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County News Items Interesting Facts Gathered During the Week by Our Regular Correspondents. TURIN. Our community is again called upon to mourn the death of a good citizen-— Mr. Doncy Bowers. He passed away on Thursday last ut his home near Tu rin, afer a lingering illness. The fu neral took place on Friday, and the re- TnairiS Were interred in the Elmore cemetery. He was a good citizen and will be missed, not only by bis family but by his friends, who appreciated him for his many excellent traits. He is survived by his wife and several children, besides a brother and t\VQ sis ters. We extend condolenQfi to the be reaved family. Tho infant chjid 0 f Mr. and Mrs. John Freeman, of Senoia, was buried in the Brown cemetery, near Line Cn, e g church, Sunday afternoon, According to M-„ciAmo Rumor there ■will be several weddings in and around Turin between now and New Year’s. Let tho bells ring out, and may joy be unconfined. There was a misprint in our last let ter, in giving an account of the death of a man by the accidental discharge of his gun, etc. The deadly charge went out at the muzzle of the gun not the breech. A good church man of our communi ty says he fell from grace when he sold his cotton for future delivery at 10c. t and that if he should ever he guilty of doing so again he wants his church to turn him out. He has learned from bitter experience how easy it is for a good man to go wrong. Mrs. Dr. Bradshaw, of Newnan, has been successfully treating a number of patients in our community. The weather is ideal for sowing wheat, and our farmers seem deter mined to have home-raised biscuit next year. Dr. Merrill and Mr. Glenn Hailey, who have been sick, are still confined to their homes, but are improving. Ex cept for these cases the health of our community appears to be good. Miss Mnrilu Harris is visiting her sister, Mrs. Joe Hutcheson, at Decatur. Misses Bessie and Virgie Turner, of Grover, N. G., have returned borne, after a visit to Miss Alice Moses. Among those attended the auto races in Atlanta last week were Mrs. Haynie, Misses Fannie Butts, Clara Haynie, Mary Jones, Alice Moses, and Messrs. E. C. 1’itts, T. E. Shell, Harris Powell, W. B. Harris and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dominick. Miss Margaret Gay returned Wednes day from visitH to Mrs. W. C. Hays, of Atlanta, and Miss Jessie King, of Jonesboro. Mrs. Judson Harris spent Tuesday night in Senoia. Mr. G. W. Shell was in Newnan Tuesday. Mi.«H Fannie Butts spent tho week end in Newnan with Mrs. E. D. Eouse. Nov. 17th. MORELAND. Sunday Rev. T. It. Kendall, jr., preached his last sermon for the con ference year. The people here love him, and hope that he will be returned. Prof. Daniel, Mrs. Daniel and Mrs. Worthen are temporarily located in two or three rooms, where they have been teaching since the school-house was burned. The talk now is for a better and bigger house. Mrs. T. J. Young has returned from a visit to her father, Mr. Bartow Mc Donald. in South Georgia. Mrs. Wm. Summers has returned from a visit to relatives in Atlanta. M rs. Rosa Simms, who was a school girl here, and the first to organize a W. F. M. S. in Moreland, led the meet ing Tuesday afternoon. A goodly num ber were present, who caught the in spiration to do more in this noble and grand work. Mr. John F. Hendrix conducted the meeting here Sunday night, and all present were edified. Mrs. Geo. Haines continues quite ill, we regret to say. She has the sympa thy of everyone in her affliction. Mr. J. W. Cole, of this place, and Mr. J. R. Cole, of Sharpsburg, have the sympathy of all their friends in the loss of a good mother. Mr. E. P. Floyd is on the sick list this week. Mrs. Elijah Windom and her mother, Mrs. Bradbury, attended church at Lutherville Sunday. The Misses Farmer, of Newnan, at tended church here Sunday. Mr. Wm. Evans, of LaGrange, visit ed relatives here this week. Miss Pinkie McLendon, of Paris, and Mr. John Drake, of Senoia, were mar ried Sunday. Mr. Will Moore, who has been very ill at Mr. L. P. Gourdon’s, is now con valescent. Mr. W. P. Jackson, of Grantville, visited here Sunday. Nov. 17th. Foley’s Honey and Tar cures coughs quickly, strengthens the lungs ami ex pels colds. Get the genuine in a yellow package. Sold by all druggists. LUTHERVILLE. Quite a number from here attended the automobile races in Atlanta last week, Mrs. Ellen Willingham has returned from a pleasant visit to Mrs. J. A. Pendergrast in Newnan. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Powledge spent Sunday in Turin with their daughter, Mrs. A. S. Young. Rev. and Mrs, Has Russell, of Mountville, are spending a few days with Mrs. Terrel! Lassetter. Mr. Eugene Barnett, of Carrollton, , spent this week at home on account of the death of his sister, Miss Marie Barnett, Misses Alma Albright and Maureen Lassetter visited Mrs. Lulu White in Atlanta during the automobile races. Mr. Walter Brown, of Decatur, has been spending a few days with his sis ter, Mrs. M. S. Archer. Mrs. Virgil Moreland and Mrs. J. U. McKoon were in Greenville Monday. Mrs. L. E. Bevis and little son, of Newnan, have been visiting Mrs. J. H. Williams for a few days. Mr. Robert Trammell spent a few flays in Atlanta and Cedartown last week. Mrs. Luther Justiss visited in Green ville the first of the week. Mr. Claude Scogin and family left for their home in Alabama this week, after an extended visit to relatives here. Miss Jeanette Wilhoite, of LaGrange, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Seth Wil liams. Mrs. Nath Upshaw has returned from a pleasant visit to Chattanooga. Mrs. Emily Garrett and little Lillian Latimer spent the week-end in More land. Mr. and Mrs. Lovic Sewell spent Sunday in Lone Oak. Dr. J. W. Taylor attended the Ma sonic meeting in Savannah last week. Dr. V/. H. Tanner, of Roscoe, was in town this week. Mr. Taylor Davis, of Newnan, spent Sunday with homefolks here. The candy-pulling at Mr. Charlie Turner’s last Friday night was greatly enjoyed by all who attended. Miss Ruby Chandler visited in New nan last week. Miss Lucilc Scogin and Master Billy Scogin, of Newnan, spent Sunday with their little cousin, Miss Claudius Mat thews. Mr. Joe Davis, of Woodbury, has been in town this week. Mrs. M. S. Archer entertained in formally for her guest. Miss Lekie Kelley, Saturday evening, old-fashion ed games being enjoyed until a late hour. Those present were Misses Le kie Kelley, Irene Clarke, Janie Taylor, Ruby McWilliams, Mattilene Latimer, Lorena Lassetter and I’earl Davis. Nov. 17th. WELCOME. Prof. J. S. Morton returned from South Georgia Sunday and opened his school here Monday with a full attend ance. Mr. I. T. Mattox, of Quincy, Fla., spent the week-end in Weclome, re turning home Monday. Messrs. J. F. Dial, T. A. Hutchens, W. F. Thigpen and K. B. Lenderman went up to Atlanta last Thursday to see the auto races. Mr. G. N. Strong is some better at this writing. Miss Lucile Witcher returned home Saturday, after spending several weeks at Villa Rica. Mr. and Mrs. Tom McKoy are rejoic ing over the arrival of a fine boy. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Wortham moved last week to Atlanta. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wortham have moved back to Handy. Welcome was well represented at Emory Chapel Sunday afternoon at the singing. We had a fine rain last night, which was much needed. Mr. W. H. Hutchens and family will move back to their home in Welcome this fall. We shall be glad to have them with us again. Miss Hattie Hutchens spent several days last week in Atlanta, the guest of Miss Cossie Word. Miss Katie Sue Moore, of Madras, spent a few days last week with her aunt, Mrs. G. N. Strong. Mrs. Taylor Jackson and daughter, Miss Essie, of Handy, spent Monday night with Mrs. Henry Crain. Rev. F. J. Amis and Mr. C. T. Witcher left Monday for Dublin, where they will attend the State Baptist Con vention, which is in session this week. Mr. Charlie Millians left this morn ing for Atlanta, where he will enjoy the sights for a few days. Nov. 7th. Young Girls Are Victims of headache, as well as older women, but all get quick relief and prompt cure from Dr. King’s New Life Pills, the world’s best remedy for sick and ner vous headaches. They make pure blood, ami strong nerves and build up your health. Try them. 25c at all druggists. LONE OAK. The critical illness of Mr. Lewis Prickett for some days past has awakened the anxiety and insured the sympathy of our entire community. News of his improved condition to-day in encouraging. A handkerchief Bhower in honor of Miss Sunie Maude Hopson, of Grant ville, a prospective bride, was the so cial event of last week in Lone Oak, Miss Mary Thomas being the hostess of the occasion. The home was tastefully decorated, and elegant refreshments were served. Quite a number partici pated in ti,'? delightful function ; also, a number from GV^ritville and Luther- vlle. Sunday’s services, conducted by the pastor, Rev. A. H. S. Bugg, were well j attended, and an excellent sermon was ] heard, As the present conference year doses Bro. Bugg’s four years’ limit of service for this present charge, we shall be privileged to hear him but once more, as he promises to fill the appointment for the fourth Sunday, after his return from confer ence, Miss Mary Lou Culpepper, of Green ville, spent Sunday last at the home of her brother, Mr. E. C. Culpepper. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Thurman, of Odessadale, were the guests last Sun day of the family of Mr. J. T. Turner. Mr. Henry Sewell, of Manchester, spent last Sunday with his mother, Mrs. J. M. Sewell. Mr. J. M. Sewell spent Sunday and Monday in Manchester. Mr. T. H. Phillips has returned with his family to Hogansville, where he engaged some months since in a suc cessful business enterprise. The com munity feels sensibly the loss of this interesting family, and wishes them success and happiness in their new home. Mrs. Landrum, of Fayette county, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. C. S. Cul pepper. Mr. and Mrs. Atticus Sewell are the happy parents of a dear little daugh ter. Miss Dora Ellis, of Oakland, was elected some days since by the trus tees of Lone Oak High School to the position of principal of the school. Prof. H. L. Culpepper, owing to the pressure of private business, having re signed some time since. Miss Ellis has enjoyed the rare advantages of tuition in Agnes Scott Institute, followed by a course of study in Columbia University, New York City. She has also taken a course of normal training at the summer school in Knox ville, Term., and brings to her work here an earnest resolve to give her best endeavors to the interests of the school. A fearfully tragic death of a little negro girl occurred on the place of Mr. Josiah Sams, near Lone Oak, last Fri day afternoon. The child, a grand daughter of Uncle Lige Hardaway, had been commissioned to water a mule. Before drawing the water she made a loop around her neck of the line by which the mule was fastened. The noise of the windlass frightened the animal, which dashed away, break ing the neck of the poor little victim and dragging her body until stopped by Mr. Loftin, the mail carrier, who was passing the road. Nov. 17th. CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT When you come to look at the goods we are advertising you’ll say we are not as good advertisers as the goods warrant. Suits, $1.48 to $7; Overcoats, $1 to $6.50; Cravanettes, $3.50; Reefers, $1.25 to $5; Hats, 25c. to $1.50; Caps, 25c. to 50c. Girls’ School Hats, worth $1 to $2, at 38c. Boys’ Shoes, 48c. to $2. 1 Infants’ Shoes, 10c. to $1. Girls’ Shoes, 48c. to $1.50. Infants’ Wool Leggins, 50c. to $1.50. Boys’ and infants’ Sweaters, 25c. and 50c. I. N. ORR COMPANY G. E. PARKS REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE Forced Into Exile. Wm. Upchurch, of Glen Oak, Okla., was an exile from home. Mountain air, he thought, would cure a frightful lung-racking cough that had defied all remedies for two years. After six months he returned, death dogging his steps. “Then 1 began to use Dr. King’s New Discovery,’’ he writes, “and after taking six bottles I am as well as ever. ” It saves thousands yearly from desper ate lung diseases, infallible for Coughs and Colds, it dispels Hoarseness and Sore Throat. Cures Grip, Bronchitis, Hemorrhages, Asthma, Croup and Whooping Cough. 50c and $1.00, trial bottle free. Guaranteed by all drug gists. _ Dear girls, don’t be so often wishing you were grown up that you will neglect your girlhood. In the rush and hurry of these fast times there is danger that rou will reach and strain after “young adyhood’’ too much. Be girls awhile yet—tender, joyous, loving, obedient, industrious. V^omanhood with its priv ileges and power, its burdens and its trials, will come soon enough. On this point one has said: “Wait patiently, my children, through the whole limit of your girlhood. Go not after woman hood; let it come to you. Keep out of public view. Cultivate refinement and modesty. The cares and responsibilities of life will come soon enough. When they come, you will meet them, I trust, as true women should. But, oh, be not so unwise as to throw away your girl hood. Rob not yourself of this beauti ful season which, wisely spent, will brighten all your future life.’’ Kills Her Foe of 20 Years. “The most merciless enemy 1 had for 20 years,” declares Mrs. James Duncan, of Haynesville, Me., “was Dyspepsia. 1 suffered intensely after eating or drinking and could scarcely sleep. Af ter many remedies had failed and sev eral doctors gave me up, 1 tried Electric Bitters, which cured me completely Now I can eat anything. Iam 70 years old and am overjoyed to get my health and strength back again.” For Indi gestion, loss of Appetite, Kidney Trou ble, Lame Back, and Female Complaints, it is unequaled. Only 50c. at all drug gists. FOR SALE. 5-room house and lot on Greenville street. 5- room house and lot, Second avenue—70x300. Two vacant lots on Second avenue—70x300. 4- room house and lot on Fair street. 6- room house and lot on Salbide avenue. 195 acres, 5 miles southwest of Newnan. 10-room house and lot on College street. Several nice vacant lots on Jefferson street. 5- room house and lot on Spring street. 150 acres, 3 miles from Turin, with good im provements. 56 acres, just outside city limits; new 5-room house. Ideal place for dairy and truck farm. 202K* acres, 2 miles north of Sharpsburg. 175 acres, 5 miles east of Newnan. 600 acres, 5 miles east of Newnan. 200 acres, 3 miles east of Newnan. 106 acres, 3 mile9 southeast of Newnan, with nice new 4-room house, ceiled and painted; one 2- room tenant house, painted. 70 acres, 1 mile west of Sharpsburg, with 3 good houses. 110 acres. Vi mile southwest from city limits on good road; well improved; fine place for home or investment. I can give you easy payments on most of the above property. OHice over Barnett, St. John & Co. s. TELEPHONE 325. Administrator’s Sale. GEORGIA—Coweta County: By virtue of an order of the Court of Ordinary of said county will be sold on the first Tuesday in December, 1909, before the court-house door in Newnan, said county, between the legal hour9 of sale, to the highest and best bidder, the following described property belonging to the estate of Re becca J. Jackson, late of Baid county, deceased, to-wit: A certain house and lot in the city of Newnan, said county, located in that section of said city known as l ‘New Town,” and being lot No. 811, ac cording to McClendon’s and Pinson's survey, said lot fronting 100 feet on First avenue and running back 192 feet to an alley, being the lot whereon Rebecca J. Jackson resided at the time of her death. Also, a certain tract or parcel of land lying in said city of Newnan, Ga., being the western part of the old Thos. Barnes lot, lying east of the A. & W. P. depot and between East Washington street and East Broad street, more fully described as follows: Begin at the southwest corner of the said Thos. Barnes lot where the same corners with the lumber yard of the R D. Cole Mfg. Co., and run north 200 feet to East Washington street, thence east along the south side of said East Washington street 50 feet, thence south in a straight line par allel with said west line as above described 200 feet to East Broad street, thence west along the north aide of said East Broad street 50 feet to the beginning point — bounded on the north by East Washington street, on the east by Mrs. Anna Lee Barnes, on the south by East Broad street, and on the west by R. D. Cole Mi'g. Co. Sold for the purpose of distribution. Terms cash. This Nov. 2, 1909. Prs. fee. $9.95- H. A. HALL. Administrator Rebecca J. Jackson, deceased. Dissolution Notice. Commissioners’ Sale. GEORGIA—Coweta County: By virtue of an order of the Honorable R. W. Freeman. Judge of the Superior Court for said county, appointing and directing us to sell, will be sold at the court-house door in the city of New nan. during the lawful hours for public sales, on the first Tuesday in December, 1909, the following real estate, to-wit: Certain brick buildings and lot in the town of Grantville, said county, commonly known as the Banka Si Arnold store and warehouse, situate and being on the west side of Church street and south of tho passenger depot, beginning at the corner of said Church street, and Railroad street marking the north corner of said building, and running thence south along the west line of Church street two hundred and four and one-half ; (204VL*) feet to corner of said warehouse part of I said buiidii g, thence west eighty-six (86) feet to N. O. Banks’ line, thence north along said line parallel with said front line on Church street two | hundrt'd and four and one-half 204Va) feet to ! right-of-way of Atlanta and West Point railroad, thenco east along said right-of-way and Railroad The partnership heretofore existing between H. M. Hughs and E. P. Rutland, doi. g buBimas un der the firm name of H. M Hughs. Si to., at New nan. tla., has been this day dissolved by mutual - . . „ consent. H. M. Hughs has acquired by ; street eighty-six (86) feet to starting point, the interest of E. P. Rutland, and assum«s all Also, all that certain other vacant lot or tract of debts of the old firm. All debis due the old linn j land located on the east aide of said Church street, are payable to H. M. Hughs. This Nov. 6. 190y. in said town of Grantville and county aforesaid. to-wit: Beginning at the rock corner at thesouth- I west corner of Lizzie Moreland’s lot on said street. H. Kirby Hardware COMP AN V The only place in town that sells the genuine Oliver Chilled Plow—the best and lightest-run ning Plow on the market. We carry everything in the way of farming implements. Give us a chance to satisfy your wants, and you will call again, as we have the goods and the right price for everyone who calls to see us. We carry the most complete line of Stoves and Ranges ever shown in Newnan. A Stove from the cheapest to the best. No one can equal our line of Ranges, as they are the most select. Prompt and careful attention given to each customer. Give us a caSI and be convinced. REMEMBER THE PLACE. B. H. Kirby Hardware [8. SUCCESSOR TO KIR3Y-30HAN NON HARDWARE CO. r nd running thence south along said street two hundred and thirty-six (236) feet, thence easterly two hundred and ninety-one t291) feet to J. W. Colley estate’s land, thence north along said Colley line two hundred and three (203) feet, thence west two hundred and twenty five (225) feet to starting point—said tract or lot contain ing one and one-half (lVii) ucres, more or less, and bounded as follows: On the west by Baid street, south by Emily Bonner lot, east by J. W. Colley estate, ar.d north by Lizzie Moreland. Sold for the purpose of partition between the owners and tenants in common of said real estate, to-wit: Glenn Arnold and the heirs of N. O. Banks, late of said county, deceased, viz: Theopa B. Banks. T. B. Banks, Lucile Banks Snead, W. N. Banks. B. Donald Banks, Edwin S. Banks and Emma Ethel Banks. Titia perfect. Possession given Jan. 1, 1910. Terms cash, or on Jan. 1, 1910, at purchasers’ op tion. This the 1st day of November, 1909. Prs. fee, 313.89. W. G. POST. H. C. GLOVER. I. P. BRADLEY. Commissioners. All kinds of job work done with neatness and dispatch at, this office. Foleys oriko Laxative f or Stomach Trourul *nd (joNSTiPATtoM,