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Georgia weekly telegraph, journal & messenger. (Macon, Ga.) 1880-188?, September 22, 1882, Image 1

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®fpl JOURNAL AND MESSENGER TIIK PAMII.Y JOUIIHAI.—NCWX—I-OMTIC3- I.ITRRATURK—AORICULTUHS—DQXBST1U XE'.VS, Kiu.—PUiUR Run rKR ARXUR- bTABUSntD 1S26. MACON, FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 22, 1882. VOLUME LVI-NO 36 rr.i.Tu v it i:fkxoko. ) Nf.II.|lkr«'. .p—.ti In H»—I ...I * ftl« XllttStim In Dr. Irllnn. £>!<ltn Trlfjrajik k*d iiUnrriamoifcrr jor;na)e la Georgia, Um Tuoum in Mamaaoaa bat a ttpato* Uoa for fainiM ud eoertany—to Ilia wri- lar lo yon for wlrim nan to ocrreet aoma statement* which appear la Mr.IHapb—%lajaapaaalila Maaons and II la proper to Mala ioat bare, that thla edi torial folraem aad eoartaay on year part te making yoor paper the most-popular jowr- aal In Ccoraia. Ia beginning this correct loo, lei me ask *"yoo a question fa a eptrtt of candid lu- qrtry, and I think jraarretdy will meet with a hearty weleosns all om the State, If 70a eta solve the problem which Is now die- Curbing the pobtla mind. I wottkl respect ful y ask If II la Uta gottoy and rosolva vt the Da*ec*aay of Oaorgia to lodores Mr. Stephens at oae lima as aa orgtniied Drawent aad at another Urns aa aa lode, pendent 7 fan he nnUgralss too organ!, aalloa la IK\ and be “pet la aotalnaiion by both political parties, reaeivtar every Repnblteaa vole that went to the potto/’ aad yet baaome the ataadard-benrer of a party four years afterward, upon n plat form that denounces Independent!* n as Kad-calDm 7 1s the Democratic party to be lUustrated by I's principles or by its aau d *lfyoa will examine the Omarrttlonat Ih-ronl of Jaae 10th,l«7»» (a.little »— |*!a "referring t> th* Speer telrgrags JMahoeaa read ve the aaq*vV from Mr. Stephana bias fesassstt thrse years ago), y omwitl fled a sperch c.f Mr. tftaphaas,frJBom property aa ex- a planathm, ia wbirKV *ay» he was "oat iu noniiaatlim by both” the Democrat!# a“ J RrpabUaaa |«rtk* of tbcetzhUi diatr* and "received every lietrabUraa vote” l . weat 10 tho noils—“U»e fifty eight who voted against him acre scattering Demo crats.” If each a nomination was agreeable to the Detaooraoy la 1*7*. tine «w yon object to tb# n<KuiuRtloa of den. UartteU by the the oae that is prineipa ly dlstorbiog the pobUo mind, aad to which poor attention is oalled trust particularly, is this: "If Got. Uolloek or auy other KerraoUcar. about! secure a nomination by either his money or by the elurU of Ids film J.. lu a packet einvention or eaaens, and aaotu, bay bo was a Democrslie nomlaae, would trmt make him aa aeerptebto candidate to tf*e Democratic party 1 Does a mire pro fession constitute Demoetaey 1 Bare you no measure for a man's principles bat tb- bum profession 7 Does a tnux's public record coont f r nothing be id# sorb |*o IHIenl changes as these, and Is it only Steen sary to call yooreelf a Democrat lo a particular 1 lection to fird tiisopcti do/r to Dooms: atie promotion^ A fell explanation of ihto oaeriion will meet tbs general approval of aft fair mind- ad people in Ueorgtx. f or is It not a fact that Governor Uruvn exceeded any man la the State at any time since the war in If Dr. Felton did wrong, and was dis- Iroytag the Democrslie party last Dscew- | lar, aad Mr. HlspheaMhaja^ eat; to of why did wot the latter make aeah a nvmt when ha waa "altering Um tele gram hi two parttoakra,” which la* formed tbs eommlttss of lade* pendents they could recommend him f Mr. Speer conld not pcaeibl* know Dr. Triton wa* expoeUag a decisive telegram at f arteraville 00 Hnndxy night, the 14th of May, from Mr. Stephen#. oolese Um lot. ter from Dr. Felton to Mr. Btephsae waa exanriaed by other portico (with or with owl bis aoasmt). tw Mr. Steer had oo ia* ■i motion from Dr. Felloe that soeh a tale- ream was needed or espreted. The dsetg* fated places were kaovaoolytoBperr end and wbea they came promptly > sent through the Associated Press rose, and were published in Wash- |r early morning of the 15th of •ir. btet>hanc ; s connivance, if not by hto contrivance. With soeii facts prove! beyond aqne*. tloa and defying a onatradtotiow, it la ia- iprehenslple that Mr. (Uephsas should proclaim hla hostility to Dr. Felton's |oti<tcal management, which ha pro- acuaced so admirable^IookiagMa ha aoa- Mind, to tha best iatrrectsof tae HUM.” Governor Dallork ia reported to be on reanrd a as anting "Mr. Stephen* ia a good enovtfh BeoaliUaaa fir him." If. themfore, Fallon could Indorse Mr.Kte- hold Mm ap to 00atempt before Assembinge, who expected to heir faithful, aabiaeed soaassl from this aged staiee man f If Ilartow eooatr bad given a majority for Gerflei'l as dia Tsbafcrm. there might huts bsaa acme force ia the fraatio appeal of Mr. SteidMna for organisation, but such waa not the eaaa. Mr. M apheas la known to be if l# "boss” nf Ms eoanty, and he makes great politic <1 capital out of hts ad vice to thorn iron ad him. Yet Taliaferro deserta the organisation and flops orer to the KrtiabliMB party trsa than two yearn ago under the personal supervision of Mr. Htvphena hiiiself. A solution of the question tstuur.d In tbe fact that e« "IlM u^minoe 01 uoih |>oliUeal parlies.” he "loicdhiaown skillet,”and Mlowcd Grat-rsl Hsacjrk t> do the same. Furthermo c, r.* the Kepn'dic.tns were ••unnimout for him. according to his own declaration, an«l tht D»m».*tn:4 "scat tered, 1 * 'treatise of hi* attitude to their par* y, it is decidedly rtraoge hat you should n«k your poliUral fortune^ under sueii leadership In l*M. There tray beagth open dtitunriation of thaorgaaUatioa.atid k -a caso> in the rtatament of Mr. Ktepbea*, is t«o not tiijo/mg tlu> hightat hom»rs of lh« ‘ - •*- “ “ — 1 —* L —‘ race t»eue l* so terrible—ami tlm executive c untiitt.e calls on the white pco- plato pruts.t thcm«*i»cv against thane- gr » hu« did it cotidoue the election of Governor iXd-pnt teo ya«r« a ngoT^^The same geutrtusit tow Pledger for < tilts 1 tin*. ut*J it .-an »k- pr.ivcn uiai *o* Fidend «fllcisli "f IhSJ l«<m1 itery ngrno in their cBaw* to oiocj Governor tk.lqn It, going a> far aa to owns orders f; much of a Drfnucrat. tik-vwtiA.Mn llryant w*j cuct tin- nee f-r hpeafcer, run by tits 1 Vtuoc. the Georgia l^guiatarc; and that at a lima wh*n 'hen groes of (l^orgiiwers ted by UtriiiwiV no't Hlodgett'* ••gang.” Please a tpltin the policy «d the party so that we c«a ui -'erstand its prnf.wsloos. Faith, with work* all to the c-mtt.^y. does not attract many Imntwt c-inrerts, aad the people are seeking information and um-t hire !• lo force tUqt idea, wilh Mr. Htndiens :>s the Candidat*. ■For t te first time sine? fn war we find him anlAgunr. g die itepubliraus m his *iiv- trie*. Hay hate always snpporMJ him, and bis -pei* *h ' ** * “ — Kbh, >H7tV 1 dsllverrd Jane dares be was* put in r the cerrrftloa lamanxions irqool 1 :t. He there tL' __ ja nation by bo'h politic-f |srties, ’ and While fifty-eig’it •*e«i/r. ri.i7 firmwoth" voted gaiast him, he "did not lv»-e n ring's Itnpeblirar. vo s that went to the p- ne." This is h story, dear and ilnn denial. Yet Mr. Htvphens told yoe, ia the most solemn manner, a f . w nighU ago, that he had eiw ys »o«-ained the Dem wra*.ic organ‘*atloo, rseept in the Uresdey efmpalsn. Oeu Uartre'l. sccort- ing to ihM p.iTiey, is now sndaioing i!*e Democratic orgaiu.Uio-i with i-*iaal *evl. Hut I|4 U not tho point t Wtslito attention ti, to make Mr. ttlephsu* unka- I'toli euvlaiiiej D*. Feili’: 1 but one-*, nod then ho eimr.-eVd obtdui cs l" tiis majority-btcan^e Dr. Felton had been electud lit 1V*M msjurit/ In the sevvath «imtrtc:. If that wn< ti motive, ha is earl!/ pie 'seJ in every o n*! da's who get* ft in -pints. If Dr. Fe|p had bevn defeated. *lf. Htephens cimhl s no merit in him. i t«» 1 that Principle. I suppose, he supported lbn. Ur.tnt. Iu*i see where »oab an argument will cnes up, aad where your ©aomdatf wi'l stand, llut he Is rot correct ia the statec.ent he m-ifc s wlwn the facta coma to the front. lo November. Dr. Pe ton w is inter viewed by a New York Timr% rcpu'ter, which inurviewocetsloncd muchcou.u ent in Gcirgia circles. ^ In tliat Interview these woe-s are fouoJs "You a»k me to what extent th* In lc- prudent movement is apre-.dieg iu this (Mater I answer: It promi«s to me-p the State, from the nmentmin* to th» m* 1 board, next year. I believe our ’ext gut ernor aod a rasjority of ourm-ilCong.<r* men, aad our .State Ugistr.tun-, w II »» • elected ae ladependeota. the htmest and tataUigvnt ett’xens of this State are del?r* mined to throttle aid overthrow that «rg*n- Ixation—HocrbonUm-which h-s well- nt. b destroyed the very bulwarks of gem - Democracy; that never lesrn* amt nr fhtgete; that stands as a barrier 10 * material progress—narrow, selfish and il liberal; IU only bond of nnhn a struggle fer spoils; Ha only hops nf iikc;m the tricks of tSeeancns arJ Ibel*eh of Um party. Its fioil has tamed to rshes In the bande of auronuatrymen, and Georgia Democrats are resolved to rescue live* Df mwr.t c |;arty from lu ifcstruetlws grrsp. Independent- temdoaa not rely op* r*^7, nwhiaery; bat wufldes ia prinHpio. vrthrooM coaM mVMmMMWMMMVV try. and treslx thepeojiU, rtthor than jsirty inriss aad the verdiet would be in Dr. * h t'*’* favor. There is a palpable erroi tins thing tint it Wi’l not b'.-cime Mr. Mr. SlepUu road the interview in * «*h- ington, and was repoited by the oo»fes|»on. dent of the Havancsb .Vnrt as taming ^oromoimtsimtressloo, Mr.fUepheus BSWVto On the •twnrt OoaMMre this etsi . ... M y oar city, and FH learn Um enbjeot with snlu will, in my npiaion, flow from this Bat tu colored man and the of Gojrgia W« need not be d to see oar irsteml progress tsdIs findsspiUi •drsnay invested taking Itself of to more con- MHK Dor*ll~thieqaasiHepabtiean eaadhUla of Ike ItepahUcaa party of Um eighth diet riel, thU wetbkaowa oonaerva* Uve representative in Cungram whvnbelc made lo taka anon himself a cresade egainet the eotorvd race—the disappoint ment wilt afset our cutise* votive friends nt | the Worth la a most fatal way fur oar ig| i fe*roui lS*i. Georgia may sec Um game onhlarger scale in l^t, special y it Grant is n<Hnmatcd,whs. ae; t > Mr. 8 ephens, "is Um greatest man iu Aiuuiumi —one who uever oomin.ttcd ac error in civil ur military life.” Just iMre run may And n fulutiou to the Imiuvtl of Federal patronage oa Mr. Hte- 1‘Urn*.and those ta nowart o: difll mlty in un- drr>uuiiiugthatbe is the insnagiog fnend pare the latter's record with that of Mena- gta. Dr. Felton « a Itsdioal Huiiretne justice of this Mate. He never ran for the VnitedHtatea Henatc by ihe (tower of negro v.»*es. He never to»< a Are tiocsrud- dollar fee from Gen. to wive him nn •tpi-urtunity to tusolt «ha helpless wom« u of CotumL-os, wh 1 had to appear on the witor-s stand to defend their dear on«« from the rlre'^at prosecutlua of this puui I-er sera lor. Be never sec -tided the rrso'.u tiun of George W. Paschal, of Teav, in a »t« publican national 00a rent ion. to force negro suffrage on the Month, which resolu tion waa tabird,bemnae it waa too rabid for the (tarty of Thad. rttaw. «□<! Unt&tic*. lie never traded off Ida seat in .'.mgres* for faba Ions riches, nor •'id he force him self on the people of Georgia as United Slates Henator by hla control of a weak Senator aod n s(UI weaker governor. No: he hna done none of these things. Yet Mr. 8<rpfceu* can leave hia sent in Gongreas, rliapo'otird by sirh a man, *0 manage a Georgia Demoorntie convention tn the la- torest of Uita all powrrfel "boss,” who ra- •ays to bold the Stata road laaro n d thu convict lease to Um end of Um ehsptnr. Dr. Felton never "pointed a torch” to the dwellings of ihe white people of Geor gia, *ai aUrred ap incendiary fires nn lor Ignorance and fanaticism ; aad 1 submit, if such thing* eoold be condoned l-y th- or g-nuation of Georgia, and be cculd rr reive the plant of United States Senator because, as jGew. Gordon explained in his •(tulogeUe speech, "the Democratic party hrd enjoyed tb# use of hia money” iu top olsr election*, it acMna cmincmiy nniust Mid impolitie to osiracias a man like r«l- loo, who served Um people of Georgia for six years iu Congress tnoet xcaloeejy and raithfolly, as friend nod foa niU attest, and ivlired to his home at the close with- out a taint oa hia political character or a dishonest doUrr in hta |iocket. rhs question eome* np here in what has _ r. Triton*# position become to obnoxious to Mr. Stephen# sloe# thelMtltof May, of the present year 7 Ur. Felton "manage J I’dmirabty” at that time, "looking to the bed interest of the State.” No, Messrs. Editors, there tx something wrong, and thewroxg v U no* real with thiamuefc alrosed mao. He ha# known what it te to have the purest raw tree amt the most Inceasant labors ratoappte- h-tided aad utoreprecentod. lie knows what the moral end polities! whipping i«i«t means, and yet this repre - rotation has itood an Humoring fire for long year#, aod never frilid Georgia ia .. -st of eonrags or principle'. In spite or it all, in tb* fees of it all, he oame oat n*i- ssathxd and without tha smell of fire on hie K meote, aotaally dee'.lumg to ran for place which he so generonriv nod an* s«lA«Ii'y nffarei to the distinguished noml* is of the D maerst n party. The party linally confirmed his roiceUon by an us nwiw w * rnwi iam< wij iw ww * v ij. rial 4atne*ts. the negro to a citieeo—» Jr »a»ays FOREIGN ‘NEWS. The Urlllwh Advance Ouerri orrMpIrs < alru, »«•! Is »• clr•uteri -The lUtol l*s*kM Vila! vllk Lull oMr*r Its Nnbmitltag lu the Uhsdive-AII Treeps l«» srirrru er, (0y Telegrapb.i September 14.—A dispatch to ilea tar'a Telegram Cwnpany from Alexan- as na—ness that OhhhM ban naked the Arwhhtohop^of York jodbott tbaahsgivtag aervtom ”lo I* held l* «»- 1'iiniw to-morrow for the eaerwi • in Egypt. Auxaapaia, September l&—Karsh-,! Pasha, commanding at Abookir, has at at la a an soage annonnclng hte readiness to "Arab! Pasha's he has a right to voir, aod when he I** non tnrefieaUy docile to vote fora Georgia Democrat, a rapid stephaekwen taken to i>te*a oar rare problr m in the way of a eatiefastory aolmloo. It to moat an- fortanale to eh w to them now the power of sections' ism la tha Sonth-end the eon aervativestretgth of Atoiauder Stephep* in the national mind has been bartered off fit make him the Niriwa governor of Georgia under Ihe oootrol of tho "boaers.” Tate is a year of peace and Plenty. The ne gro is doiog well. He has done Birthing lo excite either anitnori'y or rare trouble*. For the r**s*,ae above s'ated, Mr. Sir- nf ana was selected by the ludrprn lente lo harmonize all parties, but he hss Dot ocly kicked over Ids own backet of mtlk-bc haaatoo lost hia grip on the majority of IlM people of Georgia forever more. He to too old to regain the lost ground. The beautiful etatua of his coii«rrvati«ui and a wily to all the people of Georgia to ataiu- I and marred. When Joseph K. Ilrowc an udMorth to dsoonnee ttepuulicsuit-1, aud .V? »d*r H Htepbccs can vitnpervte l-uic* .< .den' Demorrata. the evil oae ruay suioe and •ay, "w»U doua.” A Faivwu to FeL.'ow. An ••Imaaeriuf* Madman. Gsrteaefi CWmoc'cmI ItaUim »rr Hf.r\ Wm. 8. Jett, the inau win Ihe «ol- dlera to the hid:i..: place f Wilkes II .Hh, affrtbi* aarasrinsf cots, and who fur ' capture of Booth a lam, a raving iu.jjI »?. Ihf. Iiui» ha-l be^u hoard of hi* sloes tho shooting •>{ lloatli until rceeoily. alth-jo *h U- has always ii*rd in air.ryland or Washington. A frw year- ago he married the daughter of moat (ireminem maediiig at Knfr cl Dwar baa written to Charif Pasha offering lo eorreader.” The eorrespondent of the Exchange Teiegrapb Company at Alexandria coafims the state* meat that Um rebel* bev* offered to sar- « !er. 11m British are preparing ti oe- ) their worka. A later dispatch from the same corns- ponds nt says a robe* ofllcer has arrived at Hamlehwith a letter offertrg to sarreodsr the troop*. The enemy have opened the canal and Ihe water to coming down rapid ly. «Inters have bren issued that Um dyke it Mck* iuto lake Mareotle be eloaad. Get. Wood telegraphs to the war office from Alexaudiit i > Jay a* follows: "An officer from Kafr »l Dwar has brought a Utter saying all the lui'itary chi, U wish to s4bmit to tn*' Khrd»re. TiMy have g.ven order* to open ihe cannl dam, and ask tae to rcotwn ito< telrgraph. Tb vt -late that the army Iw* stopped nil bcstili L* " t he tVnbW Aries tin-* Om f J ielog: “Mrxaiuh •*, *rp»<mUr il. - Tooiha i'ssita his fent a it «g of truce offering to sormidrr. lien. Wood has telegraphed to Gen. Wolacley for instract'oos. Adeputa* n ju from Cairots at Knlr *■! Dwar, waiUog I9wai« in.” The rorrv«(K>ndcnt of Ihe ExeiiangeTele. grspti t 'otupnny sends the following: *Mf- i-itiwfriu, Srpti'mhtr G.—The cvodiUoos of ihs sorreauor are but y*t Known. The general opiahm here is U.. tthe natives will themselvi s iu resdiuese 11 taka posiliou at z+ir Si" Is’»p. N.heptsmhvr It.—Geo. Wolenley r. ...r. legrai’hs that ab wt sixty guns were cap- i. 1 luted at Tel el Kebir. He says Arabi l,e UI l " .... ... '.1.I. ffVrl HrMr irmm that the cavalry will occupy :t L!;isl's X!T: a* i.r»tqr .m t. She wax n br-int-fn! “ 'Md and a bel'c in eocictr. J»’tt e»» rather fi»oJ lo king, La* wilh few .1 «- soctetes. and apt*.util lo l>c generally •hunned in soei.i' prubrisd agoiu«t br 1 the two. but it a id the twe; lore, aa usual, wn* blii.d, un-l ou tright theyonng girl li fllicr crmtorlabe 1 * * .rriedAo Jell. gret hw bull nodding, for her hQsliand did litUe for bi - soeport, and finally llwy separated. H» - family did everything they cmld to hush up Um story of tiu I'O »r gtrl's misfortune s and her fatlier hassiwc- iuoke.1 after J> It nod etuleavorrd lo keep hint from ram. Jett's name had alino-t l>.« n forgo'.lc-n thepubhc, aud doubt!*** few recognix -d t. even when th«y ruad of his crsxy etp.oit# in one of Um mw«|sipers last wtrs. D»« oUi-r nigh* Its rnieicd a crowd* ,1 m the oorUiwe*tern (an of tb* dty. amt told the conduct . to let hiui ol nt Um llxltimcn aud rot» mac railroad statioo. Uo took a seal it l.V corner of tl»u oar and went 1»► cep. *,VlMn tho oar rearheri the MMt UM Other passenger* who were going tolhoiriii: got off, t nt the conductor forgot to nrnu'i.- Jrt*. Other putocug, r* c>i ou, and lie car | rit-ceU. 1 to tN> lermtun*, whi-n lli * ronuuotor notic'd the alccping iHi**rngvr. He woks trim up. nndae e xdi a*Jtlt fuwmi out flat l*e liui miaed the train lie •>«•<* *m* very angry, remsioHl .In Um ear, and said h- wa* going bark dowh town. The car started again, and wiiea seme iU*l*nr«- 11: Um city the conductor a*kvd hnn for In fant. He r*fu«ed to pay it, nxstJiriag ho had paid one fare going out. aud n<* i!m- •* ndnetor hod taken Inm out of lit* way !**• would have to give htiu n free ride l»rck. Hie conductor then ord«-ed hiio oil lin ear. U<> refa«*dtogn,andwhrntS*cnrwn« s*op(s'il and lb© driver and conductor n*- tsiupted to pul him off. lie drew \ p-*tol got behind hitn and wre«lml th« pistol from him. It too*t several strung mtu to carry him «ro«a the csr. lie was taken to the polic" si uioti, nn 1 wl-.rti is- was searched li« lud in his (».*s-.«-s*i«m, Ik-- si to# the piiiul, a n-u rr/tr, scteral dirty nankins, a iiot of i;uiniue i>ili», a lady’- gold watch, a •►t of jet oar-ring*, c b 0 of h'ir-pin*, a h.-md locking-gh* # . a Hoi iV ruld-cr tiail and » variety of other triuket*. lie seemed qulst and (.caoeabie enough thro, and the iieuteuant in rbnrz^. u - a'oau of having hla pal in oae of tho urdi niry cell#, confined him in a •Votoelwy b*pe* . Bytbrii to-day, tlw infantry will arrive there to n.urntw. lie expects to take pnvcs-100 a 1 ivnhr to-dsy. nrd If all is well to advance 10 (Iftlionb, if not to Cairo, wilh the Guard*. 1t» /Aii'/y Trle-J^iph, in Its record 1 Jl- tlou. lias the following: "Trl tt A*W„.-, tr.uUrH.-i »ur lo»# waa -me hnndiei and afi),including thirty allied. Eiaht offl rcr* are among the d* »J. Cen. I-o ee is at ilcitx-ir with the calvary. A brigade of Uigblatutor* matched towardh Fsnxig, • ud are now iu possearioo of the mtlrosd toCuiro. All of An Ms papers here. Hundred* ot fuglttrro, including m ipy •-Hirer*, am sarren-'erieg.” i.oMtNig September It.— Pbe Times, in to-uliua article ou (be attack oa 1V1 et • •»>•: "it !• imposrible lo cnnMdv* (•e» alien incro too wsefal aad exe K*b (.uu J iu more nr.*terly manut/," ,Th*> w*a;>|,b;n of tne rampalgn, ilkara, we» Mtt'i‘1 by "onoral tVol«cUy wiUi ins oon- i|*rlo.-« and the hearty it •• cnee of i,i • *Mcf advi-sin>. lo-fure l« h'lghin J. 1 Iwre never phene to treat with rn leoaes aad c u-iempt, and aatoaa it to properly oomet-d It will proiluro a frightful offspring. It U obliged It j re* oil on aooMbody'a head. Mr. AlaphMS to ns devoted to the Demo* rrntie orgaa'xaUoti at preeeot aa he to to Um Utile* boUle of - rffsrsoaiaa D» nocracy, but hta record briat'ee with Ind-pendrot vutowahd dsoiaiatioks. aa that he moat Icither ext op bto record or eintalrm 1 Inm* no, nr.4 t*t,H th. mo.r»jj=« uOwmmiwR* *» Uifw. htoi b* Im ikuo, om nfr*nM*i«iM imsgsssesi SnL -i.It.r. - turned rot to be thelcdoriruMr.t of tb 1 the tedorsetneak of Um » of Um PrmoantUo or. toropjaof Georgia or la •ign frem th» present S ixal ion-there JfftVOM— to U> lu* adtirroeeloi When bta*k*«l •: ' ■ 1 g ‘ ’ ‘ I.C. and »: -»■ il-l i n rj t, lam S: .•.< *. ividercc F. too, cm; it I • the mmelfeiwo'ar-l in tits into iDile*d Ulirr .’I I 00 net attempt ,0 tail yon win eomfons About midnight the ulUoers aroosrd by a grating sound it* one of the apiwr r«nm«, aod the turnkey, ou g ring to Jett’s apartment, discovered tint he hoi broken off an iron piece of his Im*I«IcrU aud had dog out one of tbe bricks m the doorway, thus louroiiiug onu of tho bar*. He glared savogrly at the officer* when they entered th* room, and ti * J lo lo apprar againri him and hs was *elea*cd. The cants evening bt waa arreried lor •leahng a window-frama from a osipro or-tbop aad a lot of .nluahie plants u;*d with the windo*.frame over his chouldct the flowers Unnehed together under h;» arm and a crowd of boya at hia back. The d night in the KtaUoudiome lw 1m-. very violent, end lo keep him from attempting to kill himself he was iron* *1 and hancvotfed. Ilia father-in-taw ami several other pbyrieiaca examined aad pro- noatiToi h;tn insane, wherwais* bawas s-ut to tho Spring Grove Aaylnm. When head. He also elated he waa born in Vir* glut# in I ft's and joined tha Confederate a*my nndi c General J. ff. H. htuart, and A Fuuii.iaxaLa^VTaiaiKSiaa'a IUtii- Kraut.-The bath-room ts round, and the wails aad ceiling are qaiited everywhere with tdfilk satin, relisvod by ysU««bit'. toes, Djcm to no window either ia Um walla or 0.'I ling. The light comes frutu (dak tn»tars borne by nymidie in while marble. Tbe sofa, low aod broad, is tn quilted ratio. Ihe pier-gltaa to frame 1 with flying Cnptda. Dm bath, In biatk mnrb>, shaped like a Roman oar, to half buried in flewera. the gilt lioea U*k#t »ws5twatew35 Uik rnl.l.r. U mnS.) Ih. mtu* °* • Iwm> *MW) of .litooj J.lM, bMWIo. OooMuuou,.!. MM nMnlMltufMakim. luboalJ M m to, u iMMlIib, .um Mk M.lmi. 1 any,tars lion about the ranal hmnj the bests of op eration". Ik-fore h» left F-agland he ,<-8 hi# finger upim IV! el Krbir.aaying'Thsrs Arnbi wii! *t-ud, and we •boat I attack him i-u ih** I-Vfh •! Peptcuiber." We me t.«*si lit*’ ci'-curndtttiece to show tliat . grevl di *• srltscli to the outride oheenrer rcctns c!» u<* is icillt plaoncfl or allowed i >r. G, n -ud '-'ulrylj ,ja« nehteved c-» wli., li re",ler» nil npo ogy f» me ho to •.»• *•: ll'ioU". \ dtopnt.-h iu th" Cotupn-.y from Alctu t* "ri k i» * n*rived a! Knfr el Dear, :» Ah 1 it lr.n, a* .1 tlriegde of Ihe mhabi 1 r, * of CdM.chvrgv l to declvrc thrir l«») ..»> to ll i Khitittr. • it cfiici *1 d.Apatrh from Kasra««in ra>< trice are fifteen wounded officers and -T' wo'iiittoJ private* thfic fiom Tel cl Kebir. If ■ ixpicitiifnl. I he patients nre all treat *-J nuti.,q-tM illy and arc doicg a« well as eoulJ tie caprcted. Ai »\*M>a**. Sc; <cinb«-r It.—Thenego tiatiuli* for 1 o.i'rciiii.T ••:*• (-rort-olingsat- ••artoriij. I!te llritirh will priibnhiyo- up) Ku?f cl Dw.vr to.morrow. It i« tat- *1 tlmt the rn.'iendcr wit* bo nnrondi- ii'-nal. l’**ur Sxtu, Krptember 14,—'The Kagltoh -. 'var-'-*’ guard have jtiived at C!airo l»/ .rih I In t were recrivrtl «-nth ;sia>.ica'iy. v'l pets ranges it rmkwhonre corcrtiwl s» .I-.*- rebeilMin liava irnls rnriiu; Isom,*. Heptiiiibrr It.—A dtopat-h to 11,0 Iiuiro from t'-ns «v> * that M. r.-i;eh minircr of foreign affait. has nt a telegram tail Tierot, Freticn am *s«ndor to I/Kidon, insirnctiug him to •nvry to I. >r*l Grstivtile the coaurslula- ** of the French tlovrrmrent, oi-d toa« 1 re i.ordUr.i vide of the cordial salisfac >>i ht> fro s a! :lie l ews of the splctidid •«!i»h tr.nmph in Ugypt. (sQiarxvfis'iti.e, September ll.-Uml UraMVtllc, llriiteh fureign srcreUiry, tc.i r * - * . to slg rnrkay. Catao, Kcptemb.-r HI--A'ith the t-acaptiun .if a few h amt one or two |«r*>t>* liconscil ot criuU'S, no rHrela were mad* prirumrs by Orocrsl I owe, who merely re- qiiirrd them to rnrrebder their arms, amt mm) wh»h *1 Idea prominent in the nUKI' n vtn to!d, ui-th to their prise, lli t thry sere fr*c. Atrx tapaix, September I A—Urn. \V*kkI oc a; kfl Kafr rl Dwar and Maloha thi< World. So be Uxtttitul, tmofant aod heaHlif, Um whole tomato courttuttion muat main- tain frgwiar action daring a certain pe* rtod 01 lift, otherwise, no tomato can poaalbijr remain haaKhv, and ate who itut koov this fket, lx quite uhfottii-1 • naval hrigvls, v ith tlwir . ..-tharbed. St-ptc-mbcr :r..—A dbpatoli to tutcr s teiegr in Company from Ak tau dnaiepoits that NtcH.tbe Swiss, Ar«bi'* hur -pMu nd v ro.-.haa not been arresled.The Khfiivc lui# barned that the commander at IhimietU refuw 4 in "umndae. He has five tliua-iand M-'Ck troops. Ilaiuuui Pvsha tiecrl, Arabl's minister of plena fonmla. lion*, and Ktanril Fariia have been arre*tcd •n Alexandria. Malimoni l*aaha Ua- roudi. has been arresttd Bear Csiro. Uo -v.-to driving on tl.o road to Shaba at the lima, hH lew leading at ArstS l*a*hx and hie immediate followers are spared, the*- men tens! be pat uOcc for all out of Ihe way of doing further harm. They cannot Im permitted to rcUrc tot'onriaatinople to become tbe reatre nfimpnlpalde ifittlgwro. To restore the authority of the Khedive tbe srmyrDiaat tie riishamUd 1 and replaced by gendar- iserto eoificient tn moiatate ax il order. If troops are needed to dsfecd dtotant fron- tter*. U to RUifipiaat t» mnlntata them oa ‘bo (Matter and not keep them at Cairo.” I uxtaia, Pcr*i ember 1«.—A diacatch from Cairo to the IMifw .Wire sayat "However much I rah! Pasha may have impressed the peasaalsfor servtea lo kto army, he hna not trrJdlrd with the property of the peo- pic. who in the country som prosperooc” licnter'xTtlegram Company has Um lot- lowing fr ra Gtianlria: "Fort A«lon waa surreafersd at !I oVtnah this morning to Gea. Wood in person. Thaa mmaadant and twetoe oMcara oame toraard to sorr* udir. Gea. to no*! tame* dialat? inquired for tho Italtoa naval otB- lacwl^who waa mpposti tn have xrrxtaa ts ooaax. he did not o,*«lS.te the t-a'irc « at Mr V in Corea, hass) far profited by it ss tool*, tala control of the sltnatloa. A* the pr* * ent bead of the governor* t, be ha* coot ctpreeaiooa of regret lo Japan, averrir-g that no ajory to tbe Japanc*.- wiser* r ooatempiated, and that the larorrectm- try « acted with r ut warnut! ia that (>ar- at least. Hts repreeeata«ior.v hxvc ot been received a* sritofaetory l>y the apaaese government, whim has sent back heir envoy and bto suite teilM A vpikdof Cores, with Instructions to investigate and learn Um precise anilor* of the ant- rage. If It be dt#c>vr»d tint the late geterofrent Haa been *ioler<tlf oisrUtruwn by tke ant -foreign party ii (Iwrea. the xe stotance of Japan will I * oil r«d iu tc*pir- log the former order of nffri'a. If ire enemiesJapan hod (surer. IV amide l reparation will be rxarteJ. aud in any ct»<> CHnptote ear <sfact too will be d*tn»r. !*d, but nothiog like mar will be deo ar* d. n- cert aa a last Barerr! y. Abundant ; ro- vislrwj, however, has been made for this nroeerily. Troops are raaa*ed at Uie ; rl* nsarcri Corea, rtenui* r* nre in tcadi.e** tu transport them, and soipl’ca ,-f #U kinds arz on the way to Ike «rtl© meats ettll cc'.jpicd l*y t • Japanese. In c.** war •...!! cason tb* re can be '»nl> um* r** n'l. * v*-r* »f Chita abontd altetup' to tut, rfer,- eg^ioi Japan on any pre ett. which is very un likely, altboagh Ibe r« port iltvt n small b-siy of Chin*** soldier* had l»en sent to eae of act vo appear* fairly a-it'MU- The Core*oa have r» » shadow of chance agalnri Japan, but if all |>roo*«-J« «# to now hoped the recent affront will be pNMaably ntuord fur aod nothing tr.or* be <«ialred by Ja(>*ti, except IhecUttoamgor Japanese garrtooa* iu all places wnere Jap aaase reside. At Um lart moment nows is received of tho arrivtl of th* Japanese en voy at Seoul • Um Currtn ca|>ital t and hi* im-ption with every appearanec of rt»|-«'. and honor. arsstxn ortxioa. Mr. Frreasarao. September IA—liw Hu ir Ur ilc St. i’rtrniumj any*: To allow Kaalnad te settle the fcgy pnan qaesSoa without coaeuluug th* (*,w< r* is nut to br thunght of. IheAforiM* tVcmyr rottsiderc that General Wutoelcy lu* shown true gro- Iship. new kind *»f petrls, the s * c«1m4 lcstre*'pesrl*. Iligl* prices srsre otfs'e.i. bat th* diiir illy was how to max* their.. A few samples sent to sere al important home* were passed from m.vnofactoiy to manaf.-irturv; nuierruas trial* were madi with arid*. et-M y*t nous | rovetl sue •***(*.! unt’l a wurkinan, aondantelly having pui ooeof igiuil saitipls* in Id* mouth, felt a tiny, htrd rbjec- on h>s trngna. aa*< ou eiamtnntg it foan-1 it to M a groin of •and. firs fed >ot ri*«<i*e ,VL-ryof the secret laltMstlivn 1 .-.cvk bum'rc«i*ofw*rkur- making pc *rt* “fully 11., »„ »ampto' by ru>4rio. fbcm wuhoume.011 ^vad. S * !y pcnrl- but t>ntton- DOMESTIC NEWS. IB, TMmtw*-I raaoKin in rxaaKssxa. C'atiru<*'U, Septembur It.—TIm»lar- Iff and Ins depu y of this oaonty wrr* »hot and killed to-day while r*» ns*fs to Knox, villa with n priannar, Juim Taylor. Two ago Taylor killed CapL Fletcher ou tl.e Tennessee river. He escaped, but waa filially explore! ».ud brought brie, lb had tevenl trials, an! at thj la** term of the WJUrt was sentence! to ton years' Isird la* bur ia the («oitcntiary. lie tppruled to tbvSaprsme Court. «bi:hto it>,«*e*onat Kmrxvillr, and tbe ca»» wax to corns ap to «iay. At noon Shr Iff Cate and Deputy Cxuway took t‘e Hut Tetuw r train with Taylor, who was hondeoSed. Sr,oral traiu a*, tweet water for 'oiladefpbia), ab-iot -crent* -five rai'es her*, and while tho 'rain was between and Loudon, dslibrrafely sho*. Cate n:»d Conway dea! and wunmicl another They then rrlra*edti>c prisoner an! >srge of Hie train,running l! througb ls>ndo:i. At LeordN Station. John Taylor -id l.ii l>rothrrs, Ikth aui Andy, got ff and. forcibly taking “ fur tha mountairs. Johi nd«! In th*. nrm. Th# c _ s fioitetnenh *. posse of thirty men, ‘'tillSpringfield rifiis, ha It ft on n apectal truln on tit* Cincinnati Honrhern for King'toti : anoi(Mr to>e*4 will lew* here .•veti-.n! :%;.*•*(• hi« r.lrevJ, left King- . and another from Isadun Cat*- wnaalu-nff only two week*. He wa* one cl •e most p«pq!nr men in the city, wa- uuut fifty years old jind h-tve* a larg«- l taniy. C »nway w*« about thirty and w,«- •nincot ia local yolitjc*. Such etc.te (un»t has not been «en in Chattanoog-i U»f war. A •peeial train will bri* • thebodie* of the viiMnit her* ton ,Ft lb* alioottng took plaee abint l o'clock. VxsmaoTos. Sepiarabar t.—A d.i* at cl* •om Knoivi le. Terne^e-nree to** f«»t- vmgnccoaut of :» • muni. • «.f hbenfl «P.'uDdhi« depaty: If,- .tier- hx4 lu i»toJy three prife,n*r«. I • f tl.j ( ri*- iner«, John’iayiur jji! Sam C-xter, wire i* hr f-,r murder and *<»•• i lined U»get!.er. Ito- otter prt*o««r. '• ii!. a n*gro, s»n« rliaiccd lo n . .»t v\ hen • iratn *P»pr-J a* Mweetwoterthree mon 1 ered U’,* • »r. '».wwm« f n«trier of l fl ir an! er terei the .-*r from Ihe tear. » lie If.* o’her tw» cntei-i from front. rafl-»-» bMtSe* approached D puty r •; way from pla*ed wage*" f,a yirw.U rf id'll tha u*re Hi-n do.tbiod • way. 1 Al'Mxtraion Kxia xau x Hi 1 a* l»w i|iie*.; Mr«. Gr.t t St ex that | lace, rias gre *t cxnfiiicac* li to prayer. \ little over a week r oonvei-itiim with Mr. 11-0x00 ll«i nolni Moms hoarding hnosn ke--(e r expre* ram by .... . would oring a good ram within t i ficn foltoard the light ter of tlcd-n- d*y nisiif. Ihercuj .a Mrs. Htcirus call ’ 1 Henbm. nvcrimgthat shehad prayed .xin, that hi r 11 xy*r had lieen answer r J. ami claiming ihe ♦!»; lie demurred mi •lie grouni thx! tin -h iwrr was loo ll*!i- lo Im of any tiro—not up to th* contrrd re laireairut, in short. She hts made three tion by Hi# proprirt »-*of the concern, tha' tbe removal her* wild eanro a greet ex rcti«e iu rb.ingmg th«-size of th** corset# They Uvc lawn inakiog twenty-right an. ihirty-iDchocraetcsimost entirely, and t remove her* tn Milwaukee, wbeic right*-*-: to twenty-inch corsets are onUr woip. would neoossitalc an expro*txe change It tU* upichtoery. If any one had told u» ihst tbe small watota of our Indies wm! ever bo tbe meae* of keeping away (mm the city an important indu-rtry, w!> > would employ huudn.S of taxnu - r- •rts, we wouldn't have believed t, Tht MiiallMt aflair sometimi s haa its ou i.osincsa — IVrA’e Sin. ■ ... . A l'axvaa mar livoxrn Arrut it-li Um Illinois Democratiu oonventtor, 1. Springfield, Um Kev. Dr. Groes, aa ol^ lime flaLiiat preacher, made th# openir. prayer. It was one that will long he return, tiered in thu State. Following km "Am*.. ihtre was a perfect dorm of nppl (Itcetoaav* u« from the devil, o i.jr. God, w* tjcseeeh Tiuo to aavo n» (rout «t 1, route and other thieves upon tho pub! < Christ's sake. Amen."—.V. I* Sou Tna Dor*B8aca~The t.eatrc* an opeulng a n l before long th# watering place br lie*, who hare tern ru -ning arouu> ba e-legge-i tn th* presence of thooxALd*. will be stt'tng in the parquet and bluahiuz beeanse Ha'.lat girl* make a similar dt* play in ihe (ireaencs of hundr*J.i. -fbi/n. more Om. WaailHHB Fort Asian that l,« would Urien a«i kto brother effioara if I ■ mew would owlet » mail xliwxy. Tho i-ffrr vn* e tfiwff tlxr a “J* aSSWSttKlnJf}*! itwTS! Wa Snia Kmna.-A llosloo Ircturvr artoni*hc,| hla aadteuc* by halngine do at* hi* f»t *>n the table ami shotting: * Wl»sr** to ihr reitzioeitr of the aathrepotd orad- romans i” If tie think* w* have got it Im caa search u*. We ntxer saw It tu world.- UoUlmonr Dap. Tin: ioirnumM rm r «mi*g 1C t Ol.I.KUK. Male and remnl* Hlwdewta Meet txrd. The want of a mart text school of Ut*«- raphy, upon which tetrgraph ami railroad companies caa depend for competent aad reliable operator*, has prompted tha aa. d* rslgaro to open a school la whtoh shall be taught all the reqntremeata acoananjto it a ywrsoa for prrctical service. The tour** ••nhraoea: late. A thoroagh know I- OirwHHPH ttaa el deem and aiUto Circular* c aitod (rte. ■ hark of Hi* h* t «u I blew Hi then ut Con- l .C prtsou- • cored tri«- ant Hherit! it tii»m and !>'« pjckct Mild uiito- ' T*»)lor and tic 1 I put)'* 1 roto*. At Uu* ’'lie rnsl.-vd at ti.e n c.t. 1 trie (.rtoor.-r#. As In* fir. lay lor. shot hnn through lb* bowel* and other two men eh:’t li%n ttiroagh the t>r»wt. Hi* sheriff fell <I«muL Thepr-sou . Taylor, wa* s iglttly -zoande,! .n tu rtn. aad Carter wa* H’ghtty wnntttri in M not t ground. the !«^ The thre I with r rlv.-thcy jtuuprdon th# ngtt c. au i •:'» <* j.**- 4 nt ti ' «nrinser's (•eileJ bin. 19 pgi: 1 niiint ll- rtf. lli«r*|-ort*-l tor of the '<»/»/,, edit- r of the luil. >n-*r« i«*t night tw iighta dor'.' ii-it:. tne-t. with their -econd* n: from tl»» city. Ilxuiiib'ti -V'* e«-- h.ji snit-d bj Wiliinci l Job IMrk'i -a K-roads. and ly took lamil'.'in •-lillgan . 1: 1 Job Ir. M« *xjr-g#:» *( • rih him I dai .-As* Goodfuiio ird McGovern **ud -ecojto, and Dr, :. Dm dasi to ti wttacm atead and testified to Um reading Of q steteggnt te foxssua Dtok-oa after thr rettrnmant ot Ike jary. He said (bat the jury veted in the nflrmatire opoathe qusrtloo aa to whether the paper ibonld be road.• Th* court—"tolMl I wanted to know was whether tha jary had vteiated the dire*, lions of the swart. The verdict of the guilt) .th* a, a# to ReerdeU aad Mtaar to eel aside—not only oa aacoaal af the mtseoa* d"rt of tae jary, bat I may say oa arsenal of general aaraaannsbleaaw, Sot that xbo court would have nude this deetetoaoa Um Utter groaad atoqe, heeaaae um aafaaaaa. abirnew of a verdict to for the jury rather than the eonrt. unless the nareteteiahle ue«s shocks the swi IVse two awe •*• ut to be at the two ends of the tine. It did notoaem «o my ariad Uiat they ronld have gone intoaeoasptr—y wtthoathaving had any of Um other* along with them; bat Mho jary ihony" ?!"-> * *ri!J. ru I I W list* dit'urbed tha vrrdkt oa « Hot wheo I see that Um xardtel up by a jary that ware dMcseeing other maittra trial were not to avideocr, of eaurse my doty to ptola-ta Ml Um mdtot xsi'te. A# to the arqnittnl of Peek, who is •t«aJ. I hope he Is aoialttrd everywhere. Wa were not trying him. to to Tamer, of c.Hirro ihe verdict staadv. Tha eonrt great* a new trial, therefore, to all except Turner #«d Plrrk.” Miner rmd iteerdetl word then released ou rail tn tb# amount of flbdvn each, •si'# aod Wtlliamson beeoatagaarety for th* fjrm* f aud A. C. Rieharda f v th* tas ter. Mr. Me-rick asked that Um court •'Min’d fit tbe fltrt M-aday ia December a* the data for a new trtil and the roan did • t. notwithstanding the protest of Mr. livable. The court then adjourned. Oxi.i £.«!••*. 8«pt*-;aher ill—A .Vsw* Mat amora* >|M«ird rays all mall oommuul- cxdoa 'mIsieen II.-** fiavil e and Matatnor..* b\» erased on aoewont • f thj quaruaUn*. Mis«r«. Morthwcil and Wai Xt grit Mai/ , ftp vr.UL merHiant* ja t f. ,m tt»w ••«**uliJrr. arodownwiUi thetoxcr irira.i'chetWi-ot; fuurh >ur* tuU a. at y*st.r !ey, two deal--s oor jn.J- otxa '»t .fexc-r. The rr(>orl of :aiu«t ll-own*vUU: to nn- t l« no yellow lever at Kaatetober lfi.— ko ofllcixl Mt* '. M-ixi-v,, gl*r« fmljr UsW _ an I flv- denrit# Iter# Thar .toy tost. NvwMstsvr*. :i*yfe'.t l.v— v Feasa* cola •psetai rejort* niaeieeii new anaca aad two death* wi bin the past vwcatv-four l ours. J. S. Hsy-ss, formerly of Is»n»a. ions, is airopg th*dead, and Jfr. Ilicbards, agent of the Sontbeni F.tproee Company. 1 incog the new ra*r«. Thu evenisg a fir* broke oat in a - aoty and the ltame« i«|ifc'id rapidly to th« C'atholie imr*' nag* a«l throe* tost. Mi(*,i%ei'sC#thelij Chares, wlitrh were totady destroyed. Tw* eautll cottage* 1* th* rear of the church were a.»o * u-n.-d. Iter. Father Boaawsil, who ea« in th* rnr*Mi(p, ill with tb* fever, was r. tmnrtt, and ia now reported na doing writ. Ilf 1711 *nnnu .xorncHR v*ra viri) f.t the range this fronting, shooting at tbe -Jtri. '■>«» ..nd IdriO yard* raagm far tha gold rarriato i-ffrrod by two of the leading mrr- evotile firm# of New York city. Dmis r«« d» rompetittua between the team*, the t.a'keaaa making the highest roeve in or h team being the rreipleat of tho medals. 11, reserve* on Noth aides ore also la in bd. )took man <d th# Brittoh mad* ten h .tv and tbe Americnae -even ••hob* at >■> yards. The bert *mr* of th* UriUeh tr« mad 1 * by Gnodear, wh 1 * seared M, md nf ibe \m- irae* »-y Atfeiaaon, who •cur*d:n. Atoxi yard* Caldwell, of tb* llrittoh. ltd hi# tva-r with 17, and Mc- jr-in tb- Americans with :tf» 11m itilton trophy match hod entries of tlvs team*. The MU tae represented wrr* New York, tetrbignn, Pennsylvania, Mala*, d Uie Department of the Attoatte (reju orniy). In the first stag* the New York team made a total of Ml, Ifichlgsn d''. iVnusylvaala :cw and tbe Department >f tl.e Atlantic 3.H. lltcy ahot al 900, £00 and tot)yards. Ib«* iuter Slate military match, twelve ro to each team, had ouly three entries— •w Y«*rk, Michigan and PenneyIvania. 11i.> New York team led at AO and70) y.v-d* with Mlebignn 47# and Pswasyl al railway, a ula^rMphlo air up giving oomtn-jnieaUoa I allowing points: Hoeloa, f). h I.insoTo, Nse Metl Chibaahna, Met; AYAannrrroa. Septsmber 1« -Hear Ocj'go his writtee a tett*r te Presider Arthur, forranliycrIIiuz kto attrottoe 1 the recent eipsnenra of Mr. Georg* tn | Ireland. The terter filed a' the White llonso to-d#y by J. lisle Cypher, xlong ] with n comunnisatioa frun. Hypher bim- Mmd bich_ he, as a rspresentetivi George’s wrongs. wxtxoa'a jirrmna. Totaowro. September K—Tbe Olnhr pah- llthea Hxnian's acre; tanre of ltoro'a ehel- r Vr-tt. M . rm *t. to-e: t. rt#slembsr I’T-Hie foilowt ha«l,e*u r*sej»s-i d.rrrt from Cblbaah nl the Mexican Central ralldny office In 1 spike « vaeerttDg Chihnahoa wuh El l has jnal been drivsn amid salvos t tillevy and great er.t haetaer-." ng fur K. O. Rldoont A Co., 10 Harder strut, Sfgw York, Send for Ikclr cautogtM and foil pqrtlenlxrs. ly , A rant frews Jo4g« narrwll Auaaact**, Gx., September Ite-JDKlors frtnjrupk <tod Mtatngtr; I as* in yoer ' lurclay'a torn* Um following: "The H'urt Hrpjtlimn forntahrx m te ir ; with raferenoe to J* ,, J- . rue. U to aigaiScnnt: P. H. '. mo . *»o a aecrnl poUtical r 'Oety t r ed pereoas ia this city, at whi . Head ie president. Ho we a*vlaf-r I "imply desire to slate Hurt tax • state meat is MaerT'i/</Udfy /Wise, t •mt the least sbailow «f hommt fou It to la keeping with oUtsr falsa 0 alameate going the ruu ck'.ttenje. Ihe We i:»u*t |>*r«-*rt 1 h»# r«Vr t.VroiM’ftsibil- tadmocti *»p|sxrtani- W.-li Maser*. Her and .notion* on file for a f if... ranvtctadde- id i«y staii-uivnfs of a il by • >tn*' rdf.davits • * *>:<-. mutely,th't .bat •■•*•.! to (ti •b!... of t(ie Unite,! t file n tell", I *1 •eat to ti e grsntmg of tin* motion, hut os oansci f.j* the li.l-ed tov.-xte* I f.«l it u be my July not to uiixsr it, ihe g,terii"... I of On- ( mud (Vatexit wifi* n etdirrly »tti«:.eJ by any mean* eith Uu* vonbe:. It i* m verdict wbteb ^object* rt*e ; -. *-»rv to retrial -tn I coavtali lh* set ion's md lu.t.iun*. I lie jnrjrpr,- santably font. I t vnt* of r»ns| irney t<. .lefrsuu tit* tinted S!3‘ * ‘ :*ct, so a* !o cro Under th? «utntt That ttc .- . . , lo tbvir d«-tsrutin*ti->n of the oomietton of guilty xgr.ins' Urerdell amt Yliucr, there oae left f jj thv.r some inquiry as to w' piracy. It was nppaiin: deeply guilt/ l„ p,un» of ... law as lUtrdill Miner are, the •rlrcc Kiev 1 ••ri>Hrat*-:! .* and of j r.|irted criine b in lh» e moral# Miner are, the •rlrcc thev was the scheme and device <»f oiberi. N ,w. *tr, 'lie gavrrnmint of th# United States cannot, oonsU'entiy with it* dignity, object by practical resistance to tho motion made tore! aside rnrh verdict and bring to trial again both ma*tere and servants in order tliat fall j«Mir.< may bn done. Ibu gov eminent of the L'tito I Htxtie seeks no vio Ulus. It rexk* simply iu«ltro, acd when a verdict apparently trine* with justice it cannot tarot with tb* approval of the gov ernment of tit# United Stele*. Willi these brief remark*, lb* govsvmnrnt's enacset toetath* •object of th'« motion lo the »•!- reef too of mo court, nut coaMnting bat not nvifttng, ho:>ing for Ihe parity of ita teoorJs, rvroired on Um pro4#cirib<« of the* to tht fullest extent, and treating that whatever your Honor tray deride, or whatever may hereafter came,* full will in the end U dime/’ In the course of furthu , Mvrrteh elated (hsthc had looked over the affidavits, and had seen none which alleged Um alleged a'tempt to bribe bint, notwtita ateadtag bis IJocor's •• 'octwn# to tbe con trary. Mr. Hankie preoceded to arena that Um vovdicl *bo*kl be set aside 00 U that the jury had beentampered tn coedoMon sod: "The eonrt room was dotted aU over with spotters, whoso boil, •eas it waa to tkafiow tha torero, on and wttne*sra, ard some of tho vttoet tn thto co’amuaity were right ... . 7.^ fimvatj this trial, doing that vary thing te »suasrSa.» M . tol and UW) yardxT .. __ / of m The prim ton field gi*.-* 1 ained at ftf. Tb* winner of the lngl»e»t *sxregat# la the New York State, NRiicnal Guard an! .trwiw an*t .Ywrg Juuni 1! matches is II- T. Izickwaed, of tha H» lisgimml. New York, with an ag* regate c-f 12'. N».* Yoax, September Ifi.-At freed- to-i today Nan woo the tnedal tor aits, tnekitig the blaheslsonee— M le IliiUmtropbywaawonbytlMrv&pRyl- wria team by twr “ they scoring a to- • ,f'.ro;,Rgainst* Michigan team, . - nett high*#*: 4iter-8Mte raxteh Hsatou captn *. the l'rnneylvaaia ■nn, sconng !>•!». . jal New Y’orklsW'l .d Miehtgan'a SUS. naou-av.iu-a iitu WitmaoToa. September Ifi.—Ariiag Sa- (•sriuicadmt -law toon, of tho railway mall t-r nrowaeville. Tax as. wh Rccamaiabog at sorroaadiag pln.-ed on a special mail nixwi. «*•»*«•• wi>| sui from Gatreetoa on i(Mtethin*t. nanbago. whence it witl be fur- ihuwusvUlt. »:osi>rn in . xurnmix. u, Reptentlier Th# *o|. the nrtleotors of the mar«ter ot J. II. imo pbell, f.s fi*p3ti!ean nowriue* fur Rhettff, a» h* •!. pi* • ilerlay * •xcited trail whiah will be met as they Dattd te Us n t. ex service In caws of debility, Um cf . tit*, and In conva'eaosncc from ax. Ir* Illness, and parthnlxrly of aanf.u trratir«-nt • f wonten and ruitdnn Milan |r«bmuyt <tn>f liras* aanouare that I will add res* Um peopto al YatdoeUan Wednesday next, tho •JOtb teat, and at Waynaoboro 00 Bator, day, Um 9M Inst. • (f poaaib'a, I sriil Im te Albany on ncM Matardar. Um IgUi test, wtU* Mr.Stef !»“!.— I expert to anaak week after not! at - Athena, GafaaavtUo, Atlanta and perhaps .almanac aud Cook Me wW mailed frew an applies!Ion tn tbe Him* ford Chemical \v«Kk/. Provldrocrylt. I. Tho reguter uae *d*«^il4eti , a""Liebig's Liquid Extract of Href and Tonic I&vigo- rator. In pint bottle*, to tb* moat direct tuesiM of obviating pbytlrel debility, as it stimulates Um aboorbenta, aod Impart# xigor tn tba whole system. Ask for Cot- deu'a, xak* no other. Of draggiaCa (an* orally. * Mr rr kukri from dyapepeta nnabto to digest solid food will find te Scoft <fc Uowne’a Soluble Beef a moat nourishing food that will not distress them. For sale by druggists and groom. Ilf A < orreetlew. IlxnnmuMic, Gx., Soptmhrr Ih-Wb Uo fVhyrwpA wad Va*x«-»':;ro: The tele- gram seat from ib:s plase, allegtaf that 1 waa pul on aoSee "vba» John William* weald attempt to aaeape, and took no meaenrea to prevent IV' I bread aa a fotoibooi. ywrpmriy parpetretvd by iu author to injure om. Htomcspe nou ow- lag to the caret seen raa of the grtard at the jail, aad art to nay eondoex or caretesem *• of mine. Rmpectfalir, f* F U'**r.»iT. Sheriff Decatur oouaty. ratal SbeeMag a* Vlllirdgevillc. Special tn ike Taiegnph and Mewenger. UiujMimiA Beptember lA-Thto nf. toreoon, abort 3 o'clock, Sol Barrett shot Jcaao Daria, shooting him te three place*. The difficulty grow oot of aa old gradon. Davis will probably die. Mr. *tepr»#i»emi Albway. apvctal Telsgreph aad Nsawngcr. Atnxtt, Hi., September lfo-Mr. Hte- phene has jaal arrived aad received te royal alyl* by tha good people of Albany. A large crowd to expected to-morrow. B.L.O. A Phyrtetnw*# Testimony, Iu the ireattaant of lung and bronehlt! -liieiBM t)M liter I* often Itrpllrxted lo such an oatent that a heratle remedy bo> Yret . la nr ad of flam** - -eaMcn witl * v t'amp< • walk He r.rpertniiy failed aed lora* away, ol.*n Mlabh# ran rp behind r..m ana fired without warning, the boll teking *f ft ci it. fampis''I's etomacS. Daring tbo excitement caeuiag foobba eacafwd. If a*p’ured it 1# almost certain that Im will be lynched. He to iwraty.thr*e year* • t age. and Ito* Urstororo enjoyed the respeel of the commanity. WasitmoToo, September jfl.-Gaa. ili l» >wsll, now ia command of Ih* military divto'oa of the radfle, Will tw. retired by . raanuattoa in t Hrlober, nc.tar th# com- aa htosoewasaor. EaeeoUy Ai.ate.n *.#."•• rat Drum telsgraphedGaa. M-lxmili, a#k- lag when 1' w raid ha coo van toot tor him to Im rolls cednf Ma eonmned. Gee. Me- Dowt II rspiud that be preferred to mate hi* ofMorn md oottl retired. PWiRtro marshal of [of Virginia, whiah (-o- ■■fur the eMt ten years, > dtoaaae at OaotrelU, chm- r, thro morning, te hto fifty* ,a»l?.. I *»f th* Utgr* a. 1 Naw Tone, September U-Th# t«.ui Vlrhto afpariy of rott-rator tbs world is IftCfflS Ktiaa, of * .loh f to Ameri. 00a, agaiast 1.701 >). #n.l l,l«,7fia re- epeotjvote tort Mgr, Yhg foeeii t* o> tna «4 aU Um latrricr lowu# were ffl^iu.- urntfi.- from p abtaUons M.U*. aoos rxetoax ntmxo. fading null Naw Yeas, k!<|teaiber 1C.—This being 1. L. STtrnn.vsos, M Tint Soluble Barf prepared by !*• Row no lathe fo)d‘ , pxrcKer;roi.c dyspeprir, aa Hto tba real axib«‘ % meat in a d grotoff form, and will, witlwmi cauxiagtho lea*! dlitr< tale by dinggtotk and gru;.'rs. K01U A Bowbe'a Sotebto Daaf,. late-!, contain* act only Um- fffcv r bt real infcslaneoni the m.-at,which u * 4*»irehto lururtohgMMl f*»r ahlMreu invalids. For aato by drnygirtx * . cen. , (topi. Dili SUrrto*,ofthft Alt tula r--' wax knoehed «*t«f • «* •: -n by rttglne and badly Mqred m toq*,bwi by tl»atira*iy uva of L nln • ' !•- w»« v-« n x'.'s t • • dii'.kx. Aik MB Whrt be kn No dxrter will (all prtisr.t “that the month xnd I • . r, »-cx .te 11 r s.'s It aijd ^rcfrsro# l^for Ita^ dto«jj emu and rr.joylip* comforiabl J?i uddlfl >n i<» '!»*• nulritlou cfS^.<rt A Downs's Soluble Dec d dvspcptlca, it: llAlt.CX '« SAI.INK ArKU'EST lx a Ing, rrfrcxhlng xutnoter drink for - ■la and No mcdldm Every one, l.-ome or abroad, t Wa request all pariiei io arlvm by actual trial nt the . "Conrad** Jtodwetor" aod *. am with (Cher bear.