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Southern literary gazette. (Charleston, S.C.) 1850-1852, January 03, 1852, Image 1

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Published Weekly, with Semi-Monthly Supplements, at $3 per annum. SOUTHERN LITERARY GAZETTE; 51 Sonina! of C'fjuitgljt anit Cnont. NEW SERIES—VOL. I. NO. 1 WHOLE NUMBER, CLXXXVIII. SATUBDAY MOBBING, JANUABI 3, 1852. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Page. The Prodigal’s Return—A New Year’s Story—by Mrs. Alice B. Neal, - - - - - - - 1 The Queen’s Opera, by Thomas Carlyle, - 4 The Lord Chrystmasse, - 5 The Death of a Whale, by Herman Melville, - - ib. Beauty and Joy—An Epigram, - - - - 6 The Founding of the Beil, (Illustrated,) - - - ib. A Sonnet on the Submarine Telegraph, - - - ib. EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT. The New Year; Bills Payable ;An Apology, - 7 A DISH OF GOSSIP. A Christmas Festival, A January Sonnet, Railing against Rails, Frederica Bremer, The Greek Slave, Cheap Books in England, Taking it Coolly, Punch’s Report of the Funny Market, A Spiritual Conundrum, “It is the cause, my Lord!” A Considerate Critic, Our Supplements, An Alliterate Trio of Topic, Ficti tious Tales, An Epigram on Lola Montes, The Aus trian Nobles, “ What it is to be born!” Our City Ag’t., 8 CHARLESTON, S. C.: WALKER, RICHARDS AND CO., PUBLISHERS, ALSO, OF THE “SOUTHERN QUARTERLY REVIEW,” AND “THE SCHOOLFELLOW.” No. 101 EAST-BAY. Steam Power Press of Walker & James, Nos, 101, 103 and 105 East-Bay, Charleston, S. C, Page. OUR BOOK TABLE. Dream-Life,by Ik Marve; Clover-IS ook, by Alice Carey; Dream-Land by Daylight, by Caroline Chesebro; Me moirs of Chalmers, by Dr. Hanna; The Excellent Woman; The Instructive Gilt, and other Juveniles; Utterance, by Caroline A. Briggs; The Tutor’s Ward, 9 OUR CONTEMPORARIES. Harper’s Magazine, The International, Deßow’s Com mercial Review, - - - - - - -10 Events in the Old World, ib. Scientific Gleanings, ------ ib. Musical Matters, ------ ib. Events in the New World, ib. Editorial Brevities, ------ ib. A Lesson ; Poetry, - - - - - - - 11 Pointed Paragraphs. —Eloquence of Kossuth, Critical Com positors, Delicacy of Speech, - - . - - ib. The Relations of Science to Agriculture, - - - ib. The Lamb of God, (Lesson for Jan. 4,) - - * - 12 New Work by Powers, ib. Random Readings, , ib.