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The Newnan weekly news. (Newnan, Ga.) 189?-1906, August 04, 1905, Image 2

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II X Hrinnrkrililn llxxiirf. I'<rli.| i i'f-i r < ini : k; I »!• dwarf on re, on I wav S r .lofi'rc) llml'in, the |l||l, filin'.' " ! mn S' "ft Ilf lillll'-es III vi-iil of the I'oak." Ho whs lioril 111 UtlflimiNllllo. England. in I'd!'. . ,,,,1,-1 L, till- I 'like Of ItlH'k f IIU till 111 Ul gun,, I |, arietta III ii oold pic. III- nft- II".. rd I 1 ii mi- ill til • In"! In til'- i-Hirt of n.arii- i ai -'in or tin- 1-iniri masks ii„ kiia ■ |-■ ifti-r, ii limn of gigantic , , iv|,,, |. ill In tol till-III till- III III- ;.rf. | nlli d from oho n lour ,,f n ull md I rom till- olliof .lofTl oy, ,,, ij t u In stti-|iils«- mid amusement I} :i,o i . n| mi) I'li-si-nt. .foITt'oj Viik till- 1 1.0 oiilj eighteen tli'-ln-s ill .rli t. I n i;i. mod Ht lids stature until he WHs 111,111 joins of 11(0-, lifter Ml.loll ,1 , |f. ,io OM -0| it 1(111 to till- III WH of yowlli lo'ik idili-o. sllll-c .loflri j rapid I , ;,M In III- lliroc fl-Ol IlltlO IllfllC* ill Ii- ( lit, wliotoiis most iiioii do not gruxv „ hiiioi of mi inoli a ft or tin- age of t| | Ins iUvnrl Imd iiii omil iiioiih l i Ik t'nhnprv Dickens. Ililkolis 11(1(1 lo oinfi s, IlffCI- II St von- trlnl of mni-rii-d i -. ill if ilio skcb rfoit in liis doiiji -tio < 'sol v,n-. iio, i- lug "II jirolty h'.g oin ." 'J lion, in ) • '7. oiiiiio tin- crisis. • I - >nr Catherine mid ! m o not i nib for » noli other," In- wr-no in n lett'T t,, l-’orslor. "mid tlion* is no licit' I ii. Sin- is oxnofly xvliut yon know In the way of la-lug miliiddo mid i o, 1, it wo nro strangely 111 assni-ii'd f". tin I oiiid tlmt is In-tHi-on its (ioi knows sin- would li.-m- Ik-oii ;i lln ■ no llini's Im|iplcr if sin- find married m otlior kind of limn, mid lo - o 1 nun' of llils dostllij would luiv, Ison m loitsi oi|im)lj kid for n I ili years Imvo lint made il ensl i !. ,. for olfjtor of ns. Tlici'c Is dj of fniilt on my side. 1 dure my. n tin way of n ilionstind iiiii o.'tmi ^ . , ,. prices mid dlllfoiiltlos of d, , lint only olio think "III ulli'i nil !!, it. and tlmt Is Ilio otnl wliloli niter-. exi:x thing.” l„ .,,| mid vor> large liTinds mol foot; ot lit r\i Iso III- proportions wore syni- ,,,,'trfonl. iiihI Ids ftn-i' was considered In.iidsolin Votltll's l onipmilon. ft <1 ■ , Oil' I lie I hi'fn I lliinkrt. jsit-,; siijs n trnrolor. I saw i , , |,iit to im exiriiordlnnr.v us, <1, in,,if |it“l I(ofoi'i Ilio ilium- l.o ,1 i, 1,1,1 tout ilio A rail oook r.i 'n d l, ( ,i ,, , . i,lit ol lln* dom of Hi* kit'-lipti li nt u Hi a glims oartili in Ids linnd. lie m i 'll I lip to the tow of il'ilikej h - i. nnd pin kiijf-s toll,, rod close Ity, j., ,, ok lln tail ol lln nitlllosl of the ; . oj . lie hast ilj tin ns, Il Into Hi" It two or three vig'irou- till !,• ii- do tin' lioltfo mn! fin'll a i|ii,i |,lj removed Ilio nn< onoonn "1 tall. ■, ,, | Imd tlio Mulct I ml 11* 1 , out dinner. It la I" Hj rln ttlao that l,,, inttiko fashion exists of slutvlhg t!,. 11"111' J s' 11<nt 4u different i 4 J s, , i, ii ., ii lad) of fashion slime-- her I ,i ii*li lie A oiliill'o Itl'i * ,I "f don keys known as “llakdatl liilllcs,'' Is 0 i , h < hi I , -hod In the noikhlioi hood of I 'mo,!i." Their loiik halt ) coat, 10-null) "I pure white or pale K'li), ml- uni, of fiiidastlo clipping \\l»rr#» I* 'this stof) i - IllU'-Irntlve of the ill,so Into silence and lonollltoss of the typ leal Aiistralltiii loisli camp: Tw o men wore > ainpltik loki-lher. Inn ran Ij cxrliiiiigcd a word. One iiioi nihk "in' of tint lilt'll remark- ed at hi'oal-fast. Hoard a i-ow bellow In the swamp |tist now ." NoIIiIiiK fiirtlioi- was said, and tlio) v out ai "Hit lli'-ii- liitslm-.s for tin- n--! th, day Twi-uty lour (tour- lalor, ot,', iiniio al liroiikfusl, tin- second man mi Id. • ||o, d'you know il wasn't a bull'/" Ai.Mii no ' ftmuienl Akr-n a pausi-"f twenty lour linin'.. Next moi-tiliik La th i mi ti l ■ k 'u i" puck up Id-, "kill)'" uinl 'Min - You going?" iil'illlrod I ho ollioi*. "Yes." "Why 7" "Itoi-iiHsc" said Ills frii-iid, "llioro's to i iniii h ifk i noni in tin - '-a• ip.” Throe Hank Hills. General Samuel • Yoaz!o of Bangor l.ullt tin- first cull road in Maine and also founded the \*ou-/.ic National hank of IlmiKor. Ho had noon slim t> \i",! Boston onct . . '. , liy the olroultoiis me,,as of transporta tion used iii those early days, ! y sttiK' ■ railroad and stoauilinat. 11c arrived in Boston in the evening and wi nt i > the old Tromonf I louse for the iiik’it All lie had with him was an old < . rpc link, and ns lie was unknown t> the clerk lie w as Informed that, tun ink no bngg.-igr, he would ho expo,-tod to pay in lidvaiioe. “All right." said lie. reaching Into tils Inside poik' t. lie drew out a picket hook and took Hierefroni a Sl.ooii hill of his hank. The < lerk took II. k't out his Itahk deteeter and looked up the standltik of the Bangor hank Insti tution. In a moment lie canic lim-k and said: "That hank has issued lint three hills of that denomination.” “Yes," said the k'-nernl. "and If that one is not eiiotikh for you. here's the other two." And lie laid the lolls before the eyes of Hie astonish' d clerk Bos- ton lll'l'llltl. A Scotch Collie Story. A story ol a Scotch collie is current on the Derbyshire hord'T, accord lug to t! •• I lumli e Advrilser. A farmer in th, l eak district. liavhiK pui-.-hnsed a small !lo- I. of Icip lit ile I miUlld*. drove the thick the , hole way from S -itlund to his farm In Derbyshire with the aid of a collie dog which w-iis lent to him ity the S' oteh farm'-r from wliolli he purchased tile sli ep. . 'When you get t" your home \vlij*'ie sheep." said the S'-olehman. "let the (log till his hell) ; then tell liim to ko JiOUte." Tin.- I h rli)shire man duly arrived nt Ids farm with the sheep and was so 1 leased with the collie dog and Its per- fornmnee that lie decid' d' to keep it a lew before sending it hu'-k. one day he was away from home durltig tlio whole of tlio day, and on returning in the evening he found that the Scotch collie was missing and also the (took of sheep. In a few days tldhiKs came that the dog had arrived al his Scotch home and had brought the sheep buck with him. THE BIG FURNITURE STORE X-~ ij- We have secured large additional space to accommodate our big stock of furniture and house fur nishings We are now able to display the goods to better advan tage and can show the public that this store has the most complete stock of this kind in Newnan, Come and see. DEPOT ST. E. O. REESE, NEWNAN,E GA. Kansas i 'it,. Slur. i II i* I el I HHliln* lllallkr. Il Is ii iuiIoiIH Im lilt lln- great A liter leali pul,lie lias of wnlllluK the kind of in in ' Hint hotel «-asillers dislike mid In.VI lln- least of," said one of liaise iiM'ful 1 iiiii tliiimi'ies "Many are the limes each dll) 11 in I I am culled upon. |iv ladies i "peela II)for lift) ei'Ut pass yuarlei-s won't aimwer. The) v ut half dollars, ihiiugh why tlmt purl i iilar is,In I've never lieeu able lo ei. leislaiid. No ,-a ihlor cures to keep halve- on hand. Iml alwiijs imiliitnliis a i* Hid si," k of i|Hiirlers and dimes, lot tlio reason of their I* -eati'l- I'OllVeil- leii'i- Many of Hie gin-its also lu-g ler two dolllll- notes ill-spile tin* file! flint of all forms ol currcnc) they are the irinsl oh.leelloiinhle. \Vc never In la 1 them ' ollilil a I : ! ' It 11(1 |lll) tltPttl out as fun as the) eoine In." Wash llikloll t’osl. ke» eiilei-nlli I I-(I I ti i- > nixons. ’I lie Ini 1'islii‘ tIon of oagon In I iikland ahonl tin- middle ot Ilio ser ellteentll eenlili) l< I to many alinses In l.oinlon lie j know n as "hell i'iiiIs" on iii-i mid of llii' lad ll;pc they ipvi' the unfurluuiltes Inside. Their driver-' wi-ri- said m la- "seldom sohi'i. in-M-r civil and nlwn) late," and the r sir.1* copied II)* oilier vehicles was such Hint wlien they broke down all trallle lielihul "was neeesaltaled lo -laud stm k Mill on mosl |io,|s||y deep. M i l w ays till II pica -ed them lo jog on." hiiilng tin- reign of I’liarli-r I 1 parlliimelit passed an a,-I < oiie,-rnmk lin- si. i.iris and wagoie. with ex t ri'iiielj Ill'll \ v pciitl 11 ies for iulYin e infill - . lull w lien the at l eame lo I e applied il was illseoveriHl that lln- mod- i I pr, • i ll"-.I hj il was inipr.e l ■ aide to stall an extent that lliy Judges gave dlrei'Hous not I" on force Ihe net. \ litHiU riii«l ti >\ nr# I'opj-rlkht ipu-stions are grave enough nowadays. Imt lliej no Idiigir threcien to end in w ar. ns in the i-iihc of SI. t_'o- Ituntia, the lrlshinan who "ottled In Iona eonvorted north Hrltain and is i mill i niora!' I on .tune ll. •lie had a passion for line manuscript osd '"ipios of tin ni and among others copied a certain I .si 11 ii psalter In-longing to an Irl"h nhhot whereupon King Iihir ruiil coiidcnmcd I'nlim.ha al Turn ruling that "lo every hook belongs il < copy, as to every cow II caff." t'diimha ap pealed M'.ailnst II I- verdict In Ihe prne Ileal f ain of lin-ltlng Id kinsmen lo revolt, mill they lie, C ited J liarili;: Id In Ihe battle of lln- I'saller. The book Is i I.limed to,lie llii' one w hich in a silver cover was eairied into lint He by tint O'Ponnells during more Ilian a Hum Kind years and may I c seen at ti c Hoynl Iri-li ai-aileniy today, l.oinlon < Itinnlflc. Ilreiiklng II liently. He 1“ a rather serious minded hoy who has more sense ef responsibility Hum many grown persons. S<> when lie was sent to liis grandmother's to I i-oak tile news "f tier agisl sister's death In- did so with much gravity ami n i little self importance, "Now. Alfred." Ids mother said, "you mustn't tell grandma suddenly, I,(-cause it might shuck her. even though she knew '.Yiint Martini was III. Tell ii lo her gently." "All right." assented Alfred, starting out on his mission with mingled sWcffl- li ly and e germ ss. \rrivcd al liis grandmother's house, lie greeted her with ii s-oh'-i- "I I ■ *11. •!"’ and then proceeded to “break the news” by ‘-lying: "Aunt Marla's dead, grandma, but j on musin'! fool Imd. 'imuso she w as pretty old. eeyh ,w. You'll tie the next one, I u'pese," Rrooklyn l.lfe. Newnan Marbie Works, J. E. ZACHARY, Proprietor. Manufacturer and Dealer in— All Kinds Marble and Granite Georgia Marble a Specialty. < Ail work guaranteed to be b'irst Class in every pa I’arties needing anything in out line are r- y-.cste examine work, and get prides. .Hi-. T - OFFICE AND WORKS NEAR R. R. JUKGT’N. NEWNAN’, EA. Nut Met The world has : waiting for the e’er. Sometimes. • CurliMilt)-. store of pleasures In uiuieellstoined trav- liideed. they may he I'llllll.* 1*0 IIS lllllllll'I. Ilam'il mio v er) large, weighing mu loo pounds Ills ligiire was mi w-li-ld) and In' lolled from side lo side iin he walked Ills hand" wore so thick and ponderoilv lluil penplc woudcrisl Imw in- could pin) iIn- hiirpHichord or eigun in nil Ills fuel' was red and vim rot with a long no-e, thick lower ■ ip i-.iid lull clihi with ii dimple In II Ills e) oH w ere pi, ndltelil and eve iirows v er) full lie was a moti.-t mils enter and ill tinu*s iliuiik liemllv. Hi. intuell was stupendous, and he alwu.vs .-iiti-rliilmsl lln- Id, a that there w as no music lo he compared lo IPs own. lie was boorish to manner, ipih-k In tom per, and when lirltnled would some times g,M ulterniiee to a rotiust oatli lo thi- ticruitiu langungi lll« eon lemporalies wild lie lisikist tike a pol ler. A ilrn<< nIou Kiilamn. I :ih-nl,i ill Ii n roll III - v liilig has set iiilie a llfntierie problem as to the 11 In ie Ilf her hirlll Tile Kllcye lupflodl.l It il la Ii 111,11 gives l.linden. 1ml tlio 1 lit- llomil-.v of Nnlliillal lllogrnphy prefers limn Hall, iMirham. and then* l< an I liny III Hie regisler III' Kelloe elilirell I efeiTillg to “ Klly.a hetli liiil'l'elt \ I . 11 ton IhiiTi-ti. daugliter and Ih'l child of Kdward Itarrell Moulton Kim-ott of i'oxime linll." Itrow uing himself, how ever, declared that Ills wife was horn at ('iii'lutlt Hull. Durham. Now. rail ton Hall Is lu Yorkshire. I'iuallj the unthorltles are not agreed as to wlicth ei Mrs Itrow uing was horn oii Mnreli -I or im March it, hut, of eoui-vr, the out Slauitlug tael is Hint she was tiorn l.oinlon lilolie finI Ki-i ri-t. Old Sevres porcelain holds Its own among tlm e who are wealtliy enough lo buy II. bocuilKO, within dehuile lini- ll", II Is pel-feel. The United skill ef the best li'reneli i-helnlsts, patters, arllsts and seulptoi-s of ihe time went to Its milking: Ihe sordid nei-essity of i arning u prollt did n d Irouhle Hie dl- reetor "f Sevres, for an easy gviing lnomin-li was always lend)' lo make g mil tin* yearly loss Tci'hllleiil pel-feel loll III) lie was alined ul, and il was allallied. i’i'eni-h- 111011 of that day grmuhted at the waste of piddle mum v on Ihe I’oinpa- dotir's .w him, hut l.ouis took no heed. Sevres was to prodme the (Ine-i porce lain at any cost, fm- 1 lip glary of I , 'ii,e and her Bourbon kings i.on* ■ Ion < ml lo ik. i . isi|y in lUUie'pation, us was the case with Amos lt’gg of I'lu-.ntown. "llow d'ye i'oV” said Mr. lt’ggs cor d ally to ih, Rt.cni v isage I man who ■ ;-.s Id i eat i site In the ear on the no- inn nf Mr. Higgs’ Ilr-I trip to l'.os- ton. "Now win;I ’ Ighl your mime heV I in you live ill Nash ity or l.ieyond':" I sli. uld like to know what business it is of joins whore 1 I've or who I ma':" said Ills i-oi !■ uion crossly. "Well, now, II ain't any pnrtlc'lnr husine- o' i.iine, • I rlell.v speaking." said Mr. Itlggs mildly, "hut it's jest like (Ills: I've got a i nisln up In I'an- mly thill I've never seen, and I've al- ways thought I mig',1 eonio i.pon him some time Jest I y a king folks their mime and so on.” DAVIS & TURNER SAWATOREU3VI, Comer College and Hancock Sts., NEWNAN, - - - GEORGIA. High, central and quiet location. All surgical and medical cases taken, except contagious diseases. Trained nurse constantly in attendance. Rates $5.00 per day. Private office in building. ’Phone 5 two calls. Davis & Turner Sanatorium. Soih Im* i* 4 Ii i'ImI Ih ii I • y. The .Wild l.lelil kirk when Dr. t'hal niers \ IhIIciI ii was a terribly hare lit lie building. The elders were a grim net. They kept their bourn t- on their heads till the minister entered, and tln-v had ouch a large siii-t. in hand, which they used for "chappiii" their noses through hII the servlet*. The minister wore no gown or hands. He gave a very long sermon, full of sound divinity, hut w ithout (tie smalle-d pm- (leal application and without u vestige or feeling. At length Dr. Chalmers git out, the dismal worship being ended and Ids word was, -If those people ever get to heaven, tlicj will live on the north side of it.” TSif«*fc ii r il SloniiM. NVhi'ii n ti i i Is npproic-hhig or passing out i ll tie o -can. the tides are uoilcGllhly than usual, as II the water had l,ecu driven In a vast wave before the sim-ni. The Iniluence extends to a great distance from the eyi-lonic storm i enter, >o that the possibility ex ists of foretelling the approach of n dangerous lmrrlchne by means of In dications furnished l y tide gauges sit uated faraway from the place then oc cupied by the whirling winds. The filet Hint the tidal wave outstrips the ad vnuclng storm shows how extremely sensitive tile surface of the sea is lo the changes of pressure brought to hear upon II by the never resting atmos phere. Merck & Dent.-.i car: . '“3-i v f 5 \»»l I’rrfiMM \\ Itlioul >li». Kven a brief holiday al the seaside was lo ('hitlies Kingsley too .long an absence from his wife "This place, lls perl'e,-t," lie wrote on one occusloil, Owing to Its derl'gllon the word “green" was originally applied to the color of vegetation, tint not to Hie color of the sea. No application of “green" to the i-iilor of the sea is iiuotcd before OrMiiafte Trrr*. An orange grow- In full Im'RI'IiiR Is •mi- of the most delightful sights the ••ye call w itness. The trees are a lieau I if lit shape If left as nature uiaiie 1 lieni The limbs come nearlj to the ground, so close tliat mi ornnge pli-ker giM*;- under the tree llal on Ills hack and often nils HKI oranges from the tns* Is'lon* lie ,-oines out. Oranges «r<- never picked, hut are cut off with shears having a spring between tin* hand Ies. An orange that has no stem on it is considered a "cull" and Is not luiekcd lij a ttrsl class packer. liiiliMti Mh* I*-. A traveler tells a story of Indlmi magic. The.Juggler was a Malay, who strokisl with tils lingers the blade of u long knife or creese. The observer saw "hut (I seems ii dream and Imperfect water fall drop by drop from toe blade, I’hiiui-er. Imt as early as the year 7<kl without you. Blessed he tiod for the which became flnecld, like a stri^i of p was used for vegetation. The word rest, though I never before felt the India rubber. Thrown on Ihe ground, | s ufcin to "grass" and "grow.” which It bounced about, but was a knife blade* again when lifted by the Juggler. An examination showed tlmt there was no water on the mat on widt h the observ er saw tlie* drops falling. A Regular Smash-up M rnigl 1 »*>tnt s ii si rnij'lit tm|f,T te this place, for tiie very j.' ),iil rensdii t hat here tin • wheeled, generally Imt- terful up velticles nun get, hack to htisiness at sniuli c ist. On,- word and that, is the end of it : W<- d( carriage repairing and charge von only just what’s right. CPC-N< GUI BUGGY BUILDERS loneliness of being without Hie Ik* loved being whose e\erv look and word* Olid lliolldii Is lln* keynote of my life People talk of love ending at the ii I tar. Kinds!" Tbr l.lmll lo Tltrlr I'rrdiil 111 . Kansas edllors are ski^iHeal. \ii ex- *rn>rr Before Work. The day returns and tilings us the verb originally belonged to the vegeta ble world alone. Vegetables "grew,” hut animals “waxed.” “(Jreeii” comefl from mi Aryan root, "gliahr.” meaning to ts* green or yellow, and "yellow,” "gold" and “yolk" come from that same root. Wood’s Seeds. Crimson Clover. CENTRAL OF GEORGIA RY. In Effect Mny. 1004. Our Southern Farmers can save fer tiliser bills and Increase their revenues i-lmngi- asked "What do you think of ]x*ttv round of Irritating ennoerns and that a weight X <1iMne« Kor Selenee. “Ki’li'iit istk Iin x t* ills<oM*ri*d entcrplllni can eat »Uhi limes Its of fissl In a mouth." ”K-ij." i-t plhsl Hie dyspeptle billion a!n* "1 wonder If tin- scientists have ever done any cxporltneulhig lu the wax of grafting caterpillars' stomach* on other things'/” Chicago Record Herald. an artist who palmed cobwebs on telling so iiiituritlly that (lie hired girl wore herself into nil attack of nervous prostration trying to sweep them dawnY’ Mosi of Hu* isllinrs say that lhere may have been sm-li an iirttst, tint there was never such a hired girl. Kansas ('Ity .lournal. \ Tliue!>- w iirulnit. .Ilmniy \vtial's the matter with you? You don't never go In for any fun at all nowadays. Totumj No. I'm bein' gissl because I'm goln' to tune a Dirt ti day puny soon mi' I want to git a present, .limmy Better tie careful an' duties. Help us to play Hie man; help us to perform them with laughter and kind faces; let cheerfulness abound with Industry; give ns to go blithely on our way all (tils day; bring us to our resting beds weary and content and undislionored, and g-iuit us in the end Hu* gift of sleep. Amen! Hubert l.ouis Stevenson. Tlmt Cur) I'-reMnit. Tin- Visitor What a delightfully snug little tint you have! The Uentei Isn't it? When we open the door we're in the middle of (tie room, and when tin- sunshine ixmies in we have to move some of the furniture out. Pldcago Tribune. Would l.lUi* In lie There. A Maine 1'Y-eln-h I'anadian mill op erative In Biildcford asked his over seer for a few days leave of absence. Being short of help, the oxerseer asked him If it was anything very particular not he too good or iin-bhe they won't (ll . 1( , K> ti> HUiy „ ut f„ r , and lie give you nothin' hut a Bible. Phllndel- Thi»I4*c<i nn<l IVni'l Tuiiloon. Tapioca is nmnufai-titrcd from the plant called in Brazil manioc. In Peru juccii ami in Hu* West Indies cassava. When the true starch Is separated from tin- root it is placed on hot plates and while il is heating is stirred xvitli an Iron rod. The starch grains burst, and the whole agglomerates Into small, Irregular masses. Pearl tapioca is not a product of Hie plant ut all, but of potato starch. MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, by sowing Crimson Clover at the lust working of their Corn and Cotton crops. It is the best time to soxvand you save an extra prep aration of the land. Crimson Clover makes land rich in humus or vegetal,le matter and puts it in excellent condition for the crops which follow it. It also makes pllla Press. replied. "Yaasir: Pm goln’ to git mnr- rit, tin Pd Ink Is- there; that all." A no n > toon a. A Birmingham church" union xvas n'milug at a xcstrj meeting a list of Htilisx-riptious to the parochial funds. Tin list began as follows “The vicar, a guinea: Mrs half a guinea; au mumx moils donor, in) self. '_*.', shillings." liui of Pocket, ThouaH. When i Jenoral Lafayette attended l.amart|Ue's funeral tin* croxvd took the horses out of Ids carriage and drew Dim homo themsetvi** "Were you not honored and pleased?" asked a friend. "Very much pleased," replied Lafa yette. "hut 1 never saw my horses again." A ii \ri t rlC i«\ "What do you think of our now oil painting?" asked Mrs, Nexvvlch. "Well.” hiisxxeroil Mr. New rich. “It >-oenis good enough from the front, but !f you turn it round and look at the other side I must say the materia) seems kind o' cheap." Iiiirrli'itn. XII lilithf. A countryman registered at a hotel In Kansas city the other day. lie did not explain on what •'plan” he pur posed to liecome a guest. "European or American?” asked the clerk. The gm*st looked surprised. "Ameri can," he said emphatically. "Born and raised up here in Platte county. 1 don't look like no foreigner, do IV” Irrmlxlbli-. Khi How do yog suppose Ids Satan ic majesty succivded In tempting Mother Kve? lie More than likely Ih- tokl her that apples were gixod for 11m* complexion. Bride My dear, this hat has been crushed beyond redemption, and 1 must have a uexv one Bridegroom— Very xxell. my darling. I'll stop In somexx here on lux way home and buy you one. iBride taints xvitli horror.) A DlflVrciit Urniilnie. Beaks What brought on old Wil kin's paralytic stroke? Peaks—I didn't know he xvas afflicted with one. Beaks- But you Just told me he xvas paralyzed. Peaks- Quite true; hut I didn't say he was suffering fr/un a Milwaukee Sentinel. A fine winter cover crop, An eicelleni grazing crop, A good early forage crop, A splendid soil-irnproving crop. Plowed under early in the spring, it increases the yield of corn, to bacco, cotton or other crops which follow it, to a wonderful extent. Our sales of Crimson ( lover seed are increasing enormously e\t*ry year, and we are to-day the largoat dealers in this seed in the United states. Write for prices and circulars piving information about this valuable crop. T.W, Wood & Sons, Seedsmen, RICHMOND, • VIRGINIA. Wood's Descriptive Fall Catalogue, 1-Mioil In August, tells about all Farm amt Garden Seeds for Fall Plant ing. Mailed free on request. No. « No. 1; l*M AM PM AO A**l :» in (Hi hr Grllllu Ai ; ; < r ‘ ► ‘J h r.'l in 111 YMilk:han .... :: i • N t. ( *. •-H.I. 10 Kl» ■■ ><*noin.. L 4*» 7 :.S : oj ii ii ‘ Nown iii. «i . r> 7 .‘71 11 ju; ■ ...\N hiteabiirkr ...*• i ;4 .0 7 *Yi IJ Of) nrrollton.. * j ;** a u i IK Hicnien .... IJ »> 1C durtowu... •• 11 J. 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I iiMiiMYrrnblr, Husband- Do you rmllv neeil a new hat? Wife I always need a new hat. Husband Then xvhnt's the use of get ting (tils our : l.lfe. fesslon." “Why. he believes lie's there now." "Tbnt's the verv reason that tie'll The hilions ami pti are constant -i-.tT-rers and it;>;>« id to our sympath'.e-. Tiiere is no* line of th- in. 1 ro,x v**r, who — max- not b' : ,' in.-I- t** la-allh and ht-.jipiiie-s v tie* .is 1 ot * a ii.hi-' lai a - So . anil Etver iahh t* d ln->e tali- OPPOSITE HOTEL PINSON. when you want them cleaned, pressed, repaired or dyed in the best manner and at the most reasona ble nrices. T«»« (vnIiI iioiin. Her My only objection to Mrs. never got there.”--Philadelphia Ledger, kts invigorate the "tonaich and livtr and Pryor Is that she's a businesR woman. strengthen the digestion. They also . Him—Indeed! What liusiness is she A goisl action Is uexer lost. It ts a i. k ,e the liowels. j.’,,, S uh hy Hoit 1 engaged In? 1 ler K v er j I ** xt ys.-Chi- treasure laid up and guarded for the Urng-ists. Xi.-wnan, Gu. eng.t News. ilis'Ka iieexl.—I'alderou. R-I-P-A-N-S Tabuies Doctors find A good prescription For mankind The Voent ]>ai-ki-t is encut-b for usual occasiou The fanuly bottle ifiO ,-wiG.) (ntaius a *upp) fur a year.AU dr-igg.nU sell *hem.