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The true citizen. (Waynesboro, Ga.) 1882-current, April 28, 1882, Image 1

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1 ? True Citizen, fitVekly Iliper on Live Issues Published I pry Friday Mornlup;, at Way- IH , nesboro, Oa., bv the IIVAN BROTHERS. BA TES OB SUBSCRIPTION: Jopy One Year, $2.00 ‘‘ Six months, 100 I TT 1 “ Three months, 50 y ” All subscriptions must be accompanied e CASH. THE TRUE CITIZEN. The True Citizen. .ad- Advertising rates liberal. Transient advert isments payable vance. All contract advertisements payable quar terly. All < ommanications for personal benefit will be charged for as advertiseipeuts. Advertisements to occupy special places will be charged 25 per cent, above regular rates. Notines In local or business columns inserted for 10 cents per line, each insertion. For terms apply at this office. urrent Comments. f Grant was a tyrant, and Arthur is a bigot. Hai- cs a fraud, Henry Grady is javnrahl'f spoken of for Congressman at large !bv several journals of the State. The Gainesville Tin g’esuy : “Alas! what is fame, when the pulli Press of the State allude to Col, r l lt>s. M. Ber rien as an unknown youig man from 3Wke_J” F. A. Uonkling, a ^rtaTher of Ros- coe Conkling, is spoken o, ; as the Dem ocratic candidate for governor of New York. A fig for his politics—we don’t like his tribe. ‘Judge Gibson says that the Demo cratic party is the only place for a de cent Southern white man togo.”—\\ ar reuton Clipper. The voice of experience, py Shee- manny! The young men who have been ap pointed to the West Point Academy from Georgia, are Willis C. Davis. Sid ney T. Wingfield, James IT. MeRea* Robert H. Sheffield, Gilbert P. De- Wolfe and Daniel E. Twiggs. A white boy, only sixteen years old, was recently married in Rhode Island to a negro woman twenty five years old. Well, if we had any interest whatever in the mutter, onr sympathy would be jn favor ofrhat fool negro woman. Wjion .tease James fell, a star was from the Democratic, firm- r. is hanged, a bright rleken from the sky trrthofu^Y^vvns'ktifinTd'd Stalwart ^Republicanism. r lbe newspaper*Jnay that Mr. 'te • ns will retire tjo private life at the of the presenJ session of Congress. ■ think this fuite improb ble. It looks to us more like a prepnraTon to give Mr. H : U a cha-e for Senatoiial honors durii g the next sitting of our Legislature. Wo have heard it lately remarked, that it was impossible to throw a stick at a calf without hitting a candidate. Gentle reader, have you considered the variety of courts and the number of The names of two of Georgia’s most distinguished sons seems to have been entirely overlooked in the wild scram ble for office. We refer to Judge Au gustus Reese, of Madison, and Gen. Henry R. Jackson, of Savannah. These court days occurring in Burke county? gentlemen never have and never will an office, but who got beaten out of it, They are too, too many. A few of our cardinal humbugs foots up as follows : Rotation in the office of State Senator, by counties; the State Teacher’s Association, and the Georgia Press Association. S. B.—“Now, papa, who is that slim man running across the street, and who acts as if he wag so nervous that he can not stay in one place ten minutes at a time ?” F.—“Oh, he is a man who once held enter the wild hunt for place—the office j and ever since then be has been ran- must come to them, not they go to the ; ning around to find a crack to get into office. As Governor of Georgia, Judge the trough where the pigs are eating the Reess would be the peer of the Chief j good swill on the inside. He thinks he Executive of any State in the Union, is a very sagacious politician, but he and the people might rest assured that enjoys a monopoly of that opinion, for the public affairs of the State wou'd be nobody else does. He is ‘a very dead Charity : to give $40,000 to a Ten- | administered with firmness, honesty and cock in the pit.’ ” nessee college, while there are thousands sagacity. No incompetent men ap-j S. B.—“Oh! papa, who is that old of worthy, but starving, women and pointed to office:; no “straw bnods,” and fellow down there, with those old clothes children around Atlanta to whom $5 two or three sets of these in one case for on this bad day ? He is talking to the would be a God-send. | the purpose of letting out the dishonest Tax Collector, and acts like he was in office holder when his rogueries could trouble.” Fresident Arthur seems to understand no longer be hid, would be taken ; no ; F,—“ITe is an old farmer who lives would be humane to inflict. .Instead, let them state their platform, and nail down closeiy every plank com posing it, giving us their reasons for their position. And by appeal ing to our reason and judgment we will be able to arrive at conclusions which will do justice to ourselves and them/ For the welfare of future genera tions, yet unborn, don’t convert this mole hill into a mountain. Rest assured that when it of itself becomes revolting to a public sense of justice, the evil will be remedied, and some other means resorted to for their punishment, and our protection. D. A. Noted. Colored Woman. Sheibv, (Kv.) Sentinel. Old auDt Sally Simrall, as she had been familiarly known in Shelbyville for many years, died on Thursday of Georgia politics about as well as we sup de ; ta ot the people's money for the out here in the country. He worked | week, aged about 91 years. The pose we would understand the business . .. . . . , , , ! foundation for a first class romance , .... . . i furtherance of private political schemes hard, hutlast year was a bad crop year,! . . . ... ... ,, of manipulating the engines of an ocean ....... . .. . , ’ . . / . v in real life is connected with this old . * . .... in rickety banks, at a cost of hundreds and he ha; steamer in crossing the Atlantic. If Mr. Stephens should retire from Tias had much trouble to get up of thousands of dollars to the taxpayers enough money to pay his taxes, of the State, would be made. Too j S. B.—“Don’t you think that the to rush into the breech self, assume the position and State?” woman and her descendents. She came to Shelbyville some sixty or seventy years ago, as the slave of a man named Neel, who went into the hotel business. At that time she waa a blight quadroon, and was the moth- sacrifice him- “ ' *; — , manes u ms uuxy uu.ibul h an ; w- i er 0 f a daughter as fair and lovely as save the ^ h°P e of private advancement or H jdes, these men who are hunting the any who boasted Uaucasian blood. The , the promise thereof, Georgia would find 0 qj ces s0 bar d, w . int ^em for the mon- <b ughter attracted the attention of a a Governor of the old-t’ the Bepresentativeslup, can the people of lo ° >a 8 acious J° U hbodwink . Tar Collector will knock off some of it 1” that district find a patriot sufficiently bold ^ Jy ^.oua porauas.on too honest F.--Ho dar. not do that. Thelaw ..... • to be swerved from the path of rectitude ma | <e8 it his duty to oollect it all; be- would reward treason! As a member of Congress, we fiel sure that Gen. Jackson would make a true Every tune during the night that , .... , , , ° . . and not with gold and pi a cat jumps down lrom the water - shelf at thb Executive shnntv, Gov Crittenden, of Missouri takes refuge : of the peoplc . He «u in the darkest corner under the bed, so lnd a 8(jl<lier in tllc day8 thal “tried men’s souls,” and stood by his State and his people until the “stars ! and bars” were folded up and laid for- -time stomo-who t , make out of , hem aad j, eleot . j Southern gentleman, who {with punishment,. \ fa, . 1 was sojourning for a few days at the 1 places of honor ' e< *’ wou,u P rosecute ^‘ lln ^ wtre to hotel kept oy Neel, and though but a fearful is he that it knocking at his door. is Frank James OH ex-Governor Moses, formerly ever to rest. Then, refusing to enter let a man off paying a dollar under any child in years, he conceived the idea circumstances.” | of becoming her owner, with what S. B.—“Well, papa, are there any motive was developed in after years. , . .... . . The transfer was duly made, and the honest politicians 1 1 handsome little octoroon was sent F. ‘ I doubt very much if a man g oU th, where she received a fine can make politics a trade and be stihtly , education in white schools, wiih- honest. And the people seem to have °ut even a breath of suspicion as to found this out, and lor » few years past lu!r ° ri g i 9 <!v « bein « , e . xciteJ - T1 “’ wealthy Southerner then married the scramble where dishonesty was a have beaten the prof .ssional politicians, her and wo nC xt fi( , d her in carpet-hag governor of South Carolina, was locked up in a NewYorkjaBa “ and they will scan the man who offers Louis, moving in tl , , . , . • • shining virtue, he retired to private / . ’ aiv ; Tir f 11 few days ago for obtaining money un- __ i.__ x i himself as a candidate with closer in- with two lovely daug der false pretenses, and his photograph | taken for the rogue’s gallary. Retri bution has overtaken the old sinner at last. Blaine i< reported to have said, that the rumor that he Has about to^quit pol itics and go to preaching, is “an infernal lie.” He seems to bold to the “old version,” and should he go to preaching we predict that he will season his ser mons well with brimstone. life, and his services has been lost to the future than they have ed on 1 Thoridon,of the Atlanta T’ost- ^Miav^Te-atly wo:,ken- 'penden s since ITciiger the State. Such are the men to whom 8 P ectl011 10 ... The Citizen would give its earnest doDC iu the P^t-and will not be driven support—men who would honor the measures by anybody, place, i.nd not the place honor them. Wtio they Are. Small Boy.— ‘Dear papa who is that gentleman across the street ?” Father.—“Which gentleman do you mean, my son ?’, the be-t society, liters as the re sult of the marriage. These daugh ters both married rising n oung law yers of that city, one of whom after wards became a member o! Congress. The Southerner died many. \ ears ago, and his widow married a German in Philadelphia, where they lived fa j style until a few years ago, when hus band and wife both pa> ed off the T . . . . e . ... I stage of action. It is a singular fact that every | Aunt Sal , never „ aw h ,. r daughter man seeking political preferment* bnt once after her first marriage, should oppose and a Uoeoni pres- jq,. r husbaud was visiting relatives at ent system of convict ease. j Bairdstown, and aunt Sally was sent .......ii, .jrray ot f>bjec- | ^ ()r “Still Communicated. Harping: on Daug liter.” my S. B.— “That large man with the tunatclv with this array of obiec- i e i u. I , ,, , . ,, , , J. 1 for. The meeting was such as might . Btooping Bhouldeu., and grejuh bh.ned ; twins ll.ey do not formulate some: , iav0 bceD bHwe en a white Mv ind ,;r iT, ,1i„v. bair, just going into the four, house belter plan of managing these trans- j bw old BUBe and ouWd . w w(t e hd Oh, mv, don’t he look sour 1” , of lhe la ,' V ' ’ J ’ 1 Whilst some lew may he dealt to believe that this was th<* only rela tion that existed between them. ,Bv One member believe, ventured the hint that in his county the Independents, who. however,. square got beyond him! and aeimroi the measly i had never recognised him as a brother, j F —“He, my son. is the old Bourbon, 1 with'ha7shrf,'Georgm'"hus nmmfnt7 „ f e,._ win '.trie office of Surveyor —for A'^\!e had ^ 7r hmwn P °' b ,b * ^ "* . ! d » Commission to look alter their b “ a me free at his death, and ^tical society he had ever known. t determined hereafter to vote for whom interests, and report abuses in the i pho'accumulated considerable prop- lake the m above extract from air article of a correspondent of , gusta Chronicle of Tie‘2d inst ‘It was a blunder amounting to a correspondent writes concerning Atlanta. T ltis evidently shows tie colonel i.» playing a game for office aail not for principals. crime for the Republican pap^v'o.con fer 'he right of franchise upon he b'-u hern blacks.—Vermont Signal, -.Rep.) ^ # Alt, indeed ! When did you make so bright a discovery ? We down South havogot'olike it fiistrate—it gives our candidates a chance to electioneer du ring political campaigns. One of our Sena’ors said that if he vaa ever a Democra', he didn’t go to be, and the other was a delega'e to a Radi L cal convention, where he helped to notnJstale a 'Markham House Cabal.” As we ! happy looking man is, over yonder on disapprobation of any change in 1 , rieilti , until at the time of her death. know of no such “society,” ring, clique,' the corner? ’ j matter. T hose offenders are i sbe fi-id little more than the cabin or faction in Burke county, we are con-j F.—“He is the C.talitionist. He sent there tor punishment within I be dye( j j n She possessed remarka strained to ask, “the member from ; feels happy because he thinks that he ’ asthev are n^t i’® vit*!^ until a short time before Burke,” whoever he may he, (wutplv b*» eueeeedcd in breaking up both the j “SumanW, we ehould let h" f,P h ' , a " d , C °? ld “f 1 ' 11 l ' c *?r n for information,) who compose this 4i so- • old parties, and expects to be able o ; well enough alone. 1 hey should be ciety 1” whete is its headquarters, and command enough v ttes to be e.ecti d to nifidc to feel the tenors of suid in* who are its loaders ? An answer to these questions, we know would be news to the people of Burke. the Legislature next fall.” carcerution, to cause reflection in *""■ , 1 advance of the commission oferirae. S. B — ‘Do vou think lie will be ■ > 1 j. . , • J | If their labors were no more ardu- eleotea. , . , t ■ out than those who have to labor F.-‘No,h.ha» nottho.b.dtwof. forlheir dni|y 1>reaJ else, it ohance, and everybody knows it oxoept himself - and after the ele tion next fall he will be madder than the old Bourbon Thornton’s Post-Appeal has for some time kqfit the law prohibiting those who Republican candidate for j refua#or fail to pay their taxes from ,. President-— coming home he did smmp, standing under the head of j * 8 ^ evauso Wl e w rs(! lrta P al! that in his nowef hy to carry Gooi-^^nly the Rich Can vote.” No reas- 1 gia for his nonnuee. Now, w hat, we onable, intel’igent m in can object to want to know is, are these Senators 1 that law. When tho State guarantees Republican Democrats, or Democra*ic I pj> 0 jnotion to life, liberty and property e pub beans ! But they are organized j j> 0 t,h 0 citizen, then the citizen should iow, we are told. j f ee | ^ },j 8 du ty to pay bis prop^tionate I part towards sustaining the piotecting In nn interview not long since with power. But both Thornton and his brother Horn, of the Gnineeville Eagle, I p oat _ Appeal km , w t |, at u, e , aB in qu , 8 . _ ( . hirf Keep, r Xc makes the pen,ten- • U#B ju8 , u onl doe8 it t0 tick | 0 the lr; ‘tary one ot tlie loveliest places m tin 1 . , . .. e . , / J . ignorance and poverty ot a tow tax de- / State—and editor Lam agrees with;..” . a . f Ll .. . . ., . . > taulters at lie same stroke ot the pen tom. Wo beaeamfl* the penitentiary,. , . oufiht to he a , lat-o of pnuishmi nt but [ T ' ot 118 8a ^ 40 broll,er Thmnton, that.f «e do not belie, o il should he made the If" «!>«"• *® catoh ,ho colorod '' 0U!r b ' r engine of rppre| r vr ig. W e slj L sav ut en tliii- an cruelty that is! vevej - . have moft it ijLthe neii .mistaken. Tho avgrago colond Too inteliijM, pointed S. B.—“Well, now, papa, who is that tall, dignified looking gentleman, ooming up by tho post office 1” F.—“He is the Advisory Board of Burko county. S. B.—“Was he elected or appointed to bo tho Avisory Board ?“ F.— “Nci.her the one nor the other — he assumed that title. S. B—“He must be a kind hearted man to take all this trouble on himself l'or^io public. But. papa, how do they adWso, and what ’o they advise about ?” F.—“Some eight or *en men get to uch balderdash, he will find himself,-gather, and lock up in suno private room, and council with eich other hew the people aud get thetuselves becomes uo puuishnmt, and having no pride to wound, regardless of public opinion, they gratify revenge, and some poor creature is deprived of life, or they cultivate an inate desire for theft, and some , store house or dwelling is robbed. Are we, then, to modify the punish ment, and thereby encourage crime? If so, let us build some magnificent brjck edifice with carpeted floors, and furnished rooms, and then en« gage a competent cook, even though wo have to send to Delmonico’s to supply said culinary artist; and permit them to revel in Bachi.-i nulian feusts, and reduce hy con sultation and premeditation all species of villainy to a science. “This still harping on my daughter,” is disgusting 1 too thin ! and sn in dignant and sorely taxed public should ostracise all aspirants to office who atti mpts to touch a chord of sympathy uniong the i^Morant for these breatutei^ who became very deaf, and her mind c.>»- siderably unsettled.« Several yean ago she willed everything s’he poss. su ed to her daughter ; and no argument could convince her that her daughter was dead, Aunt Sally had been car^d for for some time by a daughter of a former slave. A certain steam boat coming up the Mississipi during the late flood, lost her way and bumped up against a frame house. She had not in -:o than touched it before an old darkvy rammed his head up through a hole in the roof, where the chimuey once came out, and yelled at the captafa on the roof; “Wliar de debit is you gwine wid dat boat? Can’t yer see nuthnl Fust ting yer knows you. gwine turn dis house ober, and sjv. ' de ole woman and de chiluus < ut fa de ribber, and drown dem. Wt *t yer doin’ out hear in de country wid your dam old boat anyhow ? Go oa back yonder trough de corn fie!art and'eit back into de ribber, whir yer beloq^B. You got no business seoeu mile out in do country no h«iw_, f^ " icg roptnd pe< pics houses^“ backed tlpt. „ ^