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The Newnan news. (Newnan, Ga.) 1906-1915, February 01, 1907, Image 8

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1 ANNOUNCEMENT. We ink** tliis iiumIukI ol itniioitiiciim tu our former put mils mill IimmmIs time oil •Inti l-t Hi<imip*(I out Iiiii* o| business mid Imvi* i*|i'*ii• •• I 111» in "ti-vvort A’ |’miK- old -1'11111 n complete Inn* "I llrv (J'i'iils. etc \ irnitfl'til to mir nmn Irioinls lor W tliiMi' kind mid generous pntroiiiiiri* wil l'* m tin* biiliry (tioi'crv business Our enlist.ilit iimii ilinl desire wns to please uni customers mid give them the li«*st serviee mid the Iic-t oimils IIIissihle nt h rens*il|;ih|e prntit mid inn eiideiivnis in tin 1 inline n- n the past Will In* to servo yon promptly mid give yo|| fin- best ' dm*- to lie hud. mid would iippreeinte n shore ol’your pm lounge. \\ .. |n\e recently piireliimed tin stork- ol ffnoils lielmiojiijr io Stewnr1 A I’urks mid the Black Bros. < o.. Consisting ol dress goods. laces, cinbroideries, dress -kirt'. Indies rendv-to-wem iformellts, Inn shoes, no tions. eloihinir. etc. mid lime eommeined tilling in these two -toi ks mid will ndd from tune to time tint iI it is one ol the most eomplete in theeity These trends were liontrht nt H discount tJierelore we ■ * re in ;i posi- tion to jrive the trading pnhlie vnlnes thut eoiinot he dnpl iented elsewhere. AI lei combining tlie>e.t,\\o storks \\e liinl tlmt mil clotllillif "t• »«‘U. sline- hosiery , embroidery. luces mid nil winter goods need reducing. Collie ninl Iniv these (foods nt extremely low prices. Milltown. We hove some speciul values in Hosiery. Iradios, Childrens' anil Misses Hose IS and 21k quality, our price while they lust, 10c. Special attention is directed to our lar«e lines of Clothing and Shoes. Ev erything in these lines is priced low. C. P. Stephens & Co 5 Greenville Street. NN «■ have the Kxrlimivc Agency in Nettinii. t* r ‘01 ICKN <jl AI.LTV" SlItlKs Mr-. Phillips, from Carroll, visited Mrs. Belle .tones last Saturday and Sun day. Mrs. R. B. Fnyton visited tier sister at Sargent last Sunday. Mrs. Martin, or Moreland, who has been spending several weeks with her daughter, Mrs. .Tim Askew, returned home last Sundav. .fesse, little son of Tom Medaris and wife, lias been quite sick. Walter Hendrix came down from Sar gent and spent last Saturday night and Sunday with his sister, Mrs. Homer Allen. Will Cash moved with his family to Temple ln-t Monday. William Bryant, who was an old sol dier and got a wound on one of his low er limbs, is suffering very niueli lately 1 and is entirely unable to work. It would be very kind of the people of Newnun to * see after him fill he gets better. Miss Ada Hull, of Carrollton, visited friends here lust Saturday night and Sunday. Robert Bishop Ims been on the sick 1 list several days. Arthur Real roe, who had been em ployed here in the mill, went hack to j ('arrolltoii Iasi week. Miss May Norris was down from Car- k rollton last Sunday, visiting friends. ! Miss Mary MoUehee wns out of tlm mill sick a few days the past week. Messrs T. 0. Mitchell and .1 H. Mar tin, from I’orterdale, visitin'. Boh Mitch- jell and Charlie Mm tin, recently. Mr*. (lid Brook has been sick several days. Several of our people went down to Griiiitvilh* lust Sunday to attend the tuaeral service of Dr. flower. Willie Molilei was (piite sick for sev eral days la*t week. T. M Thomas moved with his family lo tlm eouatrv last Monday . I l{. Crow anil wile returned from a visit lo relatives in Guilin Iasi Sundav. l.ittle Joe I'urker, who was so ill at our last writing, is lunch better ,1.11. Brook, an old resident of New- nan hut who has lieen tanking Ins home in Carroll county since Christnms, is visiting his soils, (rid and Mack, and will he here for two or three weeks. Mis. Charlie Christum was taken sud denly ill last Saturday night and wns quite sick for several days. Jethro Stephens and .Tulin Barnard, from Porterdule, sin-nt last Sunday with the family of Mrs. I. 0. MoUehee. I Mrs. J P. Slmw Ims been quite ill for several dnyg, John and Oleve lirynnt moved with their families to the country last week. Miss Lula Turner came down from , Carrollton last Sutmrdny and got n posi tion m the cotton mill. (f. W. Vearta, of Carrollton, visited the family of Ids brother, John, last Monday. R F. Daniel and W. M. Hyde, of Car- roll, visited here last Monday. J. D. Yarbrough moved with his fam ily from Carrollton this week. J, M. Warren and Arthur Bryant moved from Hopewell, Ala., lust Mon day. The chapel church called Rev. J K. D. Taylor to serve as pastor this year; they also elected three deacon:—Charlie Christian,Pat Damron and Frank Moore. The deacons will lie ordained next Sun day afternoon nt !l o’clock. Din Nuii- nallv and Hardaway are invited to be present Dr. Nuuimlly will preach the ordination sermon. All are invited to turn out on that occasion Write Down RockSpring. Mr and Mrs. F M. Parrott spent Friday in Newnnn. Floyd Leigh and Wayne Gentry, ol Palmetto, visited friends here Saturday amt Sunday. The new academy at Rock Spring has been completed and Miss Maude Eiifre- keti has begun teaching, with a very good attendance, M. I) Thurmond made a business trip 117 I It's our telephone number and connecting line between you and the linest grades of coal. Cates’ Southern Gem is the best and purest Jellieo mixed with eannel. It makes a quick, hot lire and holds on a long time. ^ ou will need a new supply of coal. Let us semi it. to you lie fore the blizzards swoop down upon us. Cates Coal Co. Office and Yards near Railroad Junction. to Sharpsburg last Saturday. Misses liosa Lee and Clara May Ham mock, of McCollum, wore the guests of Misses Minnie Leo and Lucy Thurmond, last Sunday. The singing here last Sunday afternoon was well attended and very much en joyed. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Hammett visited the hitter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sum Todd, near McCollum, last Saturday and Sunday. Mimes Georgia nml Norn Haynes en tertained a number of friends at a pound supper last Saturday night. Alvin Hyde, of Benoia, and Krriu Hyde, of Madras, attended the pound supper Saturday night. Mrs. Mary Keith and sister, Miss Bet- tie Tolbert, of tiinutvil'.e. are the guests of the family of W. .1 Hembree. Mr. and Mrs. Luyius Gomel mid child ren, of Campbell county, visited rela tives here Saturday and Sunday last. Misses Lillie and Dorsio Banks, of Cowi fa, were the guests of Misses Geor gia and Nora Harper last Sunday. Will Hammett, of Loagstreet, ae-i coinpnnied by Miss Cleophns Hicks, at- 1 tended the singing Sunday afternoon. M. D. Thurmond spent Thursday in Newnnn. We lire sorry to note that Mrs, C. C. Gomel is seriously ill. S. L. Todd and W. M. Jackson mnde a business trip to Palmetto last Sntur- dnv. Now for Irregular Weather and the wisdom is evident that your horse should be protected. A blanket is almost as es sential as corn and oats. We carry everything* you may need for your horse. ORR and POWELL FURNITURE FUR ALL OCR STOCK is brim full of Bargains in house hold and kitchen Furniture, and we are prepared to serve your best interests, when it comes to a showing of the best goods at lowest prices. Our business has far exceeded anything we had dared to hope for in the past four months and this is evi dence of the truthfulness of our statement when we say that we have the goods and the price both right. We only ask that you get our prices before buying, and compare with others. Center and Parlor Tables We have a large shipment of these from 59c up. RUGS, MATTINGS, ART SQUARES AND LINOLEUMS. The largest assortment of cheap, medium and high grade rockers, odd beds, dressers, washstands, Princess dressers, iron beds, etc. China cabinets, side-boards, hall racks, wardrobes and many other things too numerous to mention. Call and examine our stock and learn where to buy furniture. Yours For Trade, -1 MAi.fiURY’S FURNITURE STORE Longstreet. Miatics Rosa nml (Until Hammock wen* tin* charming guests Sunday of Misses Minnie and Lucy Thurninn at Rock Spring. Mrs, I). (’, Neely, of Bharpshnrg, spent j Saturday night and Sunday here with j her (laughter, Mrs. J. V. McDonald. Miss Dallas Moore received in the Lud- den & Bates piano word contest a $75 certificate. Mrs. A. C. Royetou, of Slutrpsburg,, visited Mrs. Andrew Bailey, Tuesday. W X. Hammett and Miss Cleophns Hicks, attended the singing nt Rook Spring Sunday. J. 11. Wynu and Jim Smith, of Ked rina, visited friends here Sunday. Mrs Looney Spradlin and children, of Newnnn, spent Saturday and Sunday with G. B. Pope and family. J. S. Hammock is m Ncwuan this week on business. Miss Carrie Belle Hammett visited her sister, Mrs. F. T. Spenruinn, Monday. Bartow Smith,of Ncwuan, spent Mon day night witli relatives here. Miss Nannie Brown, of Fayette, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs K H. Pojh*. Guy Royetou Ims been quite sick for several days. ,T. \V. Sprnyberry and son, of I.a- Grange, sjtent Monday with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Hammett, of Rook Spring, visited relatives here Sun day. W. F. Moore is on the sick lisr. Flour That is Pure and Reliable We have recently equipped our flour mills with the latest und Lest machinery and are now making the highest grades of Hour on tlu* market. We will at all times use the Lest wheat obtainable, and having the best machinery and an expert mil ler to operate, we are assured of a good uniform flour. Some of the so-called highest patent flour is mnde by bleach ing and in some cases, it. is said, by adulterants. Our flour is aiisom'TKi.y im'Hk and uo artificial means are used in its manu facture. Try it and you will be pleased. You run no risk, kvkhy bah is o u a a antkkd. Wo do not sell at retail. You will find our Hour with most of the merchants. Ask your grocer for “Askew's Best" and “Imperial” four highest patents), “Snow Fi.ake” and “Coweta” (our three-quarters patent). Our pure wheat bran and shorts mixed is the richest food on the market. Trv ii and you will use no other. W. S. ASKEW COMPANY Welcome. Successor to Newnan Furniture Co. GREENVILLE STREET. Rev. F. J. Amis tilled Ins regular ap pointment at Providence, Saturday and Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Brooks, from near Coiner Branch, visited the latter’s par ents here Sunday. Mr. and mis. A S. Crain, of Newnnn, visited the former's parents, Sunday. Boh Pitman and sister. Miss Kate, vis ited Miss Yiola Newman Sunday. Albert and Joe Boone visited at Ros- coe Saturday night. Mrs. F. O. Mi*hoy and Miss Xirneua Strong are visiting relatives and friends in Turin J. K Boone and mi.-s Maude McKoy visited miss Bessie Crain Sunday. Miss Margaret Summers and Judge Conualiy, of Atlanta, ami Miss Othello Carmichael, of Newnan. visited Misses Lillian and Grace Summers. Sunday. Miss Kate Pitman, from Corinth, is visiting the family ot Rev. K 4. Amis Miss Ethyl Copeland, who has charge of the factory school at Sargent, visited home folks Sundav. J. W. Boone and wife, of Atlanta, visited rite family of .T, E. Boone, Sr., Sunday and Monday. On account of our superintendent not being able to attend, our Sunday school was called in last Sunday. We will have Sunday school next Sunday at !1 or !{:.'!(* o’clock, and want everybody to come and take part T. A. Hutchens and Charlie Milliaus are just up from a spell of la grippe. Miss Sara Austin, from Sargent, visit ed Miss Ethyl Copeland Sunday. Miss Jennie Wortham, from Central- hnchee, hns been visitiug her sister, Mrs. K. M. Grimes. We have a flourishing school of 84 pupils, with three teachers; Miss Maude McKoy, primary grades; Mr. Twigg, fifth to eighth grades; Rev F. J. Amis, the advanced grade. The trus tees have ordered ]>ateiir debits for the school room so that the pupils may be well seated B. H. Dial attended the Cotton Grow ers' Association in Birmingham last week. relatives in Fayette county. R. A. Ingram and wife attended set - ' vices iu Turin Sunday. Ed Pitman made a business trip to Newnan Monday. Tlu* “tacky party” given by Mrs. J. C. Harris last Tuesday afternoon wm very much enjoyed. Rev. R. M. Stephens spent Saturday ! with his father’s family at Wiutesburg Little Dallas Orr is very sick with th la grippe. Miss Ausley Moses, of Carrollton came down Monday to assist Miss .Tones in the school at this place, i Mrs. S. W. Glass is visiting her sister. Mrs. Roy Askew, a few days this week Miss Love Carpenter has returned home, after n most pleasant visit to her J sister, Mrs. ,T. F. Harris. Miss Lizzie Butler returned to In c home in Barnesville last Friday, after an extended visit to her brother, Ed 1 Butler. Cotton Receipts. Sharpsburg. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Pitman, of Bol ton's Crossing, spent Sunday with the family < f Ed Pitman. W. .1 Wood and wife, of Newnan, si>ent Saturday and Sunday with rela tives here. Hun. J. D Arnold mnde a trip to Griffin la.*t Friday. Mrs. R E Foster is teaching a most interesting music class ar fids place. Alvyu Ingram, of S- noia, is visiting relatives end friends here. Mrs. J. S. Benton is ou the sick list. Mrs. .Mary Budges is slowly in,prov ing. Walter Me Lane spent Xewnau’s cotton receipts, which had been running short this season, have climbed up above the re ceipts ot last season at this time. The total to Feb. 1st this year was 15,542 bales, against 15,Id7 bales last year. '1 he receipts to date are only about 400 bales behind last season tutu 1 receipts, and it i' belie/ed the figures will be fully as large this season as last vear. The stock on hand on Feb. Is was 4,174 bales, against .‘1,41 bales last year. This year Januarf receipts were 1.402 bales; last Sunday with . vear only 284 bales. i