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The Daily banner-watchman. (Athens, Ga.) 1886-1887, June 24, 1886, Image 1

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VOL VII ATHENS. GEORGIA, THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 24, 1886. — A SPIKE TAIL WIDE. A BOYCOTT. CttOWFOKD DOTS. . LOCAL OBURVATIOK. UpEtttl States Signal Service, June 22, IHRfi—4:»i. p. m. Maximum temperature 81 Minimmo temperature 03 Rain fall. LOCAL CHIPS. Watkinsville, Ga., June 20.—Editor Banner-Watchman: To-morrow Oconee will meet in inaas meeting for the pur pose of electing delegates to the guherna to rial and congressional conventions, and I can safely say that Oconee will semi her delegates to the gubernatorial convention instructed for the people’s candidate—A 0. Iwcon. There is not a shadow doubt that he is the choice of a large majority of the democrats of Oconee, taall Herat That a Reporter Caught on the ?li Yesterday. We had another shower of rain yes- tewiay. J 7 Oconee will come up on the right side and there is no possibly way for him to ^ . be defeated in this county, if the people Politics has crushed base ball clear I will only come to the convention. There out of exiaterxo. will be no bulldexing here by the Gor- A drunk man on our streets now is a I don men, and if they begin such a thing curiosity. they will be promptly met by Bacon’i The city is calling lor the payment of I friends, and we intend to have a voics the first Install nent of city tax for 1888 j an j f a j r .’ection atanycost. We under 1 A hotel and park at the mineral spring ftall(1 that one Pat Calhoutf, a little is spoken of. I “spike-tail dnde” from Atlanta, will en We hear that many unsightly build- jeavor to address the convention to- ings in the city will ho torn away, and morrow j n the interest of General Gor- handsome one erected. f don, but for his own good bo had better Be sure and attend to the payment of I ,j ec id e to reconsider, for the reasbn that your city t.,x« by the let .lay of July. „ 0Ter , and wc will The revival at the compress continues I £ *" , . r have met to-morrow for the purpose or with unabated interest. attending to tl.e business of the day, and A great many no tagged dogs prowl I . ^ ^ ^ rcspectfor tho citi . the streets at rug i . - I zena 0 f this county than to attempt a An unusually large crowd is expected I J . . : I harrangtic to-morrow, wo will demand in our city during commencement. ° . ” . . .«. 4 . i- the respect wc think is due us. Thl* Corn and oats in this section were alt ^ Mown down by the wind. s P lke ; tol1 e " tered . °* 0f,eC C0U ”‘ y The cold weather hs. departed sxd- nlghFfa thrnl* Ih^ringfo in the midst ef smn . U Walton county man. He stated that denly, and left 1 We suppose Athens will hare a union depot when the Macon .V Athens road I reaches hero. The street cars are packed every I Twrelvo months hence and you won’t I see ajsingle vaeant store or dwelling in | ‘ er ' !ee P fi 11181 to-morrow. I ho had a; letter from tho ring for Mr. Hinton, of Walton county, one for B. E. Thrasher, ordinary, and one for Booth I Bros. This is a nice cenie o(T, that wc are to await orders from Atlanta as to whom , .. ... wo shall votofor. Pat Calhoun, arm- - ‘^“re" " ,e mS od with a load of Atlanta Constitutions '“'"hl'ehildren arc beginning to recov- *"' 1 k ' ttcrs from therin *’ c ™ n ‘ orsi S netl , , I r I by H. W. Grady, will ho sot down on to te er from their attacks of summer com-1 “J *»• ■” ... „ morrow. We arc able to manage our I own elections and Pat Calhoun had bet. Patrick camo I to Watkinsville yesterday, to make a A g.otl deal of work U being done on s P“ ch - but ‘ clrnin 5 he w0 " W some of the streets. Allot them wiI | be replied to by oneofyour cUisens, no doubtless be worked before winter. concluded to .still hunt, and hence he The colored tiremen are making great’!™ 18,1 day yesterday travel,ng over preparations for their tournament, ‘he county, informing our c,Use,is how which takes place in July. f , h> veto. ...... ,n Deputy Collector Smith will sell thoJ Mr. Editor the c,t,sens of Oconee will horse which was advertised fer sale yes- ■‘“ d *“• , “ uU ’. ,,ut W,U ,n tenter, at eleven o’clock today, in front ll >eir severe,gnty and 1* npon such low of the ten cents store. and insult,ng methods ihe idea that The mineral spring‘is tho best pat-K" eo * ?' 0 , place in Athens now. Pity it is ^ dl,d, ‘ in such a wretched condition. >’ ridten ons, and then to think that the Don’t iorget that a failure to pay all ordersofthe ring should be sent by such city tuxes required ef you by the fat Jay ! a dudo as PatCalhoun. Why u ho or July will subject you to additional I here? Welt, I suppose for the enormous co * t ’ , sum of six dollars a week and expenses. Numbers ofourc ixens are preparing Th IewtntA 0 Blcon for ^ to hie to tho ccoling shades of the and , htywiU haTC hinv ,„d W e Th. consutatwa, Commercial Hotel aad Yount McCarty. Bunny McCurdy, a youth that clerks at McDowell's, fer several years hasdiad the exclusive sale of the Atlanta Con stitution in Athens, and he bad built up quite a snug husinees on a small shale. When Mr. W. H. Brown was employed ss clerk at the Commercial betel, he had frexuent calls from guests for the Con stitution, and to save the trouble offend ing across the street every time he want ed a paper ordered a certain number of copies each da}', that he kept on sale at the hotel counter. This seriously cut into young McCurdy’s business, and making tho fact known to a Aw ef his mercantile friends a quiet boycott was naugurated. against the Commercial. When adrummer entered one of these stores he.was asked where he was stop* ping, and if ho repiiod at the Commer cial, was refused an order. N T o reason was assigned, save that the parties did not wish to patronise any man that stop ped at that hotel. This boycott had its ell'ect on the Commercial, and this week compromise was effected, by which Mr. Jcsso Alien was given Mr. Btown's place behind tho counter, and we pre sume that tho exclusive sale of the Con stitution will be restored to Bunny Mc Curdy. He is a worthy youth, and sup ports by his work his widowed mother. Mr. John W. Hawkins, of this county, was Tnsrriet) yesterday to Miss Kora Poyner. of thie niece. Rav. J. IL Chenay officiating. The oat crop is thought to bo somel what damaged by the big rain and wind Monday. The Bacon following in this county has been greatly strengthed in the (Hade district as well as in others for tho lost week. Sickness still prevails to an alarming degree in our town. Dr. Willingham, though quite aick, is better now, and hopes to be out toon. Mr. L. M. Arnold, living near here, lost's babe yesterday. The child was about two years old. Mr. Arnold is quick sick himself now. '' Mr. J. L. Jarrell has been elected msyorof Crawford, to fill the vacancy of J. B. Poyner, deceased. X. V. U’SVTT DOTS. mountains after commencement. | Pat Calhoun, the spike-tail dude from Atlanta, will receive his ugly methods, at the hands of Oco nee's democracy. The growth of grass is so luxuriant won’t import any dudes to ipsult the i uuae irom i 0 ; t her. Put Oconee down' in tho rebuke *<**■ I Bacon column. Democrat. OORDON IN MISSISSIPPI. A gentleman writing from Mississippi, in the city that some of the sidewalks L„y g; “If tho people of Georgia do not are almost impassable, and the ditches ^ now fj cn> Gordon, let them lend adele- are filling up with sand and grass, cans- gal j on t0 Columbus, Miss.; lot them fol- ing in overflow, which niskea it very j ow back the lino of tho Georgia 'Pacific uncomfortable for pedestrians, and un- railroad through Alabama and ask the less remedied will ho an excellent breed- rnrmera and land owners about him. ing place for snakes. | Tj, e y w iU hear curses deep and heartfelt at the mention of his name, and how ho SOCIETY AND PERSONA!;. ) used his great namo as a soldier to get the men who followed him during the Mr. Jake Colley lost an infant yester- I war> to give up their lands to some of d *J; ,, ,, „ , , , _ his wild railroad schemes, and if that is Mr. H.M. Comer lias returned to I not ell0ugh , c t them come hack to Mis- ? ‘mW Lillian Edwards is on a visit to sl8si i , I li » nJ ask ‘ h ® onco 8tockh “ ,l ' er8 of the Calhoun Land Company of his trans- A j“s ta Jones, of New Pork, was in t ho | aclionswith them, and they^iil hearths city yesterday. same tale. • » I never can vote forGordon for any office, believing what I do about him.’’ Thcso lines were written by as good and gallants soldier as ever wore the grey; not a politician, hut a wide awake, honest citizen, who has no interest at .. , . | stake, save that of'tlie good of this grand Mias Sophie Poster, of Augusta, is ex-1 ^ ( ^ Mr. Henry I.ucas is in tho city recu- ] persting his health. Miss Alice Kennedy leaves shortly on a visit to Northern.Georgia The average student is buying new clothes for commencement. '' ■ pected in the city in a few days. • Mr. Ben Vest continues very low, an4 no hopes are entertained for his re covery. AM UNMITIGATED FALSEHOOD. A gentleman from Oconee, in Athens jesterday, said that it was currently ro- Miss Kllen Gareboid has returned I ported that Larry Gantt said he carried home after an extended visit to relatives I Oconee county in his pocket. This is an In Sonth Carolina unmitigated falsehood and malicious MissJgmma Carroll, of Augusta, will slander, done to influence the voters of spend the University commencement Oconee county and injure the Banner- ' Watchman. Now, unless the perpetrator of the above slander proves the charge, with Mrs. H. H. Carlton. The charming Misses Sprout snd Tay lor, we are glad to hear, will remain tuitil after commencement. Mr. Prank Thomas, who baa been very ill the paat few weeka, we are glad to Ml*, ft npidiy improving. Cbl. Thomaa Stovall, one of Augusta's business man, ia ir the city, all of the name he ia a j^ltl pol- of the University, fer Imwrence- of Mr. C. H. he stands convicted as a liar. WFANIYI OR HIM. Moskoe, Ga, June 22.—Pat Calhoun, of Atlanta, pasaed through this place last night, heavily loaded with Gordon literature, on his way to Oconee county. Keep an eye on him, and warn Jthe peo ple against being led off be a member of the gnat Atlanta ring. Moxanz. wnrr to ooora. Col. R. B. Nesbit, accompanied by Capt. Q'Famll and Mr. Gantt, visited WatMnnviUs ysstoidmr^^finwt a cor dial wtlceae from th* people of Oconee. ATLANTA'S TALENT. While in Athens attending tho session of tho Board of Visitors appointed tho Governor to tho State University,’the editor was informed by ono of the pro fessors of an unusual instance of scho lastic enterprise. Two of the Atlanta students have crowded into the regular courso of Bachelor of Arts, or the “A. B.” course, tho course of “Master of Arts,” requiring a year or two longer. In ether words, these two young men havo accomplished six years of study .in the four years’ regular courso. They havo not only mastered the ordinary cur riculum, that the student genm-sliy takes, hut have in addition taken other and higher studies, and have with the double work, maintained the same high standard of scholarship. The “A. M.” course in cludes French, German, Calculus, De- i adaptive Geometry aad such high branches. Tho two young students thus compli mented by tile profossor, were John If. Slaton, soli of Major W, P. SlaUin. Su perintendent of Public Schools, and John W. Fain, son of our prominent mtrehant, Mr. Fain. These gentlemen may well be proud of their sons. These youths stand as high, morally as acholastically; They arc both talked ef as booked for honors.—Atlanta Capitol. EXCITED CREDIT JUS. Tho notice in yesterday’s Banner- Watchman that N. B. Jones had gone to California, created quite a stir en College avenue, and a meeting of his creditors was held in front of his office in the Mc Dowell building. Bailiffs were standing with all kinds of writs snd processes, ready to nab anything that locked like a law book or offico furniture. Livery stalilo men were peeping through the key hole to see if there was anything in tho room to satisfy them for buggy and carriage hire. Cigar men were eagerly watching every place to find a table to pay them for their fine cigars. Mr. Jones was known to smoke none but the finest A key was at laat found and the doors opened, hut a bill of sale had already been made to the fixtures and books, and the bailiffs had to return their attach ments with nulla bona written on the backs. Mr. Jones stood well in Athens until Ills sudden departure. We think that he will send the money and pay off his indebtedness. He had gotten behind, and no fees coming in, thought that it was best to seek the far West in search of fame and fortune^ MX. W.L.0LAT. We had had a pleasant call yesterday from Mr. W. L. Clay, who has been elected principal of the white depart ment of the public schools of Athens. Mr. Clay is a young man, scarcely reach ing the twenties, with a good, honest face, and bids fair to make his mark in the world. He graduates from the University this year, and secured the position over a large number of gentle men who were much older and with a great deal more experience. The ap pointment of Mr. Clay is a good one, and we feel confident that he will reflect credit on himself and those who appoint ed him. FUN1XAL NOTICE. The friends of Col. Jos. Troup Lump kin, are invited to attend hit funeral at the Oconee Cemetery to-day. The re mains will arrive nt the North-Eastern Depot at 12:.K) o'clock. FOB SALE TEST CUE?. The most delightful riding and driving peony ia Athens, parieetly gentle for tody to rido or ghve. Apply to * “ Comer. J*. *- • * ATHENS'G EORGIA COMMENCEMEN me m NH ♦-•AT TRIMMED IN When the news of the withdrawal of the candidacy of Capt. Carlton reached our people it plucked their—hopes, for they intended to place him in an elevated office, which he richly deserves. The disputed Fulcher-Freeman line, about which so much has been said and done, was, on last Sunday morning, run by ’Squire Duke Hamilton. He usod the French method, employing two rod- men. ’Squire Hamiitou is a good busi ness man, and never allows time and circumstances to defer his business. The rail of yesterday will place the crops beyend redemption, as the gran, to use a neighbor's expression, had a “foul holt” on it before the rain. It. D. .THE I’OST OFFICE. Mr. Ed. Bancroft to Sncoeed Mr. K. 0. Latimer. We learn that Capt. Burnett lias giv- i to Mr. Mr. .Ed, Bancroft the position of money order clerk in the Athens poat- oSScs, and that he will take charge the 1st of July, when Mr. Latimer will re tire. Mr. Bancroft is a worthy and effi cient young man, who has been for some timo with Mr. A. L. Mitchell, ad justing the affairs of the Southern Mutu al, and is in every way cempetcnt todia- ,pharge the duties incumbent upon him. He will make a strong bond to Capt Burnett, having sole management of the finances of the office. Mr. Bancroft's appointment will give entire satisfaction to our people, and a better man for the position could not hare been found. WILL BE 1VILT. This issue contains a call fur the sub scribers to- the' now Opera House, to meet at the Insurance Company's office on the 28th, for the purpose of orgaaiza- tion. The 25 shares have all been taken and several more shares can be sold, as thoso who have money to invest are anxious to get in. The work will l>e commenced very soon and Athens can boast of having one of the finest Opera Houses in the South. All the modern improvements will be put in, and the finest artist will He employed to paint the scenery. Judge W. B. Thomas, the most public spirited man in our city, de. serves the credit of getting up the Opera House. i J. T. MODES DE -PARIS A NSW (TORN. Mr. John Bird tells us that Mr. P. H. Snook, of Atlanta, authorised him to rent the best store-room he could find, as he intended on the 1st of September to open a first-class furniture store in Athens. Mr. Bird has not yet suc ceeded in renting a suitable room. There will he an active demand for buaineas heusea this fall, and our capitalists should provide for the same by filling up all the vacant sites on our business streets* * A VOICE FROM BARON. From a letter received from Rahuu county, we learn that the people are thoroughly aroused over the importance of the gubernatorial election, and that the mountain counties are bound to set down on the min who is a failure in ev erything. The letter ia from an influen tial man in Rabun county', and he lays that so much money can’t he spent to elect a man without there is something behind the scenes. MAD HON CATCHES ON. Judge W. B. Thomas has just re turned from Madison, Morgan county, where he has been in the intonat of the Macon and Athens Railroad. Judge Thomas reports the people of ^tdison enthusiastic on the prospect of getting the Railroad. morauMoou. The aubscribem to the opera hoo-a Company, are reqesstod to asst at tbs office of the Soothers Mntoal Tassmass Company, on Moaday, 28th tost, far the purpose of wgasttottss leery seriber is earnestly reqaeeted to be pres- AT MICHAEL BROS., New York Office, -193 Broadway. march4.4m. Paris Office, 19 Rue du 4 Septembre. PIANOS AND ORGANS. 8tST MIXES, LOWEST PRICES, EASIEST TERMS! No Trouble to show an Instrument. Ladies specially invited to drop in at Barke's Piano Room, Clavtoo street, itkeos, Ga. ■ ut. ■ tom Silverware, Clocks, Umbrella stands, Dresden china, Diamond, E A r rings, Royal optic goods, &c. O. A. BOUDDKR, SILVERSMITH, Broad StTMt. 'FOR The Certain Catarrh Cure Is. POSITIVELY UNEQUALLED. Purely Vegetable. Entirely harmless. Rcquiws no Instrument. D ecree where others fall to give nllel. Price, $1 per bottle, 6 bottle. $5, at si l^raggtols^" Tert montotofree. ^ ATHENS, GEORGIA. USE 2LB