eter J- within two weeks. ! — In Joint convention nt Homervllle schools have lengthened their terma, tho Ware and Clinch connty teachers bgjldos erecting larger and more mod Institute, one of the most successful ern school buildings, ever held, went on record as favoring - In a number of the districts In a more progressive policy for tbe ru- Ware where local taxation ban been rai schools. adopted new schools are being secur- The institute In a set of reeolntlons *•* through bond lesuee. expressed the following reforms: HARBOR IMPROVEMENT County-wide local taxation; compul-1 AT SAVAKKAH ASSURED, sory attendance; more efficient teach-1 Savannah, ScpL 6.—Colonel W. C, lng end better enlnriet; better equip-, Lsogfitt, United Ststee engineer. In ped echools; better co-operotlon be- charge ot the Savannah district, which tween the teacher and tbe patrons; an includes tbe Savannah River to Aa- lacreased school term. | gusts and the ocast to Branawlck, Such steps as emu be taken to'se-,returned here from Washington today cure the reforms desired will be Uk-jwlth assurances that an emergency en by the two organisations. The sen-[appropriation would be passed to con- ttment In favor of better rural achoole tlnue the harbor work at thle city. Is reptdly growing throng bout tble | One of the tteme assured In n turn- section and already n number of lng basin In the river. ^ntSl«m«."St2AllDBCE. , ’'Wrsfid."Md"Cil»e»IlefW.-' CLEVELAND and BUFFALO—May 1st to Dee. 1st , i , | M P IT [yeve > • m P. M. , CSr.*. Stt . WSA.U. (CMlkdiriTM PMwervi—erl —» (ef IrsMofUUN n mt J—r lie Let Sfrol Um acted* Viffi C. a B. Ua». VH*C M »rT>inTiijT lUMtowAi THE CLEVELAND A BUFFALO TRANSIT CO- CUtcU.L O. THE RAPID HAY PRESS Is a full-circle denble-streke machine, designated and centra tied for he benefit of (he fnllrtdnnl farmers I being light, handy, simple sad easy to operate. Only one horse and three men are required to operate Ik- Very few two-torse presses will equal It for balling and none will put ap a alcer ar smoother bale, yet any farmer who makes a few hundred hale, of bay ean afford to own one of these machines. es’ Buggy Co., Waycross, Georgia - . * swims Dtft'ivuiucr a uu unn were op- coveries in the most distressing era t e< i unt |j tho night of tho third, cases. They state that Dr. Kilmers but the company managed to furnish Swamp-Root Is mild and gentle in Its go Wer for houses and street lights on action and Its healing influence Is tho night of the 3. soon noticed In moat cases. I H | th water Is reported from pro- Swamp-Root la purely an herbal r | n ces north of Manilla but compound and Dr. Kilmer & Co. ad- ]|f e> vise all readers who feel In need of such a remedy to glvo it a trial. It 1 Is on sale at all drug stores In hot- WILL CONTINUE Seven Republican senators voted for the bill—Brady, Clapp, Cumming, Kenyon, Norris, Perkins and Jones. They were Joined by ono Progressive, Poindexter. What U Provides. The bill provides fines and impris onment for officers of corporations convicted of offenses against the trust laws; prohibits exclusive and tielng contracts, which restrict Independence of purchasers; prohibits holding com panies where their effect is to lessen competition or create monopoly, and makes illegal two years after the pas sage of the act Interlocking director ates in competing corporations any one of which has capital of more than $1,000,000. It also forbids the Inter locking of Railroad directors with cor porations dealing In securities, rail road supplies or contracts and liberal izes procedure In Injunction and con tempt caaes. Sections of the house bill relating to loss of price discrimination and unfair com petition were stricken out Ip the sen ate. j ties of two sizes—50c and $1.00. How ever, If you wish first to test this! greut preparation send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., j relating to monopoly. The maximum for a sample bottle. , When writing out door study periods, which were peDaUy for B of the privialon be sure and mention the Waycross inaugurated by the high school last bolh prevont,n * **cluzlve contracts Is SLATON GIVES LIFE TO WRIGHT Atlanta, 8upL 5.—John Wright, the Fannin county murderer, who has twice stood In the shadow of the gal lows, only tp be respited, was today given a permanent lease on his life through commutation of sentence life imprisonment This morning Governor Slaton sued the official ordor which meant life to the mountaineer. There haa bppn always a strong element dppbt a$ to the guilt of Wright, add while tbe circumstantial evidence which be was convicted waa strong, many in Fannin county still believe the man Innocent. A mountaineer waa shot down tho door of his cabin ar.d his baby received wounds from which it died. The child was In the father's arms, when he was called out and shot down. Wright had been respited fully half dozen times. Organizations Exempt Labor, agricultural and hqrtlcultur- MIT.nnnn DEDinnC al organizations, not conducted for 80mo flat “ are »° crowded you UVI'lfUUn rcniuuo profit are exempted In tho provision can ’ t read the Sunday paper without going up Weekly Journal. year, will bo continued with the term ,B '°° 0 or on ® 5rear ’* lm Pr»*onment, or which opens September 11, accord- both ‘ provision against bolding ||f JUIVQ FC AMWI log to Supt A. O. Miller companies would not prevent common VVI1IVIO yVfUUU^ J He says that out door study periods carr,er> from acquiring branch lines ERflV I P I has proveu to be a very wise step where thar6 ,a 00 wbatantlal compe- ■ HV^ A!* M* •• and that students have shown their ^ n * appreciation hy a conscientious effort Sections relating to interlocking dl- . , to imnrovc their work rectorutes an mada affactlva two Savannah , pa., Sept 6.-Char«lng ** A t th , „ ma time,"'.a,, Supt. Mil- W a,l « r ‘ b “ P aa,a " ! 0( ,b « «L A STITCII IE TIME. Director, of railroads under tho that a conductor of tho Atlantic Coaat . . , Lino railway forcibly ejected him from d IaTlgorat ^ | tb “ by ° b jj| terme of the bill, cannot be Interlock- a train thre. mll« from “ g «oWs ro the out^^.-- «<> w,,b corporation, dealing I. secu- Savsnnah n few nights ago, Thomas ritlea, railroad supplies or-other srtl- Duncan, a white barber, today filed an _ clee of commerce or contracte or con- enlt for 66,004 damages. He says be Py3JHS7ER |S etructlon maintenance, etc., to nn had bought n ticket to Cbarlaeton and * - W amount of more tban $60,000 In any had given It to Charles Barton, who ■ UNDER ARREST ona ),ear - purchneee are made had n .cat In another conch on the WnhVI an , r competulre bldd |og under regn- snme train. The conductor refused Macon, Oa„ Sept. 4 —Postmaster |,tlons of the Interateto commerce President Wilson goes on the theo ry that a "stitch In time savea nine.' During the month of August the government’s revenue from customs fell off over $10,000,000 as compared with /August a year ago. At this rate the total loss for a year,would more than $100,000,000. The Presi dent takes tbe poeltlon that the Unit ed States can not afford for tho world to even think that Its treasury Is not strong, especially at tho present time Something must be done to supply the treasury with this great loss in revenue so President Wilson yester day went before Congress and bold ly, palinly, and honestly told that to indulge the plaintiff, he says, and William C. Sima, of Meanavllle, Pike |^ WI , 4 penalty of two years’ Imprla- ° r th ® urging that stopped the train and put him off. SLAYER OF M’GIRTY HANGED AT COLUMBUS Columbus, Ga„ Sept. 6.—John Da county, was arrested today on a onment and $25,000 Is prescribed for * tcpa ** ulwn al w* 0 ® ln order to charge of embezzlement. Ife was held violation. maintain the confidence of the coun- t othe federal grand Jury by a United Another provision makes It a felo- tri * a ol 1,18 world. To provide for States commissioner. It la alleged njr f or officers of common carrier cor- that Sima waa abort $1,800 la his poratlons wilfully to misapply or to money-order accounts. permit misapplication of funds of the ~ — mmmm corporation, the penalty not lees than vis, a negro, was hanged yesterday, Tlira IQ TUB $5,000 fine or Imprisonment tor not for the murder of Oscar McGinty, a j t leas than one or more than ten yean, Muscogee county planter, on a high- DIQ QUESTION or both, way June 14. NY" i,l¥n Court Procedure. The negro spent hla last hours on { Atlanta, Ga., Sept 5.—What does The section dealing with court pro- earth reading his Bible and went to Thomas 8. Felder get? That's the cedure provides' that no injunction the gallows protesting his innocence, question everybody began asking be- shall be Issued between employen and Almost his last words were that as fore he finished his speech of with- employee In labor disputes unteea as sure as there la a God In heaven be drawal at tbe Macon convention. They cessary to prevent Injury to property was innocent. are asking It yet. 0 r property rights, and no such order The,negro dropped eight feet when! The report la persistent that Fel- shall prohibit the right of employee Sheriff Beard cut the rope, but hla der baa been promised a place as as- to strike or peacefully persuade oth- ncck was not broken and death came alstant United States attorney general, era to do so. Disobedience or #rlta from atrsnirulation . He waa pro- at Washington. Nobody haa been subjects offenders to contempt pro nounced dead. In fourteen minutes. able to trace the report to Its source, ceedinge, accused In indirect cases The killing of McGinty waa one of bat it was openly stated by several being granted trial by jury, series of four murders that shock- Felder men at Macon. President Wilson will delay his se- thls loss in revenue caused by tho European war the President suggests a tax upon gasoline, soft drinks, rail road and amusement tickets, chewing gum, beer, wine, whiskey and play ing cards. The United 8tatee does not need thle revenue at the present timo, but the Administration considers that It la better to be prepared than to be embarrassed by a suddon weakening of the treasury that might possibly result in the government borrowing money, or selling bonds, either "bich would be very unwise during this time of war. Clayton bill by the conference re ports. He haa not considered any names as yet. f Some people are egotistical enough cd Columbus in the early summer. ‘ On tbe other hand there are reports lection of the members of the new!to think that the hot weather la due Davis was convicted largely on the that a federal judgsbip will be given trade commission until after tbe mesa- to tbe fact that they have set tbe testimony of his own half brother Felder In exchange for hla timely tire has been harmonized with the world afire, and brother-in-law. dropping out of the race. There had previously been talk of politely retir ing Judge Emory 8peer of the South ern circuit, by creating an associate Judgeship there, at the same salary PRICE CAMPAIGN until un inn ■ ja-x-.n-p tuLr °, “ / MUflmi WELL •* tho Judge, and ponsfltljr Pelder ,~t.„ “WH 8<d thin, an R Is In Msftome ter- brontht to WajjTOd, tody ^ } i w T Norman, from different sections of tho conotg and adjoining counties Indicate that ot “•.Nmtherff district haa reached In. ertToif te X' wb »ro b " esn reU r e on foil the campaign to fignt off high prices , iifj, <# ha hahIm >nii ihi> of foodrttff. hr enlarged activities ^".-1“! "5* truck growing and more attention to the poultry industry is meeting remarkable success. Iq every district well known farm- a profess a determination to do tbelr cough »nd 'iir»<i»t"ho*iiiifwoit» «f UcCoM. best to aid and it begins to look like zj^futovz'i^iioutfBre «• cock might leave tbe desired opening for the Macon ex-candidate. To Caro • Cold In One Day Take LAX ATI VE BROMO Qoinla*. It dope (h« *• u-ijMht and work* of Um id mo ary if it fail* to f>ie:rce: institute ■b the: place for boys and oirlb Sup*>lor Jun'or Collrpt for Youno Mrn and Ynnnir t.wUf» Full Mid W.n Selected Covrs. la Agriculture, Banking, Buslne-.-,, Expraaalon, Music, Normal Training; basldaa tho Regular Literary Work. Our Consarvatory of Mimic ai d Normal Department are wall Equlppad for Good Servlet. Dormitories are Ilk# Hemes. Tcrh-r. / {wtlh, atid Ilka Paplls RATES REASONABLE AS ADVANTAGES CIVEN WILL ALLOW. For further Info, mtlc-i, ar-ply to B. L. IORDAN, Vice-President. Or RKV. W. A. BROOKS, Secy., Executive Board, There is more Catarrh in tbit section of the country than nil other diseases put together, amt until the last few yours was sup posed to he incurable, for u (treat many years doctors pro nounced it n local disease and prescribed local remedies, and by constantly foiling to cure with local treatment, pronounced it incurable. Science him proven Catarrh to he a constitutional disease, and therefore requires constitutional 4(60(1111-01. {Jail's F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, ia the only Constitutional cure on the market. It jo token internal ly in doses from 10 drops to a teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces ol the syatem, They offer one hun dred dollare for any ease it folio to cure. Send for circular! and teetimonlala. Address; F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, 0. Bold by Druggists, 75c. Take HtH’i Family Pills for conitipation. MRS. G.F. HOPKINS TAKEN BY DEATH At her home In Evansville, lnd , Saturday Mrs. C. F. Hopkins, mother of Mr. J. T. Hopkins, of Wayeross, died after n brief Illness. She visited her son and his family In Waycrosa early thle yeer and made n number of ?r!e»-!. tvfco *11! regret to learn of her death. All of Mre. Hopbine- child ren, eight In number, reached her bed- aide before death came. Mr. J. T. Hopkins, who was called to Evansville over n week ago on ac count of bis mothers Illness, Is ex pected home tomorrow. WASP STINGS HONEST INJUN Allen W. -l'ownsend, J., five year old eon of Mr. and Mre. A. W. Town send ot this city Is a wise youngster today. Ha can tell yon a great deal about wupa and their hablte. He got hie knowledge by experl- encce with n weep yesterday after noon. A wasp stung him on the beck of hie |tead. and after the uautl first' eld for inch Ullage wen applied the youngster decided to get revenge. He went ont with blood In bit eye, and soon located tbe wasp. Ho chas ed tbe weep, and finding himself cor nered, the wasp repented the dote, thle time below A. W.'e loft eye. Then the youngster declared n truce end rushed off for moro firet eld treatment. An fee aa le known tho trace It atUI In effect. CENSUS BILL IS COMPLIMENTED Atlanta, Oa., Sept. 6.—A compli ment Is paid to William J. Harris, of Oeorgla, director of the federal cen tos bureau, In the Saturday Evening Poet, which says oh Ha editorial page Ibnt It In ‘glad to know that Director Harris bee decided not to retire from tho count bureau. "That bureau eepedelly needs n continuous policy," says tbe Put. 'Suppose yon were Interested In n large apple orchard, and tbe report yon got one year told bow many teres apple trees there were without tell ing tbe number of trace, and tbe re port nest year told the number of trees without giving tbo acres. Ob* 1- 'outly yon conld not form t very Intel ligent opinion u to what was going on in Ibo orchard. An eipools, seed [of tbe census bureau Is to discover a sound policy on the subjects It now covert tnd then stick to It wlih re gard to those subjects. A good at tho head of tbo bureau and a tenure of office makes for that < . (Ion.- # »:*SE§i«sc3 -»