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The Newnan weekly news. (Newnan, Ga.) 189?-1906, April 14, 1905, Image 6

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Tolattil Was laakl* tm Aaawar. Once In Moscow, neur the Borovltrh- skala Rate, Count Tolstoi mw a per sistent lieRKar, asking alma, who ox- ilnlmeil, “A little penny, brother, In the name of C'hrlat!" A police officer approached. He waa young, marllal und wrapped In the rog illation sheepskin. At sight of him the licggnr lied, hobbling away in fright Mini haute. "Is it iMiaalble," Maid Tolstoi to him self, ‘‘that people are forbidden to auk charity, In Christ's name—in a Chris tian land?" "Brother," lie said to the police, "can yon read?" "Yea," said the officer politely. "Have yon rend the Hlble?” "Yes." "And do you remember Christ’# orders to feed the hungry?" And he •dted the words. The policeman was evidently troubled. He turned to his questioner and asked; "And you, sir—you can read?" "Yes, brother." "Anti have you read the police regu lations?" "Yes, brother." "And do you remember that begging In the main streets Is forbidden?"—Suc cess. How fkalptar* Walk Is 1 The artist nvtkc# a flkodel first, not always life size, but ahnont nonw at them actually does the rotting In the marble. This work is Intruwtwd to high ly skilled artisans, who do» the work under ttudr direction, and ffce sculp tors superintend all the finishing touches aud even occasionally do some of the rutting on the face aud bands. The actual cutting of the stone Is a most difficult process and reipilres great expert skill. In case a full sized model Is made the sculptor sends It to a professional marble cutter, who roughly shapes the block. The general shape Is often given to the block lw»- fore It leaves the marble yard to save the extra freight. The rough carving Is then done by the marble cutter, who mo Hha|s>s the block u» to give It the general outline of the figure to be re- prodtieed. He drill* * series of holes lu the block, the depth 1 ofeach of which corresponds to an external polut of tho statue supposed to- (>• Inelostsl in the stone. After a sufficient number of these holes have l>eetv made In the stone lie removes the entire perforated portion, and what remains gives the broad lines of the statue; Halit In fllnoA. The Winter palace of the czars was limit lu blood. Almost every stone of the walls and every square yard of the plaster lining them cost a life. Nlch rilas bail given the order that the pal ace must lie rebuilt In a year, and what was human life against the des- pot's will? Nix thousand men were kept at work day and night, with the palace heated at ,'l»l It. to dry the walls rapidly, while the temperature out side was often fit) degrees below zero It. The men could only work with lee packs on ilicli - heads, and, experienc ing a dally change of do degrees, they died by the score every day. By the end of (lie year Hie dentil roll was some thousands, but the palace was finished. To understaud the full mean ing of Ibis achievement It should lie re iliemlicred dial Hie Winter palace Is as large as Buckingham palace, Kenning ion palace and tho National gallery. I.ondoii Ololie. In III I nun* Knm 1 ml Inn I’lnnta. Tpwnrtl >>f sixty species of Hast In plaids, mostly of Hie fern family, with a goodly sprinkling of grasses and creeping vines, are luminous, and II Is said Hint the sides of the moun tains in the vicinity of <’yreo are nightly Illuminated by the pale, white light which they emit. The resit stock Mf a plant from the Ooragliutn jungle, near I.aykl (supposed to lie an orchid), possesses (In' peculiar properties of be coming luminous when wet, while when dry It Is quite lusterli'HH. One Jointed plant, supposed to he a member of tho rush or cane family, emits a tlery red light from Its leaves, a pale white one from Its stalk, while Its tlowers give out capricious Hashes, like that of our "lightning bugs." 4'hllrnn* Wmr Overcoats Indoor*. "In Santiago, tho Chilean capital, where I have Itcen residing for some years, It Is common to hoc people put on their overcoats when they enter-a house and take them olT upon going Into the street," said a visitor to the capital. "Tho cause of this Is that the at mosphere on the outside Is wanner than within the residences. The Chileans do not hoat their domiciles to any extent, and they are construct ed of sin'll thick walls that they are a good deal on the'order of refrigera tors." Washington Post. Ilorara In Hattie. Arabian horses show remarkable courage lu battle. It Is said that when a horse of Ids breed Units himself wounded and knows Instinctively that lie will not ho able to carry Ids rider much longer lie quickly retires, hear ing Ids master to a place of safety while he has yet jmlliclent strength. Hut If, on the other hand, the rider Is wounded and falls to the ground, the faithful animal remains beside him, un mindful of danger, neighing until assistance is brought. The Head of More. When the wine and witty Sir Thom as More was boheadi'd his head was stuck on a pole on London bridge, where It was exposed for fourteen days, much to the grief of his datigh ter, Margaret ltoper, who resolved to secure it. “One day," says Aubrey, "as she was passing under tin* bridge, look ing at her father’s head, she exclaim ed: ‘That head has lain many a time In my lap. Would to Hod It would fall Into my lap as l pass under!' Stic had her wish, and It did fad Into*her lap.” Probably she had bribed one of the keepers of the bridge to throw It over just as the boat approached, and the exclamation was intended to avert, the suspicion of the boatmen. At nil events, she got possession of it and preserved It with great care lira leaden casket until her death, and It is now Inclosed in a niche In the wall of her tomb in St iMiiistau's church, Canter bury. Notes and tjiterles. lot ill* lit «>r mill Worldly Snrrwii, i "Spoil kimt of liiUKhtor, 1 havo often wondered If the laughing man and the laughing woman really gel. along bet ter in the world than the man and woman who do not laugh, or If they laugh at all merely grin at some amusing thing," said the observant man. "I do not know, I am sure. Of course you will lind that men and wo men of both types probably In your own acquaintance have been able to get along fairly well in tin' world. Laughter is no dould good capital lu a great ninny Instances. It is equally true that the grim face, the sour look, I may say, has often proved a valuable asset. The which would seem to Indi cate Unit there Is a time to laugh and a time not to laugh."—New Orleans Times 1 lemoeral. CALIFORNIA Do you want to live where the climate is mild the year round— where labor is never oppressed by stress of weather, and where animal vitality is never lost by mere conflict with cold? Do you want to live in a region where the resources are more varied than in any other equal area in the world, where the division of great ranches affords a fine opportunity to get a small farm that will assure you a competence? Do you want to live where, with a minimum of labor, you can 71 grow profitable crops of grapes and small fruit, oranges, lemons, olives, prunes and almonds, alfalfa and grain, where crops are sure, business is good and capital easily finds profitable investment ? Then go to California, where both health and opportunity await your coming. The Chicago, Union Pacific and North-Western Line is the most direct route to the Pacific Coast, and there are two fast through trains daily via this line, over the famous double-track railway between Chicago and the Missouri Riven. One-way Colonist tickets are on sale daily, March i to May 15, at the rate of $33.00 from Chicago, with corre spondingly low rates from all points, give you an unusual chance to make the trip. These tickets are good on daily and personalty conducted excursions, on which a: double berth in a Pullman tourist sleeping car from Chicago costs, only S7.00. Round-trip tickets are always on sale from all points at reduced r.atea via the Chicago & North-Western, Union Pacific and Southern Pacific Railways. / FILL IN THIS COUPON ANO MAIL, IT TO*DAY. W. B. ICNISKJSRN, P. T. M. C. & N.-W. Ry., Chicago,. Wk (Deate mall free to my aililra-t, California buaWcta, maps and full' naiuutlara. mwicavaing aud tra.a; W4H4 4 mild 11 nil tin* tli*i'r«ll». "Cupid is 0110 of tho host recruiting officers that Undo Sam has," confided one of the sergeants attached to tho re- erultlng headquarters. “Back of near ly every enlistment there is a woman In the ease. Lovers’ quarrels chase a lot of line lads into (lie service. Your romantle youth gravitates to the re cruiting either after u serious break with Ills sweetheart as naturally as a duck takes to water. It seems to him the most fitting way In which to sacri- , ee himself when love’s young dream is apparently dispelled. Way down in his heart lie nursed the idea of making Ids erstwhile Inamorata sad, and it’s the army or navy, with the possibility if death In battle, for him. Again, other first class material Is reerulted by the desire of young fellows to sport a uniform before their girls, lu such eases t'upld does his recruiting through vanity. But in both ways he manages to fill up big gaps in the ranks of l’n ele Sum’s fighters."— Philadelphia Bee ord. TAX RECEIVERS NOTICE. Cabbage Plants & Sea Island Cotton Se d Cabbage Plants for sale, and now ready for delivery. ‘‘Early Jersey WaKefi 1‘" and "Charleston Large Type Wakefield", two earliest sharphead varieties.and in rotation as named. Succession." "Augusta T rucXor" and" Short Stem Flat Du h " Appendicitis Its Causes. C. W. C. Its Cure Tile alarming inerease of this disease, the appalling mortality resulting from it, and the awful suddenness with which it lays the hand of death on its victims in every walk of life' from president or king to the humblest subject in the realm, irrespective of age or local rendi tions, has aroused the whole medical world to urnest research and investigations, todtseovor if possible, the cause of this disease and Und for it some efTechigra remedy. Eminent Physicians ha-re shown that the malady is largely traceable to indigestion, which produces a peculiar form of constipation that effects the ascending colouj or upper bow- 1, causing the dreaded obstruction which has to lie removed by thesurgeon’s knife. The ordinary purgative acts on the lower bowel only, ami physicians everywhere hav r’ “ rs rsj The Western Bailway ot Alaban knife. There is a remedy, however, known ns the a best flat-head varieties ami head in rotation as named. Prices: Single thousand, 11.1 h, 100 and over *1.25 per 1000; 10,000 anil over. *1 per 1000. Terms: Cash witli order; or plants X o. D., purchaser paving return charges on money. Our plant beds occupy 36sores on Bout ollna Sea Coast, ami \vc understand growing them in theopen air; tough and hardy; they , ill Stand severe cold without injury. Plants crated for shipment weigh 20 lbs. per HMD and wi *vo special low rates for prompt transportation by Southern Express Co. I know of other plan roll call buy cheaper than mine. I sell good plants. No cheap "cut rate” plants shipped frommy I guarantee those that l ship to he true to type and name, and grown from high grade sent chased from two of the most reliable seed houses in the United states. I w ill refund pur price Ui any dissatisfied customer at end of season Our-Cotton Seed- Lint oi our Long Staple 1 variety of Sea Island Cotton sold In In Charleston on Dee. 2. at 82* per pound. Heed *1.25 per bn.; lots of to bu. and over *1 p My specialty ; Prompt Shipment, True Varieties, mud .Satisfied Customer*. I have he plant, oils! mi. mr lasij ness for thirty-five years. Wm P PFDITY “ The Cabbage-Plant Mao” ™ Will* lu ttLun I ly Postand Telegraph Oftioo or r lm. i ho Youngs Island, S. C. Atlanta & West Point Railroad Co. c. w. c. That Cures Appendicitis Direct Lines Between North, East, South and Southwest. U. S Mail Route. Through Palace Sleeping Cars. Dining Cars. Tourist Sleepers to California. The Sagnrlnna Stnleautan. "Art* you sure you know all about that subject you are going to make a speech on?" "No," nnsweri'il the sagacious states mnu. "1 have put in my time collect ing epigrams ami aiiei'ilutes. The sur est way lo make ail uninteresting speech is to make u thorough study of your subject."—Washington StHr. He W*a Immune. "I suspect," said the fair maid who liail talked for fifteen consecutive min utes without permitting him to get a word in edgeways, "you are tired of Bearing me talk." "Not at all," replied the gallant young niau. "I get shaved at a bar- tier's und am used to that sort of thing."—Chicago News. An Empty Title. Little Willie- 1 say, pa, what is au empty title? Pa- An empty title, uiy son, Is your mother's way of referring to me as the head of the house when there are visitors present.—^Glasgow Times. FIRST ROUND. I will be at the following named places on dates opposite, for the purpose of receiving State and County tax returns: Senoia, Tuesday April it Haralson, Wed. April 12 Turin, Thursday, April 13 a.m. ^harpsburg. Thur. Apr. 13 p. m. Moreland, Friday April f-j a. m. St Charles, Friday Apr. 14 p. m. Grantville, Saturday Apr. 13 Wynn’s Store, Monday April 17 from 10 to 12 a. m. Daniel's Store, Monday April 17 from 2 to 4 p.m. G. Iv. Crawford’s Monday night. April 17. Coweta, Tuesday, April 18 a.m. I’almetto, Tuesday April iS p.m. Cedar Creek, Wed. April 19 a. m Roscoe, Wednesday April 19 p. m. Sargents, Thursday April 20 a. m. Welcome, Thursday April 20 p. m. 1 Handy, Friday April 21 a. m. 1 Corner Branch 3rd Dist. Friday April 21 3 to 5 p. m Newman, Saturday April 22 l K. GARY SUMMERS, T. R.j Stayed the Surgeon’s Hand. For tali years I hail » severe stomach and bowel trouble, mid could not eat enough to. keep me going. I tried all the known remedies, anil many of the best physicians, without ob, twining any results, growing from bnd to worse until fulminating in what my family physician (pronounced "Appendicitis," und Hint, my only course to save my life wns mi operation. Before submitting to an operation, however. I was induced by a friend to try Camp’s Wonder ful Cure, for Indigestion and dyspepsia, which I eagerly took scoording to directions, t am now convinced that the symptoms that wor ried me so were caused from indigestion of the stoumeli and bowels, as they began gradu ally disapocitring from Hie first dose of O. W. C ,aud soon left me entirely. There must lie many sufferers from alleged 'apnendieitis," whose troubles are due to tile same cause mine were, and to them 1 would say Don't submit to ail operation, lint take a few doses off. W. C. us l did, and see how readily your "appendicitis” will leave you Once tried and you w ill never lie without a hot tie in vonr house. Since I began tho use of C. W. C. I mil glad to sav that I can eat any thing 1 wish. mid have had to further trouble in digesting whatever I eat. i give this testimo nial in tile interest of others who may suffer 88 ' dW ENOCH S. LYLE. Carrollton, Ga. It it AD DOWN SCHEDULE IH EFFECT NOV. 20. 1904. No 40 No 34 No 36 No 38 Leave Arrive No 35 8 flip 4 12p No 371N -') No 3# 8 Ifip 12 40a S 2T»ft 1 2T>p 8 lBp 12 40a Lv Mobile... - Ar 7 main id 2 60n| ; .7 n ifip 12 15p 11 06p Lv Pensacola Ar 4 OOp 5 00.11 5 00n 4 OOp 5 00ajLv Salma Ar 11 30pM e 9 15s Id 06* 10 30m 1 :mp 1 27p 2 .">2p 3 Sip 6 30p 7 l ip " 32p H lip 6 55 a T53'ii 12 35 p Lv Montgomery Ar Ar Milstead Ar Ar Chehaw Ar Ar Auburn ^ Ar 10 55a 0 57a 0 4 hi 9 J0a 12 30p 9 20p| " H20p 7 45pj ft 2<lp -» 23p 5 Olp 4 27p 12 »P \) LV)]) Ar ....Columbus - Ar oasp] 11 25a 12-Ip S-15P 4 30p S 25 p l) 0*2 P H :17a' Ar Opelika \r 1U2h Ar— West Point Ar •\H :r?a 7 -Via s ; $ |i;: 4 15]) 3 30p 1 1 12 5 Ip ; 1 58p , - J "r 1 it (k)p | 8 20 p 11 59 p 0 00p 6 28p 7 o5p 7 :»p 0 37 p 1(1 27 p i i hop 0 37(1 10 35a il-40a Ar - La Grange Ar Ar -.Newuan Ar Ar— Kairburn Ar Ar East Point Ar ^ Atlanta - ....Lv 7 Ma 0 ;Mh 8 04 n f) 30a 0 22pL'j 1 5 aopjii 11 Tiop imp Trap 12 6fip 1 !9p to s; p i 9 45a 10 52a 12 Ml | 0 3| I 0 15p 11 25 p 2 36j | 6 13a 6 42s 8 00a 10 15a 12 43p Ar Wash i ngton I.v Ar Baltimore L\ Ar — Philadelphia Lv Ar ....New York.. Lv 11 16a 6 17i 3 451 12 lOt i 10 44>pi-— I 0 16p -- | 6 56p 1 125p — | -Meals Above trains daily. Connections at New Orleans for Texas, Mexico, California. A; I )or Tuskegee. Milstead for Tallahassee. Lalirange accommodation leaves Atlanta daily, except Sunday at 5:30 p. m. ?•' leaves LaGrange at 5:50 a. m. arrives Atlanta 8:15 a, m. Trains 35 aud 36 Pullman sleepers New York and New Orleans. Through coach - w on and New Orleans. Trains 37 aud 38 Washington and Southwestern Limited. Pullman sleepers. ioap ars. observation aud dining ears. Complete service New York and New Orleans, Train 97 Uuited-Hte.tes fast mail. Through day coaches Atlanta and New Orleai Write for mips, schedules aud information. J. B HEYWARD, J. P. BILLUPS, D. P. A., Atlanta, Ga. G. P. A., Atlanta Gi. CHAS. A. WICKERSHAM, Pres, and Gen Mgr., Atlanta. Ga The combination of vegetable and essent ial oils in this marvelous cure is such that the en tire alimentary canal, as well a* the region of the appendix, is kept strong, vigorous and pure. C. W. C. will oorSeot any difficulty that may exist, and make it absolutely impos sible for the appendix to become congested — ____________ or diseased. , c. w. c. should be i-i every household, it a sincere reformer first converts i> worth its weight in gold, but eagj be nought , . . , at Holt A Cates, Newnart, Ca., at 50c nimseil. anil f 1.00 bottles. CAMP DRUG CO,, Prop’s Carrollton, Ga Life is what we make it, not the way we take it, Keep your bowels regular U t e use of Chamberlain's Stomach an Liver Tablets. There is nothing h-:w For sale by Holt & Cates, Drug:-'* Now- nan. Ga. a. ast chaw rning hinl’ tmeu