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Weekly telegraph and messenger. (Macon, Ga.) 188?-1885, October 17, 1884, Image 8

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THE WEEKLY TELEGRAPH AND MESSENGER. FRIDAY. OCTOBER 17,1884. MMID MULUt- MVIUD. AVnUoro-' * summer day, FROM TEXAS TO 0.0*01*. IRWMIS' ■ EUtUUkTl •->! ItiM meadow sweet with hay, Ej me wrought, and h , e /,, in )‘ r, 7, K I eC ’ 9 pug mocked *a he killed a flea. ■ Judge rode slowly down the lane llaak with might and main. A Young Lady Trardk to Find her Tru ant twMthaart. Macon hlJ a bit of »cn»»lion yMltrt.y. About ten o’clock In the morning a young lady closely veiled, wearing a calico drci-* and no-colored Jersey, ran nimbly up Urn city hall steps and ask d for the mayor. Capt. O F. Adams was the party addressed, and with accustomed spirit of accommodation In formed her that the mayor \> as not \ A Subject for th# Average Sunday-School Story. The following is vouched for by several re sponsible citizens bf East Macon: Geosgc Clements is employed by Mr. John 4. Kelson at bis warehouse to sample cotton, If rten. v maid, 5 ask a drink (ro UUU (Uiu I , ~ >nge Mery of love, inia nu- ... ■ I - irfedllug —« s-r- thing* Jumbled U P, together.fcr the is a rapid talker. 8bo *«M,W •'Ittanke,’’ said the Judge, "but a sweeter draft yrom over the bar I’ve often quaffej. linker, rno r glri. tf r name Enily Woollard. her borne UaJ* veston. Texas, and her object to tlnd her sweetheart, one Fr-nk Woodworth, wbomshe had reason to believe was in Macon £hesa-d e listened with gicat gurprisc— had rea*<m io ueueve i» * r*X that while alck In Galveston, Frank,. who an entry clerk lu a large dry goods bou»»\ WF who lived nwt dour £ bw. (■orraw.da* .urn and >ck beta een hit eyes, VbUc she took up her hay-making act “agta," Saying only: "He vu full of gin.’ Mi- Hand lluller on a summer day, Killed the Judge who como her tray. f —lYcUell’a Weekly. HOLTON FARMERS* CLUB. jgn Interesting Meeting and Dlscutalon of Question A very interesting meeting of this club was keld at 9 a. m. Saturday, with President R. A. Jiisbet in the chair and J. W. Howard as sec retary. There were present Dr. L. Holt, J. K. Johnston, C. W. Howard, O.M. Davl*>*dward Docier, R. E. Park, W. J. McAfee, Rurl Thomp son, A. U. McKay, W. F. Holt, Jr., J.D. Smith, W. J. Gray and some visitors. C. W. Howard made a report of the commit tee on exhibit as a c ub at the State fair, which vraa discussed by Mcss>s. Holt, Johnston, Mc Kay and Davis, and resulted In a decision, in view of the extremely dry weather, to abandon an exhibit as a body, but to mako individual display Reports on crops were made bj Mr.^McKay, who uvea next uoor w uc ‘ > V .,7 ‘7 of$3fc from her ana then left Galveston. -»• le 1 borne on last Wednesday to And him if he was under the broad canopy of heaven, and after traveling all over illiuols found out by an intercepted letter tliathe was in Macon,and here she wu Bbe had spent $75 fn railroad fare alone and would h»v# »p nt that much more In finding him. Bros arrived in Macon Monday night, by wav of the Macon and Augusta train, aud stopped at the fcdgtrtou ■ Captain Adams sent for Lieutenant Wood ...» .1.. mivii#*d Ho won! rai-tain via*in» ecm hwwbuku—. and to him the story was rem ated Uo went out in town aud soon located the long-aougut- for Frank at a store on Cotton avenue. MUs Woollard was informed of Franks "v. ..4 f_ .Ik. uil.iHr.u-ii nt •who *t ted that Jones county had made a tine com crop, but cotton was cut off one-half and augarcauo, peas, potatoes »nd chufas were al-| most entirely ruined. .... , The rigx»rts from Bibb and Monroe agreed with the one Imm Jones county. — An interesting discussion of peas, the dlf, ferent kinds, clay, *pe kied, enmder, lady- whfppoorwili, black and other varieties, time to plant or sow them, methods, etc , followed. The clay pea seemed jnoat popular, some con tended i bat peas were not good for bogs, un leas cooked. The raw peas produced worim and hogs die' in the spring, sometimes earli er. Raw cotton seed were also declared dan gerous fo d for hogs, as they we e indigesti ble, clogging up and causing death. Manv hogs die of eating ra* cotton need. aud the oil ‘w as also hfiiovcd'to bo unwholesome aud pois onous, cadding fatal results. Dr HoK >va» invited to prepare an article| on proper food for farm animals for 1 future meeting. Mr. G. M. fJuvis proposed th-* name of Frank Wilder, of JV-nfyth, for membership, aud he was elected upoA th usual conditions. R E. Park moved that n committee be ap pointed to draft resolutions of regret aud con dolence upon the lamented death of Hon. A. M. Lockett for fifteen years, or more, the pop ular and zealous president of the club. It was unanimously adopted. An artlcb*. entitled, ‘ Farmers stick by your farms,” by Dr. Potter was read and discussed. $ A list of successful farme/s was given, and O. M. Davis cited specially Frank Wilder, of Monroe county, ana A. H. 8. M* Kay gave an iut resting statement about Wiley Card, of Joues county, who makes fifteen bales of cot ton to the mule, aud starting with nothing, lately bought the splendid Lee Clower planta tion, and owes no man anything. It was agreed that farmers generally depended too much upon others, and did not personally su perintend their business as much or as clos-ly as merchants, mechanics, lawyers and other business men. Hence the numerous failur s.i It was resolved that Holton Club meet with the "Young Farmer's Club" at the State fair Tuesday, October 28th. pi j If Supcrinteudeht Fry will have some lamv_ with reflectors put up at Holton depot, be will accommodate members oi the club who take night trains. It won’t break nls road, aud will do great good. What Eli Taylor Says. Eli Tay’or, the negro charged with the kill ing oi Conductor Raleigh, of Macon, Is in Jail st Savannah for safekeeping. He gives to the ^SewB his version of the affair, which is as fol- ■ lows: w “I think it was on Saturday, August 23, when the train frame along to Lumber City. when 1 set the switch, as I was In the habit of doing, so as to run the train on a siding. 1 stood near the switch motioning to the train to come on. and at tie same time tried to make the conductor hear me, bathe did^'tseemto understand, h is train came on down close to the a vitch and stopped, when he camo up to me and e&id he didn’t want ro run on the fldj ing. Bo I nt once changed the switch | wanted, when he cauie close to me and •aid: "You of Taylor, the next time you don’t set that switch as I want it I’ll kill r and the train trent 6lowly d jwn the main track two or three r lengths, wuen inecouductor Jumped from| the car thatfcwas still in motion, picks*! up a that he meant what he said, and he made a rush at me with the scantling. I dropped ou y hands and feet, the stick missing me. to my SBMUPWMMMPMI As 1 touchi-4 the ground with my h..nds II seized a piece of iron which I was in the habit of using to knock the switch with when chang ing it, and held it in both hand above my head | end of the train, the wheels pa-sing cleaM ■ I forehead and mashing his akuil. I stood a minute dumb and scared, and I knew that it woubm't do for m*- to stay about the place, for those men would make short work with me. 1 1 down to the rlVer and got into a small *cpl going until me following lui-ouay. auuui the middle of the day, when I got work pick ing cotton. I was on that place about three weeks, and intended as so*>n asl should get my wages to go to Macon and sec a lawycraud give myself up. I toid some colored men what l had doue, and that I intended to sur render to tho •government,’ when the follow ing afternoon the sheriff and anothc' gentle man came up aud arres cd me in the field." The 6hot Qun. The particulars of a shot gun affair on Abner T. Holt’s place, a few miles above the city, reached us yesterday. It seems that at a » gathering on the place of Mr. James 8earcy, a neighbor oi Mr. Holt, a difficulty occurred among some negroes, in which Horace Moore cut Willie and i ugene Thw cat and Ben How ard. A few days afterward Moore, who is tho winei-r on the Holt place, was getting up st( a »i when he discovered Willis Thweat stealthily creeping upon him. TbwcaL on seeing he whs discovered, took position behind a s ump and (Ircd a load 01 duck shut into Moore s body. The report of the gun brought S c hands that were in the field picking cot- 11 to the scene, Thweat intbc meantime mak ing good his escape. The bands rushed for ward to Moore who was prostrate, but bo wss unable to talk. Ho motioned to the engine, and on going to It, the negroes saw that the gauge point d to one huudred pounds. The fire was quickly put out and a calamity averted. Yesterday Mr. nolt was in town for the pur- of getting out a warrant for the arrest of to die, Moore, tho wounded man, is likely Saved by Powder* The other night Mr. L. O. Hollis, lining near the Monroe county line, heard a fearful ox- ploeion in the rear portion of bis residence. On examination it was discovered that the bon sc had been set on fire, and when tbcl flamcN readied a keg of powder in the room it iplodcd, and fortunately put out the fire. Fighting for Front Seats. Last night at the new depot, as tho train was about to lea c for Brunswick, twogan&s of ne groes had a scramble for best sods. One gang was from along the line of the Macon and Augusta r 11 road and the other from the a Southwestern railroad, both going to Florida ▼to work on railroads. They fought each oilier llfee cats nulling wool, gouging eyes and oth erwise injuring each other. 'Iht-y were still . flgvting when the- train moved i ff, and no nrti yesterday, the t of guilty with a! ey in the case of United • In the United s Jury brought in j reconunc mbit ion George Williams nenaation is snid , United States Oour~. i -^In |hc afternoon the com’ against Joseph A. for sending obscene matter through presence in town, and from the windows ». the city hall could see her sweetheart at work. rr. /. H hn u 1 ., > /•J7)«K- ine city noti cuum He was sent for, ami when he wu seen cross ing the street coming in the direction v f the I. .11 .ir.« all In ■ flntlHr Ilf CXCite- c“r h.iirs* wS .Tl In .flutter ot crcttc- meat me jnecUof btt.etn lhe t«o look place in the mayor r office, and had uo wit- n The*two had a long conversation, in which vcrylittlc- .t«umemoaer. .«lr. very little was sam aoouv me m«uv>. Bloodworth. while taken somewhat aback tho appearance of Ml«* tt oollard in Macon, fr nkiy told ner that he owed her no mom F. •nd if her object in following him to Georgia was to force him into a marriage, she had was VO jurca imu ium » journeyed a long ways on a IruJt'ess errand. * He says he met the girl in Galveston and may have promised to mary her Such was not his intention, however, and that the state ment of hU being indebted to h r in the sum of |20O was simply a ruse by which she could 1 have him held by an ofeer. Hcjregret* it.* hn, nr*ii>niui hum and her ac- nave mm new uy an o«cer. «yi the publicity her presence here and her*8 tions will necessitate, but he Is determined!* I uot being bu ldoz.d into a marriage not of his KlisaW<%trd Is at the Edgerton Hotel and I says she will not leive until ghe is paitl the says sne win nui ie«ve umu sue !■»*** *“*- money. From indications, the end of the money, rrom inunauuu affair'has uot been reached. Strange Action, A curious story comes to us from the Macon and Augusta railroad, and is wrought lu by passengers. It seems that on Monday last a Mr. Autman left Elbert county with the proper papers, in charge 0/ a white woman of the same name for the asylum at Milledgcvid- While on the train the mind of the suddenly deranged and ho talked wildly He talked about a murder being committed s me years ago in Elnert county and said he used of being implicated in it, bu: that the charge was false. The conductor saw that he was not the pro per person to have a crazy woman in c-arge, and he kept a watch on the couple. When the train reached Sparta the two eluded Conductor Perkins u back to the* sheriff to arrest'the couple and hold them. . , , . . Monday afternoon the sheriff found the woman n the woods, some distance from town, wander ng about. The roau had placed the papers in a bag, tied it aiouud 'lie po r woman’s neck ana left her. Yesterday Con ductor Perkins took her t<> MiUedgevilb is not known what became of the man. Frightening a Lady. Mr. J.W. Dunn, the well-known artificial stone-maker, lives on the corner of Elm and Johnson streets. lie was late in gvttlng homo on Mon ay night, and between eight and uine o’clock there was a knock ou tho back door. Mrs. Dunn went to the door,and by the light of tho electric light which shitles di rectly upon the rear portion of the ho; 1 with a lstoliuhis hand. He de manded admittance into the house, but Mrs. Dunn hastily shut the door in his fare. He went into the yard and him through the window. He was dressed in <v blue suit, with long hair and wnUkera, which she thinks, by their arrangement, were and shortly after Mr. Dunn arrived, but the man could not be found in the neighborhood Rough on Bob* Bob Lee is our mailing clerk. Yesterday morning about 5 o'clock, after Bobhv-d sent the Telegraph whizzing over the railroad' be slung his gun over his shoulder, and with pocketful of cartridges, hurried down therlv er to shoot ducks. He made his way thr mgh the park, and when about two miles away from town, ho saw a number of ducks disport ing in the water near the opposite bank. As he had no boat he retraced the miles throsgh the park so as to cro-s the river on the city bridge, and then hurried on to the ■pot where he saw the ducks. Four miles 1 Closer and closer he crept to the ducks, and then when ho thought ho was as n* nr as he could get without disturbing them, he blazed away, just then the head of a physician aros«* above question came floating And sure cuouuh, Bob had walked four mies to shoot at a lot of wooden ducks! The n xt time he goes duck shooting, he will carry a telescope to discover before shooting wheth er the fowls have feathers or not. Found Dead- * Last night about 9 o’clock when Lizzie FIcwcIIcn, living In the old brown tenement house corner Walnut and Fifth streets, went to her room to go to bed, a fearful stench greeted her nostrils. She turned the bed over, supposing that there was a dead rat under neath, but not finding anything of the kind, she concluded that it proceeded from the ad joining room, occupied by another negro woman, named Lavcnia Wi Hams. The key * as In the door, and the r utton was turned 01 the inside. She called to Lavcnia, but receiv ing uo reply, pushed the door open when .^ t | w *'“**—•“ ghastty Bight met her gaze. Silting by the bed on nn upturned bucket was Lavcnia dead. I The poor woman was seen alive on Monday morning. She was up aud about talking to I those In the house She h»d been sick for some time, but nothing serious vaa thought of1 it. -ho was about thirty years old and bad r iformerly worked for Mrs. Menard. I I Report of the oc-urrcnce was soon carried Up town to the police and officer Goodroe I went down to take charge of the corpse until the arrival of the coroner. The State Fair. The indications point to an extraordinary display of Jersey cattle at tho fair. Yester day applications were made by Holton Club for twenty-five stalls; B. W. Hunt, EstontOD, for twenty; J. B. Wade, Atlanta, twenty-five; Colonel Woodward, of Cobuita, for ten, and In addition there »re numerous others who de sire stalls for Jem vs. To day a carload of fine race horses will be received fiom Louisville, Ky., and one car load from Conyers. The Southern Seed Company have engaged space and will make a fine display. One young lady engaged ten feet space yes terday for art goods of her own moke. Nest week the articles for exhibition will begin to arrive in earnest, and wo will keep the public freely informed as to them. Mies Woollard. There seems to have been nn amicable ad justment yesterday of the differences between Miss Emily Woollard, of Texas, and Mr. F. B. Bloodworth, ax will bo seen from tho follow ing card scflt us for publication: I regret very much that I have‘caused Mr. Bloodworth this trouble. Uo has been a per fect gentleman in every respect and is not Wider ony obligations what- perju uullhing In , wss taken un but not concluded. 1 expected th*t the case against Henry trill be token up tootsy. Buokfen'a Arnica Solve. The beat halve In tho world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positive ly cures plies or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Frice 26 cents per box. For tale bf Lamar Hankie & Lamar. BEATS TUCKER'S GHOST. aud Mr. Nelson says Geo ge has always beer found to bo a truthful negro as far as ho hai eTer been able to flud out Lest Sunday after ho went nutill-g on the old I/>wo place about a mllo and a half from F.ast Macon. Ill gathered a largo basket full of hickory nuts Ibmu0 and asked George why he throwing »T tho homo, *nd saw at once that George I loot doing the throwing, aa chips, . stick* and other things were rained on tho house, and yet George waanot moving am us- ole It was Just at twilight, and while too d uk to AisdognUh the missiles, It was sufflj The Facts :n gsfsrsnos to Frsskhnt Davis’s Saddle. Having seen an article in the Tklkurafh anp Mr&bvroxr of October 11th in refer ence to President Davis’s saddle, I wish to correct a portion of said article. I was a prisoner with President Davis. He was captured about fifty mike below Hawkins- ville, near IrwinviUe, in Irwin county, on th»20tb of May. 1£63, and on the 2lst we camped four miles above Hawkiusvilfc aud on the S2d we camped at Bandy Hun creek In Houston county. We never appre hended any trouble until that night, when Got Pritcuaid, the Federal commander, was refttforcbed, and a rutnor was circu lated through camp that tho paroled sol diers intended to recapture Mr. Davis, and wo ail thought that we would he killed first, but everything passed oil quietly, President JJavis nad a negro with him that was 01.0 ot his former slaves, and be could Mutt him anywhere and with any. thing, and tho Pederals would allow him to pass in and out of the lines unmolested. Aotheoebbles and things continued to strike Mr. Davis’s brother-in-law, who now . . A tl'IIIU.n.l l-.rt.r Itllt tn find Ih(> ' - * clentlr Ifflfat to wo *njr penou wound Ihu house. J sleeps in 'lie i’acific ocean, Lieut. A, M. J Smith, of Company K, 49th Georgia Uegl- the three men mado a 'borough search for any I men t ’ whose remains rest in the sandy SK5ASR MSSiMiS ^ jugh m’oonwm a pei — found, and a feeling of fear crept over the trio. Vbey adjourned to the bouse to consult, and yet the rocks and sticks fell with regular- tty- George vu particularly fr gbtened, and his conclusion was that it wasia abost trying to nnlsh him for gathering hickory nuU on Sunday. All sorts of ideas were expr ssed about ft, and finally it wa* decided to take the basket of nuU 1 ut of the house, on the suppo sition that the nuts was the cause of the strange proceeding. Willis took the baskeL him in the breast: This almost satisfied him that tho nuts caused the trouble, and he hur riedly ran a few yards from the bouse and pttt-d the basket of the wicked nuts. He then ran back into the house and bad scarcely shut the door when the patter upon the roof was more violent than ever. By this time George and'> Alls s wife were on their knees praying loudly and rapidly. Willis and Porter broke out into one of the old camp-meeting hymns and patted their knees while they kept time with tnelr feet Nowand the-' they would cease their religions exj-rcises to liiten, and as tho patter coutlnued they would resume their shoutiug. AboutO o’clock th- ratt’.o on the roof cessed and hickory nuts began to force themselves through the cracks of the house, whl *U is built of logs. The nuts then cause 1 the wild est consternate t as they flew about the room, stri«ing t . j negroes about the head and face. Willis p* zed up oue of the nuts, and. after marking ' with a kuife, threw it ont of the door. In 1 instant the nut was thrown through the Uo..r with great violence. It was picked up sod identified. The state of things kept up until about 10 o’clock, wheu Willis aud Porter Juggl d among themselves aud qui-tly concluded to bounce George from the house. Tuey had considerable trouble in getting him out because George was fright ened nearly to death. After went away the nuts ceased their work quiet once more reigned iu the log house This is a very strange story and may be classed as bosh, but the facts were related to us yesterday by Mr. John A. Nelson who knows all the parlies in the case, and the cir cumstances surrounding it, aud he believes that there must have beeu some strange man ifestations on the night referred to. We learn that a ptrtv of East Macon gentlemen w yesterday afternoon, taking George with _m, and if the nuts and pebbles rise in their might again, they will discover tbo cause. aud it has never been explained. Th* B cyolo Tournament. It was a hard struggle to bring tho bicycle into anything 1 ke general use in Macon, and thero were several reasons for it. First, the cost of a ’cycle was blyond the roach of many and, secondly, there were few who could find anything like a good use tor one beyond a pleasure ride. For a long time there was only one in the city, and it was the object of curl osity when on tho streets. Gradually the young men began to save up money and pur chased machines, finding nearly every dav some new u*® for It, end now twenty or more ’cycles are seen whirling over the streets every interest grew, atd a club was formed which has incroayed in strength until now the Macon club is one of the st ougest clu s In th® South. Recently they prepared a quarter-mile track witbin “ ““— track at the park, and during _ _ _ they will have a series of races and invite all amateur wheelmen in the South to parti-ipato in it. They are determln d 10 make i a grand affair, aud la«t night they held an Interesting meeting to settle upon eome features of the programme. The billowing ia a list of the races and’the prizes: *3.00. he start mubt be made on the scratch. All entries must be made by the 25th of October to the Secretary ot the Macon bicycle Club. Block and White. Nearly everybody in Macon knows Pete P kins. He is rated as one oi our wealthiest col ored citizens, and for a longtime invested his money in United States bonds, and no enjoyed clipping off ihe coupons more than be. Recency he bought a lot on Fourth street near Holt’s corner and put up a brick rtorchouse. But l’cte’s pathway Is not wholly without thorns, and probably his greatest trouble is in being tne victim of the vagaries ot a cr-zy woman who has imagined for a long time that she was Fete's wife, watches for him aud when he nppo she abuses him fur spending h r money at.. not taking care of her. l>o what he would, Pete couiu never chakc her off, and she clung il when at The to him. 1’cte is very bright in color, a Saratoga is as big as any white woman, who take* the name 0/ Henrietta Per kins, is as black as Ink, nnd the contrast as they stood bc-f-rc the recorder yesterday morn- ii>g was very striking, Jle had beeu troubhd so much by her that he had her up for disor derly conduct. Fho told the court that she let off. Country Teams on the Streets. The city courcti last night stru; k a blow at one of the olden-time customs of the city. A petition signed by sundry citizens was read asking that an ordinance be passed prohibit ing our country friends from hitching their teumson the principal streets and feeding them. The petitioners declare that the pic ture ia an unsightly otic and not likely to im press the stranger witbin our gates of any spirit of enterprise or city Improvement. The committee on sireeta was directed to look into tho matter nnd if tho occasion demanded it, frame a suitable oidlnance. Board of Publlo Education The board of public education met and transacted considerable business. Tho su perintendent’s quar’erly report was read and its recommendations discussed and several of them adopted. The superintendent was al lowed to expend $.Tj to pn pare an exhibit oi school bullain ■ and school work at the State fair, The following officers wero appointed for the ensuing ytar: Prcriden , L N Whittle; vice-president. It. A. Nisbet. secretary, J. T. Nisbet; treasurer, J. W. Burke; superintend ent, B. M. Zettler. A Perjury Case. The case of the United states vs. George Williams, for perjury, will be tried to-day. It seems that George was a witness against Mr. John Miliirons, charged with retailing liquor without a license. He swore that on certain days in September, 1S83. ho purchased drinks from Mr. Miliirons at his store, whorcas Mr. MiUiroi s sets up an alibi. The case went be fore the Brand jury and a true-blll waa found against william lot- perjury. The jury wa* selected, and the case la first on hand this morning. Blackbird Shooting. The Macon Sport man’s Association will have their first practice with blackbirds this afternoon at the old grounds on tho cast lido of the river. This will bo the last practice on these the saddle in a blanket and gave is to this old negTO, who passed it across the lines, but what he did with it I never knew. I have often asked who lives near Sandy Run creek, and was informed that a man by the name of Feapnn. I have often thought about this saddle, and had no idea but that Mr. Davis had recovered it long a*o Hut the saving of the saddle is dne to the old ne- ro. He was very much attached to Mr. Javis, aud his nick name for Mr. Davis when speaking of him, when not in hie presence, was "Old Pomp.” Mr. Davis was never in Houston until two days after we were captured, and the saddle was never deli vered by Mr. Davis to a little boy before he was captured. John Burrows, Private in Company O, Eighth Georgia Regiment. An Overtasked Brain. A clergyman in Iowa, after a few weeks’ use of our Treatment, says: "Your Compound Oxygen has worked like a charm. I have no special ailment except from an ovirtasked brain. Wake fulness. nervous irritability, and tendency to paralysis were the most marked troub les. Now after three weeks’ use, increase of weight, clear rneutal horizon, freedom from incipient paralytic attacks, and good rest. What more could I ask?” Our "Treatise on Compound Oxygen” containing a hisi07 of tin discovery and mode of action of this remarkable cura tive agent, and a large record of surpris ing cures in Consumption, Catarrh, Neu ralgia, Bronchitis, Asthma, etc., and a wide range of chronic diseases, will be sent free. Address Drs. Starkey Pa- leu, 1109 and 1111 Girard street, Philadel phia. filing 9%: net rtoslpta 4897, gross 4807: salts 2124; atoci 23,872: exports, coastwise 1111, Wilximoto* Oct lS.-Oottoi- closed ateady; middling 9 7-16 net rsooipta 109& kcuu 1095; sales stock 18,042. SAVANNAH, OoL 15.—Cotton quiet, mid filing y%; aet reoctptc 0804 urroa*- 680* aa'oa 7100; stock 81,014; exports to continent 9790, C’rawtbrd Coun'y, Postponed ou»rotun Nnle pEORGIA, BIBB f:0UXTY.-*v virtue .-fan IT order of the court of onlluaryotsahl coun ty, will be sold to tie highest bidder, on the first Tuesday In November, 18-4, between the MEDICAL DEPART- OF THE ENT loastwfae 1484. NrwOrlrans, Oct. 16 -Cotton steady; mld- dliuk ®?4< uel receipt* 12,403 Bros*- 13,674 "Ml-» 4000; stock 90,428; exports, to continent 3940; coastwise 1409. Mobilx, Oct. 15 —Cotton quiet: Ulddllug _ 10; net receipts 121 . 00k 7044; exports coastwise 519. Memphis, Oct. 15 — Coltou quiet: middling u-net receipt* 2935; shipment* 3380; salt a Slw: stock 16,641. . Augusta, Oct. 13— Cotton closed quiet; mid dling yJ a - , receipt* 18G9; shipment* —; sales exports, to continent 4264, alloy 170 feet, moi. adjoining fronting on Johnson street —feet d running back — feet to tho ten foot alley In the rear, tho whole being owned Jolntlyby M. F. Fannin, of b. 1*. walker and Miss E. A. Walker, who will make dce<Js to tho whole ou day of sale. Terms cosh. m. f Fannin, Guardian of Bcnonl P. Walker. octl lawlw CITY MARKETS. Mrats.—Market steady, unchanged. Stocks light. We quote: Bacon—aides ll^aUTi; sh. 4 GEORGIA, Crawford County.— Craw for v* Courtof Ordinary. July Term, ltwi. Ufrnn hearing and cousloorlng the above and forego ng petition of Geo. D. Mutbows executor of the Lard.—Market quoted higher; stock am lo. We quote: in tierces and mbs 9}.4@10; ip b nail* lOX: 6 Palis 10?*; 3 Tb pails itf. Butter.—Market steady and well stocked; oleomargarine 22a25c;ncwMay gilt edge 26a28o; further creamery 29aS0o; country 20a25c; Tennessee 201 UMI ast will and testament of Enoch Mathew , Me of said county, deceased: wliereupou it Mordo ed that Eh A HuuU-r.a leg tee under said will, If iu life, uud her heirs at jsw if *be bo deceased, bo aud appear before me at my office on the first Monday iu December next to witness a flual settlement of the ac counts of said executor with said estate. It ‘,ug to the court that said Candy.—Assorted, in boxes 10910HO| barrels •UalOc. CORK BERV.—Cooked. 1Tb S‘2 22 ttt* tt.25. Cheer*.- Market higher; stocks ample. We quote: Full cream I3^c; lower grades 12al8o Coffee.—Tne market is quiet ana suaiuy choice 14«: rood 13c; medium 12)£aJAc; common Halite. Floub.—Lower but n good demand. We quote: Common 84.23; family 44.50: extra family 56.00: fancy 85.25; patent 86.50*6.75. Dry Goods.—The murket Is quiet; demand moderate; stocks ample. We quote: Prints 4-. aOOik Georgia browu shirting 5c; %do 5'^j 4-4 brown aheetlng 6>$c: white osnaburgs 8 it 9^c; cbecka CKa7cj yurna.S’^o for best makjr. the State of Ordered: that service be perfected by pub lication of this order once a mouth tor tour paper in which said county advertisement* are published, and In tbo Galveston News, a pap. r published in Galveston, said State oi *exas. By the Court. July 7, l8ta. VIRGIL s. HOLTON, Ordinary. True extract from minutes. Jyll-w-lam-im brown drillings 7aic. Hardwark.—Market firm. Horse shoes 85.00 per keg. Mule shoes 86.00. Iron bound bamet 84.50a5.00. Trace chain* 45a50o per pair. Ames shovels 811.00 ner dox. Plow hoes 4J4a4*£o pat fit. Holman's plowitock* 81.25. Axes 87.50a 8.00 per dox. Cotton cards 84.00. Well bucket- 84.25. Cotton rope 16i20c per !b. Swede Iron 5a5J4c per tb, refined 3a3J^cper lb. Plow steel 5c par ft. Nall* 82.75—basis of 104. Powaet 85.00 per keg. Blasting powder 13.00. Lead 8c per lb. Drop sho S1.85&1.90 per bag. Barbed wire 7a7»>c Arrixs.—In good demand and scarce. Fancy stock $4.00. Dried Pxaciim—Strictly No. 1 peeled 6c per pound. . »Vax—22 to 24c. Hat.—The market steady; good demand; we quote at wholesale: Western timothy 81.10:- 1.12U; small lots 11 15ai.20. Lrkons.—Higher; good demand; Mcssim. 85 56. Buoam. The market is quiet; crushed powdered 8^c; jrranulated 7K(8»c: A 7a 7%a: white extra C 6%c; yellow 6*6tfc. Nut*.—Terragona almonds 22c per Ib;PrIn cess paper shell 24c: Frenoh walnuts idalsc Naples pecans 15o; Brasil 35e; filberts — cocoanuts $3o per 1000. Oranges.—ttcarco and in good demand. Flo i Ida selling at 83.50a4.00 per crate. Raisins,—Fair demand: market steady: new layers 82.50 per box: new London layers 83 po> Bibb County Sherff Sales. Will be sold before the Court House door in tho city of Macon during tho legal hours of sale, on tho first Tuesday iu Noveuitk r next, raiu.uii un, iucsusj iu « the following p operty, to-wlt: Th.t tract or parcel of and situated in the i, In said Oitf of Macon,; isawsm yvt uu*. uo. i box; loose muscatels 82.50 Grain.—Cora—market firm: stout fs Ugh good milling com 80a85c by car lots. 78a$0o small lota; mixed com 76a78c. Oat*—good ite maud and higher; we quote: Western 8**w Georgia mst-proof 73a75; Texas rust-pro ’ 80. Bran 81.15al.20. Ltqcorh—ltye #i.60a5.60, Bourbon 8L60a5.GU redistilled rye and com 81al.30, gin andm«. 8I.05al.75, N C corn $1.60, peach and app. brandy 82.00a2.75. caUwba wine8125, port and sherry wine fl.25aS.85, cherry aud ginen brandy OOcall.50, French brandy I2.25s5.76, do mestic brandy 8l.C5a2.00. Hub, Vaucismd tla stir and Cxuxdt.—A u. baina lump lime is iu fair demand, and is sen lug at fl.13al.25 per bbl; Georgia fl.20al.23 Calcined plaster 82.75*3.00 per bbl; hair 40a50n Georgia cement 82.00; Louisvlllo and iloseu dale cement Il.90a2.00; Portland cement 88.75i 4.(0. Oils.—Market firm nnd in good demand; sis- n«l 50af>Jc; West Virginia black 17c; lard oil 70c; cotton seed 69; headlight 20a22c; keroseu- 17c; neatsfoot 78c; machinery SSrAOc: linseed 6Sa71c; mineral seal 83c; cotton seed refined washed I6a20c; washed 24a28c; burry 12al6 Absolutely Ptirei This powder never varies. A marvel of purity, st ength and wholesomeneaa. .wore economical than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in competition with the multitude of low teal, short weight, alum or phosphate powders. Sold only in cam. Royal Baking Powder Co., 100 Wall street New York. COMMbKClAL. COTTON MARKKT REPORT BY fKl.r.GKAPU AND Mast;KNAR*. Macon. October 1^-Rvenlng, Liverpool reported business moderate at unchanged prices at 5 9-16 for middling up- lands. Sales, I0,(k0 bales. Futures closed steady. Iu New York October contracts opened steady at 9.84 and closed steady at 9.84-85. Bales, not given. . Bpota in New York opened aud closed quiet at 9 15-1C for middling uplands. Bales, bales. Tho local market was steady with prices a shade lswer than yesterday. The receipts were 795, sales G76, shipments 814 bales. Good mlddnuK ti\i Middling * 1-16 Strict low middling...... W RECEIPTS. Received by r&U 290 Wagon 496- Receipts previously 18,098 Stock on hand September 1,1884 Total .......... SHIPMENTS, Shipped by rail Shipped previously 15,009-15,823 Stock on band 8.414 COTTON MARKETS BY TCLCORAWir. Liverpool. Oct. 15—Noon.—Cotton, business moderate; prices unchanged;mlddHu* uuUed 6 y-16 zuiduling Orleans aide* 10,000 bales, for speculation and expbn. 1000; ri-oeiptt 3300, Amercan 3300. Future* easy. October ............A 83-M October aud November .............fa 34-64(332-04 November and December 5^3 64 December and January 5 3544®3541 January and February. 39-04r«37-64 Fehroary and March 5 4-204(^41-<»4 March and April ....5 4. r H»4 , 2 f. if.—Sales included 7700 bolts American. Ftttures quiet but steady. * Oi tober, sellers 5 3344 October and November, sellers 5 3344 November and December, sellen.6 83-64 December and January. sellers MM .5 3544 January and February, sellers »~..5 3844 February and March, buyers 64144 March and April, sellers .. aMM .......5 4544 April and May,-sellers ...54944 May and June, ficllers... 65244 5 p. m.—Futures closed steady. October, buyers., 5 8244 October and November.huyers.... 58244 November and December, value.~5 8344 I December and January, buyers A 3444 January and February, buyer*;...,,.6 3744 |February and March, buyers...^.6 41441 54141 arch and April, value..mi. « April and May, buyers 5 4844 May and June, buyers 6 5144 Nrw York, Oct. 15.—Noon.—Cotton quiet; mlddll g uplands 915-16; middling Orieoua 10 3-16. Futures market close not given; sales —, Tho following table shows tho opening and closing quotations: grounds, as the workmen will commence to morrow to jmt the new grounds in order. ,’uptaln J. C. Wheeler will survey tho lot this Balmy odors frdm Spico Islands; Waited by the tropic breeze; Bozodont in healthful fragrance Cannot tyg buYpu^scd by these, purifies; .voiuiyi HU! Teeth it whlttn,, , You will die it if you’re wise, a November December...... fanusry.. February m... Mhi« h April. May receipts 37,941* gtimrts, ) continent 17,994. diniK 9 9-16. net recolpta 4-364; gios* 4655; aalcn so i R • ativ-k 52.780. Noiroui, ’ OcL 15.—Cottop* <wy: mid- Wttiiueu wbaiv. Wax 22@?4c. Tallow 6@6c. Ficelkb.—Flat* tl.fao. quarts $2 28 half oa>- re) s, plain and mixed, $7.00. Onions.—Yellow and red 83.0 a3.25 i*er bbl. Fruit.—Bananas, Ted, 8L6da2.0Q perbnncu. • Potators.—Good demand for new potatoes at'*2.25 per bbb Rice.—Good 6c; primo«}4o; fancy 7c. 8tabok.—ttcUnea pearl boxes 6c;. do. i n boxes 6c. ^ Sardines.—Quartet boxoa American I6.25« 6.50; Imported $13.50. Salt.—Tho demand Is moderate and th* market steady; largo stock; Virginia 8lal.2ft; Uverpool fl; by car load theso price* can U shaded. Strop.—Market bare of Florida and Georgia syrups; New York sugar 30a40c. Fish.—New crop, No. 1, bbls., 812.00, half bbls. $6.00, quarter bbls. $3.26: kttn 70c; No. * mackerel, bbl*. $8.00, halt bbls. 84,00, quui- tor bbls. 82.25, kits 60. Mules.—About tnree car loads in Uie mar ket, which is active; trade medium; flOOalSr. Horses.—Oue car load Tennessee In market 8125*200 PROVISION AND GRAIN MARKETS B> TELEGRAPH. BALTitfoau, Oct. 15.—Flout steady, active; Howard street and Western sugeriiue^$225ii 2.75. extra $2.90*3.50, family Mills^supenttie"”*230^275, ^extra 83.00a3X<? rio brands 84.62a4.75. Faupsco family fc.00 superlative patent 86.25. Wheat—8onthi a uict and firm; Western steady and dull outbern red 84aS7. do amber 93a95; No 1 Maryland 87Ua83; No 2 Western winter rtd spot 81&aS21 “ “ *“ * Westeru dul 66a60. LAJUisviLLE, October 15.—Flour steady nnd unchanged: extra family 83.25a3.50. A No ) University of Georgia. : of Georgia, FACULTY, L. A. DUGAS, M, J> Emeritus Professor of th*-. Practice of’Nu: Practice of Hurg* ry. JOSEI’H A. EVE, M. D 1( Professor of Obstttrics and Diseases of HENRY P. CAMPBELL. M. D.. Professor ot Principles un*l Practice of Sur gery ond Ot rm-.oloay. De^A‘ WHIRR FuttD. M. V,. \ Professor of Descriptive and Hurglral An«t* omv and Opers(iv4>$arjf<tr>. \ KUtfAllo OEDDINU-. M. J).. \ Prt*ft*»orof Physiology aud l’aihoioKy.i „ , ROBERT C, JiVB JU. D ( ’ I Profeagor of the luatitutes ami {Practice of V Medicine. . v GEO. O. DUG AH, M. D„ ) Professor of Materia Medics and Medical / Jurisprudence. \ The titty‘third session of this Institution > will begin ou tho first Monday In Norem- \ ber. 1 county, a <d boh g ac- - f i cording to plan of said city parts of lots Ni (7) anfi(8) In b'oek No (1,7) except the part that waa conveyed to B. J. Keutand Joan Flowers, commencing at tho corner of the alley on Flm street, between lots one (1) and qtght (8) and running fifty-nine feet and six inches on Elm street until it intersects the lino of lot No. 0 In said block, thence along tne lino of lot 6, fifty-nine feet six inches to ibe alley nnd in a parallel liuo with the alley to Elm street from lot (6); then along the alley to tho starling point, being all the 'and purchased by Kent from Schofield, except tho portion soli to Flowers as shown by book V. page , ‘‘lerk’s office, Bibb Superior Court, levied __ as the property of Jesse Jordan, to sut'sfy a mortgage fl. fa. issued from Bibb Kune*’ lor Court In favor of R. 8. Lanier and W. B Hill, receivers ctc.,v s. Jesse Jordan. Proper ty pointed out In said mortgag fl. fa. G. 8. WhBTCOTr, Sheriff. G EORGIA, BIBBCOUNTY.-By Virtue of on order from the Court of Ordluary of said county, will be sold belore the Court House door iu the city of Macon, between tho legal hours of sale, on Ihe firit Tuesday in Novem ber next, alt the real estate of Eliza H. John- ►on, Into of said county, decoded, to-wlt: Eigbty-tbrco acres, more or less, being the land in said county on which said Eliza 9. Johnson resided at the time of her death. Also fifty acres of laud, more or less, lying in tho south- west corm-r of lot ot bind number 20, origi nally Houston, now bibb couuty. bouuded by the fan is ot Eliza Johnson on the cast, south b. tho land* of Ryder and Grace, west by tho binds of Jero Willis and north by tho lands of Mrs. Tankerslev. Bold as tho property of r.llza S. JohuMon to pay debts and dlvhion among to heirs of said ostate. ROBERTA. JOHNSON, law4w* Admlnlstiator. From Ordinary’s Court GEORGIA, BIBB COUFTY.-Notice la hereby given th-t on the tir»t Monday in Novem ber next I will make application to the Court of ordinary of said county for leave to sell the lands belonging to the estate of Susaunnh Sawyer, late of stid county, deceased, for the benefit of heirs and creditors of said deceased. v. C. SAWYER. Administrator of Susannah Sawyt r. lawlw* EOKGIA, BIBB COUNTY.—M. AV. Wa«fs- worth has applied for exemption of per sonalty and setting apart and valuation of homestead and I will pass upon the same at 10 o clock a. in. on Tuesday, October 28, 1881, at my office. J. A. McMANU J , la\v3t* ordinary. ^■Lard— | steam leaf $9.37& prime steam *7.62)4. Cincinnati. October 14.—Flour unchanged: family 83.40a3.76. bign grades aa.2bao.GP. I good to fancy $4.0-1*4.25. Wheat firm: No 21 red 82. Corn dull; No 2 mixed 53a53^. Oat* easier: No 2 mlxrd 28J4. Rye steady aud quieL Barley quiet and steady: No. 8 fall 67*68. Pork quiet and easier at $16.50. Lard dull: prime *te*m $7.25. BulK meat* unchanged: shoulders $6 00. short rib $9 75. Bacon lower: shoulders $7.00, short rib $10.75. clear 8ll.37>4. Haras—Sugar-cured unchange*! at 114.00. Sugar dull and unchanged: hard (refined) 7*7u, Now Orleans 6*6. Dogs weak: common and light $3 90.t5.10. packing and butchers 14 6Q*5.«). Whisky steady at $1.11. St. Louis, October 15.—Flour unchanged: family $2.50*2.90, choice $3.25* 4.00, fancy I $3 70a4.2*». Wheat unsettled, closed 54ijsc. under yesterday: No. 2 red wmte» 7754 cash, 7“»4a77>4 October. Com lower and slow: i 48<4a49'4 cash, 48U October, oats dull and slow. No. 2 mixed 26%a27 cash, 26?£27 October, 27 Decembor, 2t»J£ all tbo year. Provisions nothing doing. Pork—Jobbing $16.t0ai6.75. Bulk meats—long clear $9 65, short ribs $9.85, short clear fl0.10. bacon quiet: long clear $10.85. short rlbstl 1.12UalL*5, short clear 811.50all.61l4. Lard nominal at $7.70, Whlskv steady at $1.12, Chicago. October 15,—Floor unchanged good to choice winter 83.75a4.tO Minnesota Bakers' 83.50*4.50. Wheat opened 1c. lower and closed Uc. under yesterday: October 75* 76V4, November 661**77^4; No 2 Chicago spring 75a75'4. Corn weak; it was tho impression that the bulls were selling and this created a general desire to realize; October declined 5V< and closed under yesterday, November NOTICE. I EORGIA, BIBB COUNTY-October Term * * Superior Court of Bibb county, December 5,1S.-3.—The State vs. James G Jones, princi pal. F, Schlinzeu, security—Forfeiture of Recognizance. This day come* John L. Hardeman, solictor S ieueral of the Macon circuit, who prosecutes or the Stated Georgia aud shows that hereto fore, to-wit, bn tho bth day Qf September.!""*" James G.'Jokes'as principal, and F. SchllL_-. as security, entere i into an obligation com- mouly called a recognizance, bciore Louis Nelson, a constable in and for said couutv, signed with their hands au 1 scaled with their seal, by which they acknowledge themselves to owe aud bo justly indebted to J. D. M Dan iel, governor of said State, and his successors iu office iu tho sum of three hundred dollars, for tho true payment of which th y bind them selves, their heirs aud legal representatives jointly and severally, which said r cognizance was subject to and have thereunto a certain condition in substance and effect as follows, to-wit: That if tbo said James G. Jones, prin- pal, make bis personal appearance before the Superior Court to be held for said • county oi Bibb on the fourth Monday of October, 1883. from day today and from term to term to au swer for tho offense of receiving stolen cat tic, knowing them to be stolen, and to such other indictment as the grnud Jury may And in the premises (and the grand jury having found an indictment for simple larceny a true bill In the premises) and not to depart tuencf* without leave of said court, then slid obliga tion to be vold.clfc to remain iu full force aud effect. Now on this day the Solicitor-General having announced ready and the case being called in its order, the said James G. Joues being solemnly called threo times to come into court to answer said charge of simple lar- euy. and the said F. Bchliuzeu, lii • bell, hav ing been threo times warneu to presout the body of his principal whom he engaged to be prese-t this day to answer said cnargo. and the said parties respectively having wholly made default; It is therefore considered, or dered, and adjudged by the court that the said James G. Jones, principal, and F. Schlinzen, surety, forfeit their recognizance aud thatthe said Henry D. McDaniel, governor, recover agalust the said James G. Jones,principal, and F. Schlinzen) surety,the sum of three hundred dollars, the amount of their obligation, so tor felted a* aforesaid unless at tho next term of this court they show sufficient cause why this oroer should not bo made final and sclro fa cias is ordered to issue. JOHN L. HARDEMAN, Solicitor-General. J. B. ESTES, Judge Superior Court North- a. fidh - declined and cloced DA under yesterday; cash 51»4a53W. October51*56'/f November U);4, oau dull and declined ^aMc.: cash 20 fifi October 26*26#. Pork In fair demand and firm: cash $i6 0Cal6.50, October $1600 Lard weak and declined 6al0c.: cash $7.12V*a 7.25, October 87.12^*7.25. Bulk meats in fair emand: ahoulder* $6.35, short riba $9.00, clear dea $10.25. Whisky .steady at IU3. Sugar cady and unchanged: Standard ▲ 6\i. cut EDWARD GEDDING8, M. D., sepl9w4t Dean. THE SCIENCE OF LIFE. ONLY $1 Bv Mail. Postpaid. Debility, Premature Decline In ,Ma»» man, young, mfddle-agel and old. It contains 125 prescription* for all acute an* 1 chronic dis eases, each one of which is invaluable. So found by the anchor, whose oxperienoe for 23 years is such as probably never be fore fell to 'he lot of any physician. #00 pagej any other work sold ix this country for 2.50, or the money will bore- •he National Medical .Association, to tho offl- irs of w hlch he r*-f«-r* The Science of Life should be read by the London Lancet. book will not be useful, whether youth, parent, guardian, instructor or Clergyman.—Argonaut, Address PEABODY MEDICAL INSTITUTE, i Dr. W. H. PARKER, No. 4 Bulfim-h street Boston, Mas*, who maybe «on*tilierf on all diseases requiring skill and experience. Chronic and otstl-at* disease* that have baffled the ski'l of all other II |A 4 8 physi cians a specialty. Such II Ci * Jj treat ed successfully without an THYSELF dec7wlT ally instance of faili Mention this paper. COOK STOVES A TiW A YSL SATISFACTORY ILL PURCHASERS CAS BE SUITED MANUFACTUKED BT Isaac A.Shcppard & Co.,Baltimore,Hi AND FOR SALK BY GEO. 3. OBEAR, 110 Cherry street, Macon Gn. eastern Circuit, presiding. GEORGIA. Bibb Cou.vtv—To all and singu lar tho Sheriffs of raid State—Greeting: Where* James G. Jones, principal, and F. Schliu- zen, security, d!d,ou tho 8th day of June, ouc thousand eight hnudred and eighty-three, before Louis Nehon, a constable in and for said county, make and enter into tbeir certain obligation of that date, commonly called a rec ognizance, signed with their hands,and scaled with their seals, and attested by Ixjuis Nelson, constable as aforesaid, aud which is flaw here in court ready to bo shown, whereby the said James G. Jones, principal, aud F. Schlinzen, security, acknowledged themselves to owo and bo justly indebted to H, D. McDaniel, Govornor of said State, and hia successors in offleo in tho sura of threo hundred dollars, for tho true payment of which they bound themselves, their heirs and legal representatives jointly and severally, HonePonn initmltaall M-ctioni **E BEST IS CHEAPEST.” iHRESHERSKt and ffiew tarts.Simmon & Taylor W, Srijls IMtj.T or nwnom- mult exprartf for _ ‘‘In* lull In fort tit Or. >*n Wn-h'nrtor 20 DOLLARS (I WILL BUY THE FAVORITE s mm which said recognizance was subject to, ami had thereunto a cerate condition in.sub stance, and to the effect following, that is to ! aav:Tha.if tho said James O. Jones, print-}. 1 pal, do make his personal appearance before ; tho Superior Court to be helu for said county i of Bibb, on tho 4th Monday of October, 1883, from day to dav, and from term to terra, to answer for the offense of receiving stolen cat tle, knowing them to be stolen, and to such other Indictment as tho grand Jurv may find In tho premises, and tho gran-i jury having found an lndlctuicut for simple larceny a true bill in the premises, and, not depart thence without leave of said Court, then said obliga tion to be void, else to remain iff full force and effect. And whereas, at the October tern, 1883, of SEWING MACHINE Equal to tb<> one* sold by Can- vm-ers for 8-10 and uj>war.ia. Sjs&rt.'sttsr Biiv dlrrrt from the Manufac turers and nave the o*n n t’« profit CO-OPERATIVE SEWING MACHINE C0.Phllada.Pa_. * -tin" ''SfiSSS'tL ot ,lic county aforesaid,'to- family $4.50*4.<6, high 88.25o5.i5, , (V |t: On the 5th day of December, one thou- • Com Ann and qubit: 64 ; yellow O, satiif eight huudred and eighty-three, the sai«l i Bulk meats quiet and unchanged: ahoiil- said James O. Jones in court ami failing so to dors, packed, $7,37^, long clear $9.70, dear do. it was thereupon ^Serod roj siderr rib $9.70. bacon quiet and nnchangod. and adjudged bviCS eouS th-it their.fS shoulders 88.00, long clear $1025, clear rib ret ognlKUieo be mrfelted to Hje State and that -*'■- $10.25. Hama—chotcosngMjCttrsd oulet: »ci r c foclu* sl*mld l»«ue lUerwn, In t"rm» 0 canvassedJl3.Wil3.75. Whfstar the law. All of w!deh“by thVrel'onls of said unchanged; western rectified $1.15to|l.A>. cou t, reference being ’thertunto had will Coffee stcaUyT ’ Rio teargoek) common ta j more fully and at large appear, prim* 7*all>f SngArflm fair to fully fair These are therefore m command you and ll/aily vallnn- flUrldii'l Fi&fAZ unh .11 «>mt lli.i «»»»». «..!•« U.Ak..^ i. P 20, refining 90a40* Rico dull, sn ady: Lofiftianu ordituurj to prime 4J4«6> i Bran steady and unchanged at 95&81.00. Colton seed oil quiet: prime crude Nnvnl •tores. Savanna nr, October 15. —Rosin (pale*) quiet: ntralued to good straiued at $1.05 (p*K 05*1.07! 200 harrelsT Spirit* turpentine firm: ilar 71)4; sales 200 barrels. CHARLoaroN. Oct. 16 -spirits of turpentine i .. c . rcr “ r '' to command yon, and |?v ,tts|A i^ nt ntrrmtinrRia*- ol you, that you make known tsthe said fir, SR5 NwiJciiiiSSKaMioiQas sG. Jones,.principal, and V Pohiluzen SfchaVTW H MiJii.-*Hit.con.'morganiiiBiorjy ■Uy, If to be found in your haJliwiek. r....t I S fC i.r.wV, nnd «--i« ■ 11 cf to i, .. i.i n J * . If if ■ H l'.#l S t '}’. \ r a These such o. femes _ Security, they, and each of them, bo and appear in t of the law. at the next Superior Court, held in and for the county of Bibb, on the 4tn Monday in October next, then aud there to show cause why final judgment should not b*« entered up against them, or cither or any of them, on their said recognisance so forfeited to tho State, In favor ol said State, for the amount thereof, with Interest and cons. Witness the Honorable T. J. Sirnimmi* judge dfoald court, this 23d day of June, is>4, • i u untie r> jun24-lam4m, l>ht<4L Queen iT? South v roitr •. 3LS FARM MIL S r.o.oco r?>r ■o’ssl iH** l i Miu.ce. t i l. o. AGENTS: vr ONX por c«aL fling (b* Reflecting Safety lamp which engirt «o|Jin • v*ry family. Civet .Niltuple Lamp • <*nt"Vop F0RSEE JkMcMAKiN. ClncInnalL<k YOUrs-’S y? W 1 acwgiodt. A, B. ROSS, Clerk, mSMammUmm uW riflwwff