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The Macon telegraph. (Macon, Ga.) 188?-1905, December 31, 1904, Image 8

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l PW^few boo] e^Juumlnated e they touched and I^^Ujjlthough t. The Vlt>evlll« Baj :TIOH OR YOUR MONEY BACK srnsm .Stock Taking Member* ^ tl Meet Tomorr Program Has la supposed to he worn next to the shin and it generally is**that Is why so many people conic In and ask us for • • Ml GARMENTS... that’s the that wont acjatch» kind wc have.* -NONIt BUT THE. BEST" WE HJtVB... Woolen Suits, light and heavy weighti Silk and Silk Mixed/ llalhrlggan, heavy or mediumt Cotton, riccced lined In fancy or staple colors 444-»4-»+4-4“<‘4-»4»4*44+4-4444-:-»444tf4♦44-» ♦♦~»4~f4e+♦♦♦♦» C A Wo nsk tho trndo to bear in mind that wo nro headquarters for all kinds of candies. Our big factory is fully equipped and running ev ery day. Order of us and get fresh made goods. Wo soil only to deal ers. Exclusively wholesale. Johnson=King & Company, Manufacturing Confectioners, Macon, Ga. HERTZ COAL CO Phono 0,33 Prompt Deliveries on Wood and Coal. & 3 Try Our $ L J. PURE Pennsylvania Rye § Six Years Old, By The Oalloa Express $2.75 Prepaid Four Full Quarts Express $3.00 Prepaid A Rich nnd Mellow Whis key just fine for making Egg Nog. season is upon us now. We finish to night. Quantities of short ends, brok en lines and remnant pieces thrown out at prices which will create a sensation. That line of Tailor Suits and Children’s Cloaks for Half Price is drawing big crowds. Have yop bought yours yet ? If not, come in today qr Monday—they are leaving us rapidly. TOUR OF INSPECTION BY FEDERALOFFICIALS JUDGE SPEER ACCOMPANIED BY MEN IN THE SERVICE OF THE GOVERNMENT MADE A TOUR OF THE NEW AUDITORIUM YES TERDAY MORNING WITH A VIEW OF DETERMINING THE ADOP TION OF THE BUILDING FOR TEMPORARY HEADQUARTERS—NO DEFINITE REPORT WAS MADE—JUDGE SPEER MAKES A' FEW SUGGESTIONS. A (our of Inspection through the new auditorium building was made yonter- day morning by Judge 8peer. Marshal White. t Stenographer Talley, Clerk Morgan and other*, accompanied by Alderman Dure, chairman of the audi torium committee, and Architect Kills. The Inspection wan made with h view of determining the adaptability of the apartment* In the building for the purpose* of court room and quar ter* for tho various officials of the United State* court. The building contain*, beside* the auditorium proper, eleven room* for of fice*. all these being above the base ment. There are two office*, connected with the lobby, on the flrnt floor, these to be used by Judge Speer In tho event the government accepts these quarter*, and two room* In the rear, at each *IUe of the ntage, to be used a* Jury room*. These latter room* are Intended for committee room* during the holding of convention*. On the second floor, with the gallery, are live front rooms de signed for city official*, but will be used for tlie marshal and other*, nnd two committee room* In the rear. The Inspecting party gave out no In formation a* to whether the quarter* were suitable, nnd this, It i* under stood. will be conveyed In n letter to be written by Judge Speer to Chair- CITY HALL OFFICIALS ARE WORKING HARD dosed an unusually"'sueccsTBWfrSP.^ fftfcr* * der the leadership of its pastor. Rev. W. L. Walker, and propose* to hold a grand rally of all Its forces at the church on Sunday night The meet ing* at the Manchester and Willing ham chapels have been called in and these arms of the VineviUe church will participate in the general rally. The theme for the evening will be "Some Better Things for the New Year." The work of the old year will be discussed and a number of spirited talks will be made by members of the church look ing to better things for the year 1905. Five minute speeches will be made by Messrs. C. B. Ellis, county Sunday school evangelist; John E. Waugh, president of the Young People's Union; F. L. Mallary, superintendent of the Sunday school and by Rev. B. G. Smith, associate pastor, who has the mission chapels under his especial care. Rev. W. L. Walker, the pastor, will return from his Christmas vacation Saturday night and will preside over the meeting making a special address upon the theme of the evening, having many things of special interest to say to the church and congregation. The special music for tKe occasion will be under the direction of Miss Lena Ful- ghum and the church and Sunday school choirs will render assistance. A very large congregation is expected and all who attend whether members or visitors will receive a most cordial welcome. in a robe we sell, ?of| long—elegantly made,I Extra heavy domet flal There’s winter nightj here, sir! lenso Tf»* Up-t^ iggle up in Comfortable g^ygMABES bow [lp sleeping fore’s not a Mare” cut full find. f J store for you oore They Wish to Get Everything in 8hip Shape Order for tho Opening of tho * New Yeer'e Wcrk—Much to be At tended to Today. to Send for our Price-list g The Allmayer & Flatau Liquor Company \ $ 506. 508. 510, 513 Fourth St. Alncdn, Ga. ^ooooooooococococcococooocoooooooocoooooooooocoooocoo Bibb Manufacturing Co., Macon, Ga. Manufacturers of — Cotton Yarns, Warps, Twines, Hosiery, Etc: IS and 20 Thomas St. • New York Office. MOOOOOoooooooooooccooouooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc There Is a rustle nnd hustle, a .hti* tie and almost a tussle among the of ficial* and office holders at the city hall nt present and it Is all occasioned by the proximity of the n*w year nnd the desire of these men to have every thing In ship shape order when 1905 rolls ’round. A visit paid to the bends of the various department* Friday af ternoon resulted In the discovery of all the men at wcrk behind desks piled high with biisiupHs records. One of the men who was at wcrk was approached and saluted with r. casual "Howdy.” and "What’a doing?" Another dive nt a batch of lettera and papers was followed by a qlck reply. ' Excuse me. please, but you see that Tin really too busy to talk. Every thin's on the Junto hereabout* today to get ready for the new year'a open ing and we haven't got the time to talk or haven't had a chance to make Inquiries about mutters relating to business outside of our own.** City Clerk T. L. Idassenberg was later approached and he was discov ered seated behtnl hie high desk which was piled with new badges to be portioned out among the boot blacks. hack drivers and other* of similar callings. A Costly Mistake. Blunders are *ometlines very ex pensive. Occasionally life itself is the price of a mistake, but you’ll never be wrong If you take Dr. King’s New Life Pill* for Dyspepsia. Dizziness, Head ache. Liver or Bowel troubles. They are gentle yet thorough. 25c. at all drug stores. Only 10 Ilnurs to Cincinnati Leave Maccn 3:05 a. m.. arrive Cln cinnati for supper, or leave Macen 1:35 p. m., arrive Cincinnati next morning for breakfast. Beginning Jan. Ittk the famous "Chicago and Fiend* Special** will leave Macon at 3:45 p. m. daily, ex cept Syndey, arrive Atlanta f:00 p. nt, Chattanooga 10:15 p. m,. Cincinnati 7:55 a. Tclede 4:10 p. Cleveland S'.OO p. m., Chicago 5:30 p. m. JAS. FREEMAN, T. P. A. rnan Dure. From remarks dropped, however, considerable additions must be made before the quurters will be acceptable. The five rooms on the gal lery or second floor were considered too small and wlthour sufficient light. The suggestion was made that these rooms could be used for document or file rooms, nnd other temporary offices, taking tip much of the gallery on the Flrnt street side, be constructed. On the lower floor it would also be neces sary to add a largo room for the grand Jury. In addition to these improvements It Is necessary that the building nhould be heated by steum and additional sanitary fixture* placed in the build ing. A suggestion was made by one of the touring party after the inspection, that may he Important Instead of the oc cupation of the t auditorium building by the United States court, the old city hall be devoted to tho purpose. By this plan the Judge could occupy, for Instance, the roomn now occupied by the treasurer or city marshal, using the council chamber ns a court room, and the rooms In the second story for tho court officials. In this way. so the suggestion goes, there would he no connection with the city officials, all of these having offices in the audito rium addition. Just how this can be worked out was not stated. At any rate. It will he a day or before It is definitely known whnt will be done. PARK KEEPER HUSLEY IS ON THE WAR-PATH A Large Chicken Hawk Has Been Re ducing His Poultry Farm and the Officer ie Now 8eoking Revenge. Within the^last eight day* Park- Keeper Hulsey’s poultry farm at Cen tral City park hau been almost deci mated. the pet bird* have been taken, and those that are left are In a stage of fright nnd refuse to respond to the call of the keeper except at meal limes. Previous to eight days ago the bird* would come at his beck and call but now a feeling of fear has over taken them .and all because one mammoth chicken hawk ha* been hov ering In the neighborhood wreaking dire vengeance upon the feathered In habitants. The first depredations of the hawk occurred over a week ago nnd one or two of the pet chickens were number ed with the missing at the next meal time. On the following day a couple more failed to feast on corn and drink with the rest at the watering trough. The decrease wns noticed and a watch for the marauder, whatever It might be. was kept. Two or three days ago the chicken-terror was first spied. It was sailing high over the lot. Circling around nnd around it gradually les sened the distance »o the *-ound and then its identity was discovered. It was a large chtcken hawk. Officer Hu bey has borrowed a gun of a bore reaembling a small cannon and has loaded it to the killing point. He ha* built a blind from sticks an«J grass and I* ready for the next ap pearance of the hawkshlp. In Atlanta Theatres Cheap Rite, to AtllnU via Southern Railway. Account Choico Theatrical Attraction, During January —Rato, *3.51 Round Trip. For "Mother Cocao.- Jan. 2-7, ticket, on aale Jan. 3 and 1 For -English Grand Opara," Jan. I*.IS. tickata on sale Jan. 17. Fcr “Ben Hur.” Jan. tickets on ulo Ja-. 20. All tickata to bo limited to eno day aftor data of sale. . Baginning January 11th the famous “Chicago and Florida Special" will loovo Maccn at 3:45 p. m. and arrive Atlanta 6:00 p, rr..—two hours and fif teen minute*—'"It doesn't hesitate,” at intermediate points. JA8. FREEMAN, T. P. A. Fine Attractions in Atlanta Theatres During January. Low rates via the Central of Geor gia; $3.52 round trip from Macon, and proportionate low rates from Inter mediate points to Atlanta: For ’ Mother Goose,” January 2-7, tickets on sale January 3rd and 6th. English Grand Opera. January 16-18, tickets on sale January 17th. Ben Hur. January 19-21, tickets on sale January 20th. All tickets to be limited one day af ter date of sale. Trains leave Macon for Atlanta a* follows: 4:15 a. in.. 8:00 a. in., 1:30 m.. 4:25 p. m. For information 'phone 305 or 905, or call at city ticket office. 352 Second street. JOHN W. BLOUNT, Traveling Passenger Agent l Wu desircr to^extend to onr friends and customers, our grateful appreciation of their liljeral patronage and to wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy, IProsperous New Year BOARD OF STEWARDS WILL BE INSTALLED Occasion Will Bo Precoded by a Pro gram Consisting of 8hort Talks and Songs—Sunday School Officers Will Be Also Installed, The board of stewards at the Second street Methodist church will 1 stalled at 11 o’clock Sunday morning with the following program: Song by Dr. W. II.• Hatcher. Prayer by Mr. J. W. Gunn. "The Life of a Steward,” by Mr. O. W. Anderson. Prayer by Mr. M. M. Marshall. "The Life of a Member,” by Mr Walter Williams. "How the Stewards nnd Members can be Helpful to Each Other," by Rev. “1. O. Murrah. Charge to the stewards by Jhe pastor. Prayer by Mr. J. C. Wyche. Retrospect and prospect by James Platt. At the evening service the Epworth League officers will be Installed with short talks by the following: Mr. Wal ter William*. Mt*s Minnie Raukln. Miss Ada Rees, Miss Lixxle Mathews, Miss Bertie Taylor. At the Sunday school hour, 10 o'clock, the officers and teachera will be stalled with appropriate services. The public is cordially invited to attend. y 'IMAGON-. GA. Beware of Imitations and frauds HIS CLIENT FREED AS HE LABORED Two Factors Worked to Secure Liberty of a Negro—The Lawyer Secures Writ but Friends Pay tha Fine. When the attorney who was em ployed to secure the release of one Steve Frederick from the chalngang on a writ of habeas corpus, presents his papers to Judge Speer this morn ing he will be surprised to learn that his work was fruitless. It seems several days ago Steve was fined $20 In the recorder’s court for being drunk and disorderly, went to the gang In default of pay ment of the fine. It further seems thta S»eve has two sets of friends. One set had evidently heard of the habeas corpus way striking off the shackles, and employed! an attorney to secure a writ for the*! purpose. While the attorney was I rummaging over the records of the po-J lice court and preparing his papenf the other set of friends were passing the hat around. They managed to s-?| cure the twenty dollars which the; paid into the hand* of the station grant, and by night Steve was on ing his freedom. In the meantime the attorney ft»li j spare writ of habeas corpus on hands. slid c/ontrol ^ /Dale Pure Rye I / f lot b,o purchased from others. More o - ' brpnd sold than all others combinod’ of/ Willow Dais In Jug.......$2.45, Delivered. I Quarto of Willow Dale $2.85, Delivered. tagh. Price Low. Best by Test N. m. block, i Distillers, Hacon, Ga. ; I+++++++++++ ♦»♦♦♦♦'«♦ + + * ♦ ♦ ♦ »++ ♦ ♦♦♦>♦»* J Jewel- I lx; *)t« l.rticlea, L won't y’ them. % beau- Ltreme- |>t spend • a look Jcrfcctly l)u like; ins, 553 Cherry St. Macon, Ga A Card of Thanks. We tender to our friends and netg bora our heart-felt thanks for many kindnesses and offers of ax«i| during the last illness c daughter Florence. Such kindness brings us in touch with our fellowman and xfc! a rift of brightness through a cloud sorrow. 1 MR. AND MRS. A. P. CHAMDLF lorn the Wood! 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As a result oMhe menu the Bellevue cars turn from avenue Into Cherry street Instead taking the roundabout course First street. 1 To Kentae City In Through 8leeped via Southern Railway. Leave hlaeon daily StOS a. m. srriv- Kanaao City 9:45 next moraine. Coe» via At r ntD -.nir.gham, Msmph a and SprinoSoId. JAS. FREEMAN, T. P. K