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The messenger. (Fort Hawkins, Ga.) 1823-1823, August 11, 1823, Image 1

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vo\. t the messenger, is PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY U OSE fc UOBEHTSO.V, . t , h „ t dollars a year, in advance, „ f w ,r diiUais if not paid withm the • ,ei !w nrH.emr.ts wilt be ‘-.sorted at “, rv-r,vK cents per S ,aore. tor L jirst insertion, ud rail cents for each continuance. A,,nenis limited when handed in, will be a„,ted till forbid. and Notice of sales of land ami rce.ues'bv Administrators, Kxeeutors, “ r (inardiens, are required by law, o be jdvertised in a public previous to the day of sale. ‘Notice of tiie sale ot personal pro perty must be given in like manner Lu, days previous to the day of sale. J Notice to the debtors and creditors of‘an estate must be published lor fovt'i days. . ... , Notice that application will be made t 0 the Court of Ordinary for leave to , e ll land, must be published for nine months. irjif subscribers have opened a J Store in Macon, Bibb county, di rectly on the bluff, near the ferry, in the store of Dr. Ingersoll, where they offer for sale, low for Cash the follow ing articles, —viz 2000 lbs Iron, 1000 lbs prime Bacon 400 bush. L. P. Salt, 10 bids prime Pork, 10 do Whiskey 3do Gin, 6 hogsheads Whiskey 5 hhds N. O. Sugar, 2 do Molasses 2 bbls Jamaica Sugar 1 do loaf do, 10 bags Coffee 2 chests Tea, 2 kegs D. P. Powder 20 bags shot, 6 boxes Candles 4 boxes Soap, 4 kegs Tobacco 2 casks London Porter 7 do Nails, assorted Plough Moulds Madeira, Teneriffe & Claret Wines Jamaica and Northern Rum Cognac Brandy, Holland Gin Pepper, Spice, Copperas, Saltpetre Bar Lead, Plow Lines, Bed Cords Trace Chains, Brade’s patent Hoes Pad, stock, and closet Locks Cotton Cards, Curry Combs Crockery Ware, assorted Horn, tortoise, bone anil ivory Combs assorted, Pins and Needles do Pearl, mould and metal Buttons do Pen, pocket, and Spanish Knives and Forks, assorted Ladies morocco, leather, and prunella Shoes, do, Gent's Shoes & Bootees 2 cases gentlemen’s beaver, imitation, and msi ino Hats, assorted Rose Blankets, Blue Booking Green Baize, Cassimeres, Oznaburgs Flannels, assorted Cotton and linen Shirting do Irish, Russia, and cotton Sheeting do Long Lawns, Domestic Plaids Apron Checks, Bed Ticking Russia Duck and Drill Ladies and gent’s Hose, assorted Childrens do, Ribbons, assorted Linen, cotton, and mabury Thread Tapes, cotton Cord, Bobbin Ladies and gent’s Gloves, assorted Linen and cotton Cambric do Calicoes and and Ginghams, do Seer suckers and printed Muslins Furniture Calicoes and Chintz Cambric Dimity Mull,book, and jackonet muslins Merino, Valencia and silk Slialls Cotton and Cassimere assorted do Valencia Scarfs, Inserting Trimmings Muslin Dresses, Tamb’d Muslins Caroline and imitation Plaids Bombazettes, Union Stripes, French, Nankin, and Yellow do. assorted Black Sinche ws, •Scarlet and green Florentine Nankin and Canton Crapes I'lag and Barcelona liandk'fs ‘'ilk Umbrellas Rriganby and Turkey Red Shalls Valencia, Toil’t & Marseills Vestings Ceiulemen’s Cravats 1 ogether w ith a number of other ar ticle <, too numerous to mention. A liberal price will be given for Cow Hides, & c . ike. J. & A. BENNE TT. dno—For sale by the subscriber, ‘•ie following tracts of LAND. ■Nit. 137, ‘Jtii Dist. Houston 202$ acr. 214 5 “ Dooly 202$ 13li 7 “ “ 202$ ; 7G l “ “ 202$ 2)2 (j “ Henry 202$ h” 20 “ Daily £o2s Due second hand COAUIIEE, Har ness, am| HORSE, which will be sold for Cash. JOSEPH BENNET T. August 4. . stn2o HE MESSENGER. T GiWcspie &. Wirdsong, HAVE just received, and are now opening at the corner of Bridge and Mulberry-streets, (Shorter’s build ing) a general assortment of Dv\ Goods, Vateut A\ed\- 4) I Ward-Wave, ernes, SiuWevx, Cvockerx, * Shoes, Glass-Ware, Wats, aod Bonnets, G voce vies. All direct from New York and Charles ton, which they offer for sale. Macon, 7th July. 16—ts. f. .\ ’vv,iv r. \ \ \\ li vv, BY John C. L aster, AT HILLSBORO’, JASPER CO UNTV. Aug. 4. 2w20 rpwo good 40 saw Cotton Gins 1 lor sale.—For further informa tion, appiy at this office. Aug. 4,4823. tf2o AOVK’F. 7 4 GREEABLY to an order of the xl of the Inferior Court of Bibb county, J Fill be sold,on the first ‘Tues day in October next, at the house of John Keener, ‘3 Aegroes, Viz.—‘2 Fel lows, Joe and Moses, and Laney, a Woman, being the property of John I). Williams, late of said county, dec. and to be sold for the benefit of the heirs and creditors of said deceased. TIMOTH YM A TTHFtt S, Adm'r with the will annexed. July 31, 1823. tls2o Georgia,'Wilkinson t ount\. PERSONALLY came before me, Benjamin Mitchell, Justice of the Peace, R. S. Hatcher, and being duly sworn, saith, that he received an order from Jeremiah Smith to James Hatcher, for twenty dollars, dated the 2d or 3d of July last, and the said or der is lost or mislaid, so that he can not command it. R. S. HATCIIER. Sworn before me this the 4 30th of Julv, 1823. B. MITCHELL, J. P. J 3w20 Georgia—B\hib County. 44)6 r James Pearson applies y V to me for letters ot administra tion on the estate of Geo. Y\ ilson,late of said county dec.—'Hiese are therefore to cite and admonish all and singular the heirs and creditors of said dec. to be and appear at my office within the time preserbed by Taw, to shew cause, if any they have, why said letters should not be granted. Given under my hand, this 2nd day of August, 1823. I}. S. 800 TH, c. c. o- August 4. 4w20 G eorguv—WtY)l) County. WHEREAS Elizabeth Bagby ap plies to me for letters ot administration on the estate of Thomas Bagby dec.— 7’hese are therefore to cite and adinon ish all and singular the heirs and cre ditors of said dec. to be and appear at mv office within the time prescribed by law, to shew cause, it any they have, why said letters should not be granted. Given under my hand, this 2nd day of August, 1823. D. S. BOOTH, c. c. o. August 4. 4w20 Georgia—\Jihh Counts . WHERE AS Alexander Meriwether applies to me for letters ol administra tion on the estate of VN right R. ( ole man, deceased. Thess are therefore to cite and admonish all, and singular the kindied and creditors of said deceased, to be and appear at my office, within lime prescribed by law, to shew cause if any, why said letters should not be granted. _ Given under my hand this 2d day ol August, 1823. D. S. BOOTH, c. c. o. August 4. OF EVERY DESOUIPTIUN, Vov sale at iWis Office. ’ JOB ViU.WI.XO .-v \,TLV EXECUTED AT THIS OFFICE. FORT HAWKEYS, MO.YOAY, AVGUST I\, 1823. .MAR IT.Y SI.U.’MO.YS OFFERS for sale a general assort ment of Groce vies, Dr\; Goods, Crockery, Hats, Shoes, Castings, Iron &c. which he will dispose of low for Cash only. On Consignment. 10,000 lbs. prime Bacon 10 bbls. Fork 10 “ Mackerel 50 “ Whiskey 20 “ India point Gin 4 “ Rum 30 “ & 2 hluls. Brown Sugar 6 “ Loaf Do. 15 “ Flour 20 Bags Coffee 1 Tierce Rice 10 Kegs Dupont’s Powder 10 “ Nails, assorted 50 qr boxes Spanish Segars Ist qual. 100 sacks Liverpool Salt 1650 lbs. Grindstones A small lot of Cod-Fish. New Tow n, May 12th B—ts. VF.ASF, & JEWETT, HAVING lately commenced the Mercantile business in this place have on hand a general assortment of GOODS. Among which are Superfine CLOTHS, VESTINGS, NANKEENS, BOMB^ZETTS, GINGHAMS, CALICOES, MUSLINS, &c. Also —Straw BONNETS ; Men’s and Boys fine and coarse HATS; — BOOTS, SHOES, &c. If Uh an assortment of All of which they will sell low for Cash. May 12. Btf Georgia—defferson Connt\. \ ‘I ‘HEREAS David E. W hitaker Y J applies to me for letters of ad ministration on the estate of Benjamin E. W hitaker, deceased. ‘lhese are therefore to cite and admonish all and singular, the heirs and creditors of said deceased, to file their objections in terms of the law, in such case made and provided, if any they have, why said letters should not be granted. Given under my hand this Ist day of July, 1823. J. G. BOSTICK, and. c. c. o. j.c. July 28, 1823. 19—6 w AO VICFi. WILL be sold oil the first ‘Tues day in September next, in the town of Louisville, agreeabl e to an or der of the Intnurable court ol Ordinary, of Jefferson county, nine hundred ai <1 thirty-six acres of land, lying in the county of Jefferson,on the waters ot Dry creek, adjoining lands of Win. Mar shall, and others: It being the real es tate of Benjamin Davis, dec’d and to be sold for the benefit of the minor heirs of said deceased. Also two hundred and two and an half acres, lying in the county of Wilkinson, known by lot No. 7, in the 16th district of said countv, belonging to the subscriber. — Terms made known on the day ol sale. Elizabeth Dams, Adm'x. June 20, 1823. 15—60d. HOUSE STOLLS. CITOLEN from the stable of the subscriber, on the night ol the 26th Julv, a bright bay Mare, with a very small white star in her forehead, long tail, about 5 feet high, and 8 years old. On the right fore loot just above the hoof is a small rising, and part of one of her teeth, on the left side is bro ken away. Any person who will re turn said mare, or give notice to the subscriber (at Camp Hope, two miles from Fort Hawkins, on the Millcdge ville road,) where she may be found, shall be well rein riled for his trouble. John McDonald. August 4. 2w20 •Notice. NINE months after date, applica tion will be made to the honorable In ferior court of Jefferson county, when sitting for ordinary purposes, for leave to sell all the real property belonging to the estate of Capt. James Meri wether, late o r Jefferson county, dec’d. SUSANN AME UIW ETIIK R, Dec. 20.—no* 30. Executrix. John G. Bostick } vs. f ßill in Equity foil Edwin Whitedeadf Discovery. & Charles Watson } IN this case the sheriff’ having re turned that the defendants are not to be found in this county, on motion, it is ordered,that a service of ti e said bill be perfected upon the defendants by advertising this rule once a month in some public Gazette of this state, until the next term of this court: and it is further ordered that the sai l de fendants do appear and answer the said bill at the next term of this court. A true extract taken from the min utes of the Superior court of Jef ferson county and state of Geor gia, this 20th May, 1823. 15] JOHN G. BOSTICK, Clerk. A* OTIC VI. 4 LL persons having demands against the estate of John 1). Wil liams deceased, by note or otherwise, arc requested to present them within the time prescribed by Law. Timothy Matthews, adm’r. with the will annexed. July 10th, 1823. 19 —6w. Sheriffs Sale. ON the first Tuesday in September next” will be sold, at the house of Major John Keener, (the appointed place of holding court for the county of Bibb,) between the usual hours of sale, the following property, to wit: Three negroes, Amvv a woman about 25 years of age, and her two children, CHARLOTTE, a girl about 5 years old, and EBBY, a girl about 4 yUrs old.—All levied on as the property of David B. Culberson, to satisfy a fi fa in favor of Reid, Woodruff, & Cos. vs. said Culberson. Property pointed out by the defendant. Terms Cash. EDMUND C. BEARD, Sh’ff. July 23d 1823, 19—tds List ol Letters REMAINING in the Post Office at Louisville, on the Ist day of July, 1823. Those not called for be fore the Ist October next, will be sent to the Gen’l Post Office as dead letters. Joseph Allen Lewis Lodge Silas Arrington Aaron Lanier John H. AlaxanderW illiain Long Wiat Alford Hardy Morgan Mathew Haley James Mason Elijah Brown Mrs Easter Martin Fleming Bates Allen Page Win. Bowen Jacob S. Powell George Brown Allen Pearce Samuel Bigham Redding Pate James Britt Mrs Patsey Pearce Mrs Jane Bigham James Rogers John Chasoti Esq Jejse Robinson E. H.Callaway esq.Jouathau Ross 3 John Cook Esq. Jona. Robertson John Coleman Benj’n J. Ryan Miss Mary Caroth-Mrs. Jane Ross ers Stephen Swain esq. Mrs Sally Coley Kustis Sudstill Rev. ‘/'li. Darley 2 Allen Sutton Wm G. Dekle Rob’t Shelman esq. Dennis Dardens J. W. Stillwell Elisha Davis Frank —man, care Joel Darsey ot John Silly Owen Fountain Fanny Span 2 James Fleming Mrs. Judith Sande- Miss Sarah Fowler fer John W. Green Mrs. Ann M. Thus. Granberry 2 Schley Joel Gay Mrs. Eliza Sim- YVilliam Hurd mons W illiain Ham John B. Terrel John Jordan Blass. Ziminas Charles C Jenkins Samuel B. Z'arver Thomas Kenedy Capt. llenry Z'ur- William Little 2 ner Andrew B Lawson Thomas Whigham llenry Lindo James W asden 30] J. HOST W ICK, P. M. A(\mm\slvi\\ov*s Sa\e. ON the first Tuesday in October next, at the Court House in the town of Marion, will be sold, Two \\a\l s(\iVcvros ol \am\, being part of Lots No. 43 and 65 in the 28th Dist. (formerly Wilkinson, now) Twiggs county —it being part ol the real estate of Jesse R. Wall, de ceased. Terms made known on the day of sale. JOHN SOLOMON, AdmV. July 7th, 1823. 19—2m* \v\lovuvd\\on Wanted. VNY person or persons having knowledge of JAMES HAR VEY WASHBURN, (a native ot Massachusetts) within ti e space ot 12 vears past, will confer a. great tavor iiv enclosing anil forwatdiog in a let ter such information, pei mail, to H. MORTON. Telfair County, Geo. 15 SFKW ® Qt<D3>3* <r r , HE subscriber is now opening, ” near the Ferry, in the town of Macon, a very handsome assortmentof Groce vies, Ward-Ware, and Domestic Goods • Which will be sold at the most re duced prices for Cash. ’Those wishing lor articles of tins description are in vited to call and judge for themselves. ANSON KIMBERLY. Macon,July 28, 1823. 4w 19 LOT No. 76,2d Dist. Henry county “ 199 5 ” 231 5 “ 53 G “ “ “ 198 “ “ “ “ 91 7 “ A “ 289 9 “ -38 10 “ 69 12 “ 194 14 “ 278 16 ” 286 18 “ 136 3d Hist. Monroe Cos. jo 7 * “ 132 8 “ “ 198 “ “ 13 7th Dis. Houston C. “ 183 “ “ “ ” 238 13 “ 142 14 “ 97 15 “ “ “ 114 16 “ 8 7th Dis. Fayette Cos. “ 12 14 “ “ 26 7th Dis. Gwinnett “ 289 6th Dis. Early Cos. f ‘ 363 26 “ v 17 6th l)ist. Dooly Cos. For terms, which will be liberal, ap ply to tli£ subscriber, near the F< ny. ANSON KIMBERLY. Macon, July 28, 1823. 6w!9 Administrator’s Sa\o. A ILX. be sold on the first Tues- T V day in October next, at the couri-house in Marion, Twiggs county, TlVirtN-three acres of Land •> being part of the real estate of Will iam Pearce, deceased. — Terms made known on the day of sale. Ch \RLOTiE Pearce, Adm'x. Tiieoph. Pearce, Adm'r. July 24, 1823. 2m 19 Guardian’s Sa\o. ON the 2 5th day of August next, will be sold at the house of James Wright, of Jefferson county, by virtue of an order of the court of Ordinary of said county, two negroes, named SAM and RACHAEL —As the property of the minor heirs of Robert Pior dec’d. Terms made known on the day ot sale. MUND GROCE, Guardian. July 7th 1823. 17—40d FLOORING BRADS, and a few pieces PAPER HANGING, For sale by ROBERTSON & GRANBERRY. April 21 47“ We are authorised to announce Dr. S. M. INGERSOLL,a candidate for a seat in the representative brancli of the next legislature, for Bitlb county. JUT* We are authorised to announce C. W. RAINS, Esq. a candidate for a seat in the Representative branch of the next legislature, for Bibb county. We are authorised to announce Timothy Matthews esq. a candidate to represent thin county in the Senatorial branch dt the next Legislature of this State. Stephen Wittiams a candidate to represent*this county in (the next Legislature of this State. We arc authorised to announce Capt. Charles Bul lock a candidate to represent this County in the Senatorial branch of the next Legislature of this State. We are authorised to an nounce SPENCER RILEY a candi date for the office of Sheriff’ for this county. We are authorised to an - nounce JONATHAN A. HUDSON a candidate for the oilice of Sheriff f°. this count v. m •Vo. ‘2l.