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The Newnan weekly news. (Newnan, Ga.) 189?-1906, June 02, 1905, Image 6

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Gems In Verse HOUSE OF OOD DESIGN. All The Cell of the Plain*. If >011 ere nick nf curbing lino*. Of eeneeleen *nrlnl mnnkny ehtnee, Gorne weal. If fr*#dom I* th*' boon you a^ok And think you n^d n mranuou* *tr#nk, T’ft k up your dud* and tnk« a imonk i 'omf' wont of th# #aat. ho* t>##n t#a*#d. If you nro w#nry That to rfYetcm*** Como wo*t rotnr out hi*r*» wh^n* th* wind* nr* strong \V) • • na*ur« sing* a lusty aong Whrr* nklon nr# bin* and trail* am U TiK Com# wont AttrantlT# 9>,HOO Hum* With Nader* Imprurrmenti. ICopyrtght. 19f> r . by Htanloy A. Donnla, 231 Broadway. Now York ] Til# mcHlorn liouao shown hwowKIt' with d«Ml^nt»d to rout $‘2,N00 undor nor inal condition*. It bn* nil th(» conven ience* known to the builder. Including electric hell* nnd wiring for electric light*. There I* * cellnr tinder the entire houae. with cemented floor, coal bin*, cold atororootn nnd * hot. nlr furnace. The cellnr wall* are Htono. The frame I* npriico nnd hemlock, and the wall* are alien tiled, papered If NO A bn would llk«» a breath of al^ r hut breath and good and g£ Como w«»*t CV rr * out when* you may ***# th# wkl \\ h# r* wide the prairie * vantnea* He And bnmh the < ohwob* from your #y v t'nmr went (’hlt'igo (*hronlcle Tho Bird*. ?ip<i- without toll, whose toll I* pin Who wake the *kle» before the pee day, Who ■ ell the Hhadowa from th deep Anti « wnward waft the dewj eh ep. You bring the hid* and ITht Of spring With your *v or\ flight The ftenton* rhange the with ou Tht v f?It up4n the Ko**nmer aea* of blue Light a* the fllmv char Th* mirroring pool and Before the breath of tl toy. Ah light a* laughter when no noy~ All th*- nfTiilr* of men and women move When, with ih«* omen* right, the bird* approve t* that no roll oftly upward roll wind a* gay an rare* iin- t»h mortal, till* day do you wait or climb W« i,» ]|y the long fantu*tlr path of time? M." Imp* you cry faltering: "I am old! Ant! my Immortal aoul grow* dent! and cold I" Not daatht Not age' When the Mprlng day wii* long You mocked the redhrea*t and you Npurn- • d hi* *ong. The oriole In the fragrant hough* ahovo Mi \ meadow* could not warm your heart with love; The merrv bobolink In time of bloom Ami re*#* failed to draw you from your \ doom, And vainly, loudly croaked the water fowl. And vainly hooted through the night the owl; In vain the wild full throated thruahe* •n tig And woke the echo#* till the woodland*! rang Th# Idrd* revile and acorn you; you they Anil i «.’v Kiev fly nnd lra»'« you whllo you 1 KltO.NT KI.RVATION. Mini mIiIimI. Tim main roof l* shingle Tim exterior ornamental work composition. The window a. except those of the cellar, lire fltteil with outside hllndH nnd patent blind hinges nnd opener*. The exterior In covered with two eon In of white lend nnd llnneed oil pnlntn. The color* nre |>ea green for the body, Ivory white for the trimming, term eottn for the hllndn nnd bronr.e green for tlm Hnnlien. Tim (loom nre comb grnlned North Carotins pine, tonguod nnd grooved. i nit A rt lii they fly nnd lenv Hlcliinnnd III Mimlon Trnnnerlpt. T Tim Tree. 'Ills Irre. which nlnndn wltti arm* out- spreiid With lenvre, like Armors tremidnun, nil rmilin ni, overhead And softly wnfl It down to tin; Till. tn< It means it tiinidri'd years ‘if t.iln nnd min. of drought nnd ilew. fti foi” thin nlind,' wtil, li rentn nnd rlteor* Into todays perfection grew Home kindly one forgotten now Mnv Ilioogliifullv tmve placed tile need, Koreereln* Hint enoli renehlng trough Would satisfy n worn mm’n need Whoe'er tie won. Hint unknown one. Who let tile need or uproot let slim, He knew not Hint he lind begun Wlint ntiimlii n monument to him The tree*—tho kindly tree* that bln** With spring's green flnine or nutumn'o hluoh, Tito sentry flreo thnt line the wnyo Into the woodlnmVii peneeful hush— Through nil the yrnm they nlowly grow t’nlll they ohleld the flowered noil; Tile troon -tho kindly trees they ohow The pntlent thoroughnnoo nf (lod Thin tree, which nlnndn with arms out- •prond. H-tm* to pronounre whlln standing thuo A hlooolng nnd to gently nhed A tMnodletlon over no. The ounllght nhuttleo through tho leave* With th rondo of gold thnt flnnh nnd piny; A, rone tlm wnrp of nhnde It wnnveo Tl.e mingled fabric of thn dny W. I>. Neobit 4,^ C-t' W. e*# 111 rmgT ri.ooit 'Wig Interior wall* nro covered with two eoatn of Imrtl patent planter, sand tlntahed. Tlm trim la kiln dried cypretw In the flrat story anil wbltewood on the weoond floor, AiiIhImmI wltli wood tiller* properly rubbed and thre* coats of flat varnish, sandpapered clean nnd smooth between coat*. Th* stair* are oak, ex cept th* attic stair*, which nr* boxed end of y«llow pin*. The mantel* are ouk, with bevel plated mirror* and aol- id til* facing*. Tim hnrdwar* I* plain dark bronx*. with oak knobs, roses and escutcheons. thnl In Th* Creed of Toil, Today in your dny. not thn dny punt; Tomorrow's n dny thnt hnn vot to be born. Toll, rnrneotly, then, for (tin hours fly fust Front thn morn. You tinvo never » minute for Idle reopltn Nor a second to childishly grieve l.ay hold, nud mtecene crown your toll with delight In the eve l.lfe lx brief ul tbe bent, lied tin Hint In not clen r. Hut upend It mo well thnt. whatever Im- pi nd You'll have naught for rcptmtluK and m»v- ; «*r a fear At tho end Now York Journal Livo In thn Sunahine. Live In tin* Hunnhiiu*. don’t live in tho gloom; Carn »omo gladm>HH tho world to Hlumo and tako this to ’ll do your IaI vo lit Um bl ight no hou rt— Tho world will ho gavor If part 1 Jvo on tho hottmdop. not down In tho coll; Open air Chrlatian* IIv© nobly and woll. Blvo whore the joy* are and, scorning de ft ai. Have a good morrow for all whom you meet 1-lve it* a victor amt triumphing no Through thl* queer world t>eatlng down every foo lJvf In tho an nsh I no Uod meant it for > on! Live as the robin* and alng the day through Margaret K. Sangster. Notice of Local Legislation Notice is hereby tliat tiiere will be introduced at the next session of the General Assembly of Georgia a bill en titled : AN ACT to create and incoqxyrate the Haralson Sclixil District, under the law authorizing same, as amended and ratified in the year MI04; said district to include parts of Coweta and Meriwether counties, Georgia;to define the boundar ies of the same; to provide for the elec- | tion of a board of trustees and to coufer on them certain itowers; to regulate the mnniik'enient of schools ill said district; to provide revenue for said schools and the erection of suitable school buildings; nnd for other purposes. Notice to Debtors and Creditors. GEORGIA, Ooweta County. All ihthoiis indebted to the estate of Susan S. Gibson, bite of said county, de ceased, are hereby notified to make im mediate payment, and al! those having demands avainst said estate, are hereby notified to render in their claims in terms of the law. This May 15th. 11104. A. )’ Harlield. Hannah, Dougins County, Gn., Execntor of the estate of Susan H. Gibson, deceased. lit Application for Charter the Hon. Philip Cook, Secretary of State, Atlanta, On.: We, ,1. O. Norris, of Henry County, Georgia, Edgar Dominick. W. G. Post, O. H. Urquhart, II. G. Bailey, Fred Hunter and E. C, Pitts, of Coweta Cotin- ' ty, Georta, applicants as incorporators ; under An Act of the General Assembly of Georgia, approved December :10th, lHOii, entitled, “An Act to curry into ef fect paragraph eighteen of Section seven of Article three of the Constitution of 1877, ns amended, in relation to charter ing of hanks, to provide for the incor poration of blinking companies by the Secretary of Statu, and for other pur poses," make this our declaration, prey ing that we he incor[K)rate(l ns a body corporate and politic for the purpose of doiug u general hanking business, all tlie rights, powers, privileges and restrictions of said Act, under and by the name and style of TURIN BANK-! ING COMPANY, and that the principal oflloe of said company shall lie located in the town of Turin, County of Ooweta, and State of Georgia, with a capital of Twenty•Kivo Thousand Dollars (85,- 000.(Ml), divided into shurosof One Hun- : drntl Dollars ($100,00) each, and that the sum of Fifteen Thousand Dollars ($15,0001 of the capital subscribed has actually been paid h\ the subscribers and that tlm same is in fact hold, and is to tie used solely for tho business and pur-' poses of tlie corporation. Ooweta County, Georgia, Kesiioctfully ;ird day of April, ltH)5. submitted, J. O. Norris, Edgar Dominick, i W. O. Post, G. H. Urquhart, H. G. Bailey, Fred Hunter, E. 0. Pitts, lucor|>onitors. Gt'orgia, Coweta County, Before me personally upjicared J. O. Norris, Edgar Dominick. ’ f. G. PostJ O. H. Urquhart. H. O. Bailey, Fred Hunter, K. O. Pitts, the incorporators of Turin Banking Company, located in the towu of Turin, County of; Coweta, and State of Georgia, who on outli de- l>ohctli ami until that Fifteen Thousand Dollars (#15,000.00) of the capital sub scribed has been actually paid by the subscribers, and that tho same is in fact held, and is to be used solely for tlie business and purposes of tho corporation. J O Norris, Edgar Dominick, W G Post, G H Urquhart, H G Bailey, Fred Hunter, E 0 Pitts, Incorporators. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 3rd day of April, 1905. L. A. PERDUE, Ordinnfy of Coweta County, Georgia. Opportunities in California The trade in the Orient is opening up. Our exports to Japan and China multiplied during the last year. There will soon be a tremendous increase in the trade of the Pacific Coast cities with the Far blast. Big opportunities for the man who lives there. Why not look the field over? Only $62.50, Chicago to San Francisco or Los Angeles and return, May i, 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 29, 30, 31, June 1, August 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14, 1905. Tickets good for return for 90 days. Rate for a double berth in a comfortable tour ist sleeper from Chicago to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and many other points in California,only $7. Through train service from Union Passenger Station, Chicago, via the Chicago, Milwaukee ft St. Paul, Union Pacific ann Southern Pacific Line This is the route of The Overland Limited, leaving Union Passenger Station, Chicago, 6.05 p. m., and The California Express at 10.25 p. m. The Calitornia Express carries tourist sleeping cars to California every day. Both trains carry through standard sleepers. Complete information sent free on receipt of coupon with blank lines tilled. W. S. HOWELL, Oen l Lastcrn Agent, j8i Broadway, NEW YORK CITY, or F. A. MILLER, General Passenger Agent, CHICAGO Name Street address City State Probable destination CALIFORNIA NOTICE OF intention to apply| Atlanta & West Point Railroad Co. for local legislation. The Western Railway of Alabama. Notice is hereby given that ___ *' that there will be introduced at the next session of the General Assem bly of Georgia, a bill entitled: AN ACT to amend the charter ol the city of Newnan, Georgia, Coweta County, so as to provide that a Hoard of Health shall be created; to prescribe their term of office, define their powers, duties and liabilities, and for other pur poses. Direct Dines Between North, East. South and Southwest. U. S. Fast Mail Route. Through Palace Sleeping Cars. Dining Cars. Tourist Sleepers to California. It KAO DOWN SCHEDULE IN EFFECT NOV. 20, 1904. BASEBALL A880CIATION. Newnan, LaGrange, West Point and Opelika have formed a base ball association. Plans were per fected at a meeting held last week in West Point. The season is to open June 19th, and 54 games will be scheduled; the season to last 1 nine weeks. Newnan’s team will play 27 games on tlie home grounds and 27 on the road. Three games per week will be pulled off here and the team will be away from home, for three games each week. The organization of this associa tion will enable the towns repre sented to have some fast ball. A 1 should go to work energetically to make the combination a success. Manager Joe Stephens, of the Newnan team, has announced that No 40 No :»4 No 00 No :w Leave Arrive No H r , S lfip ■1 tap No H7 No 97 No .18 8 lftp 12 40a :::::: 0 *25 a i 25 j. 8 lfip 12 40a Lv - New Orleans Ar Lv Mobile... Ar 7 15a *2 55a 11 10a 7 :77h It U8p r> ooh 12 tr>p llOSp Lv Rcnbecola Ar 4 oop 5 non — 4 OOp 0 OOp 5 00a 0 55a Lv ..Selina Ar 11 80p 10 X>a 0 !5h 10 05a 10 2fc)a 1 ;mp 2 27p 2 B2p ;i utp Lv Montgomery Ar Ar Milstenri Ar 10 55a 9 57a »20 p U 17b 620p r>23p fiOlp 4 27p - 'tUp Blip 7 50a Ar ChuhHW Ar Ar - - .Auburn.. Ar 0 42ii 0 10h S20p 7 46p t'.’ Hip (• lip 12 Hip Ar - -Columbus. Ar 12 85p »2fip ...... 11 '.'fin 12 Hip :t 45p 4 !W|> H *25 p 9 0*2 p H 1)7 a 9 l‘2a Ar - OpelikH \r Ar West l'oint Ar *81)7a 7 55a 7 Hip fi lfip 1 4fip 1 10h 4 lfip 3 flOp 12 50p 1 B8p 2 °7p 1) OOp !l 20p ll r,np S OOj H28p 7 OBp 7 HOp (i :i7p 10 27p i i Top 9 J*7ii 10 05a urn Ar Lit Umiixu Ar Ar - Newnan Ar 7 :)8h 0 84a 6 Ola rt 22p 5 26p 12 51h 12 lie imp Ar Kalrburn Ar Ar Kest l'oint Ar Ar Atlanta Lv 5 80a 4 *20 p 11 lfip iM«i 12 fifip 1 tflp tot: p 1) tin 0 15p ll*25p *2 50 p 0 IOh 0 12m H <M)a 10 15a 12 Dll Ar Washington L\ ,\r Baltimore-— I,\ 11 15ii 0 17a 8 45a 12 10a 10#5p 9 l(*p 0 55p 4 86p 12 B-ln «> :*p| Ar Philadelphia ...Lv Ar New York L\ -MuiiIk Above trains daily. Connections at New Orleans for Texas, Mexico, California. At Chehaw jorTuskegue, Milsteari for Tullahassee. LaGrange accommodation leaves Atlanta dally, except Sunday at 5:JW p. m. Itcturninn leaves LaGrange at 5:50 a. m. arrives Atlanta H:15 a. ni. Trains B6 and !W Bullinaii sleepers New York and New Orleans. Through coaches Washing on and New Orleans. Trains JIT and M Washington and Southwestern Limited. Pullman sleepers, compartmen ars. observation and dining cars. Complete service New York and New Orleans. Train07 United States fast mail. Through day coaches Atlanta and New Orleans. Write for maps, schedules and informal ion. J. B. HKYNVABD. J. P. BILLUPS, l). P. A., Atlanta, Ga. G. P. A., Atlanta Ga. Gh HICCONI) Fl.OOK PLAN. The kitchen mul pantry closets contain shelves to suit, with closets and draw ers. The bathroom nnd kitchen have open sanitary plumbing and tlx 1 urea. The grill* are quartered oak.- This makes a cozy little house for one with moderate means and may be adapted to any sized plot or location. To l.ovt Tho Rival*. low voice she lent a car#leas H<*r hand within Ids may finger* lay, A vhilling weight She would not turn or hear, Put with averted face went on tier way Hut when pale Heath, all featureless and grim, 1-lft. d his bony hand and. beckoning. Held out his cypres* wreath, she followed him. And Uno was left forlorn and wonder ing Thnt she who for hi* bidding would not #tay At Death*a flr*t whisper roao and wont away. Rudyard Kipling. Imitation Nnmlitnnf. Tho Prutwlaii government is ^reetin« at Stettin a bniltlluR eotnpoaeil of Imita tion aniulatoiu'. irraulto auii marble. The sandstone forms tho greater part of tlie exterior. The framework Is of brtek. All the blocks, window frames, sills, columns, roof, balcony and portal ornaments tire of Imitation stone and are so exactly east and numbered that they can be titled together and set with little or no chisclluK. Tho pressing or stamping of the molded pieces Is done by hand. Front three to four weeks nre required for drying. The cost Is said not to exceed half that of natural stone, and the durability Is equal.— Youth's Companion. ; State of Georgia. OtHoe of Secretary of State. I. Philip Cook, Secretary of State of the State of Georgia, do hereby certify, tlmt the attached three panes of printed j no betting will be allowed on the and type-written matter contain a true j groun d s here this season, and the and oprrect oopy of tlie application of c .. , „ , . , ,,,. . , * . olheers of the law will be asked to llte lnrtn Bunking Company for a, charter, the original of which upplica- strictly enforce this rule. 1 tion is now of file in this department. i Newnan expects to see clean In testimony whereof, I have hereunto sport and fast ball playing; and if sot my hand and affixed the seal of my Mana g er Stephens and his aggre- ' office, at the Capitol, in tlie City of At- j .. . ... ..... , .... . gation give the citv these things, lanta, this 12th day of May in the year ® h , ■ of our Lord One Thousand Niue Hun- people will give -he team and dred nud Five and of the Independence the association hearty support, of the United States of America the One GET THE BEST The * given GRAND | at the PRIZE B WORLDS Highest Award I Hundred and Tweuty-Ninth. ’ PHTLIP COOK, Secretary of State. Notice of Local Legisiat on. Notice is hereby given that there will tie introduced at the next session of the G 'neral Assembly of Georgia a bill to be entitled AN ACT to provide for the removal of obstructions of all kinds, other than dams used for operating mills or tun- Found a Curefor Dyspepsia. Mrs. S. Lindsay, of Fort Williams, Ontario. Canada, who has suffered quite a number of years from dyspepsia and great pains in the stomach, was advised by her_ druggist to take Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets. She did so and says, "I find tliat they have done me n greut deal of good. I have never had any. suffering since I began using them." If troubled with dyspepsia or 1 ohinery of other kinds, from creeks and indigestion why not take these Tablets, other running streams in tiie Comity of get well and stay well? For sale by j Ooweta; and for other purposes. 5t Holt & Oates, druggists, Newnan, Ga. Th* New and Enlarged Edition Contalne 25,000 New Words New Gnzetteer of the World with more than 28,000 titles, baasd on the latest census returns. New Biographical Dictionary containing the name* of over 10,000 noted persons, data of birth, death, etc. Edited by W. T. HARRIS, Ph.D., LL.D., United States Commlsaionerof Education. 2380 Quarto Paxes New PLfttee. M00 Llluatratioxu. Rich Binding*. Needed In Every Horne Also Webdter’* Collegiate Dictionary with xzi6Pagct. 1400Illustration*. Sire: 7x10x3%In. A Special Thin Paper Edition De Luxe la printed from the um« plate* m regular edition. Ifc has limp coyer* end round comer*. Sis*: &HxS>ixl S (a* FREE, “ A Test in Pronunciation,” instruo tlve and entertaining’. Also illustrated pamphlets. * O. O n. MLRRIAM CO.. Nblluifii SprlaifUlli Msw ^ Hxpert 1 | Plumbing Wlieu you give a plumber a job. be sure the plumber knows bis business All work in this line should be done by an ex pert. Otherwise, endless trouble and expense is certain to result. In dealing with Sexton, you get the services of an expert. Remember this when you need the services of a plumber. I have a complete stock of supplies, water fixtures, bath tubs, etc., etc., This is great ly to the advantage of my pat rons, as I can supply their needs on short notice and at small cost. Am selling garden hose at cost. W. L. Sexton, The Newnan Plumber. It