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The messenger. (Fort Hawkins, Ga.) 1823-1823, July 28, 1823, Image 1

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Vot. h the I stassrawaa® is PHINTBD WEEKLY BY I M ROBFAITSON, ~ Ire Mh P r ‘ V*. a.l.vance, 0.- M ,Zr dollar, if not P“J > the “i” bs ‘"oertod at ’ sVviMV-HVF. EEKTsper square, fir the first insertion, and fifty cents for ca ch continuance. Advertise ‘ n ts not limited when handed in, uill be inserted till lorbid. months after date, applica i\ tion will be made to the honora pfe Inferior Court of Jefferson county v.'lien sitting for ordinary purposes, for leave to sell 64\ .Acres, move or less, j v inr on the waters of Rocky Comfort creek, adjoining lands of Benj. Cohort “ doth ' t - ALSO one other tract containing 216 acres, more or less, lying on the waters of Rocky Comfort creek, ad joining lands of James Ingram and others? it being the real estate of Ar thur Cheatham dec. anti to be sold for the benefit of the heirs and creditors us said dec. .Ann Cheatham, MnVrx. Jan. 10,1823. 33 m9m* Notice. NINE months after date, application “Will be made to the honorable court ol ordinary of Jefferson county, for leave to sell one tract oV land containing 250 acres, being known by lot No. 163 in the lOtu district of Hall county. ALSO, one other tract containing 490 acres, lying in Irwin county and known by lot No. 434 in the 12th dist. of said county —both being the real estate of James Rogers late of said county deceased. *>\. Uoitertson, iYdnvv. January 21th m9m Notice. NINFI months al'er date, applica tion will be made to the honorable In ferior Court of Jefferson county when sitting for ordinary purposes, for leave to sell One tract of \ /and, con taining two hundred acres, lying in Jefferson County on the waters of Ogeechy River, adjoining lands of Richard Brown and others, and, One other tract of Land, containing thirty acres, lying in said county, adjoining lands of the said Richard Brown arid others, and One other tract oV Land, containing four hundred auJ ninety acres, lying in the couniyl%f Irwin, known by lot No. 456 in the 12th District of said county. ALSO Three Negroes, to w\t, ANN, a girl about 18 years old, IRE, a boy about 16 years old, *iinl MAN, a boy almut 9 years old.— It being the real estate of Joseph Bar ker, late ol said county, deceased. Jill QUA HA It HER, Admrx. IIOLDLY BAR HE It, Jidnvr. January 4 Hi. 52 m9m. irmim | *’ hereby given to warn all persons I- Loin trailing for a Note given by r ” 1,1 James Moore, for one hundred t ‘‘‘ l dollars, dated March 16, “j * have once paid the said note Ml< Jl “ determined not to do Regain. , EDOM LESahL. J'llyoo, 1822.’ 18 NOTICE. i\j months after date, applica * v •ion Will ix; made to (he honora ,)lc court of Ordiuary of Jefferson c'Hinty for leave to ads ’ •to tract oV \i\nd conlatamu; acres being known bv lot No. in the lata dist. (Oh!) Wilkinson < mint v, it being the real estate of John •itiiogo, lute of Jefferson countv, dec and. JAMES T. [IT! f)N Ad mV. Feb. 2iuc i • a— THE MESSENGER Gihespie & Birdsong, e AVE just received, and are now opening at the corner of Bridge and Mulberry-streets, (Shorter’s build ing) a general assortment of Dv\ Goods, VatentMedi* Ward-Wave, e’mes, Sadie rN, Crockery, Shoes, Glass-Ware, Wats, and Bonnets, G roe ones. All direct from New York and Charles ton, which they offer for sale, Macon, 7th July. 16—ts. NOTUT. m m* jmn&Qau RATEFUL to the citizens of .H Clinton and its vicinity for the numerous favors bestowed in his line of business, takes this method of in forming thei i, that tie has recently em ployed a first rate WATCH and CLOCK MAKER, and SILVERSMITH, who will dispatch \vi*h the utmost promptitude all business of the above kind entrusted to his care. N. 13. lie w ill keep on hand a quan tity of Table and Tea SPOONS, SOUP-LADLES, and SUGAR-TONGS, AND A GENERAL ASSORTMENT OF of ail descriptions. ./Iny commands from the country will be strictly atten ded to. GuiwduuVs Sate. ON the 25th day of August next, will be sold at the house of James Wright, of Jefferson county, by virtue of an ordet” of the court of Ordinary of said county, two negroes, named SAM and RACHAEL —As the property of the minor heirs of Robert Pior dec’d. Terms made known on the dav of sale. MUNI) GROCE, Guardian. July 7th 1823. 17—4Ud Information Wanted ANY person or persons having knowledge of JAMES HAR VEY W ASH BUR , (a native of Massachusetts) within the space of 12 years past, will confer a great favor by enclosing and forwarding in a let ter, such information, pei mail, to 11. MORTON. Telfair County, Geo. 15 JO™Editors of papers throughout the United States, will have the good ness to give the above one or two in sertions. Notice. NINE months after date, applica tion will be made to the honorable Inferior Court of Twiggs county, when sitting for ordinary purposes, for leave to sell one tract ol land con taining two hundred and eleven acres, more or less, lying in the county of Washington, near Sandersville ; being the properly ol Josiuh Vasser, deceas ed, lute of i’wiggs county. O ILLIA.M PERRY, Adm'r de bonis non. July 7, 1823 I6m9m Notice. INE months after date, applica tion will lx* made to the honora ble Court of Ordinary ol Jefferson county, for leave to sell lot number one hundred and twenty-eight, in the fifth District of Monroe county, be longing to William 11. .Connelly, a minor. In the mean time all persons are cautioned against trespassing on said land. Littleberry. Bostick, Guardian. May 22, 1823. m9m. NOTICE. NINE months after date, appplica tion will be made to the honorable court of Ordinary of Jefferson county, for leave to sell Due tract of Land, con taining 218 acres, lying in said county adjoining lands of Richard Fleeting and others, being a part of the real estate of John Irwin, late of said county, deceased, and to be sold for (he benefit of the heirs and creditors of said deti’d. FOIUSTER LITTLE, Adm’r. j a n ;o. 32 m9m FOU V HAWKINS, (GEORGIA,') MONDAY, JULY 28, 1823. MARTIN SIMMONS OFFERS for sale a general assort ment of Groceries, Wr\ Goods, Crockery, Hats, Shoes, Castings. Iron &lc. which he will dispose of low for Cash only. On Consignment. 10,000 lbs. prime Bacon 10 bids. Pork 10 “ Mackerel 50 “ Whiskey 20 “ India point Gin 4 “ Rum 30 “ & 2 hhds. Brown Sugar 6 “ Loaf l)o. 15 “ Flour 20 Bags Coffee 1 Tierce Rice 10 Kegs Dupont’s Powder 10 “ Nails, assorted 50 qr boxes Spanish Segars Ist qual. 100 sacks Liverpool Salt 1650 lbs. Grindstones A small lot of Cod-Fish. New Town, May 12th B—ts. VF.aSE & JEWETT, HAVING lately commenced the Mercantile business in this place have on hand a general assortment of GOODS. Among which are Superfine CLOTHS, VESTINGS, NANKEENS, BOM D AZE I TS, GINGHAMS, CALICOES, MUSLINS, &c. Also —Straw BONNETS ; Men’s and Boys fine and coarse HATS; — BOTES, SHOES, &c. If ith an assortment All of which they will sell low for Cash. May 12. Stf .lUomcN Ik CovmseUov A'V LANS*, HAVING located himself Jin the Town of Macon, tenders his professional services to the public— He will practice in the several courts of the Flint Circuit, and in the counties of Jones and Twiggs. Macon, May 1 19,1823. 9—ts. NOTICE. INE months from this date, ap i. w plication will be made to the honorable court of Ordinary of Bibb county for leave to sell AW tiu> veal estate oV John D. Williams, deceased, late of said county Timothy Matthews, Adm. de bonis non. 19th May, 1823. m9mlO Vostponed Sale. Agreeably to an order of the Honorable Court oj Ordinary of Jefferson County, Wilt be Sold ON THE FIRST TUESDAY IN August next,at the market-house in the town of Louisvide, one tract oV land known Y)\ Lot No. 5 in the 15tii dist. (old) W il kinson county, containing 202£ acres, It being the real estate ol Stephen Minten, late of said county deceased, and to be sold for the benefit of the heirs and creditors ol said deceased. HoWvt Braswell, Adm’r. Tanuary 24th 1823. 35—tds NOTICE. \WT ILL be sold on the first Tues ▼ T day in September next, in the town of Louisville, agreeable to an or der of the honorable court ol Ordinary, of Jefferson county, nine hundred and thirty-six acres of land, lying in the county of Jefferson,on the waters of Dry creek, adjoining lands oi W in. Mar shall, and others: it being the real es tate of Benjamin Davis, dee’il and to be sold for the benefit of the minor heirs of said deceased. Also two hundred and two anil an half acres, lying in the county of Wilkinson, known b} lot No. 7, in the 16th district of said county, belonging to the subscriber.— Terms made known on the day of sale. Elizabeth Davis, Adm\v. June 20, 1823. 15*—G()d. jvonctt. NINE months after date, applica tion will be made to the honorable the court ol ordinary of Jefferson county for leave to sell 202 \-2 acres oV Land, being Lot No. 53 in the 6th dist. of Fayette county, and being the real es tate of Mary Quinney, late of said county deceased. \). Wook, ,AiW\\ January 24th m9m John G. Bostick y vs. { Bill in Equity for Edwin Whitedeadf Discovery. & Charles Watson A I N this case the sheriff having re- I turned that the defendants are not to be found in this county, on motion, it is ordered, that a service of tlie said bill be perfected upon the defendants by advertising this rule once a month in some public Gazette of this state, until the next term of this court: and it is further ordered that the said de fendants do appear and answer the said bdl at the next term of tins court. A true extract taken from the min utes of the Superior court of Jef ferson county and state of Geor gia, lhis 29th May, 1823. 15] JOHN G. BOSTICK, Clerk. EXTRACTS FROM A PROSPECTUS, For publishing a Translation of the Vwe Codes Napoleon. SEVERAL gentlemen of eminence in the profession of the law, and others, who are equally well versed in the science of legislation, having advi sed me to translate from the French into Ihe English language the Five Codes Napoleon, l take the liberty of announcing to the literary characters in the United States of America, that I have completed the performance, which I am now employed in collating with the original, progressively wri ting its index. To those of my fellow citizens who have not had the oppor tunity of reading this work in French, which is so much, and 1 believe, de servedly admired every where,and es pecially in America and in England, whose systems of jurisprudence arc the subjects of emulation of every ci vilized community, 1 would observe, that it is on record, that Napoleon took more pride in this compilation of his than in all his other achieve ments. [Here follows several respectable testimonials.] The Codes will be contracted to be printed in two Bvo volumes, which, it is believed, will contain Irom 400 to 500 pages each. The types will be those which printers denominate pica, and the contract will stipulate for the paper to be good. The Volumes will be bound in calf-skin, anil endorsed. The price of the two volumes will be six dollars, payable on their delivery. JONAS FAUCHE.” Greensboro, Georgia, June 17. Notice. NINE months after date, applica tion will be made to the honorable In ferior court of Jefferson*county, when sitting for ordinary purposes, for leave to sell all the real property belonging to the estate of Capt. James Meri wether, late o'Jefferson county, dec’ll. SUSANNA MERIWETIIER, Dec. 20.—n0. 30. Executrix. Georgia—Monroe C o\\nt\. In Monroe Superior Court, March Term, 1823. Jonathan Parrish, Informer, T vs. j- Sci. Fa. Berry Redd. j I|T appearing to the Court by the Sheriffs return in this case, that the defendant is not to be found : On motion of the plaintiff’s attorney, it is thereupon ordered that service be per fected by publication in one of the public gazettes of this state, that the defendant appear at the Superior court to be held in said county, on the fourth Monday in September next,and mak£ his defence, and that this rule be published monthly for three months previous to said court, according to law. A true copy from the minutes. WILKINS HUNT, Cleric. 26th March, 1823. m3m —S JOB VVUN VVNG NEATLY EXECUTED AT THIS OFFICE. FLOORING BRADS, and a few pieces PAPER HANGING, For sale bv ROBERTSON & GRAN BERRY. April 21 JlT° We are authorised to announce Dr. S. M. INGERSOLL, a candidate for a seat in the representative branch of the next legislature, for Bibb county. |C7* We are authorised to announce C. YV. RAINS, Esq. a candidate for a seat in the Representative branch of the next legislature, for Bibb county. We are authorised to announce Timothy Matthews esq. a candidate to represent this county in the Senatorial branch ot thd next Legislature of this State. Stephen Williams is a candidate to represent this county in the next Legislature of this State. We are authorised to announce Capt. Charles Bul lock a candidate to represent this County in the Senatorial branch of the next Legislature of this State. St. Louis, May 31. Iron Mountain —This place is in Washington county, in this State, and is the most extraordinary store of iron ore that has yet been dis covered in any country. It would not probably be transcending the limits of truth to say, that it would supply the world v/ith this useful mineral for a long period of time. In appearance it bears a strong re semblance to native iron, and would yield on fusion 80, or perhaps 90 per cent. T here are other places that have been denominated iron mountains t such as thatof Traberg in Smoland, and two, the names of which we do not recollect, that have been dis covered in Lapland ; but none of these can be compared with the mountains of Missouri, neither in point of magnitude nor in quality of ore. It is a matter of astonishment that no foundry has yet been es tablished r.ovenient to this place; in its neighbourhood are many v.d uable mills, and there is evdiently no want of water power for the ap plication of machinery even of the largest construction. As there are few individuals who could com mand the capital necessary to be employed in this buisness, it would pernaps require a Company to car ry into effectual execution an enter prize of so much importance, and which could not fail in being amply productive. Os the success that would attend it, there cannot exist a doubt, and it is thought by many intelligent persons, that iron cas tings, See. might be exported advan tageously even to places where they are now maufactured. I he peculiar quality of the ore of which this section of country is the rich depository, is also worthy of attention. At a bloomery erected by Messrs. Beery & Kuggles, iron is produced of a quality greatly supe rior to any that can be imported, and is preferred by smiths, because it is worked with greater facility, and is found to possess in a very high degree the properties of steel. Axes, plough-irons and any addi tion of steel, are found nearly equal to those formed in the ordinary way. Thazrsw mountain is frequently visited by the curious traveller.— and by those who have contempla ted drawing on its vast store of wealth ; and at length it is stated, a Founderv and other works calcula ted to bring into operation the min eral resources of this district, are about to be erected. We do not vouch for the truth of this state ment, but a better prospect for the investment of capital is but seldom presented, and there can be no doubt, that if not immediately, it will very coon, be embraced. Bt Luuis Eng • JVo. U).