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The Daily banner-watchman. (Athens, Ga.) 1886-1887, June 24, 1886, Image 3

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DAILY BANNER.WATCrfli % A”* NS, oMOkBiA, THURSDAY MORNl.YU, JUNE, 14 »8&. \ tniitheia the JHsaclM, THE BEST TONIC awmNiinpiMWi uiinnew Dl.J. Ll MtxbuJPUrtteM. Iowa, un: “ Brawn's Iron Bittar* iatha boatlron me haTaknoyn in my M yoam* practly. t l ha»« at. Oortyton; Kr., r A A BfisklnkliM el 1111 eTi ■ i1» Hul uni 11 ami 11 illlisn I ill ■ o*Wr«p*>r. Take soothrr. Mad© only by Jjljcuwd I,jidiM»d.r«l condition otth. LIVER. hM.. Erocuttoaa ud Bandas o('U» HtnurS •amaUmm called Heartburn), Miasma, Malaria. Mr Hu. Chflto and F—£ SukbiJlSi: Erhaastfaa twfoca ar altar Favm, Chrooio Diar- IU«tdM Brecth. riK? .; Epraf " ait cfltaahMolttw LIVI?, _J STOMACH and BOWELS. j waylatlnn faaa a wiut. fallow M.^ownMi. a> faSWito SiWad TERATIVES and PURIFIERS OF THE BLOOD, and ll A VALUABLE TONIC. STADICER’S AURANTII Far tala bjaHDracvi*ta. Price SI. 00 perbottla. C. F.STAD1CER, Proprietor, MO so. FRONT ST., PhUadalphla, Pa. LYCETT’S ART SCHOOL » A»» •TX Whitehall it.. Atlanta. Georgia, Ke#p» tha L«rge*t Aawrtmant of Art Materials Am China for Oscoratlor, and makes a speciality of ririug aud Gliding Chius for Amateurs. Les* SOtta la China Painting, Oil and Water Colors. Write for Circulars. nprlli&Miu. W. B. BURNETT. ATTOHNEY- AT - LA W ATHENS. OA. Ns Bs JONES ATTORNEY AN!) COUNSELOR* ATI LAW. Rooms. McDowell Building, Collage Ar. ATHENS. OEOROIA. Special attention given to Collections and all Oomnsareia! and Kaat K«ute Lit leal ton. Will nagatlat» and plate loans eo real estate; examine i and tarnish a* "* ■“ Jan'tdly h abstract of title to real eoute. etc. PLUMBING. GAS DID STUM FITTINGS. TROlf Awhln, Frame., CntUn Earlaturec 1 BrJmuUc Kcm., Wrorsht. ua«t ud Bawtr fipac, Hanltery Uooda. Pawn, Windmill.. 0.< rtxMfw.'dlobM.adFMUM SAlmnlM nr ill riamSIag riiraUhnd»t Blaulo. nil. comlit.ut .life food work. Fenonnl .uporrU- ,0 5p«.“ d,C0Btt “ ,i aartamoEN. INGLEWOOD HOTEL, Nicpoohee, White County, Gtorgli. NACOOCHEE VALLEY, SSJYaW marJMtf. Propilette*. A W. U0LLU. -1 — •• a “«*» GEORGIA ELECTRICAL WORKS, aOlXU BEOI., Propilstore. ELECTRO-GOLD, SILVER And Slekri Pinters, . TTEALSR3 In Teletmpk. Bl« JJ malic Supplies. Burft.r-A Annunciator., ate, , -"3 -aff I6E CREAM 11 TOO WANT BUlAETHINO NICE CALL ON C BODE, .Xatrork* kU nlwiTi oo band Frttk Cakst, Bread, Culm * Contscllosery, AIM Ic Cm.* of nil kind., br lh.fUMtinat or .alio.; inch u Tulle, IM Neapolitan Chocolate, VcrnelU, lenon, mr.wWrr and ■ Boll.*a And Clayton nr„M. ' y. •in.rllid'Hr. > '<■ I-*./ i Sw. FOR SALE. - —A Toutt Well Broke—— Mule, 4 Milch Cows, ?Y y 6 Head Fine Beeves. O. B. BJtaED, Milled!• Avaeue. , . '^nBL Iron Often In Bnbnll •f Law and Order. Silvertox, Col , June 5.— crowd followed a rather good-loo ing man around, stopping when h sloped, listening as to an oracle when he had anything to say, and alt the time gapin at him in open mouthed wonder, proclaimed tin fact that an important personage was in town. •iWho is that duck?” asked an old miner. - . ESSHi _ “Sh-h-h!” replied a companion That’s Doc Holliday, He’s killed thirty men in his day, and there's no telling when he’ll turn himself loose again.” t - y »■ Then ail liands took another gpod look at him,- and after he had passed on out of tight one/>f the | early settlers said: “Some of you fellows who have come her, lately have a very taint idea of what Doc Holliday and a few othera like him used'to do in this country. When the Doc ran things down in Arizo na nobody, dared say bis soul was his own. I remember one time in Tombstone he killed two men in one night, and the next day he called r on the editor of the paper and said that, at he was opposed to sensational literature, he hoped there would be no undue promi nence given to the occurrences of the evening before. “When the paper came out in (he afternoon it had a three-line item saying that it was underitood that two men had been found dead on the streets, but that the reporter bad not learned their names. Theraipe issue had a long editorial article on the advantages of Arizona health resort. Not long alter that the Doc was in Tucson for two weeks, and killed men during that time. He would have stayed another week, but he learned that a movement was on foot to mob him, and he left suddenly. All along the South western border for three or four years he was robbing and killing almoA continually. When any par ticular crime threatened to mako trouble for him he would skip over to southern California for a while, and once or twice he went to the Indian Territory. He could be tried now in any one of a half doz en States orTciritories, and hanged lor murder, but there is no disposi tion to press him, as it is rentem- bered that the country was pretty wild in those days.” Another man who had been a close listener stepped forward at this point and said: “I had* brush -ntiti me Doc once in the Calico range, down back of Fort Yuma. He and twenty-five other horse thieves were down there, and they sent word to the sheriff that they were spoiling for a fight. That made the officer mad, uml so.he got up a posse and set out, and 1 being in the party. When we came on the gang we saw that they outnum bered us two to one, and we con cluded not to fight As soon as the Doc ssw that we were sloping he got msd, and jumping out in Iront of hit party, he yelled that he could whip us single handed. “He hadn’t any more than said the word when he began firing, and we ‘ran like cowards. He killed three of our party, though, before we got to cover, and we didn’t have any anxiety to interview him again. A little while after that he left that part of the country, greatly to the relief ol the sheriff, who used to say that he never could be chief, when the Doc was around,” While this speaker was giving his experience the Doc himself had drawn nigh, and, after listening to the conclusion of the story, he ob served: “When any of you fellows have beeo hunted down from one end of the country to the other, as I have beetl, you’ll understand what a bad man’s reputation it built on. I’ve had credit for more killings than I ever dreamt of. Now,- rll tell you one little thing that hap pened down in Tombstone in the early days. There was a bard crowd there, of course, and I happened in, I thought I saw a chance to make a little money, and so I opened a gam bling house. Things went along all right for a time, but at length some of the boys got an idea that they were not winning often enough and they put up a job to kill me. 1 heard ol it, and the next night when they came in I made them a speech, told them what I had heard, said that sort of thing couldn’t go in any well-regulated commuuity, ana then,'just to restore order, Agave it to a couple of them. That settled the whole trouble. I was in Tomb stone about six months after that and never bad another difficulty. It has been that way wherever I have been. I never shoot unless I have to. “Down' on the border I had two or three little scrapes, but they didn't amount to much. A party of drunken greasers came climbing over ue one night, and I had .to fix one or two, and at another time I had n'fight with a 100m full cir them, aniLstarted a graveyard there, but it had to be done in the interest of peace, I claim to have been a ben efactor , to the country.' Every crime that occurs in a new settle ment it always laid on some one’or two men. I’ve lound out time and again that I had been charged with murders and ' robberies when I hadn't been within five hundred miles of the place. Down in Ari zona once tl.e coroner and most ot the members of his jury had killed and robbed a man, and when they pat on the case they laid it to Doc Holliday. In Dodge Citv once I was charged with burglarizing a store when the owner did the job himself. I’ve known army officers who couldn't find vouchers to all their property to put in the plea that Doc Holliday had stolen it, when 1 never was inside their lines. - - '•IS you take the trouble to exam ine a good many of the crimes that I am charged with, you will find that when I have been charged with murder I have nlway been a long way oil’—never near at hand. That looks odd, don’t it? But it is just because I didn’t do it. I’ve been in nearly all these towns since, and nobody says anything about arrest ing me, simply because they have no case. The claim that I make is that some few ot us pioneers are en titled to credit.for what we have done. We have been the forerun ners of government As soon as law and order were established .any where we never had any trouble. If it hadn’t been fop nte and a few like me there never would have been any government in some 'of these towns. When I have d&ne any shooting it hat always been with this in view-” ■ The Doc’s auditors listened at tentively, nodded assent and gradu ally slipped away. He has-beea ar retted but once, and nobody here will undertake the job. UxiVxknrrv or UkottuiA. '■Chemical Laboratory. Office of State Chemist, Athens, Os., June zj, 1984.—I hare been familiar for a number of yeara with the general character of Prof, Horsford s phoephatlc preparations. Recent examinations msde by me of the “ Add Phosphate" anil " Bread Preparation," show them to be exactly what is elaimod for them in (liecircular., accompanying lh« pack- ague. The “ Acid Phosphate” is a con centrated solution in water of Acid Phosphate of f.lrae. The “ Bread Pre paratlon ” i« a mixture ol \cld I’hos pliateof Lime, carbonate of soda and Hour. When mixed with water, carbonic acid gas is liberated and a double phos phate ot ’ ‘inis «iu soda is lorraea and remains In the bread when baked. In ordinary cream ot tartar baking powders the substance left in the bread after “raising" is roobelle salts—* double tartrate of soda and potash. The phos phates are useful mineral substances in animal nutrition And growth, the tap trates are not. In my opinion', the Pliosphatic Powder is, therefore, pre ferable to tlieotliere,sotar as healthful- ness concerned. If. C. WHITB. WH0LK80ME FOOD? In these days of misrepresentation upon the subject a pleasure to be article of icerl- ing worth as Prof. Horsford’s Brwad Preparation. Its absolute - purity'and wholesomeness Is universally Conceded by the most emlncnt^selchtifio author ities in thisand other countries.' Itbss achieved, also,'a local reputation ot no small proportions, and wo are glad to call attention to the endorsement bv Prof. B. 0. White, State Chemist, print ed lit another column. , We cannot be too particular u to wliat articles we recommend editorially, but with reference to Frof. Horsford’s goods, It goct .Without saying, that they can be freely used by everybody in full faith and confidence, that they are pure, nutritious and healthful, and exactly as represented, ' . ■ ' " Absolutely Pure and Unadulterated. HOSPITALS, CURATIVE INSTITUTIONS, INFIRMARIES. CURES ■ CONSUMPTION, HEMORRHAGES And all Watllna DUeateat DYSPEPSIA. INDIGESTION, MALAniA, -— TH* ORLY J * Y PURE STIMULANT Fort the Sick, Invalids, CONVALESCING PATIENTS, AGED PEOPLE, Weak and Debilitated Women. rovaalstyDtasstM, OrocanaadDeakri. Price, One Dollar per Bottle. CHEEPER W EM We have marked prices down. Everybody can pot np Fruit. Don’t boy until you get our prices. Madrey & Jones C. B. VEKOiNEE. City Plumber. ANTB D—Tosnj leAlts in city or country ICEI ICETICE! ATHENS ICE WORKS, prararri to,apply Waaewuhto-J open Iron 6 a. n», to 7 p. i will be around from 9 " * Ur cale at Dapot. LUOY OOBB INSTITUTE, ATHENS, OEOROIA. mHF. mernanpr Ba.BiSoal wtB Be R»lH answered, IT ggyokD, hindpaL JsaelMtf. CORE FUR FILES. Piles are frequently preceded by a sense of weight In the back, loins tnd lower part of the abdomen, censing the patient tu suppose he lias some affection of fhe kidneys or neighboring organs., symptoms of indigestion are iresent, flatulency, uneasiness of the i itoinacli, etc. A moisture like penplra- -Ion. producing a e very disagreeable Itching, after getting verm, M a common attendant. Blind, Bleeding and Itching Pilesvield at once to the application of Dr. Boearko’s PlfeRenudy, which acts directly upon the parts affected, absorb ing tho Tumors, allaying the Intense Itching, and effecting a permanent cure. Price SO cents. AMnum The f)r, Bcegntro Medicine Co., Piqna, 0. Sold by B. 8 Lyndon and Rush A Arnold. WEB WILLIE C0TTA0S Athens, Ga., March8,1886.—Deaf Ur. Brackett—For two weeks before I began using your “Delectalsve,” I had boon suffering a good deal from my gums, tongue and roof of my mouth, a thing unusual with ine. I tried several reme dies but with no avail. Then Presorted to your new preparation and found speedy relief. The etate of my tliroat was also improved. Judelngby my ovnexper- tcnce, I think this mouth wash very vulunble, and I most hoartllv and con fidently commend It to public attention and general use. I beg to remain most truly yours. Andrew A. Lipscomb, D.D Saved His’ Lire, nr. XX. Z.-WUcvxmh, of Hen, Clan, Ky., says he was, for many years, badly atftlicted with Phthisic, alto Diabetes: the pains were almost unendurable and would sometimes alinsit throw him into eonTUkfyM/ lls'lrigd Electric Bitters and got relief front first bottle tnd after taking tlx bottles, ▼as aulirely cared and had gained ItTileeh:' ‘ have died. _ ... afforded by Electric Bitters, fifty esntt a bottle by Long. BDCgLRN'S ARNia* SALVE. The Best Salve In the World for Cuts, Bruises. Sores. Ulcers, fifft Rheum, Fetor gores, Tetter, Chapped 'Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Empt- tlons, and positively cares Piles,;pr no pay required. JU le guarenieMoWve. perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 23^centa per box For sale by Miraculous F-ucnpc, W. W. Reed, druggist of Wiacbes'sr India.,:writes: “One of my customers’ Mrs. Louisa Pike, Bartonla, Randolph Co., Ind., was a long sufferer with Con sumption, and was given' up todisby her physicians, She heard ofDr. Klng s Hew Discovery for Consumption, sad began buying it of me. In six months’ time she walked to this city, a distance ol six' miles, and it now so 4>uch (ga- preved-slie has qnlt using It. 8he feels she owes her lift to It.’, Free trial bot tles at Long’s Drug Store. '' All in the Line of NatigU,' ‘ ’ There Is nothing in the line of magic or mystery about that wonderful and popular medicine, Parker's Tonic. It Is simply the best and moat aclenllllo combination possible of tho essential principles of those vegetable curatives which act powerfully and directly on the stomach, liver, kidneys and blood. -Silt there neither Is, nor will be, any successful Imitation of It. It is all tbe time curing those who bail despaired of ever getting well. For yourself, your wife and children. The qalckaet time on record I Neural gia of the worst type, cured by one dose of SMITH'S BILE BEANS in from one to four hours, as many who have tried It can testify. It does seem strange that sensible people will suffer with this terrible disease when speedy relief can surely be found In this simple safte and Inexpensiv remedy. 25 cents. For sale by all druggists and dealers Id niedtclde, or aantauyrhere on receipt of price In stamps . •>' ’ Seve money and Doctor bills. Relieve your Mothers, Wives and Sisters by a __ , W®- ufiVctlons.' Relieves Children ol Croup in one night; may savs you hundreds of dollars. Price 50 cents and $1,00. Simple free. Sold by Dre. Lyndon,and Bush A Arnold. Horsford’s Bread THE BEST BAK1 ING POWDER !N THE WOF tl la made by Pro/, fforg/orri’g procesn, tEi>* only profiens thin produce x powder of tiny nutritive value. It fluppllea the nutritious and atrength-KivIrig plienpltHtee aytUem. Requires less shortening than anv oilier powder, is recommended by eminent phyiicimje* It contains nocreatn tartar, aliun, or any tulaitiTAtion .vhatov'r. Put up in bottle**. Every bottle warranted. For Bale by all dealers. Cook Book Free. Rmnford Chemical Work*, Providence K. I @raHl©rd ©etuis, PIANOS, ORGANS, GUITARS, BANJOS, BLANK BOOKS, PAPER, INKS, Etc. deel ERasisaf fflepef-iaRelise: HAMPTON & WEBB, UANUF4CTUREB80P ALL KINDS OF CAN D-Y MA.DB OUT OF PURI SUGAR Stick Candy a Specialty, Cocoanut. Peanut. Bars & Taffy Prices guaranteed aa low aa any other markets. Send ordvri mtreh18dAw1y. HAM PTC > N ,v wkbh OUR BRANDS OF FLOUR. Harvest Queen, Golden Grain, Mountain Dew, Pride-of Denver. ’ Pride of Colorado, ,• , , Sweet Home. Success. The finest and best that can be made from wheat and as cheap as the cheapest. . V . . TALMADGE BROS. , mamh1».9m * GRIFFITH & WELL, INSURANCE AGENTS. Represent best Companies and insure desirable pro- Athens and vicinity on most favorable terms List ok Compakiks. Georgia Home Home of New York Phoenix of Hertford Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company ol North America.. North British and Mercantile..; New York Underwriters Germania of New.York Merchants of New Jersey Atlanta Homo (Pays dividends to policy holder*) .* LONG TERM POLICIES ISSUED ON NOTE PLAN. OFFICE AT BANK OF THE UNIVERSITY. jan15dlv. HODGSON BROS WHOLESALE .AND RETAIL Grocers. Cigars £ Tobaccos A Specialty. Headquarters for (food its, TELEPHONE 60. Sm , UW^HI V, I TEAS, Etc., Etc. 60, 62, and 64, Clayton St,Athens, Gn. J. N. SMITH & CO. >. .MILLERS AND DEALERS IN Steam and Water Grom and Feec Ours ter ilex ■seessks. For pron< that Dr. Gunn’s Liver Pills cum. Sick Hewiache, ask yoor Drug gists for s free trial package. Only one (or a done. Regular risehoxes, 25 oeuts. rM<l by Dre. Lyndon, Bus