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Daily telegraph and messenger. (Macon, Ga.) 1873-1873, September 02, 1873, Image 2

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THE MACON DAILY TELEGRAPH AND MESSEXiKR i TlESHAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 2, 1873. fl chfinipli dJflrs.'scnQcr ' V .73. BRIGHAM YOUNG’S WIVKS". W ho tliojr Arc. llow they Live, ami AVIiat they l>o is not a little c n Webb Toanp, m until l<r djvor in t;..i: Mr r. Wife Xo. J7 oj . Ann Urijf- • r heard of Ann f.uit Lrou«Lt l,e i.iny MraVonne-'. Qua until <t’ ! It. \j. 1 nere is or wa» Mary Ann An- ^•U, Lucy Decker Soely, Clam Dicker, Harriet Cook, Lucy Bigelow, Mr.?. Twin, Martha Bun^cM, Ville n Itockwood. Kuaaa Snively, Jemima Ani7. ll, Margaret A1 Margaret Kerce, Mr*. Hampton, Mary Bigelow, Emeline Free, Eliza Boxy Enow Zina Huntington, Amelia Partridge, Au- CoW), Mrs. Smith. Clara Ohms. Ami'Uib 1 -xu, and one or two other** l«t nowhere do we find art down axooov the wire* of the Prpnhet, Shot, and B«v- e la tor inch a persomns Ann Hiza Webh Young. Yet that the iaone of the n:*Ay wive* of Brigham ia certain; and that ahe should have escaped notice ia br no neana lurpriaing, aa who could keep the UOlyofac many Atra. Young.? Evcnthe Prophet u not bkely to be blamed lor ni glcehng her, fee what husband could dinde hi* time among twenty, or .rrtn " n *o aa to make every one tliinV ■hehad her full abare of attentian f of idlenusa. Emeline Riagii end ploy*; Boxy Snow write* poem*; Zina Hunting, ton takes care of children and amuses them; Twisa waabca and sew*; Emeline Free take* care of her children, of whom nhchaaor had eight; EUcn Bock wood work* embroiclery; other* spin, *ome still weave, other* sew, read novel*, and sleep. On tiaing in the morning, each wife clean* up her own mom, dresses her chil dren, and prepare* for breakfast. At the ringing of the bell, the whole family as semble ia the parlor, and sing together; Young pray* fervently and they go to breakfast. Formerly the Prophet ate with hi* wives—they and their children being ranged along the table in the great dining hall; but now Brigham breakfasts alone, hi* meal often of a enp of morning onlv some bread, butter milk. Tho wive* are generally well dressed, mat and tidy. They work hard at son: a- tiling, and, their mind* being occupied, they are less liable to become diaoonteiit- ed and unliappy. The women are infat uated with their religion, and live rathe? for the world to come than this one. Brigham promises they shall all be queens in eternity, and as each woman ia to bo queen, world without end, over her own offspring, it behoove* her to have ad many children aa possible while in the flesh and on earth. Those who have no children are in rather a had fix, but Brigham says they shall not bo overlook ed in the next world if they behave well and help take care of children while this one. TIic illuii-Kutors of Jlinrioostnii India suffer* from a trouble which i* of sufficient importance to have been recent ly mado the text of a delate in the Eng lish Parliament.. It ia the dost!—“— “ hum;m life by wild beast*. There ore in llimlooston vast tract* of jungle inliab- Msd l>y tiger* and oilier hoist* of prey, Between those and the cultivated sections there is a debatable land, peopled sparse ly, in manner similarly to our Western larder. When deer are scarce or wary in the jungle the famished tigers appear aa marauders among Iho larder settler,, and this causes the trouble, for the tigers and man-eaters, will devonr tho set tler himself as quickly as his goat or buf falo. HinCc the Indian mutiny there has been a general disarmament of the native* throughout the peninsula, and this de priving the Hindoo of his weapon* of de fense 1 aves him an easy prey. The destruction of life by wild beasts i appalling, no leas than 13,400 human be ing* having l*cen killed by them during tlio six years preceding 1870, whilst the annual destruction of life from this cause throughout India is estimated at 10,000. In ISliO, one tigress stopped the travel on a public read for several weeks and killed 137 perron*. Another tiger roamed in Kaydula during 1867. ISfiH ami 1800, kill ing 108 people, having repeatedly attach ed large parties anil killed four or five at a time, and having, tho week before it was shot, kilhd seven person*. This de struction of life is not tho only injury, for it is calculated that these lx-nst* destroy on enormous numlicr of cattle. In Mad ras the proportion i* sixty head of cattle to one human being killed. Tho loams from those ravages are estimated at five millions of dollars a year. There is, be sides, an additional loss through the aban donment of extended districts from tho ght of the frightened people. rb m is a report of u single tigress, in oruu* in-11*, aliidi destroyed thirteen illages and ransed two hundred and fifty square miles of territory to ho t brown out of cultivation. She roamed over a section twice ns large os this county, and drovo off all its people. To prevent these disasters rewards are offer ed and special snm* arc placed on th» head of particular lKnstq tluree hundrei I nipeit*. about one hundred nnd fifty dol- lara being the maximum. There is a suspicion that tho certainty of these re wards 1 icing offered, sometimes leads the natives to permit a tiger tp pursue his ravenous course longer than would other wise bo tho case. In the dobate which occurred in the House of Lords, the Duke of Argyll promised that the government would devote its immediate attention the subject with a view of providing some . means of checking this horrible slaughter. KN GUSH COOLNKSS. IIow tlic Colonel Lost Ills Cof- fcc-I*ot. Don Piatt, in this week's Capital, tells tlw following story of an English colonel whom he met during the late war: ••This Englishman had been fighting in all sort* of war* in every part of tho globe, for and against everybody, and every cause. His cool disregard of danger, and at tho same time his anxiety to get Into quiet places and comfortable quarters, afforded us infinite amusement. At the tattle of Fredericksburg, Captain Eycrs, of the Tolunteer artillery, found himself in a very exposed position, where he was doing no good, although he used due dil igence, nnd fired away from his one but tery in response to tho conecntiated fire of naif a dooms. Whilst thus engaged, nnd worried to see his men and horses knit'll. Colonel II. rede up: ••Hav[t work, captain." remarked the new comer, reining in his steed. "Devilish hcV’ was the response. " N. t ■ ■ '.iw 'll’ '1 .1 tint. rapt;.in ; 1 don't like it, you know. I've been rather unfortunate. While crossing that blasted riTtr I lost me eoffeo-pot. I’ve had that . Tee-pot all through India and South America, and now I've lost it. I don’t know wliat I'll do without that coffee pot—" ‘•rd like to know I am kept here for. unless they want my lottery destoy- cd,” intorrupteil fin captain. “Aw. captain. I beg pawdon; that monkey of an adjutant sent me here to order you out. The general says you’re doing no good here; better get out, you know.” "Damnation, why didn't you give me the order. I have lost two men and three horses while you talked about a damned coffee-pot." “TlWst SilwT iupisln Tinn pardoo, m 1 Mp you. We'll soon get oat of range of the beggars. But an old campaigner cannot lose his coffee-pot, you know." Further discourse was interrupted by a shell that, exploding, blew up and tumbled all that was left of the con cern down the declivity in the rear. Col t-nel hi. extricated himself from a dying horse, and. walking away, grumbled: “Most unfortunate dav, lost me coffi pot, and now that horse; bet the coffeepot, you know. I cannot replace that; hail it in India and all over South Amer ica; most unfortunate. Knsiso in Cm r. u.—A Columbia, Fa.. eler f ryman wliilo preaching his sermon Sunday evening, perceived a yonng man end woman under the gallery in the act of kissing each other behind a hymn Iwok, but did net lose his temper. He did not fly into an unseemly rage and call upon the aexton to rush up the aide and ■1. ball it..- t :• . Xu : i ■■ Juggernaut. 1 Corre-pondw.c*- I>>n<U*n I .m pi'’mature in auiouncin^ last ve«’k that the .To^^^maut F'-.-rtiral I.xkI .,ff without .. *erioua a-’-adeut. Sest dij the «l<ath of .'ix—r..ra :n *nra-.“! to fificht—wocn-r cull*" * «Hxipti- £«•-•'■ « • "•!• r '-"b This ju.-titi . the orders of the I-'.'Utenant-GoTeinor, xrba loft it to ooch ma^Lrtrate lo decide whetht’r a car was lian^eroog. In this esse the priests had been warned to re pair them, and to take their pinnacle* down; but as there are ten large or .-Ily, and cue hun lrcdand fifty smaller ears in one district of Hooghly, the au thorities cannot watch each. Last year it wai Horn pal, the year before it was Serampore, and now it is the new case of tlooptipara. The people care about the 1 -ir an-1 the shows, but not generally uL.nt the drr-ggin;* of the car, which they shirk, unless tenants on the temple land*. Tho jiriest* only are interested in their gains, and the stopping of the dan gerous cars, as proposed by the Bengal government, would not be resented by any but them. _ In the heart of these cars is a famous shrine, that of Tarkeshur. or Shir, in his character of Escnlapins. For twe months of the year the place is thronged by orthodox Hindoo* from all ports, who have made vows in sickness, and by tar- ren wives. The Mohunt, or celibate Car dinal of tbit palace—not necessarily a priest—has a known income of JM.OuO a year from land, and of twice that sum from offerings. The late bolder of the office waa a debauchee of 36. whom the worshippers could not remove. He was the terror of all the virtuous families in the country round; but, nevertheless, they worshipped at his shrine, and paid him. At last the law has got hold of him, and he ha* fled to French protection at Chandernagore, leaving his rich reve nues. He had purchased from her parents a young married woman. When the hus band, who lived six dan out of seven in Calcutta, heard of his shame, he at tempted to take hit wife away from her father’s house. The numerous retainers of the Mohnnt threatened him, and in despair be killed his wife and fled to the police, to whom he made a confession which, in the original Bengalee, ia deeply affecting. He has, of course, been com mitted for trial, and will doubtless re ceive but a slight punishment after such provocation. But the Mohunt has fled to escape tho trial for adultery, which is a penal offense in the man in India. The magistrate has H fl ” charge of the has called on the Maharajah to nominate another Mohnnt whom chapter of Mohunta will duly recognitc. Mr. Chaffee, of Illinois, nml a Connecticut ‘Woman's Dog. Fima the Bsnlsiry News] i I The pastor of the Slawson Church sends ns the following item: “Tho chnrch, *s will l»e remembered, is holding a series of revival meetings, which arc largely attended. I’rominent among the speakers is tlie Rev. Mr. Chaffee, of Illinois. Last Friday evening the building was crowded and Mr. Chaffee was considerably ani mated. He was sitting in a chair at tho front, his wonderfully lung legs crossed, und his voice sending forth a volume of song. The upper leg was swinging ma jestically, the motion increasing os tho singing advanced. They had just reached that part of the hymn which says, ‘Then I can safely reach my home, my God, my heaven, my all,’ and Chaffee was doing his level best, and had just got out •Then I can safely reach my home,’ when tho oscillating limb came suddenly in contact with a miserable dog that had in some way got into tho house, and sent it howling and flying - under one of the benehi s. Of course Mr. Chaffee was sur prised, but when a little woman popped up in the gallery and shook an ominons- 100king umbrella at him, and cried in a voice of passion, ’You kick that dog again, you Hlinoy giraffe, and you won’t safely reach homo.’ he fairly macadamized. He subsequently told onr informant that ‘he never before was so completely flabbenr gasted, so thoroughly circumbobulated,j whatever that means." Fair Ground Privileges GEORGIA STATE FAIR BAR-ROOM, SEGAR STAND, FRUIT, ETC. TERMS—Note, of equal amounts, falling dne •well day during the l-’air, wilh security, accepta ble Ut the committee. Mo paper taken but such as ran be mod in any lank in the cily. Moles to Iw Riven on tlic day of rentbiy. F. \V. RASDAh. F. A. 8UONE1UX. C. BURKE. ousts Id Committee. TAX NOTICE. r PHK TAX BOOKS 1J Bibbrounty orani A my hands, and I am ready for the people to rallupand ray theirUies. My mat ructions'! case me but a abort time in which to ctJlcct a * taxes. My office is on Cherry afreet, at 11: place of business. 1 am also required to receive, under oath, re- pqrti of farm.erep* mised in the county, tosether with other information relatire to the farminc in- tens**. W. T. NELSON, sn*9tnovl* Tax Collector. lawcard. R. W. & S. H. JEMISON, ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS AT LAW twice M Second Macon. G< orgix P rjf H CP k* tb* rourta 31 aeon and ml ’ rwrnt cirvuixs. and in the Supremo and 1 ( oiirN at Ooorxria. Special attention sriven to nuittera in Hnnkruptc^. II.a\ MsoriatffJ with mo my aon, Samuel H. Jexnifton. I \<c% l<v.\e to d.rvct attention to tho abo^e card. Additional SnciliUea warrant mo in n-Mintig pronxpt and cnrefui attention to all bum new* entrusted to tu. R. W. JEMISON*. LAND FOR SALE. MMIE most dcsireblo farm in 31 actm county, J owned forn*criy hy Ilinun B. Troutman, and now by ua. lying on the west 1 wink of Flint river, just five miles below tho beautiful and flouristdor t«wnof Reynolds. (S. w. R. R.) and containing One Thousand (1.000) acre**, ia now FOR SALF.. The hnprnvpnvnts aro unequalled, ctinsisting of dwelling, withcveiy xieo'Aviry out improvt- uwn. Tlxere are m rentoen cabins for lalrorvr*. nil with food brick chimnevs. A great deal of tho cleaned land frrmK. Any one desiring such a farm and on the most enticing term*, had U**t apply at o«w« to HENRY T. JORDAN.* T. MARION BRYAN. jMUCff Reynolds. Qa. JAMBS H. BLOUXT. ISAAC HiBnitv^ joint l. harpemab. BLOUNT, HARDEMAN & HARDEMAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW, WACOM, GA. Offltv. Cherry street, over S. T. Walker’s, swat# if 100,000 Brick for Sale. TTNDER and by viitueof a resolution puwdbr v. the City Council of the city of Macon, vre the undersigned. Committee on Public Property, will geUXimbQc outcry, at the Armory Building, on SATl RDAY, th** 6th day of Sanlflaiber nest, lftUttO brick, or more, if pneca admit. Sale to commence al 10 oVk<rk, a. m. L. W. RASDAL. F. a. shoneman. C. BURKE. aug58 tda Committee. i. n IL , nt pi • bea.i hit mildly at the offond- and when the fifteenth time, ;on short off in and offered a spectacles ed her tl behtdf * the ul tl uaiden in ?! •* Moo lronnetaod praj profanin’* th.- hacetuiiry by kis-'i: one another in p- w No. And t ooiioTi-o-ation •• Auicn.” ’I'i.--n t voan^ woman suddenly pullet! her v down, and the voting man s; 4 t there :t r Wore softly to himsr lf. lie «lt*e to church iu much now he did. FRENCH’S NEW HOTEL, /X)R. CORTI. A XDT and NEW CHURCII STS, Kj NEW YORK. Ottho Eurof«.n plan. RICH ARD P. FRENCH, non of the late Colonel Richard French, at French's Hotel, has taken this Hotel, newly ®«ed up and entirely renovated the mac OnttiBr Boi;— * * *—‘ Landies an jonelSti COMMISSION HOUSE AT LEAEY, S. W. RAILROAD. CALHOUN. COUNTY, GA. western kailrvud to Blakely.and takes this meth od of announcing to the public that he is pro pared receive coc.'immcnts of woods and produce * every duamuUuu, which wil] U‘ v :,i.: whivi or n*;a:I a< tXirerted. to the best ad?anbure. Strict attention will be given to the business, and satis faction guaranteed in every instance. t*zr Condgnments aoikited. marUdlawAwiv D. W. ITEY. R0B T. A. NISBET, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Comer MULBERRY SB. and COTTON ATS. •»’ i - • « 1‘rt.c >: - juncltd^m MACON, GA. Day Scnool. fur Young Ladies and Litt! ixris.tH CathedraJ street. Balrunore. Md. Mm h:.!!t" T.-i.i M." 11.'... ‘'/'i.i'Tiiit'jAiv . i •• Rr Vt \t of*■:> S ptem- I Mb. all hranchcM <f a polite edneataon. French is the e of the school. _ Cla.«s 1.- rv-r* nw-anlvd at the clcKc of the year. Circulars on application. Market Garden For Sale. I EDWARD LONG. ;.nrk* *. every day until :i liu prvUi!•«*'> the rtr- *ugilm* F=R_ F?_ FR_ BYHE3TEIY, ■» CITLEBA XttIBlI. DIASRIHKA. AND ALL ROMFJt CO.TPLAIST*, emu axd mT»7w» by Radway’s Ready Relief! ^■vrntlve m»*^utva are the rao>t win* to adopt. The Livek. K,«.N and SUmxarh should be kept n-firuUr. Ibid wav'* Pills, in aroalldrt***. will axuro til.* wwMte. Sadaw'r R.*dy Relief diluted in >* • U »•*!-• >rdu: 1 » r -A w.Vv- . taken as a drink, three or fair times during the day. will di*dnf*-» t thn malaria inhaled in the *J»- tem.aad rj-mralizc all acid crunhejJthy vlemcnta caused by the crjiibiiiatkrfi of tiv* malaria of the atuiust-hrn- with the tcaae* m' the tlomach. (which ans axon in thaaa cpidems-fi nckl). iauajtingl wanclh. eijs-nry and ij-alth thnngboot tne sys tem. and preventing the separation of the watery from ctlicr properties in tin? blood. If Si-iD’d (.’llOLKRA. thr* Rt-tair R* 1.- i ] t- i.'..-. >:r.r^c a.’.d < On a* ]*/***.:hi-. This will secure resit and hold the properties of the blood togr-tber. equalizing ite circulation, pn*-1 Ai i.iing oji^otKzi!.atul pn*brmth«Miimiiu*hin*c« r lca»-ning of the pulse, am stopping vomiting and t»urring. The body should lnr rubl«<d with Rcody I tb-.i.-f from tusul to foot, arid along the npinc. This will impart new energy md vitality to the nervous stop cramps, spasm«. and induce free perspiration. A* noon a-* the rtomach ia quieted, atx to eirht of Radwny'a KIls (nodanrer cif diarrhm mei be bared) mmU be given. The Liver. Stomach and Bowel* will at ono? be restored i to their natural duties, and the neutralized ele ment* of dbam*- lie expelled from the sytfem. Tlii» treatment luw rescued thousands from death. Looseness. Diarrhcn. Cholcn Morlgxs, Cramps Spasms etc- nnd all painful discharges from tne bowels are stopped in fifteen or twenty minute* by taking Rad way^a Ready Relief. No congestion or inflammation, no weaknesw or lassitude, w ill follow i the ure of the R. R. Relief. BADWATS BEADY BELIEF W ILL AFFORD INSTANT EASE. INFIaAMMATION OF THE KIDNEYS. INFLAMMATION OF THE BLADDER. INFLAMMATION OF THE BOWELS. CONGESTION OF THE LUNGS, SORE THROAT. DIFFICULT BREATHING. PALPITATION OF THE HEART HYSTERICS. CROUP. DIFTJIERJA, CATARRH, INFLUENZA. HEADACHE. TOOTHACHE, NEURALGIA. RHEUMATISM, COLD CHILLS, AGUE CHILLS. The application of the Ready Relief to the part or parts where the pain or difluiilty exists will af ford out and comfort. Twenty drop* in half a tumbler of water will in a few moments cure Cramp*, Spajuns. Sour Stom ach. Heart burn. Sick Hearhaehe, Colic, Wind in the Bowels, and all internal pains. Travelers should always carry a bottle of 1 way's Ready Relief with them. A few drops in water will prevent aicirv-** or pains from change of water. It ia better than Frexich Brandy or Bit ten as a stimulant. FEVER AND AGUE. Fever and Aguo cured for fifty cent*. There ia not a remedial agent in the world that will cure Fever and Ague, and all other Malarious, Bilious. Scarlet. Typhoid. Yellow and other Fever* (aided by Had way’s Pills) so quick as Radway’s Ready Relief. Ready Relief CO cents per brttle, and Pills 25 rents a Lor. Sold by druggist*. HEALTH! BEAUTY! STRONG AND PURE RICH JILOOD—IN CREASE OP PLKSH AND "WEIGHT— CLEAR SKIN AND BEAUTIFUL COMPLEXION SECUR ED TO ALL! DB. RADWAY’S Sarsaparillian Resolvent nas made tho most astonishing cures. So Quick, so rapid are tlie changes the IkmIv undergoes, under tlie influenco of this truly wonderful medicine, that EYBItY DAY AJt I5CBRASU IX PLESa AXD WEICUr Id SEKX AM* VEI-T. THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. Every drop of theSARSAPARl LLIAN RESOL- VKNT communicates through the blood, sweat, urine nnd other fluids and infer* of the svKtem, tlio vigor of life, for it repairs the wastes of the body with new and wund material. Scrofixla, Syphilis, Consumption. Glandular Diacasea. Ul cers in the Throat and 3Ioutli, Tumors. Nodes in the Glands and other parts of the system. Sore Eye*. Stvumorous Discharges from the Ears, and tho worst form of Skin Diseases, Eruption. Fever Sores. Scald Head, King W'orm, Salt Rheum. Ery sipelas. Acme. Black Snots. Worms in the Flesh, Tumors, Oonoers in the Womb, and all Weakening and Painful Discharges, Night Sweats, Loss of Sj«rm. and all wastes of tho life principle, nre within tho curative range of this wonder of Mod em Chemistry, and a few days* -as© will prove to any ]»erson using it for either of these forms of disease its potent power to cure them. If the Patient, daily lieeoraing reduced by the waste and decomposition that is continually pro- greaneg. succeeds in arresting these waates, and repairs tlio same with new' material from healthy blood-WKi this the SARSAPARILLIAN wall ard does secure—a cure is certain; for when tmcc this remedy commences its work of purifica tion. and succeeds in diminishing tho loss of wastes, its repairs will be rapid, and every day tlio patient will feel hira.*elf growing U ttcr a rid strong er, tho food digesting better, appetite improving, and flesh ami weight incroasi-g. Not only does the SARSAPARILLIAN RESOLVENT excel all known remedial agents in the cure of Chronic. Scrofulous. Constitutional and Skin Diseases, but it is the only positive cure for Bargains in Millinery H ATING determim-d tochta.- up DITburinr**. I am oflering from ihv dsloj until the entire tot is disposed of. my >t>*ck of MIIaIaIKEBY & FANCY GOODS LADIEM* H ATX AND BON'.KTS, Flowers. Eiiibonn, Lace Goods, llair Goods. 04- lare. Cuffs, Zcjihyr Worsted, and in fact. EverytklDil suBl!)* Kcwt In My Line. Call and examine my Goods, and bar than at your own price. angSSfw MRS. L. F. HENDRIX. Mammoth Sale. NINETY-SIX CITY LOTS. TEHM8 EASVi iblic TUESDAY. . pteml>er next, the follow ing city lots, vix: Lots S and G. block 5S; lots 1 and 3. block —; lots fl. 7 and 8. block 48; lots 2,4 and 4*. block 5$: lots 4.5,6 ard 8. block 50; lot fl. block 49; lot 6, block ®»: lotsS.47 and 8,block 71 x lots 1.2 and 3. block 74: lot 5. block 75; lots 1. 4. 5 and 6. block 72; lot 1. block 08; lot L block 30; lot 6, block 3t« pari of lot 5. square 73; lots 1,2,5, 4,5,fl,7 and 8,blockSfi; lots 5.8.7 and *. block 37; lots 1.2.3. 4. 5. 6. 7 and S, block 38; lots 1.2, A 4. s.fl.7 and 3. block 39; lots 1.2. A 5, fl. 7 and J». block 40; lot* 1. • 3.4. 6. 6. 7 and 8. block 41; lots 1,2.3.4. 5.6 and port of 7. block 42; lots 12,3,4, 7, 8 and part of fl.block 43; lot 6, block fl*. TERMS OF SALE.—One-fourth ensh. the bal ance to be paid within fifteen months monthly instalments Notes to be given on tlie grounds. Bond for titles given by the city. A11 lumber, brick and stone on the lots known as the “ Armory Property** will be reserved for the use of the exty. Sale will commence at 10 o’clock A. M- on Tat- nall square, and continue from day to day until ail the lots 21 csold. L. W. RASDAL. F. A. SHONEMAN. C. BURKE, Committer Newspaper for Sale. A GREAT BARGAIN Southern Times & Planter. Published at Sparta, Georgia. TERMS REASONABLE. For particulars, address augSllm LITTLE. JORDAN A CO. FOR SALE. A HAND FIRE ENGINE AND APPARATUS. Second-Class Smith In perfect order, and warranted to give entire sat isfaction. Sold for no fault, but to make room for a steamer. For further particulars, apply to the Secretary of Ocmulgce Fire Company No. 2 or committee. MAC HOLD. Foreman, H. P. WESTCOTT. P. A. SHONEMAN. HOLLY MILLS! TTTE are j<U luuiJlint; tla> product of tlie above mill an.l are trilling to guaran- \ Y tee ouipriees a-i low as any mill in Georgia. The brands: Peerless, Royal Gem, WHITE WING AND CATOOSA, Are becoming more widely known every day, and we invariably sell aif.iin where they are once tried. We still have the exclusive control for this section, of the SILYEa LAKE AND FALLS OF OHIO, "Which weguarantee to he as usual, *‘fully up’* in quality. All of the flour we are now getting is made of the very be3t white and amber wheat, and we positively assure our friend? we will always guarantee them Perfect Satisfaction in every purchase. WE CAN’T BE UNDERSOLD. We furnish our flour in barrels, whole, half and quarter sacks, free drayage, though, when parties so desire it and wish to avoid handling at this point, we order from mills direct, thereby giving them tho through rate advantage. SEND FOE CIECULAES And try us with an order to be convinced. nugS lm Macon. Gal Wesleyan Female College, MACON, GEORGIA. Tho Thirty-sixth Annual Session WILL BEGIN OCTOBER C. 1873. For Catalogue*, containing full information, ad dress REV. E. H. MYERS. D. D.. Pres. C> W . Smith, Secretary.au7 2m Kidney and Bladder Complaints, Urinary and Womb Diseases, Gravel, DuUtetes, Dropsy. Stoppage of Water, Incont nenccof Urine, Bngnt * Disease, Albuminuria, and in all . where there aro brick dust deiKNum, or the , Is thick, cloudy, mixed witli hubs tanoe.i like the “ lute of an egjr, or threads like white silk, or there 1 a morbid, dark, bilious appearance and white bone dust deposit, and when there is a pricking, burning wm sat ion when passing water, and ltain in the small of tho back and along 1 he loins. Tumor of 12 Years’ Growth Cured by Eadway’s Resolvent! Bkvkrly, Mass. J uly lfl, 1867. Dn. RaDWaY; I hare had Ovarian Tumor in the ovaries and bowels. All the Doctor* said “there was no help for it.** 1 tried everything that w* recommended, but nothing helped me. I nv vour Resolvent, and thought I would try it; but had no faith m it, because 1 had suffered for twelve ream, l took six bottles of the Renc4rent.andone ”? x ^ a l*ills, and two lxittfes of your Beady Relief; and there is not a sign of tumor to lie veen or felt, and I foci liettor, smarter and hap- pxerthan 1 have for twelve year*. The wont tu mor was in the left side of the bowels, over the irooin. I Write this to you for the benefit of other*. You can publish it if you choose. HANNAH P. KNAPP. WORMS! The only safe and sure remedy for TAPE, PIN and WORMS of all ginds. PRICE $1.00 PER BOTTLE. Important Letter Vrom a prominent gentleman and resident of Cincinnati. 0„ for the past forty years well known to the book publishers throughout the United States: tw ,> *0**. October XL 1873. Dn. Rad Wat : Dear Sir—I am induced bv a sense of duty to the .utTcrinr to make m brief state ment of the workinz of your medicine on m\^lf. For man! year, l h*l been affected with 'some trouble in ltx\ hladder and urinary organs, which some twelve months ago culminated in a moat ter- nblv afflicting disease, which th*- physicians all said was a spasmodic stricture in tlie ureta, aa also inflammation of the kidneys and bladder, and gave it as their opinion that inr age—73 s ears— vxinld prevent my ever getting radically cured. I had tned a number of physicians, and "had taken a large quantity of medicine, both atopathic and homronathic. but had pot no relief. 1 had read of srnnr cure* having been nude bv your rera- .v * #cur ago revf a notice in the 1 hiladelphia Saturday Evening Post of a cure having been effected on a person who had |k been suffering aa 1 had been. 1 went right off ami got some of racK-your Saraapahllian Resol rent. Ready Relief and Regulatirxg Pilh—and cum- roenced taking thorn. In 1 breeds vs 1 was rroatly •liered, and r r feel as well aa ever. C. W. JAMES, Cincinnati. O. DR. RADWAY’S PERFECT PUEGATIVE AND REGULATING PILLS. Perfectly tasteless. eLwantlv coated with sweet cum. jturve. regulate, purify, c Li*nro md strength en- Rad wav's l*ills for the cun’ (/ all di.<s>rders of the Stn—ffc. Liver. Bowria. Kidneys. Bladder, Nervous Di>ea>es. Headache. Constipation. Cos- IIWMA Indigesti«:n. Ih'spepsw, Biliousness. Fe- Inft-vninationof the Boa els. Piles and all De rangements of the Internal Yfeuflut. Warraatod • effect a positive cure. Purelv veri'tahle. nm- .ir ng no mercury mm. ral* or «\i'i.’V.*nous drugs. Observe the following !>ynjitouis restating from Disoidera 0/ the Ihgestive Organs: ‘onstipation. Inward Piles. Fulloess U xb- Bk>jd in the Hrftd. Acidity of ih* Stomach. Nan- Etasrtborn. Duost of Food. Ftibm or « Mxi in tin’ StomadLStur Rrucmuonx Sinking Fluttering at tlte Heart. Choking or *Dfb ring wflinoi when in a Lying posture*. Rnnesi «•( H»n. Dots or tTda Udore th.* Sight. Rover ami 11 Pair, the ll<*ad. Doficfencz<if Perspiration. Yellowness of tl»<‘ Skin ami Eyes. l*ain in tlx* Side. Is *t. LuijIm. and sudden Plus!*** of Heat. Burn- ir m Xh.* Fl-sli. A f.’W duww t.l Rmlwaj *s Pills will frve the ,vs- 1. from ali id. kU,' • Price £5 ni» per bux. SlAJ >»% Drugvisis. BEAD “ FALSE AND TRUK 1" s. !.d one letter si sail* t- RADWAY ACO, No. arren, «-onier Church New Y'ork. 11 funnsts.n Wurth thousands will b« s*nt you. POE SALE. Portable Steam Saw Mill ^ Owen, Iguio A Dyer, Hamilton.Oliio. * It ia a No. 1 Mill, and in good onler: haa No.1 Mill, and governors to the engine; also Terms—half caah; bal security. Also, one of order; haa . - 1 —|— v — — and lath saws. Arm*- half cash; balanco 12 months, with good Pay’s Planing Machines, fesfi indioamatch 12 inche...with moulding 'P 1 :* 11 the latest style, of mouldings. H ill be sold With tie mill, or separate. .. ... . „ a. kTfishee, auzIB lm*Kontesuma. Maran co^ Gs. DB. WEIGHT, DENTIST. H AS removed to Boardman’a Block, over Yol- ger A Ca’s, corner Mulberry and Second ELDER HOUSE, Indian Spring, Ga. JTYHIS well known housr* is now open to those A. ^ho visit the Spring for health or pleasure. Ufa situated nearer the Spring than any other public house, and is spacious and comfortable. The table u supplied with the best the market to the waters of the Spring for head RATES OP BOARD. Per day • - . Per week ...... Per month * - - . - Liberal deduction made for large families. W. A- ELDER A SON, augtf Proprietors. $200 1000 35 00 • MY NAMB IS JOHN YALENTIN0. I am at my same old stand, 68 CHERRY STREET. 1 keep as good liquors And famish as GOOD MEALS As anybody, and at UEDUCED RATES. Give me a call and I will give you satkfactiou. Kentucky University. L OCATED at Ashland, the home of Hcnrv Clay and Old Transylvania. Six colleges in oper ation. with flu profesMJH and 600 students from 2> StaUa. Entire fire tor college year, tt, except in the Law, Medical and Commercial Colleges. Boareling from 32 th*?8 Ts-r week. For C&Ulivue, address J. B. BOWMAN. Regent. Lexington, Ky. aurlikilnwlm ' PRATT’S ASTRAL OIL. V BSOLUTELY sale. Perifily otiorl**ss. Al ways uniform. _ IllumiiuUing Qualities supe rior to gas. Bums in any latup without danger of exploding or taking tire. Manufactured express] v to disphuv tb| use of volatile and dangerous oils. Its safety under every possible ten. and its per fect burning qualities, are proved by itawminued n over SuXuoo families. Millions of gallons been sold and no accident—directly or indi rect lv—has ever occurred from burning,* storing or handling it. The imnitrv? yearly loss to life and property, resulting from the use of choap and dan- Man oils in tho United States, is appalling. The insurance companies and lire cotnmisrioner* throughout the country recommend the ASTRAL as tho best safeguard when lamps are* urad. *Send for circuLvr. For sale at retail by the trade gen erally, and at wholesale by the proprietors Cli IK PRATT A CO, 106 Fulton street. New York. * tg24 deudA wtf VALUABLE LAND POR SALE. third deoivd and cultivation, thr t«I- wefl timnrml L»mi with oak. and liictoiy. Tins body of land is all level anil well adapUd to the pnduetkm of corn, cotton, wheat, oats and all farm products of Msltlk* Georgia. So situated that it iuav l- tinid«*'l irt*> ;w»> tiu-uis erf 400 acres each, or fuur farm* of Sfi acres each, and giving •rf the vleam! land part of the nal estat,; drawn by of the late Tie? 1 Mr. Henry P. E vines A. Pverett. This land will be offered at private Mile until the r<t Monday in October, when, if re.t dispns^i ,rf. .11 be sold at imbhc sale, to- the uirho-t bidder, i the town of Fort Valley. Apply hw ii‘f«wmati*Bi U> Wm. A. Anderson, uucs A. Everett, or to the undersigned, at Fort Valley. I wil! ab<> sell a well impntvtsl ltouse mim! M erf 40 »crv> oi larel atUt bed. This i> «mt» of tlie tiest unn '-tsl krfs in tb- town aialt-ligil»l> Mtusled. 1 II an verv fa*orab)c trrur« augiouls WM. L GREENE. GEO. T. EOGERS’ SONS. BAGGING AND TIES A SPECIALTY. NOW COMING IN SEVEN CAES HEAVY LUDLOW BAGGING. TWELVE CAES “AEBOW TIES.” GEO. T. ROGERS’ SONS. LAME STOCK OF WERE C. R. Bacon Sidc3 and Shoulders, in hogsheads and tierces. Best brands of Louisville sugar cured Hams. “O K” Lard and other "gilt edge” brands. Boston Bellies. Sugars in barrels and hogsheads, all grades Coffee, Rio and Java. Tobacco, at manufacturers’ prices, (largo lot.) And everything else in large lines usually kept by retail grocery dealers. Our stock is already heavy, but we aro increasing it every day, and our facilities aro now such that we can prove to our merchant friends everywhere that they need further than Macon to buy their groceries, as wo can duplicate any Northern or Western invoice, freight added. GEO. T. ROGERS’ SONS. atig28 2tawlm. 1878. FALL TRADE. 1873. New Goods, Hew Styles PRICES LOWER THAN EVER miiTON, in & co. Return thanks to their numerous Merchant customers for tho very liberal pat ronage and confidence extended to them in tho past. They also announce that their Fall and Winter stock of ! SHOES! ran, iims, mum k For 1873. complete in every respect, has been received, to which especial attention is invited. Increased facilities, with more extended storage room, and a determination not to be undersold, enable them to guarantee prices as low, at all times, as obtain in Near York City. OEDEES SOLICITED AND PEOMPTLY FILLED. Address SILSTGULETON*, HTJNT & CO WHOLESALE HEALERS, 49 SECOND STREET AND 28 COTTON AVENUE, aug38 lm MACO TV, GA. JOHNSON <3c SMITH, WHOLESALE GROCERS, Produce Dealers and Commission Merchants, MASONIC TEMPLE, 3IULBERRT STREET, FRESH A.RRIVA.LS! 20 CAE LOADS BABON. 100 TIEKCES LAED MO BARRELS COMMON MOLASSES, I TIERCE-' COMMON MOLASSES. 50 BARRELS STEEPS. ALL GRADES S00 BARRELS SUGAR. ALL GRADES. 20 TIERCES DLTFIELD HAMS, SO TIERCES MARTIN'S HAMS 1 CAR LOAD SEED RYE. 1 CAR LOAD SEED BARLEY. 2 CAR LOADS FRESH WATER GROUND MEAL 15 CARS WHITE CORN 5 CARS LIVERPOOL SALT 58 TONS ARROW TIES 100 BOXES CANDLES S CARS MIXED CORN. X CAR VIRGINIA SALT, S00 ROLLS KENTUCKY BAGGING, » COILS HEMP GREEN LEAF ROPE. 20 BALES POTTER'S OoNABURGS. 10 BALES PORTER'S SHIRTING 10 BALES MACON SHEETING, 20 CASES SARDINES. 25 HALF BOXES CANDLES, S QUARTER BOXES CANDLES, 100 BOXES BLUE RIVER STARCH 100 BOXES SOAP, ALL GRADES. 25 BARRELS VINEGAR. • 125 BOXES CANDY 100 BARRELS WHITE CORN WHISKY. Ami tl* latw-t stock <*f FINE WHISKY to he found in the State. Qall and eraiuin, "I SACKS COFFEE 50 HALF BOXES “NELLIE BLY” TOBACCO WOODEN WARE, SHOT, and full supplira of everything kept in WE ARE AGENTS FOR THE MIAMI POWDER CO, kUjfLtl PUBLIC SALE OF T1IB BRUNSWICK & ALBANY RAILROAD. 2-40 MILES LONG. —nc— BRUNSWICK, GEORGIA, OJf THE 15tli Day of October, 1873. r 'XDKR and by virtue of a verdict and decree of the Superior Court of Glynn!! county. Georgia, rendered in the Bill in Equity, lilt'd m said court at tho instance of Rufus B. Bullock. Governor. John T. Brown A Co- M. I. Atkins A Co- Lyon, McLendon A Co. ft aU compbiimnts. vs. Jacob B. Dart, the Brunsvick and Albany Railroad Company, et of- respondents, the under signed Commissioners, appointed in said Decree for that purpose, will, on THE 15TH DAY OF OCTOBER, 1873, offer, and expose to sale, before the Court-houso door, in the city of Brunswick, county of Glynn. State of Georgia, between 8 o’clock, a. x- ami 4 4 o’clock, p. xx- to the highest and best bidder, the BRUNSWICK AND ALBANY RAILROAD, State—a distance of two hundred and forty miles, as well as that part of the same now finished, as that part unfinished, together with the right of way for the same, and the lands, tracks, lines, rail*, wharves, piers, walls, fences, bridges, build ings, erections, structures, depots, stations, fix tures. real estate and appurtenance* thereto, be longing to said corporation, together with all tho locomotives, tenders, cars, carriages, equipments tools implements machinery and personal prop- city of every description owned by said corpora tion. or in any way belonging to or appertaining to the distance, and all tlie FRANCHISES AND EIGHTS under its charter now belonging to said corpora tion. The rood is completed nnd in good running order from Brunswick to Albany, n distance of one hun dred and seventy miles- or thereabouts with en gines cars ami other necessary equipments to gether with alxmt fifty miles nearly completed and ready for the track, between All anv nnd Ku- faula. with about three tmles of iron laid. The track from Brunswick to Allmtiy is laid with first- class new and heavy “T" rail, (mostly English,) the greater portion Fish-liar. The iron supitoscd to he worth $1700,000. Under said decree the Commissioners aro -- I nuired to make and execute gi**l nml sufficient ti tles to the purchaser, in FEE SIMPLE, five from all claims debts demands liens bonds mortgages or incumbrances wlmtsoev — TERMS OP SALE: One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars CASH to be paid on the day of sale, and before* the legal hours of sale expires and the lmlancc as tlie same may be called in by the said Commissioner*. Tlie purchaser to be placed in possession of tho prop erty on the payment of the first instalment, ami to receive titles on the payment of thn balance of tlie purchase money. Tho first payment to be for feited on failure therein. Also, at the same time and place, will bo sold TELEGHAJPH LINE poles wire, ami property of tho said Telegraph line. Terms—Cash. O. A. LOCHRANE, A. HOOD. K. K. HINES, A. O. BACON. JOHNC.NICHOLL, jnl27 lawtds ATTENTION SPOKTSMEN! N. Y. STATE SPORTSMEN'S ASSOCIATION. EXTRACTS FROM “REPORT OP COMMITTEE OX STANDARD FOR SHOT.** A LL manufacturers will have eventually to con form, when sportmon require that their shot sliall compare with tlio stambud of excellence upon which your committee lias fixed. Upon tho most critical examination, your com mit too liavo determined to adopt as the “ Ameri cas Standard ’* the scale presented to us by Messrs Thos. Otis Le Roy A New York. It- NEWELL, Chairman. N. M. SMITH. „ , F. G. SKINNER. Sjiortsmen and dealers desirous of having tlio above bcals. or any information relative thereto. ra ( ralrL^YMNeW yinR ,o juRe28dcod3m J. A. DUGAN. J. D. STILZ. DUGAN & STILZ, DEALERS IN Corn, Oats, Wheat andHay, EXCLUSIVELY. No. 20 Second street, between Main and River. LOUISVILLE, KY. AMPLE STORAGE. Will fill orders for Com from points in Illinois, parties making purchase accepting through Bill of leading from shipping points.apr25flm FLANNAGAN, ABELL & CO., COTTON FACTORS — AND — General Commission Merchants, 1S5 BAT STREET. SAVANNAH. GA. MAKING Agents for tho English Stonewall crt , llm T' et ?- Jigging and Ties furnished, ana liberal cash advances made on consignments for sale in Savannah, or on shipments to our cor- respondentA in Northern, Eastern or European ™*ket8. augl 6m A.M.SLOAN. ARTHURN.SOLACE. O.V.WTLLY,JR A. M. SLOAN & CO., COTTON FACTORS —AXD— General Commission Merchants, Cbighorn £ Cunningham’s Rango, Hay Street, Savannah, Ga. savannah, or on shipments to reliable corres- ndents in Liverpool. New York. Philadelphia, Baltimore.augl (Imp W. DCNCAN. J. ir. JOHNSTON. M. MACLEAN. DUNCAN, JOHNSTON & CO., COTTON FACTORS —AXD— General Commission Merchants !>2 Hay Street, Savannah, Ga. L. J. GUILMARTIX. JOHN FLAXNBRT. I.. J. GUILMARTIN & CO. # COTTON FAQTOR3 —AXD— General Commission Merchants Bay Street, Savannah, Ga. A GENTS for Bradley’s Super-Phosphate of Lime, Jewell’s 31: Us Yams and Domestics, etc. Bagging, Rope and Iron Ties always on hand. Ltmal facilities extended to customers, augl dwAswflm W. A. EAMSOM & CO., Manufacturers and Jobbers of BOOTS AND SHOES 138 AND 140 GRAND ST, NEW YORK. Represented by R. W. Hogan, of Georgia, ortandlv BARNUM’S HOTEL, Comer Broadway and Twentieth street,New York. ON BOTH AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN PLANS. C 13IPLETE with all modem improvements; rooms en suite and single; private j»arlor», baths,elevators, etc. Location unsurpassed, being in the very centre of fashion and brilliant New York life. In proximity fo churches and places of amusement, and Lord x Tay’or’s, Arnold A Con stables* and J. C. Johnson s dry goods palaces. The hotel is under the management of A. 8. Bar- num, formerly of Bamum’s Hotel. Baltimore: L. v * ^>0. and recently of Kei uni, of Bamum’s Hot*.- apr24 d2wsw4w&wflt CHAS. COUNSELMAN & CO., General Commission Merchants, Room H, Oriental Bui! Jin;. CHICAGO. Refer to \V. A. Hull, Maeon. mav- Cm LOSTENERG For a speedy cure of these < u. ^ pri vale lyitijr**, call, or send circular of advice to both sexes^ Western Meaj>esdTiutitut% 1? Cincinnati, Ohio. The reicod.'. no paj will be required or for treatment until cured- . vill convim eywi that tnii m- one in tho I. mted Stat< restore inanhf^id. tllKt sons seuml only f , Weakness, Desponden cy. Bashful- —I ness, Syphi- ji other ailments stamp for private Address Box “O,” Sycamore street, .s’are so certain responsible per- 1 visit te ite Mu- « Institute is the .** to cure Svphi- declloodly BATCHELOR’S HAIR DYE. J imc snlcndkl Hair Dye Is the best in the world*. The only true and Perfect Dve. Harm- Reliable and Instantaneous; no disappoint- i.-i t; no ridiculous tints cr unpleasant o«lor. imrdfea the ill efhrts of bad dyes nnd washes, nMinces Immediately a sujjerb Black or Natural ;r vs, and leaves the hair Clean. Soft and Beau- Tii** ifcnriiie si^n.^1 W. A. Batchelor. Sold v ail Dnucjcwt’, CHAS. BATCHELOR, naallcoaly Proprietor, New York, SCHOFIELD'S IRON WORKS Adjoining Passenger Depot, Macon, Goorgia. Celebrated Wrought Iron Cotton Presses All acknowledge its superiority to any unde auywii -ro or bv a:n ’.»lv Steam Engines and Boilers, Saw Mills, Sugar Mills and Kettle- Iron Railing, Mill Machinery, Castings, and Machinery of all Kinds. Faught’s Patent Gin Gearing* T)LANTERS aro requested to call around and »? it. It is not tavv^-ury that you \uiv .. tl -L one power to ran yunr gin a lifetime. Many buy fin*k» Pmvoni and to l»;n- ••«", ili3n joar. This Gin G«irh.vs an IRON CKXTR.VL SUl’lOUT imru-qt sittliu.- oi 1 j '“'g IRON* KING POST AXD IRON HAND WHEEL .SHAFT. IW • ...Sy hy ' ' V ’- 'N J. S. SCHOFIELD & SON. NOTICE—Haringm?ule amuigouiriit-i with Messrs. SCHOFIELD .V SON f.>r tV ture of my PATENT GIN GEAR, with CENTRAL IRON SUPPORT. *11 other* nr.- VmJJ MAKE, USE. or SELL the «ame, ns I shall prosecute to the extent of tin* law nil “ Infringing on ntyjatont.^^ I,. IL PAVtSHt° r Phi to dolphin. .Al: jwll.tim GE E T Freiittt aid Passenger Line -VIA— CHARLESTON, S. C., —TO AND FROM— , PMIaMjilia, Ksw M M AND ALL THE NEW ENGLAND MANUFACTURING CITIES. THREE TiaiES A WEEK, TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS AND SATURDAYS. ELEGANT STATE-EOOM ACCOMMODATIONS—SEA VOY'AGE 10 TO 12 HOURS SHORTER VIA CHARLESTON. THE SOUTH CAROLINA RAILROAD CO., And connecting Roads West, in alliance with the Fleet of Thirteen First-Class Steamships to tho above Ports, invite attention to the Quick Time and Regular Disiiatch iJTorded to the business Miblic in the Cotton States at tlic PORT OF CHARLESTON, Offering facilities of Rail and 8m Trnnsjiortation for Freight anti Passengers not cxmxlod in cxH lenco and capacity at any other Port. Tho following splendid Ocean Mteauiera are regularly «m the Line: TO NEW YORK. MANHATTAN- M. S. WooDiiCL*. Commander. CHAMPION It. W. Ixicrwood, Commander. CHARLESTON James Beruy, Commander. JAMES ADGKR T. J. Ixxtkwood. Commander. JAMES ADGER £ CO., AgcnUs Chariestmi. 8.C. GEORGIA S. CROWSLL. Commander. SOUTH CACOLINA T. J. Beckrtt. Commander. ashSnd - - JHfiHS «SSBti ffaa* TO PHILADELPHIA. IRON STEAMSHIPS. GULY STREAM Aiv.x. lU’STr.r., (VmKuitulct. VIRGINI A U. Hisckiec, Conuimmli,. SAILING DAYS—THURSDAYS. WM. A. COURTENAY, Agent, Clmrlwton, S. C. TOTAL CAPACITY40,000BALES MONTHLY TO BALTIMORE. II \Imi:. C,>mtnsndrt. .ia.iui.ij. JomMox. l'A>roiranJ«r. SEA GULL Dunn. Cuunn«nJ> r. SAILING DAYS—EVERY FIFTH DAY. PAUL a TRENIIOLM, Ag»nt, Charleston, A C. TO BOSTON. STEAMSHIP MEREDITA .Saim Evert Orrtrn SawtoaI. JAMES ADGER Sc CO. AgBnU.Ctartatiw.iG. Rates guaranteed as low ns those oi Competing Lines. Marine Insurance one-half of one per tent. THROUGH BILLS OF LADING AND THROUGH TICKETS Can be had at all t State Rooms may t ships in Charleston, at « huk uuhvn, m *ui taw-n, »uc uoimwt ± nu.ium — — . .. assigned. Tho Through Tickets by this Route include Tranafon, Meals and State Roum. ship board. THE SOUTH CABOLINAKAILRO AO,GEORGIA RAILROAD And their connecting Lines have Largely increased their facilities for the rapid inorCTnent of Fn*««jit nml pHca>nc-i.i-u lit.fte.u.i. tlui VttrllMiei. I’llma nml fKn tLj.fL nml W/tvf IVrttlfi.Hqlin* Nil’IlL l.lYS and Passengers lietwccn tho Northern Cities and tho South and West- Comfortable Night mra **t the Holmes’ Chair, without extra charge, hare been introduo>d on tlw South Carolina Railiw- Class Eating Saloon at Branch villc. On the Goorgia Railroad First-Class Sle.-ping Cara. «... Freight promptly transferred from nteamer and night trains of the itouth Can»in» road. Ciose connection mado with other roods, delivering freights at distant iKflnts withjqtajPJV-i-J - ness. The Managers will use every exertion to satisfy theirjiatruns that tlte line V IA CHARLfca 1 - cannot be surjiasscd in Dispatch and the Safe Delivery of Goods. » n h *S- For further information, apply to J. M. SELKIRK. Superintendent.Clmrleston, 8. SELL. General Agent. P. O. Box 4979, Office 317 Broadway. N. Y 4 S. B. PICKENS, General and Ticket Agent, South Carolina Railroad. aVLFIJED L. TV LEU, jii1y22 oo<lflm Vice President South Carolina Rsilroad. Clnrl- ^ ROGERS & BONK, WHOELSALE GROCERS, OFFER FOR SALE 20,000 pounds Bacon Sides and Shoulders, 1,000 barrels Choice Family Flour. 300 barrels Refined Sugars. All Articles in Grocers’ Line at Lowest Market Rates. junlStf ERNEST PESOHKE’S Macon Standard Mean Time* H AV1NG periotted my arrangements to correct tin- slightest error in the time-keewnr , . ^ Regulator, by the erection of an obsen atory and one of the most approv.*! TRA >>11 * - —-2—.i- of the sun and stars, I will be al 1 MENTS, for the i#un*o>*e of ohsen ing the meridian jm he exact Ma<Dn mean time to within a fraction of a second. * m *Sprcial attention paid to the Repairing and Rating i f fine ITatch neic work made to order. NATIONAL HOTEL'- (FOIUIK11LY SPOTT8WOOD,) NEARLY OPPOSITE THE PASSENGER DEP0 T ' This House ha* been THOROUGHLY HSNOYArED fnu> ha, iu. n: to «;•>• HOARD l’j DAV P. WHELAN, Prop.