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Daily telegraph and messenger. (Macon, Ga.) 1873-1873, September 27, 1873, Image 3

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THE MACON DAILY TELEGRAPH AND MESSENGER: SATURDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 27, 1878 pkim'hdty****!#?.. i . . \ 'in >1(llM sui i in: m^T national: idriit Johnson nniniiK Tkrin •< *"» *"*""«• “■ »«-l ’ I. i ««l mlnw Mill JLravr I tin,-' 2J.—A Wash- no<t prominent tionnl Iiank of Hint XoUui-xl i moot ainc* he i jt will be n- V. nderbllt’s lteuiark* on Sun day Evening. H<-r*ld Inli-nifw.; “ I lmv.-n’t the remotest idea of what t)i. result will be. At pr.->.-nt the out look is very, very g-loomy indeed.’* •* Is it posnibh asked the reporter, “thut the failure of one firm row! i have bro; i gh t a 1 >uut all thi* dLutafatr'' ” No --lrr *»• the prompt n plr; “ nr* «jr tw.» r>r three failure* could hare* /'jtu-e.? it. Th/*re H at the bottom of it P.C. 8AWER^ all a aomethi be that ■ i to tb« ii. t ranch i < ti.k »euf o! Mr. | a ;vt , 1 that hi- of til i harp v»ff p. only «r. ey by r^e ita obli- m,4uu im- n will be nl- it Bbirm is over the Wall- -tr.-t :n. n. «•!,.. nr.* w,:;n ! an.l 1...,,.-, ti.'l have alwr.vs >. >, will not rc^i-ct th.- temj„-*t OTCrturaed even them for a short time. Many have gone under who deeerved a bettor fate, but the lesson of tiii- wild spirit of speculation that has rul.-d the streef so will, £ feel (Y/n- j lid.-lit. Is- fruitful of i^jod eff.wte. Solid I in.n hereaftar will M appreejat.?d. and the -peculate, m, who only care for them- I selves and briny abo .t the ruin of others ! lythe n furious trick-nee they enyaye j in for their own benefit, will, from this ( out. f feel certain, be compelled to take ■at; in fact, yet oat of the way alto -the Mr. W. (aiikl is ad *ltL- i. The of the money ui'.ney .tSyi&t. u»l Honan ow cl the tern thou- • of aJJ the t in wiid General nee to hi* credit.. >«JT OF MASK XT otnplroller of the wan in the iMiiik, bnoitgh toVo to Jay Ooiilri on the Situation. ! In reaponae to aoen^a, Mr. Gould said I that he had not been oomralted by the | Government official* a* to the course I whi«;h they should pursue in relieving the excitement and the pressure upon the financial center, but he would recommend the issuing of a portion of the $44,000,- 000. Unless something of this kind was done there would bo a general crash whi.-h would shako tho country. He said that he bad seen this crisis ooruing for six months, and had made i irrangnii.-ntr: accordingly. Mr. Gould th«*n turned, and, sauntering to the room in which were the capitalist*, was soon ••ng.iged in con vernation with General As he left the hotel, he was accosted • another Tribune reporter, and was ked to state the result of the deli berw- ins of the evening. He replied omin- t*ly that thero would he a general taking of tin* banks—not one would be and a general crisis be pjv ountry.—New York ECLIPSE COTTON Gin. (PATENTED XaT 26,1573.) M»th Adjustable Roll Box and Swinging Front, for Ginning Damp, Wet or Dry Cotton. Also, the Celebrated GRISWOLD GIN, Genuine Bittern, with the Ovillatingor Water Box, Manufactured by P. 0. SAWXEE, Macon, Ga. COLEKIAN <£ NEWSOM, GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS. HAVE REMOVED TO Blake's Block, corner Third and Poplar Streets. BLAKE’S WORLD RENOWNED FEBRIFUGE! THE GREAT ANTIDOTE TO VAiAKIA. FOR THE PREVENTION AND CURE OF FEVER A TSm AGU HI OK CHILL-FEVER; DUMB AVQTJE. Ana other intermittent an,l Remittent Fevers, General Debility, Night Sweats, etc., and aU .other forms of Diseases which have a common origin in Malaria or Miasma. 1AWHFNCE Sc WFICHSEI,B4.UM. For sale by all Druscists. SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE ARABIAN BITTERS. A WELL KNOWN TONIC. Sole Proprietors and Wholesale UruuslHts. KHvnnnsh. tJ left intact ripi 4 >»t* d upon th Tribune, Kept. 22. MEMPHIS. Incidents of flit* Panic. | rff 4ia. S*f*U 2X-] ll* . . -rend Montreal bankers arrived in , ity yesterday, bringing with them a . jaantity of Gold for tn«? purpose, na ji.M, of Mkmg. ndnuitago of the i wUrk'-t in th* way oi ipecuteUon. thucl'NUUg o! the block Kx .-lutngu on ,r,l*y, and the uncertainty as to th« it will rWijH-n, have int«Vferred with ; jdiina. iuwi thwy are al*o duappoiut- price of gold, on * runlixo a heavy artery of the Ouii- ctyd 1 li. 4.I., ia the ort Hu re R. B. Angus. Bank of Mon- tger of the Mcr- John Mulson, Mobon’n Bank of Mon- iiion, pi the Chicago * Bunk M Mon trail; Sir A. tor of tne Bonk of Mon- jum iIuII. vice president of Bank of (’anadu, and G. A. 4 tliu firm of Kcdpulh & r»k of <. uUm A n jn.1 wan current uliout the Fifth At, nut* Hotel hud evening tiuit WiUhtn ll Vandevbuf. »on of tlie Commodore,’ i.F#t tiilUd U»seethe President,nurt alter n ,imrt eonvtfnwtion with Gen. Grant, in which lie intimated that he represented the views of Ills lather, tlie President in- •juiretl of him if bin father was in good i.mlth. ,*JIe is Very well, 2 thank you,’* irplaxfc William ll. ••Then,” rejoiued fciiiift Hr Jrour father desires to l-.nil the views of the President of the l nitoi States, I would suggest that he MU? ionic heic in person." The n uiii<«ir Vanderbilt immediately left the i\**ui and hastened to the Commodore, wht* led no time in implying witli the Pnsuiintial •nggostioB, and took a car- ihately for the Fifth Avenue x*L Unit OIi\o II .il. CHariiok the Stock ng Iickjoa ii umdo a i hort uli/.e«i: n it IxHnuiie definitely known that i-'-dent luul only decided topur- ve-twenties at jsir, instead . of : legal tenders with the banks or ■ legal U« •ft* wob a general ilii^p- joint mrni. Willinn' K. Travers atud nut if Mich » im the due ** he (the Prutti- •k-Bl) Ulicht m well take down hia flign.” It -«« IUU.1 rted that tho propoaed re- Wi -.mill ac . tijtpoaitrt to what was in- ten,1*1. The Mavitu^s Iraki having wge -juiutitioa at bonds wouM sell them to H4 (oretuiq eat at ^ir and pay the .i» k> ii tbt tr <1o]M;jHtUa.H from the pD»- The ilo]<ositor> returning home -,-uM i-ithor hide tiie money in their t-'-OKW or 09 trry it annmd on their por- •oa>, ami in < ither case would add to the ... Knngeia*, much If® eiix ulil Alnady K»gli*i 1 wnug foul d«: andj .vperG**' whh wdb.lrawing uc italists are pro* Law . wvl» till.. ,. Axvirtri an uni ■r to'lmv mirew of good paying atocka which huob react to pn.*per and adecplate hiflt night, among th c excited ot stt**k-bri*kera and s >rs Fifth Vvumn Hot. 1 nt he*rnion e Omh and in other pin rea where confused Itout lending stock lira ts closing imply re- to lo tio hiisinea* until the storm lltp insisted that j for all the eminent cap- avoring this be found who iug -«o. Giv;it well fn form- •a of most 4 luntb-d tied Msimv be in to th r, of the well known firm *n .1 U. i■ 1.»n m \* « York lit since IN*-.'. He arrived imons Bhu k IVldar. and he mk that his visits to this »t*u*l in . he Prcaid xploii. tionof the i\*h- •ut wo ld not on’ ior- lo .n t :i w< ukl U» .T f< loop U> l ndor uo e<-ustn^*tioi> of tlu* law • . to make National the depository of government One* pu d into thd Tr« they h* jvw. ; o .t, if re>juin*d through the re ... u*i>. To »lo others. i.-*\ even YoiulorUUt Fails to l*ay $1,750,000. 1»e panic might have been ondtd on uxdiy. Most atigmdous men indeed ught it was over. That it raged more Tlie CI»y Hii*|wn<l« far W«nt of Fund ^-Vo Vlonry AvnllabVp for Kanltary PurpttCN, Sj*r a) io ll»»* L * uricr-J#<*mMild Mietiih, Tkn.v., Bcptembor 22.—Th \lm 1 number of deaths to-day were twenty-one, of which twelve died from yellow fever. Tlie disease is not spread ing to any great extent, ami but a few ru w ***** ftr*- rc]*ort •*! to-aifht, they lng generally ounfimid to the infected lo- • aliticH, Happy Hollow iind Pinch, with an occasional «*u*u» in the southern and eastern part of the city, they having ta- kf»n it in nearly every ca**e from the in fected district. The outlook is more fa vurablo to-night than it was during the middle of the day, and nearly all the new riiscfl r*re very mild. The Howard Relief Association to-day have received thirty- one applications for yellow fever nurse.* and have supplied fourteen. They re port an abundance of male nurses but mod female nurses, notwithstanding that fifteen arrived here from Mobile. The Odd Fellows report nine nurses attendin mcmb.Ts of the Order, and six awaiting ordera. One member, Mr. Harm-in, died this evening. The Masons have but three or four case*, and have nurses pro vided for each. The wife of A. J. Wheeler, editor of the Masonic Jewel, was taken ill with the fever Ia.*t night, but is doing well. A drizzling rain fell during the latter part of the tiny, which may have the effect to cleanse the streets, which lias not been thoroughly done as yet by tlie authorities. The burning of tar was again resorted to to-night, and the street lamps wore turned on, but npt lighted. TITJ5 CITY BANKRUPT. It is reported to-night that when the financial committee of the Howard Asso ciation went to the. Mayor to get a por tion of the ten thousand dollar appropri ation by the City Council, they wore told that' there was no money in the city tmasnry. An effort will be made to morrow to get the different banks to loan the amount to the city. If that fails, the diffrrent merchants and busi ness men will subscribe the amount. FIRST NATIONAL BANK ofMACON TRANSACTS A GENERAL BANKING BUSHBS. . DIRBCIOK9: J. C. PLANT. 1>- FLANDERS. II. L. JEWETT. VT. B. DIK8MORE. H. B. PLANT. D. 8. LITTLE. G. 11. IIAZLKHURST. L C. PLANT. President. W. M’. WlfflWT* Qwhicr. mslO-tilwovl* S. G. Bomr, President. U. F. Lawton, Cashier. EXCHANGE BANK OF MACON. Ollier III Hnir-K Xr« Kiillcllnpr. Receives Deposits. 11UYS AM II SEI.I.S .IXL'ilANT.E. Mnkes ImLm, an Sleeky liniiil.. Cotton in St, re. Al-o on ShipmrnU at Cottofk CUU.KCnQ.NS l'ROMITLY ATTENDED TO. Ta PLANT & SON, Bankers and Brokers, MACON, GA. Buy and S-ll Excluuipr, Gold, Silver, Stocks and Bonds. Depofsitr* Roceivecl On M liL'h Iittrrr*t will lie Allowed, AS AOKKKD TPOK. PAYABLE ON CALL. COLLECTIONS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO __f h91 - T C. A. Nrm THIS BIN TOOK THREE PREMIUMS LAST YEAR. THE SAWYER ECLIPSE COTTON OIN with Ita improvrm-'it* has won its way, upon its ■ ■. • Sit- •'ir»t mi:;, f j- j.'.ilar f:n-.r stands to-day wunorr a competitor in all the iioints and qualilif* di-xirable or attainable in PERFECT COTTON GIN. Our Portable or Adjustable Roll Box places it in th«* power uff rv<*iy planter to rejnilate toe pirkinv of the seed to suit himself, and b the onlv one made that do-*s. Pn»jn rly manssid. SAWYEIrS KCLI1*SE GIN will maiutuin the fall natural length of the staph*, and V . inside to do ns rapid ork as any mnehine in use. The old GRISWOLD GIN—a goniinmpattern— funiUbod to order, whenever desired. * Three premiums were taken by SAWYER’S ECLIPSE GIN last year, over all competitors, vix: TwoattlK!Soutlu*a.'t Alabunaand Soutliwe>t (reorria Fair, at Eu/aula—one a silver cup. the other a diploma. Also, the first premium at the Fair at Goldsboro*, North Carolina. jNjfcJW O-IKTS Will be delivered on Ixhut! the cars at the follow- ins prices: Thirty-five Saws 3131 50 Forty Saws 150 00 Forty-five Saws 265 75 Fifty Saws 1S7 50 Sixty Saws 225 00 Seventy Saws 262 50 Eighty Saws - 280 00 To prevent delay, orders and old gins diould be id CUt. CITY J BANK MACON, GEORGIA Capital 200,000 Dollars. DIRECTORS: JUST ARRIVED. 20 TIERCES NEW RICE (V«7 choice). ) boxes CREAM CHEESE, i NEW COD FISH. aent immediately. Time given to responsible parties VOLUNTARY TESTIMONIALS! Are furnished from various sections of flic cotton growing Stab's, of tlie character following: Loom Gnu vs. Ga. Ortolier 30.1X72. Mr. P. C. S iwv—ii, 3!acon, Ga.: xr Sir—Enel<»ed And draft on Griflin Banking uoroianj for fiSO, ns imviuent for our gin, with which we are well pleased. Yourstralv. II. DICKIN A SON. The nliovo letter enclosed the following testimo nial, iddmsed to 31 r. Sawy .-r, vis : Locust Grove. Ga, October SO. 1S72. We, the underrigned, platen, have witnessed »r otic ration of one of your BcHjgse Cotton which we think superior to any other rin we have eea uscit. It leaves tin* >«vdpc rf.M tiy mean, and at the some time turn*out a ln-autiful wunple, etc. H. T. DICKIN A SON. E. ALEX. CLEAVKLAND. 31. L. HARRIS. Mr. Dani.-l P. Fcirusou, of Jondtaa Ga^ writs* Under date of October 10, ISTi, as follow;:: I have your cin runninir. • • • I can say it is tlie best tlml I ever saw run. It cleans the seed perfectly. I have been raised in a pin house, and 1 believe I know all about what should be expect ed in a first-class Cotton Gin. I ran gin fire hun dred pounds of Hnt inside of sixty minute*. The tir't two bales ginned weighed 1100 pounds from SO 101oumls M.vd cotton, b-urging nnd tics included. ISWORtW. Ga, October 7.1S7V Mr. P. C.Sawyer—IX-nr Sir: The CottouQu we got from y«ni. we are ]ilea.«*\l to say, nus-ts out fullest expectations, and do«** all you* promised ii should do. We have tnnned one hundred and six teen hales on it. and w Kas Mrrrr choked nor bro ken the relL It picks tho seed clean and makes good lint. \\V have had coosMkerabls nporieoce with rarkxn kinds of cotton rfnaand ran. with vvj, :\, JU4.1 yours is the best we ha\e CoL Nathan Bass, of Rome, Gn.. sgjs he ha* used Giiswuld’a, Massey’s and Taylor’s Gins, and that he is now running a D. Pratt Gin in Lee county, Ga..and an Eagle nnd a Carver Gin in Ar kansas, and a ** Sawyer Edipse Gin M in Rome, Ga., and T**^anls tlie last named as superior to any of thcotbe.'s. It picks paster and cleaner than any other ym with which he is acquainted. He says he bus in nurd eighty-six bales with it without breaking tbt rolL Bullard’s Station. 3f. A B. R. R. January S’!. 1S7A Mr. P. C. Sawyer. Maoon. Ga— lX*»r Sir—The Cutton (im you TV|«tred for me. withycur im proved Ikyx. gives perfect >atisfartion. ami 1 take very great pleasure in recommendir the public. AVe bog leave to call the attention of the merchants of Georgia to onr larg stock of Groceries and Provisions, which we offer to the trade AT WHOLESALE ONLY On as reasonable terms u any hoiue in the State. Onr stock consists in part of 100,000 pounds BACON C. R. SIDES, 25,000 pounds BACON* SHOULDEES, 50 boxes LONG CLEAB SIDES, 250 barrels BEFINED SUGARS-ALL GRADES, 25 barrels CRUSHED AND POWDERED SUGAR, 150 sacks RIO COFFEE, 25 sacks OLD GOVERNMENT JAVA COFFEE, 500 rolls BAGGING and 1,000 bundles ARROW TIES, 100 cases SARDINES. 450packages MACKEREL—NEW CROP, 100 boxes SELECTED CREAM CHEESE, 20 tabs GILT EDGE BUTTER, 30 car loads FLOUR—Fresh Ground from our Mills - consisting of our own brands “ Uncle Joe’s Choice,” “ Mag Hampton,” “Golden Flake,” “ Faultless,” “ Standard.” We defy competition in Flour. We have a large stock of case goods and other Groceries not mentioned above. 3Ierchant* and others would do well to call on us when visiting the city before purchasing elsewhere, its we are prepared to offer in- ilucementa. , rA , f ,.*i r. #(r Remember, We Break No Packages. COLEMAN sopllpodlm NEWSOM, Macon, Georgia. y j i V * $ (WITH LATRST IilPBOYKMKNTS.) FOR 20 YBARS THB Standard of Excellence THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. OYER 750,000 IN USE pay you to examine the record* of those uk amt profit by experience. THE WHEELl A WILSON STANDS ALONE AS THE ON LIGHT RUNNING MACHINE. USING THE ROTARY* HOOK. MAKING A LOCKSTITCH, alike on both sides of the fabric sewed. All shut tle niarhine* waste ftovrer in drawing the shuttle luck after the stitch is formed bringing: double wear and strain upon both machine and operator, hence while other machines rapidly wear out, tho WHEELER * WILSON LASTL A LIFETI3IE, and proves an economical investment; Do not lieliere all that is promised by so-called "Cheap' machines, you should require proof that years o use have tested their value. Money once thrown away cannot be recovered. Send for our circulars. Machines sold on eas. terms, or monthly payment* taken. Old machines put in order or received in exchange. WHEELER Jt WILSON MF’G CO.’S OFFICES Savannah. Augusta, Macon and Columbus. Ga. W. B. CLEVES. Gen. Agt., Savannah. Ga. W. A. HICKS, Agent. Macon. Ga. jnnl?i-Ilv METROPOLITAN GEORGE W- HbJAD. EXCLUSIVJ2 WHOLESALE TOBACCO DEALER AND CIGAR MANUFACTURER, No. 4 Blake’s Block, - Poplar st., Macon, Ga, r U COLLINS & LITTLE, MACON, >JRO f A , dealers in all kinds o SEND FOR ILLUSTRATED CIRCULARS. aefdv-tf W. O DANIEL, 31. D. -i t :hat dai wh’ 1. * r, miohiqg nu*rv hants. *ui»i I loomy prospoctfc, fsiliirv of Coin- j president tif the j >ad. to pay, when called i f« -r ^1.7MVOOO^ m-gotia- I 1 i.i«-n 1'riNt i\m»i«ir.y. ■ n-in-law, the late lloraee I . . < »:h. r Urge | *:m jartnrr of -Mr- Clark, ■ Knti'mA'?!, u .Lht' of 1 i NEW HERRINGS, 5m kit,. NKW M.kCKEREI. UO bears LVOV HINTON TOBACCO. _!„> („«- WHITE ROCK POTASH. SETM0UB, TINSLEY A CO. .• Ur Sat’.- an i n Trust lav, the I t.Uirm- j ver, anil . ! J. \W rday. •h > and Airplnuitf -in- • U-jH iun-ut>w«M up in tin- Trust Com- I . Kvaum. cVuwkHlore Vender- j • million ami three tprUiu U.;yowih1. U-t Augi^t. from -laweomDany. to par an i . own niilroiul. d that t he Co:n- rt**ponsible for rSeeon>p :;n . x • *nd doubtless law that eon Id have forced , :..»r this lum woi- met. But »t*. tor the fame of an old m.-ov »t:. grt«it enterpn*e*». that he debt and prevented the ruin j El Th*- m ufTkirvi-*. Ki.rr .DER HOUSE, Indian Spring, Ga. r tin- J»|»nn*r and i* * >uj»plK*d Wll k»f the Spring Xarzs o? : » ns \r open to those hea’.th !■* ; r» - oouije d on h e pb ad - -nallv IVr day IVr w»*t*k lS*r month - Lilfc-ral dniurtH>n t Dr. J. W. Summer*, of Orancebunr, C, write* All your Gins sold by me this season are ikiing weil and ciUfig entire satisfac tion. I will be able to sell a great many next scasuii. J. C. Staler, of Fort Valley, writes: “Your Cin is the only Gin I ever saw that anybody could feed. 1 hare hrretofc re been i\>:iij«.-Il<sl to cm ploy a ftvd- er for idxmitur, but >»ith your nn a child ran ford it and it will never break the n»IL It gins both clean and fast and makes beautiful lint.” Mean. Child*. Nickerson X Ca. of Athens, Ga. •'All tno SauyeMims'••la b\ u-.srec.\inr oiisfulion. We w ill be able to sell a number of them the coming season. - Cocmuy. Ga, January 7,1S7J. Air P (\ «iwv EK. Ms*\ u. Ga.: Sir—The Cotton Gin vo bought of you last Fall, after a fair trial, has given us nariaelMW. It makes good lint and rktui- x he j*esxl wdL Yours re»i*vtfully^ T.* J. A B. G. LEE. ' GINS BEPAIRED PEOMPTLY ERNEST PESCHKE’S Macon Standard Meaii Time. r arrangements to correct theali-'hte>t e i tlie jimi ■rajifn .. ihaeivaftarfsad c MENTS. for the purport-of <<'.en iiur the nerid : th<* exact Macon nn-an time to wit hi” a fraction of a'terund. •.•.Vperiu/ attention paid to the depairing and Rating of fine Watches, as tcell as alt kinds ».nr work nuule to order. iul27 Iv O. W. MASSEY IRON & BRASS WORKS Canal Street* from 6th to 7th, RICHMOND, - - - VA WM. E. TANNEE & CO., ENGINEERS, MACHINISTS AND FOUNDERS, ENGINES OF ALL KINDS. Send for Circular. H. R. BROWN, janlt ly Agent. F. FABEL, MANUFXCTUREK OF STAR AND TALLOW CANDLES, SOAPS, LARD OIL. Olllt'e, No 14 West 3Iain Street, bet ween First o Second. Factory, Nos. 73. 75, 77, 79 and 81 Maiden Lane, • between Ohio and Adams Streets. LOUISVILLE, KY. Cash paid for Tallow. Lard and Grease. npr25fim-* SPECIAL FLAVORINGS. VAMLI.A, LEiROX, ETC., /or Flavoring Ite Cream, Calces and Pastry. '"With great care, by a pew process, wc extract f rum the ftat —V-* IWfc and Aromatics, Aich chartr*—tstic fla- v-jr, and produc- Flavorings of rare excellence. Qf great strength and perfect puriti/. Xo poisonous oilt. Every flavor as represented. . Xo deceit—each bottle full measure, holding one-half more than others purporting to ludd same quantity. Use them once, trill use no other. The most delicate, delirious flavors ever made. Sc superior to the cheap extracts. Ask foe Dr. Price’s Special Flavorings Manu factured only by STEELE & IFIRICJZEt, Depots. CHICAGO and ST. LOUIS. Manufacturers of Dr. Price's Ci— Bakina Powder. $ tel. H v 04 & ECLIPSES ALL OTHERS The Great ‘ Eclipse” Screw Colton Press [PATENTED FEBRUARY St 1*11-3 MANUFACTURED SOLELY BY CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT S OFFICE Georgia Central Railroad, Savannah, July t 1S7S. O N and after Sunday, the 6th insL, Psis^'iiger Tnunsan the Gtvnria Central Railrecul, its branches and connections, will run as follows: DAY TRAINS GOING SOUTH AND WEST. Savannah. 1:00 P M Aug R, FINDLAY’S SONS 1 FINDLAY IRON WORKS, MACON, GEORGIA. FASTEE, MOEE DURABLE, LIGHTER DEAPT AND CHEAPER THAN OLD WOOD SCREW EVEN. PACKS THE BALE IN TWELVE ROUNDS. Two to three Hands, or one Eight Mule, Packs a Bale in 2 Minutes Bales o Cotton packed by this Press range from 500 to 800 pounds. WE GUARANTEE Milledgeville Arrive at Ra&mton..' Arrive at Macon Arrive at Savannah Leave Macon for Atlanta Leave 31 aeon for Kufaula Leave 31 aoou for Columbus Arrive at Atlanta Arrive at Kufaula —j..*..., Arrive at Columbus 'iSi.. o’ u .-I n :i with tr ; Atlanta and Columbus. ? at Milledgeville •at Batontioa s at Augusta r the 3Iilledgeville and Eu nail, which * fret daily The “ECLIPSE” can be furnished all complete, arranged for steam or ’ Wc have TESTIMONIALS from many of tlm Larcest and Host Planters i hose immcs are as“Luuil»ar as hoiWL'hokt uoiti- other Cotton States) using this l*r 1THOUT simply the Irons, as parties may desire. Presses er power when required. Georria fand nil the visit'..:? Macon are rarncstlyadviscsl not to purchase n Cotton Press untd tf ey EXAM i .VKCaWIJA AND THOROUGHLY the “ ECLIPSE,” and JUDGE FOIt THJCMSRLA l.s. send tor\o Palnphleta containing testimonials and prices. R. FINDLAY’S SONS, FINDLAY IRON WORKS. MACON. GA. CRAIG PATENT H0RS£ POWER FOR DIM VI XCi COTTON GINS. Recently Strengthened and Improved, now Perfect MANUFACTURED SOLELY BY ] 1. Findlay’s Sons, Findlay Iron Works, MACON, GEORGIA. 1) with tho MilledgcviUo and Eatonlon trains. An elegant sleeping oar on all night trains. I'llKon.’H TlCivKl’S lO ALL i'Oi.NTSean be had st tho Central ltailreail Ticket Office at I*itbuki House.cortu t-of Bull and Bryan streets. Office open from 8am to 1 p m, and from 8 to r m. Tickets can also i><- bad at Depot Office. WILL L\ 31 ROGERS. july S tf General SupTintendent. e purpose (including both the old 1>NEY. This Power is shipped in The superiority of this machine over all othera ^tended forL , and “newfashion” Gin Gear) wo GUARANTEE, OIL AsK NO 310NE3. - ece, as it were; requires no meohanic to put it up: sets on the ground; is attached j J nmlifla of the house: and is indepeettero of floor “sSfflir ‘ ** OP HOUSE (one or two story), c ’ ' '* ” “ AXY HOUSE; drives a Gin frein ■ bra the Power and Gin < 275 to 800 revolutions per minute. FULLY WARRANTED IN EVERY RESPECT. Send for Descriptive Circular, Testimonials, and Price List. x. B.—Parties preferring the “old fashion” Gin Gear or “new fashion” ditto, with centre suppor be accommodated at very reasonable figures. R. FINDLAY’S SONS, FINDLAY IKON WORKS. MACON. GA 3IANUFACTURER1! OF STEAM ENGINES, BOILES, SAW & GRIST MILLS, WATER WHEELl AND ALD KINDS OF MACHINERY AND CASTINGS, ETC.. ETC. R. FINDLAY’S SONS, SUMMER SCHEDTUfE. DAILY PASSENGER TRAIN • TO AND FROM Hacon. Brunswick, Savannah A: Kiurida. Office Macon and Brozsvick Railb< Macon. Ga.. July 22. Is; O -N and after WsdnMday. July r id. Pass Trains on this fosd will be ran na folic DAY PASSENGEU. DAILY, SUNDAYS EXCKITK TH K rKESKNT. Leave Varan 8:.1 Arrive at Jraup ... 0:4 Arrive at Brunswick ....10:1 Amvo at Savannah lo : ; ArriveatTallahaitaee 10:1 Arrive at Jarksnoville 10:1 Leave Jaeksomilie .1 2m Leave*Tallhhass«‘e 2:1 fa-ave Savannah 1 Anve Brunswick [5:00 J up krill take the Arrive at 31 neon passengers frtwnfi tram for Brunswick, and 5:20 a m train for Unco n.tVTKIN3VILLK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, DAIL (SUNDAYS EXCEITED). Leave Macon *;.r. 8:50 p Arrive at ffawfcinsvifta : .• 7:80 i’ Leave Hawkinsville 0:80 a Arrive at Macon lUBS a W. J. J ARVIS. jnlySOtf Maater Tnu»portntion. CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. O x ” V_/ Oil SUPERINTENDENT’S OFFICE. Central Railroad, Atlanta Division, Atlanta, July 5,1S7S. and after Sunday, July 6th. Passenger Trains on this Road will run as follows: DAY PASSENGER TRAIN. Leave 3Iaeon Arrive at Atlanta Leave Atlanta Arrive at Maoou NIGHT PASSENGER TRAIN. Leave 3Iaron.. Arrive at Atlanta ..11:00 / jul27eodly FINDLAY IRON WORKS, MACON, GA. PATENT ANTIFRICTION CIN GJAR T RUNS TWENTT-FrVE PEE CENT. LIGHTER than any other Gear mad It is made without a mortise, tenon, or a key to work loose. Every part bolted iron. Over twenty in uBe. AU have proven good. MY PATENT the mode of construction of wheels suspended on Anti-Friction EaU3, Extended Arm to carry the Pulley and Pinion Shafts. All persons using or making any part of my patent will he prosecuted to the ex tent of the law. I BUILD AND EEPAIE ALL -KIYDS MACHIXER \T i»*lr for Unrr fainri.v... WT. A. KLDEK x SON. Pro'try'U >m lifvo a Wixv jMtrt of Sunday’» riu a tnm wild, nritfk.dcMS stampirfe, ’ an not lH-dcni.-t! that th«*s t lation noram^ is v»»ry gruYo. The Ciovern* ’ I to buy it* Urnds to any Ujr Lou<U which Uk* uCnut- i dreiti-rs w»*nrtTdly har* to rralise on Dxd<h v«rniucnu, ami the rvdief thorv- '' 18 *iut complete.—Arm Turk Ttsbunc, CHAS. OODHSELMAM & CO., General Commifision Merchants, E«kiin lkOru-uud Building. CH 1C.VGO. _ ^ A. Huff. Minnn. mnyi te HIaNHDAL.K’8 (Formerly Mn. Macraulny’») SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, 275 and 2T7 Sadison Air, N. Y. luv. efltablishrd and *urr» Wnl institution. mend U to lb** aU«MilK>n uf hu tiouthmi frirtkia. Fur rmnilam and jartimbins arp7 lUi 277 MADtSON AVKXL’B. New Imp. BaJIBox . j find an*I B*.'tk>ni 1 J Haltihi BoXrr ... : New &»«». is»r art t Rrpainnr Brush J »w Brush Paint in* Gin ! Can fur food as n» a' at tbe following low Onire* : 1 Ribs. 9 SO each .. 10 00 each ~'l Meaeh .. 1 50 each . 1 00 each |S 00^15 00 25 00 « 00 COTTON GIN. PATENTED JULY, 1S71. AV 0ULD t . . Where 1 < r th.- inftTnuiltuii uf the* uh'i iui*- fast. rk*an» im-rin t!;.. and » a U'autifu! >a that it u impuaarbi V break the rt-il or cfadte thr Gi '• as nxtt at o*jr ear. All of which I mrui ind v [Tnule'mark rewrite red,} At a Cost of $4 50 per Acrt, Broadcast, F R03I the results of the use of our Cotton and Corn Fertiliser the past three seasons, and the experience with it last season for Wheat, we 1 to put up for sale our mixed chemi cals for the Fall and Winter Crops. The Corn ells made up of the same rheirirals as our and Corn Fertilizer, but in different pro- ms, as winter crops will boar more sti ting than those grown in summer. The Compound Contains all the Elements of Peruvian Guano, II we think, prove as rapid a forcer as the boat irraoes. The M heat Crop is such an impor tant one to our country that wo are anxious to have our planters use this CorapoorvL It will be seen that it is even cheaper than Cotton Seed, and is of great permanent improvement to the soil. These chemicals not only last one season, but we know of instances in which they have bean very plainly perceptible on the THXUD CROP. The chemicals are all finely pulverized and well mixed, having been run through a tine seive, and will rendfiy permeate through the mas*. If it is not convenient to get dry stable or lot manure, you ran use ashes which have been leached, or dry murk or rich iocun. Sand should not be mixed with the chemicals. Whatever is used should be moderately dry. The chemicals are put up ir. good tirht barrels, well coopered. aosAne (S) barrels hold SO pounds net weight. The price is *25 50, delivered in the depot at Ma con, for the ."00 pounds of chemicals, cadi. Sixty (lay drafts will be taken as ca>h. Orders may be sent to Us direct, or through any of our lurents. In our Fertilizer business we have associated with us DR. P. R. HOLT, of Fort Valiev. Ga, ami pasties ran be supplied with his Fertilizer or icle of soluble Phos- myo^ted with cotton ra a sool manure at s they mPH phate of Lime wnich'whei seed and ***** manure, n HUNT. RANKIN'a LAMAR, ■ l»ruz and Chant teal Warehouse, >c! and M Cherry street, Macon, Ga. AT MY WORKS. BRASS AND IRON CASTINGS MADE TO ORDER. STEAM, WATER AND GAS PIPES, * AND ALL THEIR FITTINGS FOR SALE. Fourth street, near tlie Bro Call and see at my work: Send for Circulars. jul30tf Ho E. CROCKETT. ELLIS & CUTTEB, Lesive Atlanta Arrive at Macon 7:00 a m .Making close connection at Maeon with Central Railroad for Savannah and Augusta, and with Southwestern Railroad for Columbus nnd point* in Southwc.ifern Georgia- At Atlanta, with west ern and Atlantic Railway for points West july6tf O. l. FOREACRE. Sup’t. CHANGE OF SCHEDULE' SUPERINTENDENT’S OFFICE, Soutuwestuux Railroad Company, 3Incon, Ga., July 1.1838 DAY Ii UP AULA PAsaLNGKli TRAIN. Leave IIaeon 8:00 a m Arrive nt Kufaula. 4:40 p m Arrive at Clnytou 1 0:^0 p M Arrive atAJbany 2:45 r ai Arrive at Arlington IfcW) i* m Arrive at Fort (iaim* 4:40 p M Leave Ckytou ;..... 740 a m teave Eufauhl 8:50 A M Leave Fort Gaines S;.%5 A M Leave Albany 10:88 A M Connects with the Albany Train at Smithulle, and the Fort Gaines Train at Onchbert daily, ex cept Sunday. Albany Train connects daily with Atlantic nnd Gulf Railroad Trains at Albany, nnd will run to Arrington on Blakely Extension Monday. Wednes day and Friday, returning following dnys. COLUMBUS DAY PASSENGER TRAIN. Leave 3fucon * 10:55 r ii Arrive at Columbus 4:00 a m Leave Columbus 2:bri P M Arrive at 3Iaam 7:30 P M KUFAULA NIGHT FREIGHT AND ACCOMMODATION TRAIN. Lear© 3Luon 11:15 P .M Arrive at Kufmila ——12:10 r M Arrive at Albany ...... Leave Bnfanfa. Leave Albany... Arrive at Haoot rains will 1. •aule Sun la; connect at f: ..10:20 P M no Maeon nnd Bofau , Tuesday and Xhurda nithviUe with Albany t VIRGIL row Engineer nnd Sojperint julyfily CHANGE OF SCHEDULE OX MACOX - AX'll AUGl'S'i'A KA1LBOAD. Forty-one Miles Saved in Distance OFFICE 3IACON.ANDAUGUSTA RAILROAD Macon, May i\ 1873. J after Sunday, May 10, ii'TJ, and until further notice, the trains on this Road w ill O 1 ) Ma ILY (SUNDA Arrive at Augsuta .C. Augusta - Arrive at Maeon leaving 3faron at G:30 ions nt Cnmak with da> jrgia Railroad foi i We ^>. for Au th tr rtb, ami with tra Athens. Washington, and all stations on theGfidr- a Railroed. Tickets sold and hsggagc checked to nil points North, both by rail and by steamships from Charleston. K. JuHXSTOX. >oj/J. CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. WESTERN AND ATLANTIC RAILROAD CO, Office General Pasenubk Agent, Atlanta, Ga, July 10.1873. N and after this dau— EXPRESS Eiisteni and Virginia Citic O' Lea Sew A ork. Kantern and Virginia ua l*> 31 aeon, by Macon X Western Rtul- ‘ at Atlanta .../. —— ArrivesHtDalton - ... Arrives at ChattonoKra Pullman Palace Drawing-Room am Cars by this train from Atlanta to Lyn all intermediate jwints without ciia» reni leaving by thi.t train nri York the second afternoon, at 4:44 p v uin hours earlier than jiaiw i«rri by jute can with safety reach N ew f 1 or a, unc evening. DAY WESTERN EXPRESS. Leaves Macon at - Atlanta at Arrives at Chattanooga.- connection at Chattanooga lo: all night trains. Idraras IJ. W. WRKNN. POET ROYAL RAILEOAD. Ofpicb c SNEER AND Sri 01 PEOPEIETOES OF WHARF STREET MACON, GEORGIA. r to our friends that wv ar* still mnni FACTORY. f factum or no Onr improvement in my cotto prJleri l>‘tW-* - !. tfa- n^*s- Part«r» purrha.«tog«/ottan Giyib wr-uld do w«-ll tc k»,!s iu am d.'terrnifirC to protect ray Patent from any an>t ail mfraueemei pAltfeA aiahuue to purth&ae LotOjll Gina would riv Wcii lo exa GIN before pun huwnf. Ommikx can be s*^*n at P. C. SAWYER. •U bsAjr ia. that it is 1- n«»*r at the t< p thaii where thr- rotten is purvhaaiiig stbrr maxes, as I e the EXCELSIOR COTTON CARHART & CURD’S, Agents, MACON, GEORGIA. BATCHELOS’S HAIB DYE. e is the l>est in the i.l Perfoct Die. Hsnu- Reliable and /r^tanUmei’U>; no •Ji*appoint- ment; no ndiruloui, tints or unpl.-a.-ant odor. Remedies tlie ill e-iecta of ba.i d\>j and w ashes. Produces immediately a -uperb BW*k or Natural Brown, hi id k-aie» tb>* hair b'lean. Soft and Beau- t.fui- Tlie genuine »giH-d W. A. Batehclor. Sold |>v ail bninrau CHAS. BATCHELOR. 'noilSouUly Proprietor, New York. TYTE take pkiisure- in announcii T f are better prvjsnvd to serve White and Yellow Pine Goods, Doors, Sash, Blinds, Brackets, Mouldings, Etc. are romplete, and we can fill orders at short notice and at low prices. Our stoc k of lumber cannot I- excelled. We have 20oJjou feet of dry flooring. 204) Jmo feet Gry ceiling, 100,000 feet wrath-r boards, ami com mo Building Lumber, in any Quantity. .. i 2:30 i’ 10:30 p Ml for Port Roial Our <-orps of meehanins is complete. We ran build, repair, with disjttteh. We solicit a roo»l share of patronage from oiir faction. All we want is a fair trial. Try us and be convimw. and fit up store lie* iv J. E. ELLIS h M. H. CUTTEE. PUNTERS’ BANE FORT VALLEY, GA. a. J. Anderson, u»». Hugh L. Dennard ol. Ww. Pel ton, Dr. W. A. Mathews. Dr.M L. H. HoUmshea .delHtf