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The Macon telegraph. (Macon, Ga.) 188?-1905, July 05, 1894, Image 2

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THE MACON TELEGRAPH: THURSDAY MORNING, JULY 5, 1894. A DAY’S DOINGS IN GEORGIA TOWNS A Batch of Bright Item* Furnished by the Telegraph’s Hustling Correspondents 50L ATKINSON IN TENNILLE Hr Delivered e Strong Speech In the In terest ef Democrat? and Appealed to S'opulleta t« Ileturn to the Old Party. Tennille, July 4.—(Special.)—Col. V.\ T. Atkinson, Democratic candidate (or governor of Georgia, addreseod a largo body her# today. He was Introduced by Col. J. Vf. Hardwick. Hla subject, Vhe political Iseues of the day, was handled In a masterly manner, com pletely riddling the Populist tit every turn. Ha exported their votes In con gress to tie against their platform. His peroration was grand In the extreme, as he hedged the Populists, a good Sprinkling of them being present, to return to the Democratic fold. "We will have a'hard fight here, hut are going In to win. Col. Atkinson leaven here for ttlaokehear, Pierce county. While here he was enter tained by Ctd. G. W. Perkins. DOTS FROM~DOUOLAB. fhe Populists Assembled In Mass Mect- Ing and Abused Democracy. Douglas, July 4..—(Special.)—Accord ing t» previous appointment the Popu- Hats assembled yestenday at the court houio in mass meeting and after the nsual tirade nf abuse agsnlst the pres ent administration and the Democratic party In general by one 8. L. Bishop of Illinois, later of bleeding Kansas, and ast Prom Waycross, although present ing the principles of I'upullsm made on* of the beat Itepubllcan speeches that Iho Telegraph correspondent has lis tened to since Slippery Dick Wbitetey ind carpel bag Mlssouie of Georgia. He reaif pretended extra cm from n letter written by Scnntnr Gordon In HUM advo cating mpullst principles of today, and from n letter wrtlten by President Clovo'Innd to Governor Norlien, In which the president Is quoted as being op posed to American Independence by raying that ho was opposed to the un limited coinage of silver by the Ameri can people Independently. Hon. Arthur Lott was by a party vole unanimously nominated for member of the lower houso or the general aasembly. Thin nomination shown good judgment on their part. Mr. Lottls one nf our best clttxens. without the shadow of ataln upon IiIh fair nnino. Mr. Dolt accepted the honor In a few rcnmrke. Thus coca another man to political decapita tion by tile misguidance of Watson, Pork. Bishop A Co. After dinner Col. Etheridge, a recent convert, aildreeaed the audience In the Itereotyprd elyle, adding a few local hits and amusing anecdotes. The Pop ulists of Cbffee county are banking heavy on Mr. Etheridge, who la n grad uate or Anapclis Nava) Academy, a fln- Isod scholar. poMshod writer and fluent speaker, and by 1ho wny not only one of the brightest lights In the county, but of the stale. II Is surprisingly strange that certain Of our people nro so easily leil astray by any stranger who comas linin g ns and springs n new doctrine. Democrats must glut on the want# armor for this fall's campaign, as our enemies In their death steuggle are thoroughly organised sml using tholr very beat timber. But Cbffee will, ns heretofore, spew them under too deep for resurrection. There were present about 300, consisting of Democrats, ropulMs'nnd negroes. A SHAKE IN THU BED. Under the Pillow Where a Baby Wa« to Sleep—Kilted It. Augusta, July 4.—(Special.)—The Her ald prints a snake story from Colum- liis county which makes the average mortal Shudder. It happened at the home of Mr. Oebrgc Watton.r who lives about four teen miles from the city. The ts'gni nurse had Just gotten Mr. Walton’s lltlla-haby asleep and was pre paring to put it to bed. tthn went to iho little one's crib and with the baby In one hand began arranging the pillow with the other. While doing thlp sl.c was horrified tb eco a big moccasin crawl out hum un der the pillow. Tho gtrl screamed lus- iiiv end in • tow moments gome men came In and dispatched the npttle where be bail colled up In the middle cf the crib. lied the anake not been dltcoi erod It would In nil probability have bitten auJ killed the child, HANCOCK'S RESOLUTIONS. Sparta, July 4.—(Special.)—The fol lowing are the resolutions offered by Col. J. T. Jordan and passed by our Democratic mass meeting on the 3d: "Resolved. That H Is the aenee of thla meeting that tho letter of Hon. A. O. Dacca addressed to Dr. K, W. llld- tey under date bf June 31, Halt, wee tn- eplred by the highest patriotism end conceived In the broaden wisdom of liis ■ talcsinaiudilp. ‘Resolved. That we Indorse ta thor oughly true the following patriotic ex pression COCItaiaad In aald letter: 'Aa Democrats, reeegnlclng out* allegiance due to the party, u-tth the obligation to do all In our power to promote Ita pres- pertly and success, tt must be apparent to atl good Democrats that the most commanding duty of the heur Is lb con tribute nil .wMhin our power to insure tbs harmony of the party and to avoid everything the tendency and effect of which will l*o to create discontent and discord In Its ranks.n "lles. lvcd. That the eminent ability sml devoted patriotism of the lion. A. AFTER THE GRIP, parnnonk, hwr*, or other debUUatmg dl*> rm, jour qulcktwt wmt to gvl Awh and itrno|& la with Dr. Place®'* Ooidro Medical IMwxvcnrr. That *iv«t purity to your Wood, and rapidly buikli np toil flwh and amsngth. Mra N'lALof (W*. «tt A/t-'im tWi., had an alUtik of UMwekw, followed by brow- ehitis and ynturio. aid. lior aiiabacd wrlfew: **1 fori «i«U- flrd with UM> effect of £v,>ur w«uidrrful mrdt- -v r. I tiin rrcointurud x It i anybody, and lirl II fc r ‘ dotnu three Jue- Jtkr. tWjr wtfr wr not |abh« twcfitctn her houml >>U( dutkw for 'Ookteci Medical Placorerr,* and hi now able to do alt her work. 1 think It the nixwt uvrdK’iTV* In tbo world, and 1 jkfDj yvur hfetodf Irtrod, PIERCE CUA*- AN TUB A »ro, antte i. a NK.t CURE M St US L It tUTTHItUX Big line of Fancy Parasols and solid colored Silk Umbrellas at less than New York cost. Colors to suit any dress. NEW DUCK. , Another case of pretty White Duck, su perior quality. ALL... Dimities, Organ dies. etc., reduced to half former price. Call CHEMJSEHS •Pure white, and black and white, and fancy colors, with turn down & standing collars VEST... Swiss Rib, 5c. to 50c. each; loner, short O, Bacon entitles him to favorable con sideration at the hands of tho people of GKtorgfe for the position of United State., senator, beginning March 4 next. If elected to this high and honorable tr illion he will well and truly represent Georgia In the councils of this great na tion end gtrove n worthy successor to the lamented Hill and Colquitt." The following amendment wee offered by Hon. R. H. Lewis, which passed with the original resolutions: ‘'And bur representatives and the sen ator from the Twentieth district are re spectfully requested to vote for him for that position." STRUCK BY LIGHTNING. A Shaft Shatters tlhe Chimney and Roof of Mr. Ansley's House. Decatur, July 4.—(Special,)—Lightning struck the home of Mr. J. A. Ansley yesterday aft-moon. The storm np- f trenched from n northeasterly dlrec- lun. A shaft of lightning struck the largo staok chimney which furnishes flues for four rooms. The chimney was split for four of five feet, making It necessary to take It down for repairs. Tho root wna struck also and torn up flor about fifteen Inches In diameter. One ahaft descended Into the front upstairs room and must have exploded there, as the roc in was filled with sul phurous smoke and :i large amount of aatit and dobrlsr Mr*. Anxlcy waa at homy alone, but being quite remote from the chimney, was unharmed. BK> BLAZE IN GRIFFIN. Boyd's Warehouse and Other Buildings Burned—Loss, (30,000. Gridin, July 4.—(Special.)—J. D. Boyd's warehouse, containing over 126 bales of cotton, together with a large supply of hay. grain, etc., caught fire at 6 o'clock thla afternoon, despite the heroic efforts qf the firemen, the blase was almost unmanageable. The Are. also reached the ariflln Buggy Compa ny, sweeping that enterprise complete ly. The Ibss will reach nearly $30,000. partly Insured. The origin of the Are Is supposed to have been from a lighted cigar 1n the cotton. Boss Brothers'£e clothing establishment narrowly escaped. . | * 4 ' ■ VA MIDSUMMER FAIR. A Tri-County Exposition at Tlfton on the 10th and Hth. Ttftbn, July 4.—(Speclsl.)-Great prep arations arc In progress here for the midsummer fair to he held on July ID and 11. Three counties are expected to partic ipate—Irwin. Worth timl Berlen—nnd lllo watermelons that ore to be cut will ho an outlet for the overplus which the farmers of thishectrtm are compelled to retain on their hands elnco tho big raU- rosd tie-up In tho Northwest. A FRE AT ELDERTON. Recovering Frbm the Gaieties Attend ant Upon Commencement Week. * Eibcrton. July 4.—(Special.)—The eer- Vants' bouse on the lot of Mrs. Fannie Harper was tainted down Monday night. Her residence was in great danger ami everything was removed from the house, hut fortunately It wee saved by herolo work. Eibcrton ta gradually resuming Ita normal condition from the gaieties nnd social authoring Incident to the recent commencement of the Elberton Insti tute. which was brilliant throughout. TRIED TO BREAK JAIL. Baxley, July 4.—(Special.)—Four prls* ernore, alt negroes, changed with felo nies. attempted to escape from the Jail at thla place last night. The night waa dark and there was an Incessant rein fait which' rendered tt a moat op portune time. Their plans were well laid. Tho Jail la remote from any res idence. and tn order that they might not amuse suspicion of the pedestrian that might toe passing toy, they would work only a short while at a time, and during the intervale they would tell tales, laugn and seem very merry, but notwithstanding their itraugy they were deterred and brought to grief toy toeing securely chained and assigned to separate sells. Sheriff El lis win thus keep them until the sitting of ■ court next October. ool. wnrpriniD is henry. McDonough. July 4.—(Rpeciabl—Ool. Robert WitttUeld •dthteased the peo ple of H.-tiry county ou July 3. He la n splendid weaker and unde a line Impression on our people. OoL Whitfield was one of the orators of Georgia who ptecad himself at com mand of the party In IK! ami he did valiant service. Major Bacon Una ttuuy friends here, lie la regarded as a man of extraor dinary ability and there Is a feeling that the senate needs men of great Intellectual power and training. MttJ. Bacon baa been. too. a hard party worker. The national Democratic committee called him to New In IttSS and In INK, where he rendered aid nud did risnl work tor the party. GARRARD IN LAGRANGE. LaGrange, July 4.—(Special.)—Col. I.. F. Garrard opened hie senatorial cam paign here yesterday with a two-hour speech. Hit audience area mostly third party men. who had met to nominate candidates for the legislature. Ool. Garrard commenced by apologising for not toeing born In Troup county, but hie grandfather, father and mothers were born here, and had he been bore, tartedn the fall ha most likely would have been born here also; that Major THE EIGHTH DISTRICT. Athens, July 4.—(Special.)—'The <>xec- utlve committee of tne Eighth congres sional district met here today and remjlutlona were adopted, calling a nominating convention to meet In Greensboro on July 30, to nominate a congressional candidate. GUHRRY IN FORT GAINES. Fort Gaines, July 4.—(Special.)—Ex senator Wilson was nominated for the legislature by three to one and Bussey for .the senate without opposition. Judge Jim Guerry Is making a speech. While not mentioning hts congressional candidacy, It Is doubtful If there will be any opposition ticket to him. He Is sure of this county. Resolutions in dorsing Cleveland were passed. ' MIDV1LLE MATTERS. Mldvllle, Ga., July 4.—(Special.)— Crops tn this section are looking line, and doing well. Cotton Is well fruited. Corn has come out very muoh within the last ten days, but will be short in some sections at best. There Is ho watermelons planted In .this section for shipment to amount to anything this season. There Is no fruit In this whole section this season. A. O. Bacon had left the county when he waa 16 years old.. The colonel said' also that he was here today, to apeak for L. K. Garrard, ajid Incidentally for the Democratic, party, He dls- ruesed the platform and mi stained the administration. GARRARD AT WEST POINT. West Point, July (.—(Special.)—A large crowd waa,ln town today celebra ting the fourth. Hon. L. F. Garrard, candidate for the United Statea senate, spoke here today. TO BUILD UP Your system and restore YOUR STRENGTH Invigorate your ilvcr and PURIFY YOUR BLpOD Strengthen your-nerves and GIVE AN APPETITE Take that excellent medicine , P. P. P. (Prickly tfli, poke root and potassium.) lADbdtt'a Bast Indian Corn Paint cures all corns, warts and bunions. ENGLISH MARKETS. Manchester. July 4.—The Guardian. In It* commercial article, says: "The in quiry during the week bae been quieter and orders have seldom been repeated except st prices below those acceptable. Sellers are more willing to entertain bids which thev formerly declined. Mnkers of India shirtings under a yard wldo are generally badly tn want of business. Low India and China shirt ings are relatively In a better position. Some makers ot dhootlcs ara fairly well engaged while others are seeking or ders. Favorite makes of gray Jacco- ncte are totrly under order for months ahead and are steady. Yarns are also steady.” FOUR BIG SUCCESSES. Having the neded merit to more than make good alt the advertising claimed for them, the following four remedies have reached a phenomenal sale: Dr. Kin's New Discovery, for consump tion. coughs and colds, each bottle guaranteed: Electric Bitters, tho great est remedy for liver, etomach nnd. kidneys: Bucklen'a Arnica Salve, the best In tho world, and Dr. King’s New Life Pills, which aro a perfect pill. All these remedies are guaranteed to do Juat what Is claimed for them, nnd the dealer whose name Is attached herewith will be glad to tell you more of them. Sold at H. J. Lamar * Son's drug store. DEATH OF HON. W. S. SAMFORD. Montgomery. July 4.—A special to the Advertiser front Auburn says: Hon. w. F. Sanford died here last night, aged 77. He waa the father of ex-Con- grraaman W. J. Samford. THE ELENA 'IS MISSING. London. July 4.—The German bark Elena, Cant Okie, which sailed March ( from Savannah fer Hamburg, has been posted at Lloyd's aa missing. UNBINE. 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