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Newnan herald & advertiser. (Newnan, Ga.) 1909-1915, January 22, 1915, Image 1

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NEWNAN HERALD & ADVERTISER 50th YEAR NEWNAN, GA„ FRIDAY, JANUARY 22, 1915. NO. 17 7c dress ginghams; mill-ends 5c yard 7 l-2c yard-wide bleaching 5c yard All $10 men’s suits, choice $6.65 All $15 men’s suits, choice $10 Unloading and Mill-End SALE OUR GREAT SEMI-ANNUAL SELLING EVENT Begins Saturday, Jan. 23, and Lasts Till Feb. 1 A great assortment of Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Ready-to-Wear at Startling Reductions. This will be the Bargain Event of the winter season. We want to sell all goods in season, to prepare for new spring stocks. It will pay you to attend this sale. Read this sheet and see the great money-saving inducements. All goods marked in plain figures. Men’s Clothing and Overcoats At 33 1-3 per cent Discount. A Large Stock to Select From One lot men’s $7.50 suits and over coats now 95 Gold Bond guaranteed $15 suits and overcoats; serges, cassimeres and cheviots—$10 Boys’ clothing at 25 per cent discount. All $1.50 suits now $1 Ladies’ Ready-to-Wear At Great Reductions 100 ladies’ skirts, regular price $3 to $6, choice at half price. $3 skirts at $1.50 Ladies’ coats; 100 in the lot; priced from $3.50 to $12—33 per cent discou nt Ladies’ serge and silk dresses; pretty styles; $5.00 dresses, $3.65 $7.50 dresses, 5.00 Men’s nice cassimere and blue serge $10 suits one-third off $6.65 All $18 suits and over coats; nene better at the price $12 Any $2 boys’ suit for $1.50 Any $2.50 suit for $1.85 $4.00 skirts, $2.00 $5.00 skirts, 2.50 $6.00 skirts, 3.00 $7.50 skirts, 3.75 $ 7.50 cloaks, $ 5.00 $ 10.00 cloaks, 6.65 $12.00 cloaks, 8.00 $15.00 cloaks, 10.00 Only 17 coat suits left; 2 long and 15 short suits. Long suits half-price. Short suits, choice, $5 All men’s $12 suits and overcoats $8 AH $20 suits (only small lot left to select from) one-third off $12.35 All $3.00 suits, $2.25 All 3.50 suits, 2.65 All 4.00 suits, 3.00 All 7.50 suits, 5.65 One lot colored and silk petticoats, regular price $1 to $2.50 Choice, 1-3 off Children’s coats 1-3 off any garment; a pretty selection; all sizes. Now is the time to buy. Long sleeve, dark ging- , ham house dresses for ladies and children; $1 and $1.25 dresses, 75c Men’s outing work shirts with collars attached; 50c value; choice 35c, 3 for $1 One lot men’s $1 dress shirts, dark colors 75c All men s pants priced from $2 up are on sale at 25 per cent discount Winter hoods, wool, silk and velvet, priced 25c, 50 and $1; choice, 19c, 39c, 75c Only a small lot of sweaters left:, priced 50c to $2. Choice, onc-fourth off 100 styles assorted laces, l-2inch to 3 inches wide. Choice 5c Mill-ends of White Goods, Ginghams, Percales, Cheviots, etc. Here is a good place and a good time to make your money do extra duty 7c diess and apron ging hams; mill-ends 5c a yard Red Seal 12£c dress ging hams, mill-ends, a beau tiful selection, 10c Extta quality 10c dress and waist ginghams and cheviots at 8c and 8 l-3c WhiteGoods.—Very fine 36-inch crepe; mill ends; special, at 15c Fine dimities for waists and dresses; values up to 15c, at 10c a yard. 20c white goods, 124c Beautiful quality whit£ j poplins; the 25c values;* mill-ends, 19c Best 36-inch I2£c per cales; light styles; mill-ends, 10c yard American lincne in blue, tan and stripes, yard wide; value 10c and I2£c; our price, l\c Pound prints for quilts; put up in 2 3-4 pound bundles, at 50c bundle 27-inch fine white pique, mill-ends, values up to 25c, at 15c A very special showing of narrow and wide edg ings and insertions, at 10c, 15c and 25c Bed Spread Special.— Regular price $1 to$3.50; choice 75c to $2.65 1 One special counter of assorted remnarUs at 1-3 to 1-2 off’ regular value 27-inch 6c outing at 5c All fancy 10c dark and light colored outjngs 74c 15 yards for $1 Yard-wide 6c good qual ity sheeting, 5c Riverside checks, 6c 10c shirting, 8c, 8 l-3c 36-inch special pajama checks, small and large checks, at per yard 10c and 12jrC 7^c yard-wide bleached domestic, yard, 5c 10c quality bleached do mestic, 7c a yard Fine large huck towels, 8c each, 90c dozen. 25c Turkish towels, 19c each, $2 dozen > Small Items WORTH YOUR ATTENTION 1,000 dress pins 5c I Fine dressing combs, 12 dozen agate but- 5c and 10c tons 5c , Children’s 25c knit 150 wire hair-Dins_ 5c hoods 10c 16-oz. can talcum. 10c 75c kid gloves 50c 3 cakes fine toilet $1 kid gloves 79c soap 10c $2.50 long kid gloves, 10c toilet articles.. 5c to go at $1.25 Hosiery For this sale all 25c Wunder Hose at 19c.; 3 pairs for 50c. No better 25c hose made. An unlimited guaran tee with every pair sold. Silk Hosiery Splendid values in silk boot hosiery, 25c. All 50c silk hose,39c. $1 silk hose, 75c. Ladies’ Neckwear 25c goods, 19c. 50c goods, 35c. Lace Curtains A good selection. All $1.00 curtains, 75c pair. All $1.25 curtains, 85c pair. All $1.50 curtains, $1.10 pair. All $2.00 curtains, $1.35 pair. All $2.50 curtains, $1-50 pair. Muslin Underwear This is muslin underwear time. A good selection of skirts, princess slips, combination suits, gowns, etc., in attractive, finely made, cheaply priced goods. We sell the Sterling line. Round trip R. R. fare paid on $25 purchases within 25 miles of Newnan. No goods taken back at this sale, but can be exchanged. BOONE-CAPERS COMPANY NEXT DOOR TO FIRST NATIONAL BANK NEWNAN, GEORGIA