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The Newnan weekly news. (Newnan, Ga.) 189?-1906, January 26, 1906, Image 6

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jlncic„.c YourYi--ld !rAcr *X?j> . 1 ^ :§>• i?„>. n jt u h ml toace dollai iirrow, i«...i I v If In lilt • .III V Irirlnm i .... , -u I . r lili/.i'i*. Tin y will "Iru ri'mii' \ r per acre,"ana thui bring down the coat ol production. oven If you uee | li it t' linn mifl li-uft I it I... r. r IlHMi tllOllHUtl'lB <r| Ptrnflir ll.pll I lii'.i.i.i i f ■ "in I irim Ir .. I,,, n tr !• I II " it nun.. It rtlli/. n. iiinl as •• ri 1 that Virginia Carolina Fertilizers [•irn I»y fur tin- I»< t. 'J li**y will (rlvo , wmi i roprt that Wi . pit k o inori* money i i«• r you. Huy i<<» ot hr r, cwn If 'iinr •I* filer onOmoirt t-i | i t y»>u to Huy j ] m . . milknii III Mr i prof t oi Mint. "I • ‘*,11 • Unit Mould Im t• # hit Jut* n Mt ] -tmt MilirH. VIRniNIA CAROLINA CHrMICAL CO., J I • fh»rI*RU)n, S 0. H*iltifn .ro, M-l. A’.itnt/t. (i*. | .‘4raii',,ih, Ga If 'iW •» • . Ait. Mo: T*nn. ' a. AHNOUNCIiMLNTS. I inn ii rmiiliilaii. for l ux < 'nlleetor, 'll I 111 ■ II III-V }>L I I •! 1 | ■•I'll. I.I ll r |||l" II. K. Davies. Will ii11|iti'i'imI' iIn’ mi| pm t ol I'vi'iy viiti'i'ol i'iiwiTii unlit v ; mill, il oli-aled, will try In servo tin* pimple l illlifullj Mini llll tin 1 nlllri to till) best ill my ability. Ah II Ik iiiiIv ll sluilt tlllln until till' I riiiinn . mirl 1 mn conlim it in tin iifllc lit tills busy tlllinnf M ill. It will In mi- pnAihli to koo iiiiiiiv ol tin voters per hi mill 1 v : Iml I (runt nil will remember inn on day ol primary My ciiudiilney Ik Hlllijnnl In nnlinn ol I Ininoni ntjo I o itimry. J. W. WILCOXON. On nouonnl of n iluin eliouinit inecs, I have di'cnli il to withdraw from tin* |iri<Hi<nt nun, hnt in favor of no h| »•<' in I ono I tlianli my fiIiiIiiIh for all nonr toay hIiiiwii. K t •. WATKINS., I hereby nunniinoi myself a imiidirinto for lIn* oillon ol Tax Oolhelm to till the nnnx|ilrn<l tnrni ol Rev. II. K Davies, iliMinnaed, and will nppreomlo tin' in flaonce mid Htipport ol the Demnorntie voters ol llm comity. My candidacy ik of OOll THO HUlljllCl to t lie UCtlull ol I lie Domoo ratio party, W. S. HUBBARD. 1 take 111ik metliolof iintilying my friends that I am a candiduti tor lax Oollcotor to llll (lie vacancy caused by tho death of Kov. II K Davies. I need the oillco, and will he grniolul lor tin- Hiipporl of my frlcndk. My candidacy iH Huhjcot lo the action of tile Demo oratio jmrty. THOS. .1. WILKINSON. Ordinary’s niocices. < >K< >RG IA —Coweta < ’ountv. J !’ Simms and .1. K. Simms, ad ministrator- III estate of George K. , Simms, deceased, having applied to the t'onrtof Ordinary of said Comity for leave to sell the lands, and Knilrond Sto-ks and Hotels, belonging to estate ol said deceased, all persons concerned arc rc<|aired to show cause in said Court by tin- (list Monday in February next, if any they can. why said application slionld not Is granted. This Jnnnnry ! "nil, HKW. L. A. PERDUE, Ordinary. < 1 KO|{<JIA —( oweta < omit v. W II Har.'i TI, Admr of estate of Elizabeth I). Vines, deceased, Imvnm applied to t im < ’niu t ol i trdinary of said • loanly for h to rs of dismission from his said trust, all persons concerned are re quired to show can- in said Court by the IIIst Monday in February next, if any they can, why said application should not I.. maul' d. This January 1st, mott. L. \ PERDUE, Ordinary. (I L< >HC i I \—(loweta t ’minty. The estate ot Idiii11 v Cia.v, Lunatic, of said County, being unrepresented and not likely to be represented, all persons coin eriied are require I to show cause in the Court of Ordiiiiuy of said County, on the llrst .Monday in Febrnnry next, why guardianship of the property of said lunatic should not he vested in the County (i mi id in u. This January 2nd, mod. L. A I'EUi'UE, Ordinary, (11 dOlti il A < 'oweta (’minty. The estalc ol C. Ii N'ewniiiti, late’ of s.inl Id uiily, deceased, being nnrepio- -entidand net likely to lie represented, nil persons eoiieerned are I'equncd to • how cause in the i 'ourl of < Irdinaiy of -ml < oiinty, on tie llrst Monday in February next, why such iidmiuistra t ion de horns non should'iiot^hc vested in the County Administrator, This Jail. I, Mind L. A. 1 ‘IdKI >l' Id, t hdlniirv. GE< >l{( i IA i ’oweta t 'minty. The estate ol Mrs, Marv Sowell, late of said County, deceased, being unrop resented and not likely to he represented, all persons oolircruud Jure required in show cause in the Court of Ordinary of said County, on the llrst Monday in February next, whv such admiuisfra- tion should not lie vested in the County Administrator. This Jan fitli, 190(1. L A PERDUE, Ordinary. Notice to Debtors and Creditors. For any disease of the skill there is nothing hotter than Chainherlain’s Halve. It relieves the Rolling and liurii- mg sensation uiHlautly and sism effects a cure. Hold by Dr. Paul Penistou, Ncwuaii, On. Libel for Divorce. Kmmn L. Winkles 1 VH Waymoud Winkles ' Libel for Divorce ill Oowcta Superior Court, March Term, UHNI. (< KC )HCt 1A —Cow eta County. To Waymoud Winkles, Defendant in tin- above stated cast>: You are hereby required, in |*erson or by Attorney, to be and appear at tin ii xi term of the Superior Court to be h Id to ami for said County on the Hist A iduy in March, mod, then and there t- answer the plaiutlfT in nil action of L bol for Divorce; as in default thereof, said Comt will proceed thereon as to justice may appertain. Witness the Hon K W. Freeinnn, Judge ol said Court, this the 'Jnd dav of January, MHNt. L TURNER, 1'lerk Wood’s Seed Book FOR 1906 •s one of the handsomest and most valuable publication* of the kind issued. The useful and practical hints contained in the annual issues of Wood's Sood Book make it a most valuable help to all Farmers and Uardeners and it has long been recognised as au up-to- date authority on oil Garden and Farm Seeds, particularly for southern planting. Wood"» Seed Book mailed free to Farmers and Gardeners upon request. Write for IL T.W. Wood & Sons, Seedsmen, RICHMOND, . VIRGINIA. We aolloit your order* direct, for both VEGETABLE and FARM SEEDS, If your merchant dor. not sell WOOD S SEEDS. Ice Picks nml Art. The career of Mr. Frederick Mnc- Monnles an n sculptor began when, as a boy of (ire years, scarcely tall enough to ren -h Up to the top of the kitchen table, he modeled little figures In dough. Two years later be discover ed a better material for Ids purpose. At Unit time n white wax chewing gum was much in fashion among chil dren. Young Macjlonnleg saved Ids odd pennies until he could buy what he wanted of It, and then lie made from it an equestrian statue of George Washington, which iH still among the family treasures. When he was ten years old Itanium's circus came to town. lie was an en thusiastic admirer of the parade, and when ihe elephant appeared he became Intense, lie watched every motion and studied every line of the strange beast. Then be rushed Into the house and, working as fast as he could, modeled from memory a clay elephant of which be neisl not be ashamed today. At thirteen bo carved « likeness of u pet bullfrog out of a Ileigian paving block, with an Ice pick for a chisel. World’s Work. A Ton all Meat story. Of the food served to the sailors In the Itrltlsh navy of loo years ago a recent historian says: "A ship's com pany Imd to start a cruise upon the old meat returned from various ships and routed out from the obscure cel lars of tbe victualing yards. Frequent l.v It bad been several years in salt he fore It i-amo to the t ook, by which time it needed rather a magician than u cook to make It eatable, it was.of a strong hardness, fibrous, shrunken, dark, gristly and glistening with salt crystals. Strange tales were told about It. < lid pigtailed seamen would tell of horse hoes found In the meat casks, of curious harkings and ticigblngs heart) in (he slaughter houses nml of negroes who dlsappeiitvd near the victualing yards, to lie scon no m >ro. The salt pork was generally rather better than the beef, Iml the sailors could carve fancy articles, such as boxes, out of cither meat.” Ilorsi-s nml Medicine. Healthy horses require no medicine, hul there lire so many Intestinal para sites and so many kinds of worms that nflVct horses that constant supervision pays. Almost all young horses are hot ter for a few feeds of sulphur in the springtime. Many horsemen like to give a little worm medicine, and each man lias his favorite. A good many worm medicines are harmless, and If administered to a healthy colt will do no harm. Usually a keen horseman knows whether worm remedies ure nec essary or not, but In case of doubt It Is a little safer to give the mpdlclue, pro vided the medicine Is really harmless. Home medicines tiro harmless und some are not. Stimulants are not necessary, nttd stimulating medicines should never be given except on tin* advice of a veterinary.—HI. Louis Republic. UKoRGl\—Coweta County. Ml |s>rsoin having deinnuds against the estate nf John \V. Arnold, late ot said county, deceased, are hereby noti-1 tied to render their claims iiooordmg to law : and nil parties indebted to said de i ce ased are iispiestcd to make immediate payment to the undersigned. This Jan. II, HUM. N O. BANKS, Id F.x cutot John W. Arnold,|docous(id Dangers of a Coldand How toAvold Thom. More fatalities have their origin in or result from a cold than from any other cause. This faot|qiloiin should make people more careful as there is’no dan ger whatever from a cold when it is pro|s<rly treated in the beginning. For many years Cliambcrlain's Cough Rem edy has been recognized ns the most prompt and effectual tuedioinu In use for this disease. It acts on nature's plait, loosens the cough, relieves the lungs, opens the secretions and aids na ture in restoring the system ton healthy condition Sold by Dr. Pnul Peniston, Nowunu, Ga. nimlstonc's Spoeeli Knr Irvlnn, Gladstone was a great admirer of Sir Henry Irving, and tills admiration was shown ono day In the house of com mons. Irving was under the gallery In the house when suddenly, without ap parent reason, Gladstone leaped to his feet and delivered an Impassioned speech, sot off with nil the expression und dramatic gesture for which ho was so famous. The' house seemed sur prised. Members looked at one another and murmured, "What Is the old man now up to?" They thought It was some deep political game. But a week or two later a frleml of Irving's, encoun tering Mr. Gladstone,* mentioned the nctor’s visit to the house, and Gladstone eagerly Inquired: "What did he think of my speech? 1 made It for him.” Song Books Froo. Scud 12 mimes and addresses of music lenders, and we w ill mail you a copy nf our now Sunday school hook No. -I March 1st, or semi lac with unmes, and gt-i ii oopv ct our church hook, Resur rected Songs J B. Vauglmn, Athens, Ga. A Jamaican Lady Speaks Highly of Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy. Mrs Michael Hart, wife of the super mtctnlcut of Cart Service at Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies Islands, says that she has for some years used Ohnmber- j Iain's Cough Remedy for coughs, croup and whooping cough nml Inis found it very hcuoticial. She has implicit oon- j tidenco in it and would not be without a | bottle ot it in her home. Sold by Dr. 1 Paul Penistou, Newnau, Ga. Sklnnlns n Hnlile. The method of skinning a sable Is to draw the skin over the head without any Incision I* the body. Tho feet and tall are left as part of the fur. Every thirtieth of an Inch Is valuable, for the average length of the animat Is only twelve Inches and the tall ulKmt six Inches. In the reign of Henry VIII. the use of snble was forbidden to any below n viscount. A cont lined with snhles Is often worth from £300 to £400. A «»t of sable tails can hardly he sold for less than £J»0. — London Standard. The Sunil. The slowest creatures In crentiou are snails and certain small .beetles. Home of them habitually move only a foot or two In an hour, liut this slowness is partly due to the fact that they remain - motionless at Intervals. By measuring the distances covered by snails when J they were kept going constantly It hus I been found that the maximum speed of « good healthy snail is live nnd u 1 half feet an hour. The Crip. "Before we can sympathize with oth ers, we must have suffered onrsolvts." No one can realize the suffering attend- < nut upon an attack of the grip, unless he lias had the actual ex|s>rieuce. There is probably no disease that causes so much physical and mental agony, or which so successfully defies medical aid All dungt-r from the grip, however, tu.iv lx- avoided by the prompt use of Chamber lain's Cough Remedy. Among the tens of thousands who have used tins rem edy, not oue case has ever been reported that has resulted ill pneumonia or that has not recovered. For sale by Dr. Paul Vi n is ton, Newnau, Ga. Wiser Counsel. "What's Unit sign you're making there?” asked the grocer. " 'Fresh eggs.' ” replied the new clerk. "Make It ‘Fresh laid eggs.’ ” “Why -er—everybody knows the eggs were fresh when they ware laid.” "Exactly, and that's all ttmt It's safe for us to sny about them."— Philadel phia Preas. Real Merit. Real merit of any kind cannot be long concealed. It will be discovered, and nothing can depreciate it but a man'* exhibiting It himself. It may not always be rewarded as It ought, but It will always be knowu.—Chester field. ■olttade. Solitude relieves us when we are sick of company and conversation when we are weary of being alone, so that tbe one cures the oUier. There Is no man so miserable as he that is at a loss to use hla time.— Sene<a. REGISTERED TRADE MARK The Fertilizer lor Big Crops with Less Acreage Fewer acres, lighter labor, larger yields—a happy combination secured with FARMERS’ BONE, the fertilizer proved perfect by twenty-one years of great crops from Southern soil. Farmers' Bone is richest in balanced food for every stage of plant growth from planting time till harvesting, and is suited to a great diversity of crops, from cotton to corn, wheat to small truck. Made with Fish Fish scrap is used in every ton of Farmers’ Bone, insuring: nourishment under all crop conditions and making: it famous as a crop saver. Look for the Royster trade mark. HERE’S THE SALES RECORD THINK OT THE CROP RECORD 1885—250 TONS 1890—1,500 TONS 1895-12,000 TOMS 1900 58,455 TONS 1905-130,091 TONS Norfolk, Va. Columbia, S. C. F. S. ROYSTER GUANO CO. Tarboro, N. C. Macon, Ca. Lemons as Medicine Their Wonderful Effect on the Liver, Stomach, Bowels, Sidneys and Blood. Lemons are largely used by The Mozley Lemon Elixir Company, in compounding their Lemon Elixir, a pleasant I.einon Laxative and Tonic—a substitute for all Cathartic and Liver Pills. Lemon Elixir posi tively cures nil Biliousness, Consti pation, Indigestion or Dyspepsia, Headache, Malaria, Kidney Disease, Dizziness, Colds, Loss of Appetite, l'cvers, Chills, Blotches, Pimples, all Impurities of the Blood, Pain in the Chest or Back, nnd nil other dis eases caused by a disordered liver and kidneys, the first Great Cause of all Fatal Diseases. WOMEN, for all Female Irreg ularities, will find Lemon Elixir a pleasant and thoroughly reliable remedy, without the least daugerof jiossible harm to them in any condi tion peculiar to themselves. 50c and $1,00 per bottle at ALL DRUG STORES ‘One Dose Convinces.’ 60 YEARS' EXPERIENCE Patents Designs .... Copyrights Ac. An Tons usmtlng a sketch end deicrlrtlon mu qtilcklr Mcertsln our opinion free whether an Invention la probeblr paienlahle. Communlca. Hons strictly confidential. HANDBOOK on Patent* •cut free, (ildeat auencr for securing patents. Patenia taken through Muim A Co. receive special nodes, without charge, la the Scientific American. A tiandsomelr lllnttrsfed weekly. Largest cir culation of any •clentltto lournal. Terms. |3 a year : four months, Sold by all new«dealera. MUNN & C0 ( 361 Broadway. New York Branch Oftlce, 88F8L Washington. D. C. Pianos and Organs. I am agent for the Cable Piano Company and sell the ‘‘Chicago Cottage,” Mason & Hamlin and other organs of standard makes. These instruments are warranted to give satisfaction tn quality and price. Don’t buv an instrument without consulting me. W. H. Reynolds, tf Newnan, Ga. Wanted—Board and room for one or more telegraph students. Prof John son, Superintendent Telegraph School. Dr. C. A. Smith, VETERINARIAN. Treats all diseases of domestic animals. Calls answered day or night. Office at (iearreld’s Livery Stable.