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The Newnan weekly news. (Newnan, Ga.) 189?-1906, August 04, 1905, Image 7

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lVr this heautifrl T( p 1»’.••>;..> mum:- fad tired by u* here C3B9SS5.t9 in Atlanta, A Scut hern ltr.pny h r Southern truc.e. has n fine Leather Quarter Top, has ucnuine Leather, Spring Hott'im Cu^V-i r., and l.eatlur lUck is elegantly paint* 1 an«l fully gua: .Gitctil. Regular retail price ** IV* to $00. eJH jc CQ I‘or this fine Collar nn«l llntm*. r.i,h«l inoimtchl Harness ,»1:1 with every C.OW'KN 1- AC.l.i rtgular retail pi a e $12..A) tv* $!o 00. Catal g and full description sent on request. GOLDEN EAGLE BUGGY 10. 15B-160 Edge wood Ave., Ati.anTa, Ga. Gives his endorsement of the /Etna Life Insurance Company: fpwrr jpCBMSB — W 11 M ^rxsLMzeszjzzr:-jr-ierir asare.-a; zaaa Land of Promise FROM LAST WEEK S. CARROLLTON TIMES. Young Men.. Misses Sa<la TlnmmsMiu uml Nell Sharp attended tin- < 'Imutuii qua al Now mum. Misses 1-tula brown and Mary ,lessii> Blalock weal In Now mum Send for our catalog. Tt tolls about ii trade you can learn in a few months and which will pay you from $40 i" $50 a month to start on. Southern School of Telegraphy, Newnan, - Ooorgia. Pox 214. iBsiiiXsmnM ■. At* i ■ Pensston’s Drug Store Crane's Spring Medicine, {'rani-'- Kidiny (and Rncf Atlanta, G a . , June 19, 1905. last Friday, where they are thc Mr . w . E. Hawkins, Mgr. Aetna Life Ins. Go., guests of Mr. and Mrs. ,1. lb Sum mers. , A 11 ant a , Ga . Miss Pearl Shank leases for llo- gansville today, where she will Hear Sir: ,s|iend several weeks visiting her mother. She will stop oiVund take Several years ago 1 was considering increasing my in the t'hautatii|iia at New nan. ' life insurance. 1 examined the policies submit te.d to me by Misses Alline and Marie brad- lay, who were among the chautau ^ he several con pan l 6 i|iia visitors in New nan. have re turned to <'arrollton. Miss l.neie Harris lias returned to Carrollton, niter spending < 'h:ui tau( ( na week with Miss l.'owena iny life insurance and took an additional pul i cy wi t h the Turner. Aetna Life Insurance Company for $25,000. both of which are now in force and 1 am entirely satisfied with them. yours truly, JAMES W. ENGLISH. JR. lie! Cure. ( 'rune's ( 'migli ( 'are. ('nine's Headache Relief. Crime's (fliolern a ml) Diarrhoea Mixture. Crane's Fimily Liniment. Crime's Eczema Cure, Grime's Liver Powders. ('rime's Pile Salve. Crane's Liver Pills. Crime's l-Vinule Relief. these arc Standurd Prepara tions and are Sold and Recom mended at \ Peniston’s C Drug Store. ivH/V- <Continue 1 from page !t.) with its half-human, half-animal form, is the best welcome and the best farewell to the history and re ligion of Egypt.” An English religious editor has noteworthily said: “Lhe same ar- ’ gument from design which leads u., to believe that the world had a personal Creator, warrants the he- lief that the Great l’yramid was built to serve as a monument in ! stone, net only of the most impor tant mathematical and astronomi cal tiuths, but also of the deeper mysteries of God’s Revelation, I'he hatmotiy which is pointed out as existing between the Great Py ramid’s disclosures and, on the one hand, the truths of science, and, on the other, those of Holy Scrip ture, cannot have been altogether the result of chance." This is in comment upon the unique and masterly book ot Dr. Joseph A. Seiss, entitled "A -Miracle in Stone," who, after personal, de tailed and thorough study, says, , “The apologetic value ot the Great Pyramid in the argument tor a col lect understanding' of the origin, history and destiny of man should, of itself, command for it: the favor able interest of every intelligent nq uirer, and especially every Christian. . . . by necessary implications ol 11 oly Script lire, the Great Pyramid is immutably linked with tlie building of the church uf which the adorable Jesus is ‘the Headstone,’ 'the Chief Corner- T[u> , u aHv Stone, 'Apex.) 'each Friday afternoon in the Sun Krc we return to the City of the, t| Hl . lltM1 |‘ llllll0Jf al ( |„. First Hap I Caliphs at high noon, we look once t js ’, (Tlu . liu , ( . ,-„i ks im . | again on this huge towering mass, , , u ( , uim , oul am) aM ,and think, as Dr. Seiss, in Ian- th( . y ( . an in thiH ^ra.iG work. Par Iguagethus. ents wont you please remind them i "lhi/.iug, rapt, awed, upon that miglny , wlltf| , U,e afternoon comes for them Themimlis filled with wonder, and ^ H s " '»«>' Inn e good we ask, attendance.' 'I In* larger the at :1s it, a tomb or teacher? Wlienoi stylo? I Wlmt men, what age conceived, i iicllievud flic tusk? Wonder of wonders in this lnnd of Nile. ~ uf what great thought is it the type Nothing on the Market Equal to i mid mask? Chattahoochee Brick Company. with the result that 1 took a policy for 8 2 5 0 G C in the Aetna Life Insurance Company. Two or three yeers later I decided to further increase WOMEN’S PRAYER MEETING. Tile Women’s Prayer Meeting i-> held regularly each Wednesday afternoon al 4:.‘40 o’clock, tit the First baptist Church. The wo men of nil denominations arc cor dially iiix ited to take part in these serv ices, us tin* object is to pray that the Spirit of Christ ulay take hold of tin* Christians of Newnan ami that many souls may see our good works and hear our godly conversation and he constrained to turn unto tin* Lord for life and salvation. tf L. T. L Mt:l.TINGS. F. M. BRYANT, District Manager, Aetna Life Insurance Company Newnan, Georgia. -umiiii— ——■— For good printing try the New*-.! iis tendance, the more interesting the meetings. Mrs. ,1. Dent, tf Lady Manager. Take a Bath -AT- [Jatley’s Barber Shop Where tlie equipment is new mid first class and where all tlie latest ap pliances and accessories of the mod ern bath room are at your service Your patronage is desired and mer ited, and a trial will make you a per manent patron. BAILEY’S BARBER SHOP, Reese Opera House Buildinq, Newnan, - Ca. Ifs chambers, passages, mysterious Cof- j 4 for, Its layers, angles, measurements, and stone, All, each, to unsealed eyes of men now offer .Solutions (for four thousand years un known ) Of truths wlileh stand against thedonbl- ing scoffer, The clearer from their test, as fully shown. Chamberlain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. How, in its presence bowed! | Its hoary wisdom whispering from the dead, I Sublime, mysterious, awful, with the shroud This fact is well known to druggists everywhere, and nine out, of ten will give their customers lois preparation when the lu-st is asked for. Mr. Oho Witniet", a prominent druggist of .Jop lin, Mo , in a oircnlnr to his customers, says, “There is nothing on the market in 'the way of patent medicine which equals Chamberlain's <,'olic, Choi* in mid Diarrhoea Remedy for-bowel complaint, We sell and recommend this prepara tion.” For sale by Holt & Cntes drug- modern pride is gists, Newnan, (in. Notice. The Newnan Ministerial Assoeiation ()f forty centuries wrapped around its will meet next Monday morning at ti .:•(), head! 1 at the first Baptist Church. The topic We catch its muffled tones, now low, for the meeting is,‘ How Rest to ( on- now loud, duct a Series of Meetings.” And hear with wonder nigh akin to .1. S. 11.u; da way, Swr<tary. i dread.” And yet, clear reader, a true and lESEEsasssasEEESsEasESEEasasssaEEg, upr jgh t an q g 0 diy character is 1 more enduring even than the Great Millinery Business For Sale. T. M. MARTIN An established millinery 1 n>-;ii< -> and i' mlircllas seldom conic itotne to j most. It i< more blessed to receiv e tbail j to IISk ill vain. The lion is eo iMdered the king ! of beasts by all except, the lioness, j It is <Iill’ii-uIt for a millionaire to stand on lib dignity while sitting on a jury. Some folks are so reserved in their manners that they don t up pear to have any at all. v A man’s idea of an ev il column ideation is a vv littcn statement Irom liis wife’s dressmakei-. No, Cordelia, a mati idol isir 1 necessary an idle, man who spends liis Lime at matinees. A man never amounts to much until some nice girl takes pity on him and leads him Lo the matri 1 mnnia) altar. Though the photographer may make si specialty of negatives, lie seldom says "no,” when asked to take something. The ancients believed that kiss ing a pretty girl was a sure cure for headache. After ab there s nothing like the old-lashioned rein edies. ifimam Summer Excursion Rates via Central of Georgia Railway Sumner excursion tickets tit greatly reduced i'iitcn[«re now oii'miIc nt all coupon ticket- ofliees, t.o Mountain and seashore resorts in tin North, Last and South, via all-rail routes and via Sa- vuniiiili and steamship lines. For rat's, schedules, routes, descriptive matter, b\" .[apply to your nearest ticket agent. J. C. HAILE, General Passenger Agent. Savannah, Ga. Does all kinds of ’H Pyramid, if you will but realize it stock of millinery goods and notions e 1 by the _,race of God! offered for sale at a price that wain- it » ici I ii (To lie continue i. * gvi-'it liargain. For further ]inilicnan-s call on or address Mrs. Join:" Bowers Tjee, Newnan, (iu. 2t Business Changes. Tin Work, Roofing Plumbing and Repairing. Register s Expert work and low- prices win. Shop op posite Pinson Hotel. fi: if] L. J. Hailey, who recently sold ■ 1: his interest in the mereantile Inisi- Tin* registration Isiol- s will be |i ness of Stewart & bailey, lias ex opened at the <’ouueil ('hamhei, Ii changed his residence in .Newnan July 24, HiOh. for *.>,000 school jjjjwilhG. L. Parks for the (ioodwyn Ixmd election. All voters must Sj farm'. qiialitv. L. 1L house, < ink. Mr. J’arks lias also bought an I : interest in the business from which 1*. bailt-X retired, and file lirni is July 21, IPO.' It takes a lot of cold easli to — now Stewart.Ai Parks. The line make an impression ni a :.'.:ir!iie Hick headache results from a disor- farm near Coweta, which was the heart. Noble birth is oik* thing and a dered condition of tlie stomach and is property of-Mr. T. 1L Parks, Sr.,, quickly cured by Chamberlain's 3tom-, has l>ee„ sold to <i. F. Parks and ,j s(jll ^pical bertli is quite ach and Liver Tablets. Lor s:ale by.^y - 1 1 licit & Cates, druggists. Newnan. On. r ynn Smith. anothe r. 5000 TELEGRAPHERS SEEDED Annua.l.v, to MP tw <■< f'>,! cr«*n1 »fl l»Y Hhilinad aial • •T/HniUK. S vajj Young f/lc*r m d Ladies ••i LEARN TELEGRAPHY AND R. R. AEOCRime. W* i Dj Tnvh 7.) »-»• < Gift StMtlO?! AVD 1 5 * t 1m- Ini w J.ilfl • ‘ ’ll ()l,t:ril1<.rn • . j it * JUT n'.x ...hivt Tp!«*gr»4p)j Ii'></1m (H Tiff WORLD mlbi.PG i 0 11m ; i111g !»•< vuv <nWf.Uiih. . x-cud h >g'f) «m‘ 4 ' uvri y '• tmiciit !d furiii • Jj [in.i or i;M h j/o* -t inn |>hv iij/ jf-in t.o pm h iii'HjUj i i'-s* (vim «/t llr.c v ,\|. '.ntfilll' . D t fMih 1*. Y.U) J *»*!• in* .’itii in wed '[j< J ' ki‘” >'!•’ rr:«*duiti2l> njp u ion. St ariuut« «-.m »'iif »it nay t urn . ;yo \ •• * ohm. for rail par! iculn; • i *•/»■ rr I: i.p (Hit N-ludik writ-flit-net to o-n cutive o’lif.H'Ht (yinuinmit<»• ChIhIdj.; fn*'-. THE HORSE SCHOOL OF TELEGRAPHY, FOR SALE & ^ A few fonts of ad. and job type, in good condition, also some other material for sale cheap. Address < inuiiiiititi. Ohi<i. A1 Innla. r >n. T*‘xut Itanu, T<-x. I>aCJruHH« Wi- H id KnuiPPH o ()*i I THE NEWS, Newnan, Ga.