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Newnan herald & advertiser. (Newnan, Ga.) 1909-1915, February 19, 1909, Image 6

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\—■* fierald and fldoeriiser. NEWNAN, FRIDAY, FEB. lit. FROM m CORRESPONDENTS, GRANTVILLE. It is with a heart full of grief that we chronicle the death of little Lily Andrews, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Andrews, of this place. The sweet little spirit took its flight Saturday at noon, and funeral services were con ducted at the residence Sunday after noon by Rev. A. II. S. Bugg, assisted by Rev. F. J. Amis. The sympathy of the entire community g*es out to the family in their sad bereavement Mr. and Mrs. Roy White, of Atlanta, spent Saturday and Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. White. Mr, and Mrs. E. B. Cotton have re turned from a pleasant visit to friends in Palmetto. Mr. J. II. Gilbert was in Moreland Sunday. Mrs. I. C. Lester and Miss Johnnie Lester spent a few days this week with Lone Oak relatives. Col. W. A. Post and Mr. Oscar Al bright were in Newnan Tuesday. Mr. Geo. Snead spent Sunday with homefolks here. Miss Nell Beavers, of Newnan, spent a few days last week with her parents here, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Beavers. Miss Vera Cartnical, of LaGrange Female College, and Miss Edna Haynie and brother, J. Y., were the guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Abner Camp, of More land, and Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Orr, jr., of Newnan, are at the home of Capt. T. E. /.ellurs. Mrs. Joe Stevens and daughter, Miss Love, are in Atlanta for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Latimer, Mrs. M. B. Lambert and Mrs. D. Ii. Lam bert attended the burial of Mr. D. A. Reese at Newnan last Friday. Miss Essie Strozier, of Newnan, spent a few days last week with Miss Marilu Collins. Estelle Zeilars is on an extended visit to her .sister, Mrs. W. A. Ward, in Atluntn. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Jackson, of Louise, have moved into the house re cently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Sewell. Their many friends extend them a cordial welcome. Miss Lyda Cleveland and Mr. Wayne Sadler, of Virginia, and Mr. M. B. Braswell, of Atlanta, were guests Sun day of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Sadler. Mrs. .1 W. Strozier, of Newnan, spent Sunday with Misses Marilu and Mattie Collins. Mr. Ben Couch, of Moreland, was the guest of his sister, Mrs. J. O. Al bright, several days last week. Dr. and Mrs. W. J. Williams, of At lanta, are here for a few days. Dr. Williams is engaged in dental work. Mr. Wilson, of St. Cloud, spent Sat urday with Mr. Will Post. Mr. and Mrs. Alvan Evans spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Smith. Several Grantville people went up to Newnan Sunday to attend the funeral of Mr. A. It. Upshaw, whose death oc curred at Lutherville on Saturday. The bereaved ones have the sympathy of many friends here. Feb. 17th. Revolts at Cold St.oel. “Your only hope,” said three doctors to Mrs. M. E. Fisher, Detroit, Mich., suffering from severe rectal trouble, “lies in an operation. 1'hen I used Dr. King’s New Life Pills,” she writes, “till wholly cured.” They prevent Appendicitis, cure Constipation, Head ache. 26c. at all druggists. TURIN. The death of Mr. DeWitt Reese, which occurred Inst week in Atlanta, did not bring sorrow alone to the mem bers of his immediate family and to his brothers and sisters, because the hearts of others were deeply touched also. This is especially true of the writer and his family, for in his youth DeWitt made his home with us for a time. Hence we sympahtize with his loved ones ; yet we do not grieve as those who have no hope, for we look forward to a happier meeting with him beyond this vale of teais. "A few more years shull roll, A few more seasons conic. Ami we shall bo with those that rest Asleep within the tomb. “A few more struggles here, A few more partimrs o’er, A few more toils, a few more tears. Ami we shall weep no more.” May Cod bless the fatherless and moth erless chlldern thus left to light life’s battles alone, is the prayer of one who loves them. We had another heavy downpour of rain Monday, and all the streams were out of their banks. We are getting our moisture all in a lump, after the pro tracted drought of the fall and winter, After spending several weeks with relatives here Miss Thurman has re turned to her home at Monticello. Several farmers of this section are still holding cotton raised two and three years ago. The warehouses are jammed with it. Feb. 17th, Washington Once Gave Up to three doctors; was kept in bed * for five weeks. Blood poison from a spi der’s bite caused large, deep sores to cover his leg. The doctors failed, then “Bucklen’s Arnica Salve completely cured me,” writes John Washington, of Busqueville, Tex. For eczema, boils, burns and piles it’s supreme. Only 25c. at all drug stores. I MADRAS. The prayer-meeting Sunday evening was, as usual, very interesting. Every one seemed much impressed with the talks, as well as the Scripture reading by Mr. J. T. Brown, jr., at the opening of the service. Mr. J. H. Wise will conduct services next Sabbath evening. Miss Lizzie Maffett, who has been the guest of Mrs. L. M. McGee for two weeks, left Tuesday for Greenville, where she will spend some time before returning to her home at Columbus. Mrs. J. K. Atchison has returned from Pike Road, Ala., where she visit ed her brother, Mr. Charlie Atchison. One of the most enjoyable events of the season wan the candy-pulling and valentine party given by Mr. Alvan Coggin at his home here Saturday evening. Quite a number of guests were present, notwithstanding the in clement weather. At a late hour many beautiful valentines were drawn, prov ing the social qualities and popularity of our young people, after which the guests departed, assuring their hosts that all had had a "jolly good time.” We learn with regret of the serious illness of Mrs. Everett McKoy, near Welcome. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Smith, of College Park, were recent visitors at Dr. L. M. McGee’s. Miss Mattie Wilson is in Turin for a two-weeks’ visit to her sister, Mrs. L. L. Landrum. Miss Annie Brown is in Newnan this week at the bedside of her sister, Mrs. J. J. Walker, who has been ill for sev eral days. Messrs. J. T. Brown, jr., Paul Brown and Curt Hayes attended Sunday-school at Happy Valley last Sunday. Mr. Errett Hyde attended services at Macedonia Sunday, and, with Miss Ida Lou Fincannon, dined with Miss Elcia Glass. Mrs. Rispah Herring is spending an indefinite time with her sister, Mrs. J. W. Stripling, in Atlanta. Mr. W. E. Moore writes that in Go mez, Texas, coal is $25 to $30 per ton, lumber $4.50 per hundred, common barb-wire fence-posts 30c. each, flour $4.30 per hundred, and meat 20c. per pound. Say, brethren, how do you like this for high-priced stuff? We are pained to note the illness of Mr. Geo. Coggin, and wish him a speedy recovery. We regret to learn that Miss Lorena Robertson’s mother is suffering from the effects of a severe fall received last Friday. Mr. Brewer Witcher, of Dodson, at tended the party here Saturday evening. Mr. Edgar Banks and sister, Miss Lillie, of McCollum, were the guests of Misses Lena and Kate Hayes Sunday afternoon. Happy Valley, Koscoe, McCollum and Dodson wore all represented at prayer- meeting Sunday night. Mr. Alvan Coggin, Misses Emma Brown, Katie Sue Moore, Florence Moore and Bessie Cook dined with the Misses Cole last Sunday. Mrs. W. T. Moore 1ms been indisposed lor several days. We had no school Monday on account of the inclement weather. Miss Willie Beavers is visiting her sister, Mrs. It. Hughs, in Newnan. Mr. and Mrs. Burnett Giles, of Whitesburg, spent several days last week with their mother, Mrs. Wingo. Tlie younger set enjoyed a candy pulling Friday night at the home of Mrs. Lula Cates. Feb. 17th. The Secret of Long Life. A French scientist has discovered one secret of long life. His method deals with the blood. But long ago millions of Americans had proved Electric Bit ters prolongs life and makes it worth living. It purifies, enriches and vital izes the blood, rebuilds wasted nerve cells, imparts life and tone to the en tire system. It’s a godsend to the weak, sick and debilitated people. “Kidney trouble had blighted my life for months,” writes W. M. Sherman, of Cushing, Me., "but Electric Bitters cured me entirely.” Only 50c. at all druggists. PALMETTO. One of the most delightful affaiis of the week was the masked ball given in the school auditorium Friday evening by the ladies of the Sewing Club. Mrs. T. P. Arnold and Mrs. L. Van Stavoren won prizes for the best and most amusing masks. Delicious re freshments were served. Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Duke have as their guest Miss Stokes, of Atlanta. Miss Nell Legg, of Knoxville, Tenn., is visiting the Misses Reid. Mrs. Alice Cochran and Miss Mary Cochran left Tuesday for Florida. The Sewing Club was delightfully entertained Tuesday afternoon by Mrs. R. C. Bacheller. Mr. E. Dean Stith is at home for a few days on a visit to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Stith. Miss Estelle Wheland, who has been visiting Mrs. M. A. Wiley, returned Tuesday to her homo in Atlanta. Miss Mary Johnson is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Parks, of New nan, on a boat trip from Columbus to Apalachicola, Fla. Mrs. E. K. Cotton, of Grantville, spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Culbreath. Rev. R. C. Rhodes, who has been on a visit to his son, Mr. Clarence Rhodes, at Los Angeles, Cal., returned home a few days ago. Miss Lucy Pennington, of Fairburn, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. N. O. Skein. Judge Harry Reid, of Atlanta, spent Friday with his brother, Hon. C. S. j Reid. I Feb. 17th. Soldier Balks Death Plot. It seemed to J. A. Stone, a Civil War veteran, of Kemp, Tex,, that a plot existed between a desperate lung trouble and the grave to cause his death. “I contracted a stubborn cold, ” he writes, “that developed a cough that stuck to me, in spite of all reme dies, for years. My weight ran down to 130 pounds. Then I began to use Dr. King’s New Discovery, which re stored my health completely. I now weigh 17k pounds.” For severe Colds, obstinate Coughs, Hemorrhages, Asth ma, and to prevent Pneumonia, it’s un rivaled. 50c. and $1. Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by all druggists. There are now 250,000 words in the English language acknowledged by the best authorities, or about 70,000 more than in the German, French. Spanish and Italian languages combined. Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time; for that’s the stuff life is made of. Petition to Amend Charter. GEORGIA—Coweta County: To the Superior Court of said county : The peti tion of D. W. Boone Co. reRpeetfully showR— 1. ThHt petitioner is a corporation, having been chartered by the Superior Court of said county on Jan. 23, 1907. and doing a mercantile business un der said charter at Newnan, in said county. 2. Petitioner desires to amend its charter by changing its corporate name from D. W. BOONE CO. to the BOONE-STRIPLING CO. Wherefore, your petitioner prays an order granting the said change in its corporate name, D, W. BOONE, For D. W. Boone Co. Filed in office this 4th day of February, 1909. L. TURNER, Clerk S. C. C. C. GEORGIA—Coweta County: I, L. Turner, Clerk of the Superior Court in and for said county, do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true and exact copy of the original petition for amendment of charter of D. W. Boone Co., as appears of file and record in this office. Witness my hand and the seal of said Court this 4th day of February, 1909. L. TURNER, Clerk S. C. C. C. AN ORDINANCE. Be it ordained by the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Newnan, That it shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to build or erect within the corporate limits of said city of Newnan any house or building of any kind or character, or in any way add to or repair, build upon, or gener ally improve or change any house or building, without first having applied to the Mayor and Al dermen of said city and obtained permission for such purpose, and no work shall be commenced until such permit is obtained. Any person, firm or corporation who desires a building permit shall make written application to the Mayor and Aider- men, upon a printed blank to bn furnished by the City Clerk, and when said printed blank is prop erly filled out it shall be filed with the City Clerk, who can, in his discretion, approve and grant the permit applied for. In the event the Clerk fails or refuses to grant any permit, his action shall be Hubject to review by the Mayor and Aldermen at any called or regular session. All applications shall be filed by the Clerk, and preserved for fu ture reference. All Ordinances or parts of Ordinances in con flict with this Ordinance are hereby repealed. Adopted in Council Feb. 1, 1909. E. D. FOUSE. City Clerk. $1.00 and $1.50 SIZES—16, 16 1-2, 17, 17 1-2 and 18 69c I. N. ORR COMPANY J LOOK READ LISTEN On Saturday, Feb. 20, our drawing for a $60.00 Sewing Machine and a $15.00 Leather Rocker will occur. Come and bring your tickets;—you may be the lucky one. We have rf' few more coupons, which we will distribute on one dollar cash pur chases up to the time of drawing. Our goods are marked down to ridiculously low prices, and our stock is full. All goods guaranteed or money refunded on every purchase not proving satisfactory. Now is’ the time to buy FURNITURE. Save your tickets if you can’t attend the draw ing. Lucky numbers will be advertised in both Newnan papers. Yours for business, MARBURY’S FURNITURE STORE ‘VVW'iWVVAV WAMWVrtV Ju^t to Remind You That We Have Van Camp’s Cream in 5c. and 10c. cans. Miller Bros.’ selected Blackberries, 15c. Bartlett Pears, very fine, 35c. Fresh shipment full cream New York Cheese—the best—20c. All grades of Coffee. Good bulk, 15c. and 20c. Best grades, 35c. or three pounds for $1. The Bakery. ® Lady Fingers, Macaroons, Jelly Rolls, Lay- ® er Cakes, Graham Bread, Rye Bread, White ® Bread. HOT ROLLS EVERY DAY. C. P. COLE “THE STORE OF QUALITY.” Telephone 31. 4’4 , 4»4 > 4>4 , 4*4* X KIRBY - BOHANNON HARDWARE CO. ‘S*’ Telephone 201. R. D. COLE MANUFACTURING CO. ESTABLISHED 1854. Building material of every description, moderately priced. Engines, Boilers, Corn Mills and Saw Mills. Tanks, Stand-pipes, Towers and Tanks—any shape any capacity, for any purpose, erected anywhere. Full and complete stock Mill Supplies and Belting. Estimates cheerfully furnished. Inquiries solicited, and will receive immediate attention. R. D.Cole Manufacturin^Co 49-54 E. Broad St., Newnan, Ga. ’Phone 14. ALWAYS AT For cash or on time. Come to see me; I’m al ways at home. Jack Powell. 4* 4 s Seed Potatoes. The genuine Eastern. We know they are, because we bought them there, and had them shipped to us direct from the best seed house in the country —D. Landreth Seed Co. We have on hand- - “BLISS RED TRIUMPH.” “EARLY ROSE.” “PEERLESS,” (late.) “EARLY GOODRICH.” “IRISH COBBLER,” (extra good.) Onion Sets. YELLOW DANVER. WHITE SILVER-SKIN. Early Corn. “GOLDEN DENT.” WHITE “SNOWFLAKE.” WHITE “OLD CABIN HOME.” Landreth’s Garden Seed in papers, all kinds. Garden Tools. Three kinds of short-tooth Rakes. Three kinds of long-tooth Rakes. Four kinds of Garden Hoes. Send us your orders, or ’phone us. Prompt delivery guaranteed. Try us. KIRBY - BOHANNON HARDWARE CO. Telephone 201.. * ♦ * ♦ 4» 4* 4» 4* 4 4» 4» * ♦ * « 4* 4* 4* 4» 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* ■& 4 s 4* 4* 4* 4»4 > 4»4 > 4*4»4 > 4 Notice to Non-resident Heirs-at-Law of Lavana Kirby, Deceased. GEORGIA—Coweta County : To Mrs. Mary K. Thomas, of Little Rock. Ark., Lovick Kirby and Alma K. Israel, of Quincy, Fla,, and Cleveland Kirby, of Green Cove Springs. FUl: Take notice that Miss Ina Kirby, of Coweta coun ty, Ga., has applied to the Court of Ordinary of said county for probate, in solemn form, of the last will and testament of Mrs. Lavana Kirby, late of said county, deceased, and you and all par ties concerned are required to show cause in said Court by the first Monday in March next, if any they can, why said will should not be admitted to probate and record as prayed. This Feb. 2, 1909. Prs. fee, $3.*4. L. A. PERDUE. Ordinary.