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Newnan herald & advertiser. (Newnan, Ga.) 1909-1915, January 22, 1915, Image 8

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Sensational Sale of the New Year We know of no other way to dispose of winter goods at this season of the year but to dig down deep into the heart of prices. Wish we did know of some other way than making this horrible sacrifice. The people are posted—they know, and it would be folly to try to deceive them with loud bargain talk or offering unknown goods. There is not a merchant (wholesale or retail) that has seen prices to match those mentioned below on standard staple goods, such as every man and woman in the country know, by reputation or use. Store Opens at 9 O 9 clock, Wednesday, Jan• 27 find Lasts Only Ten Days Store Will Be Closed Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 25 and 26, to Re-arrange and Remark Our Big Stock To the First Ten Ladies Entering our store each morningof sale after 9 o'clock, we will sell 10 yds. stand- o/“ ard calicoes for Blankets Blankets One lot nice cotton blankets 48c One lot large size cotton blankets, pair 65c Large size cotton blankets, white and grey 97c 10-4 cotton blankets, $2.50 value, slightly dam aged on edge, for $1.39 Ladies’ Tailored Suits Final clean-up sale and last call. None will be car ried over at these prices. $10.00 line tailored suits, small sizes 83.98 12.50 and $15 long military suits, all sizes 6.95 16.00 to $25 long and medium length coats .... 9.35 $1.50 messalinc and taffeta silk, 36 inches wide, Q O „ close out price \70C White Goods Specials Yard-wide pajama checks . 9c Yard-wide chamois-finish longcloth 10c 10c check nainsook, to closeout 5c 15c white repps, to close out 8c !5c sheer flaxons, to close out 10c 19c 40-inch sheer French lawn, to closeout 13c 23c 40-inch sheer Persian lawn, to close out 17c 15c stripe crepe waisting, to close out 9c 15c fine check dim' y.T 9c 25c best sheer check d imity 13c 25c brocaded silk-1 hiihl flaxon 14c $1.00 45-inch embnidered crepe flouncings 49c 25c heavy galatea foi| middy blouses c 10-4 pure linen shectidj 98c 36-inch linene, 12 1 2c grade 9c 36-inch linene, 17 l-.c grade 13c 50c stripe crepe voi !e 25c Overalls and Jumpers Men’s best grade overalls and jumpers, Happs yQ & Eagle make t vC To the First Ten Men Entering our store after 9 a. m. each morn ing of sale, we will sell 2 pairs hose worth I5e per pair, for 5c Infants’, Children’s, Misses’, Ladies’ Cloaks Infants’ $1.50 long white emb’d pique cloaks. . 98c Children’s 2.50 white corduroy coats. . . 81.48 Children’s 1.75 black bearskin coats 98c Misses' 3.00 black chinchilla coats 1.78 Misses’ 3.50 blue and brown mixture coats. . 1.98 Misses’ 5.00 fur coats 2.49 Ladies’ 7.50 ocean wave fur coats 3.98 Ladies’ 10.00 caracul coats 3.98 Ladies’ 10.00 chinchilla coats 3.98 Ladies’ Petticoats 98c value mercerized petticoats $1.50 grade brocaded petticoats $1.75 grade Svlvy silk petticoats $3.00 messatine taffeta petticoats 49c 89c 98c .81.98 WHAT lc WILL BUY I paper wire hair pins I paper full count pins I doz. fresh water pearl buttons I pair tubular shoe laces I hcmstch’d ladies’ handk’fs. . 1 LadicH’ $1.50 gingham houBe dresses. 1,allies’ $1.50 one-piece house dresses Ladies’ $1.60 lino percale house dresseH Ladies’ $1.60 white and black dresses 95 CENTS MEN’S CLOTHING | We have reduced our stock of Clothing lower than any other season before, and expect to make a clean sweep this time at these prices: $8.50 suits, in small sizes, only 83.98 $10, $12.50, $15 suits, all sizes, 86.98 $18, $20, $22.50 suits, all sizes 89.35 BOYS’ OVERCOATS Boys’ small overcoats, values up to $3.50 Youths’ and boys’ overcoats, sizes 12 to 18, values up to $10 CHILDREN’S DRESSES 75c fine gingham dresses . $1.00 Shepherd plaid suiting dresst-s 75c good percale dresses. $1.00 brown linen dresses. 48 98c .32.50 / $1.50 French gingham dresses 1.50 large plaid percale “ 1.50 dresses with overskirts. 1.50 stripe galatea dresses... 98 SHOES One double rack, eighty feet long, loaded down with good shoes, for all ages. You can find shoes here for your entire family, which means a great saving for you these hard times. SHOES Men’s and Boys’ Odd Coats While invoicing our stock of clothing we find we have on hand 125 boys’ and men’s odd coats. Some of them are from $12.50 and $15 suits, sizes 30 to 37, which we are going to close out at a sacrifice. If you want a knockabout coat, boys’ school coat, or a good everyday coat, now is your chance. All to go at one price no we nave on nanu izj dovs $1.98 Overstocked on Wool Dress Goods THESE PRICES WILL BE SURE TO MOVE THEM QUICK 36-inch serges, all colors, sold for 39c, close out price 19c 36-inch poplar or danish cloth, all colors; close out price 19c 36-inch mohair serges and whipcords, sold for 50c; close out price 29c 38-inch all-wool Scotch plaids, sold for 50c; close out price 25c 36- and 38-inch all serges, Sicilians, panamas and fancy stripe serges, values 65c to $1; close out price 39c Men's Knit Underwear Heavy velvet-back shirts and drawers, garmcnt.35c Sample lot men’s fine wool underwearin broken sizes, worth up to $2. Garment 49c Men’s regular 10c suspen ders, now 5c Boys’ and Girls’ Under wear Ribbed fleece-lined union suits, ages 2 to 14 23c 50c children’s and misses’ fine ribbed union suits 39c 50c boys’ heavy velvet-back union suits, ages 2 to 16 years 39c Railroad Fare PAID To Newnan when you buy $10 and over, provided you do not live over fifty miles away. Ladies’ Knit Underwear Ladies’ bleached and un bleached vests and pants, garment 23c 50c ladies’ fine ribbed vest and pants, garment. _ 39c 50c ladies’ heavy fleeced fine ribbed vest and drawers, garment 39c Ladies’ Skirts $2.50 new shepherd plaid skirts with long over skirts 81-39 $2.50 plaid woolen skirts 8L98 $3.50 black silkwepp skirts 81.98 $5 wool dress skirts..83.48 Winter Shoes at a Sacrifice Little folks' 75c leather button shoes, 2 to 5 49c Children’s $1 25 everyday calf blucher, 5 to S._ 98c Children’s SI.50 everyday calf blucher, 0 to 2_. 81-25 Children's $1 50 gun metal button and lace blucher shoes, 5 to S_ 1.25 Children's $2 gun metal button and blucher shoes, 0 to 2 _ 1.47 Children’s $2 kid patent button shoes, 0 to 2 .. 1.47 Chi'dren’s S2 tan button shoes, 9 to 2 1.47 Ladies' $2 kangaroo blucher work shoes, 3 to S 1.48 Ladies’ $2 kid p itent tip bluchers, 3 to S 1.45 Ladies’ patent bluchers, 3 to S 1.97 Ladies’ $3 tan button and blucher shoes, 3 to S 1.97 Old ladies' felt top comforts, 3 to 8 .95 Bovs’ heavy work shoes, 3 to 5 1.48 Hosiery Bargains Men’s 10c white-foot sox. 4c Men’s 15c tan sox 8c Men’s 15c black sox 7c Men’s 25c black sox 10c Men's very heavy grey sox 7c Men’s 10c grey and brown sox 4c Men’s 50c fine silk sox 25c Ladies’ 10c black hose 5c Ladies’ 15c black hose 7c Ladies’ 19c black hose 11c Ladies' 50c fine silk hose 17c Children’s 15c heavy ribbed hose 9c Boys' and girls’ 25c extra heavy ribbed hose 13c Men’s Overcoats Hard part of the winter to come yet. We are going to let the remainder of our overcoats go at sum mer prices. Men’s ST and $8 heavy storm-collar wool over coats 83.89 Men’s S10 and $12.50 heavy and brown mixture wool overcoats 84.98 Boys’ Clothing Boys’ $2.50 and $3 blouse suits, in serges, wor steds and cassimeres 81.48 Boys' $10 biouse suits, in fancy all-wool wor sted and serge $5.98 Boy’s $S blouse suits, in faney all-wool wor sted and serge 84.98 DRV GOODS PHONE 102 I. N. ORR COMPANY GROCERY PHONE 136 “HOME OF GOOD BUYERS”