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Daily telegraph and messenger. (Macon, Ga.) 1873-1873, September 02, 1873, Image 3

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Tlffc MACO-V DAILY TELfiGKAM AND MESSENGER: TUESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER .2, 1873. CHANGE OP SCHEDULE, iww iw Wit. wwaaxffli- iitrnitln' H-pon-1 rHwato. Thi- grim r.lti-mutirc is a won- mtwiatip.i rlirtin.'-llv- tflaffinn, that lie d*-rful sharperjir of. tho wit j, and hence am' lint, Ita »UJ ‘ir lUaut partake after extr-urtin;: ernrr Made and kernel of thill; fragront julep. ' ‘t desires Bip of com from the soil that it can be stimu- 1-n■ 'tit uf the dueeM lu in eilssM to hsU-l ;;nd Co.lil,■ 1 into pro-lacing, like each of Lis comrades-. a tits they combine together and proceed When about to retire, one charitable to manufacture almost everythin- the loul suggesting that the poor driver OB world consumes. Each rill and streamlet the boi must be perishing with cold toot that rises in the hills is ctraightenert, naked the landlord if he thought he trained and utilized to some purpose, would also like a glass. "Lake it' y quoth Back waters, slack waters, reservoirs, he, “ye* if a duck can swim.’’ Jehu in huge (lama, and even wind-mills, on a turn then, waa duly "watered," the dam- large scale, are to serve their turn- SaT »9iwe ru^o leave. By book or crook they get the motive Vlt$raphAJHfssfnfttr NO CHANGE OK CARS IiBTWBHN AUGUS TA AND COLUMBUS. Arrive at Eatonton. WHOLESALE DEALER IN Arrive at Macon. iroxEJrr Wvirs-r Biiinn- ratrs, like a torrent, as follows: "Yes I 1 you all Southerners and gentlemen. I told them when that darned war coming on to let yea alone. Ton smart enough to manage your own Arrive at Savannah. leave Macon for Atlanta... leave Macon f,,r Eulaula .. Leave MaconforColumhus. Arrive at Atlanta... T RUNS TWENTY-FIVE PER CENT. LIGHTER than any other Gear made J . It is made without a mortise, tenon, or a key to work loose. * Every part bolted to iron. Over twenty in use. All have proven good. many towns and villages. Paper, buttons, prints, fine woolens, farming implements and machine-, willow-ware, steam engines and fine cutlery, shoes, leather, saddlery, pins, paper collars, wooden-ware, and many other articles of commerce, are turned out in vast quantities. No wonder that this people have grown opulent and powerful, when the WHOLE WOULD IS TBIBUUTaKT TO THE*, and they ‘create the vainer which enrich their coffers. With the advantages pos sessed by Georgia in her unlimited water power, genial climate, and fertile soil, with a moiety of the same enterprise and Arrive at Eufaula. Arrive at Columbus. 4.-00 A M Making dote connection with trains leaving Atlanta and Columbus. SIGHT TRAINS GOING NORTH. corns and it was no business of theirs But the fools wouldn’t listen to me and now this country here is ruined. Why gentlemen, whfmtlumgjansandLNawOr ion.( people, You oth-» OittoiT planters Arrive at Macon from Clayton . Arrive at Macon from C, .himbu; **»*■■■ Leave Savsmoah~'..'"~”!“!~"! i the mode of construction of wheels suspended on Anti-Friction Balls, Extended rm to carry the Pulley and Pinion Shafts. All persons using or making any part of my patent will be prosecuted to the ex- •y^rrvtown tvl old nleepy Hollow, ’sin* with its crowd of miteraUet; ”ii,a-iqv*rter< at Nowhurg; the ring Kaat-kilU: the bright shee n of ..vrinif river mirroring a thousand r tail*; a long prooesaaon of towns • lt ivH terminating with the proud j of the State and her arnter Troy. m.*Tiaisr houh Hoaa Ku. k.-rlocker farms and verdant , W4 and our journey is ended. L,,f’near two hundred miles acoom- ■ ..nng.'i included, in fire and a ltwas like the flight of the about by hahdfulLs, I have seen a waited come from their table with a double eagle sticking to his pate, and now they are lucky to get even aasdUe from my guests.’l The old man waa full, and blurted out the truth doubtless to the ineffable disgust of his yankee customers. A moment after, and we were howling along again over the turnpike, homeward bound, and langh- Arrive aafinedgairSilO^lSlZZlld)* r m Arrive at Eatonloa ■ :.':1 A V Arrive at Augusta ' > 4^*, a u Arrive at Savannah . 6:00 A at Lmrusta^ cotuiertiou with trains leaving £* A «a5£ ggss^s«» «*• »b£sek be had at the Central RailiroJ Pubsld House, comer of Bull and ltrran streets. Offlco open from Sam to lpx.and from Ito,; r H. Tickets can also ho had at IVpot Office. WILLIAM RQGKBS, July 8 tf General Superintendent. in'hrstrv, she could utterly eclipse Massa- SPKIXOn CLD. And now wc- approach this busy town which resemble- a swarming hive of bees. Situated immediately upon the lank- of the broad Connecticut, it is the great armory of the government, and the paper centre of the United States. Three- fourths of the line papers sold in the coun try are manufactured here. The cele brated Ames works, pistol factory of Smith k Wesson, and the Masongcar works, are established in this city. Many a gallant Southron has a feeling remenfbrance too, of the deadly Springfield rifle. This was the scene also, of the late University re gatta. and at present the races are draw ing almost as many spectators. And yet the country around is sandy, arid, and in is unique, and rather strange in appear ance. It does not seem to belong to any of the regular ancient or modern styles. The houses are very substantial, but far less showy and attractive than those erected in Chicago since her great fire. The leather men still occupy the low, temporary structures built of corrugated sheet iron, and to see the long lines of shoe houses and leather establishments, all stocked to overflowing, it is hard to believe that so many millions value of this species of merchandise had been con sumed. POLITICS AMD HEX BUTLXB. It is remarkable how ignorant or wil fully blind the people are here as to the true condition of things in the South. Almost without exception, all the writer talked with still affirm that it is not safe or pleasant for Northern men to emigrate thither. When asked if they did not read the papers from that section, they would reply, “Yes; hut there is so much that is contradictory we don’t know what to believe.” This is the work of the mis- entitle carpet-baggers, whose interest it is to keep up the deception. But we were rejoiced to find that tho opposition to Beast Butler, even jn his ora party. I BUILD AND REPAIR are fivMy Tfi numfe, aTc iTlliem having tho same saline hose in gi cuter or led degree. The liathorn. Excelsior, Gey ser and Empire, are now considered *4 medicinal m the old Congress, and tho prestige of the latter is on the wane. They all abound in carbonic acid gas, and the visitor soon grows passionately fond of them. The ladies especially drink amazing quantities of the waters Some of the hall room beauties dilute their charms with lea glasses before breakfast. ”” ’ HSRATOoS. freighted with the fall DAILY PASSENGER TRAIN TO AND FROM Macon, Brnnswick, Savannah & Florida. Thirtect years a empires au® J .< urn*, have cl . r s;W th«W th At tho South ths change lias * V „ r and painful. But thi* spot, 1". r-uH.vcd trim the scene of conflict, ", ,|..jand pleasure resort and pet of l: ‘. isi’aut P«-Pl”. “J" more imposing r 3r^?«taert: .A,- the Iran*! iii: BRASS AND IRON CASTINGS MADE TO ORDER, STEAM, WATER AND GAS PIPES, The Highrock npring water U prolatbly the moat grateful to the taste. About ten thousand htrungcra are now in. the Tillage and tho lower part of Brood- way ia constantly thronged with elegants O X and after Wednesday. July 23d, Passenger Trains on this road will be run as follows: DAY rASSKXOKE, PAILY, SUNDAYS KXCEFTEH FOR Tn* ruESEXT. . 8:30 A W . fieASPM .10:15 P M .10-JS0 P M .10:12 A M .10:13 A M . 2.*40 P 51 . 2:40 p w . 5:20 A M . 6.-00 A M . JhUO A M 8.00 A X lVissonewH from Sai-nnnah will take tho 4:30 p M train for Brunswick, and 52» a x train for Macon. HAWKIXSVILLE ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, DAILY, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED). Leave Mamn... Arrive at llawkinsvillo. Leave Hawkinsvillc Arrive at Macon..... July 30 tf AND ALL THEIR FITTINGS FOR SALE. Call and see at my works. Fourth street, near tho Brown House, Macon, Ga. %S? Send for Circulars. • E. CROCKETT. Leave Maeon. ' *Drt*5*mg, daftcing iCntfnirtm;; chiefly occupy the thoughts of the ladies. nn<l racing, gaming and fast horses engross tho attention of the masculines. Of course there ore exceptions in both sexes, but we allude to the devotees of fashion proper. A score of hulls and hops occur; every night at the various hotels, ami the music ia the very best that the great cii- Arrive at Jesup Arrive at Brunswick.. Arrive at Savannah... Arrive at Tallahassee.. lion complete. Mil- I UI.« mill intuit of money have boon I ‘ . re,.l into hrick and mortar, or devoted I , iMuitifyingnnd decorating tho grounds, I tm im dcvelopoment of nnmerou* |, > . f.-.ctain*. I. a city or u«jtelh. _ 1 1 tlui.ot every building in the town, pri-1' ,... mddenco* indudod, u it boarding I. Th«-y are counted by kmuhrwlr, I ‘ Iwl ac«r<M of thow will compare favora- ' II, wth the graadoot Htnicture* of tho I Jot alien. Tho - Grand Union,” owned “ Mr A. T. Stewart, i* tho largeet one .» I ii» tterl'i. Tho reader may forjn some I ( aavplicn ^ ^ tain£x*u(xK 1 ' |' from the following. Tho building has I , .tm-t fr.ntare of l Vki feet, .mo ratio of ■ I Mia-, t«" 01 del of halls, near u 1hon»- l».l rrtui covered with tnelve aeree of ..nattiui. awl tho dining guom will neat I STw-r^n.- All tha fmruturu too, ia .1 the richest drecription. and tho im-I name drawing room*, covered with t»-1 Mtry carpet-, and lit by long row* of I , Ignat chawUUtr-, • have their wall* I u-iL-nillceutly frescoed, and adorned with I eilt cornice, and catly picture.. Con-1 erew Hall, the Grand Hotal. Groat Cen-1 tnl, ciueadon. Temple Grove and many I al*o Miller very little in com-1 lariwn with Mr. Stewart'* palace. But I , n a jmwter one .till will be Opened I the wall* of which an- olnavly fini-hcl, I .ill miinW 1,112 room* and aoventy I iwrl'T-. One haa to walk around and | . kM'ly eiamino Uhum atupcndoua build- I mgi, with their towering manaard roof* I and waving thuja to fully comprehend I thia Taatneaa. Hut fatnilie* viriting the I .pring* will find infinitely more comfort | .iaduttenti*ri*t *om* one or the many I .hdightful privateboanling houtra. There I j,.u are not aulijected to tho inaolcncel and euetinna of on army of vampire* in I the per-ona of waiter*, and can noenre I n«,nu. -ha-ping aecommodationa, and the I repoe an much needed by tho nervous I invalid. The Wilbur Ilotuo ia one of the I l-»t ij lhe*e. • nneux* in aotmiXBN ra-raoxauz. I A diligent examination of tho hotel ngi-tar*. ahowa that not one in one hun dred of the gucata who formerly thronged thin celebrated watering place from the •lave State*, have returned. They are very properly developing anil hu*turning their own delightful reaort-, and keeping at home the golden atceam which once enriched an inimical section. AVhy should the tourist frequent a place too. where UrSUINTATlVU FROM OKORGIA. Within » few moments after reaching his hotel, the writer was delighted to cn- •><nnter Memrs. Whittle,Geo. lloaloharst, J. K. 0gdefi # 0. A. llm»n,F. TimOey, an^ JtfrwanU Kev. D. Braneli. all of*Mnoon. With the fXivption of Mr. Branch, who ia uniting tho springs for health nnd acoma Eravtly improvt'tl in appearance, everj one of the aiiove gvntlomcnA flih the ao* p»nvnt, had merely runaway from New York to pass tho Sabbath here and im- IfU ihe water for a day or two- 8o.von- with their vine* and flower j and green enclosures—-look very inviting to tho eye. Thrift, prosperity and wealth, seem stamped upon everything. Passing through Gloucester junction. New don and Oxford, at length wc enter this an cient city, which was so largely :issoei- ate4 with the fir it struggle for indepen dence. Its appearance is not prepossessing, for tho buildings usually wear an untiqu- ated weather stained aspect, and very many of them are dilapidated and throng ed with squalid tenants. Taking quar- t«rs at the Unit d States Hotel, near the depbt. the writer gL-wl to seek •‘na tures sweet reftewr, balmy sleep.” A-TRAMP OVER THE CITY. The next morning bright and early we sallied forth, resolved to use both eyes and feet to tho liost advantage in the limited time allowed for prosecuting our researches. And here cn jhassani, the writer wonld gratefully ivcknowle<lge the Arrive at Jackunoville. ju!30tf liOave Brunswick.. ! ; 3:50 P M 7:30 p M 6:30 A M - Mt A M W. J. JARVIS, Master Transportation. AND CIGAR MANUFACTURER, Hake’s Block, ..... Poplar st., Msenn, Ga. CHANGE OF SCHEDULE, ctwoJ rioilK SUPERIXTEX DENTS OFFICE, Central Railroad, Atlanta Division, Atlanta, July 0,1873. O X andafter Sunday, Jub’6th. Pawenffor Trains on tlua Rood will run as follows: DAY PASSENGER TRAIN. .11:00 A M 5-J0 AM 1:50 p M 720PX honor she is entitled to, Arrive at Atlanta ESTABLISHED A. I). 1805. . •‘•’Ill'll I ’ ' S^ciiUy Belnsnrol with the FACTORS & TRADERS’ INSURANCE COMPANY. -AND THE- LOUISIANA MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, ALL OF NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA. SHIRTS! SHIRTS! XIGUT PASSENGER TRAIN. Leave Macon. .11:10 P M . 5:50 A X . 1.-00 A M 7:00 AM . Making ekwc connection at Macon with Central Railruail for Savannah and Au^iwta, and with Southwestern Railroad for Columbus ami mints Arrive at Atlanta . THOMAS U. CONNER Has jnst received a new lot of lwantiful Fnll Bownis and Plaited Bosoms, from 13 to ID inches in the net*. The Fnll beauty ami fashion, may l>o seen Hr*. P., of New York, and her two daughters. The youngest of the latter 160 pounds, and will never see twenty-five again; but mamma insists that she is only sixteen, and droues her like a young miss. The dowager herself is fine looking, and her attire would grace the receptions of roy- CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. $2,773,672 63 DRAWERS! DRAWERS! THOMAS. U. CONNER Hsss splendid fitting Summer 1V—.M < . rn I I is very ancient. It is now converted into various offices. THE SOUTH CHURCH next received our attention. This temple, SUPERINTENDENT’S OFFICE, Southwestern Railroad Company, 3|aeon, Ua^ July 4,1873. P N nnd after Sunday, tho 6th inst., Paiwenpvr Trains on this Rond will run ns follows: DAY EUFAULA PASSENGER TRAIN. leave 31 noon 8:00 a M Arrive at Eufaula... 4:40 p m Arrive at Clayton 6:20 p m Arrivi* at Alhanr i» v since the time it waa converted into a stable by the British General. Burjjoyne, seems to have lost its sanctity, and has been seldom used os a church, owing pos sibly to its location in tho mo.t crowded business mart of the city. It was built INSURE^ AGAINST FIRE. host. Observe tho brilliant complexion tbo lily and rose blended in happiest har mony. Not a wrinkle mar* tho child-liko rmindne** of that lovely face.. Soft auburn ringlet*, elegantly disposed, adorn her fair brow. Tho tend entemble is per fect, and she stands before you the most fascinating object in tho room. Alas that this glorious creation should be almost exclusively the work of art. A French Comer Cherry and Third streets, Under Ralston Hall. Arrive at AUmny. Losses Adjusted witii Liberality, and Paid Promptly. Neck-Wear! Neck-Wear! THOMAS U. CONNER Received yesterday a new stock of Summer Neck-wear. ing. At present this venerable edifice has been leased by the pew-holders (genuine wo Albany. Arrive at Macon , JAMES H. BOW, (Formerly of Wood k Low. and lato President La. Equitable Life Insurance Co. of N. O.) Manager Southern Department. Offlco No. 10 Whitehall street, James’ nanlCBlock. P. O. Box 108, ATLANTA, GA. 8. M. FABBAR and S. B. BACKUS, • . ■ i Resident Agents. Office, Planters’ Banking Company. Yankees j tea two years to the govern- nment, as a post-officq, pending the com pletion of tho new post-office. The price paid is $20,000 per annum; more that the old pile ia intrinsically worth. It is said a ring sens formed even around this semi- sacred transaction, ’ " julyistf FIRST NATIONAL BANK of MACON „ the money changes and publicans have been allow ed to pollute its holy precincts at the in stance of namuoii, oud, alas, no one is there to dislodge them with the small whip of cords. Tho Post says Uncle Sam, os usual, was awfully swindled by the operation, which was wholly unnecessa ry. as the old pott-offioe, with little ef fort, might have l»ecn refitted after the firo. Surely the record of Burgoyne’s vandalism, which is conspiimously in scribed on the front of the church, in very shame, should now be obliterated. FANE U11. HALL. Our guide then threaded his course through a laborynth of narrow streets to the market, side by side witii which stands this ancient ** cradle of liberty,** which is a plain square building of brick painted a drab color. You ascend a juljrSOSm her ns she reidly is. Such is the hollow emptiness of fashionable life. ^ Why ^swk grading to the sex. LIONS PRESENT. Commodore Vanderbilt, a well pre served, fine looking old gentleman, Ga- lusha Grow, of Me Jbil.-memory, and many other men of' note ore here, ? but wo snail sound none of their praises or pander to their importance. Nor has Leave Columbus. EUFAULA NIGHT FRXIOUT AND ACCOMMODATION TRAIN. DIRECTORS: I. C. PLANT, D. FLANDERS, II. L. JEWETT, W. B. DIXSMORB. H. B. PLANT, D. 8. LITTLE. G. H. HAZLEHURST. L C. PLANT, President. W. W. Wriolkt. Cashier. mslO-tilnovl* i at Albany. Leave Albany. S. G. Bonn, President. TL F. Lawton, Cashier. EXCHANGE BANK OF MACON. Office in Huff's New Building. Receives Deposits, BUYS AND SELLS EXCHANGE, Makes Advance-- on Stocks, Bonds, Cotton in Store. Also on Shipments of Cotton. COLLECTIONS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. febixiy ANCHOR LINE STEAMERS, Sail from Pier 20, North River, New York, EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. ai a Thcpossenger accom- era of this line aro un- j and comfort. Cabin state rooms uro nil on upper deck, thus se curing good light and ventilation. RATES OP PASSAGE TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, OR LONDONDERRY Sat. Steamers. Wed. Steamers. ’• * • Gold. CmwMjr.’ ’ Cabins .$75 and $65. $75 and $65. Cabin return tickets *130 $130 Steerage, currency, $30. Certificates for passage from any seaport or rail way station in Great Britain, Ireland or the Con tinent; at RATES AS LOW AS BT ANY OTHER FIRST-CLASS LINE. CHANGE OF SCHEDULE ON MACON AND AUGUSTA RAILROAD. Forty-one Miles Saved in Distance This o3d bruiser, ring master, and cx- member of Congress, has erected*a palace here, upon whose ornamental front is in- sprilxri the words, VSumtm Club ^Bbusb.** This being infr^pittod, means Gambling HeU. Tho rooms are fitted up with or-ental magnificence. Gorgeous furniture, tapoatry oarpeL», jn whi<* foot timL-i with noiseless tread, splendid mirrors, walls adorned with the works of tho best masters, gilt and gold on every widtjtod mfat order and quiet are tho characteristics of the place. Not an oath is hoard, not a loud remark. On the con- I trory, that genteel hush and decorum is OFFICE 3IACON AND AUGUSTA RAILROAD. Macon, May 18,1873. O N and after Sunday. May 19,1872. and until further noSee* tlw trains on this Rood will runs a follows:; , DAY TRAIN-DAILY (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED). Leave 3Iacon 6:30 A M * * * 1:15 PM 1:50 I’ M 8:151* M S l’assengeni leaving Matwu at CJ0 a m make dose connections at (!amnk witii day (MUMetigfr trains on Georgia Railroad for Atlanta and all points Wert; also, for Augusta, with trains going North, and with trsins for Chnrierton; also, for Athens. Washington, and all stations on theGcM*- gi:t Tickets sold and baggage checked to all points North, both by rail and by steaiushijm from Charleston. aug7tf S. K. JOHNSTON. Sup’t. rpHESE Spertacles are manufactured from “3Iin- X ute Crystal Pebbles ** melted together, mid are called Diamond on account of their hardness and brilliancy. It is well known that spectacles cut from Brazillian or Scotch pebbles are very infu- rioos to the eye, because of their polarizing Jignk Having licen tested with the fiolm-isco]**, tho diamond lenses have been found to admit fifteen per cent, less heated rays than any other pebble. They are ground with great scientific accuracy, are free from chromatic aberrations, nnd produce a brightness and distinctness of vision not before at tained in spectacles. Mannfsrtiin-d liv tho Sponcer Optical Manufac turing Company, Now York. : Par sale by responsible Agents In every city m the Union. E. J. JOHNSTON. I. 0. PLANT & SON, Bankers and Brokers, MACON, GA. Buy and Sell Exchange, Gold, Silver, Stocks and Bonds. Deposits Received, On Witlch Interest will be Allowed, A* AGREED Et-OX. PAYABLE ON CALL. Advance* made on Cotton nnd Pro. dnee In Store. COLLECTIONS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO feb»ly R. tY. CrnnsDoE. IVa Hazleuuust. J. W. Locker. 0UBBEDGE, HAZLEHUB8T & 00., Bankers and Brokers, ’XACON, CA., ■pECEIYB DEPOSITS. BUY and SELL iV EXCHANGE. GOLD. SILVER. STOCKS. BONDS and uncurrent funds. . Collections Made on all Acceaalble Points. Office open at all hours of the day. ivc at Augsuia ivo Augusta. in rear of the elevated dais or speaker’* platform. This wits executed by llcaly. and represents the scene is the United State* Senate January 26 and 27,1830, when Daniel Webster was making his Celebrated reply to Robert Y. Hayne. Every member of the Senate, including our own Berrien and Crawford, are eketehi-!, and ala) numerous distin guished visitors, among them Mr. and CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. from tho intoxicating aance. tneir brains inflamed with wine, and eager for new excitements even at tho witching hour of midniffhtx thev repair hither. And then the foil work begins. THOUSANDS ARM STAKED upon the turn ot the wheel, or the face of a coni StefBl}* and silently the play; goes on, thb^wxrm flush of triumph or ghastly palor of the loser alone betraying his emotion, rhere is no invasion of the proprieties. The rained, broken-hearted youth retires in sombre silence, alas, to often soon jUtor broken tv the report o I the suicide’s pistol. The hellish work o ootlS dkn-ly* WESTERN AND ATLANTIC RAILROAD CO, Office General Passenger Agent, Atlanta, Ga., July 10,1873. O N and after this date— LIGHTNING EXPRXS3 . For New York, Eartem and Virginia Cities, Leaves Macon, by Macon A Western Rail- . rood. 11^)0 a M Arrives at Atlanta 5:30 r m Leaves Atlanta. «:«»r m Arrives at Dalton BhSO r m Arrives at Chattanooga. 1:10 A M I Pullman Palaee Drawing-Room and 8le©i»n:r- Cars by this train from Atlanta to Lynchburg :m«l all intermediate points without change. Passengers leaving by this train arrive in New York the second afternoon, at 4:44 p w, over thir teen hours earlier than passengers by any other IMPERISHABLE FRAGRANOE i ithers. The picture is sixteen by thirty : eet in size, and is a noble work of art. Faneuil Hall was finished in 1742, and ; iresented by the owner. Peter Faneuil, to be city a* a market and tosm-house. It ran btrrnod January 13,1761, rebuilt the bllowing year, and at a later period en- ktrgod to its presect dimensions, which are seventy-four feer, three inches by sev enty-five feet three inches. The officcW th. - aupcrintendeait it to the right of the entrance, and there yon see attached to the walla Confederate bills and other re minders of the war. In its present keep ing the bid hall loses much of its pristine veneration in the eyes of the writer. k THI WILUtVSS SOD HARBOR then visited. The former arc admi- constructed, and the latter is one Of the best on the Atlantic coast. The largest ships lie close np to the piers, and twenty-five feet depth of water can be bod at the entrance of the bay. In full View could be seen the defenses of the port. These consist of Forts Winthrop. Independence and Warren. The com merce of Boston cannot compare with that of New York, and. indeed, of late years has been largely absorbed by that great metropolitan centre. Thediseov- MURRAY an termed from it* resemblance to the celebrated hot jets bearing that appella- tkin, ia in,Iced a valuable discos ery, and olouada in ,nuf of the chemical proper- »».« peculiar to the Saratoga wati-rs. Be- 1 .. cine from .vri ua sign- tied mineral .IcpOAita wore not far off. the enterprising proprietor commenced boring, and at the depth of 140 feet was rewarded by strik ing a vein, the waters from wUcb sot LANMAM’S The Only “Cast Steel Pinioi »n Power” in the World. FL0BIDA WATER! OUBBEDGE, HAZLEHUBST & OO.’S Savings Institution. The richest, most lasting, yet most delicate of *11 oC Strata haunts of fr in th. Leaves Mu-on at ........... Leaves Atlanta at 8 Arrives at Chattanooga 4 Close connection at Chattanooga fw all Went. Pullman Palace Cam on all night trains. For further particulrs addroe^ * " perfumes, for use on the HANDKERCHIEF, At the TOILET. And in the BATH. As there are imitations and counterfeits, always ask for the Florida Water, which has on the bottle, an the lahp], and on the pamphlet, the names of MURRAY & LAN MAX, without which none Is INTEREST PAID ON ALL SUMS FROM $1 B. W. WRKNX. OsmpItasBBtt&i July 11 tf h hoot the doorway of the sacred o. From thefloe they went to the v'pal church, and listened to an ex it discourse from a New York der- lu. i Tn tho afternoon, at tho Indian mpment. our .own Mf. Drantfi de- Oflke boors from 8 a. m. to • P. M. jan4tf PORT ROYAL RAILROAD. Pickles and Sauces. A LLSPICB. White Mustard Seed, ii Ginzer. Celery Seed. Cloves, Aniws Seed. Pepper, Cinnamon, Nutmeg*. Tumeric, Mace, Mustard. . A* the season for patting up Pickles and Saoccs is at hand, buyers will find a full line of the above articles at mj rtorc. 1 have a large number of empty Bottles suita ble for putting up Catsop, cto, which I will sell at 25 cents per dosen. Abo, a quantity of one and two gaBca Jugs, at in fancy ■ jul>-8todHm Office of Engineer and Sufeeintendent, Augusta, Ga^ Juno fb, 1873. O N and after goods?. June 30, trains on thia Road will run as follows : r j .. DOWN DAY PASSENGER TRAIN. Will leave Augusta at... - A M jVrrive at Port Royal at p M Arrive at Charicwnat. 4-45 r X Far Exceeds any other that has ever been Used in the United Statos. liverod an address, and was followed by a sermon from a full blood, native In dian. The rod brother was evidently quite intelligent, and said many good application by £0 Hayne and 33 Pinckney 8ts,. octlcodly Cbarlerton, S. C. Wc claim for it that two poc<l mules will gin three 1 that four good mules will gin on a fifty saw gin.four ning will bo continuous, not bci— *- r,a — — 1 Power is self-adjusting', adantiu entire fixture* acoomi«iiy the i placed in position for service in i pales of cotton in a day on a forty raw gin, and land a half to live bales of cotton; that the gm- The follows, rere perfectly IfiMOUU. followed suit, though black as pitch. -plondid in thoir unique and machine, except an ordinary king-post ami a lever, so that it can be i a few hours after reaching tbo plantation. These Powers are Manufactured of the Very Best Material, And will be warranted for twelve months. Tho only port of Horse Power most liablo to wear is the *m»ll nil lion which rive* n.-rivti to tho ** Power." This we hnveremeditrihv Imvitur it fata arreafc cost I White Pine Lumber Far Male. doubtleai felt. It so* prop by asking n pa-tod in a «1 to take thorn dosrna peg I c ] llU1 .- e in the aspect ot this Vanity Fair. w much cotton they had ever I jj^j.roonis were in fu'-l Mast, crowd* of «y- Bat regard foe one of I carriage parties rattled through the shod comrades who was reia-1 the promenades were thronged, ibob though he, wonld not I Ul j . mn and pleasure were stiU ion, deterred all from doing I jgj or aer of the day. any Southern rebel guilty I g at our to;k is finished, and tho writer rity would have been brained J Saratoga after a fashion. Vale- CANDLES, SOAPS. METR0P©LiTAN Arrive at August* at. . fclO P M .11« T M . 5:W) A M small pinion which give* c-feed to tho " Power.” Thi* we haveremediedby having it ( made of the very best Cast Steel. Price $145, or $150 delivered at purchaser's station. WE ASK ONLY A TRIAL. ; For farther particulars, address from Tuft’s Arctic Fountain. _ BOLAM) B. HALL. Corner Cherry street sad Cotton Arenue. Will leave Port Eoyal at IMP » n Ijcavc Charleston at 6.40 V M Leave Sasasinahat..™ S'...;/. MJ ^ * Pawl i : sera leaving Macon by the SJ01 M train on Macon and Auzuata ItaUroad, arrivetaAWOW- ta in time to make cioae connection with tic down jnlyltf Engineer and Snnenntendgrt^ STBICTLY COMMISSION HOUSE R. M. WATERS & CO., 50 Broad 8L, New York. bankers —AND— Cotton Commission Merchants. Bui' and sell contracts for future delivery of cot ton. Deposit accounts of lMuiker*, mcn-hant-s ami others ate especially solicited. julytJdSm MALOTTE, WILLINGHAM & CO., MACO.V. r.EOBT.lA. Boston, August 36,1873. non sxkatooa to thi hc«. Your eorrespondont reluctantly turned hia back upon the sparkling fountains, and brilliant surroundings of this great est of American watering placed on Non- da v, and took the train for Boston, v IRON & BRASS WORKS, Canal Street, from 6th to 7th, RICHMOND, - - - VA Mineral Springs, Virginia Made portable and rasty trsnsmisaibir. even by mail, in the fona at a mass.which basb-en entitled Alum and Iron Mass, A product obtained from the excellent Alum Weil** in Washington county, Virginia, Dr. Lui- LAWTON & BATES icy gusts from the brood expense of wa ter. Saratoga take is a limpid, beauti ful shset seven mikt in length, abound ing in fish, and oennccted, with .tharih lag* by a at Undid turnpike. Several ho,’ tel. and quttb a fleet of fishing boeU are liberally patronized during the summer months. Returning from osr ramble w e entered the famous * J Moon House .’’and calling a council of war, it was resolved (for the fair name of Macon, we wont say ooq,) in Tiew of (he scmi-froien con dition of the payty, to order **suxumat| strong” from toe magnificent bar. Then and there it tmnspirt’tl that *m* ofth*»] qoartotto had never tasted a mint julep before. Again, whilst absorbing thin -r.-li.iiul anti-fogmatie and chill pre- ▼entiTe |xrvt*crii)tion of ac elderly and ridv xre^>ctatilo comjaiuon. It further LOUISVILLE, KY. WM.E. TANNER & CO., UaiNEERS, MACHINISTS ANO FOUMOERS. ENGINES OF ALL KINDS. Send for Circular. H. R. BROWN, mode in less than an hour, and soon ore were striking out intent he heart of the oJd Bay State. V n. U T. A. RUGGED, MOUNTAINOUS COUNTRY. For a considerable portion of the dis- tancc (ISO miles) tho toad trovers.* the Hoosac mountains, winding through the pusses, briv ai'Miiuiiuinp IV-\ A A 31.' t x a “ - ----- -- — -- • :ixe or XATroz. Indorsed bv the Hixfee^ Medjtwl Authorities. Kctcros Mtocular Pnw- •r to Pars!rtic. Youthful Vicor to Ih,: Anti. »/h1 [t-toiop. the You ns st a Cntteal Pcned: Do- olvea Calculi and “Challiy” tapaju.; Cure, -oat. Rheumatism. Dyspepsa > eurajzia travel. Disheti.-. Diwaae. of the Kidneys, Uv- ■r And Skin* Abdominal Lbr>p^3'» C hroi-ir Lhar- ■Knar. Covrstipation. Asthma. >’ervousncas Slevplessnevu General Debility, and nearly ev try rise- of Chruui.- Dueaw. Purnphlet. con- Uunirur Hiftorv the/ Spnn- wid TtstimomiiL Irotn Mtslical'Journals. Eminent Phiasdam tnd diffitiruniuhed citizens, *ent free by mat bv WHITXBY BEOS,Gen’l.Uents.iS7South ftont st. Philadelphia. For rale by sil drug. -a . •ne^Aralbn then taken to prolong its existence. About-half of the trunk is decayed, and the hollow is filled in rwith plaster and j*nI4 ly ONLY MAKUPAOTOE Y In this country where Loom Reeds, Harnesses —AND— Patent Wire Heddles Are made under one management, fW. er-irpi iai. u u.mrenvl»i wnni vv cowrosl over with sail doth to preserve it from the effects of the weather. This old elm stands in the centre of the com mon. near the Frog Pond which has been uaed for skating, time immemorial. Sin gular to say. as if to preserva the race of Its* noble ancestor, a stout and vigor- oo£ voun~ elm of lute years has shot up from the root of the parent stock and IsDoyi “ * * nT * iWbarriers of nature. Even m yiodiliajf down-Easter can do to resue from the wilderness this timet of country, and, save the rallies, the region retains ita primeval wilderness and solitude. • JL f - - J ’ A MANCFACTURINO I'EOF-E. Ere long, however, the iron horse emer- -DEALER3 IN- PLANTERS’ BANE, PLANIEES’ HOTEL, Opposite Huff* New BuDdinr. Cherry St.* between Third ui Fmurth, MACON, GA. T HIS well-known home beinr now voitably fittart up. the uadenicned is prepared to ac* commodate Bonrder*—Feivnanent. Tnmsiont and Day. Gunits will iwin- ibe best aUeutxn. and i COTTON and WOOLE N iptiy furnished. D- a BROWN. Lowell, Mass, U. S. COM, OATS, HAY, BACON, LARD, FLOCK, PORT VALLEY, GA. R ECEIVES Deposit-sdiscountsPSpei sells ExchaiKL’: a Iso, Gold and Sil\ Collections made at all accessible pom Interest paid on Deposits when io specified time. Wm.J. Anderson, Pres’t. W. E. Bitov MKECTOFs : Wm. J. Anderson, < ol. Hmrh L- CoL L. 31. Felton, Dr. W. A. At Dr. Wm. H. Hollinshead. about 20 feet high, confess 19 Aivra taw***- —' - - to feeling' more reverence for this o*a tree with it* storied associations than for aU tho bring hnmsn celebrities of ^he Hub. We visited alv> two of thi most ancient churches, to-wit:Park Street Congregati mal Church ^nd King’s Chapel. lk»th are surrounded with old cemeteries, filled with moss BARLOW HOUSE, AMEBICU8, OA., WILEY JONES & 00., Prop*, I* first-Hass and in businera center. Board par day $2. Isulrim or angle meals 50cti maytf 5a| troBBTHnw un^TiBomffinn'B STEEL PENS. Spsdal artrotion «Dtd so the well known numbers, 505—75—28—20 and 22. Factory, mu Teraaa; OMce W, Jthi tlt^ hew Yark. auf24to Sugar, Coffee, Molasses, Bagging, Ties, Etc. MACON, GA, the Table supplied lord-, jul v 90 tf FOURTH STREET, i janSOtf delSU