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The true citizen. (Waynesboro, Ga.) 1882-current, October 20, 1882, Image 1

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5T! The True Citizen. A l.iv* Weekly Paper on Live Issues Published Every Friday Morning, at Way nesboro, Ga., bv the SULLIVAN BB0T-HZB8. RATES Of SUBSCRIPTION: THE TRUE = 100 Vr 1 -* ^ 50 Vol. 1. lit?' All su.jsuriptious must be accompanied 1 bv the CASH.* > i One Copy One Year, " ‘‘ Six months,. “ “ Thfoe months. SOTi Waynesboro, Ga., October 20, 3882. No. o \ l'lie True Citizen. Advertising rates liberal. Transient advertisments payable in .id vunee. All uontract advertisements payable <pinr. terly, All communications for personal benefit will be charged tor as advertisements Advertisements to Occupy ai.eei&l place* will be charted yr. pur cunt, above regular rat* r-. Notices in local and busbies? eolunin '-ts. per line; in local lUo s, per line, each insertion, For terms apply at this oflice, THE ONLY BIC jr SHOW COM NO. s. . Barrel 4c Co’s NEW UNITED MONSTER RAILROAD SHOWS Oriental circus Egyptian caravan and Universal Expositon of Living Wonders. The Largest Combination of Zoological, Equestrian and Gy runic Attractions ever ergo nixed. Positively Coming, Undivided and Unabriged, to WAYNESBORO, TUESDAY OCTOBER 24th 1882. 0 CIRCUSES COMBINED » 100 CHAMPIONS OF THE WOULD. 100 7 ENORMOUS METROPOLITAN MENAGERIES 7 UNITED. FIFTY BLAZONED CAGES OF WILD BEASTS. Positively the largest collection of extremely Rare Wild Animals with any exhibition on the continent. '('he largest living White Nile Hippotamua ever imp -rt d A huge Shambling River Horse, the terror of ail Sauriana. A Pair ot Majestic Giraffes, broken to harness and draw ing Roman Chariots. 100,000 invested in more than eighty tons of educated flesh. A monster all-representing herd of Performing Elephant* including twice the largest animal known to exist, the famous old India War Elephant, “XERXES/’ several inches taller »Dd the heaviest animal * ever on this continent; said to he over 200 years of age. ALn the Midget “LITTLE DOT/’ thrice the smallest full grown eh - pliant ever seen. $15000 THE GREATEST OF ALL FEATURE The First and Only Genuine “Li n Slayer.” $15000 The only animal ol its kim' ever od exhibition i» this oranv other country. The Simiam Colossus,, The 5 ton Performing Black Rhinoceros, An i Arctic Aquarium of Polar Mamoths. The first and only IIOGIPOPOTIMUS ever exhil ited on this c»i tinent. The only genu- joe HORNED HORSE. Still another feature the ABYSSINIAN BABIROUSSA, an animal never before exhibited in America. 12 Great Features that no other show on earth can duplicate. Elks driven tandem in the streets, performing Arabian Dromedaries, performing 5 ton Rhinoceros, Lapland Hurdle-Racing Reindeer. Giraffes dr»wing Romm Chario s. a gigantic rid ing Gynocephalua, performing dens of Hyenas, a school of learned S als, performing dens of Tigers, Lions aud Leopards, a herd of Zebras 1 rained t-> perform incredible feats, a cavalcade of fourteen performing Kentucky Thoroughbreds. The largest number of the most beautiful and best trained Horses in the world, and more than a whole show alone. 30 Arab bin Camels. SO A complete ai d exhaustive col ection oi living Zoologica' Wundt ra, and an enormous Polar Sea A^^rium. Willis Cobb’s original and only Minuturc Circus of Dog*-, Goat* and M keys. 20champion Burt-Hack Riders. 20 champion D> ub e Souiersnult Lw per; , i.d by Ui® great and only ‘ OKRIN.” 20 champion lady riders. The champion Midair Bicycle KiJeta of the world. $10,(XX) their equal cannot be found. 10 Clowns Headed by t) e King Laugh-Maker. The low comedy bear, “Bruno.” Steam air ship in operation outside, free to all. The Sheik’s return from Con quest. a quarter of a million street parade. Three superb Mar tial Musical Brigades. The new Levia than Steam Band, a twenty-voiced Jubilee \Y 7; Chorus, always exhibiting what it advertises Cheap excursion rates on ail railroads to Grant “Wor'd’s Fxposition.” One ticket admits to all advertised shows. Children under nine year* half price. Two grand exhibitions daily It controls millions, bached by millions more, u.d * . f*r »» it is concerned no other show exists, Will also exhibit at Augusta Saturday, October 2Dt; Savannah Monday, October 23d.