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Newnan herald & advertiser. (Newnan, Ga.) 1909-1915, January 22, 1915, Image 2

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The Herald and Advertiser NHWNAN, KI1IHAY, JAN. 22. I.AUmI •• I IMA It AN I irr. I* tun M II \ Ml III I I A I IIIM •ft Kuril I II < , tlN<tHK*N|ilft A I. nil TH*I • Official Organ of Coweta County. Jn». R. Urmvn. Kill* M. (’ nrfiontur. 1IHOWN * CARPENTER, KiurniiH and wm.lullin'. A NNO UNCKMKNT. Ni'gotinlitria which Imvo born pend ing f»r ncvornl weeks between tin 1 New nan Publishing Co. mu] the News Pub lishing Co. culminated on Monday, 1 sth inst., in a niuliuil agreement by the terms of which The Newnun News, (owned by the News Publishing Co.,1 will he merged with The Hernlil and Advertiser, (owned by the Nownnn Publishing Co.) With its issue of Jim U1 The Newnun News suspended publi cation nnd its good will lias been trans ferred to Thu Nkwnan IIkuai.ii, by which name (In* canaolidated newnpa- per will hereafter be known. All ar rearages on subscription nnd advertis ing uccounts due the Newnun News belong to and will be collected by P J. Orr, former lessee and publisher of the Newunn News. Till: Nkwnan Hkrai.P will continue under the management of Jas. K. Drown, editor, and 10. M. Car penter, business manager. Nkwnan Pkiii.isiiini; Co. IN urowtii of riioHinrnox two i me AUKS. Twenty years ago sixteen million per sons were living in "dry" territory in the United Stales, and State wide pro hibition was in elfect in three States. Elsewhere it was regarded as a doubt ful experiment. Nation wide prohibi tion was unthought of then. To day To per cent, of the square miles of area of the Unittd States is "dry.” More than forty nine million persons are living in "dry" territory, nnd State-wide prohibition has been es tablished in fourteen of our forts eight States Elsewhere the people of many townships and counties have decided to ! dispense with the traffic in alcoholic beverages, under local option The movement for nntion-wido prohibition! has attained such strength that it is recounted us one of the greatest issues i before the country For the first time i in history the question lias been voted 1 en in Congress, n majority of members el the House going ell record in favor of the now famous Hobson resolution for an amendment to the Federal Crnstitution prohibiting the manu facture, importation and sale of all intoxicating beverages. The resolu-! lion failed of adoption for lack of a two-thirds vote, but already it is be ing predicted that prohibition will be come a live issue in the !“residential campaign next year. I he Alabama Legislature passed a State wide prohibition bill tins week, both House and Senate favoring the treasure by decisive majorities. and the haystacks must lie moved home. This is an important 'moving.'and all (ieorgia will rejoice when it takes place. Times are hard now, and it is u good time to start this‘moving.' The pro gressive' farmer will lie found in front." Speaking of game laws, a North (ieorgia editor recommends the follow ing additional legislation upon the null- ject- "Hook agents may be shot between Oct, I and Sept. 1; spring poets from March I to June 1; automobile speed demons from Jan. 1 to Jaw. 1; rond hogs from April 15 to April 15; amateur hunters from Sept. I to Feb. I; war talkers no closed season. Any man who accepts a paper for two years and then, when the lull is presented, says 'I never ordered it,' may be killed on sight and shall lie buried face downward in quick lime, so as to destroy the germ and prevent the spread of the infection." CVimmunicntcri. Will Coweta Support Demonstration Work Again? Mr. It. 1). Cole, president of the County Chamber of Commerce, has in formed me that Coweta will not likely carry on demonstration work in 1915. His authority for making the statement was that the people bail not responded satisfactorily to the r,quest for funds with which to support too work. Upon the strength of tins statement I was transferred by the Department to my home county, Stephens, to serve ss agent this year. I am perfectly willing to leave the work in this county, but am not willing to see it stop with only this short trial. Ten months is not long enough to gel filial results. It would lie unwise for a man to have his life in sured, pay the initial premium, and when the next came due to drop the policy. Coweta lias only paid the initial premium. 1 believe Coweta is unwilling to let seventy odd counties forge ahead of her this year. Her great band of Corn Club hoys nei ds looking after; her splendid Central Four-crop Club needs attention; her Canning Club girls are as worthy and ambitious as those of any other county. Her adult farmers undertaking to grow alfalfa and other new crops should be encouraged, and those begin ning to raise hogs on u more extensive scale should have assistance when they want it. Hut who will do tins? "Every body's business is nobody’s business;" so h man should be employed to do the work. If the people want such a man prompt action should bo taken. Whit field, Sti phens, Wilkts, Wayne. Codec, l.owndes. and many other counties in the State, are supportin'- both a Can ning Club Agent and a Demonstration Agent, and have bei n doing so for some time. Surely Cowot a cannot afford to sit still and he outstripped in this groat work. Yorv respectfully. H. Ci. Wiley. County News Items Interesting Facts Gathered During tin Week by Our Ucgulur Correspondents. I3C TURIN. The writer attended the funeral nf Mrs. Elizabeth Wortham on Thursduy lust, complying with a request made by this good woman many years ago. Dur ing the lifetime of the late Dr. J. H. Hall, who was then her pastor, she ex pressed the wish that he and the writer would officiate at her funeral when she died. The lamented Dr. Hall preceded her to the grave several years ago, and it was left to the writer to perform the sad office requested by deceased. We formed acquaintance with Mrs. Worthum forty-seven years ago, nnd the pleasant relationship thus established continued until her death. During the long pe riod that we served Bethlehem church as pastor we frequently enjoyed her hospitality. It was her custom always to usk visiting ministers to otrer a prayer before leaving her home, and ahe seemed to derive much spiritual com fort from this simple service. Now this consecrated Christian woman, who had been faithful to her church and to nil other duties laid upon ho - through life, lias gone to enjoy the inheritance re served to those who love the Lord. The bereaved relatives have our sincere sympathy. We met with the good people of Pleasant. Hill church Saturday, but ow ing to the disagreeable weather did not MADRAS. The farmers of this section are get ting impatient about the weather. Hut little plowing has been done up to date, on account of the continued rains. Many of them arc anxious to begin preparations for another 7c. cotton crop. Mr. Joel Patterson, of Opelika, Ala., was the guest of Miss Lucile Coggin Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wortham, of New- nan, spent Sunday with iho latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Whitte- more, near this place. Mr. arid Mrs. C. F. Wood spent Saturday in Newnun. Mr. C. T. Heavers spent a few days this week with his parents near Mt. Carmel. Mrs. J. F. Cook visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. H. Hayes, of Liber ty community, Tuesday. Mrs. Lula Cates was in Newnan on business Monday. Messrs. Hugh and Lewie Houston, of the Third district, spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Wood. We are pleased to have Miss M> A. Cites hack in school, nfter being out a few days on account of her eyes. Miss Cates will go up to Atlanta this week and have her eyes examined, and treat- Great Treat For Newnan At The fia#iCF©#f “AMERICA,” the same as seen at the New York Hippodrome, and the Most Stupendous, Novel, Interesting and Educational Film Ever Put on the Screen. , _ , , . ed if necessary, uttemlon.Sunday. During our stay in A good deal of cotton was picked in this vicinity last week, and the familia r a Grantl- President Wilnon Now father. \v l ihirmtun. Jan. 1> '.’resident Wil proud grandfather A the community we were pleasantly en tertuined in the homo of Mr. John Ad cock. There has boon much moving nnd shifting of homes in this part of the county — more from habit, perhaps, than necessity. A spirit of restless ness seems to have taken possession of many people, and so they move from place to place—all hoping to improve their condition, we presume. With the increase of criminals in Coweta county we do not see the neces sity of employing the convicts of other counties at t x rbit it prices to work lour roads, not to speak of the addition- j nl cost for board, guard hire, etc. No road-working going on in this part of son i> to-dav a proud grandfather A k * u ’ LVUn '. v that has improved the con-, mi.- j It', hov, the son of Mr. and Mrs. I dttion of the roads—but the tax goes 1 Francis H S \ i n, has made its appear- on all the samel B. mice at tin- White House. It was the Ftesidt ill's first grand.-hild, anti lie was overjoyed In cause it was a boy, having had no I oys of lus own The h i. arrived a? I J" o’clock y s- tenlay afternoon, although formal an nouncement ot tin> tact was not made until t< o'clock The youngster made I kno-n advent into the world by a I s. ric> of lusty cries. spent several day Doth mother and bnby were reported 1 mis week. The eldest child of Mr. and Mrs. II. "hum" of the steam gin sounded more like fall than nlmost spring-time. Messrs. Floyd and Albert Ferrell and Mr. Johnnie Wliittemore attended Sun day-school at McCollum Sunday after noon. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Cook went down to Newnan Saturday. Despite the inclement weather our school continues to grow, many of the pupils walking 3 to 3k miles through rain and mud. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Moore, who re cently married at West Point, are now at home to their friends in this neigh borhood. \Vo bid this young eouple a hearty welcome, nnd wish for them much happiness and prosperity through life. Mr. E M. Yeager is suffering from an attack of rheumatism. Trust he Carmical is quite ill with pneumonia wj „ 900n ;, 0 hu .. jollv old self - in Mrs. T. M. Eziard and bnby. of' Roswell, are spending a few days with the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. ' B. Shell, sr. Mr. Amaxiah Moses, of Atlanta, with relatives here Jan. 2cl,h. MANY DISORDERS COME FROM LIVER Mr. T. H. Powell tins entered a busi ness college in Atlanta. We regret to lose Mr. W. C Russel! ami family from our town. They have moved to their farm about 5 miles from Turin. Jan. 20th. Are You Just at Odds With Your self? Do You Regulate Living? Are you sometimes at odds with your self and with the world? Do you won der what ails you? True, you may he eating regularly and sleeping well. Yet something is the matter! Consti pation. headache, nervousness and bil ious sp> 's indicate a sluggish liver. The tr remedy is Dr. King's New LifeT.. Only 25c. at your druggists’. Ruck’, i s Arnica Salve for skin At The Halcyon, Tuesday, Jan. 26 THE SHOW BEGINS AT 9:30 A. M. The Halcyon procured, at great expense, this feature from the World Film Co., and trusts that you will consider the opportunity by coming early and seeing this most won derful picture. Remember the Date--Nexf Tuesday Remember the Hour-9:30 a. m. to lt:30 p. m. Special Music arranged for the picture. More Big Ones Coming—"On Belgium Battlefields,” “The Pit,” and others. Watch for dates. McCollum. Mr. L. B. Banks, from near More land. is visiting friends and relatives here. Every farmer and business man in Coweta should read in this issue the communication of Mr. H. iJ. Wiley, who served the count;/ so capably the past year as farm demonstration agent, 'ihat a great county like Coweta, with over three thousand white voters, (a to-day to be doing fine Ten other children, six girls and four hoys- have been t orn at the White i House, most of them grandsons and granddaughters of Presidents. James Madison Randolph, son of Mar tha Jefferson Randolph, the daughter of President Jefferson, was born during ; — a visit ot Mrs Randolph to the W hite i children's Coughs; Children's Colds House m the winter of iM'o-lMk'. Pur a™ mg the term of John Quincy Adams a i ~ Bo h Are , Se y lous ' Krnnriiiniighter. Mnrv Louise Adam*. * non one of your little ones shows was born there in" February. Im’S j fyn'J'tonis of an approaching cold, give While Andrew Jackson was President 1* * r> Hell s l mo-1 ar-Honev at once. Rev F four children were born there, the sons 11 a '' ls quickly, and prevents the cold pomtment at Providence on Saturdav ' and daughters of Mater Andrew J Don- 1 growing worse. \ <-y heafing-soothes , 3 aids,m, Gen. Jackson s protege and pri- the lungs. loosens th mucous, strength- an J bunda > last - preaching two spten- atc secretary, and Mrs. Donaldson, the i ^? s tll ° svstem - lt s guaranteed. Only did sermons. dtuggistsk Buy a hot- Welcome High School is flourishing ten couples at a dancing party Wedne. eruptn :.s. MT. CARMEL. Mt. Carmel school is flourishing under ’.he efficient management of Miss Maud Cavender, about fifty pupils being in Miss Minnie Phillips, of Riverdale, I regular attendance, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Jake J Miss Leila Burks, who has been ' Vin K°- . visiting her mother. Mrs. W. W. The oyster supper given Wednesday Cavender, returned Sunday to her night at the school-house was both en- home near Newnan. joyab'.e and successful. The amount of Miss Cora Male Rigsby was the guest money raised was $30, of Mrs. J. V\. Turner cn Wednesday Miss Eieia Glass visited homefolks last, near Newnan Saturday and Sunday-. Miss Ruby Burks, from near Newnan, Mr. Bill West spent Saturday in New- is visiting her aunt. Miss Maude Caven- nan. l der. Mr. J. C. Garner, from near Fayette- Mr . and Mrs. G. L. Cavender enter- ville, was in our community Saturday. , tained a number of young people Fri- Mrs. A. F. M ost and daughter. Kate. day night in honor of Mrg C avender's WELCOME. J. Amis filled his regular ap- .. ntiu President's tlieciX During the Pylor administration l.eti- sptnt Tuesday in Newnan. the guests of Mrs. Lewis Ellis. Miss Ada Mae Banks returned home Thursday, after a pleasant visit to her brother, Mr. Edgar Banks, at Fair born. Mrs. Emma Prince entertained about big ms oi it.v of whom are engaged in, ti.i l\ lei. granddaughter of the’Presi- farming, 1 will not raise the paltry sun of $500 required for continuing this im portant work is ridiculous preposter ous' A contribution of 15 cents from each of those white voters would fur nish the means for earning on the work another year. Mr. Wiley is r.ot making an appeal for reappointment, as he has atrva.yv been assigned by the Government to another county. He is only interested in *ho crusade lor crop diversifioatiin and improved methods so promisingly initiated in v'owota un- supervision. at ti» see it aha this stage. \\ < atoned quite i o. would regret particularly at gree with him. This nation as a whole every State in it — this one •suff. rs from too much Senator Root told Assoc alien recently from 1AM to 1$13. »ni the State l.egw I V thousands of 1AM. hut the many ef those prvv amended marv men , and almost not excepted law-making. dent, and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Koht. Tyler, and Koht. Jones, son of Mrs. Mary Jem s, daughter of the Pres ident, were horn in the White House. During the term of President Grant a daughter Julia was born to Mrs Frederick D Grant, the wife of a son of the President, on June 7. 1 $76 She is now Princess Cantacuxene-Sperran- skev, ot Russ. Bather Cleveland was the only child of a President ever born in the White House. THE SECRET OF SUCCESS Genuine Merit Required to Win the People’s Confidence, late American Far at in five years, ic.sive. Congress ires passed 62,- ows how many laws were in force before tkLOU new ones repealed us!y in force, ami with no en,:of re- Have you i over stoy 'iH-et to tv a sor win- it is that > many pixV.Ucts that ate ex- tonsively a c. v c r t i swi. all at once drop out of sis ht k ro. ar* ■ soon forgotten? l>c rx’ssc:* is plain - the article did not fulfill tlwj> ro:r*i?ee of the manufacturer, particularly to a This spph os more nu^iiciue. . -:1 preparation that nJlJ* ft alt CU rstivt v^n - - - Relatively few- of sulisrg con f us kin. the laws are' v.ei, us t... ugh to work revt harm, but hundreds of them harmfui indirectiy, for they are e'ssary, inconsistent, and :rupees; enforce'. unnev hie' tO Sere s Enterprise Gs. ette The far mew aw changing homes anei moving around considerably this year, trying to better their condition, but the most lm pvertant 'moving' that we know evf, and one which will be most beneficial to them, hes not yes taken pace. The big move is y. t to co ne. Their s moke bouses in the West must be moves h. me. ’. sir com cribs »r\l wheat gran ones c. us; be c , ed to their own farms sell, as. like ar ccdless chair system, remedy is n » !■. have bee- u rested, to those who are in need of it, A prominent c.ruggnt rays "Take t< r example Dr. Kilmer’s Swamp-Root, prv; s ration 1 have sold for many years ar.d never hesitate to recommeiai, for : a.mot every esse :t shows excel.t ,-t results. as :- a y ot my eusteners tes tify v . . know of has so large a sale." Aecv'rc.. g to sworn statements stvt v er.fievt testimony of thousands w tio • have used the preparation. the success of Dr Kilaaar's Swamp-Root is d. the fact that it fuin s almost every > in overcoming kidney, fiver and h ac'.r - -easts, corrects urinary trv'.:- r es and neutral > uric acid, which ca ia« s rhe mat s • You may receive a san-.cle bottle of $ t Post. Address Dr. Kilmer ,k Co.. Binghamton. N. Y.. ierel,-v ten cents mention th. New a Herald a^d Advertiser. Joe. at your to-day. Bucklen’s Arnica Salve for sores. LONE OAK. Miss Mary Lou Culpepper and Mrs. D. O. Phillips, of Greenville, spent last Friday with the family of their brother, Mr. E. 0. Culpepper. Mrs. J. F. Nall and daughter. Miss Mary, of Newnan. came down Friday afternoon, and were welcome week-end guests of Lone Oak relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur C. Culpepper, of Greenville, spent Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Culpepper. Messrs. H. L. Culpepper and A. O. Lee are serving this week on the City- Court jury in Greenville. The condition of the roads renders hugev traveling tediously slow, while for the past few wtvksautomobiles are rarely seen. Oak Auxiliary of the Mission ary Society net last Saturday after noon. : was r.'-vst kind y entertained at the h'rr.e of Mrs. W. R. S, well The meeting for February wil v th Mrs. J. M Turner. Jan. 2v*’h. Try This for Neuralgia. Thousands of people keep on suffer ing with neuralgia because they do rot know what to do for Neuralgia is s rain in the nerves. What you vva-.t to oo is to s,vvthe the rerve itself. Apply Sloan's Liniment to the surface ever the painful part—do not rub it in. Iv to the sore, irritated nerve arc. al lays the inflammation. Get a bottle of S - for! druggist and have it m ’h, hc.tse — baturuav. under the management of Prof. D. L. day evening. The party was given in Standard and his capable assistant. Miss honor of Misses Minnie ar.d Ethyl Jane Amis. | Phillips, of Riverdale. After spending some time with rela- ' A. Hines spent Tuesday in tives ajid friends in this community. Palmetto. Mrs. C. T. Brown returned Saturday to 1 ^ r - and Mrs. W. J. Brimer. from her borne in Atlanta. near Roscoe, spent Tuesday with the A goodly number from this cotnmu- latter’s parents. Mr. and Mrs. S. B. nity attended the entertainment given Bradley. by Mr. Pierce Chappell on Saturday "-J- Coggin was in Newnan last. Mrs. I.. B. Jer.kins has returned to her home its Newnan, after spendirg two weeks witn relat.ves here. The many friends of Mr. C. T. Witcher will learr. with pleasure that he is rapidly recovering from the oper ation he underwent at the Newnan Sanatarium several days ago. It is with deep regret that we chron icle the death of Mrs. R. Q Davis, which occurred at her home near Dres den cn Saturday teight last from an at tar.-, of pneutr.. r.ia. She leaves a hus band and the heartfelt sympathy of everyone in their bereavement. Jan. 21st. bargent, niece, Miss Hyacinth Cook, of Madras. Some excellent graphophone music was furnished by Miss Maude Cavender. Needless to say, the occasion was much enjoyed. It gives us pleasure to report that Mrs. \\. \\ . Cavender, who has been quite ill. is somewhat better to-day. Mrs. J. W. Turner, Madison Turner and Miss Olive Rigsby were guests of Mrs. T. B. Austin, near Saturday. Mr. C. T. Beavers, whose home is now at Madras, visited homefolks here Sunday. Rev. S. D. Cremean and wife, of Newnan. were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Turner on Friday last. Air. and Mrs. J. N. Rig^bv a"d Mr Mrs W D. Barks and little daugh- Land Rigsby went to Tiftou! Ga“ Tue's- ters Lethaand Florence, are visiting ' day. where they will make their home relatives at Fayetteville and Fife this 1 j n future week. .... ‘ , Dr. Paul Jean Peniston, of Newnan. ‘ ,l!SS *' ewe - '' >?g:ns :s the charmiag was called this week to see Mrs. R. B. j n u,?st of her sister. Mrs. J. B. Beavers. 'l u ' te ifl with pleurisy. , Miss Lillie Story entertained a num- Mr' ’'and Mre^rady' Cog^n spent I ^ ^ Pe ° P ‘ e 3t her h ° me Satur ' Sunday with the Misses Banks. ] • r, ’ght. Jan20:h. • Miss Cora Maie Rigsby will leave in — — a few days for Athens, where she will kiRCFVT 1 ent ? r the State Normal School. * ! . hnve had an epidemic of mumps Mrs. J. S. Csrrcicai bad .is her guest j 1 scme time, but there are only 3 the past week Misses L ; :: ; c Ware and te i v oases 10 toport at present.’ Jan. ‘A’ih. The average Iwarding-house chicken is a ertat help to the dentist acai-st ev.c.s, sore arc sw.'.len oirts. .'.mtvagw, sciatica and ice ailments. Your money Pack if rot satisfied; but it doe* give almost inst-r.t re ef. small children, who have Thelma Daniel of Palmetto. Misses I Florine Carmical. Ida Sue Sewell ar.d Mira Sewell of Roscoe. Mrs Carmical entertained for her guests Saturday evening, those present being Messrs. Hugh Bridges, Ralph Warren. Ray Warren and Miss Lizzie Warren. Mrs. AY. M. Ox more, who visited the family of Mr. Sim Ozmore last week. 1 returned to Newnan Friday. Mr. A. A. Copeland, of Whitesburg. visited relatives here last week. Mrs. Lloyd Nix. of Lowell, who visited :he family of Mr. R. C. Shugar; last 1 *eek, returned home Frida .-. Mrs. L R. Copeland, of Newnan. spent Sunday and Monday w::n her •sters. Mrs. G. L. Warren and Mrs. J. A war.! w '-man r ever kr >ws what sfi :e th. she reads sfie can’t get it. ft-«;.»i W:r*t C:t C : Srrts. S • ottei. n A—« i - • use. c letsj. -c. IV. I: re-ifitj Uic. act. jU.U A - ur own iron crap-, always sounds better than your neighbor’s. Take Liv-Yer-Lax and feel Well. Dor.*t suiTer from the ill effects of an inactive liver, such ^s headache irdi- Cr>t;or.. ustij.Niv*t>r. iack of ererny Ard low soints, when tor a little rr.ou- ey you can >rei a remedy of proved n-ent. GRIGSBY'S LIY-YER-LAX will gvt your :ver right and let you enjoy better health and brighter spir- its. 1 1Y-YEK-LAX acts ratural.y ar.d S. Bridge*, effectively. Has r.-e of the dangers Mrs Etta Carmirsl rsturaed home and bad afrer-euects of calomel. 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