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; THE NEWNAN NEWS, i Ordinary’s Oil: VOL. VI. NEWNAN, GA., FRIDAY. MARCH 2. 1906. NO. 47 or All the News of Coweta County Read THE NEiWNAN NEWS ! jg Presbytery to Assemble Here. r; The Atlanta Presbytery will Ulyhold its spring session in the Pres byterian church in this city, be ginning Tuesday night, April 1.0th, Presbytery will remain in session several days and the occasion will be one of interest and profit to I company was over #66,000.—La- Newnan people who may attendj Grange Graphic, the sessions. I Point Company by the assessors I was #4610.15. We understand ! that the figures ol’ Mr. Cole were a few hundred dollars above this. He, however, dissented from the figures made, and award was sign ed by Judge Harris and Mr. Calla way. The amount of the claim of the Atlanta West Point Railroad Quick Work. Candidates. The smoke-stack at the city lighting plant fell last Tuesday morning. The metal had rusted through and through and the stack simply collapsed and became a wreck. Work was immediately commenced to raise a new stack, and the work was completed dur ing the day, so that the lights were turned on ut about the usual time Tuesday evening. HAPPENINGS IN SOCIETY R. F. Strickland Dead. The body of It. F. Strickland will be taken to Grantville for funeral services and interment. Prof. F. (). Watkins, of Turin, announces this week for Tax Re ceiver. He is principal of the school at Turin and is one of the best known and most popular teachers of the county. He is an excellent gentleman, young and energetic and fully qualified to fill j .. ... , , | till one. the position he seeks. Sheriff J. L. Brown announces as a candidate for re-election to this important position. Friends in all sections of the county have requested Sheriff Brown to offer for re-election and his decision to do so will be gratifying to them. The Sheriff is one of the most gen ial gentlemen, as well as one of Chafing Dish Party. One of the most pleasant small affairs of the week was the chafing dish party given Wednesday even ing by Misses Julia May Hackney, Mary Parrott, Sadie Mae Powel, Mary Goodrum, Bessie Powell and Katie Arnall, at the home of Miss Hackney. Violets were the flowers used to decorate the house, being placed on the mantles, buffet in the din ing-room and forming a beautiful centerpiece for the prettily ap pointed table. A delicious chafing dish supper was enjoyed by the guests, and | spend a w the whole occasion was a delight The young men present were: Messrs. Robert Orr,Cleveland Orr, Rawson Dent, John Favor, Frank Hughes and Cliff Glover. The friends of Miss Frankie King will regret to learn that she is suffering with an attack of la grippe. Miss Belle Vernon King is ex pected home this week, after a lengthy visit to relatives in Rome. Miss Christine Cole, who is a student at buoy Cobb Institute, Athens, is at home for a few days. Mrs. Price Wooley, of Atlanta, came down Sunday on a visit to her mother, Mrs. Sam Murray. M rs. Gordon Lee, ol Washing ton City, came down Saturday to T k in New nan. Mr. and Mis. T. 10. Atkinson i announce flic birth of a son on j Thursday. Feb. 22nd. Miss Mary Goodrum returned J Saturday from a \ isit to her sister at College Park. The body will be escorted from the the most H iicient.and popular of- late residence of deceased to tUe | floers who haK ever occupieil olli train by the Atlanta lodge of Ma-| da] station in the (!OUntv . H is sons, No. 59. Mr. Strickland was prominent in the Masonic world. He resided in Newnan until three weeks ago, when he moved to At lanta. Three daughters survive him.—Tuesday’s Atlanta Journal. county. many qualifications for the office need not be commented upon, as the voters are well aware of them. Profitable Session CityCourt Death of Mrs. R. F. Hunter. Mrs. R. F. Hunter, wife of a Euchre Club. Mrs. W. A. Turner, Jr., and Miss Rowena Turner entertained the Euchre Club Wednesday af ternoon most delightfully. Sow Beside All Waters. [Adupti'il for llm oooiiHfon l»y Mrs, N. L. Oook, mill rend by Miss I,(mine At- UiiiHon on “TtunjHiruueo Day" of Up- The score cards were the dainti- i worth Lousur, Ncwimu M. E. Church], est little faces in the center ol : ‘ Let me today, do something tlmt shall world’s vast well known citizen of the Second District, who died in Atlanta, was buried at Palmetto last Tuesday. Mrs. Hunter died after undergoing an operation at the hands of an Atlanta medical specialist. Mrs. Hunter was a member of the con man have the deep sympathy of many friends in their distress. Mayor Burdett held a profitable session of court last Monday morn ing, and raked in #45 in lines in ! short order. All of the culprits were colored; they were nine in [ number, and each contributed #5 to help swell the sum in the city treasury. Charlie Reese, Jim Price, Cliff Jones, Jimmie Lou Cutright and Hattie Bird were ad- hearts, diamonds and clubs. The first prize, a lieautifnl picture, was won by Miss Inn Kirby; the con solation, a cut glass vase, was drawn by Mrs. M ill Wright; the booby was received by Mrs. Irving Walker—a deck of cards. A dainty luncheon was served. | 0 f Georgia: flu* next meeting w ill lie ''ith j j )CO pie already in the temperance Mrs. Barrow, at the home of Mrs. 1 1 Bertel, Tuesday at three o’clock. tllllC A little Mildness from tin store, And muy 1 lie mo favored us to make Of joys too Meanly sum, u little more." “She tlmt livetli in pleasure, is dead while she livetli ” To the Young Women and Girls To the dear young nie Taylor’s conduct was disorder ly. Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Murphey entertained informally last Friday evening at a bullet supper. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Mich ael Powell, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Kirby, Mrs. Wade Dent and Col. A. It. Burdett. Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Thompson j state, have returned from a trip through women, the work, I bid you God-speed, and lovingly entreat you to “be not weary in well doing.” Many ob stacles will arise, but the determi nation of youth will bring success. Let me urge upon the young people the duty of the hour, their enlistment for service in temper ance now, when the forces of evil are so rapidly increasing in our Do you realize, dear young opportunities that rarely successful, to take up the cause of temperance. Think you that she was less ioveil, less honor ed, less influential, less famous or less rewarded! The young women of today hold the balance of power for the good or evil rule of our State for many coming years. The platform upon which she stands will become (lie ideal place for young men, and ever will they strive to stand there with her, but she must stand there first. Are our young women standing true, alert and aggressive against the evils which threaten the degeneracy of our State! Is the love fora “good time,” the desire to go with the crowd, to do as others do, destroying their mor al courage and undermining their spiritual life! An individual, n family, a slate or a nation only grows strong as it is pure, brave, unselfish, and care ful of others. So wo prayerfully lioiic that you, the young women and girls of our State, may hear the Master calling you to a true, devoted, unselfish Christian life, that in all your work, yes, in every amusement, the glorious ex ample of Him who pleaaed not Himself, but gave His life for oth ers, may be constantly before you; that as your brother’s keeper you may be strengthened with the love* you bear Him, thus leading both you and him to a life of purity and happiness. “For unto woman it in aivcu To make thin home u parailiHo; An earliest of the hformless haven — A very entrance wile to heaven." (Extinct from Mrs. Sibley’s address at. State Convention). Cigar Factory Notes. James Idaho lias returned from a pleasant trip through Florida. Mr. Bryan, of Rome, has accep ted a position with D. T. Manget A- Co. Walter Brown, of Florida, is here to spend a few months. Miss Lillian Patterson, of At lanta, is a recent addition to the force of employes of Manget & Co. George Giddish has returned to the city. Messrs. Lee, Eittinger and Oden spent Sunday in Atlanta. Frank Menendez is back from Atlanta and will remain a month l>t*fore going to Florida. Ladies to Serve Dinner. A., B. & A. vs. A. & W. P. The Ladies’ Committees of the Presbyterian church will serve dinner in the Hardaway building, formerly occupied by Coweta Na tional Bank, on Tuesday, March 6th, beginning at 12 o’clock. Fol lowing is the menu, to be entirely home prepared: Vegetable Soup Crackers Broiled Ham Light Bread Roast Turkey Crackers Creamed Diced Potatoes Pickles Coffee with Whipped Cream. Price, 50 Cents. All are cordially invited to take Florida and Cuba. Thompson remains where she will be the guest of friends for some time. Superior Court Next Mon* day. Library Notes. Superior Court will convene for the March term next Monday morning, with the probability of a long and busy term in view. There is much business demanding the court’s attention, especially on the criminal docket. One white pris oner and fifteen negros are cpn lined in .jail awaiting trial; four of them being charged with murder. In addition to these, a number of per sons are out on bond who will probably be tried at this term. The sixteen persons in jail and the charges against them are as follows: Taylor Pruett, white, is charged with murdering .1. W. Pinson. All of the following named are negroes: Will Harper, Ludie Stephens and Fred Grimes, murder. Wilkes Davis, charged with rape, sentenced to 20 years at last term of court, new trial. Sam Lowe, throe charges of burglary and simple larceny. Lewis Clark and Bose Harris, burglary. Rollie Parks, two eases, cotton stealing. Jim Johnson, Tom Johnson, Jesse Smith iiud All’ Rowell, lar ceny al ter t rust. (Men Gridin, three cases, simple larceny. Surge Level, gambling. Jackson Hill, simple larceny. Since the last term of court Sheriff Brown has arrested on old indictments four persons charged with assault with intent to murder and one charged with burglary. It is probable that all of these cases will lie called at this term of court. dinner with the ladies—especially The hearing of the condemnation ! ad gentlemen in attendance at Miss Lucile | open out to you! Doors on every in Florida j lS idi5 that only your young hands can open, hearts that perhaps only you can reach, lives that may drift out and on to eternal death unless your influence leads towards a de cided stand for God and temper ance. I beseech you, beloved young people, for the best inter- „ , _ , , ests of humanity, to stand against Mrs. Raymond J. Lee returned ^ 8wiffc curMmt of evil , iin( , , W! ! ready to help those tempted to go wrong. The drink curse legalized in our beautiful State is a great danger to young men and a menace Miss Mary Parrott entertained a few friends informally Saturday evening in honor of Miss Mary Strobar, of Gainesville, Florida, guest of Miss Frankie King. after to Atlanta last Saturday, spending some time here with Capt. J. H. Russell and family. Mrs. I. N. Orr and Mrs. W. B. Orr left for Florida yesterday. They will visit relatives for several weeks in the Land of Flowers. to our homes. We send this message from a loving heart to the young women The Salmagundi Club will be | a,, d girls ol Georgia, to whom vu proceedings between the Atlanta, co ur L Birmingham & Atlantic Railroad Company and the Atlanta & West Point Railroad Company was com pleted Friday night in Newnan. The notice of these proceedings was served in April of last year, to ’ >a es ’ Cotton Receipts. entertained next Thursday after noon by Mrs. vV. A. Turner, Jr., and Miss Rowena Turner. Mr. and Mrs. I>. F. Patterson, of Griffin, were the guests of Mrs. E. J. Orr and family from Satur- j : day until Monday. are looking with great hopes and expectations, and that with a grander scope, with a greater en ergy and power you may step into the ranks, from which we the veterans, must soon retire. Recently, while talking with a minister, a member of the Legis- Tlie Ladies’ Advisory Board of the Library (knnmitteo is urgently requested to assemble in the Li brary Reception Room March 5th, at .’I o’clock, ji. m. The election of olliccrs and other business of v ital importance will be considered. The Library acknowledges with pleasure the gift of six copies of popular magazines by Miss Willie May McWilliams. New books received at Library: The Wheel of Life—Ellen Glas- gow. Anne Hear let—M. Imlay Taylor. A Life of Frances Park man— Chas. If. Fain ham. Park man’s Biographies. The French and English in North America—12 vols. Carnegie Library circulated dur ing Feb. the following literature: Fiction, 884; Classed Literature, 86; total, 970. Mrs. I). B. Woodrool’, Librarian. Cotton Crowers in La* Grange. . date last year were 14,477 bales.; but the hearing has been delayed J ! , f • The stock this season was .1,425. on account of various injunctions Mrs. Handers Gibson and chil Circuit Court of the United States before Judge Newman, and in the Supreme Court ol Georgia. So lar it has won every feature ol these > eases which lias been tried, in all the Courts. The assessors in the, condemnation proceedings were Mr. M. F. Cole of Newnan for the Atlanta & West Point, Mr. Fuller The total receipts of cotton up | Messrs. Prior Boyd and Luke, i at ure, and an earnest advocate ot to March 1st in Newnan amounted i Columbus, Ga., spent Sun- prohibition, he said: oiii lead Receipts to same da y in Newnan, guests of Missj ers H hould be college bred young Sadie Mae Powel. I women, who can bring new life, new methods and new ideas into your work. But the young wo- ific- to to ils of social life We wonder if his words are true. 1 Have the women of our State failed Mr. and Mrs. Erie Adams left to infuse into their daughters the ! Monday on a ten days trip to Bal perpetual hate of the liquor traf- Aimore, Philadelphia and N'ew' q (;j the greatest menace to the i York City were shipped; this year the ship ments amounted to 182 bales. Total cotton receipts in Newnan for season of 1904-5 amounted to 15,738 bales. visit to friends and relatives Carrollton. Warning! All persons are warned not to Mrs. Homer Lewis, of Atlanta, visited friends and relatives in the E. Callaway for the Atlanta, Birm- hire Lewis Watkins, a negro who city last week. h iugham & Atlantic, and Judge Sampson W. Harris as the umpire. The amount awarded the W est is under contract to work for me 2t Miss Resignol, of Marietta, is visiting her sister, Mrs. M. T. Newnan, Ga., Route No. 1-j Phillips. purity and happiness of our homes! The women of Carthage taught their children to hate Rome, and | wove their hair into bow-strings for their husbands and sons in their war with their terrible enemy. Frances Willard gave up a profession it. which she was The Fourth District meeting of officers of Southern Cotton Grow ers Association, held in LaGrange last Wednesday, was enthusiastic in spirit and encouraging in results. A public meeting was held and it was attended by many Troup county citizens, in addition to the Association officers from other counties. Speeches were delivered b,} State President M. L. Johnson, Judge Longley of LaGrange, and Messrs. W. A. Brannon and W. S. Copeland, of Coweta county. Mr. Copeland has accepted the position of Organizer for the Fourth District and will proceed at once to organize each militia district in the ten counties of this Congressional District. Mr. Cope land will appoint in each county a county organizer, who will ap point an organizer in each militia district of his county. By this means he expects to organize the Fourth District in about a month’s time. Names of grand jurors drawn for the term and traverse jurors drawn for llrstweek appear lielow. .UJIlOKH DRAWN FOR. FIRST WEEK. VV II Young, Will Harris, J R Couch, II II North, R A J Levons, J It Shell, Jr, L M Owen, Geo P Hurst, Thos A Morgan, G <) Bail ey, Steve Collins, R A Reese, J A R Camp, A R Evans, / T Turner, M J Stewart, J W Dukes, J T Rigsby, J S Price, 1) E Sewell, T II Harper, J A Phillips, L B Drake, W II North, H M Arnold, J W Camp, J C Hood, T F Jones, R M Young, G It Pope, J E Wal thall, W E Niminons, PH Gibson, T W McDonald, J W Young, Jas A Terrell. (IRANI) .1 URDUS. W J Fuller, J B Goodwyn, I* B Murphey, W I Reese, Bob Mann, J S Hammock, J K Polk, II A Camp, J D Arnold, M C Farmer, J D Carmleal, W L Crowder, G E Parks, E Dominick, J C McKoy, R J Stewart, J N Sewell, S C Bow- en, J S Benton, R II Ware, J P Bohannon, J C Sewell, E Meri wether, R L Hardy, J W Sewell, E P Floyd, T A Andrews, A II Rawls, J N Austin, ES Buchan- nan. Death of Patrick Grant. Patrick Grant, probably the best known stone mason in this county, died at the county farm last Saturday night, after being an inmate of the poor asylum for two weeks. The funeral occurred Sunday afternoon and was con ducted by Dr. J. W. Quillian. Pat Grant was a native of Ire land, and had resided in Newnan for thirty years or more. He was an expert in his trade and a thoroughly reliable workman. He was an intelligent man, and had many friends among the people of the city and county, all of whom are genuinely sorry to learn of his death.