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The Newnan weekly news. (Newnan, Ga.) 189?-1906, May 26, 1905, Image 1

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Official Newspaper of Cowell County. Che JVewnan Sleekly JVew>9 Official Newspaper of Coweta County. VOL. VI. NEWNAN, GA., FRIDAY. MAY 26. 1905. NO. 7 Read the Advertisements in The News and Trade with its Advertisers. Program Closing Exercises Newnan Public Schools. Pablie oral examinations will be con- ducted next Monday,Tuesday and Wed nesday. These are bold for benefit; of imrents of pupils, and will fail to serve their puri>ose unless parents are present. The public is cordially invited to visit, the school during these and all other exercises. First Grade \t Second ' Third Fourth Fifth ' Sixth Seventh A Grade Junior First Grade MONDAY. 9 to 10:15 Reading Arithmetic Reading Reading Arithmetic Arithmetic Grammar Grammar Algebra TUESDAY, 9 to 10:1)0 Arithmetic 10:110 to 12 Arithmetic Reading Arithmetic Arithmetic Grammar Grammar Arithmetic Arithmetic Euglish Second Reading and Spelling Third Nature Study and Geography Vourth Geography and 1 Nature Study >h Geography 1 Ch Geography J -venth History and V Literatue A Oyrade History and V Literatnre J autor Geometry 10:00 to 13 Reading and Language Arithmetic Rending and Spelling Gram mar Reading and History Reading and History Latin and Geography Algebra History where did you come from, baby? .lames Wikle. Oh? Tom Cole. Always Glad, Richard Wikle. Hell's Appearance, Mildred Merck. Wish I Was a Hoy, May Arnold. First Grade Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh • A Grade fiuuior WEDNESDAY. 3 to 10 Reading, memory gems and songs Reading, memory gems and multiplication tables Reading, memory gems and multiplication tables Arithmetic Arithmetic Arithmetic Arithmetic Latin Literature. "Our Baby,” Mary Atkinson. "When Fa gets Sick," Evelyn Clower. “The Humble Bee,” Chailes Murphey. “A Little Rogue,” Alma Parker “Grandpa,” Henry Farmer. Snow Flakes,” Concert Reci tation. “A Little Boy,” Wheeler Meyer. '‘Mr. Burton’s Curtains,” Woodie Bowman. “Little Breeches,” William Spence. “Dolly’s Cradle Song”, Song— Sarah Davis. “A Boy’s Mother,” Jacob Crane. “Little Birdie,” Ellen Camp. ‘ See Saw, Marjory Daw," Song. “Goodbye Pretty Butterfly,’’ Jewel Hunt. “A Helper,” Lucius Smith. “The Brown Thrush,” Seven boys. “Dear Grandma,” Laura Wil kinson. “My Shadow,” William Askew. “The oecond Table," Cecil Scogin. “Whistle and Hoe,” Song. “The Night Wind,” Steve Pow ell. “Frogs at School,” Concert Recitation. “Jack Frost,” Song. Wednesday Morning, 10:15. IN THIRD GRADE ROOM. The following literary exercises 'will be held in the various grades at the time designated at the head of each: Wednesday Morning, 10:15. IN SECOND GRADE ROOM. Concert Wednesday Morning, >0:15. PROGRAM—FIRST GRADE. “Father Dear,” Song. "We Thank Thee,” Recitation. "Up, Up, in the Sky," Song. “Great Wide World,” Nellie Davis. “When Papa was a little Boy,” J. FI. By ram. “How to do it,” Ruth Driskill. “The Robins,” Hal Stripling. “Little Hiawatha,” “Seven Times One,” Maty Bry ant. “Suppose,” Claude Mangum. “Little Girls Should be Seen and j selected from Grade The Village Blacksmith, Grade. A Gentleman, Lyndon Astin. Grandma Always Does, Herbert Barge. A Fellow’s Mother, Samuel Freeman. When Ted’s Away, Neal Ham. A Child’s Idea, Mildred Darden. Two Naughty Chickens, Willie Krueger, The Little Fisherman, Hall Mc- Koy. The Boy Who Laughed, Marion Philipps. The Fairy Sisters, Sarah Farm er.,* Mary’s Lamb Up to-date, Mar garet Atkinson. Song, The Dandelion and Pussy Willow. The Family Drum Corps, Ben Terrell Kirby A Little Gentleman, George Jackson. The Telegram, Mabel Dunbar. A Bothered Boy, John Hill Hendrick. What is Ice? Gabrielle Johnson. The Song of the Thrush, Boys Song, Goodmorning, Merry Sun shine. Table Manners, Bartie Fleming. Casabianca, Edwin Cole. Little Orphant Annie, Sarah Nunnally. Concert Recitation, Little Boy Blue. Grandmother's Sermon, Vercie Edge. All the Children, Jet Potts. Papa and The Boy, Mary Cran ford. Song, Song of The Winds. Nine and Dolly, Marie Mealor. The Fussing Place, nilledge Leach. Hildegarde, Ellen Turner. Concert Recitation, One Two, lliree. Grandpa’s Spectacles, Clair Broadwater. Old Mother Earth, Allie Prewett In Manila Bay, Harold Pickett The Little Housekeeper, Louise Byram. Song, Baby Is a Sailor Boy. Somebody’s Mother, Nell Hunt. Casey at the Bat, Melton Murray. Taking Baby’s Picture, Mary Moore. Concert Recitation, The Lost Lamb. The Kingdom of Heaven, Ollie Williams. How to Succeed, Geo. Roj Black. The Toad and the Frog, Florine Walker. Baby's Surprise, Ruth Thomp son. Song, In the Buttercup Meadow. The Maiden and the Rainbow, Annie May Payton. Grandpa’s Pockets, Delia Good- dy. When the World Busts Through, Roger Bryant. ’Twas You, Juanita Olive. Two Little Kittens, Lanier Hodge and Fred Smith. The Chicken’s Mistake, Ralph Reese. Mr. Rabbit, The Fisherman, Dorothy Gardner. Concert Recitation, Great Wide World. Simril. Song, “good advice," by ten lit tle girls. Recitation, My sister's beau, Henriette Strickland. How Salvator won, Charlie R. Simms. Concert Recitation, The Con cord Hymn, class. Recitation, Her Name was Smith, Herbert Cranford. Song, Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater. Recitation, Drummer Boy, wm. Stallings. ( Jes’ Fore Xmas, Roy Mooney. Little Jack, Bessie Dent. Concert Recitation, when I’m a woman, by ten girls. Recitation, The Seminole’s Re ply, Albert Fuller. Concert Recitation, Make Your Mother Happy, class. Song, Coffee Land, class. Annual Concert by Mrs. Peavy’s Music Class June 1st, 1905, at 8 o’clock p. m. Overture, “Lustsniel” Misses Mnrilu Peavy, Nell Russell, Martha Wright, and Annie Mae IVmvy Feodora Polonaise Grace Davis, Hazel Sago, Florrie Stephens and Grace llendrieks Song, “Why won’t you play with me?” Dorothy Cantrell Polka, op. 78 .... Martha Green, Tiny Sutton, Emily Gaston and Ellin Bryant Sextette, “Pas Redouble” . Lucilo Meriwether, Ruth and Sarah McClure, Dora Brittain, Myrtis Jackson, Dora Hindstmm Kelov Bela Spindlor Norria Streubbog Streabbog Piano Solo, “Barcarolle”.., Kairv Schottische. Grace Davis Lena dry, Mary Summers, Sallie Hill and Graco Hendricks Spindler Freeman WMorning. SIXTH OIM,l>F.— PROGRAM. Botig—OImm. lUoitattoii—Margery, Olora Reese. The Spelling Lesson — Robert Strick load. TheRisiug of 1770- Julian Astin. ReoltaMou—Wlitt She Wanted, Ola StiMaon, Recitation—The Ltttlo Match Seller, Kate Kirby. Pat Had a Good Exouse—Kranui TreadawBy and Paul Gone Peiiiston. Recitation—Aux Italians, Rhea King. Ways of Saying “Yes”—Ed Lyndon Stewart and Fannie Herring. The Sniggles Family—Several girls. Thursday Morning, 10 0’Clock. IN GIRI.S’ HIGH SCHOOL ROOM. 1. The Legend of Bregenz, by Class. 2. The Nation- by ten little girls 3. The American Flag, Buford Summers. 4. Hail to the Flag, Class. 5. Our Country, Class. 6. Grandma's Advice, ten little girls. 7. Last Charge of Ney, Lewis King. 8. Success in Life, Hulette Hodge. 9. Song, Emily wright. 10. Hiawatha Dramatized, by the pupils of the Sixth Grade. In addition to the above program these two grades will have literary exercises in their respective grade rooms Wednesday morning at 10:15 Vocal solo, Piano duo, “Balanoelle” Dora Brittain and Mrs Pwavy Polka Mazurka Florrie ami ltuhy Stephens, Mary and Jimmie Daniel Song, “What would you take for me, pupa” Martha Green Guards’ March Lillian Nunnally, J4imd Sugo, Dora HimlHtnan and Myrtis Juckson ‘Four Loaf Clover” Marguerite Nunnally A Frongesa March... Ruth and Sarah McClure, Emily Wright and Mth Peavy Vocal Solo Lizzie Bello Farmer Lohengrin March Mosiiumcs Smith and Peavy, Annie Fuller and Rosa Hammock Piano solo, “Le Bal” _. Mari hi Peavy Vocal solo, “Bliss, all raptures past excelling” Mrs Green La Grace _ Marguerite Nunnally, Gallic Hunter. Annie Fuller and Rosa Hammock Vocal solo, Paul WachH Streabbog Westeudorf ..Freeman ....Coombs Costa not Heard,” Kathleen Fields. “October Gave a Party;” Con cert Recitation. "Come Little Leaves,” Song. “The Spanking Man,” Hamilton Hill. “What the choir sang about the New Bonnet,” Clara Addy. “Two Little Squirrels,” Lewis Hill. “Little Mary Margaret,” Emily Power. “The Sparrow,” Seven Boys. “Sisters’ Best Fellow,” Albert Brooks. “The Sick Dolly,” Mary Penis- ton. “The Way to Succeed," Eugene Dodds. “My Playmate,” Percy Pate. “If I Knew,’’ Ruth Carpenter, ' “The Song of the Bee,” Seven girls. “If Ever I See,” Lonnie Allen. “The Dolly’s Tea Party,”Rachel Murray. "In my Little Garden Bed,” Song. “Rock a-bye Baby,” Song. The Brook’s Song, Girls selected from Grade. What Pussy Said, Alice Holmes Mary, Bessie Lee Owens. What I Told Him, Ed Meeks. How He Helped Himself, Billie Powell. Mother’s Face, Glenn Post. Song of the Loaf of Bread, Grade. Goodbye, Stella Black. A Queer Little House, Essie May Mobley. Song, The Little Shoemaker, Grade, A Scary Tale, Winnette Hollis. Young Birds, Dora Moore. Selection from Hiawatha, An nie Pickett. The Little Dandelion, Mary Starr. Baby Boy, Ruth Widener. The Rockabye Lady, Grade, The Poppy Limited Express, Jenn ie Lou Pitman. Johnie Jump-up, Lillian Reese. The iSquirrel’s Lesson, Cecil Williams. Grandma, Mary Lou Luckie, Wednesday Morning, 10:13. IN FOURTH GRADE ROOM. Song, My Native Land, Class. Recitation, Mother’s Tears, Eve lyn Freeman. Recitation, The Mormon wife No. 1 to No. XXI, Sara C. Penis- ton. Recitation, The Firewater, Mar vin Crane. Recitation, Dad says so, Any how, Nona Wadsworth. Concert, The Battle of Life, by class. Recitation, Little Torment, Ed gar Reynolds. Recitation, The Girl Who Smiles, Lillian Burpee. Song, Massa’s in the Cold, Cold Ground, by class. Concert Recitation, Who Patri ots Are, boys. Recitation, Kentucky Water melon, Jimmie Daniel. Recitation, The Inventor's wife, Mary Powell. Composition on Animals, Grace Hendricks. Recitation, Under the China j Tree, Willie Herring. Concert Recitation, The Sand-j piper, class. Recitation, Seeing Things at Night, William Hardaway. Recitation, Irish Emigrant’s La ment, Annie Davis. Recitation, My Mammy, Imogen Thursday, June 1st, 2:30, p. m. The public is cordially invited to attend the final literary exer cises of the Phi Kappa Society in the Girl’s High School room. Song, “Sweet Roses,” class. Recitation, Courtin’ in Ken tucky, Alma Kirby. Recitation, Nathan’s Plat, P’lor rie Stephens. Recitation, The wonderful Tar Baby Story, Lily Bradley. Song, I Can’t Do the sum, Jun ior class. Play, Pets of Society, “A” and seventh grades. Song, Sing Tangent, Co-tangent, Senior Class. Play, Consort of Heroines, Jun ior and seventh grades. .Selected Wagner Rubinstein Bohm “For all Eternity”., mi-. John Sutton Piano solo, “Hungarian Rhapsody No. $)" Miss Hannah Spiro Song, “My Indian Maiden” Emily Wright and Eugene I’oavy with Class Admission, 525c and H5e; Children, 15c Mascheroni ...Liszt All of the foregoing exercises will be held at the school building and those following will be given in the Auditorium. Auditorium, Wednesday Sight, 8 P. M. Oratorical Contest for gold medal, by representatives of Boys’ High School chosen in a prelimi nary contest. The speeches are original. PROGRAM. Concert waltz, Miss Margaret Peavy and Mrs. Peavy. Speech, The True Delender of our Country, Philip Orr. Vocal Solo, Miss Emily wright. Speech, Mirabeau. Bradley Davis Vocal Solo, Mr. Lovejoy. Speech, Gladstone, Goodrich white. Piano Solo, Minuet, Miss Martha wright. Speech, Stonewall Jackson, Richard Hardaway. Piano Duet, Miss Dora Brittain and Mrs. Peavy. Spech, Lee, w. J. Nunnally. Piano Solo, Miss Mary Milner. Speech, Martin Luther, the Highest Type of Hero, Stacy Capers. Music, Miss Annie May Peavy and Mrs. Peavy. Delivery of Medals. Class Ixertises. FRIDAY MOUSING, 10 O’CLOCK. Piano Quartette, “Tampa,” Nerold— Misses Mnrilu Peavy, Martha Wright, Nell Russell, Mrs. Peavy. Essay—“Jane Carlyle,” Letlia Starr. Ewiay—“Lite,a Measure to lie Filled,” Nannie Clare Freeman. Essay—“The Point of View,” Kutli Hill Cole. Vocal Solo—Selected, Miss Frankie King. Essay—“The American Woman,” Athagene Kersey. Es;.;uy—“Silas Alaruer,” Ruble Love- joy. Essay—“Robert Burns,” Frances Mis souri Herring. Piano Duet—“LI TrovatOre,” Mel- uotte—Misses Nunsie Freeman and Ruth Cole. Essay—'-Elizabeth Burrett Browning, Katie Sue Brewster. Original Speech—“Oar Country,” Or man Nimmons Powell. Essay—“Notes,’’ A1 arguerite Nunnally Vocal Solo—"When the Goldenrod’s Aflame,” Mrs. Green. Graduation. FRIDAY KVI'.NTNH, 8 O'CLOCK. J Piano Solo—“Tremolo”—Gottschalk I —Miss Annie Mao Peavy. Essay—“Shylock,” Lilia May Her ring, Third Honor. Oration—“Georgia’s Contributions to American Statesmanship,” Goodrich Cook White, Second Honor. Vocal Solo—“The Songbird and the Rose,” Miss Marguerite Nnunully. Essay—"Tlio Little People of the Ori ent," Louise Cook Atkinson, First Honor. Vocal Solo—“Voioes of the Woods," Miss Ruth Cole. Address—Dr, H. 8. Bradley, Pastor of Trinity Ghuroh, Atlanta, Ga. Piano Solo—"Galop de Concerto"— Ruben stein, Miss Marilu Peavy. Delivery of Diplomas—Mr. T. E. At kinson, President of the Board of Education. NEWNAN CHAUTAUQUA. The Newnan Chautauqua will be held this year the last week in July, beginning Sunday, July 23rd. The program has not been com pleted ; but it is safe to predict, at this time, that it will surpass last year’s program and will equal any Chautauqua program given io Georgia this year. The Chautauqua managers are still engaged on the details of the week’s entertainment. They are striving to arrange a program that will please the people and give them more than the worth of their money. Up to this time contracts have been closed with a list of the best Chautauqua talent of the United States, as follows: Walter m.Chandler,two lectures; S. m Speedop,two entertainments; Mrs. William C. Chilton, one week; Champ Clark, two lectures; Dr. Len G. Broughton, one lecture; H. W. Sears, two lectures; Ralph Bingham, two entertainments. In addition to the above, a male quartette and a brass band and orchestra will be employed for the week. This will give Newnan a pro gram that ought to please every body and make the Chautauqua the best and most successful con ducted in Georgia this season. Subscribe for the News.