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The Newnan weekly news. (Newnan, Ga.) 189?-1906, August 04, 1905, Image 6

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Wakeful? * 1 ccp!c. r .ness Is a Sign of Nerve Trou ble and Shouid Be Locked To. , , I , • , V. 1,■ ■ .1 i ■ Iirnln , V , . in n.< Hood Mauls , , • : ; U.< tn n, i <>tn* thing ■ radically won-;, and must be righted, , • ic .i ii i ■ \v"i -' i ! d< ilh. •{. .t |: t. : *i,MIUr Nervine, f i i i',. r mid'm: of ni.rvc trou* | i /. ; 1l0Ml.-i.1ie. l’.ii'l'.- : M’oit-. riotfulii'F-, Irritability, y. . , 1 j n of Ambition. i» . ■: •. - ■ i. l.i. ti m.-.y b ad t . 1.1 l it-, Ft. Vitus’ Ilance, * pri trnt ,i ml i nlty, nff v '1 i 1 r*i li .,• i. I; nml la»t- !••(• »rile f mi I M!l< Nervine. • My ini-l 1 "I inn i k f..i- wo Im, , ..lit i ; i . b.t.' I. i.i bod rniide. i.>11 i i . d. I In l|> vvo . • d.l u t i . .•..lit,in., d i i nw Ivor" II". oi.Id . M v 11>. i. ..- . it. O n- b.ibv i I V H ii.i i.v ; ill cullers b Ti l, I . all: V he |. v, not Hln ml I nr I I’ nr t.illt- " I'""- ilnratlVT III .t, , I IT. Jd-b N*i • \ ino \\ i l.i|,.ii) living It to Mm. t--, i m a f. v. d.: • In v. ,.i ablo to bn . I: i-M, id I on. tint tin.- !■ f • •• illly Imi '-’iwi! N 1 ' no hbvi-iI b n Ilf- — .MlIt .V <1 li .!-'IvIN, 1 ." Vie , N. V. II fur Fro .1 : ■ f f>i Mill Anti- Now .*■ njiitlll- III ini dy .'Ill|>t• <111 i! 1,1 111.. < Mil iub-l m. dl. vi.i.r • . I' II w nut " 'ini I. "v in 11nbi It, ) '. I ■ V I I l> .VI l.l dl Y.I ' X)., i_,.i.UltA I'dill;..- . i.Ui.JlAUT, i,Md. FREE i' r* n Pllll, 1 ( . I', I. k-l CI1APIAIN TIMMONS, 01 TUT MtMJSF.. Ilex I). I i . Tiiiiiiion*, I >. I 1110 im-M-nl < 11it|tilli11 id llif I Ihimc ill 111 |ii f'f ulttl i \ f». Ini' won n 1111 m I ii -1 id wit rill ll jflitls 11 il l m;; In'- i mini i I mi with till* l.t'oislu Inn. Ilo lid' ill'll 'imr lii' til l i t dl in Allanl i. mii'Wi'il iii.uis ulil si'iidiitttili«‘O'. In Tim no di' i' it nut ivt* nf (it*i>)' l .i II' vv d' IMirt.i nl t 'hi inlli, • min 1 \, uinl I't'cpividl Iti' • .ii \ i< in in i .it 111111 • n i. nn ilt i I’niff'.'Mi \ . <'. 1,‘ff'f. Ilf i' :i ^,iaiiniitf ti l.inni \ < tillfoi' nl llif • d" nl I '71. I !• tdin.'l, 1 11 hi 11 ini ti i it' n 11 -1 ■ \fin> nml \\d' til'n ;t nirnilii'i nl till* N n it It <ntil|!i:i t t it»11 • re-nt t •. At inn 11 ini* In- d' 11 anslf ll ft I lit It is I I ' ll H 11 III lilt- I f \|| • < 'oil It It’ lift', III! Ini 'f\Illiv idl'Inis lifflllllilk iiM Iim linnif in < ifoi Tin njjtiin. IM li Millions is Hllf til tile I if s| t >nvi| ininistns in llif Huiitlicni Mftlinili'l i IiiiivIi. Imt lor several V'.IIS, (III l(ft‘<il|lll of ill Ill'll 11 ll. Ilf Ini' not Uvii t|ni||T legilllll pltstoi' til Work. I If Ini' .' In 'I nl Trifinls ;li 111 • ill Ii nit llif Si tf vv Ini were plfti'fil to lifiir of hi' a|i|ioiutim'iit as Chap Inin l>\ Spfitkfi Slaton. Atlanta < 'nll'litlllioll. Tlie i trnt I reneh Vary. Away link in II Iglitli ceugliry i'Imrlfin.itfllC liml urg.iulzcil a tort of fon I vmiiiiI li.v enrolling till tin* sea Imnril popination who livi-.l within otic .■nnl a tin if miles of llif shore, lint wit li llm tli niciiitiPI-niflit of tlti' vnsl i'nl loviiiL'iiid f :n|ilr<‘ nil ilr ini' of nil vnI jjivnlness were dl-<'lp,iIf !. I.out.* nfii i vv nl t'liarlcs \. built iint* mil itiny )• f- n l If \ I In tit if, ninl I .out Nl.'s g.illc.v - f.'inafii llif Hill Imr;. |d- lilies win • i 11 if * 11 it llif -!»r>f s ol llif .Meilitfl—a!ie.‘: b. lull it Wils I 'rnllfld I. n|i| n-flllly VV If i III -t ' .ififeivc-l llif i.lfd i I n llfid, i >tti< tin s'" 1 ami • | ni j >i it *< I from llm royal treasury. Ilf i nivi'i l'-I llif Miiall lishlng ' luge of llavi'f lain a furlMlf.l part, wliii Ii >|i.-f»l,'.v nriai-lisl fon.iiifif" t- till' i III III 111 III' till' Heine, .'Hilt Ilf pm Ji" t".| a H'li'diif wliii li Ilf Mi l lint live to ifiill/.f for tin' fiiiitniftliin of nn iifidinif navy timl'T fanvaa. “I'Hn'ti wt-rf inii' 'is 1 In llif Mi'iIllt'iTitlit*ii. wrllfH Mr Nonniiti in In- "I’orsair-t of I raiiff," "anil for llif ilrst Hint' In lib i ir.v n I'ri-n'Ti “i|ii.nlroii, passing ihroiigli llm si rail of liiiirnltitr, Mf font is I an ITngli'li lt'“d ofi Hi'd, ami llifii. limvlng I- nun I In llif futwnnl. tlrovf off llif lil'ifkinllng Mipi.fIrons of I lfiiry VIII froi.i Hodlottm' " \n Ml«it|iienf < rltlelsm. if I Ii .in. s. in f iliililftlog an orfhf'ini, sf int.'M Inipiisslvp, Inipor- Mn'lialdf \ wrllfr In lln* • nnl ink fom infill <g upon tills says Unit In' was tp pn ft 'll 11 \ v.i.limit passion or fifling, yet llm apiiidirunff was not mill.y, ntiii at mif of Mr. Thomas' I'flicarsiiln II was fully foulraillfIfM. .M a fprialn In tlie symphony llif orilii'sl.a was playing In porfret tlino ami 111n<*. Imt wiili a ffrlaln tno ''hnutfni ffTfft wtilfh no mif hail no tlccil until Mr. Thomas stiMilfiily rtippt'il tlif muslf staml hfforf him. The oivlii'stra sloppfil Then with Ills Ii nut Im Imitated the aft Ion of an ■ organ grinder. With only a word la Indleatc the bar al whleh Ih" orelifstra was In take up He- nni'le. In* struck lln* i ; iiek l>o- fore him for tiiti'iiiiou, and with a inovt'iut'ni oi Ins Inilou gave tin* signal. llif orchestra li'lii'nll'd the pissage In- liml filllflspd by dumb «hotv, and 11.1s tilin' Ii played with spirit and lire. A Silent t.nillt. Iii llif i'll I n less Inter.a of Ansiralia llit'it* is a silfiiff of Hie grit"p This denlhllkf silfiiff lias a peculiarly do- prt'-slng flTfct. If two men nro • in p I and "tie of lin'iii i: a , to a ills- (Hill l.' .Mislilp lo get pr-. Is li t w Idle iln Mliei' remains In hind i i look after In ■ Hi', ilie in.hi who li lo remain m * bis , i ile In f d' i'df gold Helds .mg"., g■'. ' N iw, Hill, (I'd. i yoil lie lull:; iwaj. Tun know will kind of i pbiee till., Is (o live In l-y >onr i'll." If Ids mnti! Is away for i ,\ > or lin " days, lb • slh'iiff ads npon i!n> imin's iiorves, anil in die on.I lio slioiils In order to nml, i mil. e. an.I tl.eii lif is afraid of I In* son id of Ills ow n voice. \r.\ATOK KLIl). Of THE THIRTY SIXTH. lion. Charles S. Koltl, ol' tlie .'till, hottei known ns Mr. Ileitl of t iinpbt'll, reet'ntlx iLsloillitletl till* .'finla'i'ol llie sonatt' liy liuving his whisker* fill, nml on appearing in llie senate tlie <ln\ follow ini; ami mltlress'iiT llie president he mils ltd with the following query: “Is llie gentleman a senator?'’ appearance was almost entirely changed lo llie loss of li is hirsute idoi'iimcnt. Hut with oi without llie whiskers, Mr. Held is easily one of the loainiest men in the leg islature, ami hi' record on all mat ters is an excellent one. Mr. Hciti is chairman of llie I'manee commit- l hlrtcar tlolinintn**<Jnnn. A I i di r in lit - upper T iugtsf prov lln* f., of ''liimi fill"! in (lie town of lilng.Hil'd i. my i '.iii'- Mohuiiuii" dans w!t i It'-pp up c i 1 at,ideation with their i mo. r.'.igi >i of Artibla A miaslomiry v ho lain lived among them for ye.'if' d" lire ;they are ,. - y «1 mir: 1 - ■ if. mufti •. \ a to boa • ;ng of (heir Tiirkc-t;.a origin, nod. In spit of l! prophet'. Iii.ii. i *..i. di in' d grcit * "'I i f wini' 'i'11i,s i usibill;. tlie fii -e with t liini ."v* 1 lo i i i,i" Inii In Hhiganfu, .".n I mo o <Mp"fi,illy In K in snli, a fe,/ of lln:,' s,ilriii,ii leachers keep up Hi lr k.iowl eg' of Afaliie ;ind are o f.isloifilly v.silcd by Arab m A inn loo".,!: •. who follow the old A it. 11 Ir.idc roule by way of iiaii'l. by which H e Arab, origiiiallj traded and pi'ippgiilfd Hit'll' faith. These mol lulls visit every fount";, in the emit where t111* followers of llie prophet are to be '.nml and keep up the lies of the wiili Islam. A< they often stir up ills ..ttlsfai-tion and foment di- turhanee.s agailisl the Chinese authori ties, Hie latter regard them with sus picion. Him ItivnIlimM llrlnls. Of emu'se we know Hint swallows drink as they skint over llie .surface of water We 11 *» e seen how here and there the water rlpph s on a pond when >.wallow's are gracefully skim n h".: to an I fro One day I sat down beside I 'Itlfili pond where every even ing many harn swallows cattle to bathe and drink on the surface of tin* glassy wall r. Willi sketch book and pencil In hand I closely watched the birds, and von may imagine my dellglil lo see Just how they ninraged lo hutch and dip up th" w iter, as they came within a row- steps of me. You see, the swallow takes ti]) water In Its lower bill Just as you would dip up a little water In a spoon or In tlie hollow of your hand while you glided over llie surface in a boat duly llm under hull' of llie open hill touches llie water. If llie upper half were also lo touch, the water would la* forced out on either side hi stead of being scooped up into tin* bill. -Sf. Nlcli/das. A l.nki' Thai Stores Heat. Then* is a lake ilial stores llie sun's heat at Medeve, la northeastern Transylvania. Thick beds of fix'll salt underlie tlie dlstrlel, and a similar for- matloii appears upon llie surface In mounds, some of them over inn feet In height. Among these the lake rests at fully I,.Tun feet above sea level. T'pon the surface Us watei' Is almost sweet, four Inches below there is it twentieth of salt, at two feet there Is "Ui'-ltftll, and at five feet the water Is prai'tleiilly saturated with salt. In September, after a summer's sunshine, tlie thermometer showed the lake’s v .iters to lie I.V) degrees four feel down. lOven by April, aft.a a whole eason of wintry wcillier, it liml only been reduced lo SI) degrees Kxperl- im ids hav proved that lids is due to absorption and retention of the sun’s heat ! y the giitt siittir.i'ed s i!:tt ; ai. f Opportunities in California 1 lie trade in the Orient is opening up. Our exports to Japan and China multiplied during the last year. I here will soon be a tremendous increase in the trade of the Pacific Coast cities with the Par Past. Big opportunities for the man who lives there. Why not look the field over? Only $62.50, Chicago to San Prancisco or Los Angeles and return, May i, 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 29. 30. 31, June 1, August 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14, 1905. Tickets good for return for 90 days. Rate for a double berth in a comfortable tour ist sleeper from Chicago to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and many other points in California,only $7. Through train service from .Union Passenger Station, Chicago, via the -*'■ 1%. Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul, Union Pacific ami Southern Pacific Line This is the route of The Overland Limited, leaving Union Passenger Station, Chicago, b.05 p. m.. and The California Express at 10.25 !>• rn. The California Express carries tourist sleeping cars to California every day. Both trains carry through standard sleepers. Complete information sent free on receipt of coupon with blank lines tilled. W. S. HOWELL, Cen’l Lantern Agent. 38! Broadway. NEW YOKIi CITY, or F. A. MILLER, General Passenger Agent, CHICAGO Nam* Street address City State Probable destination CM II OKN1A Notice 0! Bond Election. Atlanta & West Point Railroad Co. The Western Railway of Alabama. rlnnn moil. ('cylon previdex ux with the bulk of mr flnmiin m, wlil li lx the ironintlc bulk of eei'liiin ircc* i iuimon to Hint I.'1111111 I lie irei’M lire nev er nllovvod In grow higher limn ten foot. During llie sciiHon of hiirvcNting, of which llicro lire two n your, the brim hex of three to live ycum' growth .ire flit down mid llie lop NUi'l'ace of the bark scraped away. Then the bark m ripped Up Tingltudlmilly Into xli nit. vvlr- ii when cxpoNfd to the hiui lo dry or. I up till 1 qulllit. la tlui ooursi! if drying llio oil, u 1 h>11 vvlileh Hie uroiuu mil flavor depend, ia dtlYuafd throughot.t llie bark. He it ordained by tlie Mayor and Bonrd of Aldt'rmt'n.of thoCiiv orNfw- Dircct IJnes Hetween North, East. SouO) unci Southwest. U. S. Fast 'mn. that a tiu’ tho passage of this ord.'! Mail Route. Through Palace Sleeping Cars. Dining or Knivox. niiMce nn election be Imld tn siiitl City; Cars. Tourist Sleepers to California. There Ih a eurloUH oIuhm of knivon of t ' 11 1 of Soptoudioi, l*.*0o. nr ________________ the Hlxteenth i.flitiiry the lilmJeH of which eteetioii there shall ho submitted. HEAD D11WN which have engraved on one vile llie to the qiinliHod voters of said Oiry the 1 SCHEDULE IH EFFECT IIOV. 20, 1904. REAP ri> HUM if ul notoH In llie benediction of I be qnestiou whether bonds shall be issued f" N" Ill Nil ill No ail No IIS,l.i-i'Vi' Arrive No !Li table, or grace before moat, ni l on Hie other the grace after meal. These knives usually wont In sots >f four, representing a four part harmony of bass, tenor, alto and Iroblo. They were kept in nn upright vase of slumped leather mid were placed before the singers 1.fording lo Hie adapt nine of Ar 1 nop by said Oily for flu* purpose of building s l‘i| g{*n 1 s K>p •* a school house 111 Houtli Newmm, and l "’ 1 ' ' — when so built to be a part of the general lllft l'i [tiHSpiUoSp >■' I'wnmcoto public school system of the Oitv of New- I .IOOiii ■ I U0p| n OOulI-v Selma Ar|... nan. The amount of said bonds slinll be (l 1 nop TTiTiji. ITri m l.v Montgomory Ar ritiuiu thousand DOLLAus, and they i - ia UI' 7 *&»n I a r. 111:111:: 0 i ehVi w l ." v.v.v:::::::::: a I- Sai|. s lit Ar Yitburu Ar II '.V>|I I'Jinp Ar shall bear date January I, l'JOit,and bear f.nli one to bis pertletdar p u t. As interest at the rate of !> per cent, per an- jajp-,p limy lie niijiposed, He* inserlpHon was num. The interest on said bonds shall "sn.Hly in Latin The following spool be paid annually ou tlie 1st day of Janu- luaip ves of the ary of each year. (’< >111 in Im> \r : 4N11 1 S38p 8 87a Ar Opelika \r I Hup! 11 irjpl Ill2ii Ar West Point ......Ar Orix,In of tirtif* . Municipal corruption of \ n mns kinds Is generally Indicated by (lie vv ird "graft." The origin of ibis i,*nu is ob scure, hut it Is believed to Im . 0 arisen from dishonesty In lowlier spheres. Bartlett's Dictionary of A m*: . iinlsi is detlnoM "grafting" as pocket picking, ini llotteu's (Slang Dlelnmary sun {••sis the slang use of "graft" 111* mi gilt be .1 corruption of "craft” or 1 {('nersll/Hithiu from the special work of gardening. .Moisture uitil Temperature. A cubic foot of air at the tempera ture of zero (Fahrenheit) eun "'Haiti only .ft of a grain of water vapor; at degrees It oan hold 2.1,! grains at (lo It can eontaln tl.N grains, and at IS It oan hold 18.UG grams of moisture tn suspension. These figures ga lo show men is taken from actual knlvt period: "Hi") Inis beneflells Ileus, ag.mtia libi” (|''or (liy gi oil gifts. O Uo>l, we Hi-iiiU (heel. The principal of said bonds slinll nin litre and lie paid as follows: ISSIp ll Wp $1,000.00. 1 «8j» 0 00|- Januitry 1, 100T; $1,000.00, January l,| hwpItkvp , VLiri'N nml t.'lltles. A snug if bygone gone a I Ion re proactied tin' Frenell with f illing their ;u ithcrx "mares" and all tholr .laugh lei's "lillles, ' and it is easy to Imagine that "tidy” is connected with "tlllo." As a ai liter of fa. t, the word illly" is of Scandinavian origin and is really a din ritlv" of "1'nl." Shakespeare makes Puck disguise himself in “like ness of a ti liy foal." "Mare" is tlie Anglo Sitx0.1 "mere," feminine of "m 'aril." a horse, a trace of which re mains In "marshal," which properly signifies m ister of llie horse. 1008; $1,000.00, January 1, meet the maturity of the principal, rite . » I'm’ '• la .Via hi !> :,7p. '.' J*7ii. A r l.u tiro Hire Ar in J7p Id iCui Ar Nfwnnn Ar , Ar l-'iilrhuru Ar |.\r v Kiiht l'piut Ar 1000. To #S9P 7 80p 11 lop 11 I'm a: - Atlanta - l.v 1. Hftp "PI” following amounts shall be raised as a , 1334,. """ sinking fund: $1,000 00, 1900; $1,000.00 ilk)? . $1,000.1)0, 1908. So that the whole Amount of said bonds shall be jiaul with in three years of their issue. Tlie interest to be paid yearly on said bonds shall bo as follows: $!o0 00. Jan uary 1, 1907; $100.CO, January 1. 1908; $.’.0.00, January 1, 1909. Notice of said election shall be given by publishing this ordinance thirty days ut xt preceding the day ou which said ' election shall be held, ;u The Ntiwnan News, the newspaper in said City i wherein the sheriff's advertisements for i slid County are published. Those voters Kip 1) S2a! A r Waahlngtnu l.v 11 15« Jip! soon Ar Baltimore l.v H17ii g ratj.i in l.iu Ar Phlladelplilit. a lHujl243p Ar New York- No »7 No '.17 ! i imp 1 10 win H '.'Op O 17n H ‘iop 7«l'| U 3Spj 7 Wlpj 1 4Bp (I Pip 1 10,i No HH fl 2Up 211 p snip 4 27 p I 16p :)30p ll 22p '* ^>1' I 2U|i I0s5p » 1«P tl Y, p •I JBi' 11 15p 12 Hop 1 r>8p 12 . r >5p 1 IBp 10 t! p * Meals Above rrain. dally. Connections at New Orleans for Texas, Mexico, California. At (Jhcliaw 1 i: Tiiskcgce Mllsti'iol for Tallahassee. La(.range accommodation leaven Atlanta daily, except Sunday nt !i:80 p. m. Returning Icav cs I.iiHrango at .'"50 a. m. arrives Atlanta S:I5 a. m. Truin.' if, and :u; Pullman sleepers New York and New Orleans. Through coaches Washing on nml New Orleans. Trains and as Washington and Southwestern Limited. Pullman sleepers, compartmeu ar s. observation and liuiiig cars. Complete service New York and New Orleans. Train 07 fnlted .'rit.-- fust mail. Through day coaches Atlanta and New Orleans. Write for map-, .- hi t iles an .1 informal ion. J.3 HKYWARD. J. P. BILLUPS. D. P. A., Atlanta, Go.. G. P. A., Atlanta Ga. CHAS. A. WlOKKRSHAM, Pres and G“ii Mer.. Atlanta. Ga LalnI . Idvertiscmcnts. ORDINARY’S NOTICES. Ice of the senate and when that 'hat summer air oan bold at least nine lull comes over from the house for ‘ lu ‘ quantity of dair.,.i>"s* .hat air ean when redticetl to the temperature consideration in the senate it is „f freezing. ocedlt to 'it\ that it vv ill he well handled. Yilanta Journal. A Warning to Mothers. Too much cure cannot be used .with email children dining the hot weal her of the summer months to guard against bowel trouble.'. As n rule it is only necessary to give the child a (lose of cas tor oil to correct any disorder of the. bowel*. Do not use any substitute, but give the old-faihioned castor oil. and noo that it is fresh, as raucid oil nause ates and has n tendency to grijx* An Error In Kugllati. Even the greatest authors now and then make a little slip In (heir English. Thus Sir Walter Scott In his "Legend of Montrose" has tills sentence "Rut ere Montrose could almost see what happened Allan MeAulay had rushed past him.” Tlie "almost” suould coma before "ere" In order to express the author's meaning. St. Nicholas. The Mont *A«•«•!!rate frontier. As nt Instance of the Jealousy exist lug in the relHtlouH between Norway and Swollen it. may balloted that the 1 boundary Hue liotvv.s'n the two cotin- ! w * 10 are f ilV0r ot bonds shall have . tries Is the most minutely exact in , writteu or printed ou their ballots, ’’For | DEoRet.A—Oowefn Lonuty. j Europe In every touched by ’ Bonds, ' attd those opposing the issue of | Hiomas Leigh having app ted to the the line there Is deposited on elabo- : said bonds shall have written or printed j fcOurt of Ordinary of said County for rate plan which Is renewed every leu on their ballots. "Against Bonds.’’ I Guardianship of the person and property | years, the whole of the work of stir- Done in open session of the Mayor and | Lillian Burpee, minor, all persons | veytng, etc , being carefully repeated Aldermen of tlie citv of Newnntl, this *ich time.—IVnrsou's Mnguzine. July IT, 1905. Luskr Mhu. lie ja former suitor)—So you ara marrltvl after all. You told ne once It this fhat you never Intended to belong to dot snot check the bowels give Cham- ,,n -' m:,tt * Nhe—Y\ ell, that remark still berlain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea l!” 1 ; 18 , " Hut y . , . ,Ur lK1 ' sb:u ' d Bemedy and then a dose of castor oil, j *'*** " M ongs to me. and the disease mat l>e cheeked in its „ . v „ ujcipieucy and all danger avoided. The j A gpanl9U provcrll mym tUnt - he wll0 castor oil and this remedy should be j r »• | mnkea himself all augar llie dies will curtd at ( uoe amt kept leady for instant! eat up," but another observes, "lie use as soon as the first indioatiou of any who makes bhnaelf all vinegar will bowel trouble iipj'ears. 1 his is the most never catch any fllea.” successful ticatmeu: known aud may le relied ui>ou with implioi'eonfideuoeeven There would be mop* excitement In in cases of cholera ii.lantutu. For sale worW lf !lI »> hailstoues were by Holt & Cans, Druggists, Newnau, “ bl * “ Ula ’‘“ orie * told tbem - <kualitio.< miil llte One of the cbaruia of an intimacy be tween two persona of different sexes is that the man loves the woman for qual ities lie does not envy, and the woman appreciates the man for qualities she does not pretend to possess. Nine teenth Century. E. D. Fous!'. Clerk. Dissolution Notice. oiicerued are required to show cause in said Court by the first Monday in Au- j gust iiH\-r. if any they can, why said up- ] plication should not be granted. This July 7th, 1905. L. A. PERDUE, Ordinary, j Ga. Washington Post. Ou July 15, 1905, the mercantile firm of Stewart & Bailey was dissolved by mutual cousent; E. J. Bailey retiring, Outraarrona. after having sold his interest in the busi- Mlss Listener—'Then you didn’t Join ness to R. J. Stewart. R. J. Stewart that philanthropic organisation? Mrs a^umes all liabilities of tlie Arm of Chatterbox-No; when 1 Intimated to Stewart & Bailey and all assets of said the ladies that 1 wanted to do some- £ rtn including notes aud accounts, are thing for ebarity oneof them suggested of R. J. Stewart, that I might begin by holding my , ‘ - R T g TKWAKT tongue. I _' _ ’ ; E. J. BAn-EY. Working t p. Newnau, Gft., Aug. 1, 1905. Kish*—Your Uncle Harry seems awful young to tie a doctor. Willie— 1 , Yes, he ain’t a reul growed up doctor ( A little forethought may save yon no yet. I expect he’s only 'tendin’ to ctall- 'end of trouble. Anyone who makes it dren yet, so’ to get some practice. la rule to keep Chamberlain's Colic, | Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy at hand Excuses don’t pay track borrowed knows-tiiia to be a fact. For sale by rash.—Ixrulsville Herald. I 4 Cates, druggists, Newnan, Ga. Z. Greene, D. D. S., Oftice on Second Floor of Black Bros. Co.’s Building L. M. Farmer, LAWYER. ILxpert Plumbing When you give a plumber a job, lie sure tlie plumber knows his business All work in this line should be done by an ex pert. Otherwise, endless trouble and expense is certain to result. In dealing witli Sexton, you get the services of an exjiert. Remember this when you need the services of a plumber. I have a complete stock of supplies, water fixtures, bath tubs, etc., etc., This is great ly to the advantage of my pat rons, as I can supply their needs ou short notice aud at small cost. Office on Second Floor of the Arnall; Merchandise Co.’b Building Am polling garden hose at cost. W. L. Sexton, The Newnan Plumber. A bachelor lawyer isn’t neces sarily a failure in court cases.