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i Ox ]Vc wnan (jtleekly News OL. V. NEWNAN, GA., WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 4. 1905. NO. 39 :0WETA COUNTY’S TEMPLE OF JUSTICE Magnificent Structure Was Formally Opened to the Public Last Saturday. The new court house, Coweta county’slimposing and commodious Temple of Justice, was formally NEW BOARD COiTI Report of Carnegie Library. New MenWrs Organized Board ai d Elected Officers \Ye<dn sdav. COTTON PRODUCTION The new Boni'd <>f Comity Commit*' , , .... . , sioners assembled ijn their office in the • .opened for public inspection last I onrf honse ln|t Vednesdar morn ug paturday and it was estimated that nnd | ield na all my session, nt which Aa,500 people passed through the ; time much bnsinc was transacted building and admired its elegantj The Board orgn h'-eri by selectin'.' interior appointments as well as its! ^ llT ' Kirb - V "f ' h " irmHn nml B massive and beautiful exterior ap-j 9tnllinggi clerk , ld pearance. The Carnegie Library has issued ; ^ REDUCE during December 029 books. $65 1 fiction, 69 classed literature. The ; circulation since the opening, June 1st. 1904, nas been 5,964 works of Farmers ami BusinosH Men fiction; 524 of classed literature;! of Coweta Take Steps to total 6,488 volumes. ! Raise Price of Cotton. I he Library has 742 members; books Ce ' Ne ^ 9 nC ^ Une A number of farmers and busi- , i ness men of Coweta county held a The Reference Hooks are con-! ... ... . , . ... . . I mass meeting in the court house suited with gratifying frequence, 1 | especially by the children of the L. public school. The habit of en- ! Tuesday for the purpose ot taking hi. jquiry, thus early emplanted, speaks county attorney j W el] for the discernment of the | during tlie tern ; f the old Board, was The new court house is rapidly 1 again elected to t je same positions, becoming (as it should) the pride! The list of Roa (Supervisors 'looted is of the people of Coweta. p a3 t | as follows: • r ... ' 1st T)i»t.. r- Soaru; 2ml, J VV. differences in reference to its con ; Trnmtn( , ll; ;trd J, P Bohannon; 4th. Struction are oeing forgotten; and j , T( A Davis; stl.i Alvin Potts; Oth, J. T. B. Sanders; 1 don; Hurri* an* C. Ragsdale; G| hart. Tl Ciliss of Central Baptisj Church. Barium ‘ la**, organized by Rev. J. "4. Hnrdavu-' lias comm.‘need the study of the tjhwpel hr Sr. Matthew. The iiumbora nineteen mem bers uml is steadily growing. This is one Of the most 11'Uimendfthle religious movements c r undertaken lit the city, ami a great work being done among the young men With the Presbvteridiis. it now seems that all the people, | s. Hammock ; 71 with unanimity of spirit, rejoice ! dar Greek, Jame in its completion. The program of exercises ar ranged tor the occasion of opening ot the court house, and published in last week's News, was adhered With tl* to. The retiring Hoard of County Commissioners, assisted by com ' I JJaracca mittecs of ladies, received visitors- and piloted them through the building. At eleven o'clock, a. m., public exercises began in the court room. Judge R. W. Freeman presided during both tiie morning and eve ning exercises, as master c t cere monies. Judge A. LX Freeman and Hon 1. H. S. Davis—the !at ter the ncstor of the Newnan bar —were,the speakers of the morn ing. They were heard with great interest and their addresses were repletejwith felicitations and iir.of- “Sting incidents. The public exercises in tiie eve ning were marked by the large de gree of interest displayed by the peopled the city and county. YV. C. Wright, Ksq., in an eloquent ami fitting introductory speech, presented the orator of the eve ning, Congressman W. C. Adam son, of Carrollton. Judge Adam son sustained his reputation as a forcible and entertaining speaker in an address which won the heart iest plaudits ot his auditors. The conclusion nf the days exer cises and pleasures was the final leeting of the retiring Commit; sioners. Resolutions were adopted complimenting the labors of J. W. Golucke & Co., of Atlanta, archi tects of the court house, and the R. D. Cole Mfg. Co., the builders. Messrs R. D. Cole, Sr., and R. D. Cole, Jr., responded to the res-! Boy-t'l.eoid and‘thenew~ R. N. Winkles; Go- Stnrv; Panther Greek, raison, W. O. Hern- . F. Dial; Turin, W. ntville, Thomns Lam- the cotton crop the present year. The meeting was presided over by Judge R. W. Freeman at the morn ing session, and by Hon. R. H. Hardaway at the afternoon ses sion. The following resolutions were adopted; "We, your committee appointed . . - to submit a plan looking to the I he Hook C ommittee during its 1 , .. c .1 . W, r b i reduction of thu output of the cot- term ot crncc has made three or-;. r , , , - , . . ; ton crop for the year 1903, beg ders; 25 in the first lot, 47 in the , , , , . , . 1 leave to submit tlie following plan: 1 second, and $500 worth in the' I third; 57 of the latter have been \ instructors, and will establish in dependence of thought in the chil- i dren. The number of those fre-! quenting the read in groom will be [ Increased much in the near future, as a good heater will supply all itj ever lacked in attractiveness. That an organization be in- (MllirpllPd . 5 f , , . icorporated to be known as the \ . . e> . , . Coweta County Cotton Growers Association, to bii capitalized at ■ dollirs, and shares valued at 50 cents each. , , , , , , “2. That each member of the bend the needs ot the people,land ....... ; , 1 ' ,, i associat-ion shall sign an agreement also that progress in mentality is ... , ... . , . , , . , . 1 b •/ • 7 . that he will raise 20 per cent, less their desired goal for all partiei-i .. 1.. „„ .,* • . cotton than he raised in 1904, nrp- pants. While many concessions! ........ , ■ T .*• ! , _ . , 1 , , iyuled that in cases \yhere, rom, 111 popular fiction have been made 1 ' 1 ‘ , , • any cause, there .was a total or par- to please the public, yet literary; . , t f , , \ * 3 . , „ 7 |tial failure of the crop last year, merit stamps the major pari of the . . . . , , ’ ‘ i . such party shad be allowed by con- 'last order. The completion of it 1 . , r ,~ . „ . , , . , . , I sent of the officers of the associa- I wi l place f, 'e classic and standard .. . .. , , , 1 t | tion, to increase his output to an received and catalogued The committee deserves the grateful commendation of the reading pub lic, as a glance at the last list ordered proves that they cotnpre. Off to* morniiiir a' tin. Pres- reputal’on of the Library j amount which would place him on DIED SUDDENLY IN ATLANTA Citizen of Newnan Wan Found Dead in Bed in At. Santa Monday Morning. If. G. Florence, of Newnan, Ga., was found dead in bed Monday morning at 6:30 o’clock at the home of his brother-in-law, W. M. Acree, No 73 McDonald street. Mr. Florence was 32 years of age. He came to Atlanta Sunday and went to the home of his brother-in- law to spend the night. Appar ently he was perfectly well and happy and talked pleasantly with his brothei in law before retiring. When called Monday morning he failed to answer and an examina tion proved that death had. sudden ly claimed him during the night. Mr. Florence is survived by his wife and five children. They were immediately notified of his sudden death and nrrangaments will be made to take the remains to New nan, when: the funeral and inter ment wi.I occur.- Monday's At lanta Jourml. Mr. was employed at the cotton, mills .in this , city. He was a member of the Methodist church , The funeral occurred- Tuesday fi'.nrliiri'g at ten o'clock and was conducted by Rev'. J. R. King. First M eeting* City Council 1905 liyterinn * lunch a very interestin'? f-er vice wtw lielil—4re m-riiimuon and in- stiillarion nt' a rulin'? elder (Mr. Frank Wilkinson) and two deacons (Messrs. John Askew and G. Edward Groff) fol lowed by mi appropriate son.ion by Rev. C. O’N. Mnrtindale, from J Tim., 2:115. Next Sab bn tli morning and light Rev. 0. O’N. Murtiiiflnlc will. | - -ach at Turin. abreast with any of its size in t'hei u - e . , .. , , 3 . . , ; an tfiuitau.e - ->s w.tli other mem- state, thanks to the untiring ef forts of the Hook Committee. The outlook of the Library for 1905 is gratifying in a high degree and we believe if the means provided are properly assimilated by the readers, this institution will , , , c , 3 . ... 1 upon, such excess shall be forfeit 1rrcs1sti ole i * . bers of this association. "3. In the event that any mem ber of the association, or party agreeing to these terms, shall make or cause to be made cotton in excess of the amount agreed At meeting of tl e L:nli>Benevolent Society of th* Presbyterian church on Monday, the following officers were elected for the present year; Mrs. Oliver A. Wilkinson, President; Mrs. _ Agues Kinuard, Vico President; Mrs. i Library will beconv prove an uplifting, .. .v, aiai .i/.w, . . ., r _ . . , ed to the association power. Its rchning, growth-pro-, the sal- , . .,, , , 4. that a secretary of dticmg mentality will shape the; . , . , , r , , . r | association be employed, at a best records of our ambitious com-I . ,• , . . . . , arv hereafter fixed, to sec every munity; and, in the near future the ' ... , , .. .. ,. 7 , farmer in the county and solicit his P ro " d ! membership. "5. Wo recommend and urge the H. S. amitli, Secretary; Mrs Frazil G. centre from which shall radiate I Powell, Treasurer. , f 01 - US( and for ours, the good, the j The contract •'or improving the Pres-: useful and the true. Ane hyteriau church building will probably j bless the generous donor Carnegie, and afresh do we deplore ; the untimely departure of the Li- 1 brary’s most earnest, enthusiastic j supporter, our lamented young townsman, Charles L. Thompson. I be given this week. gooc, ,e I every one who has cotton on hand 1 1 !b '^'i** K f>. Fouhc; Gity a vnew do we' , , , r , . IT. Freeman; Chief of Pi . , to hold the same for no less than!,. . ’ T or Andrew 1 Brewster; Policemen, J, P. f olutions in a happy manner. Chairman J. R. McCollum re sponded in the same vein and t'ne' zer meeting proved a most pleasant occasion. At the first Baptist. Dr. Numinlly in his series of sermons on -‘Every Pay Life,’’ discussed hist Sunday “Business in Religion’’ and “Religion in Business.” Next Sunday tic will discuss “The Mistakes of the perity to his cherished Farmer” and at night, “The Telegraph | the Carnegie Library. Mks. D. H. VVoodroof. Peace to his sacred dust, and pros-1 project, 1 9 cents. ‘6. We urge that similar reso lutions be formed in every cotton producing county in the south.’ H. L. Redwine was elected sec retary of the association. Madras Matters. The preacher believes in work, and is an ardent admirer and wnrir syinpathi- with the laboring inan. He wel comes every advance in the skill and conditions of the laborer, but firmly be LIBRARY FOR FARMERS HIGH SCHOOL. j Rev. Mr. Mitohoin preached to a large ! audience at Jones’ Ohapel Bundivy. Tliis i was Bro. Mitcham's first trip and tie A library is being established j favorable impression on the poo lieves good morals essential to material success. The Race For Clerk. The race for Glerk of Coweta Saps-r- j At lhe Meth< ^ s t Church. ior Court has became* a four-cornered « tight, ;Mr. J. W. Wilcoxon, who is well | Attendance at the Methodist Sunday and favorably known and belongs to one i school last Sunday morniug was unusu of Coweta's oldest families, is a candi-1 a h>' large aud every feature of the ser- date. Another candidate is.W. S. Hub-1 vioo highly interesting. Rev. J. R j - ! at Farmers High Scool, near Sar- ■ p i 0 at Madras, gent, and the promoters of the I movement will appreciate contri butions of books and magazines. I This is an opportunity for readers ot TheJMews to assist a worthy cause. The Farmers High School can be reached from Newnan via bard, Esq.,a well known attorney of the I Ring: preached at the usual hours for p ]j Route No. 5- city. The latest entry in the race, how ever, is Mr. J. H. Jones, of Senoia, well known to the people of Coweta as Sher iff Brown’s opponent in tiie recent cam paign. In addition to these gentlemen, Mr. Lynch Tamer, for six years Deputy Clerk, is a candidate to sncceed the la mented S. L. Faver, deceased. Mr. Turner has resided in Newnan a number of years. His father belonged to service and after the morning sermon | the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper was observed. There were nine additions to j Mr. Cotter Lovejoy Married. the church by certificate at the morning! service. ^ r - C' ot * er Lovejoy and bride ar rived yesterday to spend a few days Card of Thooks. .We desire to extend cmr heart-felt witli the former’s mother, enroute to New Orleans from Nova Scotia, Canada. Mr. Lovejoy is a former Newnan boy, thanks to friends and neighbors who and holds the responsible position of ; were so kind to us in oar recent sorrow, j credit-man for the Fairbanks Go., at . j We greatly appreciate pvery kindness ! New Orleans, La. Hewashappityinar- a A irginia family, was born nnc reared j g j iown an( j our earnest prayer is that! ried Thursday, Dec. 37th, to Miss An- in Kentucky and resided ior main , our n eaven i v Fattier may abundantly foinette Bert, an accomplished young years in Missouri. Mr. Turners father j.j egs eacll aild ever y one of you. Indy of Sidney, N. S., and his hosts of I 111 ! 1 1 nf,. f ''‘m!J,'. r0 I,!^*!rr nL^’nf ' Mr. and M is. (). L. Morrow. Newnan friends wish liirn and his bonny civil war in the annv of (Ten Ster- Mr. aud Sirs. r. O. Morrow, ! bride-ail the rich connubial blessings Price Mss Ruth Morrow, they so well deserve. Mrs. Fannie Hyde.who has been quite sick for some time, is improving slowly. J. T. Brooks and wife, of Newnan, visited their sister, Mrs. Hyde, at Mad ras, Sunday. Tom Hyde, of Spartinburg, S C., visited tiome folks Ohristmas. Mr. Doss Yeagw, of Atlanta, visited his brother, E. M. Yeager, last week. Bettie tfuo Moore is visiting Granr- ville this week. Mrs. Britt, of Newnan. visited friends here Sunday. Walter Hendrix is visiting his sister, Mrs. Cates. Mrs. J. R. Atkinson visited Palmetto during Christmas. Alim Hyde, of Turin, visited home folks Christmas Maggie Ball is spending the holidays with her aunt, Mrs. Hyde, who is quite sick. Mr. Word and family, of Hogans- ville. visited their sister, Mrs. Redwine, last week S. R. Chandler and daughter, Ruth, visited WilL Moore’s family Saturday. The (irsl meeting of the City Couuoil tor the new year whs be'.iiMoin/uy night. Mn^or 1 jui >i -rt presided in the meotiug. Aldermen Steed, Goodrutn, Farmer and Glover were present. Aldermen Salhido and Askew (ni-oleoted) and Aldermen Spoiioler imd Black (new niembnrs) wore installed in office. Following are elections and appoint ments passed upon by Council in ox- utlvo scssi.m: Mayor Pro Tom. and Chairman Pur chasing Hoard, W. A. Stood. Hbmmittee: T. G. Farmer, W. S. As kew, T. M. Gpodrnm, IF. C. Glover. Tax Aski ,-isor, (to succeed IT. 0. Ar- nnll, for In in of ;i years) W. G. Wright. I’ruisnrcr, G. W. Gnrmical, City Attorney, A. (dice, J. D. . Hhaokloford, O. H Fiiicnnnon; Supt Streets. B. O. Sanders, 'Paid Fireman, J. (J. Beavers; City Sexton, P. M. MoLoroy. The following committees wore named by Mayor Burdott Finance: T. G. Farmer, T M. Good rum, G R Black. Street ; W. S, Askew, W. A. Steed, M. Sal bide. Waterworks: T. M Gooilrurn, M. Salbido. G. R Spondee Police: IF. O. (Jlover, (.'. Ft. lilaok, W. H Askew. Salaries: Mayor, $;!00 per annum; Aldermen, $35; Assessors, $15; Treasur er, $100; Clerk, $730; Attorney, $75; Chief of Police, $720; Policemen, $560; Sexton, $240, Street Supt., $540; Fire man, $4H0. Street tax was fixed at $5 per annum; tiie alternative being six days on the streets i!ernptc Orders Conferred. Tancred (Jommandery, No. 11, K. T., bad an enjoyable conclave Friday afternoon Inst. The Illustrious Order of the Red Cross was conferred at five o’clock, after which the royal banquet in honor of the visit to the soverign was spread, 1 id it was a feast of joy as well as appetizing viands. The Order of- tiie Temple was conferred in the even ing. Tilt- candidates for the occasion were Congressman W. 0. Adamson and Or dinary Barron, of Carrollton, and Mr. W. S. Dent, of Newnan. The work team we - in fine trim, aud a large num her of Hu- Knights in glittering regalia and no norms were present to assist in doing the honors of the occasion.