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The Newnan weekly news. (Newnan, Ga.) 189?-1906, September 15, 1905, Image 5

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When You Buy a Knif e. The cutlery department of this store is a matter of pride-, for we believe that no bet- ter selection of knives is shown in Newmui! and know that the quality of the knives are the best obtainable. Our stock contains the standard makes of the world. We do not confine ourselves to any one brand, but have W'ostenholm, (1. X. L.) Rogers, Roker, Keen Klltter, Cli max, Robeson and others. At present we are showing about ninety different patterns of these makes and can suit the preference of the most exacting customer. Robeson Cutlery. We recommend this brand of knives to nil in search of h high-grade knife at a moderate We do this after having sold the brand for nearly two years, during which time we have inquired carefully of buyers as to the satisfaction in use. The result of this inquiry give us great confidence in tile brand. Robeson cutlery is American-made, every knife is beautifully finished With strong bolsters and re inforced caps, brass lined, with finest. Wardlow steel blades, tempered bard. * Prioes, afio, 5Qc, *1.00 to *2.50. Scissors, Shears, R.azors. Holt Cs Cates. irw i Local News of Newnan j Mrs. Mattie Ware is spending some time in LaGrange. Mrs. W. A. Turner lias returned from a visit to Carrollton. Charles Murphey has returned from a visit to friends in Atlanta. Miss Adelaide McBride, of Sa vannah, is visiting Mrs. Matuie Johnson. Mrs. Whitehead left Thursday for a visit of several weeks to Philadelphia. Miss Carrie Kate Hemperlev, of East Point, is visiting Miss Pearl Hnghie. Mrs. Ida Kersey is visiting relatives at Fuirburn. Miss Kathleen Witherspoon, of Selma, Ala., is the guest of Mrs. H. C. Fisher. 1 C. T. Freeman, of LaQrange, was in the city Tuesdny. ! Miss Mnrilu Peavy has a splendid ' music class in Hogansville. I Mr. Lucius Perry Hills, of Atlanta. I spent Tuesday in the oily. , Hr. Tom 3. Bailey is at Borden- j Wheel#. ! Miss Lillie ,Toe Smith, of Atlanta, is ' the guest of Mrs. Sutton. ! Miss Dollie Bailey is spending the ! week with the family of H. H. North. I Mrs. Colquitt Carter and little Non left Wednesday morning l'or Tate Springs. Miss Belle Vernon King will return from Savannah Saturday. Mr. and Mrs 1). T. Manget have re turned from a visit to Marietta. Miss Nettie Orr returned from Bir- ! ! mingluun Inst Tuesday. I El-skin Brewster, of College Park, is visiting in the city. Frank Word, of Hogansville, visited Newnan this week. Miss Susie Barr will resume her stud ies in music Monday with Prof. Bm-ili, of Atlanta. Mrs. Kelly nnd daughter, of Griffin, 'spent a few days recently with Mrs. Boh Brown. | Miss Athftgefia Kersey has returned - from a visit of several weeks to friends ' at Rosooe. I I Mrs. L. D. McDonald and Miss Sallie Cobb Johnson wore the guests of Mrs. | Bennett Sanders the past week. Miss Bessie Powell will entertain a few friends Friday morning in honor of ' her guest, Miss Mary Newton. For choice frtesh fisli and oysters, H K Bridges, Manager Alkahest Ly- just from the coast, call on . the ceutn Bureau, Atlanta, came down Newnan Market & Ice Co. ’Phone Tuesday to the Misses Powel’s reoeption 21. 2t Miss Harriet. Colquitt, of Atlanta, Is expected in the city Saturday to spend u few days with Miss Frankie King. Mrs. J. J. Milliaus fell down a stair way, at her home in this city hud Turn- WOMEN SUFFER NEEDLESS MISERY. There are hundreds of thousands of women in America suffering t from Female Diseases, endangering their lives by doing nothing. If they write to me I will give them the benefit of my extensive expe t rience.’-’S. B. Hartman, At. D. Free mail delivery, route num ber one, from Haralson, begins to | do business today. W. J. Addy is carrier. : . I Fannie, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hutchens, is re covering from a severe attack of fever, which lasted several weeks, day, and was seriously injured. Miss 101 la. Robbins, an attractive line of line box Protracted services, conducted by Dr. , . ., Walden, of Athens, will begin at Pies- : youll|£ lH<ly ^ IB.1 notton, is tin* byterian diuvcli Monday morning al l) guest of her extusin, Miss Ruth o’clock. Sheriff .1, L. Brown and Ordi- An exquisite nut* vu nnc i f'^inn stationery now in and on display j at Holt & Cates. nary L. A. Perdue spent last Sun- Just received, direct from coast, | ( | a y w j^jj p,,,, i*ea,i*Hon, out in the fresh oysters and fish. ^ <>wnan l 4th District. y Market & Ice Co. ’Phone 21. 2tl J. Roy Brown was the guest of relatives in West Point last Sun day. Mr. C E. Vance,of Macon,visit ed Newnan relatives the first of this week. Mrs. W. Tom Brooks and little daughter, Mable, visited relatives in Fairburn this week. Wanted—Several copies of the News of date of Aug. 25th. De liver t© News office. Three thousand feet lumber on yard with mill running daily. Orr & Powell. Miss Annie Dun woody, of Da rien, is the guest of Miss Katie A mail. Miss Mary Newton will Bfe the guest of Miss Bessie Pqwell next tweek. Mrs. Willie Ransom Biackiston, of Dallas, Tex., is visiting relatives t and friends in the city. Misses Annie Powell and Nelle Potts have returned from Chicka- mauga. Miss Almeda Kinnard, of Co lumbus, is visiting the family of W. C. Kinnard. Mrs. John Hughs, of Carroll- R. C. Moore writes all kinds of fire and life insurance. Office op posite Powel’s warehouse, New nan, Ga. 4t Miss Lucile Thompson enter tained at a bowling party Tuesday morning in honor of visiting young ladies. Low prices on jug and I Kittle corks, sealing wax, etc., lor syrup makers. High grade empty bar rels at Holt & Oates. Miss Dora Blllis, who has been visiting the family of Mr. T. E. At kinson, has returned to her home in Lone Oak. Mrs. Harvey North was called to Atlanta Monday on account of the serious illness of her mother, Mrs. W. W. Draper. Mrs. Frank Muyih is expected from Hot Springs Friday and will lie the guest of friends in the city, before returning to her home in Marshallville. Hugh Carmical and John O. Puckett, of Moreland, Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Brooks and ira Walk er Brooks, of Newnan, were guests Sunday of the family of C. B.Sum mer. Ernest O. Goodwyn, who has been seriously ill with fever for: ton, is the guest oi R. Hughs and ^ w0 wee j{ H) j s s till j n a precarious family in Newnan this week. j condition, much to the regret of k R. C. Moore writes all kinds of many friends, fire and life insurance. Office op posite Powel’s warehouse, New nan, Ga. ™ Miss Grace Summer is at home, after spending a while very pleas- The musicale to tie given at the Auditorium on the night of Sept. 29th, under auspices of Daughters of the Confederacy, will lie the musical event of the season. See. antly with her cousin,Miss Romola announcement of the event eise- Pnckett, at Moreland. .where in this week’s News. Builders are in their own light. yjj ss vvillie McLane, who has if they do not figure with us on H p en( ij n g the summer with any size bill oi lumber. , ^j. H j K ter, Mrs. Rosebud Simril, I left Tuesday for Talladega, Ala., Orr 24 Powell. New and exquisite decorated china from famous old world pot to lie the guest of friends, before returning to St. Augustine, Fla., teries. These goods are suitable i where she has held for several for wedding and anniversary gifts, j years a position in the State Asy Holt & Cates. lum ^ or the antl Blind. To Paint or not to Paint Is the question many house own ers are now puz zling over. Very likely il you knew the very low pricas at which we are sell ing high grade paints and oils you would decide to paint. We have every thing you need for any painting job, large or small. We carry a full line of p a i n t brushes from the cheapest to the highest grades. C. R. Bradley, Druggist- Newnan, - - Ca. I N view of the great multitude of women Buffering from some form of female disease and yet unable to find any onre, Dr. Hartman, the renowned gene- oologist, has announced his willingness to direct the treatment of as many cases aemake application to him during the cummer months without charge. The treatment will be conducted by correBpondenoe. The medicines prescribed can be ob tained at all drug stores. The Doctor wHI prescribe all medi cines, applications, hygienic and diet ary regulations necessary to complete a cure. Furthermore, all correspond ence will be held strictly confidential. This offer will hold good only during tho summer months. Any woman can become a regular patient by sending a written statement, of her age, condition of life, history nnd s,v tnploms of her de rangements, and previous treatment.. Pe-ru-na Brought Health and Happiness. Miss Nellie South,late of Manchester, Eng., writes from Hit Prince Arthur St., Montreal, Can., hs follows: 11 Peru on has made a wonderful change In my life. It has brought me health and happiness. “ Since my seventeenth year 1 have had female complaint and irrogulurititos. My general health suffered, I had pains In my hook and lower limbs, my eyes •were dim, and I became morose and un reasonable. “Mother sought the advice of our family physician, who prescribed for me, but 1 grew no bolter. ••I then read of Peruna and procured a bottle. That one bottle was wortH more than all the doctor's medicine I bad taken previously. “ I cannot express my gratitude. Pe runa has been a great blessing to me.’’— Nellie South. Miss Edna Mooro, 4(1 Elm stroot,, Bnf- falo, N. Y., Secretary East End Literary Assentation, writes: “I was a great sufferer from systemic catarrh, was extremely nervous, could not sleep, fulnted easily, was very irrita ble, bad a confusion of the senses, nnd got up In Uie morning feeling more tired than when I went to bed. “/ was very wretched, but upon tak ing Peruna I began to Improve, and after using the medicine four months, I felt like a new woman and was com pletely cured. l-dna Moore. The principal romody which Dr. Hartman relies upon In curing catarrhal diseases of women is Peruna. Hun dreds of women sufferers find Peruna a household necessity. M ISS Angelina Grotten, HOB St. Urbain street, Montreal, Can., writes: “Having heard Peruna praised so highly induced me to try it for my cold, and pains in the groins with which 1 lind been suffering for months. It. took nearly three bot tles to cure mo,but I consider that was but a short time, aR 1 have often taken doctors’ prescriptions for mottt hs be fore 1 got relief.’’—Angelina Grotton. As Is well knowu, Dr. Hartman is the President.of the Hartman Sanitarium, an institution which has a department devoted to the treatment of female § dla- canes. He is thus brought to see thousands of such eases every year, the most of w h o tn r o- turn to their homes to be treated by correspond • once. have on file thousand* of lestf> menials like the ones given horn. \Ve can give our renders only u slight glimpse of the vast array of unsolicited endorsements we are constantly re ceiving. No other physician in 11> Those wishing to become pulionte world has received such a volume of should address Dr. fc). It. Hartman, I enthusiastic letters of thanks ad Ur, Columbus, Ohio. I Uurlinun tor Peruna. Mrs. S. W. Glints stopped over a day or two with Mrs Rov Askew, onrouti to Augustu. where she will visit hot brother, Dr, George Lehmann. II. S. Bantu will bo in Franklin pext week, from Monday until Thursday, looking after tiis optical goods business in that part of the country. Miss Pearl Zaohry returned to her home in Carrollton Tuesday. She was accompanied by her unnt, Mrs, Isaac Stephens. Miss Vera Lassiter, of Lutherville, spent Tnesday in the city, enronte to Nnwiinn, who have been visiting tit, Janie Powell and Miss Mary Good ruin Roanoke, Ala., are the guests of her served sandwiches during the celling dslnr-in-lnw, Mrs. Hugh Hill. She also I hours. I nto in the evening a number visited Mr. Jesse Johnson and family • of other young jHiople were delightfully near the Twin Cities.—West Point News entertained. Mr. Lucius Perry Hills, Ludies of the Methodist Church gave a reception Thursday evening at the residence of Mrs. J. F. Lovejny, com plimentary to the delegates to the Dis trict Meeting of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society, LnGrange District, which will he in session in this city un til Monday. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Harris, of Pal- Milledgeville, where site will attend the m(lfto wiHh Ut nxpr ,, HH through tlm col Industrial College. a inns of the Newnan News their deep Miss Mary Newton, of Jackson, and appreciation for the many expressions M isses Mattie nnd Katie Lea, of Clove of Atlanta, contributed much to the pleasure of the evening by reciting sev eral original poems in his inimitable uml'. style. laud, Tenn., are the attractive guests of Miss Sadie May Powel. Mrs. Roeebnd Simril has returned from Atlanta where she has lieen taking a course in stenography and tyjiewrit- ing. Hoii. A. D. Freeman, of Newnan, and Hon. F. M . Longley, of LaGrange, rep resented Coweta Circuit at the funeral of Chief Justice Simmons, as members | of the honorary escort. ! George, the ten year old son of Mr. ! and Mrs. W. C. Black, fell on the cam pus at Temple avenue solyiol last Wed- 1 nesilay and fractured one of his arms at u point between wrist and elbow. The Woman’s Missionary Conference, of JjaGraiige District, convenes at the Methodist church this morning at. D:!W ! o’clock. The public is cordially invited to attend all sessions of the Conference. i Mr. H. H. Hammett and Miss Irene ! Todd, a .young couple of the titli district, | were married at Sharpshurg a few days age by Judge Stovall, it was a rue-a- wny affair, but parental objections were later withdrawn. ’Phono V. E. Mangel, Jr., at it U in I Mir iOli, for cotton seed hulls. 9-1-4 Dr. Anderson, Dentist, Sul hide Building. tf ' Wanted All the school ehil- of love and sympathy shown them by , their friends on the ocension of Hi,, j lo call al. Reese’s Drug Store burial of their daughter, Annie, at the ! for tablets, pencils, pens, inks, etc. Newnan cemetery. I .... . Pry the “New I as tel ess Castor Mrs. A. M. Norris gave a reoeption Oil” for coughs and colds. Chil- oompliineiitary to the Salmagundi Club dreii like it. At Reese’s Drug a few evenings since at her home on I Htore. Spring Street. An artistic arrangement! of plants nnd flowers added to the at- New line ot stationery at Reese’s traotlveness of the home. Bid-domino Drug Htore. was the feature of the evening. A souvenir of the occasion was drawn by Miss Ina Kirby. Dainty refreshments were served. Miss Katie Arnall entertained aft u 5 o’clock reception Monday afternoon in honor of visiting young ladies. Miss ; Arnall was assisted in receiving her gue-ts by Mrs. H. O. Arnall, Jr., and Misses Lucile Thompson and Julia Mae Hackney. The spacious hall and parlor were charmingly decorated—the color scheme, white and green, being effec tively carried out. Delightful salad and ; ice courses were served. The fourth assistant Postmaster Gen- f eral has issued an order directing that after Sept. U0, 11105, each rural mail box 1 which is entitled to service under the regulations of the Dcj/urtmeut. shall he designated by number 'The Postmaster here has been directed to instruct all j rural free delivery carriers toii’cvicw the routes before Sept. Try “Pup-Hi-no,” the new drink. At Iteese’s Drug Htore. Local brunches of the Home and For eign mission societies entertained dele gates and visitors to the District Con ference ut the home of Mrs. .1 F. Love- . ...... I mail boxes on then ioy yesterday evening. About. thirty I ■i ■’ J J . 80, 1005, and reixirt which of them con- visitors and delegates arc in the city form to flic regulations and an Miss Maidee Smith, missionary to | titled to dcsignutivc numbers. th Brazil, will give a talk on her work at the Methodist Church next Sunday night. Miss Smith will he the guest of Mrs. Mary Iaiu Love joy while in the ; city. The lust quarterly meeting of this Conference year, for Newnan church, convenes this (Friday) evening at the residence of Pastor J. R- King. All of ficial members of the church are urged to be present. One of the largest social cyents of the sou son wits a reception given 'Tuesday evening by the Misses Powel, oompli- j icentury to their attractive guests, Mary Newton, of Jackson, and Missus DiH, of Cleveland, 'Tenn. - Mesdames. Calhoun Hill, Ernest Powel and Miss’ Alma Arnold assisted in receiving. The | lovely hostesses end guests ot honor j were charmingly gowned in white and) pink and formed a picturesque group as ) Mrs. Roy Brown and daughter, of 1 they stood to receive tfu- cull^-s, Mrs. For Weddings. The beauty, elegance and appropriateness for wedding gifts of much of our stock is the delight, of shoppers searching for articles of this kind. Our cut glass stock un doubtedly comprises the rarest/ and richest, wares and largest, assortment ever gat tiered together in Newnan. The same is true of our French China, of Haviland and other world-famous makes. A shipment of rare Japa nese wares, in original pack ages from the Flowery King dom, has just been placed on display. In Hilverware and Silver Novelties the richness of the goods and completeness cf the assortment leave not lung to lie desired. H. S. Banta’s, The Store for Wedding Clfts.