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Newnan herald & advertiser. (Newnan, Ga.) 1909-1915, March 05, 1909, Image 3

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fieraSsI and Advertiser. NEWNAN, FRIDAY, MAR. 5. Locals Brought Forward, J At t,he regalar meeting of the County Commissioners on Wednesday a con tract was made with Austin Bros., At lanta, to furnish the material for six steel bridges, the price being $775, One of the bridges will be built at the Mountain creek ford, near Mr. ,1. P. Bohannon’s, in the Third district, and the other bridges will be erected at other points where needed. The work of erecting the bridges will be done by the county chaingang, under the super vision of Superintendent Nash. A delegation of ministers and ladies appeared before the City Council on Monday night last and urged that all licenses granted to near-beer saloons be revoked, inasmuch as the licenses Jiad been grated for a period of twelve months, nowcV?r. and as no violations on the part of near-beer dealers had been reported, Council decided that it could not legally revoke the licenses already granted, nor refuse to grant other licenses that might be asked for during the present year. Miss Fannie Butts went up to Atlan ta Monday, and will be there two or three weeks getting up the newest things in spring miMnery for the Dom inick Mercantile Co. Miss Butts is anx ious to make this department second to none this side of Atlanta. Most of the ladies in and around Turin having been her former customers, she feels assured of their support in helping to build up a millinery and dress goods department that Turin may justly feel proud of. Watch for the spring an nouncement. A special representative of Strauss Bros., manufacturing clothiers of Chi cago, will be at P. F. Cuttino & Co.’s with a line of samples on Wednesday and Thurs lay next for the purpose of taking orders for men’s and youth’s spring suits. Those wishing something especially nice and distinctive in men’s apparel should see his samples and get measured for a suit. Cuttino & Co. recommend the clothing made by Strauss Bros, as being strictly first- class in quality, and up-to-date in ev ery respect. Dr. A. A. Barge went to Atlanta Wednesday to attend a meeting of the directors of the Piedmont Portland Cement and Lime Co. This company is capitalized at $400,1)00, about $25,000 of the stock being held in Coweta coun ty. The company’s plant, which is lo cated" at Davitte, Ga., and which is now about ready to begin operations, will have a capacity of five hundred barrels of cement per day. It will be the largest and most up-to-date ce ment plant in the South, and great things are expected of it. Tales jurors drawn for next week are as follows: W S Benton, R T Hun ter, B P Cook, M F Cole. R E McDon ald, J A Hutchinson, C B Cotton, Neil Glass, H J Haines, J W Attaway, R M North, J A Holeman, S R Sims, W B Harris, F B Cole, Jack Powell. O N Evans, H Abner Camp, A J Astin, J O Albright D E Jenkins, R W Jackson, G E Parks, W J Hembree, J A Evans, J W Turner, T J Young, T A Brown, M C Carlton. L P Bryant, J G Nixon, B T Bomar, R L Pitman, E S Buchan an, L M Wiggins, J R Cole. .Farm Implements, Machinery, Au tomobiles, Etc..—I am representing in this territory the International Har vester Co. of America, and will sell McCormick mowers, rakes and reapers. Also, threshing machines, feed mills and gasoline engines. Also, harrows and stalk-cutters. Will keep on hand a full supp'ly of fixtures and attach ments for the above described imple ments and machines. Am agent for International automobiles, all sizes and descriptions. ’Phone 114. L. R. Powell. Our friends of the First Methodist church are considering ways and means for the erection of a new and more spacious house of worship. No definite plans have been agreed upon as yet, but as this is a large and well-to-do membership, it may be stated as a cer tainty that the proposed edifice will be built sooner or later. Such a building as is needed to seat comfortably the eight hundred or more communicants who worship at this church will cost $30,000 or $40,000—ffiut the church can raise it all right. We hope to see the movement under good headway before summer opens. The grand jury organized Monday morning by electing Hon. J. P. Jones foreman, and Messrs. R. H. Ware and E. J. Bailey clerks. The body is com posed of the following well-known cit izens—“all good men and true’’—viz: C A Gentry. J T Brooks, J T Swint, R H Ware. T H Mattox. P B Vineyard, F E Hindsman, L C Bailey, J E As kew, Jeff P Morgan, R P Davis, N H Young, J W Powers, W G Arnold. A P Bowers, B H Kirby, T A Hutchens, J N Sewell, S L Whatley, M J Stewart, B S Witcher, E J Bailey, J P Jones, sr. The jury will likely complete its work this afternoon, and adjourn to morrow morning. Ordinary’s Court. The following business was disposed of at the regular monthly term of the Court of Ordinary on Monday last, to-wit: Last will and testament of Mrs. La- vana Kirby, deceased, admitted to probate in solemn form. Last will and testament of Harriet Matilda Ashley admitted to probate in solemn form. J. B. Ashley granted letters of ad ministration with will annexed on es tate of Harriet Matilda Ashley, de- T. F. Rawls, County Administrator, appointed administrator on the estate of Ike Hill, deceased. Twelve months’ support set apart to Mrs. Lizzie H. Camp and her two minor children out of the estate of A. Haygood Camp, deceased. W. A. Nipper, administrator on the estate of J. M. Nipper, deceased, granted letters of dismission. John W. Summers appointed land processioner for the 647th district, G. M,, to fill a vacancy. J. B. Sims and B. J. Fry appointed land processioners for the 693d district, G. M., to fill vacancies. Enjoyed Their Visit to Newnan. The Herald and Advertiser has re ceived from Governor-elect Jos. M. Brown a letter expressing, on behalf of himself and wife, cordial apprecia tion of the courtesies extended them upon their recent visit to our city. We assure the Governor and his good wife that they had merely a foretaste of Newnan hospitality during their brief stay. If they will come again, and remain long enough to give our people a fair showing, we promise them the time of their lives. Mr. Brown’s letter is as follows: "Marietta, Ga., Feb. 26. “Hon. Jas. E. Brown, Newnan, Ga. —Dear Mr. Brown : Please allow me to express to you, and through you to the people of Newnan and Coweta county, the sincere thanks of Mrs. Brown and myself for the cordial cour tesies we received on every hand upon the occasion of our recent visit to your charming city. We shall ever feel grateful for the many kindnesses of which we were the recipients. “With high regards and best wishes, “Very truly yours, “Joseph M. Brown.’ Senoia Notes, Senoia Enterprise-Gazette, 4th inst. Born—to Mr. and Mrs. W . J. Estes, a bright baby boy. Mr. Alice C. Fall left Tuesday morn ing to join the Taft inaugural party at Griffin en route to Washington. Next Sunday at 11 a. m. Rev. W. C. Schaeffer, jr.. of Atlanta, will preach at the Lutheran church at Har alson. Mr. John H. Cavender, who lives on route 1, had a horse to go mad Tues day, and it had to be killed. The horse acted just as mad dogs do. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Ware spent Tues day in Newnan, the former going up on business. Mr. Ware believes in staying at home and attending strictly to his own business, this being his first trip off anywhere in about seven years. Mr. W. A. Huddleston had the mis fortune to lose another horse a few days ago. A grain inspector was here yesterday and condemned the corn he was feeding to his stock, which it is said caused the death of his horse and mule. Franklin to Have a New Railroad. West Point Herald. Franklin, the capitol of Heard coun ty, is at last to have a railroad. The folks up there have awakened to the fact that to keep abreast with the times they must have transportation facilities, and the citizens of Franklin and Heard county went to work as one man, subscribing the $45,000 necessary to secure the road, the full amount having been paid in. A preliminary survey was made some time ago, but several changes are to be made, which will carry the road through Newnan to a point on the A., B. & A. R. R., about Flat creek, Ga. R. M. Hall, the city civil engineer of LaGrange, will have charge of a corps of surveyors that will go to work next week on the final survey, and will push the work to a speedy completion. There is some rugged country to be traversed, and the survey presents some knotty problems, but as Mr. Hall has had charge of similar work in the rmuntain districts of the West, it is safe to say the survey will be in compe - tent hands. Economy is always admirable. A Cheyenne hatter, though, was disgust ed the other day with the economical spirit of a visitor to his shop. The vis itor, a tall man with gray hair, en tered with a soft felt hat, wrapped in paper, in his hand. “How much will it cost,” he said, “to dye this hat gray to match my hair?” “About a dollar,” the hatter an swered. The tall man wrapped the hat up again. “I won’t pay it,” he said. “I can get my hair dyed to match the hat for a quarter.” The usual crowd of loafers were seat ed around the stove in the village gro cery. “I never ‘lied to my wife in my life—” began one of the bunch, when he was interrupted by a unanimous laugh that was loud and long. “That I didn’t get caught at it,” ended the speaker after the laugh had subsided. Whereupon silence reigned supreme. Bachelor—“They say that women are very cruel at times.” Benedict—“I’ll swear to it.” Gates Coal Company PHONE 117 Sells the best Red Ash, Blue Gem, and Climax COALS Gas Coke makes no smoke nor soot. It goes further and makes more heat than coal or wood. Best for cook stoves and heaters. TRY IT. Cates Coal Company AT RAILROAD JUNCTION PHONE 117 Hod. Henry R. Harris Critically III. Atlanta Georgian. Hon. Henry R. Harris, of Meriweth er county, who was for many years in Congress and later served as Assistant Postmaster -General under Cleveland, is critically ill at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Robinson, on Angier avenue. Owing to his age, (81.) he can hardly recover. Mrs. Harris, his wife, recently fell in a Whitehall shop, receiving painful injuries. The same week Mrs. Robin son, his daughter, was knocked down by an automobile Both were taken to the Atlanta hospital, on Cone street. Col. Harris has suffered a collapse in ministering to his wife and daughter. "I tell you,” said the expert at the motor gathering, “that alcohol will furnish the power of the future.” “I don’t mind at all,” said one who had just had trouhle with an unsteady chauffeur, “but I hope it won’t affect the running gear of a machine as it does a man’s legs.” Saying and doing have quarreled and parted. Day ’Phone 1H Night 'Phone 11 THE GOOD KIND. We beg to announce to the public that we will serve at our store, and furnish for par ties, picnics, receptions and family use, the same popular cream we sold last season— “the good kind. ” This cream is guaranteed to comply with the Pure Food and Drug Act. We are prepared to furnish any shape, kind or cjuantity. No orders too small or too large for us to handle. ’Phone us your order, and it will have our prompt attention. REESE DRUG COMPANY Prescription Druggists, 10 Greenville Street NEWNAN, GA. City Registration Notice. The registration books will be open at the Council Chamber on March 6. 1909, for the purpose of registering the voters of the city of Newnan for an election to be held on April 17, 1909, to determine the question of issuing bonds “to improve and enlarge the public schools of Newnan,” as per ordinance adopted by the City Council on Feb. 25, 1909. The registration will close April 7, 1909. E. D. FOUSE, Citv Clerk. 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