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The weekly telegraph. (Macon, Ga.) 1885-1899, December 29, 1885, Image 1

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1 ESTABLISHED 1826 MACAON, GEORGIA, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1>8»-TWELVE PAGES. ’ NO. 3 THE INSIDE OF ATLANTA TUB MOONSHINERS. The Revenue Officers Having Good Luck Raiding Mill*. Atlanta, December 21—Illicit whisky la getiln? ▼cry plenty at thin Christmas season. Every uUlit for the ] AHt two weeks successful raids on stills have been inode by the revenue officers. To-night five raids &ro arranged for. A peculiar case is that of William Butee, deputy revenue collector, who last night arrested his nephew, Ijiil'.tyctte Bui»c, f.,r ill:, it ili-tillm/. '1 In* arrest was luado in Forsyth county. A 65-gsllon still and 1.200 gallons of beer were captured. La- Fayctto is now in Folton jail. Deputy Marshal Chisolm captured a still Saturday night, near Kllijay, Gilmer county. About 1,000 gallons of beer wan destroyed. Deputy Marshal Grant the »*ame night raptured two stills iu one house. A man named Smith, who lived lu the house, was arrested and la now in Ful- ton jail. One of the stills Is very sma 1, being only ten gallons. Collector Crenshaw is going to haTe it burnished up and set up in his office os a trophy aud ornament. Five barrels of brandy were brought lu to-day from Dawson county. They w ere the property of of David M. Hurt, lie was a licensed fruit distiller. Houu'timo ago ho was caught selling corn liquor. When Officers McAfee aud Merrit went to arrest him ho attempted to cut tbt tie?.# of the latt. with a large, sharp knife Under the law, a licensed distiller caught selling liquor other than that he is licensed to sell, his still and stock, licensed, are fiseated. The five barrels that came to-day, wen confiscated by the government from Mr. Burt. Nat Towell, of H*U county, was brought here to day, and lodged In Jail tinder commitment from the United States commlaslcner at Gainesville, for -violating n-vonue laws. M ). Abels, of Paulding county,committed by the lissionerat Cartcrsville, for violating revenue laws, found quarters to-day In Fulton Jail. John Lumpkin, of Walker, and Alex Hopper, of Murray, were lodged lu Fulton jail to-day, under commitment by the Dalton United States commis sioner for illicit work. One of the Survivors. Ati.hsta, December 22.—Mr. Charley ton, who was hurt in the big wreck, till a* the Ivey street hospitn’. Ho is in a terrible condition. His palate was so scorched that he cannot eat. Uls scalded hands hands have swollen almost to tbo size of hia head. From tbo waist up be cannot bear tlio tenderest touch. He is still In bed but cannot move. Mr. Bob Jones asked bim if he did not want to sco a preacher to-day. He said: -No. Do you think little burns like these will kill a man. I won’t give up. I am not going to die.” Belton's fortitnde is marvelous. He hardly winces when hi* fearful wounds are dressed. Tbo other men at the hospital, wounded not half so bad aa be, yell like Comanche* when their scald* are at tended to. Belton says he wishes to live just for one thing— to whip the engineer who refuted to let him climb Into his engine to warm after he had been almost baked on that cold and fatal morning. houn's oountlug the vetea and declaring the result tbu prohibition election held the ‘25th ultimo. Immediately upon the verbal announcement of tbo judge's opinion, Ordinary Calhoun, who had already canvaaaed the votes and had ready the paper declaring the result, signed it in tho court room. When court met this morning Hr. Julias L. Brown concluded his argument for the plaintiff, which closed the case. At once Judge Clarke deliv ered bis opinion, which la as follows: Gentlemen:—As yon know I have listened most had no reason to presume that they desired to en- tho count end cousolldotlon before tho first re straining order had been burned by Judge UcCay, and that all he bad to do after the dissolving of the injunction, was to affix his name to the paper de claring the result, which he did as soon as the Judge announced his decision. It was true hie action was very prompt, but there had been uunuh delays, and it was time the people had tho result of the election declared. He refused u> re- ceinc tho notice of contest because it was not filed until after he bad declared esult. The antis had had ^ely^to thts dlscuiriUm/aiiXl'will^ld^lSive I * uotlco °f contest before him which they with- r-t it with the profonudeat interest The argu- drew when they went before Judge Clark, and ho nil on both sides have been characterized by ,..l*r thoroughness and ability. A'hlle the reason-, ng has been thus cogent I find no difficulty in wmther notice, reaching a conclusion. Where I aball put this case, I At S o'clock, the attorneys for the antis went be- uiy mind rests with a good deal of confidence. fore Judge Clark and asked fora mandamus com- I have not had time, as you know, to prepare any I ~r.. . formal opinion, anil 111. not notary ti.tJol.ould P»UI»* Ordinary Calhoun to boar the controL Judge deliver one. 1 presume, however, that counsel are Clark will hear argument on the petition or writ for concerned, and perhaps ths public, to some extent, mandamus on Monday next to understand the considerations that have in- . . . . . Ml ^ th Uuencod my Judgment I .ball, therefore, make a Ordinary Calhoun will make bla «nt publication very brisf, but I nope, intelligent statement of my I of the result of the election in to-morrow's paper, views. . The official vote as given by the ordinary is; Several qoestidns have been argued before me ‘ ''. « B4U ’ry elaborately, wLlcu 1 do not think it necessary I £8**®** th*»aale • determine in disposing of this case, I Vor • a * e * s,r,tw The questions to which I now refer era those which challonge on constitutional or other grounds the validity of the act in questlou. As to ths con-1 , lva IV stltutlonal question* raised in the case, as every I REMAINS IN FKISOfi, Intelligent member of the profeMion knows. It has The Hearing of Malone's Habeas Corpus boenrae a familiar doctrine that court* are reluctant \v. it i»n-t tinned In a clear csm and upon urgent' irmnnptnw will be adju- Prohlbitlon majority ttd demand"the constitutionality oTan act wJu be**a53u-1 Atlakta, December 21.—Mr. WU1 Malone was dlcated. otherwise not. The reasons for thts are taken before Judge Itichard Clark, on a writ of SS&SStwsasf" ,ural “ 8, *' ora ™ tbJhu conntryare entrusted to three separate bodies of mag-1 lawyer, Mr. William Hill. istracy. The power to maku t*u laws is confided to I Captain John Mllledge was on hand, representing *• ** »° Cto T Bobert Itidlcy wm put «u construction of tlie laws and the declaring of their I the stand, and swore that Mr. England • condition true meaning and Intent as applied to controversies I was precarious. Hs will probably recover—but he couldnot-yj^uy-y. Hecouldgivc .more In- Imj osed upon it by the constitution, whin an act 1* I lelUgent opinion of hia case In 48 bourn. Inconsistent with the constitution, to declare it | Dr. pincknev was next examined. He oorrobo- 52tJ£S5 SSS&e »“■> «*• lildl.,. U. would proubly get well, bu. separate anil distinct, and that no person who dia-1 he could not pronounce bins out of danger. Tne charges the duties of one department should ever-1 result was In doubt Dr. Dan Howell, next intro- C 1?ow.'l?mm ”Sb.“°nt” r of tbU principle th.t Mr. KegUnd to getlln, these department" shall remain forever independ-1 on nicely, but hia recovery la uncertain. The great ent and each discharge its appropriate duties, and I dangor to be feared is from pyiemia, which may or s: «■» -c, *** «■>>> •«* incut, that conrts are reluctant to deal with const!- I These were the only witnesses examined, and tor tutlonal questions. I therefore feel fully Justified the first time all the doctors agreed that the case W^rSSS^.‘i: «—**• Mr.wtuiimreidumib. wubed to passing, that If ibis act, of which the complainant 1 go into the Investigation of Mr. Malones now complains, is so obviously unconstitutional I tiU , 0 on the merits, and had summoned several wit- and void. It does not well appear to me how his | 14W Hu ^ yuiono rights of perron and property are in such Imminent I neMC * w ““ view, li i peril as he represents. It seems *o me that he I was restrained of hi* liberty, and he th.onght that could well rest until some person, acting In virtue I i l0 could show that he was Justifiable in cutting «*“••**«“* “• k » *°“ B »* l “ k n P° n 0, ‘” ot I England. and wo. therefore .stilted to gin. bond. 1 now coni# to tb. matter. that I dodeiennh... 11 Mr. Malone ,u m»t unplcomutly .Itnoud »t tho put my derision In this cut upon two nresuna .utlon houtr, and wo’nhl like to be allowed to (nr- a«S5£“S ntob bond. Captain MUtodg. obj^tod to the Inv- ■abject matter of tble bill. One of the reaeon. la ligation on tba merit, became of the ahaence of a tht*. that a court ol equity cannot Interfere with a material wltnoo., and became of tbe uncertainty of meaaure of lbc lcgfilatnr. until It breome. a com* | .. „ ra0M ,i u„[ tlie plete .tAtutc. It cannot deal with a atatuto a. long Mr - *•«“»«• c **®’ “ e moreo mat m. a. It la In a fonuaUye euta. whole matter be poatponed until Batarday. Jndgc Tbe act before me now. and familiarly known u I cluk ttlat fU |, ^e light, before him In be ten h rc°n“~^ •—««• «• - Vp-y- T met and tho set Is no law whatever in the county I tlon of the case to Saturday morning at 10 o clock* of Folton. and at this time this complainant’s instructed the three physicians to examine Into df,?on.*Se l uSS nmltoto^boV of*. STalZi >«*• ° n voters of Fulton county shall petition tho ordinary I report at tho trial. This settled U. and in charge of to hold an election, that ho shall pass an order captat i Mike White, Mr. Malone waa escorted back " , iSaitod u “ P ±r»h* to s 5S3i "p:I**.*,*». | occur; that tbs votes at I that election aball be consolidated and the result ami then that ths result by a certein Soa publication, may be mads known to the POOR THOMSON. Of Interest to Manufacturers. Atlanta, December 22.—Attorney-General Ander- “*“°n *ZSF l x£'$fmSi-5&'^ttoTS^ri 1UVI..B M.nlnc—Something About Hit that act 1. nu law for Fulton- county. Until It b.-1 Vomit; Wife, come. * law I do not coucelyotimt the courts hate | .Vii.anta, December to.—Will Tbompeon, tbe will be of general latercL lly an act of 1MT1 all money Inreatedln machine ry ami tbe mannfacture of eolton and woolen good. « u exempt from tuotlon for ten year.. Under tbl. biw for tbe la-1 nine yean tba Trlon Manufacturing Company bale faSod to giro in tbrlr atorebouae and atock of gooda from which they supply their baud* and other, fnr taxation. Tbe gmnd jury of Chattooga coooty, where tbe compwiy' pioi-erty la, appealed to the .tllomey-OenenU for all opinion In tbe eaee. Mr. Andrraon aaya that tbe .tore and gooda are tuable. Tbe mill, wartbonac, atock manufactured aud for aale, raw material, and team, and wagoni for tnuuporUUon of raw mate rial and manufactured gooda an exempt from tax ation, but all elan D Uxabl. Including not- Hhootlugnt mi Olllcer. grfjkirra, December SL—United state. Cummia- aloner llalght laat erenlng ba.1 before bim Samuel Tolley. John Toiler and Wm. Miller, charged with a booling at Deputy United State, tlarehal Carter. In PtatSTtUe, Gordon county. In November lout. They each gave bond In tba anm of $1,000 for their op- pmrance at the March term of tba United Slab. PUtrld Court. _____ TUB MOONSHINE DISTRICTS. MinU Wilag *-~ v *‘ l< — tb« l" lcl Dl *- tltlera to Jlletlce. VTUUTa, Dnambar to,—Boban county bihbeen known for a tong Urn. aa tbe moat dangatoua In all the moonablne dutrteta of Ibe Sooth. To day Col- oaal W B. Chapman, fntornal rereno. agent al tble point, mcelred a letter from D. D. Dartae, United gutee Commlaeloner for Urn We.teru dtatrlctof North Caroline, which exjlalna itaalf. Iteaye: i ..etc »ou mu. time ago. dnrlng tbo latter part ■ toe ISbject at .-.forcing the f-.H i fevesat law In Itabun county. Go.. to ibe effect that tbe UUcil bue- 1 put down wltbont delay. The SStoto sued wlSi blockmlcr., UTlngtocreln^fl- once of the goTOmment ottcera au.l ertrybody 3r.s{ s*iS S“ n n ^%S‘e wis: SS.*S"<SlhS!SS»ha^becn captarod—their protection. I have no I'-SiHSss.'K! BtSrtSS SE®3figE« M * ■T7T nenur-"—- of tBUml rrsw—•- woau ^r Ctma are taken In Babnn. I^^^Bke tbta would require a poooa of ten *“ n.iorc Ibe good eltijcna of the county ^iiTrfrTiia aneb amtatone. aa would mdtr tbe de- xsrr-SSrrx.— tHapaopI^*^* ,,.ita 8. C- tor thu paopta of vtak of Iheir Urea- jbBSSSST- Jodff* L “ r Art(o , " Notwltbatandlng tbe complainant baa entrusted ( ymtng photographer, woe adjudged a lunatic by hie race to the moil acute and diligent cotnuel. ordinary Calhonn to-day. Ill k > raving andnotwllbatandlng Uiay hare carefully etudtad it m , nUo while being tried, though fora month, and with all tbta reeearch they have 1 “ kI . not produced a olnglo authority t*» authortxe the manacled. he tried to «lc* every Jurtedlctlon Invoked. 1 uinat. therefore think that, thing In reach to piecca and cureed the court the court baa no JnrtadicUoo of tba cate at thta jnJy UDtl| h , wu boaree. Tbo ordinary «ya ^Anotber reason U tbta; lhatacourtof equity boa that be la the moat violent lunatic who ever ap- no power to suspend an election. Complainant s »**red before him. Ho tetetfraphed to Mllledge- »Uto«hrq-«« Mrentlmch. launder ordinary be reatralued from announcing the reault I a strong special guard at his home, \oang Thom* of the election. Weil. I think that the substance ^ married Him Della Hutchins, a beautiful girl, of the thing Is that be prays that the election itself I . account young Tom Alexan- be stayed. As 1 understand an election it means a | ® n 1 *. . _ f44ri choice. As applied to a matter of this sort it means I der killed blmself about two year* a choice bv the people aa to a proposition submit- I ago when she was about thirteen. Her father. Mr. ••ijyjgLa io he reallv a choice must be etfbctn-1 ^ Hutchins, was for years on tho Atlante police al ; to bs effectual it must find expression; to find I force—was afterwards a revenue raider under Mar- expression there must be some authoritative an-1 K hal Fltzsimons. He was shot and killed several SSStoTcrfew n" JSSSto? 1 !. T~-wMln outh. bum for la the nouncement of th# result an essentlallF coustitucat j vicinity «f Bed Oik, this county. iVmlentand an election It begin, with the Th, Hill Monument, aliening of the potto gore through certain Intern—- AnikttU, December W.-Tbe Ben HIU Monument ^irere * I ’ r ° Cl * m “ l0n ° f Committee have dreld^l toptace tb. atatn. of Ben Well If that la true, baa a court any right to ana I Bill In Grant Park nutU the new capltol aball have pend an election) Tbe gentlemen have not pro-1 completed, when the itatue will be, to all ducad a atogla caaa oo lmlkaUng. They 1 Urely failed in their labortone re March ou Ject to Had a one determination ao far aa I can rec-. . _ .. . ollect in thfi direction. I An Lpldeinlc of Mnnlers. She neareat approach they have made to It la Gut I a TLAn a, December i3.-Aboat dark to-nlgbl. oi> rSKJ. hTa W f^;i^ l ^ta ««•*«* -» -Sto* in. brown, , wtota fur election. 1 nnderntaud that caaa to have been I boy, thot a uagre boy, name unknown. In the head. Uka thhu That two or more pereona aaplred to an I m, -aa moved to hta homo on tho Tanjard branch £S£. th £dtL?\£m2m I S!SEL?&S~ The bull" U .Ull in hta hem! and he to no, fraudulent mean-, procured nrertifisnteUuube wm I expected to Uve. Thecsuse of the qunrrel U not elected; that bs wss using ths certificate to I known. reI^nfof t, lta f ‘iSSS. t 2L| ,h thta a SlS re! *»-« >® ***** the court of equlty*reltrelued him. 1 think tbe I Ed Porter end Wm. Jones, both colored, badj * doctrine of tust ems U simply tbs seasons U*t dnwkaa row In Keremtech's Ur. ths corner ot Dectour uto CoUln.- Porter puUed a pUtoland cetatef 1 do not think that dectaion tonebea tbta I .hot Jooee through thejright hand, at tho bare of care at all. On the other hand, whlto ao dectaiona I ^ m iddto gnger. breaking the bone. 5MKSSS *-*«« »«*« before tbo court, the principles of which do cover I Ull, n negro, commonly called Babe, was talking 1L It seems to mo lo. If we reficct a moment np* I to a white boy at tbe corner of Peters and Fair, on the tliaracter of our system of government, we I h -uiam mrn «•.». - mjri t nnil on the oth- in obliged to admit that equity Jurisdiction cannot wnen lwo wniw mfn * **" Interfere with any eleettou. It la an e emenury ( sr aide of tbe street ••BaU thought one of them Hsduond, Congressman from this district, intro duced a most important measure. It Is a bill to -Iteve from taxatiou all alcohol used in medicines and tbe mechanic arts. Among the Atlanta drugglsta who urged upon Mr. Hammcud the importance of the measure Is Mr. Walter A. Taylor, who said this morning: Yes; I .wrote to Colonel Hammond in reference to the bill, and In common with the druggists of Atlanta, am glad to know that he has introduced and will push the meaaure." 'Aa to the Importance of the bill?" I regard it a most important measure. We do not think that alcohol used In various medicines and in ths mechanic arts should U taxed u It is in liquors used merely as a beverage. Alcohol, you know,| is in wide use as an Ingredient in medi cines. There is hardly one in a thousand adminis tered to patients into which alcohol does not enter ingredient It tensed in morphine, quinine and other medicines too numerous to mention. It is also used extensively in hair oils, perfumes of all kinds, and In all varieties of cologne, also lu pa tent medicines. It is the great preservative in drug stores. Its wide use by photographers and Jewel ers, and in the veriou* mechanical arte is likewise well known. Alcohol thus used is now taxed jnst as alcobol used In liquors as a beverage la taxed?" "la it taxed now?" “Yea: with a single exception; alcohol used in medical colleges as a preservative of dead bodies is free of taxation. The importance of relieving from taxation alcohol used In medicines and tho mechan ic arte cannot be over-estimated." "As to the good effects of the passage of such a measure?" “They will bo great. We think it unquestionably wrong to tax alcohol used for the purposes above pointed out the same aa alcohol per «r, or where U enters Into liquors, etc., used merely as a beverage. The passage of auch a measure, while it would be an act of justice, would have the effect to benefit both drngggists and people. It would unquestion ably have the effect of cheapening all the medi cines into which alcohol enters aa an ingredient, and would also cheapen ths price of everything turned out by the mechanic arts Into which alcohol enters. It is plain that the bill Is a wise ‘ and it te to be hoped that it will become a law.’ THE LARGEST STILL. Captured Christmas Eve Night in Chero kee-Traveling liar room*. Atlakta, December 26.—Collector Crenshaw says that nearly every day he receives a telegram from some one of bla deputies or other person, inform ing him of wagons going through the county ped dling illicit liquor. Moat of the oomplaints and in* formation come from big counties. To-day a tele gram waa received from Washington, Ga., saying that a wagon was there with 175 gallons of peach and apple brandy, upon which revenue stamps were. There were two stamps that did not bear ganger's marks or name; and that waa the reason Mr. Crenshaw waa notified. He could do nothing bul order, In csss of sale, that tbe goods bo held until an investigation aa to the two stamps could bo made. There seems to be nothing in prohibition laws to prevent the aale of liquor. It can only defeat the county and State of the liquor tax. Were it not for the United States revenue officers ths traffic would virtually be without hindrance from the State ex cept an enormous expense which tho State could not afford, and which the tax-payers would not tol* c.tote. It Is sn unwholesome state of affairs wh&re State passes such lawa as it cannot enforce, relies on the Federal government for their enforce ment. Deputy Colloctor McAfee, assisted by several oth ers, made a successful raid Christmas eve night. He captured the largest still yet taken, destroyed 4,0)0 gallons of beer, and confiscated fifty gallons of corn liquor, and arrested three men. Tbe still waa found near Moore's mill. In Cherokee county. Malone Ont on lloml. Atlakta. Doc. 26.—Tho Will Malone case waa heard before Judge Rkhrrd Clark at 10 o'clock this morning. Doctor* BldSey »ad Pinckney testified that with Doctor Dan Howell they ha* thoroughly ex- lned Mr. England. They agreed that every Indi cation pointed to his recovery. Upon this evidence, without going into tho case on Us merits. Judge Clark stated that bs would at once discharge Mr. Malece from custody. By agree ment of Meson HU) and Mlltedge, opposing coun sel, the bond waa fixed at 92.000. which was soon given. tboriti'H, hut Gloer showed tbu telegram I AVhy Chrlutmu* isChri.-tnm*. saying hold Clements for official papers to take him I Whr.t, tell you a stery sweet, an you rock to Louisiana. Glocr'e conduct la mysterious and au explanation will bo demandod of his course No other prisoner will ever be held for him. Interfere with any slectiou. n u an e cmenurj ir oi wbiuwi. u*u« w»-m*ub ..u® ... .... ^ and aU-pervading Idea of this country, that this la a I c ^u c ,i name and ran over and asked, "What do gor.romeot oftE. p«pto oowtT- J ,m »on«T whan ao unknown man dr»« a ptotol I'hiri'no right to two. woiranta for tb. arm.1 of .1 npromlng their will, and the I aud .hot him In th. alomash. and then the men ininal. ooSd. ot tbta dilute!: oCi»rwl». I t mean- to in tbe haUot. If a ctttxMi cannot I ,„d u,» girt ran off. No arrmta. Kimball la dan hod the laat °w> of them brought to i,., no way to make hta wtah hnn.ow . hurt Now. It menu to tne, for till, court to declare that g-tr*** 1 ! “»"• eight thnu-an-1 clttaen. of Ibtaeonntf.oa the noth I ATtahTa. Dec.mb.rM.—Tbta afternoon about liar of November. depMlted their votr. to th. bel- .'dock, Hitt Uoward. a Je.pcr.te negro, made ^S*'3p&»JSSL 53Sag!&Jtt2. Sid t«*»Me on Thurman street amounting almost ton yeteoleuiLly te^djudgTthat three Vote# shall not riot He la a notorious thief, aud the polka have U token from the ballot box «nd|connttd and I th, been taring to catch him for month,, l-ollcemen "****?*rX2i. ^ ttSJdttoiS. Ljneh HamUton aaw him tbta afternoon, mol ‘l!n“ rtalnU>gU«M '-taw- I araSbTlg^ aa chan- procoadad to amat him, when ho gat, batata, and eolJor to dmy Ihta application, and It la go orderod. I w ae about to got away. A crowd of negroM earn. Aa ooon aa Ju.lg. Clark, uttered the word, "It to I „ p . TbeolBc. ro wero ntnforead by Special. Bed- ■o ordered," Ordinary Calhonn, who had already. I fonl an d gteerman and Henry and Omnia McWII- In definite* of th. roetralnlag oeder not to count I who th. crowd U. k until Howard had and cooooUdate tin vote, and dectara tba roowltt. I etabbad and handenghd and hta clothing lorn counted and ooaaoUdated the vutaa, aigued Iha ajmoatoffhlm. When k. waa phMd on a wagon paper dte'larlafthe reaulta, and thl». too. beforo I o«reni moved off with bim, the crowd of the Judge bad.lgnedlhc order dtaoclvlng the In-1 ne^roe. nuhed toward tba wagon aad tried to and therefore, before in fact the lodge nmc1M gin,. Tbo oMomi boat them back with tbeir had diawilved tha InJancUon. for tttakca hi. writ-1 c i u b., PitrMuan IkmUton knocking a negro named te n order to oo dtaoolve. Devil down three Umoo. Tb. gang of mgrorethen B it -i t alone In thl. dhl the ordinary lam. np a. mnoff. ran of their number, the leaden, had a bug' partliaa. Aa oooa aa Mr. Otann could get \ )tta dabbed and taken in charge by tha offleere. up alter toe Judge*, daclaian. and liand Mr. Calhoun (oar wan locked np. Howard received revere! a notice of control, ha did to. Tbta Mr. Calhoun Hr |on. acalp wound, and Davta*. head WM hrutaol throw on tb. table end refured to It or to op . . cn-idertt. A f*w minute, tlmreaftar. Hr. Alee atiahta, Dtcambor Mc~A negro aimed Sailor King lire handed Mr. a notic. of control, white, knocked a negro named Bock, tn to. head which he treated re he had that handed him by ,|th ahig atone, ont on toe Grren'e Retry road Mr. Gleen. I about II o’clock to-nlghl. Tho wound la thought It taaeadlore to »y that bla conduct on to. part I b. mortal. Salter White, wu dmnk aad etn-ck of th. ntolnary .tcitod very nnfvroreble n,«. k tuwauw. of aomethlng uld by klu to a crowd Mocctallj eo la vtaw a$ tho wording o$ tha recall. I of aagrore wbltaDaltar Whit, waa paaalag lag order, whtah lortada hta taklag gay aetaon — -- - «-■- -ourt" When your I An Imporlant Mea.ure. ordinary In refer I Avtagra. December *l.-Th.otoer day. at to. to bla Vrrt*y r—‘ h~. rou tool ha had mad. (Irutanca of tha dreggtauof Atlanta. Bon. N. Ordinary CaP o»ca on my breast— A "story vritli Christmas in it, all in ‘l ew* r« >t h ly dressed. With merry about* of music and chimes of Jojoi hell. I And a Christmas tree all lighted V Dear, you h ivu naught to tell. "Why should they call It Christina**?" Oh, little heather saint t Tho Signliioiince of a Wink, Atlakta, December 28'—Here goes for a peep be- I hind the curtain which shows bow tbe string ia being pulled to n..tko tbe nigger dance In tbe cam- When you fold your hands at t-.\ a algn for tax collector, now nearly over. . postnres quaint. Twood .redtoatorcnwalked up to Block*, big h *‘“ c » 11 from building to-day and one of them accosted a I Whom do you n-k to keep you through iLh long cl.,*. ( night’s eclipse ? ’ , , T . v I She clasped her Hindi b 'Bom, is dish 'ere Mats Bob Lowry’s bank?" answered low— 'No; further down yonder on the .corner. I "PleaseGod—beaapapa—mama—and—make Whv?" I good—to—go— „ ...... To heaven—and—andl e'euse me—If I die before I Bell, yon see, a gemmec tooken gived ns dia I die beforo I woke—alum— yere an* told ua to go an' git de money." I 1 tan't remember au’—for Christ our Saviour's sake. They were two checks for $5 each, signed by a Amen 1" prominent candidate for tax collector, The clerk . . „. . . _ . ... ... * .. . . .. And who waa Christ, our Saviour? Coxae, darling, smiled and satd: tell mn true. •Ob, don't vote for him. Why can't you vote for "Why. a great big angel somewhere, that’s old Hill lie's the man ” wise, like you— . , .! . ... ,, .... .. . I Somewhere, oh dear, I’ae sleepy—away up i Bell, boss (winking), you list wait till wo gits de I sky— w 1 shugab, and no tailin'. B’e won’t vote for Ilall B’ill I have a ladder, auntie, to climb there by and yu." b f r Tlie IIlll Monument. Poor 1 « h0 tought the. In Atlakta, December, 28.—A meeting of tho Ft* held tho hay too high, pet-rny lamb Is rttrvad directors of tho Ben Hill Monument As- I for food! aoctatlon. wlU be hold at tbo n-otn „{ *■»« ^nwtooo^lo.t not know bim Wbo gave ita Young Men’s Library Association next ni tell the old. old story of hia brief tarry here Thursday at 4 o'clock. The report of tlie committee 1 on location will ho received, and arrangements I He mado the first fair Christmas when he came made for the unveiling cf the monument at South I Tll a . , ..... ** , _ In tlie lowly stable-manger, mid the kneeling Park, where it will bo temporarily placed. The I laid— selection of a suitable orator for the o« -u-i<>n will | A wce^sweet, dark-faced baby, ofJcwi-b j.t tq.lo also be discussed. The monument la expected In Atlanta within tbe next six In about six days the Metropolitlan Streetcar I Ho drew all people to him, this wondrous manger line will be compleated to South Park. born. | Prince of the Lonao of David, he can.' that Chi mas morn! The time of the unveiling ceremonies will proba bly be fixed at tbe meeting next Tbnrsday. It Is proposed to make the occasio n worthy of the distinguished dead, and to bnng if possible, 100,000 people to Atlanta to wltneaa It. child. The little bavionr Jesus, of whom none said, urn llod I” BTho plat »*d not among children. In merry, mirth ful guise. But aa in* grew tn statnre waa patient, grave sn< lie At twelve l>n taught the elders, an. Is told. How be worked, tho son nf Joseph, in the bun hood, tt When Atlanta WlU Go Dry, Atlakta, December 28.—I asked Ordinary Cal houn this morning: I In tho workshop of hi.** fattier, with hammer and "How .bout the Uqqor'liceoMa ander to, local L, , ,^3?'*, w „, b,,, h , iv , n option law—when do they expire?" "Well, you can say that those liquor dealers hold- I lng either connty or city licenses which have not ^ expired, can register in my office and pay their He lno'ketl'towar^'Jcruaalen special Btato tax on rum, or until their city and . . there, couuty Urenie. arc ont." Al ” 1 down “>• lm P- ot Ub-ra "Partof Uieao wlH expire stxt Jnly— I Ue.trcliliwl forth weary arena and made th- .bt.l- some before that time." I ow of the croM. ™ * nJ ™“ lonK " f 1 *," la \V" . They «y tb. robin red tno* a bird that Cbr - 'I know of but one which will run longer—that I bath blcnncd. ly law. Lr* , toll and c weaty, after days > and saw his futu of Mr. Tom Mayson, who sell* by the quart. He re* ^ !»*• Blood he marked tbe color on lta gh need bta Ilceuae tbta montb, ami it will not aapire ' «lm.on brcret; until the end of next year." Two liquor dcalcra registered at the ordinary’s of fice to-day and paid their State tax. In lta bill it brought him upon the tree, Whara. you know, bit people nailed bim, died for you and me. sing he hum Relented on IIIj Own Recognizance, Atlakta, December 28.—George Shafer, of Uarop- I He leaves bin heavenly kingdom ton, who was beforo Judge McCay this mo’rulng, on I earth to stay abnVn. .orpaatoptoat trrenaball WltUgood»ndl,. m cblldrcnwhor.r. tto.:ngl. w troter writ, wav relcoecd on blv own rccognlunco Supreme Court or (Jeorgln. Atumt., Oa.. Duo. n No. U, Cb- rokco . ir cnIL Ar-imii-ntcoli. luilud. Tbe court tbcu adjourned to 10 o'clock, a. Monday, January I, 18x0. Tbo following acw onlcr of clrculte 1-a, been adnpteil by theoourt, to go Into c2cct at tlie or llig-'f tin* Mur. li . ri Atlanta circuit. Stone Ari.unl.\lu rirewic ItaeKin circuit. Middle circuit, Angu-ta circuit, Baftbi circuit, Wwlem circuit, Xartta aetara circuit, litas llidge circuit. C'htrokeo circuit. Home circuit. Cow eta circuit. Hint circuit, Ocmtilgcc circuit. Maii<u circuit, Cbattaboocbce rlrctilt, rataula circuit, Soutbwrotera clrcnlt, Albany circuit. Soutbcra circuit, Oconee circuit, Unin.wlck clrcnlt. 1'rui-o. Ha lovea to coma aad tarry, thrao joyona Ubrl -tri day*. And tbo pc DC.-- llowi id— the lowly, tbi QUEER STORIES. What fitII.ell lliw Dentil fjueer Uroecetllngw of a Detective. Atlanta, December 27.—Thomoa Ctamenta wo. turned over to tbe ehoriff of Grand Itaplda Pariah, La., tesday. by tba police aatborittaa, and be waa taken to Louisiana to enewor n cboiv. lor forgery. oat wrek Joe Gloer, who repreeenta htmrelt re being a member of a detecUve agency Win barn Detective Agency, carried Tom Cl. men la to tb. .tatlon boure, and naked to bar# him bald on th. chap* of murder, committed la Loujoianm, and ■eying that tow, vrea *1.000 reward *, arrest, ofleero la Lontatann Mumunlcatad with, and a totagrem waa recWrod by tbe Atlanta police antboriUes lnatructlng them to hold Ctamenta until an offletr ahonld arrive with proper paper, to carry him to Lontatan*. Nottrithatandlng tbta tact of th. tele*.am. Gloer «t to to. etalton honre Xraon day and vrllbonl any wanant of autbortly nnder Heaven*, eun, rev. that b. bod arrretad Ctamenta, took him oat of the lork ap and rot him tn*. bat with tha knowtadga •at of tba police eothoritiro, on Oto»r*a paying *2.7$ for Ctauanta'a board. When they wan tn tbt atroet, Olotr told Ctamenta to him at a certain place Batarday lng (yesterday) end be would give motuy to.kip to Son Fnnctaco. Later In toe day yretontay toe sheriff of Grand Baplda Pariah. La., In buappaaranc, at tba itatton honre and pro- ■entad the proper dcmandlnf Ctamenta for Ibe Lonlalana aatbonUre. Chief CoanoUy i ofltoers oat to aeow tbo city for Ctamenta. Gloer had tailed to pat up the moony for element! to skip town with, tba ofltaere toon found him and locked him np Ull tbta morning, whan be wen( with t’M sheriff to Louisiana. Tba sheriff that Ctamenta bad not committed reorder, bat forgary, and tost than wu no reward sOfcnd tor him. Of conne Gloer*. eondart to myitariou. and .ao- pietmu. but tbo conduct of tbo police in tatting Glow, who bad nu warrant or othw paper to show for emoting tbe man. lock him tn tb. .tattoo and pay hta board, to dubious, to rey tb. Loot, th. offlew who bad rorotved Ctemrnta from Gloer if be knew Gloer to b. a detecUve. Hr retd he did not, only by rumor, and that be bad no t-lra at all of wbat tha Wlnburu Detective Agency to. or where lta o«cro or beadqaarten are. Any man claiming to be a detecUve coaid, under such precedent, lock-up another citizen wltbont rhyme and reason, and release kina ou pay tog hta bawd, and whan be chare. Of coaree, a* to Ctamenta being let out without warrantor otbrr paper from Gloer. in taro of tba telegram, from tbe Loalatana autborittaa, is a matter for tbe police coaualretousn toon for ronrep^n<.nt'. couidwattoa. LaTxn.—Chief Cnunelly, in an Intwvtaw tonight, gold that Gloer w a. known by goal ml repute to be a detecUve. Hta Sret tnfurmattoa of the Win bum agency wo. galberod from tbe Macon Tetogrepb, In * report about Glow and Winbota making a Mg roptnre at tho Macon talr. H. got no tatogrou from the Some I*opulnr Falliu-U-x Kv|»om*>i1 Iq u B.m Who Ought to Know. l'biladelphla ProM, •No,” Raid Goorgo H. McCnughin, niipcr* intendent of tho city pound and shelter or dogs, recently, “tin ro is no hy drop hoi tin From Toledo comes a stor>* of pecnlbr U-ierest I senro in or nhont PhilfidelphlA that 1 know fsntlerasn well known m n trnim operator and n f r m t is mohtof tho maddoL's nns n julti noted for tbe plossy blscknesa of bis hair ao.l whls .* J ’ mosi 1 ni lU0 “ ftU a Jf> H ® na n ,v,, J km recenUydledf (Wkon bta friend., who hod Bl,oal oro T«pcr tloga-ilugu tlintAIW mml * ' “ *;, took a Uw look at simply in tho imagination of some linitil * ' ‘ " person. People in general don’t really bi en m for yeoro and that Uie dark hue of tb.'gen-1 know anything nbont tho .pp. unme,. of hy- tlsmsn's bsfr bsd been due to % peculiar bslr ^iye drophobm in n dog. They HC-e A do;.; ;n u tbst be h.vl used for jura. It wm also found out I fit King on bU back, kicking and foaming SS faU '^reWrwuTbonir and ^ , mou . Ul ' “ *7 coffee tba liquor .trained through bl. mu.ta!'lrc and ftl,out foftU,in K ttt l J“ and tv rj Olio carried from lta UUl. of tbe potaon of Urn hair uya at onco, "mail dog. dy< • In Um, hta ■toma.h became Indamed with “Do yon often run ncroix mad docs when taeifplaln'DeU.r"* 11 *" ^ —^e”' I jon are collecting the atnvy doge from th# ■ — atreeta?" She k'lreil Illm Politely, | "Do not dogg foam at tho month when ... ..... ... their dwelUng—may have him for their KUQftt, 'Hvior whom you kneel to, my (Urlin/, wL* n you pray, Was tbe lniivt-nly little baby who ij* bur.: on *» Dly. HOW MAI) DOGH ACT. ^5^J^rtU^«h7t^iluUDl!^todMhSd^^^*’4 Tc r* 8 8 , 11 '"‘"'“k®- of the claw. Of eounashe bad *dmirere. and one A Iliad dog* mouth is pirft . Uy dry, with tn particular—whom, by the trey, .be datreu-boa I the tongue pitn hetl anil no ivalivii to lio Wnnaltaeou.ulro< m .bytb..ttee lion, b* boe fouml upon it. Tho under lip is u ry often C.tai£S^V*2Sl*Z.*S2**IZZ a doen purple, and is aid toL awolCn. K I tbe fliudly detenulned to saffi^no more, and U> nmd dog is practically blind. 1IU brain in Ural enJ saabbed him iuu»i uuiu'-tcituU, «tibe I on fire; he is n.tllv i r* -ifi**. Winn bo I"”! r^.f^e.ThW Urey men For n tc, run ho run* in as ntroight it line as it i* ■ r t .. Inly, butat i.... -Dio for him to keep, lie never depart* tliat line, eictj.t when he runs into and that xomething he always KlB"fy^",Sta'-M&Ty ^p’rcro* “ bi ^* at - Ile never tanm aeido becaM of tells and cneo. Idont believe hs ho-irs "d. ‘ibe^lrn mtl..- rev. tb. tlmm. nUideaU probably In rnn mw.ty Londnn Timce. "a workluguian iwas cmpb^wl re. fromhi*town bead tho pain of which make* pairing tb* ceiling of Ibe dining ball of Uis Weal him deaf aa well aa blind, londou District HchooKVheo he Balked a can I "I never yet saw a mod dog on any of our P^lirfl^Vd I am personally ac- parcelaofhired, baiter a^ldripphm!u!l a .lark quoin ted with about 4,C*J0dogs tn each y«tr. uatern. to»(ctber with some very .1.1 sad flltby I have seen men bitten by dogs m fits, bat rirtbiofi. upon whkhib# prisoner bsd been in the i bar© never known them to snffer from tb£VSto!75SB Si XZZ . B taimnbwb#*b2d «»« than one would from any ordi- lit id In the toft for at-cut Uve ycare. lo lb. day nary dog bite. LoU of tunes people bruig time he remslned coneesled. but *t night be visited dogs hero that are aappo^ed to b© mail, bat te?52:^ tSxasJtsx : h 7,r vcr # r,* ■*» tbat’for twelve yeiSbc.tapt in ibe toil at Southall to kill a mad dog bnt the dog never U fund. Igchoote, and afterwards be rtq»aired to Aahford. Just remember that mad dogs do not foam jthwe^jnontha* bard j at the month,* and that when they bit© hu man beings or ammaht those bitten gener ally show symptoms of hydrophobia witLin a vt-ry ©liort time, and 1 believe mont «<f th© mad dog scents are founded on v. ry li’.Uo fact.” Snakes fn Winter Qsirten. It te not often that we are called upon in mid winter to pobllsh snake atortea, bnt as a truthful cbronteler of local aflkLra, tt becomes necessary, at the present time, to make an exception to the rule. A tew daya ago a couple of sous of Fred Zimmers, of^ltedfnrd township, went to tbs woods to chop down •onw trees. On teUf Three Wrinkles. “Yes, my son, there may be roller shale* ling ou oak live they were ear* | kiutven,* hut tho iloon. w ill ho pud-bd prtesdtofind snakes crawling ont of the hollow mUMC Vlll never go OUt to wet its top. Twenty-five blarksnakr #. som< wbat stiff In whistl*.—Dsnivill© Breeze. fe&dT^^SSuyI*land constable went to altm-i a cold bed. ) a skating nnk, hut, finding 111# propnrl >r ill. Cigar wMtmwUd. 8b8l , Ul ’ L ° ‘l? 1 °f- “ P “ r “f 1 H . dr... - .1, lb... I. ‘“‘C -**••••-<*••» »* :ntlr wnrehax >1 a stock of Nsw York cigar*. Bis breaking his log. the toiler*. ih a tru© wife wm standiM at the front of ths aho£ com friend to iU friends. Extra moral, (thrown when be opened the box and li/bted on© of them, in to all cash subscribers): Never u<>UKoy The next moment there wm a dull explosion and t m7/ . K&w w k(i A voll tUl . wsitinu to Stearns fsU to the floor. Ute face wm badly rut up. \! \ l n\a ! ^ Mr*. Stearns wm slighUy burned and snffereda ner-1 *log t«e head sawyer.—Buffalo Exprate, vous shock that has prostrated her. The cigar te | While Knt© »St. John, aged 19, wu-* nkuting supposed to have been whether by some dteea ©van enemy here te not known. 1)1*1 NotTosTTlU Vote. Klection day Judge Oeor«c W. Ward, of Abtagdon. Vs., WM coufinod to his room by Illness, lie placed himself in a window in stfa of the poll* one hun dred yards away, tied btebeUot lo a key and let tt elide along a string attached te tbe balk* bos. The crier recorfired him. cried hte vote, and tha ballot weak Into 'Be box, • • • • BepCare radically cared, ateo pile tu mor* and fisCu!*. Pamphlet of particulars ft? cents In stamps. World's Dispensary Medical Aseocte- tlon, Buffalo, N. T. dtamito^wtoma d tottov te V«k thioUierday in a rink at Wheehng, W Va., ah# fell amt vras pr nouncui uend liy phtMciana cihe wu« r. uiovtil to lu-r horn# anu preparation* for her banal begun. Later, however, the body ahowed signs of life, and the girl has recovered. Th* *yu- oope waa attributed to tight Using and overuxertion while ikating. — Frwiport (Ohio) 1’rtML l*or tlirroat tltoa.,, ami cuugli.. flggwWa Broitolltai Truehro. UA. all really good ti «». arc frwiaroUy Imitated. The fawns are w-'. -it In